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I kinda wanna open a gay bar in my area because they're all far away but also I'm not 21 yet and I think there should be spaces without alcohol for LGBT people who aren't in school so... what do you think of having a gay cafe during the day that becomes a gay bar at night? Obviously not gonna start it any time soon but I wanna know what other people think of it before I make it happen

Ella: I love love love LOVE the idea of a gay cafe, tbh. I have none in my area and I’m in a pretty liberal area. If you can make that alone happen, you’re already a revolutionary.

I say go for it.

Kate: are you in school? because a GSA or a queer space within the school environmennt might be cool, otherwise try for gay/queer space meetups!

you know what i really want? a modern dudebro vampire. just a typical obnoxious straight boy in a neon tank top and cargo shorts who also happens to be a creature of the night.

“okay, dude, i’m only feeding on you ‘cause i’m starving and there aren’t any hot girls around. no homo.” “wait, you’re gonna suck my blood?” “no, i’m gonna drink your blood. i don’t suck, that’s gay. don’t make this weird, bro”

“ah, i see you’re staring pensively out the window, chad. ruminating on the curse of your newfound immortality?” “nah man, it’s just… i got, like, some flecks of blood on my adidas while i was feeding and they haven’t come out…”

“we do not drink… wine.” “okay but is beer cool? and can we still smoke weed?”

he joins a 24-hour gym because being undead and allergic to sunlight is no excuse for skipping leg day. tragic music swells as he looks over his “sun’s out guns out” tanks (he has seven of them). his coven is a fraternity. someone make this happen

au where keith and lance meet through farmers only dot com but lance made his account as a joke and keith made his For Real


Episode 10, the night before the GPF.

This has got to be just about the cheesiest thing I have ever drawn but these two deserve it. Also this was just supposed to be Viktor pouting, what happened >.<

Anyways yeah give me more vulnerable Viktor and a Yuuri that is very affectionate when they’re alone.

FUNNY STORY ABOUT THESE: for whatever reason, the place I bought them from shipped them separately. Chirrut was to arrive on Monday, Baze on Tuesday. But when UPS tried to deliver on Monday, my roommate couldn’t get to the door in time. So I tried to have Chirrut delivered to my local UPS Access Point. But for whatever reason, it wouldn’t let me, so I crossed my fingers that they would deliver him with Baze the next day since I was planning on working from home. Then of course Tuesday, there was a snowstorm and UPS didn’t deliver anything. I was able to arrange to have Baze delivered to the Access Point, but it still wouldn’t let me have Chirrut delivered there. So I left a note for the driver to deliver to the coffee shop under my apartment instead. Then right before I left work today, my roommate texted me to let me know I had two large packages waiting for me. Long story short: there’s no power in the universe that can separate these two.


“I also had magnolia cupcakes flown in from New York. Because, as my mom likes to say, ‘There’s no wrong the right cupcake can’t fix’. Also I… I’ve booked us for Hers-and-Hers mani-pedis at Chez Salon. Blowouts too.

I am so, so sorry, Betty. I don’t know what happened to me that night. It was such a basic bitch move. It was like I was… the old Veronica. And I will never, ever do anything like that to you again. I swear on my mother’s pearls. Just, can you please give me one more chance?”

What Happens In Vegas: Part 15

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: SO sorry this took so long. I was procrastinating big time and also life got in my way. There’s only one part left after this and an epilogue, so I really hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 2,184
(I know this is not a drab, and this is the longest part to date :O)

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Bucky was sleeping peacefully beside you the next morning, after spending hours the night before trying to get him to fall asleep. His nerves were getting the best of him, and rightfully so. You’d spent most of the night coming up with a court summons for Peggy, so that you could finally find out whom Charlotte’s true father was. You pushed his hair off of his forehead and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. The love you had for him swelled in your chest and, in that moment, you vowed to find the truth for him, to give him inner peace. Even though this was his own personal struggle, it would bring peace to you and your relationship with him as well. Maybe, just maybe, it would also mend his and Steve’s lifelong friendship.

