also what is he even wearing on his head

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2-D with an s/o that's somehow taller than him (the tollest couple in the universe lol)

  • He loves it??? 
  • He can easily be the small spoon and he’ll be asleep in minutes if you’re curled around him, cuddling him
  • With a tall female s/o, he absolutely loves hugging you and resting his head on your boobs
    • To hear your heartbeat, of course
  • Just low-key loves laying his head on your chest no matter what your gender is, because he so rarely gets to do that bc he’s tol
  • The two of you almost permanently have red marks on your foreheads from walking into doors
  • Literally doesn’t even care if your height comes from your legs or your torso, because long legs are !!!!!!!!! and long torsos are also !!!!!!!!
  • If you wanna wear high heels, he’s 110% down for it because they make your legs look so good????
    • Like yes babe WERK IT
  • The two of you often cuddle in bed at night and swap funny stories about your heights getting you into awkward situations that day

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can u talk about phil's pressure to be traditionally masc + his attitude towards dan's androgyny

Before I even answer, if you haven’t seen oqua’s Phil+gender roles compilation you should probably watch that first: (link)

Phil loves his parents. He makes it a priority to visit them regularly. He quotes his mother constantly, judges things by her standards. It’s very obvious that he as a person has been shaped hugely by his love for family - and his concept of what is right or wrong, normal or not normal, allowed or not allowed, are similarly shaped by them. The compilation above is not even two minutes but it drives home a lot of things that were normalized to Phil growing up. Boys don’t do girly things; boys don’t color their hair; boys use tools and fix things; boys don’t wear girl bonnets; boys don’t have coin purses; even toddlers picking up a girl’s hat in a store is embarrassing enough to be a story that makes him cover his face and blush over twenty years later.  

If he’d had less of a loving home, and less supportive and encouraging parents, Phil not fitting into what he was obviously coached from birth to be what boys are supposed to be might have caused resentment or been more of an outwardly toxic environment. But because Phil did actually have supportive, loving parents he seems to have grown up with these things being reinforced constantly and just relating himself to being a disappointment for not living up to them, and still on some level aspiring to be those things, or subconsciously putting distance between himself and the possibility of doing some things that he might in his mind know that are the exact sorts of things his family would have mocked or disapproved of in someone else as he was growing up.

Which is why I think Phil finds it a lot easier to encourage Dan to do/express some of the things Phil might like to, but is prevented by doing from that kind of anxiety. Even outside of the family influence growing up, I think Phil’s brand of anxiety does play a part in it. This is one of those areas where I perceive them as similar but also quite different: Dan battles with things in his own head, Phil battles with the kind of impression he’s making on others. Dan can wear what he wants and as long as he’s living up to what he expects of himself, he can find confidence in that. I think Phil is quite the opposite, he toes a much safer line when it comes to people’s opinion of him and that kind of attitude inspires repression. (There’s a chance that Phil’s repression also hindered Dan a little, but Dan seems to have had the opposite upbringing as Phil in this regard - he had a grandmother who encouraged him to do sing-a-longs to Barbie Girl, a dad who seemed nothing but fondly amused at Dan announcing his name was Lara, etc. He struggles with many things, but making his own mind up about what he’s comfortable with and charging ahead no matter if it makes people talk is not one of them.)

Essentially: Phil is uncomfortable when people around him are uncomfortable. If he grew up with his parents/family being uncomfortable with overly feminized men (his grandad saying boys shouldn’t dye their hair) or even just treating them with humor (toddler Phil wearing a bonnet being the ‘most embarrassing memory’ his mother could come up with) or as something not to be taken seriously, that would have had a massive impact on his self-perception and comfort with being less than masculine. I think even as he’s coming to internal realizations about what could/should be allowed for guys to do, it’s going to be extremely difficult for him to apply that kind of ease to himself and there’s a decent chance he just never completely will. 

Tyler Seguin

Inspired by Tyler’s insta story yesterday, I got a request of “I need a tyler seguin imagine based on his insta story where he’s inured and its super cute and maybe he tries to have sex and his injury gets in the way pls and thx i love you”

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Warning: Explicit content and swearing

Word Count 2780


“Come love me!”               

  I glance up from my book, shielding my eyes from the bright sun and spy Tyler sprawled out in the grass with Marshall and Cash.  Both dogs are heavily interested in their own toys and pay their dad no attention whatsoever.

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Pentagon Reaction to you usually being cute but having a sexy performance on stage

A/N: I'm sorry if this is not good I hope you like and the request are still open srry for the delay also                                                                                  **************************************************************************************

Hui: Tbh he was busy judging your singing to notice your performance       Backstage after your performance: *lecturing you about your singing*

Hui: Hey y/n you did a great job out but during your solo you were a little off key, so I am going to coach from now on.

You: *thinking back to the last time he tried to coach you and the huge fight you got into and stop talking to each other for like a month*                  “you know I think it would be best if I do this myself it could help me grow as a singer” 

You make up some random excuse so you guys don't have to go through that again.

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Jinho: Hein be would be giggling and laughing because he felt awkward, he had never seen this side of you before.

Kino: You’re really enjoying the performance, huh? *weird look*

Jinho: No this is just weird; do you think it’s weird? 

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Hongseok: He would just be really confused

“She was doing agyeo like 2 minutes ago,. Does she have a split personality?” 

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Shinwon: He is actually enjoying the performance and he is happy to see a different side of you. He’s is also happy that you are comfortable with the concept and you don’t feel uncomfortable.

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Yanan: *gif* he is just so cute ahhhhhhhhh!

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Yeo One: He would just be questioning everything and he doesn't get how he never saw how sexy you are.

*in his head* “What is happening? What is she wearing? has she always been this sexy and I've never noticed? Am I not a good boyfriend? What is life even?”

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Yuto: Honestly he did realize it was you up there until tour solo came on and he recognized your voice.

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E’Dawn: Like Hongseok he would be really confused.

E’Dawn: *babbling to himself* “Why is she like this? She was just making me look at cat videos with her. Now I feel like I am watching one of Hyuna subnae’s performances.”

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Wooseok: Y/N are you gonna dress like that all the time now. Well, I already intimidate a lot of guys with my height so you could if you want to but I want the old y/n back.

to say the least you would have to spend the next hour explain that this was just a concept and you were really changing.

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Kino: Dancing along to your performance and actually really enjoying it.

“That's my girl!”

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Hey guys! This is starts out sorta smutty, and ends a bit smutty too? But the middle is sorta fluffy? Tom learns what the reader’s favorite romantic film of all time is, and he’s very intrigued. (I promise it isn’t 50 shades lmao)

External image


    Tom couldn’t stop looking at her. She wasn’t doing anything special. In fact, she was reading, which is something that she did quite often, but tonight, Tom couldn’t bare it. He’d been riled up since breakfast when someone had asked her what her favorite romantic film of all time was and she, without thinking, responded, “‘Secretary’.”

    There a pause around the table, clearly indicating that nobody had heard of it before, and she quickly tried to take it back, a venomous blush spreading across the length of her cheekbones. “Shoot, I meant something else! I meant to say ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’”

    Tom opened and shut his mouth, beginning to ask what her first choice was about when her friend across the table beat him to it.

    “Oh my god! Oh my god! Look at the cover art!” She flashed her phone screen to the numerous eyes of their friends, who all crowded around, ardently lurching from their chairs. Tom removed his hand from the back of her chair to grasp her friend’s phone and his mouth dropped into a silent ‘o’.

    The film’s poster was red, green and grey and depicted a woman with her arms pinned over her head by some type of contraption, and bent over a desk. A man stood behind her, seemingly prepared to either, spank her, or to take her exceedingly roughly from behind.  Either way, Tom found it painfully titillating.

