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the flicker series: on my own

When One Direction comes knocking, fuck what I’m doing. I don’t give a shit if I’ve sold out arenas or won Grammys. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for that.

shiro’s “shocked by how amazing keith is” face is definitely my favourite. i’m sad we didn’t get to see what happened after keith ran out of the lion to help him, with shiro likely asking him “how did you do that?!” and etc.

i guess it’s also possible shiro didn’t assume keith was piloting the lion, and thought that black was acting on her own… but that would make it even more fun to imagine shiro’s expression when keith suddenly jumped out.

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Hey Joan. Can I ask you a weird question? If you were to make your own 'sides' what would they be like? Would you also have an anxiety, morality etc. or would you divide yourself completely differently? Have a lovely night :)

This is actual pretty interesting– or maybe it isn’t! Idk. I’ve been cowriting the Sanders Sides videos since the Valentine’s day episode, and that happened bc I was developing my own series which would’ve been kind of similar to what Sanders Sides has become. I remember watching the “Heart vs. Mind” episode and that’s when I realized that Sanders Sides was turning into something similar to the series that I was developing independently. After watching that episode, I called Thomas excited about the direction that the videos could potentially go in, and I asked him if I could help write them. He said yes, and I’ve been working with him on the series ever since.

The aspects of my personality were very different from Thomas’s. I also had more of them, but maybe Thomas will have more in the future. Who knows?

Jikook Fic Rec!

Okay so this is a long time coming, I’ve been slowly collecting a bunch of Jikook fics so I could share my favorites. This is going to be a long ass post so beware. (There might not be a lot of strictly fluff stuff in here because who are we kidding? I’m a sin.) Also I’m half asleep while typing this so sorry for any mistakes, Sorry if I didn’t explain them well enough, I got tired. 

One Shots

Slitherpuff relationships are the best  : 

okay this is a series of three one shots and can I just say that it melted my heart? I love Harry Potter au so much, and this one is all fluffy and cute. Basically Jimin is a Hufflepuff and he’s Jungkook’s number one fan. Jungkook is the seeker for the Slytherin quiditch team. If you’re a soft this is your kind of fic, if you’re not a soft stan you’ll enjoy it anyway. 

When You Loved Me

I don’t really want to explain this one shot because it’s something that’s a whole lot better when going in blind. I will tell you that it’s angsty as fuck, and if you hate crying DO NOT read this one. But all of that aside I think everyone should at least try to read this because it really is absolute art. To this day, this is one of THE BEST one shots I’ve ever read in my life. 

home :

This is a really short One shot but I thought it was really sweet. It’s a lot of cuddling and some of that semi-in-denial-about-his-love-for-Jimin-Jungkook that we all love. 

You Read Me Like a Book :

Man oh Man I love this one shot. What is better than a short Jimin who is having trouble reaching for his book and a tall handsome Jungkook who is more than happy to help him with it? Nothing I really don’t think there is. This is fluff fluff fluffy so enjoy. 

Expensive Lips :

This is fucking DARLING. I really enjoyed this one. Basically Jungkook is sent to Sephora by his cousin(I think it’s his cousin), Jimin helps a clueless Jungkook out, and Jungkook becomes infatuated. There is also some quality smut at the end for you pervs ;)

Him :

Holy macaroni what a one shot. It features everything I love, photography major Jungkook, dance major Jimin, a fucking thick ass plot. If you haven’t read this first of all, Why? and secondly DO IT NOW. Jungkook is looking for a muse and he just so happens to meet a certain Park Jimin at his friend Hoseok’s dance recital. 

Park Jimin: Achievement of Desire :

I actually forgot about this one till I saw it in my bookmarks. It’s really sweet and the idea is so unique. Jungkook writes a book about how he fell in love with Jimin, there’s fluff and smut at the end because I know that’s what you are here for. 

Purr :

I love this with all my heart, seriously so so good. Jungkook thinks Jimin makes kitten sounds during sex so he gives him a cute little nickname. Except it’s not all fun and games when he accidentally slips up in public. READ THIS.

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re my Teeny Weeny Meenie) :

Okay so this one is hazy, I can’t exactly remember if I liked it or not. BUT! It did seem interesting enough when I skimmed through. It’s social media au. Jimin is a workout channel on YouTube and Jungkook makes dance videos. 

Starstruck :

Yeah so this is complete and utter filth. Jungkook is an idol, Jimin is on his staff, he ends up in Jungkook’s hotel room and they fuck. Plot wise it’s not the best but you know porn, it’s all about the sex… 

Phase One :

Filth once again. Jungkook is a dog hybrid and Jimin is his owner/boyfriend. You know the drill, Jungkook has a rut and they fuck a lot. I honestly hate myself for enjoying these kinds of stories. 

teeth over skin :

I don’t have an excuse for this one… Jungkook was Jimin’s “imaginary” best friend. Jungkook comes back years later to claim what’s his. This one is real kinky so you might not want to read it if shit like that bothers you. They have sex multiple times, the other members are involved a few times in a dream Jimin has… yeah it’s filth so enjoy. 

Like The Tide :

THIS ONE SHOT. It’s not all the way there in writing skill, but it is raw and super enjoyable. The shit head Jungkook AND Jimin is real, the fluff is real, the smut is pretty good. There is also side Yoonjoon or Namgi? Wth is Yoongi and Nomjoon’s ship name? 

Hook :

MY GOD. This is a series of eight one shots. I adore this to death, it’s so well written. The fluff is real, domestic Jikook is real, the sex is hot. Please read this that’s all I have to say. 

baby i like your style :

THIS IS SMUT!!! Camboy au, Jimin is a camboy… he meets Jungkook. They fuck. yeah… read the actual description because I’m not explaining this well. 

Stop Playing “Hard” to Get :

This is actually hilarious. A soulmate au in which everyone has something unique happen to them when they are near their soulmate. Jimin finds out that when he gets close to his mysterious soul mate he gets a boner. You can already guess that there is smut, but there is also a nice plot and some fluff too. 

your things next to mine :

This is a series of two one shots. Jikook are living together and this is basically just their domestic sex lives. It’s sexy and fluffy and I love it. 

Body Heat :

At this point there are so many of these I don’t know what to write anymore. Jungkook is a warrior who is freezing in the mountains. Jimin is a fire mage who takes him in. I don’t remember what happens but there is smut. 

What If? :

This shit got me in the feels. It takes place after they record WDTA and I just… Read it. Also there is smut so there’s that. Well it’s cute smut 

Damn okay that’s the end of the one shots, I really wasn’t expecting for there to be that many. Now time for the good shit, the chaptered fics. 

Chaptered fics: 

Riptide :

This is an 18 chapter fic. Jungkook is a trainee in Seoul where he meets Jimin. This is so fucking soft I can’t. There is angst but not so much that it’s unbearable. If you are a fanfic enthusiast I’m sure you’ve read this one before. 

