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Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/05 (p24-25)

I am pleased to bring you the very first interview with director Sayo Yamamoto!!! You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this… This one is pretty general because of course she has never been interviewed before so they are asking her the basics, but it’s very interesting to finally hear things from her perspective too, since she’s the one who started it all. More interviews with her will be appearing in other magazines in the near future, I’m looking forward to those ones too.

Also, I believe a bright future is to be expected for Yuri on Ice, since she seems to have lots of plans…!! (I was shivering typing out the translation, lol)

Translation is under the cut.

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Interview (first appearance in media!)
The world of “Yuri on Ice” that director Yamamoto wanted to create
With 8 notebooks full of notes in one hand, director Sayo Yamamoto has answered our interview for the first time. We have asked her how this new animation that no one had ever seen before was born.

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Last Game Summary *MAJOR SPOILERS*

MAJOR SPOILERS! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Last Game just don’t read this. Also, for those who are gonna spazz and post about the summary PLEASE DON’T SPOIL FOR OTHERS WHO DON’T WISH TO BE SPOILED. (There are people trust me). If you are gonna post about Last Game please use the hashtag #last game spoilers so people can block it. Thank you.

The show I went to had the liveviewing for the seiyuu greetings as well so I’ll write a bit of that after this.

Now if you want to be spoiled, please continue!!

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Kiss Already - Archie Andrews

Request: From the prompt list can I request 10. and 48 with Archie Andrews? 💕💕 

AAA this is my first Archie Andrews >.< I thought I’d give it a go! :) I went for less dramatic/descriptive and I really like it so yaaay 

Words: 2,113 

10: “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

48: “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

“Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him,” Veronica and Betty chanted in your ear, causing you to roll your eyes. You were currently sitting in the student lounge, your two best friends at your side, trying to pass the time. The conversation had started casually, talking about online shopping and food. Somehow though, after just a few minutes, the conversation had drifted towards your unavoidable crush on Archie Andrews.

You and Archie had been best friends since you pushed him over in the sandpit when you were 4. You couldn’t exactly remember why you did it, or why he wanted to be your friend afterwards but you were glad that everything had turned out the way it had. The two of you were inseparable, constantly going to one another for support, advice or general banter.

You weren’t entirely sure when your feelings had truly developed into something more than platonic interest, but it was killing you inside currently to spend casual time with him, when you really just wanted to cuddle with him in your arms, to be his girl. You’d even put yourself through supporting Betty when she tried to confess her own feelings, but Archie had turned her down and it had temporarily destroyed her. You didn’t want the same thing to happen to you, you didn’t want to ruin the friendship that you treasured more than Pop’s burgers. 

Betty had found out though. You thought she would be mad at you, think you were going behind her back, but she had just squealed and instantly named herself ‘your personal Cupid’, along with Veronica, much to your dismay. Now everywhere you looked was just a reminder that you weren’t with the boy you loved. 

Veronica and Betty had noticed you staring at him in the student lounge, whilst he talked to Jughead. They were now poking you and teasingly chanting words of encouragement in your ear, pretending they were creations of your mind, your conscience telling you to make a move. They even started singing “Kiss The Girl” from The Little Mermaid, but replacing the word ‘girl’ with ‘ginger’.

“Can you not?!” You groaned loudly , burying your face in your hands. When you looked back up, Jughead and Archie were staring at you and your face instantly flushed bright red with embarrassment. 

As a way to ‘apologise’ Betty had offered for you to come round to her house for a sleepover and binge junk food with her whilst watching chick flicks. You needed to take your mind off of Archie before you went mad.

You were currently sitting in her lounge, waiting for her to return with a selection of DVD’s for the evening, for such a simple task she was taking an awfully long time. Suddenly she rushed into the room, her eyes lit with that mischief that always sent you into a state of nervous paranoia. That look meant she was planning something devious. 

She walked up to you slowly, her hand on her heart in mock sadness, as she gave an exaggerated sniffle. You groaned as you got off of the sofa and turned yourself to face her.

“What happened?” You rolled your eyes at her and she let out another obvious pretend sigh.

“Polly needs me,” Betty picked up her handbag from the coffee table, “So you can’t stay, I’m so so so sorry!”

At this moment, Veronica Lodge casually strolled through the door.

“Ready to go Bets?” She smirked, waving her car keys around before waving at you. You cocked your eyebrow, staring back and forth between your two best friends.

“Sure Ronnie, be there in a sec,” Betty smiled at her girlfriend before turning back around to you. “It’s a sister emergency so I have to go RIGHT NOW, but don’t worry! I found a last minute replacement so it’s all good,” She grinned. Suddenly you heard another pair of footsteps enter the house.

“The door was open,” Archie’s voice came round the corner of Betty’s hallway as he walked into the room, where you were trying not to cringe and the others were trying not to squeal.

“Byeeeee (Y/N)!” Betty chirped in a sing-song voice before grabbing Veronica’s arm and racing out the house. 

The door slammed shut and you and Archie stayed there for a minute in awkward silence before he decided to speak up.

“Betty told me you needed cheering up for some reason, but she was busy. She thought that considering I live next door and we’re best friends, I could take her place,” He explained, and you just nodded in response. You walked next door to Archie’s house and settled down in his room. You sat on the end of his bed and he sat on a chair in the other corner. You weren’t used to being so awkward around him, but you just couldn’t find the words to say. You were smitten and it made you tongue-tied. 

“Hey, you know I said that we’re best friends?” Archie got off of the chair and sat down on the bed, scooting close to you and taking your hand. You nodded, tensing up at the physical contact.

“We’re still like that right? Recently you’ve been so distant and I just thought, maybe you didn’t want to be around me anymore. Especially with the whole recent events with Miss Grundy and my music… I’ve just been so scared of how people see me and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” He let it all out and you felt your face blush crimson. Somewhere in your brain was telling you that he had just friend zoned you, but you were also analysing his words for secret messages. Maybe he cared so much about what you thought because he liked you back? Maybe he missed you? Maybe and most likely you were making a mountain out of a mole hill…

You noticed he was waiting for your response and you cleared your throat before smiling up at your best friend. “Of course we are Archie, I totally support you and your music, you’ve just been under stress recently and I understand that. Love you okay” You were kicking yourself for this new found confidence. ‘Love you okay?’ What was that?! You rested your head on his shoulder, trying not to cringe as he tensed up. You let out a breath though, as he relaxed and wrapped his arms around you. 

Originally, you planned to stay the night. You didn’t have any PJ’s though, so Archie decided to be a gentleman and offered you some of his own clothes. You wore a pair of shorts and a plain grey sweater that was large and baggy on you, causing Archie to chuckle. He stepped back and looked at you in awe. You caught him staring and suddenly felt self-conscious.