    He could imagine her spread out, just like that, for him. Fuck, he could imagine her bending over right here for him. To take her, all he’d have to do is shift the short material of her skirt up over her bum and slide her panties to the side and unzip his jeans.

    Tom cursed himself for inviting their friends to breakfast. They could’ve had a go in the bathroom, but instead, Tom would need to pretend to be utterly enticed by his pancakes.

    She, on the other hand, after finally realizing what was being shown of the phone’s screen, covered her face with her hands and tried to giggle away her embarrassment. Shoving her coffee mug to her lips, she took a desperate drink and immediately tried to steer the conversation elsewhere.

    “But, but, you’re so innocent? You asked me how to put on a garter belt not even two days ago? How can you be into this when you don’t even know how to put on lingerie?!?!” Her friend questioned, clearly not keen on dropping the subject anytime soon.

    Finally, he decided to step in, being the doting boyfriend he was, Tom brought up a funny story about the time he’d walked in on a couple going at it at a party. ‘Secretary’ was forgotten by their friends and Tom decided to not tease her about the film until later, when they were alone.

    He tucked her underneath his arm and kissed her temple as the conversation went back to normal, ignoring the urge to trail his kisses down her neck and his fingers up her skirt. When the clock neared 9:30, she leaned into him and pressed a sweet kiss to his mouth and grabbed her schoolbag.

    “Will you pick me up at 5?” She asked him, peering up at him through her lashes.

    Tom wanted to respond, but all he could focus on was the lingering taste of her vanilla lipgloss smeared across the corner of his mouth. He thought of all the other places he’d like her glossy lips.

    “Go back to bed, you seem sleepy. I’ll see you later.” She stood up on her tiptoes to give him a proper kiss and turned around and left.

    “Love you!” Tom called after her and she waved, laughing as Tom began to blow her kisses.

    “Holy fuck,” Tom mumbled and raked a hand through his hair. A strawberry was thrown at him as his friends began to taunt him about his sex life. Shaking his head and shooting profanity their way, goodbyes were shared round the table and everyone left to carry on with their day.

    Tom’s day included laying around the house, anxiously awaiting 5 o'clock and trying to distract himself from the thought of her leaned over a desk, with her thighs open for him.

Flicking on the T.V., he decided that he may as well order ‘Secretary’ on demand, seeing as it was all he was able to coherently think about.

About two hours later, Tom was too turned on to function. The film was hot. When he thought about her watching it, he just became even more bothered. The female lead liked to be spanked, tied up and came on. When Tom thought about it, so did his girlfriend.

When Tom would playfully slap her ass and jokingly demand that she complete some random task, she’d always obediently nod her head and follow his directions. Tom also noted that she liked being told what to do in bed, and she liked it even more when he was in control. Her moans always seem louder when he pinned her hands down while he touched her.

Now, she was home, her classes of the day having finished around an hour and a half ago. She was spread across the couch, laying on her stomach, wearing nothing but one of his button-down shirts and bobby socks. Tom could tell  that she’d tossed her bra the second she had gotten home.

He plopped down next to her and lifted her legs into his lap. They were smooth and soft as he ran his fingers up and down the back of her calf.

“Whatcha reading,” Tom questioned, shamelessly staring at her bum.

Not even turning her head, she replied, “it’s a play by Patrick Marber called ‘Closer.’”

“Is it any good?” Tom asked, slowly moving his hands further up her legs.

“Want me to read it to you?” She said, “I can start from the beginning.”

“No,” Tom whined, “pay attention to me, I’ve missed you all day.”

Rolling onto her side, she propped her head up on an elbow, “Have you now? Just seems like you’re horny.”

Tom snorted and pulled her into a sitting position on his lap. “How could I not be baby? Teased me all fucking day with that stupid film. Couldn’t get it out of my head all day.”

“Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing,” She whimpered, hiding her face in the crook of Tom’s neck. “I promise that I’m not a deranged weirdo, I-”

“Darling, no! How could I think that? You’ve just never told me that you wanted anything like that. I was just surprised.” Tom said, brushing her hair away from her neck to kiss it lovingly. “I adore you, always and forever. I could never think that you’re deranged, you’re much too intelligent, love.”

She stayed silent, but raised her head to give the corner of Tom’s jaw a kiss.

“You know that if you want that, you can say so. All we need to do is figure out a safe word, don’t want you getting hurt.” Tom said, looking down at her.

“Wait, do you, like, want to do,” She paused shyly, “that?”

Throwing his head back, Tom laughed so loud that she could feel his chest rumble from her position, curled into the warmth of his body. “Course I do? Are you fucking kidding? Why do you think I’ve been so needy? I love you and I wanna give you what you want, so what I’m saying is, if you want me to be rougher, than ask me.”

She cocked her head to the side, “But do you? Want to do that?” She asked, fumbling with the hem of Tom’s T-shirt.

“Yes, sweetheart, badly.” Tom assured her, shifting her position on his lap so he could look her directly in the eye. “Ask me.”

“Tom,” She started, a rosy flush consuming her normal skin tone, “could you please be more dominant in bed? I’d really, really like it.” Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper and she pressed her face into Tom’s shoulder once again.

Seizing her waist and throwing her back onto the couch, he moved in between her parted legs. His voice was gruff and deep when he answered her, “Course, baby, all you had to do was ask.” Tom yanked the shirt of his that she had borrowed open, “if I start to hurt you, the safe word is ‘tulip’, alright? Say it back to me so I know that you’ve heard it.”

Tom’s hands curled around the bare skin of her waist as he lightly bit down on her collarbone. “Darling, tell me the word.”

Her eyelashes fluttered against her brow bone as she tried to keep her eyes open, “Tulip.” She gasped out, “Tom, please, more.”

Smirking, Tom did just that.

One Last Time, touken/tousaki fanfic

Summary: One of the many times Haise visits Touka in :re, and his last. Based on Mutsuki’s flashbacks from chapter 114. One-shot.

Rating: K+, fluff | Words: 4,362k | Read on AO3 - If you like it, please reblog! ♥

A/N: I missed writing tousaki so much *cries* I’m happy with the result even if it’s not extremely relevant. This would be what Mutsuki sees in his flashback, that everyone was wondering if he just followed Kaneki or something. This could also be the last time Haise sees Touka? I’m not sure, you can decide that for yourselves. If you liked this weird thing, feedback is always appreciated! <3 enjoy. 


She takes his breath away; just having her near him is enough to make his heart flutter.

“Hi,” she says, smiling softly, greeting him with the most beautiful presence. Her eyes look kindly surprised to see him there.

She’s wearing a pigtail at the back of her head, soft stray strands of hair falling on each side of her face, one lock touching her right eye, stroking her eyelashes. She looks prettier than the last time he saw her, and seeing her with a new hairstyle is surprisingly refreshing.

Don’t say anything about her hair, don’t be an idiot, don’t s—

“Y-Your hair looks cute,” that’s the first thing he says.

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First time // Dino

Originally posted by dino-net

Pairing: Dino  x Reader

Summary: It’s Dino’s 18th birthday, he’s finally adult.. ;) 

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2036


   You slowly turned in your warm bed,  slowly opening your eyes to see a stunning dino with his hair messed up that softly covered his eyes, you smiled to yourself as you looked slowly around the room seeing clothes thrown all around, you felt a sharp pain when you moved closer into dino’s strong warm arms, you could feel your naked body pressed up against his. You blushed when you looked up seeing his sleepy eyes staring into yours. You breathed in sharply looking back on the event that made dino’s birthday a magical one for both him and you.  