Just Breath :

What is it with me and fics where Jungkook is a photography major and Jimin is a dance major or vise versa? I don’t know but I live for this shit. Jungkook see’s Jimin dancing one day and becomes infatuated. He needs to photograph based on a theme. That just so happens to be Jimin’s beauty. (14 chapters)

The Park Sibling :

OH MY, I’ve read this one twice if that tells you anything about it. Jungkook is new to school and he befriends Park JiHyun. They end up hanging out at Jihyun’s house a lot, and maybe it’s because Jungkook has developed a little bit of a crush on his brother Jimin. This shit is good, there’s smut, and fluff, and angst, and GOD I just love it. (9 chapters)

Butterfly :

FUCK, this fic is SO GOOD. I really can’t describe this because it’s something that you just have to read but damn if it doesn’t get me in the feels just by looking at the title. I do want to say that there are heavy mentions of past sexual abuse and past sex slavery. The angst in this is also pretty heavy. This is so fucking good though so please don’t pass on it. (35 chapters)

Sugar Daddy :

Don’t judge me for this one. It is really good though. Basically Jungkook loves shopping but he’s broke and he jokingly goes on a sugar daddy website. Long story short his super hot, way too young, professor happens to be looking for a sugar baby. There is smut in this, and it’s really good. (12 chapters)

Surviving Jeon Jungkook :

This is so fucking cute. Jimin is a sweet little angel who gets sat next to Jeon Jungkook, someone everyone is afraid of. Despite his reputation, Jimin finds it hard not to fall for Jungkook. (2 chapters) 

Wish You Were Here :

Have I ever said that there should be more online relationship AUs? Because there should be. Jungkook and Jimin meet on a dating app (booty call app) when Jimin is visiting America. Unfortunately Jimin has to go back to Korea before they can meet in person. This doesn’t stop them from developing a relationship over text. This has smut and fluff and basically everything I love. (7 chapters)

The Bet :

Okay if you haven’t read this where have you been?? But in all seriousness this fic is a classic. Jungkook and Taehyung make a bet that Jungkook would/wouldn’t be able to get into Jimin’s pants (who is notoriously single) by the end of the semester. There is slight angst and lots of fluff, also pinning. Jeonlous makes an appearance as well. READ IT. (11 Chapters)

Relax, Don’t Do It :

It’s been so long since I read this, but it’s still really good. Basically Jungkook loves to party and one day he goes too far and decides he will quit sex and partying, but then he meets Jimin. There is smut in this, there is some fluff. An overall great read. (4 chapters) 

More Than Your Body :

Yes I know, yet another fic where Jungkook is a film/photography major and wants to shoot Jimin for his project I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM. No but seriously this is so sweet and cute and just ugh. Read it, appreciate my weird fixation with this AU thank you  (5 chapters) 

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile For Me :

Fuck Ragi for being such a great writer seriously. Okay this is one of my favorites. Jimin is broken and his life sucks, but he finds hope in Jeon Jungkook’s music, it’s the only thing that keeps him alive. There are mentions of child abuse in this as well as mental trauma. The angst real and I kinda love it. READ THIS NOW! (27 chapters) 

Run Into Sin :

This is defiantly a high recommendation. Jungkook and Jimin are roommates though they aren’t that close. They are struggling with rent big time, until Jungkook finds an ad for a homemade porn contest that pays quite a bit of money. If you couldn’t tell already there is some juicy as fuck smut in this one. There is also fluff and angst. It’s really good, really fucking good. (6 Chapters) 

Thirst :

Okay this is a vampire AU and hot damn! It takes place in canon, except for the obvious fact that Jungkook is a vampire. The only one who knows about his secret is management and their leader Namjoon. Jungkook is good at taking care of himself and functions normally, but there is something about Jimin’s scent that absolutely drives him insane. This shit is so good. (3 Chapters) 

After Hours :

There isn’t much to say about this except that it’s a fluffy af coffee shop au. Jimin is a barista and his best friend Tae always visits to see Jimin’s boss Yoongi. Jungkook tags along one day and meets Jimin, things ensue. I don’t remember much about this one, but I did enjoy it. (17 chapters)

See Through (If You Will) :

Okay hear me out for this one. I absolutely hate Mpreg fics, like with a passion. But, I read this and I actually really enjoyed it. If you ever saw the movie Juno it gives off that kind of vibe. Basically Jungkook and Jimin get frisky while hanging out (as friends) and then Jungkook gets pregnant. There is a very small amount of angst. Trust me I was reluctant too, but I was happily surprised by what I read so I guess don’t knock it till you try it. (2 chapters)

Dream Maker :

Oh boy here we go. If you know Jikook fan fiction you know this fic right here. This has got to be my all time favorite. ITS SO FUCKING GOOD. I have seriously read this three times which is a lot for a fan fiction. This is seriously one of the best fics I’ve ever read and I can’t begin to describe how I feel about it. It focuses on Jimin and Jungkook living in a shit apartment, but getting through it with just the pure love they have for each other. God it’s so pretty and fluffy and there is this amazing dynamic between the two. There is also super domestic smut in here which I live for. READ THIS! (12 chapters)

Rubies for a King :

Okay YES. I didn’t even know that dragon AUs where a thing?? But I read this and it’s my new favorite thing. Lot’s of fluff and cuteness. There is smut too of course. (2 chapters) 

Picture (Not) Perfect :

Should I even describe this one? I’m now realising the extent of my issues. Jungkook is (guess what) a photography major and he’s shooting who for a project?! you guessed it DANCER JIMIN! I have serious issues. This one is a little different though, because Jungkook actually hates Jimin! wow angst! anyway this is actually good so you should read it. And I should find help for my problem. (12 chapters) 

Perfect Square :

YES YES YES! Domestic jikook for the fucking win. This is seriously just a bunch of domestic stories about Jikook living together. it’s so cute I want to cry. READ THIS (3 chapters) 

Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin :

Well Jimin presents as an omega which he really did not want. He didn’t have any omegas to give him advice so he has to go through this journey with no instruction. Honestly Jimin is super salty in this fic but it’s still good. Jungkook is an Alpha. ABO dynamics. (6 chapters) 

I got secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows :

I’m actually ashamed that this had made the list, and that I actually read this. Basically Jungkook discovers his pain kink… I’ll leave this here, moving on. (3 chapters) 

The Light Between Oceans :

DUDE, read this right now. basically Jimin is a fisherman who catches the eye of pirate captain Yoongi. When he is kidnapped and forced onto their crew, Jungkook is the only one that is nice to him. They form an attachment to each other. THIS IS GOOD. angst and fluff and smut. (7 chapters) 

Officially yours :

Okay I really don’t remember reading this but it was on my list so… the description sounds good so go check it out! Office au. (16 chapters) 

Pink Lemonades, Tattoos, and I love yous :