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Best friends help each other out

Cant believe I’m getting followers, wowies! Enjoy this mess of a writting yo ;)

Originally posted by teenagedfricks

You sit with your friend Ashton on your bed after school one day. Jokingly messing with each other incapacity to remember the simplest facts on exams. “Oh, shut up!” You laugh pushing Ashton, making him fall back on the bed. He laughs, holding his stomach. Ashton has been your friend since middle school you love him to bits but he was an idiot sometimes. He stops laughing after a bit and looks up at your ceiling with a serious expression. “What’s wrong?” You ask, looking at him curiously.

“Amanda tried to suck my dick two nights back.” He admits after a minute of silence.

“And what happened?” You ask slightly worried but also intrigued by the gossip.

“I came before she even got to do anything. She got really mad.” He speaks, obviously making an effort to not let his voice crack. “It was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me.” He whines, covering his face with one of his hands.

“I don’t think it’s the most embarrassing thing Ash” you say jokingly but give his other hand a little squeeze.

“It was! She’s going to tell everyone about it now ughhh.”

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The One with the Blackout - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 5367

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst where I said there would be none. I’m sorry. 

A/N: Written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess Hubba Bubba Birthday Challenge. Sorry it’s like a week late. Life happened. This also wasn’t what I was originally gonna write but again…life happened. Sorry. 

Constructive feedback always appreciated!

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“So this is pretty nice.” Dean chuckled, grabbing your hand across the diner table. Sam and Eileen volunteered to spend the night watching JoJo to give Dean and you the night to yourselves and you’d spent it eating greasy diner food at an old dive bar. It was very much your style. “Not that I don’t miss my little girl but adult time is fun too.”

“You know she’s probably sprawled across our bed, right?” Dean snorted a laugh and nodded, knowing you were right. She always did that when you were both gone unless she passed out on the couch with Sam or in Sam’s bed.

“Well, this is a treat.” A voice sneered from behind you as the diner suddenly went dark and silent. High heels got closer and you turned, staring at a face you recognized quite well. “Never thought I’d run into you two again. Where’s that precious little girl of yours?” The tall blonde staring down Dean and you was a witch you both failed to kill several years ago, Gretchen, but you managed to kill her entire coven and family. You thought you ran her off, never to be seen again, but you were apparently wrong. “Come on…what’s her name again? Joanna Celeste Winchester?”

You gritted your teeth, unsure of how she knew about your daughter. “Who?” You decided to play stupid and Dean followed along.

“You must have us confused with other hunters. We don’t have a kid.”

“What dumbass would bring a kid into this life?” You scoffed, reaching for the gun tucked away in your holster.

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  • Ponyboy: well why don't you ask for directions? do i look like a farmboy to you??
  • Johnny: well fuck ponyboy i just killed a man to save your ass and i stayed up all night while you used my legs like a pillow and i also jumped off a moving train and now ive been walking for a few MILES so MAYBE you can stop being useless for TWO SECONDS and GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE TO GET DIRECTIONS you DICKHEAD
Berries & Citrus Fruit

Bucky x reader One Shot

You and Bucky have developed a system that lets either of you understand what the other is feeling during e.g. a nightmare and somehow it contains fruit.

warnings: a teeny tiny bit of language and  f l u f f

A/N: it’s currently 10:14 pm as I’m typing this and I am so tired I can’t even remember writing this fic. which means it probably makes no sense what so ever and should not be published but, things happen that don’t even happen. my exhaustion could also be the reason for this fic being based on fruit

Originally posted by coporolight

You were pulled out of your sleep by a guttural scream, like most nights.

The scream was followed by a few much quieter one’s, before they slowly changed into mumbled words you would never be able to fully understand. As you pushed his long hair aside to get a look at his face to try to see what kind of dream it had been, you found yourself met with the beautiful facial features of your boyfriend scrunched up in pain, and it broke your heart. You had lost count how many nights like that happened and you wished to be able to determine and end to them.

