also we were the only ones laughing

Thank you Jon.

@roysyesterdayjam Is magic, and let me tell you why.

Me and my mother had a falling out. I had been depressed and it got worse with every one of our fights. My dad was no help, either, only siding with whichever argument benefitted him.

One day, I decided to “rebel.” Instead of letting them binge watch another show on netflix, I snagged our ps3 remote and put on YouTube and ALL of on the spot.

By time we got to the new-er seasons of OTS with the new set, me and my mom were already in tears laughing, my dad was laughing, and it was just all around an amazing, happy, memorable moment.

To this day, every Saturday that On The Spot gets posted to youtube, we watch it together. We also got into other rooster teeth shows, like Ten (and soon to be 11) Little Roosters, Camp Camp (we have matching message tones for each other of Neil yelling “You shut your whore mouth Harrison) and Social Disorder, along with tons of the one-off shorts and Achievement Hunter shows like Play Pals, any Genital Jousting episode, even the GTA Heists!

But it all started, with Jon Motherfuckin’ Risinger.

So thank you Jon. Thank you for OTS. Thank you for being yourself. Thank you for existing.

Finger tips (My first G/T short story. Please tell me what you think of it, it helps a lot)

“Can I… touch your hands, please? Just look at them?”

“Wh-what…?” The borrower raised a brow, giving a confused expression at the human girl he now only knew for three weeks now.

This human had been so patient with him… and also was the only human he ever befriended. Just a few weeks ago, he thought these giants were monsters, there was no way he could be friends with one! But here we are… and of course, even now, he was still very intimidated by her presence.

“W-why would you want to touch my hands?…” He said, almost with a nervous laugh.

“Well… wouldn’t you be fascinated if you met someone smaller than your own hand? It’s not every day I get to see someone like you so closely…” she tried to explain. Besides, she wanted to get a good look at him ever since she saw the borrower, but she feared to scare him off with her curiosity… Now that they were a little more used to each other, it wouldn’t be too rude to ask… right?

Sam blinked. So the girl’s request was really nothing but curiosity? He was a little surprised, although it made sense: it’s not everyday he gets to see one of these scary giants so closely, without having to fear them.

“Hah… uh, alright then. When it’s asked so politely…” And with a subtle blush on his face, he raised his hand, reaching out for her.

He had to fight the instinct of flinching away when she approahed her own massize hand, about three times the borrower’s entire size, slowly taking most of Sam’s view. Instead, he tried to look away. Maybe it’d be less scary if he didn’t focus on it?

And he then felt it.
A big finger tip pressing into his wide-open hand, sending a shiver down his spine. It was… rubbing his palm? It almost felt comfortable a moment… But then, he felt another one! A warm soft surface now pressing the back of his hand, his fingers… The human was carefully holding his hand between two fingers… the pressure wasn’t bad at all… very light, in fact. She really didn’t want to crush his tiny hand.
And oh… She was toying with it, so carefully and curiously… Sam could feel her digits stroking the inside and back of his hand.

He dared it, he dared to look at her, and… yup, like he thought, a giant thumb and index, gently holding and feeling his hand.

The fact that he was looking at her caught her attention, and for a moment… they were both just staring at each other in the eyes, trying to read each other….
Until, Sam gave an awkward and uncomfortable smile. The human took it as a sign that it was time to stop, as he didn’t look extremely happy, and she didn’t want to scare him off, not after all these efforts to gain his trust..

“Oh, uh… You know what? Maybe it was a little too weird to ask this now, sorry Sam… L-let’s just try that another time.”

“Oh- no! It’s alright!” He paused, surprised by his own reply, and cleared his throat. “I mean… it’s not as bad as I… imagined. I don’t mind a little longer.”


Sexy Zone 5th anniversary special: A message to the members


Dear Shori:
Even though we are only one year apart, I’ve seen the mature and cool Shori as my own rival at first. You didn’t talk a lot as well and I didn’t know what you were thinking, so I’ve been really annoyed (laughing). However, when I was suffering you told me „It’s too much to embrace this alone. First of all, find a person you can trust in“. I didn’t have anyone I could trust, so you saved me. Now you are the person I trust in the most.

Dear Kenty:
I feel cured just by being together with Kenty, he has a mama presence (laughing). To be honest about my early stages, you took care of me well ever since I was a junior. I am from Shizuoka so when I went to work, you were always worried and accompanied me back to Tokyo station. You were the first person in Johnny’s who made me feel comfortable being myself. Nowadays I am busy and cannot meet up that much but we promised to go to Korea together.

Dear Fuma-kun:
Fuma-kun was a person who quickly figured out my natural character. In variety shows you always help me out. Even when me and Mari had a hard time during a concert, you supported us and you continued mentioning our names, for that I am really thankful. Thanks to Fuma-kun speaking up during that time we had the courage to say the words that we wanted to say. You’re the best big brother!

Dear Mari:
In the past you were a crybaby but in those five years you became stronger mentally. During the time that I felt pressured I said something like „I have to work harder or I won’t be able to catch up with the three other people in our group“ and Marius replied „It’s okay as long as Sou-chan is being just Sou-chan“, even until now I still didn’t forget that. My heart felt lighter with those words. Me and Mari have always been partners. Even if we fight sometimes (laughing), I would like us to continue growing together.


Dear Kento-kun:
Recently I am grateful for Kento-kun’s great efforts again. You appeared by yourself in various tv programmes, showing your best, and spreading our group’s name while maintaining your unique loveholic speech. When it comes to my own abilities during a concert, I definitely cannot reach Kento-kun’s level (laughing). That’s why I want to thank you for taking the initiative and presenting the role of someone who is attracting other people and taking care of us.

Dear Fuma-kun:
Until now the two of us have talked several times with each other. About my favourite times at work or things about the group. I feel like Fuma-kun is always thinking about Sexy Zone first and you are a person who can make important decisions quickly and accurately. Because you’re quick-thinking, when we have a meeting and Fuma-kun is there, I think that our talks go by quickly and efficiently. I’m saved!

Dear Marius:
It looks like Marius’ opportunities in the future will increase and I appreciate that. I would like to work overseas as well, so during that time, I will depend on Marius’ language skills. I would also like you to establish a diplomatic position in the group. Personally, we both like Broadway, so I would like to do something like that with you. A sexy production like „Chicago“ (t/n: the musical) would be interesting!