All I have to say is READ THIS. Good God please read this. There is lots of angst at some points but it’s so satisfying. Jimin is visiting his grandmother for the summer and her friends grandson is a complete asshole (nice going Jeon). Jimin hangs out with him anyway though becuase he doesn’t have any other friends. The character development in this is top notch. (25 chapters) 

Switch It :

My God this is such a good fic. It’s not finished though! I know I know I hate uncompleted fics but this is too good to pass up. I love fuck buddy AU so much. This is sexy and domestic and angsty and literally everything a good fic should be. all I have to say is READ THIS! (13/? chapters) 

On Patrol :

I think you all knew this would be on here. Once again fuck Ragi for being such a good writer. Do I really need to explain this one? Amazing Police officer AU. So many ships! So really it’s not only Jikook. Taehyung is Namjoon’s kid which is fucking adorable. There is angst and fluff and beauty everywhere. READ IT! (22 chapters) 

When God Blinks :

I honestly don’t remember much about this fic other than I liked it a lot. So go explore, see for yourself if you think it’s good. (12 chapters) 

I know I Can’t Have Him (But I Want Him Anyways) :

This is literary porn. Jimin is a sex addict, he fucks Taehyung in his car sometimes. He gets Jungkook to tutor him and he gets turned on so easily by everything Jungkook does. But Jungkook is a little virgin baby bean so Jimin has to real himself in. (4 chapters) 

Hold on to me, please :

Jungkook is a cute as fuck bunny hybrid that is shy and shorter than Jimin. Jimin finds him alone and scared and takes him in. Honestly the angst in this frustrated me a bit, but it’s still such a good fic. Also I’ve never read cuter smut than this so… (25 chapters) 

Be My First, Be My Last :

This fic right here has a special place in my heart. This was the first jikook fan fiction I ever read. I couldn’t leave it off this list. Jikook are neighbors, Jimin is a kindergarten teacher and his ex boyfriend Yoongi broke up with him right after Jimin had proposed. READ IT. I also just realized it’s a oneshot!? Anyway, it’s still good. (One chapter) 

Alright well that’s it for this jikook fic rec. Hopefully some of these appeal to you, and I’ve introduced good fics to people who have never read them :)


✈️ Tutor AU ✈️

Jimin is one of the most popular boys at school. Jungkook is a nobody. A nerd. What happens when Jungkook ends up having to tutor Jimin and they get to know each other?


I’m not sure how the ending turned out but I hope its good.

This was super fun to write and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it for you! Thanks for giving the series so much love, and I hope you guys are also enjoying my amnesia au

I also have a few more ideas for others so keep an eye out for those! 

Thank you again! Saranghae!

Professor Styles Part 4 (Harry Styles Series)

Summary: Y/N & Harry meet before college starts, and they start “talking”, then school starts and you find out he’s your professor.

Requested: yes

Warnings: teacher/student relationship/smutty

A/N: Thank you to whoever requested this! Also this is not edited, I’m sorry, I just really wanted to post it and get it out here because people were asking for it. I hope you enjoy! love you xx


Part 3

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Professor Styles Part 4 (Harry Styles Series)

“So, what happened?” Your friend asks when you get back to your dorm.

“Nothing because you called” You joke.

“I’m sorry about that, but Daniella was getting pretty drunk and I wanted to get her home so she could get some sleep before her class tomorrow.” She explains.

“No no no, it’s all good. I shouldn’t have just abandoned you guys like that.” You say.

“Y/N, if a guy like Mr. Sty-, I mean, Harry, came up to me, I would be at his house in a minute.” She laughs.

Right as you were about to laugh with your friend at her joke, your phone dinged and you looked down to see a message from Harry. You smile immediately at his name.

“Wait, is that him?” She asks, smiling.

“Yeah, he was just asking if I got home safe.” You say.

“Wow” She says walking away with her eyebrows raised.

“What?” You ask.

“That’s interesting.” She says bluntly.


“I’m not saying that like a bad thing, I’m saying that because I know guys that I have met up with a hooked up, they have never checked to make sure I had gotten home safe. He’s just a good guy.”

“Yeah, he is.” You say thinking about it, but before you think too much into it, you stop yourself from getting attached as he is your professor.

“Are you ever going to tell him that you’re in his class or are we going to have to hide in the back and run out when it’s over like we have been the past week?”

“How do I tell him, I mean I think at one point he will find out because I am in his class, and then I will deal with it from there.”

“All right, if you say so.”

“That’s the lesson for today. For the next lecture, I want you to have chapter 7 read, and make sure you understand all the case studies as there will be a test on it the second half of class.”

As everyone was leaving class, and you were rushing out you heard, “Miss. Y/L/N, I would like to speak you with if you have a minute right now?”

You friend looks at you with wide eyes, but you turn to Harry and say, “Yes, Professor”

“I will meet you back the dorm.” You say to your friend.

Your friend nods, looking at you, then Harry, then back to you before she finally leaves.

“You can sit down in the front row” He says, closing the door after the last student who left.

“What would you like to talk about?”

“I did not know you were in my class.” He starts, “That is because I never knew your name until a few nights ago, and I was correcting your paper this morning. By the way, you are a talented writer.”

“Thank you.”

“And as I was correcting your paper it reminded me that you had left these at my apartment that night” He says this pulling out the underwear you couldn’t find the night you were trying to leave in a hurry, out of his inside pocket of his jacket, “And I thought I would give them back.”

“Thank you” You say getting up to take them from him, but he pulls them back.

“I thought to give them and that I was going to tell you that we needed to end what has been going on between us two. But, I can’t and I don’t want to stop this.” He says walking towards you.

“There’s something so hot about the teacher and student concept isn’t there?” You can feel his hot breath against your face as his says this.

“My favorite one” he says grabbing your hips, pulling them towards him, “is the one where the students admits to the teacher the dirty thoughts they’ve had about them and the teacher fucks the student across their desk.”

“You like that one?” He whispers in your ear.

“Yes” You say almost out of breath.

Looking down at your lips and then up to your eyes, then down to your lips again, he kisses you with one arm wrapped around your waist and the other bunched up in your hair.

Your hands grip biceps walking forward so that the back of his legs hit the front of his desk. When they do, Harry turn you both around, picking you up ad placing you on the desk. With your legs around his waist, you pull him to you to continuing kissing. Harry finds his hand back in your hair, pulling it causing your head to go back giving him full access to your neck.

“Harry” you moan out as he kisses your neck, and moves his hands down to your waist.

His hands move to the hem of your shirt and pull it above your head.

“No bra?” He asks amused.

“Shut up. You’re the one who only gives morning classes at 8am.”

“Hey, didn’t say that I didn’t like it.”

“Stop talking and continue” You say laying back on his desk.

Harry lays over you kissing down your chest. He focuses on your breasts from placing light kisses on them to sucking on your nipples. But, he does not do this for too long as he wants to get further than you two had before.

