also weight loss

im back from my body exam i dropped 5 pounds since last time i weighted myself, im getting tested for stis with full confidentiality of the results and (if necessary) treatment and medication, my doctor offered me extra support if i needed it and she says if i decide to take the anxiety medication that she’s willing to track it for me

HEADCANON TIME !!! prompto lost a lot of weight between middle school and high school ( while having a little fledgling crush on noctis that went away quick enough ), so unlike in the anime where it basically shows prompto to have a perfectly clear body, i headcanon that prom has stretch marks on his stomach, sides and inner thighs. the ones on his stomach are a lot less obvious than the ones on his inner thighs, but they make him uncomfortable to remove clothing in front of people all the same. it’s not really something he talks about with others either ( i mean as far as he knows nobody else has been through what he’s been through ) and so, while he won’t mention it, if there’s a chance of clothes being removed around someone else then he’ll either find a spot to do it alone or very openly hesitate and turn away from said person.

Hey all my studyblrs out there, please read (and reblog) this post to help raise awareness about dysphagia!!

Did you know that around one million Australians have a swallowing difficulty? Swallowing problems can occur at any stage of life. However, the knowledge of dysphagia and its implications remain largely unknown for most Australians.

Swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) is caused by any difficulty in sucking, swallowing, drinking, chewing, eating, controlling saliva, taking medication, or protecting the lungs from food and drink ‘going down the wrong way’.

Often, the first signs of a swallowing problem are coughing, gagging, or choking when eating and drinking.

Swallowing difficulties can result in food, drink, or saliva making its way into the lungs, which can cause lung infections (pneumonia). Swallowing difficulties also result in weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, and a reduced quality of life.

Swallowing Awareness Day 2017 is an opportunity to bring attention to swallowing disorders and to connect people with speech pathologists, the professionals who can help.


Here’s my 20-21 week progress with being PT’d by @CS__Fitness!! I keep thinking there’s some illusion, but other than the house move the mirror and stance etc are all the same.

I’m also sharing my weight loss graph from the SW website—I started Slimming World when I was 191.5lbs (I originally started at 193.5lbs)—So you can see my progress on weight loss/gain. I’m constantly seeing progress in pictures than, of course, the scales. So I urge anyone who’s trying to lose weight to concentrate on your body and not the number on the scales (although it does help sometimes).

This is super ableist…. First of all Iggy is shit but saying she has down syndrome as a way to insult her? That’s disgusting. Down syndrome isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t an insult, and Madeline Stuart (the girl in the first three photos) is an amazing girl, and a great role model. Turning her success, (especially when I’m sure it’s not easy for a girl with down syndrome to become a model) into an ableist joke…. ugh….


More comparative photos, today and mid last year. As you can see from some of the comparisons, my weight has fluctuated a lot over the past couple years. This is now the smallest I’ve been since high-school though, and looking forward to reaching my weight loss goal in (hopefully) a month or two!

I am home from college for winter break and I originally thought eating healthy while here was going to be hard. But my mom is also on a weight loss journey (12 lb down, so proud of her) so I think we are going to be just fine.

Like we went out to dinner tonight and we discussing meal choices and such. It is nice being with someone in the same mindset.