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One-shot Fic: The Chase

PG-13 | Humor | Romance | Skank!Kurt | College AU

Based on the prompt: “I drive to school and you walk and I drive past you everyday and it’s below freezing and you’re still walking please just get in the damn car I’ll drive you” AU

Read on Ao3

Birthday gift for @notthetoothfairy! Yes, bish, I wrote you something smooshing together 3 things I knew you’d like - that prompt, college AU and skank Kurt. And i fucking studied your gorgeous blog for it! Love ya, bish. I’m sorry for the typos, but i couldn’t have my beta look at this one before posting ;)

I hope you like!!!!(I’d put a hugging gif or smtg but that would make the post fucking ginormous)

Kurt likes to think he keeps it classy. Despite the leather, and the ripped jeans, and the dyed hair, and the motorcycle – he keeps it classy. He doesn’t holler at people as he drives by, he disposes of his cigarettes butts properly; he makes sure his bike makes the normal and indispensible amount of sound when speeding up, and he just generally minds his own business. He may be… badass, but he’s kept his class. And, I mean, he’s a college freshman showing up to campus on a sweet ass ride. He doesn’t care what others think (hasn’t since he was a sophomore and discovered the wonders of steel tip boots and detachment), but if he did, he knows they’d think he looks equal parts intimidating and cool. Badass with class.

And that, right up there on the sidewalk walking towards campus, is a great ass he has class with.

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We all know yoongi likes to wear oversized hoodies or sweaters, probably feeling warm and comforted by the vastness of it. But what if it was actually Namjoon’s oversized clothes that he’s been “borrowing.” Namjoon doesn’t mind though, he loves seeing yoongi wearing his oversized clothes, thinks it makes him look even smaller and more adorable (if that’s even possible.) It also means there’s more room for another body, so when yoongi is laying down, on his phone or just watching tv.

Namjoon will wiggle his way between yoongi’s legs. Lifting up his hoodie and crawl underneath it, popping his head out the top while wrapping his arms around yoongi’s waist. Yoongi doesn’t even bat an eye at this, he just asks if he’s comfortable, getting a “yup” in response. It’s not like he’s gonna object to cuddling, namjoon is a walking, talking heater. Plus, he’s not gonna deny that he loves cuddling up to Namjoon, even if his ridiculously heavy body is crushing him.

Midnight Cinderella Suitor’s Fashions

@aquisces-arts wanted to see what the suitors would look like in modern clothes, so I did my best conceptualizing what each would wear and why.

Let’s start with King Byron:

Byron dresses very monochromatically– wearing different shades of black head to toe, and choosing gold accents that catch the light. 

If you look at his hair, you can see that his wisps are very controlled. Even his cowlick is styled neatly. He would probably use a light pomade. The details on the jeans give texture without distraction, like his black casual shirt in the game. 

The gold zipper on the knees also satisfies his love of gold hardware. If you notice, Byron does not wear jewelry aside from his earring, which he shares with Nico, so I think a planetary key chain would be a good choice for him, as it combines his star-gazing hobby with an outlet for an accessory.

Of course, a Rolex is a must, and I think he would always give himself a chaste spritz of cologne before stepping out of the door. This scent is unisex and has a dry-down that smells of vanilla, woods and leather.

I don’t think he would shy away from stylish shoes– he may even be a subtle trend-setter. Because Byron can hold his liquor with the best of them, and because he doesn’t tend to let himself get too casual out in the open, I thought martini glass novelty socks would be a fun twist. It would be his own little secret. While it may not be that wild of a thing for the rest of us, considering Byron’s aloof personality, he may feel that it really is daring indeed.

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Not A Bad Day (grayson/reader)

requested by anon

basically your friends are assholes and you meet a cute boy who makes you feel better (yall know how i am w summaries shh)

a/n- this was a lil rushed so i apologize

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What They Found

Summary: Tag to “The Raid.” When Dean and Ketch go investigate the vampire hotel, they run into a familiar face.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Arthur Ketch

Word Count: 1480

Warnings: Angst, mild violence, passing mention of suicide 

Author’s Note: I had a “what if” moment and fell down a rabbit hole. Enjoy!

Originally posted by faith-in-dean

“I checked the upstairs area. This place is a ghost town. You got anything?”

Even being dragged by your arms across from the hard floor of the hotel lobby, you recognize the gruff voice and cringe. It belongs to someone that you never thought you’d see again and someone that you’d never want to see you like this.

“Indeed.” Stiff, British asshole drops your limp body to the floor with a dull thud. “Found her hiding in the basement with the corpses.”

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Saphael (kinda) prompt: Simon walks into Magnus' loft to see Raphael sleeping with his head in Magnus' lap while Magnus runs his fingers through his hair, Simon appreciates how adorable and innocent he looks

“Magnus, I need your–” Simon was cut off by magic muting him for a brief moment and he was just about to complain about this questionable method of shutting him up when he noticed why the warlock had prevented him from talking: Raphael was in the loft.

The clan leader wasn’t just there, he was also asleep and curled up on his side on the couch, his head resting on top of Magnus’s thigh who absently carded his fingers through Raphael’s hair. It was such a weird image that Simon froze for a few seconds, holding the breath he didn’t need anyway, and staring at the scene with his mouth open. He had never seen the older vampire like this - asleep, relaxed, with loose curls and not even wearing a suit jacket. Raphael’s face was completely relaxed, making him look younger and…softer.

“What happened?” Simon asked in a whisper when he couldn’t help but tentatively step a little closer, noticing the faint but still somewhat angry looking scars on the clan leader’s face. Despite their differences and after the whole thing with his mum Simon couldn’t help but feel worry rising in his chest because Raphael had clearly gotten hurt, badly enough that he needed to rest and that Magnus apparently hadn’t been able to heal him completely.

“Aldertree happened,” Magnus replied with a low but still angry sounding voice. Simon’s eyes widened and he wasn’t even sure he wanted to find out about the details but the warlock didn’t wait for him to ask further questions about it anyway. “Tortured him with a laser and burned crosses into his skin.”

Simon was suddenly glad for the fact that he didn’t consume a whole lot of blood lately because he felt like he would be getting sick at the mere thought of this otherwise. He wondered if this was somehow his fault or at least a result of the whole betraying the clan setting Camille free mistake. Even if Simon was aware of the fact that he had only been roped into freeing Camille and that he couldn’t have possibly anticipated all of the consequences of this action, he still felt even more terrible about it now that he saw what had been done to Raphael.

“Will he be okay?” Simon had thought he would react pissed off when he would see the clan leader again, after Raphael showing up in front of his mum, but now he couldn’t bring himself to even be remotely angry at the other.

“He will. I healed him and he drank some blood so the rest should be healed up as well after he got some rest,” Magnus answered silently, his fingers still gently carding through Raphael’s messy hair just like a mother would do with her child when it was sick. Simon definitely felt like he was intruding something he wasn’t supposed to see but it was still kind of fascinating to see this different side of Raphael and get a glimpse into the obviously close relationship he had with Magnus.

“Good. That’s…good.” Simon rubbed the back of his neck with his fingertips, feeling pretty awkward all of a sudden because he had come here to ask Magnus for help with Camille again but now seemed like a very bad time for that.

“Why don’t you talk to him about it?”

“About what?” Simon blinked at the warlock, even though he did have an idea what Magnus was on about - it was pretty obvious, anyway.

“You know what I’m talking about; not just apologising for what happened with Camille.”

Simon felt weirdly exposed all of a sudden because the way Magnus looked at him made it clear that he knew and the young vampire didn’t even know how. He had only realised his feelings for Raphael pretty recently, after he had ruined everything by betraying the clan, and was still kind of coming to terms with the fact that he wasn’t in love with Clary anymore but with a grumpy vampire who hated his guts. A certain vampire who was currently peacefully asleep with his head in Magnus’s lap, with the remaining marks of torture marring his still beautiful face.