Dear Sou:
When you were troubled with work, I told you „Find a person you can trust in“. In reality, I wanted to tell you „trust in me“ but I was embarrassed. Without thinking positively you can’t go forward and show us your true strength. I told you each one of us has to present the „significance of five people“ and improve, so thank you for trusting in my words.


Dear Shori:
Shori has become tough in the past five year. Especially „Johnny’s World“ must have been a huge experience for you. During that time our density has been really strong so when I caught a cold, Shori was working even harder and kindly left me in silence. I have also seen many painful sides of Shori but we have been able to get over extreme situations because it was the two of us together. I really appreciate that!

Dear Kikuchi:
Kikuchi and me are representing the „destined pairing“ but I am honestly happy about any loving words. We also had a gloomy period of being rivals but I came to realise that if there is no opponent who works hard, my engine won’t start, so I was happy that Kikuchi was my opponent. Actually the hot part about Kikuchi is his respect for others. This year you came to my solo concert and for the first time I truly felt your love.

Dear Marius:
From a small angel you became a big angel in the past five years. Honestly, I hated the weak Marius from the past, the way you were going this way and that at work, I felt itchy and thought that you should be more serious about what you are doing. But doing it your own way, you can now properly declare your intentions. You have really grown. That picture that we have taken together on a Ferris wheel about two years ago, I still have that!

Dear Macchan:

Macchan always makes everyone’s mood lighten up and makes the whole group feel relaxed. I have been saved by you many times because if you weren’t here Sexy Zone might have fallen apart. To me you’re like a marshmallow♡ (laughing). Also because of the past five years, you are able to tell your own opinion. Now you can talk about work, you can discuss with others and you’re a reliable person.


Dear Shori:
Shori is the middle of our group when it comes to age, he’s like a bridge between me and Nakajima, and also Matsushima and Marius. Between me and Nakajima I think there have been things that you were struggling with or that were bothering you. I feel like you often had to just follow us along. From now on, without creating any strange atmosphere, I want you to have a natural stance. You don’t have to feel like you are stuck in the middle.

Dear Nakajima:
Nakajima is someone who has always stayed with me through happy and sad times ever since we were little. Somehow we understand each other’s feelings and you saved me there. Even when we don’t speak, somehow our performances match each other. But in the future if we discuss more, we could be able to do even better things and I feel like as a group we could go in a good direction.

Dear Marius:
Marius has always been a caring child. When I’m looking around at my surroundings he’s already reading the situation. Well that’s okay as long as he gets it right (laughing), I feel like he’s everyone’s younger sister who’s trying to make the best out of a situation. In the past I used to tease him often and make him cry, but lately he doesn’t cry at all~ From now on, I think I would like to make English songs with Sexy Zone so I want Marius to sing a lot in them.

Dear Matsushima:
Matsushima is shy about his dancing even though he works hard with all his might. However, maybe you need a little bit more power in your shoulders. In this world, there are times when efforts aren’t rewarded, right? At such times, Matsushima is easily damaged. I think everyone should support Matsushima’s earnest side because it even motivates me. Because you have those strengths don’t give your enthusiastic self up.


Dear Shori-kun:
Shori-kun’s face is so tiny and pretty… I’ll feel a little ashamed when I stand next to you (laughing). When it comes to working with you together, there haven’t been that many opportunities in the past. Now that we are slowly becoming adults, I feel more a sense of distance between us. Shori-kun has grown so much in the past five years and you also became good at writing song lyrics. I wish I could write something together with you one day.

Dear Kento-kun:
You are like my older brother who teaches me dancing since a long time ago and who helps me when I make mistakes in Japanese. I think I was able to grow just by being by your side. Because I was always able to tell Kento-kun my true intentions, my image about you didn’t change. That is something I really admire about you. That Kento-kun, if there is something that makes you worry in the future, I would like you to come and talk to me about it.

Dear Fuma-kun:
You have always been my favourite older brother but after having co-acted with you in „Dream Boys“, I like you even more than before! Because the relationship of our roles was also close, I felt more and more attracted to you (laughing). Fuma-kun has been a cool adult since a long time ago already but he thinks about the group and his members more than anyone else. I am happy that you are taking care of Sou-chan and me so kindly.

Dear Sou-chan:
Sou-chan is naturally a bright person and the power source for the rest of the members. Although I have been with you from a young age, not until „Summer Paradise 2016“ I have discussed our close relationship with you. But after seriously talking about how to convey our good qualities on stage with you, I think our relationship has changed. By the way, I like Sou-chan’s brown hair (laughing).

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

Credit goes to tkhs_zone @ Twitter for the scans, thank you!

Spn Cast x Reader | Just Like Last Time

Prompt: The reader falls asleep in one of the scenes so Jared and Jensen wake her up with a little prank.

A/N: Your characters name is Jophiel. She is an Archangel. She is the archangel of wisdom, understanding, and judgment.

You laid down on the bed, Closing your eyes. You were supposed to act asleep for this one scene. So you thought, ‘Well it’s only one scene of a few minutes so I’ll just stay like this’

The bad thing was that you didn’t get any sleep last night, Since you were too busy partying with the crew.

“Annnddd… Action!”

“Sam. Go wake up Jophiel. We have a wendigo to catch”

“Jophiel.. Wake up” Sam starts to shake you, but you are completely out.

“(Name)..” Jared whispers, Until he hears you snoring lightly.

“(Name)!” Jared starts to laugh, The rest of the crew laughing also.

“Is she out?” Jensen laughs, Looking at your sleeping figure.

“Completely. Even when I shake her she won’t wake up” Jared starts laughing again, Unable to control his laughter.

“What do we do?” Misha chuckles, Jensen shrugs.

“Should we just leave her? Take a short break? How about we prank her? Turn off all the lights and dress up as a janitor and ask her to leave”

“Oh dude! We did that to her in school once!” Jared snorts, Taking a swing of his water.

“What?” Misha looks between his two best friends.

“When we were in our freshman year of high school, (Name) had fallen asleep in social studies, So we asked the teacher if we could prank her. She agreed.” Jared chuckled, Trying to remember the distant memory correctly.

“We shut off all the lights and covered the windows with cardboard then closed the blinds. We changed the clock hour and all of us rushed out” Jensen smiled.

“We asked the teacher to write a message that said: The apocalypse has started. Save yourself while you can. She wakes up a few minutes later and her reaction was priceless!!”

The crew had now gathered around, Trying not to disturb you.

“She looked at the message and looked around the room. She was almost crying! We started making zombie sounds and scratching the door. She fell out of her chair, and tried to run to the other side of the room but kept tripping over all the chairs and desks.”

