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Preference #226 Baths
  • Liam: Liam was typing rapidly on his phone, looking very focused at whatever he was doing. You smiled softly to yourself as you saw his tongue poke out a bit, concentrating. You flipped the page in your magazine as you spoke, “Babe, what’re you doing?” Liam raised his eyebrows towards you, you clearly taking him out of his trance, “Hmmm?” You chuckled softly, “I asked what are you doing?” “Oh, Niall challenged me to an online game of uno. He is apparently jet lagged as well.” You laughed, nodding. “I see. Wanna turn the water off?” You asked, noticing the tub around you was getting full. You had missed your weekly relaxing time with Liam. You were both so busy, weather you were with him on tour, like you had been for the last week, or doing your own thing, it was a nice time that you two made time for whenever you could. You usually just sat together, doing your own thing, but it was still nice to sit and relax with him. “Your legs are stubbly.” He said grinning, running his hand up and down your shin. “Go for it. I’m too lazy to shave.” You said, flipping another page in your magazine as Liam pulled your leg above the water, putting some of his own shaving cream on it and going to work. “Don’t cut me, Payne.” You said, eyeing him. He gasped dramatically, “I would never.” He winked.
  • Louis: “Louis?” You called for the third time, walking around your too large hotel room. “Louis? Your sister sent me up here, and I’m going to be pretty pissed if you’re not here cause I’m almost sure they were bringing out a cake.” You grumbled, referring to your dinner with some of the other girls that were on tour that was interrupted by Lottie insisting you head up stairs, by orders of Louis. “Louis Tomlin-” You were ready to shout but paused by the bathroom door, seeing the rose petals leading into it. You laughed lightly, shaking your head and following them, not surprised to find Louis in the bath already, a silver tray of room service sitting on the floor next to the tub. “You forget about our little tradition?” he asked, playing with some of the bubbles that surrounded him. You shook your head, peeling off your top. “You usually do it the first night, thought you forgot.” “We were busy last night.” Louis said smiling slyly. You weren’t sure what tour it started on, but when you came to visit you guys took a nice bath together and got a cheeseburger and fries to split while catching up a bit in person in the tub. “Fries are good. I stole one cause you took your sweet time getting up here.” Louis said, grabbing your hand as he helped you step into the tub. “I wanted some cake.” You shrugged. “Got a piece for you.” he said, gesturing to the tray as you grinned.
  • Zayn: You jumped slightly, feeling Zayns stubble on your cheek all the sudden as he leaned over the back of the couch to be near your ear. You paused your movie, backing up so you could look at him. He gave you a closed lip grin. “Hi.” he sang. You laughed, “Hello, how can I help you?” He grinned again. “Are you in a good mood?” You raise an eyebrow, nodding, “I would say so, yes.” Zayn nodded, taking this information into account. “Brilliant. And you know I love you very much and usually am just trying to do something nice for you?” You nodded slowly. “Fabulous. Then you can’t be angry that the bathroom may or may not have been taken over by water and bubbles.” You widened your eyes, knowing Zayn had just gotten the floor in there re-done, but you looked more bothered by it than him. You couldn’t help but laugh, “What did you do Malik?” He grimaced, “Well the cap on your bubble bath says only two caps of the stuff, but I went a little overboard and put maybe 10, cause I wanted it really bubbly-” “Jesus, Zayn.” “And also after that I was on my phone waiting for it to fill up and surprise my girlfriend with a nice romantic bath and fell asleep for 20 minutes.” “C’mon, I’ll go help you clean it up.” You said, pushing yourself up. He latched onto your hand, “After can you actually draw one like a normal person? Cause it does sound nice.” You laughed, nodding.
  • Niall: “Okay no, we don’t pull on Daddy’s shirt. That’s not nice.” You glanced at Niall, leaning over the side of the tub as your son had a death grip on his collar. Your son laughed and splashed around after Niall pulled him off, but went back for it a second later. “Alright then.” Niall muttered, pulling his shirt off entirely. He tossed it behind him, it landing at your feet. You put your next folded towel into the pile, picking up his shirt and tossing it across the hall into your bedroom. You glanced at your daughter as she silently drew on the tub walls with the crayons you gave her. She was currently working on spelling Niall’s name below her family portrait. “One more ‘L’ princess.” Niall said, glancing at it as you grinned. “How is bath time going, Horan?” You asked, beginning to fold a washcloth. Usually you were wrangling the kids for their bath while Niall folded the towels, but he wanted to stay a stab at it. “It is going just great Mommy! Me princess is drawing, my Prince is trying to strip me, and my wife is back there giggling her ass off.” Niall said, turning his head around to grin at you. you scrunched up your face as your daughter quipped up a “Language.” “Yeah, I know.” Niall said, staring to soap your sons head slowly. “Mom’s taking a bath next.” Niall said quietly as you snorted.
  • Harry: “I don’t want to call you helpless, but…” You trailed off, teasing Harry as you helped him sit up. “No I that think that would be an okay word.” He said, voice muffled by the blanket his was currently wrapped in, and the fact he has a killer flu. “I think I’m dying.” He said for what was probably the hundredth time that day, “Hmmm, sure you are babe. You can take more medicine in an hour, but let’s go, that bath is only going to get colder.” You said, grabbing his hand and half dragging him to the bathroom. “Should wash your hands, I‘m, sick.” He said, dropping the blanket off his shoulders and shivering almost immediately. You frowned, “I am probably going to get it anyways.” You shrugged, “That’s not the right attitude to have.” He said, slowly peeling off his shirt. “You can take care of me then.” You said grinning. “Will you come in with me?” Harry asked, pouting as he stepped in the tub. You nodded, “I’m going to go grab us some clean clothes and make some tea and then I’ll be back in. Need anything else?” Harry shook his head, pursing his lips. “God you’re a baby.” You said laughing as you leaned over, pecking his lips. “I’m really shit at making chicken soup so your sickness with not be nearly as painless as mine.” he said, rubbing a warm wet had on your arm. “I’ll live.” You droned.
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