“Sure, because that would go down so well,” he commented with an eye roll, not even trying to deny it because Magnus clearly knew about it anyway, “especially since I don’t even manage to find a right time to apologise, with him either threatening me or my mother.”

Magnus actually had the audacity to snort in amusement at that statement but didn’t give Simon a chance to complain about this reaction. “Believe me, no matter what he might have made it seem like, Raphael is definitely the last person to either harm you or your mother. He was trying to get you to cooperate and to save not only the clan but you as well by wanting to get a hold of Camille again quickly but there is no way he would endanger anyone willingly.”

Simon didn’t even feel like disagreeing because, deep down, he was aware of this fact. He knew Raphael hadn’t been serious about his indirect threats and that maybe they hadn’t even been threats, to begin with - Camille being out and about could also cause a danger to his mother, after all - but he had been so stressed out with the whole situation after the betrayal that Simon honestly hadn’t really stopped to clearly think about anything.

“You should talk to him and don’t talk yourself out of it because it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time. There is no such thing as a right moment other than you making it just that. Believe me, I have lived for quite a while and, not to sound pessimistic or anything, but there definitely is a too late , even for immortal beings like us.”

He felt honestly surprised by Magnus’s sudden seriousness, the hint of sadness in his expression before Simon’s eyes dropped to Raphael again, still sleeping and curled up on the couch, head tilted ever so slightly into the warlock’s touch. Maybe Magnus was right and he should own up to his feelings the next time he did get a chance to talk to the clan leader properly - there wasn’t exactly much for him to lose at this point, was there? Raphael couldn’t exactly hate him even more than he probably already did.

“Maybe you’re right…I will try to make things right, even though I can’t promise that it’ll work out but I’ll definitely try,” Simon promised, his voice sounding surprisingly soft even to his own ears and Magnus actually smiled at him, obviously pleased with this answer.

“Good boy. Now, would you mind coming back later? I know you’re probably here for the whole Camille thing but, as you can see, this isn’t exactly a good moment.” Magnus ran his fingers through Raphael’s curls absently while talking and Simon’s whole body felt like it was aching to switch positions with the warlock so he could be the one feeling the silky looking strands of hair between his fingers. He wondered if he would ever be able to make this experience.

“Would it be okay if I stayed?” The question left his lips before Simon was even aware of making this decision but if he had already gotten himself talked into confession to Raphael, why not do it as soon as possible - namely after the clan leader woke up and was hopefully somewhat in a calm enough mood to have such a talk.

“Someone is determined all of a sudden, huh? Be my guest but try to be quiet now, I don’t want him to wake up,” Magnus replied, shushing him with an almost playfully stern gaze. Simon nodded quickly and mimicked zipping his mouth before quietly sitting down in an armchair that allowed him to watch Raphael sleep because there was no point in trying to be subtle about it at this point anyway. The warlock simply smirked at him in amusement but didn’t comment before focusing back on the sleeping vampire in his lap.


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A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): Alfie often just holds you against him, running a soothing hand through your hair. While he does this Alfie whispers sweet things to you. After your heartbeat and breathing is back to normal, Alfie will take you to the bath and you two will lay in there together.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Alfie loves your hands, how soft and smooth they are. He loves when you rub his shoulders when he is hunched over his desk. Alfie also loves when your wrap your hands around his cock. His favorite body party of himself is his arms. Mostly because you always gush over how strong he is and how much you love his muscles.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person): Alfie loves to cum on your chest, always covering you completely. The sight of your chest covered with a layer of his cum always makes him ready for another round.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): Alfie loves when you boss him around, it always drives him insane and he often times has to go and calm down because he becomes so aroused. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?): Alfie has quite a bit of experience, as well do you. Due to this, you both are able to show each other what you love in bed.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): Alfie loves having you on your back with your legs over his shoulders. Not only does this help with thrusting into you deep, but he can also see your reaction to his movements.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): Sex with Alfie is always serious, never goofy. You can’t even remember if you two have had sex that was goofy.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): Alfie has quite a bit of hair down there. Now its not super crazy, but he doesn’t keep it very tamed and trimmed. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…):There are nights that Alfie makes especially intimate. Those days often are birthdays, holidays or something bad happens. On those days, he is very gentle and sweet.  

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): Alfie doesn’t like to masturbate. He prefers having you under him and fucking you more than he likes using his hand. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks): Choking, Sir kink, hair pulling, and spanking.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Alfie loves to have sex in his office, right on his desk. Also he loves doing you on the counter of the bakery. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Watching you tell someone off, seeing you in nothing but your underclothing, and seeing you wear glasses.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs):Alfie won’t share you, at all. Hell he doesn’t like when people even look at you in a sexual manner.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): Alfie loves when you give him head, watching as you bob your head up and down. He loves grabbing your hair and forcing you all the way down onto him.

P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): The pace is normally fast and rough, which goes with your kinks. Some nights it will be slow and sensual.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.):Alfie loves quickies, especially if it is before a meeting and in his office. Because people will come in and they can smell the activities you two have done beforehand.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.):Alfie is all about taking risks and doing whatever you would like to try. He also offers a few risks of his own that he wants to try, which you always agree.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…):Alfie can last quite a while, also he can go many rounds. You often have to call quits, and even though Alfie can still go, he will agree.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): Alfie often just uses ties and ropes. These toys are often used on you, rarely him.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease):You are more of a tease than Alfie. Alfie isn’t one to tease you, because he can’t hold himself back for long.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make):Alfie isn’t very loud, he mainly whispers little praises. He also gives quiet moans and grunts.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice):Alfie loves when you act submissive in front of his coworkers. Doing whatever he wants and always answering with yes sir’s. Just letting them know you are his.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words):Alfie’s cock is thick and has quite a few veins. He is also pretty long, making it hard for you to take him all the way in your mouth.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): Alfie’s sex drive isn’t very high, but if you are in the mood and he isn’t busy he will do it.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): Alfie doesn’t fall asleep right after, he waits for you to fall asleep. Even then he doesn’t go to sleep till hours after.

First Dates and Open Comms

[[Summary: After Ryder ends up spending a night with Tiran Kandros, she realizes that she wants this to be more than a fling. Humor ensues. It’s recommended you read New Galaxy, Same Old Thirst first, but not required! Special thanks to @stormcallart , whose work provided some of the inspiration for this. TO BE CONTINUED. <3 Let me know what you think of how I’m developing Kandros?

Kandros x Ryder, SFW but naughtiness implied and discussed.


There are nights you don’t remember, dimmed by a pleasant haze of alcohol, and nights you remember every detail of, despite how much you had to drink. When Wren Ryder awoke in a bed that was distinctly not her own, in a room that was definitely not on the Tempest, it took only a moment for her to remember everything that had happened the previous night. The presence of a distinctly turian arm looped gently around her waist also served to help that purpose, as did the fact she was wearing absolutely nothing at all.


Tiran Kandros was still blissfully passed out. By the light of simulated day, his quarters were Spartan neat and tidy, except for the pile that was Ryder’s clothes and his own armor. Even his little designated pile was neater than hers, and as she carefully slipped out from beneath his arm, she shook her head. Okay, so… What now? He didn’t seem like the ‘settle down for cuddling and breakfast’ type, but just getting up and leaving also didn’t seem like an option. This wasn’t exactly what she had wanted and planned; what she had thought of as a fun first date had turned into a fling, and now there were too many awkward questions hammering their way through her brain, hitting harder than any hangover ever could.