The crew laughed, But stopped when you groaned and changed your position to a more comfortable one.

“Class was almost over so we had to go in and tell her it was a joke. She stopped talking to us for about a month.”

“That sounds awesome. Let’s do it!” Misha smiles, The crew starting to scurry around.

“Excuse me miss.. You need to go”

You wake up suddenly, Looking up and seeing the janitor, A broom in hand.

“Huh? No.. I was just..” You look around to find it completely dark except for some lights the janitor had to turn off.

“What time is it?” You stand up, Fixing your hair and straightening your clothes.

“Uhmm.. 4:23AM” The janitor looks at you with an inpatient look.

“What?! I slept 5 hours?! No way!” You fix the bed, starting to run toward your stuff.

“Miss! Miss!!” The janitor calls for you, but you ignore him.

“God.. Jared and Jensen couldn’t wake me up? They’re such assholes.”

You round a corner.


You shriek, Falling down on the ground. You stand up and run away.

“(NAME)!!” You fall once again, and looking up, you see Jensen.

“Jensen?! What the hell dude?!” You hit his chest, And he explodes in laughter.


Someone grabs you from behind, Scaring you.

“Shit!” You curse, Fighting the person. They let you down, and you turn around.

“Misha?! What the fuck?!” You hit his arm, pissed off.

“We were just messing with you” Jared comes from the corner he first scared you from, Laughing.

“This is just like the time-” You stop, glaring at Jared and Jensen.

“You little fucks! You pranked me just like last time!!” You shout, Laughing a little bit.

“This is soooo going up on YouTube” Misha chuckles, Putting his phone in his pocket.

“Oh no you don’t!” Misha, Jared, and Jensen start to run away, And you start to chase them.

They get back to set, and everything is turned on and you find them laughing at you, The cameras already rolling.

This was surely getting on the gag reel.

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I thought I would share this video with my followers, I don’t know If you have seen it. All credit to mamamootrans, I just wrote a summary down below. It really made me cry.

Wha Sa: you know how everyone has one dearest friend, their one and only friend in the world? Do you sometimes ask them, if I were to die, what would you do? How would you feel?

Hyunsik: Nope. I have never asked that question.

Jaejin: me neither

Wha sa: (laughs) I mean, there is a member of Mamamoo, called Whee In, she is my hometown friend. We have been friends since first year of junior high, and we also shared the same dream. Yeah, so we came to Seoul together. Hand in hand, and became part of the same group… it’s that kind of situation.

Jaejin: ohh

Wha sa: We depended on each other so much while we were training… Because we are the type of people who usually never let our parents know that we are going through hard times. Instead we would go to the Han river together and cry. It was that time, when I would ask “Whee in-ah, if I died what would you do?” and she got all annoyed like “what’s wrong with you?” and I urged her on, “tell me, tell me.” 

Hyunsik: (laughs)

Wha sa: And in the end she said, “how would I live without you?”…Listening to her answer, I also began to think. Without her, it would not have been possible for me to go through all those hard times all alone in Seoul. 

Carrying on with part 2 of Joe’s video for @rushermushroom, check out part 1 here

Joe: The other day Caspar asked me to go to Paris with him

Yeah wait, what do we associate Paris with



Joe: And I was like, what do you mean, this is too sudden, I can’t handle this

I am SURE you can handle this, Joe

Also look at Caspar’s embarrassed laugh, I am done

I cannot

I just cannot

Don’t be too sad, Oli, I’m not sure whether you would want to be with Joe and Caspar on their next honeymoon… I mean you went with them on their honeymoon in Manila and look how much you were third wheeling; and this is the city of love we are talking about

Joe: Also subscribe to Caspar and I’ll see you again next week with -


He is teeny tiny bit fed up with third wheeling Joe and Caspar :’D

Just remember that Caspar is the only one who is allowed to do this

And look at Oli’s expression of resignation, I’m done

Of course you have to hold Caspar by his butt, Joseph, while Oli is turning around

Also, Caspar does not object at all… I am pretty sure Oli would have objected to that

Holding Caspar by his butt makes perfect sense and is also very platonic

Please control yourself, Joseph

Caspar: I could do anything

Please elaborate

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Joe’s abs

Why are both Joe and Caspar so obsessed with making Titanic allusions in their videos? Like, boys, what are you trying to tell us?

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate Caspar’s abs

And let’s end this analysis here because boy, that video was so full of Jaspar I cannot handle this

To see the other analyses I have done, check out the masterlist!

aegliriellcalamaethor  asked:

What is your worst high school memory/ embarrassing moment?

I would have to say the time my friend and I almost put a hole in the ceiling during chemistry class! We were trying to light a burner but couldn’t get it to work. We thought we just didn’t have  the gas turned on, so we kept turning it up more. It was only because we couldn’t get the light to spark that there wasn’t a terrible accident. The teacher saw and screamed “What are you girls doing?? You have that turned all the way up!! You want to burn a hole in the ceiling!! You want to burn the school down??” Everyone laughed, which also pissed of the teacher! We were so embarrassed at the time. But later that day we realized how funny if was (you know, since no one got hurt!). The rest of the year we were the crazy girls who tried to burn down the school, which would not have actually happened I’m sure, but we went with it anyway! LOL! Thanks for the ask!

Calum and Ashton Public Service Announcement

So I was watching about 50 million YouTube videos last night of 5sos funniest moments and best keeks/snapchats and you know what I realized? I mean I knew it before-but- I realized just how much Cashton are involved with us. Not only do they have voices that were created from the heavens above, and arms that can double as cannons, and so much fucking musical talent it’s unreal; They also are literally always updating us on something. Almost every keek or snapchat Cashton are the ones doing it. They are always giving us information or making us laugh and just wow. Their smiles are like instant mood enhancers and they are just really fucking important okay? They are the real MVPS and we are so blessed to have them!

Nate Maloley and Jack Gilinsky Threesome: Round 3

I was ecstatic to be in L.A with Nate and Jack. They were so good to me, in and out of the bedroom. I’m pretty sure in the few days that I had been here, we got down to business several times. If we kept this up my legs would stop functioning, but these guys were so hard to resist.

The guys had taken me sight seeing all afternoon in Santa Monica. I enjoyed the sights immensely. We ended the night on the beach under the stars. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the stars shining brightly in the sky made everything feel perfect. The boys brought along a giant blanket for us to lay on or do some other activities. They also brought bottles of champagne and some snacks. We sat on the blanket laughing and talking about life. When I noticed we were the only ones on the remote beach, I decided it was time to have some fun.