Once again, your hands softly stroked through the thick curls, this time one hand moving under his chin to turn his face upwards in your direction.

Being met with the sight of you, Bucky seemed almost surprised. The first few times his nightmares had shaken the both of you awake, you had felt hurt. You had thought he was surprised that you were still there with him, as if you had an intention to leave. As if seeing him this defenseless could ever make you leave him, reject him.

“Which fruit, darling?”, you asked, carful to form the words slowly, so that he would be able to understand them more easily. Years ago, the morning after a particularly bad nightmare, you had sat down to determine a system for the both of you to understand. The system was supposed to be simple words that either of you would be able to focus on in difficult situations. And because you had sat down at the dining table were a bowl of fruit had been, you decided to use fruit as your so-called code words.

“Can you tell me a fruit?” You willed your voice to sound as soft as possible, and it sounded silly without context, hell, even with sometimes, but it was the only thing that really helped.

Bucky blinked a couple of times to get rid of the tears in his eyes. “Str-“ He tried to swallow away the heavy lump in his throat. “Strawberry.”

You sighed heavily, closing your eyes. Most nights it was ‘Strawberry’. It meant that, in his dream, he had seen you in danger. Most times he was the one to be the reason. Usually, he didn’t really say what he had seen, which is why he liked the fruit-system. This way, he didn’t need to relive the nightmares by talking about them. It gave him the opportunity to push it aside and focus on reality.

And reality in that moment was being in your arms as you slowly rocked him from side to side, slowly lulling him into relaxation.

“Fruit?”, he asked, mumbling the question tiredly.

“Blueberry,” you replied and suddenly felt him slump beneath your fingers. ‘Blueberry’ was good. ‘Blueberry’ meant you were safe and happy. It was all he ever wanted to hear from you. “You?”

“Orange. Bit Lime.” Bucky’s words were becoming more and more sleepy.

“That’s okay.” You knew that it was just a matter of minutes before he would fall asleep again, hopefully for the whole night this time. “We should go back to sleep. Long day tomorrow.”

He nodded against your chest and let you move him into a laying position.

Your phone rang whilst you were in the middle of shuffling the deck of cards in your hand. It was a night out – or rather in, as you were at one of your friend’s apartment – with your friends after having to decline multiple times for the sake of staying with Bucky. It was not like he kept you away from them, but you simply felt more comfortable when you knew that he had someone who would be there for him when he needed it. On this particular night, Bucky had gone on a mission with Steve and Sam, which gave you the opportunity for a girl’s night.

And the knowledge that Bucky was not one hundred percent safe right now made you excuse yourself and quickly grab your phone. Normally, you would just let it ring, but it could be an emergency.

And you knew that it was one the second you moved your finger across the screen to answer. Because even though it was Bucky’s name that indicated him to be on the other end of the line, it wasn’t his voice who spoke.

“Y/N, it’s me,” Sam said, “We’ve got a bit of a situation here.” Although you instantly recognized him, the familiarity did nothing to help you feel less on edge.

“What happened?”, you rushed out, needing to now how bad it was.

“Bucky, he- I think he had a nightmare.”

“Oh god.” You had prayed that this wouldn’t happen, but of course, it did. Not being able to keep still anymore, you stood up and took a deep breath. “Tell me exactly what happened and what he the situation is right now.”

You heard shuffling on the other end and were about to freak out when Sam’s voice sounded through the speaker again. “He woke up screaming. We tried to calm him down by talking to him, but all he said was some nonsense with your name in it. He’s still doing that now and I think he’s crying, too. He won’t listen to either of us, not even Steve.”

You felt your won tears prickling in the corners of your eyes because you felt helpless. One of your friends came closer to ask you what was wrong, but you brushed her off with a half-assed smile.

“Okay, Sam. Give him the phone.”

Once again, you heard rustling, slightly louder this time, before it stopped and turned into heavy breathing.

“Buck?”, you asked cautiously, hoping to snap him out of his current state. He didn’t answer, so you tried again. “Which fruit, love?”