“W-what?” You stammered, trying to angle your body so you were facing away from him, he just shook his head and smiled.

“You just… uh, you look really cute in my clothes,” He stared down at the ground smiling and your eyes widened, heart fluttering inside.

Eventually, your plan had a last minute change. Fred Andrews came home from work early for the day, and told you with a guilty face that you couldn’t stay round tonight, as he had to have a long talk with Archie. You respected them enough not to ask what it was about, although you were a bit curious. Archie had given you an apologetic hug and had promised to make proper plans with you in the near future.

In a rush to give them their space, you left quickly, gathering your stuff together and heading home before you Skyped your Cupid’s.

They were pleased to hear you’d made progress, but disappointed in that there was no kiss or exchange of romantic words… yet.

“(Y/N) (L/N) you have 10 seconds to get up before I kick you out the door,” Your mum scolded loudly. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, squinting at the morning sunlight that streamed through your blinds. 

“What Mum?” You groaned, throwing a pillow at her. She threw it right back at you.

“Fifteen minutes until school starts and you’re not even out of bed! Hurry up!” She opened your blinds fully, so that the sunlight shone directly at you, waking you up properly. The words your mum said slowly registered in your mind before you began to panic and fell out of bed. Your mum rolled her eyes, leaving you to get ready.

You still needed to do your hair, teeth, makeup and grab something to eat on the way to school for breakfast. You didn’t have the effort in you to care about what you were wearing, so you slid on a pair of jeans and khaki converse. You sniffed your armpit, realising that whatever you had on your top half smelt pretty good so probably didn’t need to be changed. It smelt like safety and comfort… if that was possible… something so familiar. Oh well.

You rushed out the door, yelling a ‘thanks’ and ‘goodbye’ to your mum as she chuckled at you. 

You’d made it to school with 2 minutes to spare. You leaned against your locker, trying to catch your breath as you wheezed. You hadn’t ran or even exercised properly in a long time and the rush was finally taking its toll on you. Despite the fact that your best friend and long term crush was a great athlete, with the body to show it, you just weren’t exactly in shape.

Turns out the rush was pretty much a waste anyway, as you had a free period first and the whole hallway was disrupted by the sound of you kicking your locker door in frustration, before facepalming and running off to the student lounge. 

“Operation Smoochie is a go,” Veronica looked dead serious as she explained yet another plan on how to get Archie to kiss you. You just stared at her bewildered.

“Smoochie?” Jughead raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“Well it can either be taken as an extended word for smooch, or combining both the word ‘smooch’ and ‘Archie’,” She tapped her temple, everyone else gave her doubtful looks. Betty supportively rubbed Veronica’s back but shook her head at her, as if to make it clear that nobody thought ‘Operation Smoochie’ was appropriate. The plan itself didn’t even seem like it could work.

“Well do you guys have any suggestions? A plan? A name? I’m all ears. This has been driving me up the wall ever since I got to this damn town (Y/N), YOU need to sort this out,” Veronica flopped back into the sofa, defeated.

“Sort what out?” Archie came up behind you, placing his hands on your shoulders and causing you to jump and squeal. He laughed as he took a seat on the armrest next to you. 

“Her… girls night sleepover plan… it’s been in the making for a long time and she’s yet to get properly organised,” Betty saved you, and you sighed in relief, smiling at her thankfully as she winked at you. You all turned back to Archie, who as staring at you intensely, irresponsive. You blushed under his gaze and waved your hand in front of his face, as if to snap him out of his trance.

“Andrews, is there a special reason as to why you’re staring at me,” You laughed it off, as all your friends sat back and observed the exchange.

Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” Archie retorted, gesturing towards the grey sweater. You felt your jaw drop as you realised this was the sweater Archie had given you to wear last night. That’s why it had smelt so familiar and sweet. Both of you were blushing and Betty and Veronica were grasping at each other’s arms, trying to contain themselves from running around excitedly like 3 year olds.

“I didn’t even realise,” You timidly smiled up at Archie and he smiled back at you… almost lovingly? He shook his head and slung his rucksack over his shoulder. 

“I have to go to last minute football practice, come watch?” He extended his hand hopefully to you and you took it, standing up from the sofa and linking your arm through his. You left the student lounge, talking amongst yourselves and laughing in your own little world.

Veronica sighed dreamily. “Why don’t they just kiss each other already?” She whined and the rest of your group nodded in agreement. It was inevitable, you two would have to kiss at some point, especially if Veronica had anything to say about it.

This was cuuute

SKAM is back!!!

What happened to Sana at her old school was not just bullying, that was straight up harassment! The fact that she has a number in her phone listed as Don’t pick up phone, says quite a lot. These people wrote her anonymously and probably harass called her too.

What happened clearly affected her pretty bad, and has a big part in the reason she puts on the tough façade. It is something that is now popping into her mind again, probably as an effect of what happened Friday. She would rather distance herself from people and emotions, than being vulnerable and hurt again. She chose to withdraw from the russebus, rather than being hurt and humiliated by the Pepsi Max girls, and instead of telling her girlfriends the real reason, she gives them an insult, probably to push them away from her instead of trying to get them on her side.

We know she dislikes Jamilla a lot, but she is now at a state where she considers contacting her. Maybe thinking, that hanging with her will be better for her, because these Norwegian girls are just backstabbing her and she has nothing in common with them… But she doesn’t do it. She is not quite there yet. But she looks at the Quran verse Jamilla sent her for quite a long time, about not getting involved with Christians and Jews. She is considering that Jamilla might have been right.

Isak tries to lighten the mood between them. There has clearly been some awkward tension between the two of them. Sana has apologized more than once for Elias’ actions. Isak wants to let it go. He notices something is way off with Sana… I hope he acts on his observation, even though Sana tries to push him away. Isak knows not to settle for people pushing him away. He needs to activate his you are not alone mode.

So much happened in that clip!!

Can we also talk about Even for a sec. I’ve been worried sick about him last week, and there he is.. strolling through the school yard being happy as ever. Bless him… I didn’t like the song lyrics playing while focusing on him, though..