I stood up and walked in front of Nate and Jack, and stripped down. The boys watching me intently, Nate was already adjusting himself, while Jack was licking his lips. I stood in front of them completely naked, feeling more confident than ever. I turned my back to them giving them a good view of my bare ass and began running towards the water, reenacting some Baywatch shit. “Well, aren’t you going to join me?” I yelled as the cold water of the Pacific Ocean washed over me.

I glanced at the shore where I saw both a naked Nate and Jack running towards me like they had never ran before. I giggled as they swam towards me. Jack was the first to reach me and wrapped his arms around my waist picking me up so my legs were wrapped around him. I could already feel how hard he was on my thigh, the water making this an odd sensation but a great one. Jack kissed me as rough as the waves were. His tongue explored my mouth like it was the first time all over again. My hands ran through his wet hair, as Nate came up behind me. Nate’s lips immediately found my sweet spot on my neck as one of his hands crept between me and Jacks bodies and massaged my breast. His other hand squeezed my ass as hard as he could, causing me to moan right into Jacks mouth.

Still wrapped around Jack, he began carrying me towards the shore. I knew he was ready to get down to business, as was Nate as I could hear him behind us. Once we reached the shore Jack laid us down gently as I straddled him. I slowly began grinding myself against his hard member. Jacks eyes rolled back and he bit his lip, which gave me an idea.

I stood up, which caused Jack to speak up. “Y/N come on” he groaned. “Relax, for a minute.” I said as I motioned for Nate to come over. “Now I want to try something, and if you’re good Jack I’ll suck you off and fuck you. Same, goes for you Nate. What Jack does you’ll be doing soon enough.” I said looking at both boys who looked eager yet nervous.

I proceeded to stand right above Jack, a leg on each side of his face. “Fuck yes.” Jack said from beneath me as I lowered myself near his face. I could feel Jack blowing breaths on my already soaking area. He kissed my most sensitive area softly, sending tingles down my spine. Then his tongue began working its magic up and down and all around. To make sure I didn’t fall Jack held on to each of my legs. Nate came in front of me, his feet nearly touching Jacks hair. He leaned forward so I could take his length into my mouth. Slowly I began taking him in, my tongue making movements up and his long member. My hand playing with his balls, which always sent Nate over the edge.

Jacks tongue pushed it’s way into me licking up any juices. I moaned at the sensation around Nate, which caused Nate to let out a loud groan and buck his hips even more so that now I was deep throating him. Thank God for no gag reflex. The taste of his precum was evident in my mouth as I knew he was close.

Jack sent me over the edge. His tongue was still working its magic as he reached up and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I continued moaning around Nate, and I swear if he wasn’t in my mouth I would’ve been shouting so loud the whole state of California would hear. As I came, my legs began to shake so violently I would’ve fallen if Jack didn’t have such a grip on me. As I was riding out my high, I felt Nate twitch in my mouth as his warm substances filled my out. I swallowed and released myself around Nate.

I rolled over on my back catching my breath and giving my legs a rest. “Are you sure you can do this again Y/N?” Nate asked as he got on his back, while Jack stood up. I nodded, I wanted to feel that sensation again and I knew for a fact Nate could make me feel good. I stood up and positioned myself over Nate. “God damn, lil mama you better sit on my face now or else.” he said smirking as he grabbed my legs so I was lowered. I could feel Nate’s breath on my area, unlike Jack, Nate wasted no time and got down to business. His tongue immediately pressed down on my clit, causing my to scream. As this was happening, Jack stepped towards me, and I took him in my mouth. With Nate going down on me, I couldn’t help but grind my hips as I began to rock forward taking all of Jack into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his massive length.

I could already feel my orgasm coming, Nate was unbelievably good at this. I lightly squeezed Jacks balls, which did the trick as he shot his load in my mouth as I came.

Now it was time for the real fun to start. I moved off of Nate’s face and aligned myself over his erection. I sunk down onto his length and began to ride him slowly at first, but quickly picking up my pace. Nate lifted his hips making me feel the entirety of his member.

“Shit I’m not gonna last much longer Y/N , you’re so fucking tight.” Nate moaned out.

“Me either!” I practically screamed as I threw my head back.

I felt myself clench around Nate’s dick as he came inside me. I hopped off of him and had to crawl over to Jack who sat there pumping himself. As I tried to straddle Jack, he put a hand on my chest to stop me. “No more being on top, you overworked yourself. Let me take care of you Y/N.” Jack said as he pushed me backwards so my back was against the cool sand.

Jack teased me by rubbing his dick up and down my slit. “Stop being a fucking tease Gilinsky.” I said through my teeth. Jack smirked as he pushed into me. With that his thrusts picked up as sand was getting in places I never thought existed.

I felt my fourth orgasm of the night approaching, wow these boys knew what to do. Jack was the first to come, his liquid filling me up as he pulled out. “C'mon baby, come for daddy.” Jack whispered as his thumb found my clit, rubbing it was what did the trick.

I threw my head back against the sand, my eyes rolling back as I bit my lip hard enough for it to bleed. I was out of breath and my legs couldn’t work, this had to have been the best night of my entire life.

We laid on the beach tangled up in each other, staring at the starry night sky.

“Can you never leave Y/N, you’re legit the best I’ve ever had and I can probably speak for Nate too.” Jack said rubbing my sticky thigh.

“Give me a reason to.” I joked, there was no way I could permanently reside in L.A, at least right now.

“I’ll give you two.” said Nate as he stuck two fingers into me without warning. I moaned at there first entrance.

“Okay now I’m somewhat convinced.” I said with a laugh enjoying the pleasure of Nate’s fingers as Jacks hand massaged my breast….here we go again I thought.

“The Romans” (The Intro)


The crowd screamed as Derek and Ahsha walked into Nobu one of LA’s finest restaurants. By the shocking look on both of their faces it was clear that they
had indeed been tricked by Sloane and Pete who they were supposed to have a quiet dinner with their first night back in the Devil’s city post honeymoon. Derek and Ahsha had a very private yet over the top wedding in which only they’re family and close friends were in attendance so it was only appropriate that they also have a celebration were some of the head execs of Devil’s Nation and a few of their co-workers could also celebrate in their honor.