Kissing down your stomach, when he gets to down to your hips, he pulls your pants down, and your underwear went with it.

Harry took his two of his fingers and ran them up and down your slit, “So wet, and all for me.”

You moan at the feeling of when Harry begins pumping two fingers in and out of you at a steady pace.

“Yes Harry” You moan when Harry takes his thumb and starts circling on your clit.

As he pumps his fingers, he also curls them seeing your back arch in pleasure.

“Getting close?” Harry asks, kissing below your ear.

“Mhm” you moan.

Then Harry pulls out his finger, and you groan at the feeling.

“No” you groan, trying to grab his hand.

Harry laughs, but take his shirt off and discarding the rest of his clothing.

“Ugh, finally” You say, when Harry starts putting on the condom and then pumping himself in front of you.

“Mm, not yet” Harry says, “Turn over.”

Turned on by his dominance, you turn over leaning over his desk.

“Dear God” Harry says looking at the sight of you leaning over.

Pumping himself, Harry then slowly enters you. When he’s fully in, you both moan at the feeling.

“So good” Harry moans out thrusting in and out of you.

“Harder” You beg, loving the feeling of him feeling you up, but wanting more of him.

Harry grabs your hips and begins thrusting into you harder and faster. Harry throws his head back at the amazing feeling of your core contracting around him. You moan at the wet sounds of him entering you.

“Harder, please, harder” You beg feeling yourself getting close.

Harry thrusts into you, groaning in your ear saying, “Cum for me baby.”

“Yes Harry, yes, yes” You scream out, gripping on the desk, “Don’t stop, yes”

As you are cumming, you push yourself back against Harry wanting him to finish also, and for him to thrust into you through your orgasm. It doesn’t take Harry long either to finish after you.

After getting dressed and giving Harry a quick kiss, you walk out and try to think about how things are going to work out between you and him now. When you get back to your dorm you go into your friends room and immediately say

“Wow, do I have stuff to tell you”

A/N: Thank you so much for reading this series, this is going to be the last part because, I’m running out of ideas for this series, but I’m having new ideas for different imagines and series ideas. Thank you so much for reading and sending me messages. 

Weekly Reading List #5

Alright y'all… here’s my weekly reading list, hope you like it. I’ve added a ‘Keep Reading’ this time, bc freaking Smut Appreciation Day made this list pretty long. Enjoy it, and please feel free to leave a feedback, my askbox is always open!

Hookup by @jpadjackles
Prompt: Sam meets up with the reader at a bar, and neither of them want to go home alone. Both their jobs require them to move around a lot, and sometimes, they get a little antsy and crave the affection of another person. That leads them to Sam’s motel room for one night of pure fun.
Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving) fingering, this is PWP

this was incredibly hot and sweet. sam’s character was on point. i can imagine that they exchanged phone numbers to met again someday. at least that’s what i wished for.

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Slow Ride by @rizlowwritessortof
Yeah, you all should have known this was coming… They don’t call me Cowgirl for nothing…
Warning: Smutty Smut

Good god, after that scene, i hoped that someone would write a fic about it, and this is absolutely perfect!!!

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The One With The Poking Device by @eyes-of-a-disney-princess
Summary - An awkward moment while sharing a bed leads to an interesting morning.
Warnings - Swearing (duh), injury (very slight),smut, oral sex/face riding (female), fingering, unsafe sex (remember irl to wrap it before you tap it)

This Fic is hilarious, seriously, it cracked me up. Awesome work, and hot af. Love it!

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Mads loves fannibals pt. 3/3: when asked what his most memorable line from the series was…!!! “Nothing happened to me. I happened.”

Today was a 700 person+ stage session yet he again thanked the “heavy duty fannibals for making three seasons possible.” And for the audience QnA he chose a fannibal first because he saw the flower crown♥

The topic ranged from Hannibal to Valhalla, Charlie Countryman, Rogue One, Anders Thomas Jensen… so the variety was great. He also admitted he still hasn’t watched season 3 heh

Aaaaaand he was photographed clubbing in Gangnam yesterday XD daddy still got it

Things I love about Aliya’s beam routine.

The Breath. It’s gametime, hang onto your medals while you can, people.

The double turn. You know she makes it look easy when the commentators have to constantly remind everyone that it’s a D-rated skill. 

Splits. Look, both legs. Also, what an acceptable side somi. It’s a compliment, trust me.

Onodi. There’s a reason why “Aliya’s Onodi” is a thing.

Acro series. Over the years we’ve learned that acro series don’t just happen to Aliya. She has to aggressively make them happen, like this. Good job! Get that bonus.

Switch half. Be the change you want to see in the world! Bad switch half club, watch and learn.

Switch ring. Got back pain? Ugh, just pretend no…

Balance checks. She doesn’t regain her balance waving around like a commoner. She waves around with straight knees, pointed toes and joint arm choreography. That’s some good technique while waving around. 

That non-wobble. Did she just wobble after a half turn? Of course not. She avoids the embarrassment by pretending it’s part of her choreography. I believe her.

The dismount. This is how you stick a landing. Put those feet to the ground and do not move them.

The smile. She lives for the way that you cheer and scream for her, the applause, applause, applause…

Birth of a Sherlollian

Having been an ardent fan of Sherlock (TV series) for a few years now, I had first been appalled by the fact that Sherlock Holmes was being paired up with people or being pushed into romantic relationships across the internet. The relationship tags incensed me and the idea of a romantic Sherlock just seemed foreign to me.

However the more episodes I saw of the series the more I realized that what I had in my head was Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock. A man who was quite different from the Sherlock in the TV Series we see today. Not that they both aren’t the same character. They are obviously. But as personalities they are different. The fact that they exist in different eras may also be a consequential or inconsequential reason for this difference in personalities.

But the underlying truth remains that Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock are fundamentally dissimilar.

ACD’s Sherlock was not a ‘sociopath’.He was a man well versed in human emotions.Knew how and to what extent they could cause damage to a man and was not rude or actively mean. He just chose to remain away from emotions. Watson describes him as a complete machine with a few incidences of him showing some feeling, but that’s it.

Gatiss-Moffat’s Sherlock is different. He is a man essentially running away from emotions, refusing to understand them and/or acknowledge them. Thus showing us how scared he is of them. He is not a machine as can be seen from his constant need to impress people or try to put them down. He is a man who through trying to show us how detached he is, actually shows us how susceptible he can be to feelings.

The fourth season led me to an epiphany about Sherlock. Till the fourth season I had thought that Sherlock the TV Series was about an eccentric unusual detective solving crimes and dazzling us with his intelligence. After the fourth season I realized that Sherlock was actually about a man rediscovering he was a human after all.

And this human like us all could fall in love as easily as we do. Get hurt as easily as we do and try to cope in the same weird ways that we all do.