Step one- at least slip on her bra and underwear. Step two, find herself in Kandros’ bathroom, lined with mysterious turian dextro products and attempt not to panic. Step three, call a friend using her communicator. In this case, the unlucky victim was Vetra.

“Ryder, where the hell have you been? You didn’t come back to the Tempest last night, and SAM refused to tell us where you were. Lexi was about to send out a search party.” Step four: placate your friends, and in doing so, try and placate yourself.

“I… may have done something last night. Something potentially bad.” Honesty was the best policy. “Vetra, I slept with Kandros. Help.”

“Tiran Kandros? Head of Nexus Security Kandros? Blowhard Kandros?” Every sentence was increasingly incredulous, Vetra’s tone rising an octave.

“I’m getting your point. Vetra, what do I do?” Running a hand through her hair, she looked at her reflection in his mirror, noting that he didn’t even have fingerprints on it. Her hair was messy and her make-up had that caked on look that came from sleeping in it, but she had looked worse.

On the other end, Vetra sighed. “Ryder, I don’t even talk with Sid about boys, and I’m not going to talk to you about it.”

“Vetra, please. I really like him. How do I impress a turian?”

“Wasn’t raised by turians. Hold on, Ryder. Someone else wants to give advice.” There was a moment of silence, which Ryder protested with a loud hiss.

“Vetra, don’t you dare tell anyone else what I did and-”

“Ryder.” Drack’s voice was too loud for being so early, and far too happy.

Slapping water on her face, Ryder contemplated the ways this could be worse, finding herself coming up short.

“Vetra tells me you’re having romantic problems. Just tell him how you feel. None of this evasive bullshit you humans love. Peebee and Jaal say they agree.” Ah. That’s how it could get worse.

“Hanging up now guys, bye.” Now that at least four of her crewmates knew what had happened in the past twenty-four hours, there was no way Ryder could live this down. Maybe she could still sneak out of Kandros’ apartment and walk away with some of her dignity intact. Maybe they would never mention it again, and she could go back to pining from afar. It suddenly seemed like a better situation than just standing there and actually telling him she was interested in more than sex. Another splash of water, and she was ready to leave the bathroom, slip into her clothes, and leave as quietly as possible.

No such luck. As Ryder left the bathroom, Kandros was already stirring, sitting up in bed and watching her with what she imagined might be a raised eyebrow on a species that had them. “Removing your clothing was enjoyable, Ryder, but I didn’t think I’d have to do it again this morning.” The shade of pink Ryder turned was not at all attractive, but the response made Kandros laugh, the sound almost strange coming from him.

No time like the present, she reminded herself. “Can I ask you something Kandros? Not that round two wouldn’t be great, but before.” May as well implode the whole thing now, if that was going to be the way things went, instead of waiting until after they’d enjoyed another round in bed together.

Lying back slightly, Kandros nodded his ascent. “Go ahead, Pathfinder.” He drawled over the last word lazily, making her blush again, though she pressed forward.

“Do you want to go to Havarl with us? With me, I mean. To look for the turian ark. It’s really gorgeous there, and if anyone deserves a break from the Nexus it’s you…”

“Ryder, are you asking me on a date?” At least he was amused, mandibles curved slightly upward and fingers slightly open, palms upward.

“Uh. Yes. Yes I am.” It would have been easier to backtrack and insist he was misinterpreting her actions, but there was no use in going back now.

Kandros was shaking his head at her, sitting back up and then sliding halfway out of bed, feet on the floor. “Ryder, I’m not exactly boyfriend material. Are you sure we would even get along?” It was a valid point; they had disagreed on things in the past, arguments that they both knew would resurface eventually.

“Yes. Please, Kandros?” The Pathfinder shouldn’t have to beg, and it was hard to keep her tone from wheedling. But damn, he looked good even half-awake, and last night had been fun. It would be hard to walk around Ops in the Nexus and know he was there, know that she could look but not touch. Besides, they had so many more shared daddy issues to discuss.

He looked her up and down, not as hungry as he had been last night, and then shrugged, apparently having made some quick mental calculation, the same that made him run APEX so well. “Sure, why not. I can be ready at fourteen hundred hours. Give me time to clear up a few things, put some subordinates in charge. I’m owed time off anyway, and we both know you humans can’t handle turian politics.”

Resisting the urge to whoop, Ryder settled for enthusiastically nodding, scuttling forward to snatch up her clothes and pull them on eagerly. She needed a long, hot shower, and maybe some lotion if she could get it from Lexi without too many questions. Chafing might become a real issue if this thing, whatever it was, was going to continue. Wait, should she kiss him goodbye? This was going to be a first date, really- last night didn’t feel like it counted, exactly, and turians didn’t have lips and… She was just going to show herself out, though she couldn’t resist walking forward and kissing his forehead, the armor cool beneath her lips. Ryder could have sworn he smiled, though she turned away just as quickly, not wanting to be tempted back into bed. He really did look good even now. “I’ll see you on the Tempest at fourteen hundred hours.” That was 2PM, right? Right.

Outside his apartment, Ryder leaned against the wall and finally let out a small noise of victory, pumping her fist in the air.

“You asked him to Havarl, Ryder?” Her comms crackled to life, Vetra’s voice flooding back.

“Shit. How much did you hear of that?” If it was possible for a person to turn purple from embarrassment and die a little bit on the inside, that was what Ryder was doing.

“All of it. You forgot to hang up. Good luck, Ryder. You’ll need it.”

To first dates. To returning to the Tempest and knowing everyone had heard everything. Despite that, she smiled.

The Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag! (Luke Edition)

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[So! this is a new section i just came up with, y/n is a youtuber basically and they are doing a normal tag! you can request any tag you’d like with any of the 5sos or all time low boys. enjoy!]

1. Where did we meet?

“Uhh” he mumbles scratching his barely visible stubble and thinking “it was a the Vanity fair party, am i right?” he answers unsure. 

“No” i laugh “not even close, Luke, how was i suppose to get into a party full of celebrities?” i roll my eyes “it was at the nice guy babe” 

“right right” he says nodding “i was drunk, and we danced, it was a really fun party” 

“and we ended up at my apartment, super hangover and sleeping it off” i laugh looking down at my phone. 

“and! We had the best Netflix and chill of the history” he finishes the story “Next question” 

2. Where was out first date?

“We never really had a real date before dating” i clarify pouting a bit.

“No, it was all going for coffee or just hanging out at each other places” he agrees to complete my point “But we had a date after we started dating, though, i think that was our first one” 

“uhh yes” i smile at the memory “you wore this really nice suit” 

“and you wore a dress” he continues 

“We went to this really fancy Italian place near his house” i say “i loved it, they had live music, tables outside, live music, lights everywhere, very romantic…” 

“and the pasta was incredible” he adds making me chuckle “and the tiramisu, babe, remember the tiramisu?” 

“oh yeah” I say resting my head on his shoulder “it was so good, we need to go back there soon” 

“Will do” he says smiling to the camera and caressing my head. 

3. What was your first impression of me?

“Be honest” i say after reading the question out loud. 

“First impression.. “ he says thinking a bit “again, i was really drunk that night so i don’t remember much, but i think it was that you looked like that kind of girls that don’t give a single shit about anything, very bold and shameless, but you turned out completely different” he says ruffling my hair 

“Aw thanks” I smile “Actually, my impression wasn’t too different, before we even talked to each other, my friend said to me that you were some kind of rockstar and you’re in a band, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘this guy is an asshole’” i say chuckling “but you aren’t babe, don’t worry” 

“Good to know” he chuckles.

4. When did you meet the family?

“it was a cold day..” he says in a dark tone causing me to laugh loudly. 

“Shhh” i shush him pushing him lightly while laughing “Don’t tell it like it was a bad thing!” 