Skam is back!!

some things I love about b.a.p members
  • ➝ inspired by my list for my other love, Infinite ←
  • Bang Yongguk: an amazing leader that is equally respectful and respected. writes all of b.a.p songs, that is some hard shit. deep voice with even deeper words. grandpa like behavior and laugh...aha.hah.aha. he loves tigger bc it is the first gift from his grandparents omgosh my hearteu. loves children and charity. takes good care of the members. honestly, the dude is an inspiration to me.
  • Kim Himchan: visuals af. fabulous. mother of the group bc someone has to do it. b.a.p's 2nd leader/second in command and there is no denying it. part of the loud trio. loves babyz, but not as much as he loves his dongsengs (especially jongup). friends with a lot of ppl. improved in dancing and singing. ppl tend to forget that he's a musical genius and can play almost every instrument (guitar, piano, janggu) and he was going to attend a music school if he wasn't in b.a.p
  • Jung Daehyun: LOUD. if he was on chat, it'd be in all caps. main vocalist and we all know why like cmon have you heard the boy sing, he's one of the best vocalist in kpop. loud trio member. his relationship with youngjae is adorb bc it reminds me of bickering siblings. loves babyz. luscious lips, i'm jealous. 'cheeji cake.' he dropped out of school to chase his dreams and that's hard for someone so young. debuting after only one year of training must put a lot of pressure on him but he's doing great. (listen to his solo song, shadow)
  • Yoo Youngjae: also LOUD. loud trio member. got too much sass in his body. his words are like knives #savage. aegyo member bc someone got to do it. byung byung byung. that winking thing he does a lot now kills me everytime. he reminds me of a fluffy bunny idk why. or a marshmallow. 'early 95ers and 94ers are friends' but daehyun doesn't like so. he left jyp after training for a couple of years and he could've moved on but decided to continue the path of singing. he needs a r&b or soul solo song like now.
  • Moon Jongup: that member you don't notice bc he is super quiet but he has a lot of thoughts... 4D af. jongUP or jongDOWN.'swiss miss mannn', loves hot chocolate and shake shack. needs to be protected. he's literally two different ppl onstage and offstage. how can someone so cute turn into a sexy mofo the next sec. sorcery. that time he was in charge of filming but forgot to press record so he was talking to himself for a good 20 min. so proud that he wrote and produced his two solo songs ('now' and 'try my luck') listen to them and be amazed.
  • Choi Junhong/Zelo: cute face with a long body. tol but smol at the same time. did you see his abs in young wild and free. boy if you don't. amazing dancer that also needs to be on hit the stage. LTE rap that we all try and fail to do at one point. part time model on ig, full time lover of his puppy. a total meme material. his msg to his parents makes me cry all the time. going through a lawsuit at age 18, it must have been scary for him but glad that the members decided to wait till he turn 18 to go through it together.
  • b.a.p in general: there is only so much that I can say about this group. I wasn't a big kpop fan in 2012 but I feel in love with their music and listened to their first full album frequently. seeing their journey, it reminds me that hard work and perseverance can come a long way, especially when chasing your dreams. each member have their own story and for some reasons, they met and became one of the groups I love so dearly. the lawsuit didn't hurt them, it made them stronger. their journey made them stronger. bc they are the best, absolute, and perfect.
Some examples on how BigHit sleeps on Jin:

1. Voice: barely gives Jin any lines, and often his lines are accompanied with another vocal. Says his voice doesn’t fit their songs, while he rocked in “Fire”. And even in ballad songs he doesn’t get any lines. He’s worked and improved his voice so hard over the years, (remember, he had no background experience when he joined BTS), yet he’s in the background. He’s not happy with it, he said himself that he wish to participate more in their songs. He had to beg to yoongi, asking him if he could sing the opening to his song. Do you know how humiliating that must be? Not only is yoongi younger, but having to go to another member asking for lines, because BighHit won’t give him any, how shitty must that make Jin feel. ——– 2. Visual: even as a visual, he’s barely represented. 1 second in the “Not Today” mv is not enough. Let’s not even begin to talk about his 1 sec voice participation. Many ARMYs are even trying to say that it’s Tae that’s the visual, not jin. BigHit is not even trying to show Jin as visual anymore. ——- 3. Acting: as we all know, Jin went trough acting in school, and I believe his dream was within an acting career/acting. Yet, BigHit doesn’t try/allow/let Jin join any K-dramas or acting positions. Tae was casted in Hwarang (K-drama), yet Jins dream is slept on. (When is he not slept on, come on BigHit!) Even in “The House Of Army” he was not casted as a character with lines!! The only one in BTS gone through acting-school, he was still the clock and the banana. He didn’t do any acting, and was barely in the episode! What the fuck BigHit! —— 4. ARMY: let’s not forget ARMY. As great as this fandom is, it’s also horrible af. As long as their own bias have lines and are represented, who cares if Jin barely has lines?! As long as their bias has! Heck, even in their new cover “Come Back Home”, I’ve seen a lot of comments (on youtube) how we shouldn’t talk about jins (barely there) few lines. Bc that’s “disrespectful towards the other members hard work”. No. It’s disrespectful how BigHit ignore Jin. We need to see the problem here, and the problem is that Jin is forgotten in BTS. Stop talking as if jins happy with his position, as if he’s not losing is dream and feeling useless. He’s a human too, even if we see him all happy and funny in front of the camera, doesn’t mean he hasn’t concerns and fears. Appreciate all members, problems should be talked about, not ignored. ——– 5. Jin as a human being: Jin auditioned for BigHit to make his mom proud. I believe his first dream was within acting. Not only does BigHit ignore his dream, they ignore his role in BTS too. All these years working on his voice, dancing and acting. All for nothing. Do you think this is what jin wants?? Being a background character with a few seconds lines and screen time? Losing his dream as an actor? He wasn’t even allowed to go to his own graduation, as he HAD to be in a concert singing his two lines in the whole song. He was clearly upset about this, its no secret. He had his composition for “awake” rejected 20+ times by BigHit, yet he still pushed forward and finished his first song. He wrote his own lyrics, compared to kookie who had namjoon write his. I’m not shitting or disrespecting kookie, I’m just trying to show how much work Jin put down for his solo song. And he continues to cry when he sings his song live, as ARMY sings along (which is amazing, thank u ARMY for not sleeping on Jin!). It’s understandable the first time, or the second; as it is overwhelming. Yet several times along he’s still shocked and warmed over how people sing along to his hard working song. He’s such an amazing person, and it just hurts me so much how both ARMYs and BigHit sleep on him. He’s a human too, don’t forget about it

A Shy Soul // Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by hongshiyoung

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader (ft. J-Hope as your best friend)

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Yes glad ur request are open!!Can I request Namjoon fluff? U like him but avoid him and spend time with Hoseok instead cuz u kinda feel shy. Namjoon gets upset (likes u too). u play truth or dare with the boys he lose and get ask abt u then confess.