The thought of Sherlock and Molly being together sneaked into my head after the much agonizing TFP episode. That Sherlock could love was an idea I had embraced by then; that Sherlock maybe in love with Molly was something I was a bit shocked to find. Immediately after TFP I watched the whole series again, right from episode 1 of season 1 and realized that the writers whether intentionally or unintentionally had almost built up a strong base for a relationship between Sherlock and Molly.

Their character growth, the changes in their relationship dynamic, him coming to repsect her, understand her feelings, admire her and be grateful to her; her coming to understand Sherlock, more as a person than as a superhero, take him off his pedestal and learn to be actual friends with a deeply faulty man is all sprinkled over their many scenes throughout episodes.

She gets him, helps him when no one else is there for him, is now not afraid of calling him out when he does something stupid. He on the other hand listens to her, gives value to her opinion (though doesn’t show it), also while showing some very subtle feelings. All those scenes over the whole series when seen in the context of TFP give a whole new meaning to Sherlock and Molly’s relationship. In fact it could be seen as a lot of foreshadowing for the I love you scene.

So all in all, with all of the above I have become a Sherlolly shipper. An obsessive one probably and of course what all I have said above is just a perception, a view point and could essentially just be happening in my head. But as Dumbledore says, maybe it could be real as well (at least for me). 

The second I love you was my undoing I suppose and so here I am writing this post and here it is..

The birth of another Sherlolly shipper. 

From this post of mine, I decide to make a long one. You can correct me if I’m wrong. 

Okay, so Viktor thought Yuuri was “the playboy” and he was “the woman” because Yuuri never gave him any signs after the banquet. And Yuuri thought Viktor was “the playboy” because Viktor showed up to his house out of the blue and gave the Eros program to him so he skated as “the woman” to seduce “the playboy” who was Viktor. (Yuuri always skated as “the woman” because he felt as if he was going to lose Viktor.)

People always said Yuuri was “the playboy” and Viktor was “the woman” but I don’t think Yuuri knew or Viktor ever told him that. In episode 11, the reason why Yuuri didn’t get high scores as he always did, I think it was because he already got Viktor who he always tried to seduce. And by that, it made him thinking about “the scores” instead of “being the woman” or “trying to seduce Viktor”.

But, that still not my favorite part of this theory yet. What I love most about “the playboy and the woman” theory is, if I don’t get this wrong, I think they thought they were “the woman” for the whole time even if the series show us that Yuuri was “the playboy” and Viktor thought “Yuuri was the playboy” to him.

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Six Steps ~ Chapter Three

A Byun Baekhyun Playboy & childhood friend AU

Requested by baekmuffin

Genre: Angst // Smut (later on)

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

Summary: (of this chapter) Okay. I love Sangmi too much so she appears in this chapter quite often. Also Baekhyun will be very…confusing this chapter. There’s a reason for that though ;)

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five}

“They have Sangmi.” he says.

“Because she could totally replace you as a teacher.”

“She’s a better one than me. Don’t leave yet, please.” he begs.

“What? Hurry, I can’t be late going back to work.”

“Thank you. I appreciate you a lot.” he says sincerely.

“Baekhyun?” you ask.

“Yes, my lady?”

“Do you love me?”

He pauses. “I think you already know the answer.”

You look into his eyes and see the answer. 

He does love you.

But something is holding him back.

You can see it. His struggle with his love for you and his other struggle. What is that other struggle? And why is he struggling with it?

“Hey…” he asks.

“Yes Baekhyun?” 

“I’ll see you at home. I…I have a class to teach.” he says awkwardly, turning around and walking away, leaving you there.

That’s it? He’s just going to leave you there? Why is he suddenly so…distant?

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Do you want to build a snowman? ~Carlos imagine

A/N:I’m so sorry guys, that I didn’t upload anything for a long time, but school is really hard for me now. Although I just started a school year a month ago they already are preparing us to final exams, because it’s my last year of junior high school. I really hope you would like it, send me your feedback! I try to write some ships this weekend, and hopefully, another chapter of ‘I’m wishing’ series! ^^

Request by anon: Hey there new blogger! I like what you write, but could you maybe write something for Carlos? Idk, a daughter of Anna, which means she’s a princess, but since she is also daughter of Kristoff, she knows what it’s like to have to work hard for what you want, unlike most of the others princesses. And then, when Carlos meets her he thinks she’s a brat, but later he stops hating her and love happens. If you can do it, thnx! If you don’t wanna, thank you as well! 😘😘😘  

Originally posted by bahtwoman

Shortly after Carlos arrived in Auradon with his friends, all the children from the royal families irritated him. They were always smiling, they wanted to talk about senseless things and stubbornly tried to make friends with them. All the girls dressed in pink dresses made him sick.

As time passed, when he realized that these people only wanted to help and didn’t have bad intentions, all of this stopped disturbing him. He understood that they were raised differently than he and that he wanted to be good. So when they gave up their plan of giving the wand to their parents, and Mal’s mother didn’t threaten the kingdom anymore, Carlos was almost friends with everyone. Except one person.

Among all the people who once irritated him, he still couldn’t stand one person. Princess [Y/N]. Worst, most smiling and most joyful of all the girls Carlos has had the pleasure to meet so far. There wasn’t a single day for this girl to stop smiling. And she never give up. She set herself the main goal of making friends with the children of the island, even if not all of them wanted to.

Carlos had no idea why the girl was so attached to his pack. Her family was known throughout the kingdom and the girl was proud of it. Her mother-princess Anna, red-haired heroine. Father, Prince Kristoff, who if he hadn’t married a princess, he wouldn’t have got that title and would continue to sell ice. And finally the most famous of the three, Queen Elsa. A solid but warm woman with the magical power that everyone were jealous of.

Carlos did everything he could to avoid the princess and it was getting easier when autumn came. On the outside was getting colder so he could stay with Jay in his room without any excuses. Sitting on his bed with a laptop on his lap, he tried to focus on his homework until someone knocked on the door and didn’t wait for an answer, went inside.

“Hi guys!” You greeted boys cheerfully, holding hands in pockets of your waistcoat. Carlos looked at you and rolled his eyes. You ignored his gesture and nervously walked up to the boys, knocking the heels of your boots with joy. “Ben and Chad are on the field and they decided to do extra training - I thought you might like to join us?”

Jay already wanted to answet when Carlos closed his laptop loudly. He quickly licked his lips and looked at your hair, braided in two braids. He laughed ironically, thinking about how much you wanted to be like your mother. “I’m surprised you can think of anything at all, but do it more often, because sometimes it’s good to wait until someone agrees to get you in.”

“Carlos” Jay hissed softly, glaring dangerously at his friend. The boy ignored his warnign and got up from his bed taking his dog to his hands, saying further. “And besides, no, thank you, I will not join you. What are you doing out there anyway? You’re just a messenger, or a good friend who’s been cheering on her friends? ”

Your cheeks were red, but you hoped the boy didn’t notice. You were accustomed to his boorish and annoying comments, but you still felt that if he wanted, he could have been more sympathetic. You just have to show him that you don’t have bad intentions.