“it was embarrassing” he laughs, taking my hand “We had like, what? a month together?” he says and i nod “Well, her family was throwing a big barbecue and she brought me, everyone was so impressed..” he says still not believing it “i don’t think I've ever answer so many questions in my life!” 

“oh c’mon” i roll my eyes “they were excited i finally introduced them to a boyfriend, you are the first guy i ever introduced to my family” 

“i’m honored” he says, leaning his head a bit. “When did you meet my family?” 

i smile “Last year actually” i tell to the camera “on Christmas, we had a lot of fun, his mother is a sweetheart and his brother is my soulmate” i joke watching how his jealous look turns on “we’re like the same person, aren’t we?” 

“Oh! don’t you say?” he says throwing his head back and groaning “Literally i think I’ve never been so bullied since you guys meet each other”

“They just jokes” i say putting my hands around  his waist and hugging him “i love you” 

5. Do i have any weird obsession, if so..what?

“She has this strange obsession with everything Harry Potter” Luke says cringing a bit  “i mean i like it too, but you like it a bit too much baby” 

i shrug “So what?” i pinch his cheek “i love it, don’t bully me” 

“I am not” he chuckles letting go on my hold “what’s my weird obsession?” 

i look at him and shook my head “i hate that you literally have none” i groan and roll my eyes “I’ll just say you have an obssesion for trashy tv, let’s move on”

6. How long have we been together? 

“2 years!” i say cheering “and a half” 

7. Do you have a tradition with your gf/bf? 

“When i am not touring, yes” he responds before me “but we always change though, we never stay on the same routine” 

“yeah” i agree “We used to do pizza Saturday nights, but now we do Netflix Fridays” i say. “Sometimes we even do date nights every week” 

“yeahhh they’re a bit complicated though” Luke shrugs “i like Netflix Fridays” 

“I like them too” 

8. What was our first roadtrip?

“Does the tour bus counts?” i ask unsure of this question. 

“I think so” Luke says sliding his arm around my shoulders “if it counts then i think it was when we toured America and you came by” 

“And if not then it was when we drove to Vegas” i complete for him “it was a fun trip” 

“our trips are the bests trips” 

9. What was the first thing you noticed about me? 

“Your tallness” i laugh ruffling his hair. “i am not very tall so when i saw you i was shook” 

he rolls his eyes, it was typical of me to me talk about his tallness, sometimes he found it annoying “the first thing i noticed about you is your hair” he says brushing his fingers against it “i like the color is so nice” 

“Thanks baby”

10. What is my favorite restaurant? 

He points me “anything with good sushi” 

i point him “Anything with good music and steak” 

11. What do we argue about the most? 

“Pff, we don’t argue” Luke says looking at me. 

“And that was sarcasm” i laugh “we don’t really make big arguments, but what we definitely argue the most is about either me or you taking to long to get out of the house for events or whatever” 

“Yes” he nods “i reconize it, sometimes i take some time but you are the winner, my friend” 

“No i am not” i gasp “you always start to dress up so late, i swear you do it on propouse!” 

“No i don’t!” he pouts “next question”

12. Who wears the pants in the relationship? 

“I do” i say with a super big smile on my face. 

“I do” he says moving to the side on an intent of pushing me out of the sight of the camera. 

“Stop it” i chuckle. 

13. If I’m watching tv what am i watching? 

“You are always watching friends” i say to Luke leaning my head back on his shoulder and looking at him. 

“Correct” he nods “And you are watching American horror story lately so that’s my answer” 

“you’re right!”  

14. What is one food i don’t like? 

“Is there any food you don’t like?” he asks me while i put my phone down. “i think the only thing I’ve seen you don’t like is Pickles” 

“yeah, i hate pickles” i cringe “and you hate pork” 

“Ding ding” he says “we have a winner” 

15. What drink do i order when we go out to eat? 

“Alcoholic? or nonalcoholic?” he asks 

“Both, go” i say pointing at him. 

“You love ice tea” he says, looking at the camera “and you also always order any kind of fruit cocktails that are on the menu” 

“oh yeah” i say smiling “i love pina colada’s and daiquiris, those are my favorites” i wiggle on my place, moving closer to him “you are a big beer guy, you always order that, but, you also like soda a lot” 

he turns to look at me “There’s one specifically that i love, can you guess?” 

i furrow my brows and shook my head but he gives me a challenging look that makes me give up and answer his question. “Fanta?” 

he sighs and shoook “Coke, babe, is coke” 

“Aw, i knew it!” i say pouting.

16. What size shoe do i wear? 

“I don’t know!” i say loudly and shrug “is not like i borrow your shoes like i borrow you hoodies” 

“aw, babe c’mon” he chuckles “even i know your shoe size” 

“Oh yeah? what’s my size then?” i challenge him. 

“7″ he says without thinking twice. 

“Damn it!” 

17. What is one talent i have? 

“Well you sing, and play instruments” i say like it was the most obvious thing on earth “Duh” i roll my eyes “i don’t think i have any talent, to be honest” 

“Yes you do” he says pulling me closer “you can draw really nicely, i like it a lot” 

“Do you really?” i look up at him. 

“Of course, babe”

18. What would i eat every day if i could? 

“She could eat chocolate all the day if she could” Luke says almost without thinking “(Y/n) has the biggest sweet tooth I’ve ever seen” 

“that’s true” i agree “but i actually don’t know what could you eat like all the time” i say thinking “Maybe nachos? with dip” i raise my eyebrows looking at him. 

“Yeah, I’ll give it to you, nachos and dip is awesome for me” 

19. What is something you do that i wish you didn’t?

“You always repeat what other people say” i say laughing because this is something that sometimes was annoying of Luke and that at the same it was cute  “When something makes you laugh, you always repeat like the last phrase, all the time” i say leaning my head on his shoulder and laughing. 

“What? i don’t do that” he says almost offended. 

“ you do babe, you do” i say, sitting up straight and giving him a little push indicating him to say his answer. 

“I wish you weren’t such a picky girl for everything” he says “but it is not that bad actually because most of the times the choices end up being good, but sometimes is a bit annoying” 

i shrug “yeah i get it” 

20. What can i spend hours doing? 

”Reading” my boyfriends say “your book collection is huge baby” 

“thanks” i smile “you could spend the entire day just doing nothing” i chuckle “you work a lot, you deserve a lot of breaks”

21. If I could live anywhere, where would it be?

Disneyland,completly” i say and he rolls his eyes, also laughing at my response. 

“Hell yes” he says likcompletelyserious “Everyone watch out, we’re taking over that castle” 

“we’re taking the lead over the entire park!” i joke, exclaiming and faking an evil laugh that ended up being a real laugh, being with Luke making this is so fun, this is the kind of moments that make me love him more and more everytime. 

end up the tag guys! please you can request any kind of tags you could think of with any of the guys and ill make them ! that’s a promise, hope you loved this one and have a great day/night!

The Good Parent - Part Six

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 2336

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Originally posted by pennyackles

Warnings: blood mention, slight violence

A/N: This is still a rewritten part. Including Part 7, everything will be rewritten forms of the old parts.


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ALTL Part 60

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 60

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer, Michael, Castiel, Balthazar, Samandriel

Word Count: 1,549

Warnings: fluffish?

A/N: Wow, here we are at the end. What a bittersweet feeling this is to be ending this series. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this series <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

Gabriel ran his fingers through your slightly dampened hair.  Gabriel dropped his hand down to your arm, slowly rubbing up and down your arm.  He pressed a kiss to your forehead, pulling the blanket up to your chest.  Gabriel could admire you like this all day.  If the two of you stayed here like this forever, he would have no regrets and no complaints.

