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Did you know that Tolkien Day is on March 25th? And I know that means we missed it, but just imagine Les Amis Tolkien Day celebrations

I mean… Some of les Amis are HUGE Tolkien nerds.

  • Grantaire, first and foremost. His mother used to read him the Hobbit as a bedtime story, and he got hooked pretty quickly. He cherishes his LotR extended version DVD boxset like nothing else and used to cosplay Frodo in highschool because he has just the right hair
  • Jehan is HUGE on the Silmarillion. They speak Elvish fluently and they desgined their own Silmarillion cover with watercolours. They’re really interested in all the family trees in Middle Earth and have whole notebooks filled with drawn family trees. It’s also what led them to ask for archery lessons as a teenager.
  • Combeferre also speaks Elvish fluently, because fictional laguages are the SHIT. He’s also your local game master when les Amis play tabletop RPGs, so he’s really interested in worldbuilding and all the fantasy tropes you can find in the books. Though he’s a bit salty that Tolkien took a lot of names from the poetic Edda, but hey, gotta kind inspiration somewhere. After all isn’t he finding inspiration himself?
  • The books have a special place in Feuilly’s heart. The orphanage he grew up in had an old copy of the Lord of the Rings, yellow pages and all, but he loved reading it, it helped him escape from his problems. He dealt with anger issues as a child, and reading about Frodo overcoming the influence of the ring was very influencial in his teens. He also LOVES the Lord of the Rings movies soundtrack
  • So on March 25th, les Amis organise a big Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon, which scheduled pee breaks.
  • They’re nerds, what were you expecting.

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female, 163 cm, long natural amber curly hair, usually worn down or tied on a messy bun, green eyes and wicked smile. Sarcastic as hell but warm. I'm always trying something new. The most long-lasting competitors as my hobby interests thus far have been reading, writing, painting, archery and snowboarding. We'd go to nature, hike and talk and neither one would have the proper outfit, we'd maybe get a bit lost, laugh a lot and grab a snack on the way back.

Ayeee hola hola! U sound pretty my girl, im also sarcastic as hell whats good huh 😂 ayeee we could paint together! Bruuuuh archery sounds so cool, and so does snowboard ( jeje i’ve never seen snow personally in my life, it’s almost movie like for me jaja), also even tho i’m not really a hike person this date sounds quite fun and I also lve snacks so, yes mija I’s go on that date with ya! Graciaaaas ✨ (


*gently pats sara lance on the head*