“No, I play with them. Evie and Mal will join us in a moment, so I didn’t want you two to sit here alone.”

Carlos laughed briefly and sat down on the couch, turning on the TV. “I wouldn’t refuse to spend time with such a beautiful girl like you [Y/N]” Jay quickly took his jacket and moved his mouth, to gave you a sign that you don’t have to care about his friend is behaviour.

“Have fun! Watch your nails so you don’t have to paint them again later.” Carlos shouted at the end. Jay slammed the door loudly and gave you a shoulder so you could lean on him and you two together walked up the stairs. “I have no idea why he is so stubborn,” he said, improving his long hair. “But give him time. I’m sure he’ll change his mind about you soon.”

“Hopefully,” you answered, smiling gently. It was very harmful that even though you made no mistake, Carlos never changed his behavior. You were damned stubborn and wouldn’t let go until all the children from the island didn’t feel in Auradon like at home.

At lunch you quickly dressed up your scarf, fastened your vest buttons and held a box of chocolates in your hand. It wasn’t cold, but in spite of all, you shook in the wind looking for your friends. Somewhere in the middle of all the tables in the grass, you saw Mal, who waved at you with a hand in a purple glove. You quickly defeated the path that separated you, waving all the way to greet your other friends.

Carlos was watching you all the time and couldn’t refrain from malice. “The Queen in her natural environment, she couldn’t just sit elsewhere and not pay any attention to herself. It wasn’t you Mal that talked about how much you wouldn’t like to be in the company of any of the pretty pink princesses?” The freckled boy asked his friend, slightly tillting his head. Mal opened her mouth to answer him when she notice that you was standing behind him. Carlos turned his head and snorted. “Please remind me why we agree everyday to have lunch with you.”

You bite your lips tightly, pretending that his words didn’t hurt you. “Because,” you started talking, sitting carefully on the bench next to Carlos. “Except of you, nobody mind my company, and I always bring something sweet.”

You smiled sweetly and opened a plastic box full of chocolates. Evie, Mal and Jay immediately reached for sweets, accustomed to being able to take them without asking.

“Come on.” you said, rolling the box closer to Carlos, seeing his eyes shining for chocolate. “My aunt sent them recently from Arendelle. I specially asked for a little more than the last time.”

Carlos reached for one chocolate and held it for a long time in his fingers. “Great.” he said. “You don’t only make my life unhappy, but now you claim that I’m undernourished.”

He threw the chocolate back into the box and took his things off the bench. “For your mind princess, my mother may not have been a good parent, but she fed me well enough that I didn’t die of starvation, although not every one of us could eat sweets every day.”

He finished his sentence and went away, leaving all four of you stunned.

The next day you decided to stop. Give yourself a moment to try to make friends with Carlos. You decided that you would give him time and you would stop trying so hard to spend time with him, or maybe he would get accustomed to your presence among his friends. In the morning you only greeted him, and then you went to class with Evie. You sat together in a bench, still yawning. You leaned your head on the girl’s shoulder, listening to the teacher’s chatter when something catch your attention at the end of the lesson. You raised your head and whispered quietly to the girl. “Evie, look. Snow. It’s snowing.”

It was only a matter of time when all the students looked out the window and saw the light white flakes falling slowly to the ground. Everyone stood up from the benches and ran to the windows, looking at the first snow this year. Evie squeezed your hand “My first winter in Auradon, oh my god, I can’t wait.  Do you know how to ice skate [Y/N]?” she asked, pulling one of your braids behind your back.

“Of course!” You answered with a smile. “I know it sounds pathetic considering my family background, but I love winter, sleigh riding, ice skating, building snowmans and God, of course I love Christmas! I wonder if my mom knows that snow is falling here. I don’t know about the weather in Arendelle, but I hope it’s as beautiful as here. ”

Evie listened attentively until Carlos stood beside you, saying “Why it doesn’t surprise me?”

You turned to him and nearly hit your friend with your braids. “Excuse me?”

“Come on, go get your jacket, gloves and go do the igloo, or have fun with something else you’ve been doing all your life. You know how Evie and I spent the winter on the island? Worrying about whether we would be warm in home and how we would steal food. While you were running around the palace, riding down the railing of the stairs, we were worried if we would survive, but you have no idea about it, and you will never have. ”

You stood by the window stunned like never before, unable to believe what Carlos had just said. You were very happy that none of the students except your three didn’t listen to the conversation, because in every second your heart beat faster.

“Why are you always doing this?” you ask. “Why do you always think that everything I say to you is insulting or harmful? I never wanted to offend any of you and I would never do that. You’re right, I have no idea how it’s to live on the island, but I want you to know how it’s to living here.”

“And who are you to make our lives better, huh?” Carlos stood up against you. “You pretend to be holy and you want to be a big heroine, just because your mother went off to the top of the mountain with a village idiot to bring her crazy sister to the palace. Are you proud of your family? Your mom is a living failure, father- uneducated, ordinary salesman, and your aunt- let’s face it. She is just a witch, who should land on the island by law.”

Silnce reigned in the room. Nobody spoke a word. You knew everyone would surely hear what Carlos had just said. The school bell rang, so all of them nervously walked away from the windows, took their stuff, and began to leave the room. “What have you just said about my family?” You asked in shock. Tears flowed to your eyes. Carlos took his bag and left you alone with Evie under the window, shouting at you from the door “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear.”

You felt anger flowing in your veins. That was too much. You liked this boy, maybe you had a little crush on him, but now he definitely exaggerated. Furiously, you took your things fast and ran out of the classroom as Carlos walked slowly down the corridor. “I asked what you just said about my family?"You  yelled and pushed Carlos on the school lockers.

There was a bang and the boy looked at you confused. "Let’s explain something” you started dropping your bag to the ground. “Maybe my mother is a princess, but she hasn’t put her nose out of the palace for all her life. She lived imprisoned and didn’t know the world at all, and yet she went out alone to bring her sister home. ”

Carlos swallowed loudly as he watched as you approached him more and more. “My dad didn’t grow up in the royal family, but your mom didn’t too. He was raised away from the people, so he take any work, to make some cash. He was working really hard and despite that he never had enough money he never felt worse from anyone.”

You were now so close to the boy that you could freely count the freckles on his nose, but you continued talking. You have unleashed all your frustration and anger that you’ve been holding for weeks. “My aunt is not a witch, she is the queen, who was only twenty-one years old, unable to cope with the power that no one else knew. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, and certainly not her people and her loved ones.”

Carlos moved his hands nervously, clutching the lockers to which he was pressed. “Maybe they are not perfect” you countinued “But no one is. Instead, they taught me everything that is important in life, and I regret that your mother couldn’t show you what my family showed me. ”

You stepped back to the boy and you were glad to find that it was the first time he blushed with embarrassment. You had a great hope that you were the one who made him foolish by what he did. You took the first person at hand and walked down the corridor to your room.

