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Do you have any posts on what you don't like about Movie Bellatrix, or could you explain why? I thought movie bellatrix was ok. Love the blog by the way xx

Thanks so much!

Apologies for the amount of time this response took. I couldn’t actually find many posts on the topic (besides this HPC - if anyone knows of other book!Bellatrix vs movie!Bellatrix posts, I would love to be linked to them) so I slapped one together myself.

Disclaimer: This post is not about Helena Bonham Carter not being a good actress (she is) or about which version of Bellatrix people personally liked more.  This is a mixture of book-vs-movie fact comparisons and personal opinion.

  • In the movies, Bellatrix is ‘crazy’ in a hammy sort of way. A kooky woman with floofy hair who ran around on tabletops - silly, out of control, and with an occasional childlike insolence.  She literally says “Blech!” when Voldemort mentions Wizard-Muggle intermarriage, and shouts, “Somebody needs to do the washing!” when Voldemort invites Neville to be a Death Eater. Not only does it seem like she’s trying to be the comic relief, she’s also practically interrupting Voldemort mid-speech.
  • Helena Bonham Carter falls into a small group of actors on the Potter films who looked perfect for the role on paper, but Something Happened and they ended up quite different from their initial book incarnation, despite the actor’s likely capability to portray the character to perfection if properly scripted and directed. (I’m looking at Ralph Fiennes, and possibly Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall, and Natalia Tena. Tena should have been let loose a little; Carter perhaps reined in a bit more. Helen McCrory, who was originally meant to play Bellatrix and ended up as Narcissa Malfoy, recently took a literal blood bath in Penny Dreadful. It makes one wonder how she would have done in the role.)  As with a lot of characters in the movie adaption, the subtlety in Bellatrix was lost.
  • Or to put it another way, Carter basically ended up playing a version of herself, as occasionally tends to happen in her movies….
  • She wasn’t styled well either - the books never mention a rat’s nest of hair or any tooth problems, which could likely have been fixed by magic and don’t suit her background as a proud aristocrat. Those problems are on the makeup team, though.

A lot of this is how she was scripted, of course, which gave her much less gravity than she had in the books:

Movies: ‘Cissy, put the boys in the cellar! I’m going to have a conversation with this one, girl to girl.’

Books: ‘You need more persuasion?’ she said, her chest rising and falling rapidly. ‘Very well - take the smallest one. Let him watch while we torture the little girl. I’ll do it.’

Movies: ‘Neville Longbottom, isn’t it? How’s mum and dad? ‘

Books: ‘Longbottom?’ repeated Bellatrix, and a truly evil smile lit her gaunt face. ‘Why, I have had the pleasure of meeting your parents, boy.  [….] No, let’s see how long Longbottom lasts before he cracks like his parents….”

Movies:  ‘How dare you speak his name! YOU FILTHY HALF BLOOD!’

Books: ‘You dare speak his name?’ whispered Bellatrix. [….]   ‘Shut your mouth! You dare speak his name with your unworthy lips, you dare besmirch it with your half-blood’s tongue, you dare - ’  

Bellatrix in the books -

  • - as shrieking and prone to baby-talk as she was - wasn’t so funny. She had an arrogance that oozed her blue-blood upbringing (a woman with thick, shining dark hair and heavily hooded eyes, who was sitting in the chained chair as though it were a throne). She spoke in a grandiose fashion at times (”You dare speak his name with your unworthy lips, you dare besmirch it with your half-blood’s tongue…“) and before her imprisonment was calm and self-assured in her fervor (“The Dark Lord will rise again, Crouch! Throw us into Azkaban; we will wait!”). 
  • There’s only a few times we really see her lose composure - when someone has insulted Voldemort (“He dares - he dares - ’ shrieked Bellatrix incoherently, ‘he stands there - filthy half-blood - “) and when she thinks Voldemort is going to be angry (‘LIAR!’ she shrieked, but he could hear the terror behind the anger now. ‘YOU’VE GOT IT, POTTER, AND YOU WILL GIVE IT TO ME! Accio prophecy! ACCIO PROPHECY!’‘).
  • Ultimately, Bellatrix should been more weighty character; she should have been terrifying rather than campy; she should have commanded a sense of real power as Voldemort’s second-in-command. And I didn’t get any of that from her movie adaption. :)

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I need your help friend, the fandom is at stake: can you do a quick recap of why shipping isn't activism? And I don't mean just in terms of antis, but also the anti-backlash where people defend their ships by trying to prove they're actually progressive (which would still imply you need to prove your ship is not harmful before shipping it). Fans may have good intentions and mean no harm, but social justice is not achieved through fantasy.

what a good question. let me see if I can do this justice with a good answer.