You rubbed you hand up and down Gabriel’s chest.  This had been long overdue for you and Gabriel.  You were sure that the angels had put it together by now.  You didn’t care if they knew or not.

“How much longer do you wanna stay here [Y/N],” Gabriel wondered.

You peered up into Gabriel’s amber eyes, flashing him a small smile.  “Is forever a good answer,” you asked, halfheartedly joking.  

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White Walls

White. All you could see was white. Bright white walls that burned your eyes as you slowly tried to regain conscious of your surroundings.

Looking down at yourself you see that you lay on a bed with white sheets covering you and what seems to be your pregnant belly. You look up and see medical equipment connected to some tubes that attach to your arms and hands.

What am I doing in a hospital? You thought. What happened?

As you begin to sit up you notice a head resting on one of the corners of your bed whom seem to be sleeping. You try to sit up more to get a better look, you quickly recognized the purple haired person.


The head immediately jolted up at the sound of your voice. He quickly made his way to your side and with one hand grabbed your hand tightly as the other caressed your cheek.

“(Y/n), how are you feeling?” He whispers. Now that you had a better and closer look at his face you can tell he hadn’t slept. His face was drained and his eyes looked puffy which probably meant that he was crying but, why?

“Did you sleep well?” He asked with a smile on his face. He has now stopped caressing your cheek and now began rubbing your tummy.

“Why are we here?” You asked completely ignoring his questions as you stared at him with concern.

His smile quickly faded. He cleared his throat before he began to speak.

“You and our baby weren’t feeling so well so I brought you guys to get a quick check up to make sure everything was fine. But don’t worry-”

“How long have we been here?” You ask not caring that you interrupted him.


“How. Long. Have. We. Been. Here.” Your stare boring right through him.

He looks down as if he were thinking of an excuse. He looks up, your eyes still attached to his face.

“We have only been here for a while love, I already told you.”

Lies. He was never good at lying and you knew when he was telling you the truth and right now he wasn’t. But you knew that he wasn’t going to tell you the truth no matter how much you insisted.

“Hmm, a while I see. Explains why you are still wearing the same clothes you wore two days ago. Also explains how your face clearly shows the amount of sleep you haven’t been getting.”

His eyes nearly popped out his head at how surprised he was that you didn’t believe anything that he said and that he was caught in his own lies.

The room remained silent and you stared at each other for a few seconds before Yuta stormed out the room.


It was no use he was already gone. You sighed as you rubbed your belly. Even though Yuta didn’t tell you exactly what was going on, you couldn’t help but think the worst. The thought alone of something happening to your baby made your heart ache and want to shatter into a million pieces. You weren’t going to let nothing happen to your baby, whatever happened you would protect it until your last breath if it came down to it.

 Everything is going to be okay baby. You will be okay, I promise. I won’t let no one and nothing hurt you. A tear runs down your cheek as you begin to drift to sleep once again. 

 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ •~ 

 The sound of two voices awoke you from your sleep. You slightly and slowly open your eyes to see who they were coming from. You can barely see anything due to the bright light that was coming from the window. You open your eyes a bit more and you see that Yuta is facing your way and is talking to what seems to be the doctor. You can tell from his facial expressions that he is not happy at all. Frustration and sadness are reflected more than anything else. His eyes getting more and more watery as his discussion continues with the doctor. You try your hardest not to move a lot so you can hear what they are talking about because you knew that if they realized that you were awake they would quickly shush the doctor and have the conversation elsewhere.

 “We don’t have much time, Mr. Nakamoto. You must choose now, things have gotten more complicated and we’d lose them both if we don’t hurry.“

 “How can you ask me to choose just like that? You think this is easy?! “

“ I know this is one of the hardest decisions anyone has to face in life but its better to save one, rather than having both of them go.”

 Save one, rather than having both of them go? The words replayed repeatedly in your head as you began to feel dizzier by the second as you tried to process what the doctor was trying to say.

There’s a possibility my baby won’t live?! Your head spun ten times faster than it already was. How can someone so pure and innocent be so close to being brought out into the world but also so close to be taken out of it. A little human who won’t be able to live as long as you would’ve wished. Who won’t be given the opportunity of living their life just like you were given. The thought alone of your baby not being able to see his dad made your heart ache the most. 

Yuta wants nothing more in life but to have your baby in his arms and give it all the love that you knew he was capable of giving. Which is why it’s hurting him more than ever to have to choose between you and the baby. He loved you and a lot. You are the love of his life just as he is yours. Your lives without each other would be a total tragedy. But you knew that both would agree that if it was between you and the baby, you guys would choose the baby without a doubt.

A loud and hard noise made you break from your thoughts. You slowly look up and you see that it came from Yuta banging his fist on one of the tables. You can tell that he was angry. Anger, frustration and sadness only seem to reflect off from his face. He ran his hands through his hair as he finally made eye contact with the doctor. 

“How much time do I have?” Yuta says as he wiped the tears that were beginning to leave his eyes. 

“Not a lot. We must act fast before we can no longer save them.” Yuta’s eyes begin to fill themselves with more tears. 

You knew how much this was hurting him, it hurt you just as much, but you knew once you guys talked it out he would not think twice and would choose to save the baby.

“Yu-ta.” You say as you start to fully open your eyes and begin to sit up. Both Yuta and the doctor make eye contact. Taking that as cue the doctor begins to head towards the door and leaves you and Yuta alone.  

He wipes away his tears as he comes over to sit next to you and grabs your hand as he smiles weakly. With your other hand you caress his check and lean in to kiss him. The kiss was short but sweet. It felt so sincere and full of love. You slowly start to move away as you see confusion splattered on his face. You give him a smile.

 "What was that for? He asked.

“I just wanted to kiss you since it may be the last time I feel your lips on mine.” You say as you lower your eyes from seeing his face because you knew you wouldn’t be able to handle his reaction. 

“Wait what? No. No!  We’re not doing this, I have already made my decision.” He says as he stands up rather quickly due to his anger that is starting to build up once again quickly inside him. You meet his eyes. 

“I have too and I’m happy to know that we both made the same decision. Our baby will-.” 

“I want you.” He bluntly said. 

“What?!” You were trying to comprehend what had just spill out of Yuta’s mouth. 

“I have made my decision…I want you to live.” You were in utter shock, unable to speak. He was choosing YOU over the baby that he had always dreamed of having?! How was this even possible! As you much as you tried to wrap your head around it you couldn’t and wouldn’t ever understand. 

Rage quickly building inside of you as you looked up at him, he looked down to avoid your gaze glaring at him. “How can you do this to me, to yourself, to OUR baby! What happened to all that you said that you wanted to do with our baby once we had him in our arms?!” You say as your voice gets louder with ever word you speak. 

“I don’t want nothing if I don’t have you with me.” He says as he looks up at you with teary eyes. “What?! We are talking about OUR baby Yuta! A baby who hasn’t been out into the world yet. A little innocent baby who we shouldn’t be deciding if he should live or not! You can’t do this to him!” 

 “No! YOU can’t do this to me! How can you possibly think of leaving me all alone! How do you think I feel knowing you want to leave this world without me. If that’s the case then take me with you cause I don’t want to be in a world where there is no you!” He says as he gets closer to you and grabs your face in both of his hands. You move your face away from his hands and violently pushing him away from you. 

“How can you be so fucking selfish and just think about your needs.” You say as you begin to cry. Yuta tries wiping your tears but you turn away from his touch. You can see that it hurts him. 

“I really thought you loved our baby but I guess not.” You say as you look down at your belly and rub it softly. “But I do and I promise that I won’t let you or no one hurt him. 