It was almost lunch time when the snow covered the entire school yard. By lack of willingness and a lot of duties, you kindly asked the service to bring dinner to your room. You were sitting at your desk doing homework, occasionally looking at the picture in a frame on which Aunt Elsa kissed you on one cheek, and your mom on the other. If you could only now let them know how great you stood today in their defense, you would have already listened to how proud they are both. A knock on your door knocked you out of your thoughts. Confident that it was your meal you opened the door wide with a smile, not expecting to see Carlos there.

The boy stood in front of you, nervously licking his lips. He saw you in simple black t-shirt, gray tracksuit and dissolved hair. Without braids, waistcoats and boots with royal designs of Arendelle. He blushed and wasn’t able to tell if it was embarrassment or because he especially liked what you looked like.

He opened his mouth to say something when you closed the door to his nose. He was the last person you wanted to see in your room. “Come on [Y/N]!” Carlos moaned steadily. You stood on the other side of the door leaning back against your back, listening to what he had to say. “I just want to talk.”

“So let’s talk.” you said, crossing your arms to your chest. You heard a boy sigh on the other side and you could swear that he is improving his hair because of his frustration. “Look, I know I acted like an asshole. I have no excuse for what I did, or why I was doing it, I just … I don’t know I thought you were different.”

You continued listening, pressing your ear to the door, because the boy started spoking quietly. “So far I only consider you as a dissolved brat, but today you showed that you can fight like a real villain. Just give me another chance okay? I can go with you anywhere you want, eat with you any chocolate, just please open the door.”

You chucked softly, covering your mouth with your hand so Carlos wouldn’t hear you. You couldn’t believe that boy finally changed his mind. You held your hand on the doorknob, wondering if you could actually give him a chance until Carlos asked. “Damn, I can even go build a snowman with you!”

You immediately opened the door, staring at him with wide open eyes, smiling slightly. “Did you really say that?”

“It worked?” The boy asked smiling wide.

You wondered a moment, then quickly began to dress your boots, while binding the scarf with one hand. “Go for your jacket.”

“What?” Carlos asked confused.

“I told you to go for a jacket, and of course, for gloves. If we want to make a snowman, it’s probably not a best idea to do it with bare hands. ”

You closed the door from your room and hurried to the stairs, leaving Carlos alone in the corridor. You didn’t know that he had the biggest smile on his face, since a long time.

My North Star (pt 7)

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

A/N: I think I’m close to being done guys!? PLEASE give me feedback y’all! :D This is the third part I’m publishing this week, I’m proud of myself. ALSO as of midnight today, it is officially my birthday (02/16 yo girl is officially 21)~~ I’d like to thank everyone who has given me support for writing this series, especially since it’s my first! I guess this is my bday gift to you guys XD

Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k 

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And another guy tries to win your heart?

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 

I don’t have a masterlist. I’m sorry (not sorry) for my lazy ass XD

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addictedweek day 3: favorite book(s) | hothouse flower and long way down

So I pointed at the sun ascending in the horizon. Just as the darkened sky began to lighten. “Keep your eyes there.”

Her green ones flickered to me before following my finger. Her pulse picked up speed. “And what happens when it disappears?”

I would’ve loved to tell her that it never would. That no matter where we were the sun would always be present. But it wouldn’t have been true.

The only thing we could count on was that the sun would rise again.

“Wait for it to return,” I told her.

Was I Not Enough? Part Two

Summary: Y/N is an archangel, though unlike the others of her kind, she wasn’t created by God, but rather, his sister. So what happens when she falls in love with the Devil? What happens when he’s cast out of Heaven and trapped in the cage for eons? And what happens when he has a kid.. with someone else?

Pairing: Lucifer X Female Archangel!Reader

Warnings: None? Bad writing? Is it angst? Who really knows?

Words: 2.2K-ish

A/N: Really, all I want to do is read this series, so it sucks that I have to write it first. I couldn’t resist writing my baby Cas into this one!! Also, this is posted a little later than I would have liked seeing as I re-wrote 90% of this chapter.

Prologue | Part One

Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

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An ENFP Gone "Wrong”

I’ve noticed some general online frustration (and had a few conversations with various ENFPs that expressed annoyance) that there aren’t really any good examples of what happens when an ENFP “goes wrong” in film.

Psychotic ESFPs? Tons of them. ENFPs? Not so much.

So what does it LOOK LIKE when an ENFP is morally questionable?

I know there’s a ton of Closer fans on tumblr, so don’t get me wrong –  I love Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer. Love isn’t even a strong enough word. She is arguably one of the greatest TV characters since Columbo. She’s fabulous, but she is also a good example of what can happen when a FiTe decides to go “off the book” and “exact her own justice.”

Numerous times throughout the series, Brenda runs up against criminals that could get off on contingencies, or that she simply cannot PROVE did something truly heinous. Rapists, molesters, murderers, drug dealers. And, I can think of several instances where she decided to go outside the system and ensure the person was PUNISHED for their crimes, because she deemed it worthy of punishment, regardless of what the law said.

Two instances in particular stand out to me – in one, she chased a pedophile to Mexico, where she wasn’t allowed to arrest him, because he was outside of US jurisdiction. So what she did instead was got him to confess to his crime in front of the Mexican police – and because the underage girl he raped and murdered was from Mexico, they immediately arrested him (sickened at his crime, she took pleasure in telling him that Mexican prisons are much harder on criminals than State prisons – and when he begged her to take him back to the US, she refused, and left him to suffer).

In another, a man murdered several people at a gas station; the gas station was in “gang territory,” but “off bounds,” and he violated the rules. Since he had immunity for his crime (he was a witness against someone else, and the DA’s office “stupidly” offered him immunity), Brenda could do nothing about the murder – but she could drive him home, drop him off, and let the gang know about his actions, which made him a target. He wound up dead. In her mind, that was justice. He deserved to “pay for his crime,” and did.

In all these instances, her sense of moral indignation overruled what the law allows – and she didn’t care about the consequences nor the moral implications of her own actions because she saw it as “justice.” (Nor did she care about seeing them suffer for a long time; she wanted to ensure they never did it again - Te: stop them, forever.) Her Fi decided on a black and white moral code (what he did is unforgivable) and she used her Te to make it happen (in one instance, playing the Mexican criminal justice system, and in the other, ordering her subordinates to leave the man behind, ignoring their moral protests - she pulled rank on them, and forced them to commit a crime). If the law could not get them, she would let someone else do it – and in both instances, she ignored their appeals for her sympathy.

This could easily, in another ENFP character, become a villain, who is either controlling people, exacting their own form of justice, or committing morally dubious actions in order to fulfill their own sense of righteous rage – an EXFP villain is frightening, because their evil is often based in a sense of “I know what is right, and you do not, and I will PUNISH your sins” (see ESFP Daenarys in Game of Thrones as a good example; her form of “justice” is just as cruel and merciless as the slavers she replaced; she is in very great danger of becoming a tyrant).

