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weigh in! 4/9/17

HW: 220 lbs
CW: 168.6 lbs
lost this week: 5 lbs
total lost: 51.4 lbs

starting BMI: 33.1
current BMI: 28.9

waist (narrow): 34 inches { -1 in. from last week}
waist (widest): 40.5 inches { -1 in.}
hips: 45 inches { -1 in.}
thigh: 26.5 inches { -1 in.}
bicep: 14.5 inches { +0.5 in.}

body fat % at HW: 56.9%
body fat percentage: 41%

soooooo as of today’s weigh in I LOST 50 POUNDS!!!!!!! i finally hit that mark!! im so excited and never in my life thought i would ever step on a scale and see myself in the 160′s. im in complete shock and kept re-weighing myself bc i really thought the scale had to be wrong. and for a NSV — i have this pair of nike shorts that i bought my freshman year of high school and they never fit me. i was only able to wear these shorts as pajamas and yesterday i wore them for the first time since last summer and was about to cry of happiness because they were too big! this has just been a great week and i can’t wait to make next week better!

This is about a year difference, slowly but surely y'all 💪🏻 I started doing Pilates and trying to stay away from fast food/processed foods as much as possible. This is the first time I actually did a side by side comparison and i can’t believe I can actually…. See a difference? I’m really proud of myself

Kind of embarrassed to share this since its nowhere near the Adonis-level perfection of fitblr, but I’m actually starting to see visible changes to my body other than losing some weight and slimming down a little. Its exciting and I’m feeling really proud.

i wish there were more fitness blogs that didn’t only post skinny girls :( i love seeing beautiful women but sometimes i just want motivation from my thick ladies like me


Bad gal Rihanna’s new video for Work was everything that we needed, especially part one, which took us back to the dancehall videos of the early 2000s (which were mostly directed by Toronto based filmmaker, Director X, who directed part one).  In light of Rihanna’s celebration of Caribbean culture, we want to introduce–and remind you of some classic and current dancehall and soca artists you can add to your playlists.


Spice is probably one of our first introductions to feminism, when we think about it.  When we first saw her video for Fight Ova Man almost a decade ago we would have never imagined for her to reach such international success.  Being, “born inna Chanel and christen inna Gucci,” you may recognize her voice from her crossover hit with Vybz Kartel, Romping Shop which used Ne-Yo’s Miss Independent instrumental.  Never one to shy from telling a woman when and where she’ll take their man, Spice’s use of  unorthodox dancehall riddims keep her fresh and a favorite of ours.


The self professed Queen of Bacchanal, like clockwork Destra comes out with new, infectious soca every Carnival season.  If you’ve ever been to Trinidad for Carnival, or New York for the West Indian Day Parade, Toronto for Caribana, you get the rest, you’ve no doubt heard her song, It’s Carnival. Initially getting her start with Roy Cape All Stars (ask your aunties who they are if you all are Caribbean), Destra’s music has always been about enjoying the vibe, owning your sexuality, and never allowing a man to dim your shine.


As the band leader of Trinidadian collective SASS! and a powerhouse vocalist, Nadia Batson was a songwriter and background singer before making her debut with 2007′s Caribbean Girl.  SASS is Trinidad and Tobago’s only established all female soca band, which can be a nod to Beyoncé’s live band, The Sugar Mamas.  Nadia’s Instagram profile also notes her weight loss journey, just in case you needed motivation to get your body right (by your own standards!).


A young woman gone entirely too soon, J Capri’s time spent in dancehall provided us with catchy hooks and visuals like this for Reverse It.  We only wish she were still here to give us more music, but we’ll bounce and jiggle to what she’s left us with.  Rest well, angel.


Citing Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin as early influences, Tifa has made waves in the global dancehall community as being the first female dancehall artist to perform in the Czech Republic (!!!).  Having also worked with other artists like Timberlee and Natalie Storm, Tifa’s work ethic is just as strong as her punchy lyrics.


As a German proverb says ‘one shouldn’t praise the day before the evening’, so I probably shouldn’t make this post but I had such a good day and it’s not even 1pm. The doctor i met today was really nice and I felt comfortable around him, I finally got an appointment for my Lenny tattoo and it doesn’t cost as much as I feared it would, treated myself by buying a new Agatha Christie book and some nice pencils, everyone in the stores was really polite and I didn’t even panic when they asked if I need help because I was in such a good mood, and lost like 2kg and my outfit today is really cute?

Why am I posting a picture in a bathing suit while in a dressing room? Because I legit felt completely comfortable and cute which I can’t say is something I’ve felt before. I am super proud of myself and how far I’ve come with self acceptance and my weight loss 👍🏼

Also sorry this is not an amazing picture but lol who cares


Every Tuesday at transmasculineselfielove and nbselfielove is reserved for celebrating body size diversity and talking about fatphobia in our communities.

If you’d like to share a selfie, submit it or tag it with #transfattuesdays!  

Please remember that these blogs prioritize POC, indigenous, disabled, and other marginalized people.  Also, weight loss talk is never welcome on these blogs. 

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces!

Hey boys!

Wanna know how to win your girl’s love after she was tortured under a mountain just for you even when she was mortal? Just follow these simple steps!!