“Haha We Got You”!!! Laughed Pete

Ahsha and Derek looked at each other with bright smiles.
“Damn Really, I Can’t Believe y’all got one over on me”. My wife is the gullible one"!
Derek stated matter of factly with his arms out in disbelief.
“Heyyyyy” sang Ahsha as she nudged Derek in the side as the crowd laughed.

Terrence greeted the couple through the crowd. He leaned in kissing Ahsha on the cheek “Hello Gorgeous, you look beautiful”!
Ahsha stood in her sexy little black dress that hugged her curves with her grey suede Louboutin heels that accent her grey and black Chanel clutch. Her hair in loose curls.
Thanks Tee!! Ahsha beamed
He then embraced Derek
“You’re a lucky man I tell you that much!
“Oh I Know” Derek confirmed as both men turned to gaze at Ahsha.

Derek was very proud of the women that stood before him.
Terrence interjected the moment.
“Yea but man you gettin soft I just knew you were on to us planning this party, but when you walked in your face was all dramatic”.
Terrence began reenacting Derek’s facial expression making Ahsha die laughing.
Oh so you think that’s Funny”? He turned and looked at Ahsha raising his brow.

Ahsha wrapped her arms around her husband’s waist and pecked his lips quickly
“Now who’s the gullible one? Ahsha teasingly stuck her tongue out at Derek!
He looked down at her and couldn’t help but laugh.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the married couple, a southern voice came from behind them.
Ahsha turned around quickly knowing it was her best friend Kyle!
KYLE”!!! She screamed!!
CAREBEAR!!!! The two women were giddy of excitement being that they both had so much to fill each other in on.
Carebear let me look at you”! I see that married life has put a little more swish in your walk! They both laughed.

Taking a serious voice Kyle then looked at Ahsha like only a true friend would
“But I must say carebear I’m proud of you girl. Kyle took a dramatic pause as if she might shed a tear.
“Proud that you didn’t come in here walking sideways because we all know DRO was knocking it out during that honeymoon girl”.
Terrence bust out
OHHHHHHHHHH! And Derek laughed hysterically.
“KYLE”!!!! “I knew you couldn’t possibly come out with something completely decent”. Laughed Ahsha

All of a sudden Sloane spoke on a microphone to raise a glass to the newly married couple
She would toast to Derek and Terrence would toast to Ahsha

“To my new handsome, good looking, talented, special
Uhhmpp Uhhhhmmpp

Pete interrupted and the crowd laughed.
LIKE I was saying"  My new son in law.

“Derek, from the first time my daughter came to me about you after your relationship had gone public, she was scared out of her mind about her feeling for you.
But I knew she couldn’t run and she had to face those feelings. “And as a man who goes after what he wants I knew you wouldn’t let her run either”. The crowd laughed
lightly “With tears filling up in Ahsha’s eyes,
I told her that sometimes love is a scary thing, and in the right person it can terrify the hell out of you. Derek I knew then you were that person
for my daughter! I knew because she had the same look in her eyes about you as I did for her father. It was a tale as old as time. You have brought out happiness
in my daughter
that can shine pass a thousand moons and I will always be grateful of the amazing qualities you have helped bring out in her as a women! I know that you will always
protect her and be the man that will wash away all of her fears and dry all of her tears. You make my daughter feel invincible and for that we
couldn’t ask for a better addition. You are now and will always be a part of our family and I am so proud that my daughter had found a companionship in you”!
said Sloane
“To Derek” the crowd said and raised their glasses
Ahsha pecked Derek’s lips softly.

Terrence grabbed the mic from Sloane
To my amazing new sister in law, “Ahsha I would first like to say that you are……….. stunningly beautiful tonight as always”.
Terrence nodded his head to Ahsha
“I just want to say that Derek and I have been great friends for years, blood couldn’t make us anymore brothers then we already are. When you came
into Derek’s life our brotherhood was a little strained because he was still finding himself in life and I didn’t really get that. So much so that I started
to lack in our friendship. But you came into this man’s life and allowed him to be himself withholding nothing. So then….. he stopped searching for those things
that he thought he wanted and realized everything he needed he could have in you! You believed in him and that gave him the push he needed to become greater then
I had ever seen him be in our whole time of being family. You’ve brought out great qualities in my bro and I am grateful that you have because we always
want to see our friends grow to new levels. And we learn to love those who help them reach those new peaks in life. You have truly impacted his life and it doesn’t go
“I mean, Ahsha I have never seen a man look at a woman with so much admiration in my life. It’s truly heartwarming! You must be showing him some of those private dance moves too because
Man is he happy all the damn time now!”

The crowed laughed loudly and Pete glared at Terrence because he was speaking about his daughter.
Ohh Ohh Sorry coach, Just jokes just jokes”.
But really in all honesty I am so glad that Derek has found a woman with so much class and grace. And someone who truly will always bring out the better man in him.
“To You Ahsha”!

“To AHSHA’  the crowd repeated!!

Terrence then passed the mic to Kyle
“I raise this glass to you both to say that I am so proud of your loves growth and that I wish nothing but happiness to you both in the years to come.

Ahsha placed her hand over her head and shook it. Sometimes she could kill her best friend but she loved her honesty.
Now Let’s Get This Party Started Hell I’m Trying to Find Me a High Roller Tonight, Who’s Looking for a Good Time!!!
The crowd Laughed and the drinks started flowing!

Ahsha and Derek made their rounds greeting the rest of their guest and Sloane approach the couple.
“May I have a second with my little girl Derek”?
“Sure Ma” Just dont have her to long he smirked.
Derek pinched his wife on the butt as the ladies walked towards the bar.
Ahsha smiled softly.
It warmed her heart to hear Derek calling Sloane mom. She was overjoyed to provide him with a family seeing as his own mother wasn’t around and he didn’t get to see his
grandparents a lot. And soon they would also extend their family of their own.

Sloane hugged Ahsha and Derek watched from the other side of the room, he truly felt lucky.

“Okay now that your surprise is out of the way you know Pete’s birthday is coming up and I was wondering if you and Derek would be okay with us having the the party at the mansion?”.

Sure mom that’s a great idea and I would love to help you plan it too”! Ahsha beamed.
Ahsha didnt get many chances to plan her father’s birthday growing up so she wanted to make up for those lost times now as an adult.
“Yes honey we need to spend some quality time with each other anyways, Derek has kept my baby away in honeymoon bliss for too long”. Her mother teased

“How about I come over tomorrow and you can come with me to pick up Pete’s gift”! Sloane presented
Sure rehearsal isn’t until another two weeks for the season so I have some free time"!
“Well then it’s a date”!
Sloane hugged Ahsha tightly once again!