“I love him just as much as I love you. This has been a very hard decision for me believe it or not but I don’t want to lose you. (Y/n) we can always have another baby.” He says as he tries to grab your hand but once again you neglect his touch. You began to shake your head. 

“What if we can’t anymore? What if this was and is our only chance of becoming parents? Could you live normally knowing that we let our only chance go?” Your anger slowly beginning to cool off. Yuta remains silent as he looks down at your belly and thinking about what has been told to him. 

“What if I’m not meant to be a dad? What if I don’t have what it takes?” He says with sadness in his eyes. You bring your hands to his face as you rub your thumb across his cheek. 

“Don’t say that, you will be a wonderful dad. I know you will.” You say as you bring him in another kiss.


Yuta’s POV

I open my eyes to the blinding light that was shinning through the open window. I stretch a little before I try to remember where am I as I turn to see her sound asleep right next to me. I smile at how beautiful she looks so peaceful compared to how she was a few hours ago. 

“Yuta, promise me that you will take care of our baby and give him all the love he deserves.” She says as she stares right at me. I smile and and give her a small peck. 

“I promise love, now rest.” The sound of the heart monitor makes makes me break from my thoughts. I turn to kiss (Y/n) a kiss so she can wake up. She doesn’t move. She has always been a heavy sleeper so I kiss her again but this time I continue kissing her multiple times since this usually wakes her up. Still nothing. 

“Baaaaabe waaaake uuuup!” I say as I begin to slowly shake her but that doesn’t work either. I continue shaking her, she still doesn’t budge. 

The sound of the heart monitor starts going off with a loud beep. My heart drops. 

“No! No! No! (Y/n) please wake up! Please babe! Don’t leave me (y/n) please! As I’m screaming and hugging her the machine is still going off. The sound numbing me as I hold her close and kiss her. Tears running down my face wetting hers. 

I feel a pair of hands pull me away from her. I see that nurses and the doctor are rushing in and attending (Y/n). I try to break free from the hands holding me back. I didn’t want to leave her and my baby here. I want to be close to them. I fight and fight to get free but it is no use. 

”Please save them doctor, please I beg you!“ I yell as they slowly close the door on my face. I stare blankly at the closed door still numb from all that has happened and is happening. I don’t know what’s going on but all I know is that my life is falling apart as well as my heart.

To Be Continued… 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I think the Danganronpa 1 guys need some love too... So... How would the guys from the fist game (including Fujisaki) would react if their s/o was waiting for them, on their bed, wearing sexy lingerie? BTW, I love your imagines! Thank you! (P.S.: If you want to forget Yamada, it's fine by me, since I don't like him, but if you want to include him, it's fine too!)

Awwww you’re so kind thank you!! This sounds like a fun one~ I’ve presumed the s/o is female in this one! If anyone wants the same for a male s/o don’t be afraid to ask!

DR1 Boys & s/o in sexy lingerie

Makoto Naegi

  • He got in rather late, and was intending to creep into bed beside you without disturbing you in case you’re asleep
  • So he’s all on tip toes avoiding making any noise
  • But then he sees the bedroom light on?
  • He stops being so cautious and peaks around the door
  • Instant nosebleed
  • “I-I-I… Y/N you-you look…”
  • You smile at his reaction and get up from the bed and walk over to him
  • “This is my gift to you~”
  • Your hand ghosts down his arm
  • He’s blushing like mad
  • Literally can’t move
  • “You look so good” he manages
  • Finally snaps out of it and pulls you onto the bed with him

Byakuya Togami

  • He’s stressed after working with under qualified people
  • Gets a glass of wine to drink and a book to read before he heads towards the bedroom
  • Just ready to relax and forget the stress if the day
  • Is looking down at the book when he enters the room so he doesn’t notice at first
  • “You’re still awake Y/N?”
  • Then he looks up
  • Oh
  • He smirks
  • “This for me?”
  • He sits on the bed and places the book and wine down
  • His hand is tracing over the lingerie as you move to sit beside him
  • Is literally stroking over the lingerie
  • “I must say red is most flattering on you…” He gently pulls some of the elastic back and lets it snap back on your thigh
  • Literally sits admiring you all evening
  • “Much as I love this, I’m dying to take it off you…”
  • After that evening you go lingerie shopping together at least once a week

Mondo Owada

  • He had just gotten back from the gym and was planning on going for a shower before sleeping
  • He stripped down to just underwear before heading to the shower
  • Only to find no towel        
  • “Y/N where are the clean towels?”
  • “There’s some in here~” You respond
  • So he heads into the bedroom and there you are sprawled on the bed
  • Wearing very little
  • But what you are wearing he likes a lot
  • Though you also raise an eyebrow at his lack of clothing
  • You stand up and walk over to him, resting a hand on his shoulder and meeting his gaze
  • He kabedons you instantly
  • “I was going to take a shower but now you’ve given me other ideas”

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • You’d told Ishimaru you were going to bed early
  • So he finished watching the programme you’d been watching before heading after you
  • When he walked in on you adjusting the lingerie in the mirror he went red
  • “W-W-What are you wearing! This is inappropriate!”
  • “Oh, really? But I bought it just for you~”
  • Can he get any more red? Well he just did
  • “But in a school environ-”
  • “This is our bedroom though Taka~”
  • He stutters a bit before running out of reasoning
  • You looked hot and he liked it even if it when against his morals
  • “If it’s such a problem I’ll just take it off completely then~” You wink
  • He’s stood in front of you instantly and examining the garment
  • “W-well if no one else can see then I guess it isn’t a problem…”

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • You two are getting ready for bed and getting into usual sleep wear
  • Only he’s focussing on himself and doesn’t notice what you’re wearing
  • But when he does he loves it
  • Literally adores it
  • “It fits you so perfectly!”
  • Is also so flattered that you’d wear something like that for him
  • And it’s so lacy and feminine
  • Would be so hesitant to take it off for fear of damaging it
  • Instead literally just sits admiring you and how perfect you are
  • Is actually beaming
  • Would definitely want you to show him more
  • And maybe find something sexy for him too?

Leon Kuwata

  • Oh boy is he going to third base with you tonight
  • Happens to walk in on you when you’re changing into the lingerie and you can’t do one of the hooks
  • There’s just that pause when you realise he’s there
  • And you’re bent over trying to fix one of the thigh straps
  • With your back to him
  • So he’s force to look at your ass being accentuated by this garment
  • Instant boner
  • Literally no words are exchanged
  • This is not an opportunity he’s going to give up
  • Doesn’t matter that you couldn’t get that last hook sorted because it’s all coming off now anyway

Hifumi Yamada

  • Not into the 3D? Pfft we’re gunna change that
  • Operation arouse Hifumi with real girl is go go go
  • He was too busy reading fanfiction to notice you go to bed earlier than usual
  • But once he’d finished reading he headed to your room
  • What
  • Literally stuttering mentally
  • Has only ever seen these sort of outfits on 2D girls
  • They actually exist?
  • Nosebleed central
  • But doesn’t actually know what to do now because when it’s on 2D girls he can’t actually interact so…
  • “Don’t you agree the 3D is just as good as 2D now?”
  • All he can do is stand there and nod

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • Never in his many resits of high school had he actually seen anything so hot
  • Sure he’s an airhead but he did pay attention to the people around him
  • When he sees you just lying on the bed for him knows how the situation should play out
  • And he wants to be sexy and seductive for you
  • But he just kind of dorks out
  • And can’t get over how good you look
  • Just starts complimenting you like crazy
  • His plan to talk dirty turned into babbling
  • He’s just admiring you and how good you look
  • Kisses you multiple times between compliments
  • Until you break it to him you want this to go further
  • And then his attitude changes (even though he still can’t quite get over the fact you dress like this for him)