1. Ignore all of her PTSD symptoms. This also includes her extreme weight loss and her nightly vomiting due to nightmares reliving how she saved you and your entire species.
2. Completely ignore the fact that she stopped painting due to said PTSD symptoms. IGNORE IT. Even when YOU KNOW that was her passion. Even when you know she can’t even look at the colour red anymore without triggering said PTSD symptoms. Yes red, one of the colours she uses in painting. Definitely ignore that.
3. Get her sisters kidnapped. Yes, the ones she worked so hard to keep alive and suffered so much for.
4. Not only that, make sure said sisters are shoved into a giant pot and transformed into a creature they despise. This will definitely win your girl’s approval
5. Actually insist your girl is being brainwashed by the guy she so willingly left you for so that she breaks her sacred bond with said guy. You know, the bond that runs deeper than marriage? Yeah f that amirite

That’s right boys! By following these 5 simple steps, your girl will be so madly in love with you she’ll continue wearing fluffy dresses and planning your parties!

((I hope everyone can sense my obvious sarcasm in this post. DO NOT take this seriously in the least.))

So dear Tamlin,

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Okay, the last two days I have splurged with food because sometimes consistency takes a back seat because hello human! 😂

Anyways back on track today—

I am dressed and ready to leave my friends house and sadly the only thing they own for a breakfast related item is a box of cliff bars. But a chocolate chip bar is not really want I’m craving this morning. Lol

Luckily I have grits or some fruit at the office so I just need to make the commute first.

Hopefully I don’t have hungry road rage 😂😂

DAY 6: 


Absolutely over the moon that I have lost another chunk of weight! I have lost 6.2lbs in just under a week 🙌🏼👏🏼💪🏼 

 So that’s 12.8lbs I have lost all together! Nearly a stone😁 

 I have written a Beginner Guide to Weight loss

 This is includes different things that I have learnt from my weight loss journey and how to hopefully keep the weight off this time. 

I have also written Weight Loss Tips. This includes lots of tips as well as different ways that help me lose weight.

I have struggled with obesity my entire life. My first word as a baby (not a joke) was “Dorito”. I loved food, but what really made me lose control was not what I loved but actually what I didn’t love.

By the time I was 31 years old, I had become completely complacent: at a plateau professionally, my marriage had completely deteriorated to the point that my wife walked out on me 2 weeks to the day before my firstborn’s first Christmas. I was pre-hypertension, pre-diabetic, pre-every bad thing. But I was also post-caring.

My weight loss journey didn’t start with an epiphany of grand scale. It just started off with the smallest of questions that I’ll ask you today:


Most of us don’t struggle to love our kids or our significant others or family. We give to them freely and neglect ourselves thinking it more virtuous.

The single best thing I ever did to teach my daughters to love and respect themselves was to love and respect myself. Being a father means having a constant audience to witness your failures and successes. Being perfect isn’t the standard; what truly matters is the example of how you respond to failure, challenge and success. You were born to rise!

Do you teach your kids and the people around you that the fight isn’t over as long as you get up?

Is your life a story that demonstrates your values and passions?

Whether or not you care to admit it, you are the one holding the pen in your self live story. Maybe your parents picked the stage it is set on and some of the supporting cast, but you are the writer, the director and the actor.

Make your story one that makes the ones you love know they can write theirs too.

Pop's Adventures in ADHD Medication

Since I loved having personal accounts of people’s reactions to meds to read, I thought I might join in and share my experience thus far.

It’s only been a day, but still. Maybe I’ll do an update in a week.

*Wow that effect was immediate. If there’s one way I can describe how I felt about thirty minutes after taking the medication, I would say it was like hyperfocusing but being able to switch to something else and also focus on that. I’m sure some of you are saying, “That’s how it is for people without ADHD” to which I will loudly reply, “SO THIS IS WHAT BEING YOU IS LIKE?! HOW HAVE WE NOT COLONIZED MARS YET?? THIS IS INSANE. HOW DO YOU HANDLE BEING THIS PRODUCTIVE ALL THE TIME?” It was awesome. I got through most of my work in record time.

*My anxiety is surprsingly low. You don’t really realize how much your ADHD wonkiness effects you until it’s suddenly not there for a little bit. I’m usually worried and anxious beyond belief because there’s always so many things to do, and I can’t keep up. My brain keeps going and going, telling me to do this and do that and do, well, everything at once! It’s awful, I tell you.

But since going on the medication this morning, I’ve noticed a huge difference. I’m okay with just doing one thing at a time without worrying that I’m not doing something else. I can *focus*, and it’s doing absolute wonders for my stress levels.

*One downside I do gotta point out: it fades fast. I took the medication at about 7am this morning, and it’s now close to 12pm and I can feel the difference. The medication is meant to be fast acting, but it doesn’t last long. Make sure to keep that in mind when figuring out your schedule!

*Oh and one more downside: your appetite will be fucked. The medication I’m on is an amphetamine, which is also used in weight loss medication. I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon, and I haven’t felt anything in my tummy yet. This medication definitely stays true to its word about your appetite, so make sure to stay safe and eat normally.

Aaaaaand that’s about all I got for now.