A/N: I’m so happy to finally get to write a scenario about our wonderful, beautiful and caring leader. Namjoon is so underappreciated so I’m glad I could write this! Please enjoy it :D

When someone asks the question “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” – Most people would answer along the lines of wanting to be rich, prettier, skinnier, to be born in a different country and so on, so forth. You however, only wished for one thing and one thing only.

And that was; you wished you weren’t so damn shy.

You’d been a shy person your entire life – it was just the way you were and your personality. Being shy always proved to be a severe hindrance in most cases, especially when it came to making friends and maintaining friendships – hell, even talking to people in general was sometimes terrifying for you.

This is why you were so grateful for the fact that Hoseok considered you as one of his closest friends. He never gave up on you when you shied away or when you needed some time by yourself to catch your breath, and he always assured you and validated the bond that you shared together. However, you would never have anticipated that upon Hoseok introducing you to his group BTS, that you would begin to develop what anyone would consider as a huge crush on BTS’s leader, Namjoon. Whenever you were around him, you were quiet, nervous, anxious but happy all at the same time. When he spoke to you, when he smiled at you – when you seen his gorgeous dimple take place at the centre of his cheek; you completely became like a bowl of jelly.

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“The tattoo of the snowflake with stars.” soulmateAU

SOULMATE AU SERIES // Title: “The tattoo of the snowflake with stars.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (FEM) Reader

 Requested by: @12-kay-kit-kat  asked: #10 Bucky x reader please :3”

 Prompts: #10 “Soulmates aren’t real” (mine) AND Colorless tattoos that get color when you meet your soulmate AND Soulmates where you can communicate via thoughts. Both of the soulmate prompts are from that amazing blog that I’ve linked you to.


Warnings: THIS IS REALLY LONG. Swearing and swearing and fluff???? But just a little bit.

A/N: I combined my own prompt with two that I found about soulmates, because it’s been a while since I wanted to write about it and those two seemed cool. BUT OMFG I REALLY EJOYED WRITING IT AND GOT CARRIED AWAY AND WELL WELL. I really hope that you guys (and you beautiful person that requested)

Pietro’s Part || Steve’s Part. || MASTERLIST

|| I don’t own Bucky or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

“We all born with a colorless tattoo with a particular design that will only get color if you meet your soulmate, before that you’re available to talk with your soulmate through your thoughts. It’s a bond that will never be broken.”  Y/N read out loud, looking at his friend eyes.

They were at the public library doing some research for an essay. And of course her friend had to choose a topic as silly as Soulmates: real life or just a state of mind?” Seriously it as awful.

“Continue please” he said smiling kindly at her.

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answering asks!!

HEY HEY HEY thanks for sendin asks!! there were so many good ones, sorry i could only answer a handful! forgot mobile users cant see the faq. i’ll copypaste it in a post in a sec.

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12.18 and editing (examples)

Ok, so I was going to do 12.10 because it had the most requests, but it wasn’t available on the CW site anymore, so I’m doing 12.18. It actually turned out really interesting. Thanks to everyone who put in your suggestions. hopefully I’ll be able to look at the others soon. 12.18 was requested by @a-little-nerdy-dude-with-wings.

As you can probably imagine, watching for all the editing takes a while and would take forever to write out all the scenes entirely(at least until there’s a transcript out), but I did it for the first 2 major scenes of the episode. Later, when I have more time, I’ll post what I think the editing in the full ep means, but have some examples of what I’ve been looking at, and looking for until then. Feel free to use the information however you wish.

Quick info on editing for tv shows:

Dramas have multiple types of cameras oftentimes, but only one is used during each setup, so they’re called “single camera shows”. A multi-camera show is like a lot of sitcoms, where things are filmed in order and more or less live like a play.

Shows like SPN are not filmed in order in the slightest and have lots of footage with different angles. They’ll often run the whole scene from each setup several times so there’s footage from different angles.

Split into roughly 7 days, each episode for most dramas generally undergoes the following editing passes. Some at the same time:

3 Days- Editor’s cut. This is the initial cut from the primary editor. They have to have a knowledge of the current arcs and where the arcs are going. They really have to know the show extremely well and be familiar with the character and story arcs. They have to understand how the show is edited because it can have a multitude of directors.

2 Days- Director’s cut. Directors may only direct for one episode and they tend to try and leave something of themselves in the work for their own needs so they can continue their careers. This is a difference between film and tv in that the director can try and keep scenes that specifically make them look good. The footage doesn’t always stay though, depending on whether it gels with the producer’s vision.

2 Days- Producer’s cut. This is where the showrunner comes in and makes sure that whatever is presented works with the entire arc, their vision, what’s planned for the future, etc. This is the last pair of story eyes essentially. This is where any arc long interference would be corrected, theoretically. This is where minor tweaking would occur to sell the showrunner’s vision.

2 Days- Network and S&P cut. This is like.. Censor stuff/legal stuff/timing stuff.. Let’s say there’s a song in there that can’t be used so they ask for a different one… stuff like that.

SPN has never really liked fancy cuts. Most cuts in the show are just straight cuts. The fanciest they usually go are J and L cuts. (audio from the previous shot carries over to the next, audio from the next shot starts in the previous). They’ll use other cuts in special circumstances like smash cuts (tense to calm, or calm to tense) or crossfades(montages use these a lot), but J, L, intercut(back and forth between scenes) and straight cuts are generally how the show goes. In general, if SPN can achieve whatever it wants to achieve without cutting, it won’t. Shot density plays into that a lot. But if it wants to achieve something that can’t be shown with only one shot, it will cut wherever is necessary to get what it wants. Usually in the form of reaction shots.

More, and the examples below.

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Can we talk about “Sincerely, Me” for a sec

I think we can all agree “Sincerely, Me” is a great song. The upbeat piano gives this song a party-feel without being totally overblown like Big Fun or Halloween (I do love those songs though), we get to see our 3 gay children harmonize at the end with comedic relief sprinkled in. But I feel like the best part of this song is overlooked. The levels of eloquent of certain verses are truly impeccable. “all that it takes is a little reinvention / it’s easy to change if you give it your attention / all you gotta do is just believe you can be who you wanna be / sincerely, me” Um ????? Was everyone just gonna ignore that? idk about y’all but that’s pretty h*ckin’ uplifting. It’s saying even if you aren’t accepted or unloved, changing isn’t always bad. Just acknowledge who you really want to be and strive for that. And I feel like the “sincerely, me” really ties it all together. I know Evan and Jared are basically writing emails to themselves but I feel it has a deeper meaning. You’re the only one who can help yourself, the only one that knows who you want to be. It also seems to tie into the story in a way. The plot of this song is creating a fake scenario where Connor and Evan emailed, where Evan did everything he could to help Connor become a better person and improve himself. I believe Connor in this song is the friend Evan never had. Evan had Jared, but he’s kind of a dick and never really helped with his problems, thus bringing us back to the “sincerely, me” line. He is his own friend. These emails are portraying Connor as the friend Evan always wanted, or, dare I say it, needed.