As the party went on Derek and Ahsha tucked themselves away in a quiet corner in all the chaos of the party!
Ummmmm Have I told you how much I love you”. Derek cooed
“No but that doesn’t stop me from knowing that you do and how much you do”
“And might I add how wonderful you do it”
Ahsha dragged her voice erotically on the last part.
Derek kissed his wife so passionately their tongues fought back and forth for power and Derek let his wife win as his hand caressed her thigh underneath the table.
Mrs Roman, wait until I get you home”. Derek’s deep voice invaded Ahsha and sent a vibration through her entire body
Ummmmm I Can’t Wait to you get me home, I’m gonna take advantage of you Ahsha teased knowing that her husband was the master over her body in the bedroom.
“Yea tonight I might just let you use and abuse me then.” Derek smirked seductively.
The couple kissed again and they got up and left the crowd in their celebration. They had a party of their own about to start as soon a Derek got them home
in his black Ferrari.

Ahsha opened her eyes slowly as she awoke from her comfortable slumber.
She smile to herself basking in the memories of all their friends and co-workers celebrating her
and her husband the night before. She felt a slight breeze on her mocha skin which let her know that her husband was sitting on their balcony.
She got up from the bed and walked into the luxury style bathroom to brush her teeth on her side of the newly married couple’s vanity. As she finished up Ahsha heard
husband’s deep voice in the background and automatically realized he was talking to his agent Jerry. She grazed her fingers through her curls that had fallen in bed from
the previous night before
and for an instant she has stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed her wedding ring on her finger. She held out her hand in front of her as she admired the symbol
of her deepest love and she exhale being truly thankful for her life’s journey. She was now Mrs. Derek Roman, her career as a dancer had
taken off and she was captain of the best dance organizations in the basketball league, her relationship with her family had grown amazingly,
and both her parents were very proud of her. She couldn’t be more thankful for her life. As she snapped out of her daydream she heard her husband’s conversation come
to a close and she walked out onto the balcony wearing her black silk robe that stopped teasingly right above her plump bottom.

Ok Jerry after finalizing everything with my lawyer and Terrence we should be all set”…….
“Talk to you soon and tell the wife I said hello”……
“Ok I’ll tell her the same. Goodbye”!

Derek hung up his phone, took a deep breath, and leaned forward on the balcony. He was only wearing his black Calvin Klein boxers and Ahsha loved waking up to the
sight of this man “Her man”. She walked up behind Derek so gracefully he didn’t even hear her. She placed her hand on the back of his neck caressing it
while the other hand was placed around
his waist. Placing kisses on his back Ahsha spoke

“Good Morning my love”.
Derek’s heart immediately smiled as he turned to face the love of his life.
Good Morning Mrs. Roman, how did you sleep”? He asked caressing her sides.

“Ummmmmmhhh to good babe, but of course I woke right up once I didn’t feel you, you trying to leave me already”? Ahsha stated the last part poking out her bottom lip.
Derek chuckled. Me, Leave you? Yea okay women the only way I’m gonna ever leave you is if we’re 80 still trying to make love and I die from a heart attack.
Ahsha laughed loudly
“Derek!!“!!! She gasped
They both laughed at each other comfortable with their new life.
Derek then notice Ahsha’s robe and realized it was the one he liked. Ummmhhh… his deep voice rumbled in his throat.

Somebody is working on that heart attack sooner than I had hoped”,
He said as he pulled the string from Ahsha’s robe to find that his wife was indeed still naked from the night before.
They always slept naked unless of course it was that time of the month. Even if Ahsha was angry with him before bed his wife still slept
naked beside him which was a gift and a curse. A gift because he went weak at the sight of seeing his wife’s naked body but a curse because it was a reminder to him that if she was upset with him he would not have any chance at even thinking about touching her. Unless of course she was in the mood for some angry aggressive makeup sex which they both loved.

Derek placed his lips on his wife’s neck and kissed her softly. Ahsha went weak every time she felt her husband’s lips on her.
He then traced his tongue up her neck and against her jawline until he then met her lips
.“Come Here” Derek demanded
Ahsha wrapped her arms around her husband and pulled his body into hers. As their lips dance together Derek slid his hands over Ahsha’s neck and down passed her waist underneath her robes and caressed her back with his strong hands. He loved the feel of his wife’s soft skin and she loved the feeling of being held by her man. Derek then forcefully snatches her robe off and traced his tongue down her body. Ahsha placed her hand on top of her husband head and enjoyed his tongue swirling
around her hard nipples “Humph”! She whimpered at the feeling and she knew for the first time that day her husband was about to drive her body crazy. Ahsha placed her hand on his chin to bring him back to her lips in a desperate kiss.