You didn’t notice your friend exchanging glances, and even if you had, you wouldn’t have cared one bit. All your focus was solely on Bucky, who replied, finally.

“Strawberry.” You could hear the cracking in his voice perfectly clear and your system is flooded with and even stronger desire to be there with him right now. “Lime.”

“Blueberry, Bucky,” you promised him and he, in return, took in a sharp breath.

“You sure?” His voice was small, but sounded clearer now, not anymore like he was being strangled.

“Blueberry,” you simple stated again because you knew it would be easier for him to grasp.

You heard him sigh somewhat contentedly, “Blueberry.”

“Do you think you can go back to sleep or do you need me to talk to you some more?”

“More,” was all he said but understood just fine. You softly rambled to him about your day for a few minutes until you could hear steady breathing that indicated that he had fallen asleep and were handed back to Sam.

“What did you say to him? All he did was name berries and he was calm again.” The astonishment was evident in his voice when he spoke to you again.

“We have a fruit system to that we know how the other is feeling. Mine’s are those his are citrus fruit.” A smile found its was onto your lips as you could practically see the look on Sam’s face.

“Why fruit?”

“Dunno, it just happened that way.” You found yourself chuckling, although it could be because of exhaustion and a bit of adrenalin in some extend.

Sam quietly joined in. “Berries and citrus fruits. You two are weird.”

“You know that strawberries are technically nuts, right?”

You are nuts, Y/N.”

The system explained in amazingly well structured full English sentences:

Blueberry = you safe & happy

Cranberry = you scared

Strawberry = you in danger

Orange = Bucky safe & happy

Lime = Bucky scared

Lemon = Bucky in danger

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so i was watching dance videos on youtube, as one does on a hoppin friday night, and this was one of the recommended videos

thanks youtube robots for bringing into my life this video of kuroo tetsurou dancing to jason derulo’s seminal masterpiece ‘wiggle’ in 6-inch heels

What Happens In Vegas

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader (Taehyung is a main character as well)

Genre - Stripper Au

Word Count - 2454

Part 2/?

Warnings - Sexually Explicit Content (Y/n Is a stripper)

A/n -Thank you all so much for reading the last part. Also, I used a beautiful poem by Kathirine Hinkle because I can’t write poetry. Enjoy! (:

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

I still remember exactly what I was doing when I found out. I had just gotten home from working a long night at the club and I had begun to run bath water.

My phone was ringing continuously but I decided to wait until I finished my bath to even bother to look at it.

Once I finished bathing I leisurely dressed myself and slid into bed before finally remembering to check my phone.

I hopped out of bed and grabbed my phone out of my purse. The first message I saw was one from my brother.

Mom and dad have been in a horrible accident.

That was the last thing I read before my phone slipped out of my hands and onto the ground with myself following suit shortly after.

I woke up feeling somewhat optimistic about the events of today. I had plans to meet a friend of mine that I had known since I was 18 for lunch.

And tonight would be my last day of work until next week. Today should be a pretty good day.

Taehyung hadn’t come home last night and I was actually a bit relieved.
I knew he would ask countless questions about the friend I was meeting and I didn’t feel like being interrogated.

I made sure to clean up the house and prepare lunch for my boyfriend just in case he came home. I then got dressed and headed to the cafe where I was meeting my friend.

When I arrived I took a seat and waited for my friend to come. I was really excited to see her, we hadn’t talked in almost a year.

We were really close when I worked at the club with her. She was well known at the small club we worked at and she used her popularity to her advantage.

When I started bar-tending she would always make sure creepy guys would leave me alone and she would always take good care of me.

Moments later she arrived, she looked a bit different then when I last saw her. She looked extremely worn out. Her appearance though, wasn’t the only thing that shocked me about her. What was also shocking was that she was carrying a car seat in her arms, with an infant inside.

“Zoe, over here.” I called as she glanced around the cafe looking for me. She smiled when she saw me and made her way over to the table that I was sitting at.

I stood up to hug her and pulled up an extra chair so that she could place the baby there.