Don't let me get me

Hunk Garrett x chubby!reader

A/N: I know this is titled with a song by p!nk but it was the only thing I could think of, and this isn’t another song fic by the way, I’m not gonna bore you with another fic with loads of useless lyrics…so here you go! My first hunk fic and then I’ve written for all the paladins! Yay!

Request: ‘If requests are open, can I ask for some Hunk x chubby and insecure reader? Maybe with some stuff about having a really rough past? I’ve been through a lot in my life (e.g. My parent’s divorce, never seeing my dad, being bullied, death of grandfather/father figure, etc. all within the first 10 years of my life) and need some Hunk love ;-; - from (my ask box is always open for you) anon

Word count: 3726

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It had happened again…your dad had ignored another one of your texts. You could see the little tick in the corner of the screen, clearly stating that he had seen it but chose to not reply. The bastard you couldn’t help thinking. It hurt knowing that your dad didn’t want to spend time with you. But it could be worse…couldn’t it? You thought this as you paced in your room at the Garrison. You knew you wouldn’t be able to see any of your family for the remaining time you had at the school, but it was hurtful that he wouldn’t spend time with you anyway. Maybe he got a new girlfriend…these thoughts filled you with even more hurt as you thought about your mom. At home, alone probably binge watching parks and rec. You couldn’t blame her, she was currently unemployed and single, with also no kids to currently look after since you were here instead of there. 

Deciding against trying to call your dad again, you called your mom, looking for some girl time. But the dial tone fell into more dial tone. You grew worried. But a text came through no more than a second later. ‘Sorry sweetie, I’m at the cinema, on a date! Xx wish me luck!’ your mom texted you. You couldn’t believe it, your mother had finally gotten a date. It made you happy to think that she wasn’t entirely alone tonight. But it made even more troubled thoughts flooded into your mind. How come you were all alone tonight?

But before you could be left alone with all those thoughts, a knocking sound erupted from your door. “Y/N? You in there?” A familiar voice asked. “Yeah, just wait a sec.” You threw your phone under your pillow and made sure you didn’t have anything embarrassing sticking out of your wardrobe before opening the door. “Hey Hunk.” You greeted, taking in the engineer’s form casually leaning against your doorway. “What were you doing? I thought the door got jammed or something.” He laughed whilst walking in, Lance in tow. “Uh, hey Lance.” You added awkwardly. “Hi Y/N/N.” He said quickly before looking around your room.

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Songs of comfort

@velocifoxy @jetsnacks (THANK THEM FOR THE FLUFFY SONG AT THE END) @prinxietytrash @analogically-prinxiety (THANK THEM FOR MAKING ME AMKE IT FLUFFY, ALSO THANK @prinxietyhell for that as well as inspiration for this,) @sanders-sideblog

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Come Back

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
(Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)


Kai and Y/N were best friends even tho Y/N’s friends had tried multiple times to get her to stop spending time with him. To them he was a dangerous sociopath uncapable of any emotions but they didn’t know him like she did. When they had first met , a connection had formed between them. Y/N was the only one not judging him and willing to give him a chance , even before Kai had merged with Luke. Even after Kai turned into a vampire - their friendship was the one thing keeping him from

Lately , however , Kai had grown distant. They still hung out , but it was like he wasn’t really there.  
“Kai ? Are you listening ?” Y/N asked him , trying to get his attention for the 5th time that night. He turned towards her , simply nodding. “What did you think of the movie ? Did you like it? You were so quiet on the way here..”
They had been at the movies earlier that evening and as usual the night ended with drinks at the Grill. Kai had acted weird the whole night. He kept glancing at her and looking away the second he noticed she was looking back at him.
“It was fun.” he said simply , finishing his drink. “I gotta go.” Kai suddenly got up and just left , leaving Y/N alone at the Grill wondering what had gone wrong.

Y/N had tried to call him the next day … and the day after that. Kai wasn’t answering any of her phone calls or text messages. She even asked Damon and Bonnie if they knew what was going on with Kai but all they said was that she was better off without him in her life.
Y/N was starting to get really worried. About a week and a half later , Y/N showed up at the Karaoke bar because Caroline had called to tell her Kai was there. She spotted him the moment she entered the bar. He was getting up on stage. Y/N sat in the back where it was dark and listened to Kai singing. He wasn’t very good at it but it was really nice to see him , tho he seemed a little off. The song he had picked was a slow song about broken hearts and impossible relationships.
Y/N waited until Kai got off stage and sat on the bar ordering a drink and before walking towards him.
“Hey stranger.” she said smiling at him , Kai jumped a little in his seat.
“Y/N ? What .. what are you doing here?” he asked looking nervous, not meeting her eyes.
“You weren’t picking up your phone… I got worried.” Y/N said placing a hand on his shoulder. Kai tensed.
“I’m OK.” he said “Nothing to worry about.”
At the same moment some guy bumped into Y/N and she turned around for a sec but when she looked back at Kai he wasnt there. She searched for him in the crowd but he was gone.

3 weeks later

“Do you have to go?” Bonnie asked.
Y/N sighed , there was nothing keeping her here anymore , specially with Kai erasing her from her life. It was time for her to go and find her calling.
“Yeah. I need a change in scenery , a long one.” she said. “I’m almost done packing and already signed a lease on the apartment. Plus .. I there is nothing for me here.”  she sighed.

Y/N said goodbye to her friends promising to call them every day, got in her car and drove out of town.

A few days later Kai ran into Bonnie , Stefan and Caroline at the Grill. He was kind of hoping to see Y/N but she wasn’t there. Using his vampire hearing he eavesdropped on the conversation and what he heard made his heart sank.

“I miss her. It’s been only a few days but it feels like forever.” Caroline said. “I know New York is not that far away but not having Y/N just feels wrong.”

Y/N had moved away ? Kai thought. No, no. I waited too long…
Kai finished his drink and walked towards the table where Y/N’s friends were sitting.

