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intjchangeable  asked:

For the ship and prompt thing: Marichat and for the prompt.... what do they talk about in their few encounters? (Since we're getting more in season 2)


  • they talk about EVERYTHING
  • literally
  • so a lot of times it’s homework related cuz chat is a physics nerd and he’s good at the math-y science stuff that marinette doesn’t really get
  • in turn, mari’s super good at the humanities stuff. chat doesn’t read between the lines well. she shows him the symbolism and foreshadowing and he just gawks at her
  • “…what?”
  • “how do you do that?!” 
  • mari also highkey likes to talk about their friends. chat finds it hilarious because he gets this whole perspective on their mutual friends
  • mari also tells him all the gossip that the oblivious cat son misses out on
  • when they talk about their futures, chat tends to go quiet. he’s not really sure where he wants to go, because he doesn’t think modeling is for him. he super supports her vision as a designer though
  • they talk about animals
  • chat gets out of her that she’s secretly a cat person
  • “does the princess looooove me?”
  • “no, she thinks you’re ridiculous and need to stop™”
  • mari likes to bring him cookies because he literally acts like an affectionate cat when fed
  • also she can sing really well. like, really well. and chat loves her voice and tries to get her to sing every single time he drops in
  • speaking of dropping in
  • he breaks her stuff far too often and it gets on her nerves
  • “you can fight supervillains but you can’t control yourself around a potted plant?!”
  • they’re just really pure and wonderful and romantic or not they have such a good dynamic kajsfhksjahasfkjhas