“Honey, I’m so happy to see you!” She said hugging me after positioning the baby.

“Me too.” I said hugging her back and feeling her warmth.

“Who is this?” I asked looking at the infant as we finally sat down.

“Y/n, I like to introduce you to the love of my life Mariah Isabel Lee.” She said.

“Oh my god she is absolutely gorgeous, I had no clue you were pregnant.” I exclaimed.

“Everything happened so fast. I found out I was pregnant and honestly I was too embarrassed to contact you.”

“Embarrassed? Why would you be?”

“I don’t know, my life was a complete mess. I wasn’t prepared for Mariah at all and I just didn’t want you to see me that way.” She stated.

“I would never think negatively of you. You have done so much for me Zoe.” I told her.

We ordered drinks and caught up for a while. I asked a lot about the baby and his father and the more I talked to her the more I felt bad for her.

The father was a deadbeat drug addict and she had to do everything on her own. She said that no one was there for her child’s delivery and she had to take a cab home just hours after delivering the baby because she couldn’t afford to stay overnight at the hospital.

“I hate that you didn’t tell me about any of this. I would have helped you out Zoe.”

“I know you would have, that’s why I’m reaching out to you right now.” She said that grabbing a hold of my hand.

“What do you need, I’ll do my best to help you out.”

“I need a job. You are dating Taehyung still right?” She asked.

“Yes I am. What about your current job?”

“We don’t make nearly as much as the girls at your club make. I want Mariah to have a good future, y/n please help me.”

“Yes, I totally understand. I’ll talk to Tae tonight and see what he says okay?” I told her.

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.” She said squeezing my hand and then finally letting it go.

“Do you want to hold her?” She asked.

“Me?” I asked like an idiot considering the fact that there was no one around.

“Of course you silly.” She said as she took the infant out of her car seat and positioned her in my arms.

“Wow, she looks just like you.” I said holding her. She opened her eyes slightly making my heart feel warm.

She didn’t ask to be born into this world. Her mom was in a horrible situation as a single parent and the least I could do was get her a job.

“I’ll do whatever I can to help you two.” I told her still smiling down at the baby.

Jungkook’s POV

Originally posted by hey-seoul-sistah

Jungkook sat in the back of a taxi cab along with another friend of his and Jimin in the front seat.

Today was the last night of Jimin’s bachelor weekend. Jungkook was relieved to say the least.

He couldn’t say that this entire weekend had been horrible though. He had fun spending time with his friends in Vegas. He was just exhausted looking after Jimin when he got drunk.

He was actually ready to get back to his everyday routine of working and living his somewhat average life.

First stop, was the casino. Surprisingly, the boys had been doing well. They had all won money and Jungkook was hoping to keep up the streak for the last day.

After drinking and playing for hours Jungkook glanced at his clock to notice that It was nearing 10'o clock. He hadn’t forgotten about y/n. He told her he would be at the club today and he would be lying to himself if he said he didn’t want to see her again.

“You ready to head out?” Jungkook asked approaching Jimin and their group of friends as they played.

“What’s with the rush? I’m doing good right now. Tonight’s my lucky night.” Jimin said.

“No rush, I just thought we were stopping by that strip club again tonight.” Jungkook said nonchalantly.

“I knew it!” Jimin said exciting an exciting look on his face as he turned around to face Jungkook.

“Knew what?”

“I knew that you and that stripper did more than just talk last night.” He said as if he was proud.

“What? No, we did talk. I just told y/n I was coming again and I like to keep my word.” Jungkook said.

“Your word my ass. You have a thing for the stripper.” Jimin said chuckling.

“I don’t have a thing for a stripper that I met two days ago.”

“Well then why do you want to see her so bad?” The other guys questioned.

“Maybe, I think she interesting. I like talking to her.” He said.

Jimin laughed so hard this time he nearly spit his drink out.

“No way. There’s no way a guy can look at a girl like that and think about anything other than having sex with her.” One of their friends added.

“There is. I do. She’s more than just an attractive person. She’s funny, and smart and I like talking to her Jungkook said.