“Hey.” he said , Bonnie glaredat him as if trying to decide betweet melting his face off or ripping his heart out. Kai shifted uncomfortably. “Where is Y/N ? Is she coming here later? ” he asked , pretending he hadn’t eavesdropped.
“Why do you care?” Caroline asked.“It’s not like she is the one who shut you off…”
Bonnie let a small laugh. Kai tried to keep calm , he turned to Stefan.
Stefan sighed and answered his question. “She moved away Kai. To New York.”
Kai’s eyes widened in (fake) surprise. “Do you .. um … do you have her address ? She um … left some things at my place , I think she might want them back.”
Bonnie and Caroline both shot glares are Stefan , shaking their heads in disagreement. Stefan gave Kai a piece of paper with Y/N’s new address.  
“Thank you.” Kai said , a wide smile on his face. He was going to find her , and he was going to get her back. Y/N was the only good thing in his life and he didn’t want to lose her.

“Why did you give him her address ?!” Caroline said angrily in a hushed voice.
“Because …” Stefan took a sip from his drink. “.. Y/N loves him and clearly our little psychotic friend loves her too.” he said smiling.

Kai got in his car and drove to NYC the same night. He could hardly wait for the morning to come. When the first sun rays showed up , he was already in front of Y/N’s new place. He got up to the 5th floor , took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Shortly after Y/N opened it.
“Hi.” he said.
“Kai ? How … What … ” Y/N stuttered. She never thought she’d see him again.
“Can I come in?” Kai asked nervously. Y/N nodded and stepped inside.
He looked around - her new place wasn’t big. It had a small living room with a tiny kitchen corner and a fire escape right outside the window.
“What are you doing here ?” she asked , Kai turned around to face her. A flash of anger in her eyes , saddness too but also happiness. “I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore.”
Kai took a deep breath before speaking. How was he going to tell her what he wanted without sounding selfish ? “Please come back to Mystic Falls.”
“Why would I go back ? There is nothing left for me there.” she said crossing her hands on her chest , looking at the floor.
“I am there.”
“You shut me out , remember? I didn’t even knew you still cared…” she said , her voice barely a whisper.
“But I DO care about you ! Would I be here if I didn’t ? Just … Please come back with me.” Kai took her hand and squeezed it a little. “Please ?”  
Y/N looked up at him , her eyes had started to water. Kai touched her face. He couldn’t stand seeing tears in her eyes.  
“I can’t go back there , Kai. I just can’t. There are just … there are just too many memories everywhere I go.”
Kai cupped her face and touched her forehead with his. “I’m there. We can make new memories , better ones.”
“What are you talking about , Kai?” she said pulling away from him. “Do you even … ” Y/N said , tears starting to roll down her cheeks. He had no idea why she left Mystic Falls. How could he ? There was nothing left for her there because he had abandoned her. It took her moving away for her to realise that she had feelings for him. “Do you even know why I left? You shut me out ! My best friend , the person I care and love most in this world … and you shut me out.”
“Y/N …” he said , wrapping his hands around her pulling her into a hug. “I shut you out because I didn’t know how to tell you … ”
“Tell me what ?” she asked , wiping tears from her face. A flicker of hope sparked inside her.
Kai touched her face , gently wiping another tear rolling down her cheek. “I am in love with you!”  He said smiling. “And I know it is extremely selfish of me to ask you to go back to Mystic Falls with me but - ”
Y/N didn’t let him finish “I love you too Kai.” she said smiling and kissed him before he had time to say anything else.

EXO’s Reaction to: Being on “We Got Married”

I still haven’t actually seen this show so sorry if some of the situations aren’t 100% accurate

Xiumin: minseok would let you lead and talk more about you than him unless you pushed him to open up. Once he did, you guys would go on fun outings to the park or cute cafes where he’ll point out everything wrong that the barista does – “ah, that’s too much powder, the consistency won’t be smooth now” and you think he’s full of it until he actually makes you coffee one day and it was so good you can’t drink coffee made by anyone else anymore

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Luhan: confident and yet somehow awkward. He’s got the looks and he’s aware of this so he exudes confidence. But then every so often there’s an uncomfortable pause in the conversation and he wants to fill it up so he’ll awkwardly dab or something which is followed by instant regret so he laughs awkwardly which ups the awkwardness, leading to more regret. “But I’m manly though, right?”

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Kris: shows off his bilingual skillz by speaking different languages to annoy you since “I don’t know what you’re saying, Yifan!” and you think he’s making fun of you but he’s actually just mentioning how pretty you look in that blue hat or that you’re his style. He won’t let you know that though cause he’s “cool” so he lets you think he’s mocking you

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Suho: hope you like cheese cause this boy lays it on thick; always telling you you’re pretty, your outfit is cute, your hair is nice, corny “dad” jokes, puns, etc. He also likes to take cheesy couple photos e.g. you make one half of a heart, he makes the other or you’re both holding hands under a cherry blossom tree

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Lay: very gentlemanly. doesn’t initiate skinship unless he’s certain you’re ok with it but usually you have to start it. imo he’s into a more old fashioned dating style so he holds doors open for you, pays when you go out, and kisses your cheek at the end of the night after he walks you home

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Baekhyun: this guy is hilarious, you laughed non-stop. There were times where he’d be cheesy, like bringing you a rose because “it’s beauty reminded me of you” then 2 secs later he’s trying to “cuddle” you in bed, swearing that’s really all he means

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Chen: was really polite and shy when you first met. Once he got more comfortable he would crack the funniest jokes and do little things that were v cute, like get you water when you’re thirsty or giving you his jacket when you’re cold

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Chanyeol: a total flirt. Flexes and asks you to feel his muscles, plays songs on the piano (“I taught myself, you know”), plays guitar for you and tells you you’re the prettiest “wife” ever. He likes sharing his things with you so if you need a charger or a shirt or socks, he’s got you. Also, seeing you in/with his things makes him blushy and giggly so during those times, he gets rather touchy-feely

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D.O: awkward and quite but so squishy. Then out of nowhere he’ll do something weird or super adorbs and you’re like “???” because 5 seconds ago he couldn’t even make eye contact with you. Once he’s comfortable, he makes you lunch for days when you have a busy schedule and then has dinner ready when you’re home

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Tao: kind of a tall baby diva. So you probably have to cook for him a lot and don’t criticise him even a little. like even saying “oh, I’ve never thought about wearing those two items together” will make him re-evaluate his life choices and he’ll get pissy because his confidence just got knocked back a bit. He loves cuddles and hugs so I hope you do too

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Kai: a natural with the ladies. Has no hesitation in talking to you or initiating skinship. 5 mins after meeting him he’s probably holding your hand and leading you to the dance studio to learn some exo moves. He probably invites Kyungsoo over a lot because that’s his best bro, ya know? And he also cooks v well so Jongin asks him to make you both dinner and ofc Kyungsoo will, that’s his bestie. And now wgm feels more like they’re the couple and you’re a third wheel haha