Mrs. Roman can I be a bad boy and get you into some trouble right now”? Ahsha moaned in agreeance and now seeing how hard her husband was she traced her hands to the back of his fitted boxer and pulled them down. Derek’s long dick sprang out
and it pressed against his wife’s belly button because of their major height difference. Ahsha then went down on her husband a suck his length in her mouth with ease. Ahsha took Derek’s dick to the back of her throat and started sucking his dick as if she could forever. Seeing his wife like this he looked down at her with that sexy smirk of his because he knew that he was the the only man that had ever gotten this side of her. This woman loved him and he would do anything to make sure she felt that love in return.
Derek started to fondle his wife’s breast pinching her nipples as she sucked his dick faster. The pleasure was starting to hit him full force and Derek bit his
lip and raised his brow at the amazing job his wife was doing.
“FUCK AHSHA” he groaned
He also loved to hear her moaning while sucking. He grabbed the back of her head running his fingers
through her hair and gently but sternly fucked Ahsha’s mouth. This made Ahsha so wet when her husband moved his dick in and out of her mouth. She was enjoying it and
he was too but Derek Roman was never the one to be outdone. He forcefully picked his wife up and took her inside leading them to the bed. Right before they reached
the bed Derek turned her upside down while they were still standing so that his wife’s vagina was staring him in the face.
“Derek”!!! Ahsha gasped as she wasn’t expecting for her husband to flip her so fast. He smacked her ass lightly and chuckled “Shut Up” came seductively from the depth of his vocal cords.
Ahsha wrapped her legs around his neck and Derek held her waist with one arm and spread her pussy lips open. He dove his tongue into her wet center.
Uhhhhhhhhhh” Ahsha moaned erotically as her husband worked his tongue over her clit at this amazing angle.
Derek then fell backwards on the bed so that now Ahsha could straddle his face. He attacked her pussy with his tongue swirling it and flicking it fast over her clit.
“You like when daddy lick this phat pussy huh baby”?
Yes Derek Yes!! She cried as she started to bounce her hips throwing her pussy at Derek.
Ahsha was now coming undone and her vagina started to cream and Derek loved it.
Derek stopped and turned Ahsha over on the bed.
Come ride this dick“ he demanded
Derek was anticipating his wife’s tight fold as he has prepped it well.
Ahsha straddled her husband and slide her wet vagina over her husband’s long thick rod.
Ahhhhhhhhhh she screamed as Derek dug his fingers into her ass
Ahsha started to bounce hard on Derek allowing him balls deep access as her moans bounced from wall to wall
“Uh Uh Uh Yesss Derek FUCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEE”!!!!!! Ahsha was losing control
Derek looked up at his wife in pleasure and grabbed both of her breasts also while matching her rhythm by thrusting up inside if her. Derek’s dick was covered
in Ahsha’s creamy juice and her wetness was driving them both crazy.
“Damn mama I feel you cuming all on my dick”, Derek bragged. In pleasure Ahsha slapped Derek’s chest twice feeling the orgasm that would end her
“IM CUMMING” she screamed and as her walls pulled at Derek he felt her sucking the life out of him and he grabbed her hips tightly and they both let go together. Ahsha’s body collapsed on top of Derek’s muscular abs and she could feel both her and her husband’s
heart beating fast. Derek caressed her back.
Damn Ahs, I was just kidding about that use and abuse me comment last night”! They both laughed tiredly.
“I Love You” said Ahsha
Placing a soft kiss on her forehead “I love you too” came Derek’s reply.
As they came back to earth Derek started telling Ahsha his plans for the day.
“Btw Jerry says hello, we were discussing the promos for the new season. As you know Terrece is gonna retire this season so the league is doing their best to give him
a good farewell before he starts commentating for the games. They have a lot of ideas they want to speak with us about. You know, how they want the teams image to
proceed with me as the KING of devil’s nation
.” Ahsha always loved hearing Derek talk about what he loved.
“That sounds great babe I’m so proud of you guys although we’re all gonna miss Terrence you guys have made it so far together”.

They could stay like this all day but in their world nothing was that perfect as they realized that when a knock came at their bedroom door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Roman you have a guest! Said Mrs. Elanor their house maid
HuhhhhhhhhTell them we don’t want any” Derek spoke sounding annoyed as he was trying to enjoy his time with his wife before he got to business with Jerry later
that day.
Yes Mr. Roman I’m sure but Its Mrs. Davenport.

Ahsha jumped up forgetting that she told Sloane to come over as they had planned to go buy Pete’s a birthday present!

Asha told Elanor to tell Sloane to give her a minute to shower and she would be right down!

Omg!!!! Well Guys this was the introduction to “The Romans”. I really wanted to do my part with my Dersha fam so I decided to write a fanfic until our wait is over for the summer special.  Please feel free to like and comment and share your opinion on what you think. This was my very first fanfic and I have so many plans for this story so I hope you enjoyed!!!!! BTW this is Victoria I’m on Twitter as VictoriaCB319 this is my new blog dedicated to Dersha. BTW Sorry for any error or misspelling.


One year ago today, this channel was born. Not only did we get to see how scared they get while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s but we also got to see them as responsible and caring parents to Dil in The Sims 4. We laughed when they finally did some exercise with the three legged DDR while minds exploded when they danced to Toxic. The challenges were really amusing to watch too. I specially loved how they were competitive with each other while making it enjoyable for us to us. Let’s all just celebrate the birth of an amazing gaming channel that isn’t trying to be like any other gaming channels out there…and maybe mainly for the birth of Dil Howlter. Lolzor Happy Birthday DanAndPhilGAMES!!

if we characterize memes as inside jokes with an added layer of detachment, ‘stealing bones’ is like, The Top Meme. the humor in the ‘stealing bones’ meme doesn’t come from the subject matter, it comes from detached way the subject was addressed. the post reads like a uwu tier callout post, only where ‘hates otherkin’ is replaced with ‘stealing bones’. no one is laughing at the desicration of graves, we’re laughing(?) at the detached, innocent way the accusations of a serious crime were presented. 

also, from self deprication text posts to spooky skeletons, we are morbidly amused by death. stealing bones is the perfect culmination of this and the impossible ‘too strange to be true’, ‘the whole classroom clapped and cheered’ type posts that have garnered notes since the beginning. even if the accusations were unfounded, i think it still would have reached meme status, but not as quickly or for as long.

i’m sure there are moral, ethical and philosophical posts re; this on the pagan side of tumblr, but i’m not a part of that and honestly i feel it would be disrespectful for me to voice my opinion as someone who is non pagan (but was raised pagan)

María Elena Velasco Rest in peace you hero rest in peace you beautiful soul. Today we lost truly one of Mexicos greatest icons not only did she bring tons of laughs and smiles to many generations of Mexicans with her amazing comedic skills she also brought pride to our culture and roots she was a hero! With her character “La India Maria” She represented one of the most vulnerable groups of people in Mexico till this day indigenous women. She give them a voice and show their humanity through her charisma in what it’s was a society and a movie industry obsessed with rich white ladies were indigenous people were only portrait as slaves or servants or used as a prop in the background to set a scene she became the fucking star of many many successful movies. today I thank you for making my childhood less sad for teaching me to be proud of who I am and where I come from and for showing us that indigenous Mexican women fucking matter!

María Elena Velasco Descansa en paz hermosa alma. Hoy hemos perdido realmente uno de los mayores iconos de México, No solo fue la responsable de millones de risas y sonrisas de varias generaciones de mexicanos gracias a sus increíbles habilidades cómicas también  trajo orgullo a nuestra cultura y nuestras  raíces!  Con su personaje de La India María Ella representó uno de los grupos más vulnerables y olvidados en México hasta el día de hoy, las mujeres indígenas. Ella les dio una cara, una voz y mostro su humanidad a través de su carisma en lo que era una sociedad y una industria de cine obsesionada con ricas damas blancas donde  los indígenas o la gente morena eran representados como mendigos o sirvientes o como meros objetos de utileria en el fondo de una escena, ella logro cambiar todo eso y logro convertirse en la  estrella de muchas muchas películas. hoy te doy las gracias por hacer mi infancia menos triste por enseñarme a estar orgulloso de quien soy y de dónde vengo y por mostrarnos que las mujer indigenas mexicanas IMPORTAN!!!!!!

