also we're not talking about perspective


Last night I spent a chunk of time talking about the Outers’ perspective on all this (as I see, at least) and that while I think their methods are crap, I don’t think their objective with all this is unreasonable. (See also here, here, and here.) The point of course being that really the Outers are just shitty at diplomacy, and I love that this is exactly what Usagi calls out. That the Outers only want the (potentially very dangerous) Starlights to keep the fuck back until they get answers is a smart call, but Usagi is completely right when she says OKAY BUT HOW ABOUT WE ACTUALLY TALK TO GET THOSE ANSWERS INSTEAD OF THREATENING TO BASH EACH OTHER’S FACES IN.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m so taken by how PISSED Usagi is in this scene. This is a side of her that we just don’t get to see very often, and I love that her frustration has built to this point. There are so any little glimpses throughout Stars of Usagi growing and adjusting and trying to figure out how she and her values can fit into this world. That Usagi struggles sometimes only makes her victories mean that much more.

She was FURIOUS with Nehellenia, but found it in herself to respond with compassion.

She didn’t want Mamoru to leave, but made the hard decision anyway to let him go. Then all of her ways since of dealing with the lack of contact. While I personally feel she’s going about it the wrong way, by denying herself and her emotions (which is the exact opposite thing Usagi should do), I think it’s important for her to be exploring those avenues, even if she comes to the conclusion that they aren’t for her.

Her acceptance in the softball episode (again sadly I can’t link, TUMBLR I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU) where she admits that maybe she CAN’T always catch the ball and save the day, but that she’ll always always try.

And this. The Outers represent the cold hard reality. They aren’t wrong. That’s what I love about the function of the Outer Senshi. Their methods may be questionable, but what drives those actions isn’t unreasonable. However it’s in stark contrast to the solutions Usagi so desperately wants.

It’s in that conflict that Usagi and the Inners’ ideals are truly tested. It’s one thing to hope for a happy ending when the happy endings are always there waiting for you at the end of the story. It’s another thing entirely to have to believe in that happy ending so much, no matter what, no matter who challenges it, that you won’t ever stop fighting to make it happen.

It means so much to me that Usagi is being truly tested this season, that she’s being frayed and worn down. But that even as she has to shift and adjust and learn and, yes, grow up a little, still she refuses to give up.