Fi is an extremely black and white moral function; in a true villain, it can be totally immune to sympathy for its victims. Te has a habit, in any villain, of becoming a tyrannical force – of exacting their authority in such a way that it oppresses people, uses their power for nefarious ends, or is willing to sacrifice other humans either for a personal goal / gain or out of a warped sense of moral superiority and self-righteousness (bad Fi).

Unlike an ENTP villain, who wants to create chaos for its own sake “to see what might happen if I do this…” an ENFP villain will want to PUNISH – not to torture someone just to feed off their pain (that is bad Fe) but to make them pay for their sins. Te is often most interested in STOPPING something – and that may include enforcing their own moral code upon the masses (and punishing those severely who resist) or just … killing the problem.

Imagine, if you are an ENFP (or any other type, really) what kind of a villain you would be, if you acted on those enraged thoughts of moral indignation at the deeds committed in this world (someone should just kill that person… they should have every torture inflicted on them that they inflicted on that kid/animal…) – the moment of hearing about someone raping and murdering a little girl, and escaping justice. What lengths would you go to, and what would you DO about it, if you had no moral code of your own that prohibited murder and allowed your rage to fester? And what if you had the POWER to make anything happen that you wanted to make happen? Would your Te kick in and “enforce” your moral code on others… through violence?

In Ne/Te looping in particular, how would you stay “one step ahead” of the law and field off potential problems? Manipulate your way out of situations? Ensure you didn’t get caught?

There is your ENFP villain.

- ENFP Mod

laughterlinnes  asked:

Hello! Sorry to bother you with this but do you have any Flint/Silver fic recs?

drHey, don’t worry!! I love this types of questions!! Fair warning, all the fics are rated Explicit.

Okay, first I hope you don’t mind some shameless self-promote:

  • My only finished work so far is my Answers series, post-shark date AU where they never found the maroons (I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with Madi when I started writing nor what role they would play). It’s basically a PWP trilogy.

Now, onto my WIPs:

  • Just the shadow: My Modern AU where Flint and Silver have reincarnated. Stoic philosophy talks about Eternal Recurrence, where time is cyclical and events must happen again and again. Are Flint and Silver doomed repeat their tragic story? This is my baby fic. I’ve been working on it for over a year and I’m extremely proud of it, it still has a long way to go. Salmons are also a thing.
  • Enough series: A post s4 fix-it, which is basically a foursome. So far has two parts. It’s basically a mix of smut and angst.
  • For that devious dance: aka Fake Marriage AU, the Fake Matelotage AU this fandom needed but not necessarily the one it deserved. I’ll update soon.
  • I’ll also add soon a Greek Mythology AU where Silver is Hermes turned mortal as punishment.

Alright, now for the actual fic recs. First, a few WIPs:

  • Our pain is the same by Salatuh: Where do I begin. Do you want a writer that’s good at writing hot as fuck sex scenes but also incredible angst that goes along canon. This is the first part o a four part series. And I totally recommend her fic, because for God’s sake.
  • Be my End by brasspetal: Amazing Treasure Island AU where Flint is also on board to get the treasure. Ian’s prose is freaking fantastic.

Now, this is basically me going through the Silverflint tag in AO3 and telling you my favorites. Behind the cut because fuck this is long.

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Was I Not Enough? Part Four

Summary: Y/N is an archangel, though unlike the others of her kind, she wasn’t created by God, but rather, his sister. So what happens when she falls in love with the Devil? What happens when he’s cast out of Heaven and trapped in the cage for eons? And what happens when he has a kid.. with someone else?

Pairing: Lucifer X Female Archangel!Reader

Warnings: Implied abuse.

Words: 2.9K

A/N:  I just want you all to know that I’m writing this series as I go, posting each new part as soon as I finish writing without any proper editing, ‘cause i’m lazy like that. Also, I really appreciate any feedback and all the support I’ve been getting for this series, so thank you all so much! Enjoy, because we’re starting to get to the juicy bits!

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

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Full Masterlist

Harry Full Series: 

Watched  - Y/N and Harry’s relationship is put to the test when someone from Y/N’s past comes back. Will they be able to stay together or will they lose everything? (Completed)

A New Chapter - Companion series to Watched. Harry and Y/N’s new chapter of life being new parents. (Completed)

Daddy Harry: Two Friends. One Night. One Baby. Their story. (Completed)

Are We Friends or Are We More?: Practically forbidden to be together, two friends, who fall in love find a way to be together. (Almost completed/Hiatus)

Be With Me So Happily: After years of broken promises and hearts, two lovers find their way back to their heart’s owners, despite one of them already being in a relationship. (Completed)

Spaces: A complicated relationship turns into something more. (Hiatus)

Hey Angel: Harry Styles, member of the biggest band in the world and single father, meets Y/N, a local LA stylist, who is also a single mother. This is their story of falling in love and merging their broken families into one. (In Progress)

Harry Mini Series: 

Give Me Love -Two best friends in love, who struggle with their feelings and moving towards a relationship. (Completed)

Hello - Two former lovers say hello to a new relationship. Based on Hello by Adele. (Almost completed/Hiatus)

Happily Pregnant - Companion mini series based on my Be With Me So Happily  series. Harry and Y/N’s are ready to finally have a baby, this is their journey. (In progress)

Temporary Fix - Harry becomes Y/N’s temporary fix as she tries to move on after a painful breakup. (In Progress)

Other Series: 

Daddy Niall - What happens when Niall falls in love with a fan, only to find out she’s a single mother. (In Progress)

12 Days of Christmas 2015 - Christmas based One shots. (Completed)

New Preferences - Preferences based on songs/scenarios. Features all four boys. (In Progress)

Gif Imagines - Imagines based on certain gifs. Features all four boys. (In Progress)

Personals - Personals I have done in the past

Personal - another link for personals I’ve done. 

Also, if you believe I’ve missed a series or  link to something, please let me know! :) 

**Key to what the following means:

        Completed - Finished story. I will not be updating it again. The story either ran it’s course or I could not longer come up with suitable ideas for it. 

        Hiatus- (Insert Robot Harry Hiatus gif) This simply means, that I have run out of ideas, but plan on picking up the story at some point soon. This also could mean a possibly monthly update as I get more ideas for one, but no weekly post. 

       Almost Completed/Hiatus- Means that this story is currently in hiatus until I figure out a proper ending to complete the story. Once that happens, the story will officially move into Completed. 

     (In Progress) - Means the story is still being updated on a weekly-biweekly schedule. I plan on coming up with a posting schedule soon, so everyone will know what story or specific updates will be. 

All the links are posted above. I’m still working on getting every single link at the  Daddy Harry master list and Preference master list!