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Sehun: “you must have been so excited to see me come in, right?” Taking pictures with him is a nightmare because he either flashes his sarcastic little smile or looks like a damn beautiful model. But once he gets to know you, you’re one of his crew, get me? So he’ll tease you but text you after each episode to ask that you got home safe and if he says he doesn’t like your outfit and makes you change into something of his it’s because he’s marking you as someone taken. Not in a dominating way but a “wow, this human is v cute in my stuff, it’s mine forever, don’t touch” kind of way. If you don’t pick him up bubble tea every so often though he’ll get sassy so make sure you do

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#93 - For ir-resp0nsible

Filling the prompt “I was wondering if you could base a story on their song "anything”. Like not taking the lyrics but an about a relationship on the edge and all those things that drive you mad about the other person but like you work on things anyway because you genuinely adore them and it’s what you need and you’ll do anything to stay with them.“

"Babe, calm down. You’re gonna be fine,” Van said. The phone line crackled, straining from the distance between continents. He’d been gone for almost two months.

“I’m not going to be fine. Everything is fucked. You should see her. She’s so pissed at me,” you were talking fast, pacing in the back alley behind your work. It smelt like cigarettes and stale beer; your stomach turned.

“You told me you had a couple weeks left to finish it?” Van asked. It wasn’t accusing you of lying, you probably had mixed up the details of when the article was due to be put on your editor’s desk. She’d been hunting you down all day looking for it, but you retreated to the alley to call Van for comfort.

“Whatever. I’m freaking out-”

“Babe, hold on a sec,” Van said cutting you off.

“What?!” You waited a second, then ten, then hung up. He’d found something more important than being there for you.

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anonymous asked:

Hi buddy, what do you think is the girls' favorite social media to share stuff on? Who is the Twitter oversharer? The instagram filter lover, and the Facebook troll(if any) among them, do you think?


But seriously I love this questions oh my goodness.

Yui is and avid Snapchatter

Yui has the attention span of a pea, so snapchat is perfect for her because she only needs to pay attention to things for a maximum 10 seconds. And beyond the consuming social media aspect, Yui’s life is one big ol snapchat, since the girl gets distracted super quickly. So over the course of the day, you’ll see the dog she passes on the way to class, a snap of Ritsu sleeping in class, closeups of Azusa shoving the phone away from her face, her lunch, JUST SO MUCH. 

Yui loves snapchat, because she loves that she can constantly share what is of the utmost importance of that particular moment for all her friends to see. And there’s little to no reading, just pictures. Like, Twitter is fast, but Yui doesn’t want to read that much. Snapchat just involves her putting pictures and a story together, which is perf

AND FILTERS. Yui also loves the filters, particularly putting filters on her friends (Mugi also loves doing snapfilters with Yui) (they always put the cat one on Azusa)

Mio’s a wannabe hipster and has made her lowkey photography profile on her Instagram

At first her nerd butt was putting her stuff on Tumblr like the rest of of plebs, where she would also put her lyrics/writings paired with her pics. And then Ritsu found her blog (bc Mio left her comp open) and after some (a lot of) teasing about her sappy pics and captions, the supportive part of Ritsu (bc she’s not a complete dick) was like “Mio just put em on instagram and not on dead social media you pleb” ((bc apparently unless you’re in fandom, most people think tumblr is dead, ty marketing class reserch))

So Mio stuck her photos on Insta. At first she slapped the terrible filters on them, but then again, Ritsu is like “don’ do that” and shows her what the ~cool~ instagrammers do

And Mio’s account ends up being pretty popular. Not millions, but around 700+, not including people she knows. 

Ritsu is a Viner. At first I was like “reddit??” because shitposting, but I just oculdn’t see Ritsu taking ample times out of her day to sit down on the computer and shitpost.

Vine is easy for her. Ritsu is constantly moving, talking, being a nuisence. And now she can capture it all in 7 second videos??? and show the world what a Top Class Friend she is??? amazing. Her and Yui have definitely gotten over 1mil plays on a few of her vines (mostly them torturing Mio, or Azusa. Mugi is the featured accomplice to many vines)

she also does some sic 7 sec drum beat or beatboxing (have i ever said that??? bc i hardcore headcanon ritsu as having mad beatboxing skill)

rip vine…………………..

Mugi is moves from platform to platform, and mostly enjoys just looking at what her friends are posting. And then like, enthusiasically likes or comments supportinve loving things on them because mugi is literally The Best

but I’m at a toss up of she like Pinterest to see new food and thing creations and pictures (honestly, i really dont know pinterst). I dunno, I really don’t see Mugi as a huge social media addict. Like, canon, she texts her friends really cute texts with lots of emojis on things they’re thinking about (like in the movie with making Azusa’s song) so I really see her more as user rather than creator??

but her instagram is filled with candid friend shots (mugi is the best at getting candid group photos FI GHT ME ON THIS THEY ALL GIVE HER THEIR PHONES WHEN THEY WANT CANDID GROUP PICS)

o wait actually, WAIT WAIT FORGET PINTEREST. Mugi uses Twitter that none of the others know about where she puts short thigns that make her happy. Like when her friends are acting gay. or those nights she feels particularly alone and doesnt want to burden the girls, so she posts on her twitter YEAH YEHA, MUGI USES TWITTER

okay wait how funny would that be if Azusa was like a Yelper because i think that so hilarious and in character

THINK THINK THINK AOBU IT. Azusa hardcore planned out the girls’ London trip to a TEE. you don’t think for one second she went to a place that ONLY HAD THREE AND A HALF STARS??? AND ONLY 56 REVIEWS??? NO SHE HAS STANDARDS. 4.5 STARS AND MINIMUM 200 REVIEWS

and then andTHEN SHE REVIEWS. OH YOU KNOW SHE HARCORE REVIEWS. Azusa had no trouble telling the seniors, barely a WEEK after she met them, to stop being lazy– SHE HAS NO PROBLEM CRITIQUING A BUSINESS SHE WENT TO ON ALL IT’S FLAWS (and goods)

im like actually giggling at Azusa being a yelping OH MY GODDDDDDD

Danger - Taiko [Commentary]

(Disclaimer: I’m terribly sleep deprived and have just finished the 1st full listen of Taiko, and am currently on my second. This is not so much a review as it’s a collection of my thoughts during the playthrough; I’m not knowledgeable re: Danger’s intentions for this album and have put no biographical nor philosophical thought into it yet, because I’m trying to put myself into the mindset of someone entirely new to Danger listening to this. So I’m getting this down before I have a chance to form powerful opinions about which tracks are the highlights of this album and which are worth skipping, which are definitely opinions that might be worth discussing at some other point but aren’t so much helpful when I want to follow the whole album. Reviews are probably best left for someone far more knowledgeable than I am, but well. Two cents and all.)