“Whatever you say.”

“Let’s wrap up this game guys. We have to take Jungkookie to see his girlfriend.” Jimin said.

“Shut up.” Jungkook said laughing.

Around an hour later. They finally arrived at the club. Jungkook looked around for y/n for a while but couldn’t find her so he went to pay for the dance anyway.

After drinking for a while with the guys he heard someone call his name.

“Jungkook?” Y/n called as he turned around to look at her.

“You came back.” She said smiling up at him.

“Yes, I told you I would.” He said.

“Let’s go.” She said grabbing ahold of his hand and leading him back into the private rooms.

Jungkook could hear Jimin and his friends cheering him on as he walked away.

“Ignore them.” Jungkook said as they finally entered the room.

“Why are they cheering like that?” Y/n asked as she set the timer and started to play some background music.

“Because they think I have a crush on you or something.” Jungkook said sitting down.

“Ha ha that’s so adorable. There’s no way that’s true.” Y/n said as she sat down next to Jungkook and began to unbutton his jacket.

“Are you sure about that? Jungkook said. Y/n paused slightly her hand still positioned on Jungkook’s chest.

"I mean why would like you like a girl like me?” She asked.

“Why not?” He questioned back.

“I dont know but let’s not talk about me. I vow to find out your embarrassing secret that you wouldn’t tell me yesterday.” She stated.

Jungkook finally took off his jacket sitting it down next to him.

“Okay, but only because I promised.”

“The embarrassing thing is that I’m a writer, I want to do it professionally.” He said.

“Aw how cute. That is totally not embarrassing, that is so cool.” She said playful hitting his arm.

“Thank you. I guess the embarrassing part about it is the fact that I’m so far away from my goal. I dont know if I’ll ever write professionally.” He said.

“Well why not?” She asked.

“Because I work as a editor at a publishing company.” He said.

“Okay I don’t see how that’s bad? That’s great it means that you have your foot in the door.” She said.

“You still have so much time to do whatever you want to do with your life. You can be or do whatever you want to do Jungkook.” She added quoting what he had told her the other day.

“There you go again making me laugh.” He said.

“But, its really hard to get your name out there, you know? You have to be an extremely talented writer. I think I’m pretty average.” He said.

“Average? I’ll be the judge of that. Show me something you’ve written.” She said.

“You really wanna hear something?”

“Yes of course! Now go.” She said smiling.

Jungkook cleared his throat before begging to read the poem out loud that he had memorized to y/n.

She is the wind that lifts me up to the sky
The very breath that I take each day
The morning sun shining down on me
The moonlight guiding me through the night
My northern star, brightly shining in the darkest of days
The warmth of her voice echoes in my head
The feeling of her kiss, brings tears to my eyes
Her smile, making each rainy day, a little bit brighter
Living life as though nothing can hurt her
My everything, my world
The reason why I push on every day of my life
Pressing myself to be better
Living my day as each is my last
Just as she does
She’s the life that is mine
The rhythm of my heartbeat
The core of my soul
She is the one who wipes the tears away
She is the one who takes all of my worries away
And enlightens my day
She is unlike any other
She is my one, my only

Wow. Did you write that for your girlfriend?” Y/n asked as Jungkook finished. He noticed that she was shivering a little so he grabbed his jacket and placed it over her shoulders.

“No, I wrote that poem about my mother years ago. She was battling cancer and for a while we didn’t think she would pull through.” He said.

“Did she?” I asked.

“Yes thankfully she is still alive today.”

“I bet your poem really helped her a lot with what she was going though, I’m sure it gave her strength.” She said.

“Yeah, I think so too. The funny thing is that although she was going through that she was still the strong woman she’s always been.” He said.

“She seems like a great person.” Y/n said.

“She is. What about you? I know you said your father passed but are you close to your mom?”

“She passed as well. Actually they, were together when they died. It was a tragic car accident.” She said.

“I’m really sorry about that.” Jungkook said placing his hand on her back.

Before Y/n could reply the timer went off again. Had it been thirty minutes already?