The early 2000s was a dark time in America, following September 2001’s attack of the movie Hardball.

Working at a movie theater at the time, I was right there when it happened. I could literally touch the posters. Luckily, our nation found solace during the following week when Zoolander came out. Little by little, we learned to laugh again with good comedies like Legally Blonde and Wet Hot American Summer. Not only was that year filled with comedy, but also a broad spectrum of it, from Bridget Jones Diary to How High to Joe Dirt. Hell, 2001 was even the year we got Super Troopers. And now, for some bizarre reason, we’re reliving every single one of the films I just mentioned.

I’m not complaining – just really, really confused about why Hollywood simultaneously became nostalgic for this oddly specific era of comedy. It’s like how in 2002 we were flooded with goofball spy films like Austin Powers, Spy Kids, and iSpy. Remember how weird that was?

Oh right. You don’t have to remember because that’s also happening again. We’re totally just doing early 2000s comedy again, you guys – down to sequels to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bad Santa.

8 Oddly Specific Trends That Will Change Movies Forever

Family Parties

Request: Could you do one where you spend the night at his house and he sings to you and sings you to sleep

We could hear the loud noises of his aunts and uncles laughing in the living room, most of them were drunk or somewhere close to being drunk. There were also the small shouts of the kids that we could hear, it amazed me that they were still up and full of energy at this hour. In fact, it was only 11 o'clock, but I was already tired.

“What are we doing?” I asked, a chuckle escaping my mouth as I glanced at Michael. His back was against his headboard, his eyes glued to the television screen as he played his favorite video game. “Your family’s gonna hate me,” I laughed, feeling slightly bad that we weren’t spending time with his family. Michael’s family had family parties every now and then, but it was only the second party that I was actually there. I wasn’t technically there, Michael and I were hanging out in his room.

“Do you really want to go with them?” He turned his head to look at me for less than a second before his gaze was back on the tv.

I stayed in silence for a while, not wanting to answer him. I watched him play, but my eyes were getting heavier each passing minute. A few yawns escaped my mouth before I actually decided to find one of Michael’s blankets that I knew was in his closet. I took my pants off and smiled when I saw Michael look at me from the corner of his eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m tired,” I mumbled as I got back on the bed and went under the sheets, his blanket wrapped around my body to keep me extra warm.

Michael turned off his xbox, the tv and the lights. My eyes took a while to adjust to the darkness and then I felt Michael’s body back on the bed. He sat exactly like he was sitting before, taking me by surprise because I thought he was going to sleep.

“You’re not tired?” I murmured as he searched for his phone. He opened it and quickly lowered the brightness.

“No,” he replied, “and you’re supposed to sleep.”

“Good night to you too,” I laughed softly, I was so used to sentences like this. I think I saw a roll of eyes before I decided to close mine.

I felt his fingers touching my cheek and then my hair, as if Michael was still glancing at his phone but he didn’t bother to look at me as he played with my hair. He started humming songs, then stopped.

“No, don’t stop,” I mumbled against my pillow.

The humming started once again and after a few minutes, he used his voice to sing the lyrics. He sang softly, careful not to be too loud so that I could still fall asleep. But I could still hear his family in the background making much more noises than him. I concentrated on his voice though, it sounded slightly different than usual, mostly because he was whispering. I had discovered that Michael was, without even noticing, often singing songs that reflected what he was feeling. I tried my hardest to listen to the lyrics, but his voice was so soft and there was also this nice relaxing head massage he was giving me that kept making me even more tired. And eventually, I fell asleep with the love of my life beside me.


“One more thing. When I pack up and leave tomorrow, you will make sure nobody is home. I’m not saying goodbye to anyone.”

Leigh was my coworker, roommate, and friend for two years. She was fierce and we butted heads sometimes, but I respected her intellect and loved her laugh and childlike sense of adventure. She was eccentric and had experienced some huge losses in life. In the last months I knew her, she quit her job at the community center where we worked and withdrew from me and our other roommates. I was also down at the time and didn’t push her to talk about what was going on, even though I knew I was the only one who could get her to open up. Until one day I saw into her bedroom and noticed most of her things were gone. She had been saying she was going to move back to Texas, where she was from, but even her car was empty. She had gotten rid of almost all her things. I knew that was a bad sign, so I cornered her and asked if she was thinking about ending her life. She said no and left, pissed off. I didn’t believe her so I called her mom in Texas and explained everything, finally asking her to fly into town because I was worried about what her daughter would do. When she showed up, I brought her to Leigh.

“That was a mistake,” I remember her saying quietly. I left her alone with her mom and she told me later that she and Leigh would road trip back to Texas together, they had decided. I thought Leigh was ok at that point, but I woke to an angry and bitter note on my door about how terrible I was to interfere with her life and she had half a mind to tell people I worked with some of my secrets as revenge. The note ended with the quote above. She wanted to leave quietly with her mom after all the trouble and attention I had put on her. So I made sure it happened. I felt relief that she was in her mom’s care now.

Two weeks later, Leigh’s mom called and told me that they had a beautiful road trip together and she was so grateful that I called, but Leigh killed herself soon after they got back.

I feel like I did a lot to try to help, but I regret the time leading up to her suicide. I wish I had been a better friend so that she didn’t see death as the only viable option.

I still can’t believe she’s gone.

ilsan hyundai department store fansign ♡ 160530

fan: you know …, during one of the prerecordings this week where fans were screaming at you and only you didn’t know what was going on? [note: they’re referring to the inkigayo prerecording.]
jonghyun: why? making fun of me, right? you were making fun of me.
fan: it’s because you were so cute. but we can’t cause an error to happen at the recording …, that’s why we only screamed.
jonghyun: (bursts out laughing) i was cute even when i was just standing there? everyone, also, there’s …, that’s …
fan: why? why?
jonghyun: that …, that in some fan community or something …(fan laughs) right? you guys planned this, that if i asked if you were all teasing me i’d reply like that. (ie: that it’s because he’s cute.) you all planned it amongst yourselves, right?
fan: no, no. it’s really because you’re cute.
jonghyun: ha… ah, i obviously felt it today. you guys planned this amongst yourselves.
fan: no~, it isn’t.
jonghyun: i got it …, yes, i’ll now be taking a picture …, did i do something weird? at that time? (source: omggminho via bluffjjong)