[1789 Records - 7:17 - 11:02]

This is music that knows that it is being watched.

That is the broadest opinion I can lend to this album as a whole. I bundle those three tracks into one because they flow right into one another; they should be considered collectively as one intro, if I might say so. Taiko starts off slow.
But by the time I’m done with 7:17 - when the beats begin to speed up rather abruptly around the 1 min 56 sec mark, I suddenly find my heart is pounding, and that I have been tossed into the midst of all this without quite realizing it. The static that marks off a three-part structure (more on this later) doesn’t help matters. This is, in some way, music that knows and syncs with what you’re feeling.

Then comes 11:02. Holy fuck. Where do I even begin. 

Okay well. I go nuts for choral effects. That’s a thing I can confess to. If 7:17 was the introduction to the album, pumping you up for what’s to come, 11:02 is the first story that stands on its own. The first bit introduces the rhythm and choral effects, the beat drops about 30 secs in - there’s a passing resemblance of serenity before we return to the rhythm and chorus - and it gets even more lively about two minutes and a half in. It’s well-structured and fades out very cleanly, completing the marvelous intro to Taiko as a whole. 

This is amazingly satisfying. It’s like… it’s boss battle music. I am looking forward to the rest of this.


This is the first track where we begin to understand… well, why Taiko, out of all things. The first minute of this are positively East Asian in tone - sounds comfortingly familiar - then the actual meat of the track begins. It doesn’t return to the starting mood again until halfway through, then again at the end, which gives this track a rough ABABA structure: refrain, verse, refrain. I have come to notice recently that that is not a standard Danger feature, which I may be able to say more about later.  

Also: static. Tiny bursts of white noise are present throughout the entirety of this album, not just 11:03, but where static introduced a new track or indicated shifts to a different mood within a track before, this one fades out with it. I note it first here because that’s when I first began paying attention to the role of static in Taiko.
One minute’s difference to 11:02. Hmm.


Fuck yeah. I’m seeing a return to some old Danger in this one.
The point of this commentary isn’t bringing up old Danger tracks constantly, but fuck it. A similarity is a similarity. A more lively version of ‘22h39′, anyone?

Static governs 22:41 quite heavily, too. The mood shifts ever so slightly with each instance. The instruments at the background during 3 min 50 secs onwards are also notable - if you know much about taiko as in the Japanese art of drumming and performance, this is probably the first track that would speak to you regarding it. There are others that do that with more urgency, so let’s get to them.


I’m spinnin’ in the desert,
dyin’ to live, livin’ to die…

This is growing on me. I honestly don’t know what to make of fully sung vocals with Danger music in general, I guess I’m just not used to it or something. Danger hasn’t ever been a songwriter for me. But there’s probably a reason why 19:00 was offered download ahead of all the other tracks in the album - I got my copy through iTunes - in that it’s a fairly apt summary of the mentality behind Taiko in general (as well as a Tupac reference? Possibly?).

I distinctly recall Danger saying that this album is about innocence.
Losing it, even. Wondering whether it does any good, even.
But wanting it anyway. 19:00 pretty much spells it out for you.

Here I take a break. Six tracks in and Danger has already made the point that the tracks are not simply to be judged separately, but as part of a broader cinematic experience. I’m tired and too dumb to think hard about it at the moment, but I’ll be keeping this in mind as I continue.

Sidenote 01: You know, we actually put a lot of faith in Danger’s titles, when it’s claimed that they reflect the time of day when they were finished. We might not have much reason to question it, but how do we like, know that. What if he just decided that the aesthetics of a number suited a song better and changed it to that instead of the actual finishing hour? We’d never know know, would we? I mean, I don’t know what major incentive he has to be untruthful about this, and even if he were, not titling a song after the exact hour and minute isn’t any skin off our back. It’s not a problem. 

But you know… it makes me wonder. What do we really get out of those titles when we see one like ‘4h30′ (for example)? Because for me, it’s definitely not the sentiment that ah yes, that definitely sounds like a song that was finished off to splendid daybreak. Something about the numerical value of the song makes the titles hard to remember, and thus, blur into a false image of equivalence; if Danger announced tomorrow that ‘4h30′ was going to be called ‘16h30′ from now on, would it really change your opinions about the emotions that the song invokes? What about ‘13h09′? ‘3h21′? I doubt it, personally.
But I think if SebastiAn, for example, announced tomorrow that ‘So Huge’ was going to be called… I don’t even know… ‘The Metaphysical Impossibility of Death in the Back of a VIP Room’ from now on, I think that would probably shift the way I look at that song, before and after the name change, and potentially my opinion on Sebastian himself. Same thing if the name change was to something more ordinary. Point is, words mean things, yet numbers seem to hold less priority over one’s minds. At least immediately. I don’t know. I’m making too much out of a passing thought.


I’m immensely glad that Danger isn’t an Asian-appropriative musician.

That comes across as a thing I just blurted out from nowhere, but… it does mean a lot to me. Take it from me when I say that this man really understands what taiko drums are about. Writing down what ‘taiko’ means as an art would be a thesis’s worth of work - but I listen to this track, comparing it with the prior 22:41, and I hear what he learnt.
Literally. 9:00 is pretty much the encapsulation of what it means to learn, which in the context of taiko (and many other forms of old Japanese art) basically means the search for perfection in the form (kata) that those before you have left behind. These taiko samples scattered within the album are, by definition of being taiko drums, depictions of rhythms and patterns passed down through taiko players through generations at a time. You don’t really improvise or do your own thing when it comes to kata-heavy arts like this. It’s a pretty damned good metaphor for returning continuously to the past, like what Danger said.

Anyway, that is a… strange mood change around 2 min 50 secs…

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[SCENARIO] How the Hip-Hop Team will Propose [MG/VN]

Just a short (it turned out really long holyjisoos I had to split it in two sorry guys) scenario speculating how Seventeen’s Hip-Hop team would propose to their significant other. It was an idea I’ve kept in my head for a really long time, and I’m glad that I can spare some time to get it out.


You may request for other units, too! But do remember to go off-anon before doing so!

- wooed
- Scooped ✌️

Originally posted by wonwoosvt


I can see the Hip-Hop Unit being extremely creative and extravagant with their proposal methods, finding the most unique yet romantic ways to pop the question to their significant other. Though things may not go as well as they had planned, the sheer amount of sincerity and thought that went into this, just for you, makes up for it all.

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