“Well, I guess our time is up.” She said.

She lead him out once again and asked if he was coming back soon.

“Actually, no. Today is our last day in town.” He said regretfully.

“You dont live in Vegas?” She asked.

“No, but not to far from here. I live about 80 miles away in a small city in California.” He said.

“Oh, no wonder I hadn’t seen you around here before.” She said.

“Well, it was really nice meeting you Jungkook. It was really refreshing talking to you.” She said as she took off his jacket to hand it back to him.

“I agree. I really liked spending time with you again. Who knows maybe I’ll drive out to come see you when I miss Vegas.” He said.

“Yes, that would be great.” She said.

“Maybe, I could have your number? Just in case I want to visit and need to get in touch with you?” He asked.

“Of course you may have my number.” She said as she gave him the number and he entered it in his phone.

The guy Jungkook remembered to be her boyfriend approached the two of them holding on tightly to Y/n.

“Hello again.” He spoke eyes directed on Jungkook.

“Hi.” Jungkook said putting his phone away.

“You seem to be frequenting this place and only requesting dances with y/n. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were interested in my girlfriend.” He said with a smirk look on his face.

Jungkook didn’t like this guy, he seemed to treat y/n as if she was his property. Possessive and controlling.

“Well your girlfriend is very interesting.” He said turning Taehyung’s smirk into an agitated expression.

“I have to go now.” Jungkook said returning to look at y/n.

“Thanks for coming, I’ll see you soon.” She said.

“See you.”

Control (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 1,931

Summary: On a night out with your friends, you accidentally text the wrong number for advice. The guy on the other end of the phone is abrupt, harsh and kind of an ass - but he also happens to be right. Which explains why you keep texting him. Right?

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“I can’t believe you didn’t even have a funeral for me.”

“Not this again, Erwin…it’s been a whole fucking year.”

This is what really happened. They faked Erwin’s death because he was getting too old for this shit. Levi and Erwin live in a nice quiet and secluded cottage and have beer and pizza nights, during which Erwin gets a bit tipsy and starts to complain.

I can only see this as a logical explanation for the chapter 90. Also, when I see people upset, sad or angry, I try to cheer them up by making shit jokes. I am Chandler. If this makes one person smile though, my work here is done.

Excuse the horrific effort or rather lack of. And if you’re hurting, I send virtual hugs.

Dual Timeline Theory strikes again: The Gay Bar Scene

This is my 7th Dual Timeline Theory post, so I’m hoping you all know what I’m referring to by now. Sherlock has been slightly alerting events sporadically throughout the series and we’ve taken them as fact. Moments of unreliable narrator. The real Timeline that’s been happening alongside it we’ve also seen most of, except by the end of Series 4 we’ll be able to tell fact from fiction.

This brings me back to the gay bar scene. They filmed this, spent money on this, then cut it but didn’t release it. They admitted they needed more scenes in The Sign of Three but for some reason they didn’t add this. Martin Freeman confirmed this scene and we’ve seen pics from filming. Here’s where this gets good – the Timeline we’ve watched showed us the stag night pub crawl ending after John pulls Sherlock away from an altercation with another man. This Timeline is false. The real timeline was them going to a gay bar after getting totally wasted, a stranger coming on to Sherlock, Sherlock weakly deflecting, and John pulling him away and taking him home. We saw Sherlock swear he knows about ash (subtext for staving off sexual activity) saw a man attempt to punch Sherlock in the face (subtext for a kiss like in ASIB) and saw Sherlock lean away. The real version of events will be coming by the end of TFP, when these dual timelines are reconciled and loose threads tied up.

The Six Thatchers proves the subtext is becoming text. Prepare yourselves.

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The last night together before we started long distance. 
My mind was going crazy that night! Wanting to focus on him and our time together; making it as special as possible.
But I was also freaking out about how tough it was going to be and what was going to happen!

Months later and we are actually doing so well! sure distance is shit but the love is so strong that some nights it almost feels as if we are together and not miles apart