First off: let’s define ‘shipping’ as ‘desiring two characters to have romantic and/or sexual interactions and using social media or fanworks to share this desire with others.’  So: specifically looking at shipping as a social activity here, because I hope we can all agree that ‘shipping it’ - simply wishing for two characters to have some kind of interaction in your head - is not activism because it’s thoughts, which on their own nobody else knows about and thus can’t have an impact.

Shipping as activism is mainly talked about in the context of being ‘queer/LGBT representation’, and everything else is treated as secondary.*  So I’ll be talking about this primarily from that POV.


shipping is not activism because shipping doesn’t do two important things that activism does: 

  • shipping does not generate or act as mainstream representation
  • shipping does not increase awareness or change social values

and that’s okay. Shipping doesn’t need to do these things because shipping takes place in a microcosm. Fandom is but a tiny, tiny fraction of internet and social activity as a whole. No matter how ‘progressive’ we collectively are, only in the rarest cases will we make a meaningful impact on society as a whole.

Shipping serves a different, but no less important purpose, which I’ll get into below.

That’s the short version. the long version is below.

Shipping is not activism because: 

Shipping is a fandom-specific activity and fandom doesn’t make much of a social impact. We get talked about a lot by the creators because we’re the people most likely to have contact with them and provide feedback on their content; we have an impact on creators in that sense.  But apart from coming to cons and talking on social media, when we get mainstream attention it’s almost always to talk about how weird we are. Also, we don’t cause social change. We can fan over something that already exists, but we can’t cause a show with better representation to be created.

Because of this: 

Meaningful, mainstream representation of LGBT/queer relationships come from mainstream media, and fandom is not the main force acting on mainstream media productions.  Remember when korrasami became canon in the last few minutes of the last episode of Korra because the creators knew about the shippers? Congratulations: you’re looking at an outlier that took a lot of very specific circumstances and luck to have happen. And most importantly: it wasn’t done to please the shippers.  Shippers may have given them the idea, but it was done because canon korrasami would create visible bisexual/LGBT representation. It was possible because the show was only airing online, to a smaller audience, and because of the herculean efforts of LGBT/queer activists over the last century to get our collective visibility and acceptability as high as it is (and yes, we have a long way to go, but we’re miles past where we were even 10 years ago.)

Current fandom seems to carry the belief that if we just ship hard enough and loud enough, the creators of an ongoing mainstream media will reward us by making our favorite ship canon.** The reality is we rarely, if ever, make a meaningful impact on the direction that canon takes. We’re a small, small part of the consumer base - a loud one, but small!  We’re often not the aimed-at demographic, either, so pleasing us is the last thing the execs trying to make a buck are thinking about. The material we’re fanning over is already old news to producers; short canons are usually already finished by the time we receive it, and longer ones are at least a season ahead in production time. (If we do make an impact, we won’t see it for at least a year or more.)  Shows must meet decency standards, and LGBT/queer relationships are still seen as higher-rated than their cishet counterparts.  Executives care about what will sell ad space or toys more than what fandom wants.

The fact of the matter is we have the cause and effect backwards.

Ships being ‘good representation’ is a function of increased mainstream media representation of marginalized identities, not the other way around.  When media was entirely full of characters who were white cis men, we shipped white cis men. And as media slowly stops having nothing but white cis men, we’re … still shipping white cis men a lot, because there’s still a lot of them and there’s still a societal bias that tells us that white cis men are the most important/interesting people (and simultaneously, because they are unmarked, we can’t accidentally fall into stereotype pits while fanning them), but we’re shipping more and more non-white, non-cis, non-male characters too. 

Real social activism leads to increased media representation - like the reclaiming of the word ‘queer’ in the late 80′s/early 90′s leading to a TV show called ‘Queer as Folk’ and featuring gay characters. And increased media representation leads to more marginalized characters for fandom to ship.

While transformative fandom does, to an extent, change things from canon to represent ourselves more - or just to suit our fancy! - canon always reigns supreme and is the most widespread version of the characters.  Canon becoming more diverse will always have more of an effect on fandom than fandom being diverse/having diverse content will ever have on canon.


The desire to see ships become canon is not primarily motivated by generating healthy representation of marginalized identities.  Fans have been wanting their favorite ships to become canon since the Stone Ages.  The Harry Potter fandom wars were all about what was most canon: Harry/Hermione, Hermione/Ron, or Harry/Ginny.  Notably: Draco/Harry is not one of the pairings I list, because nobody thought there was the remotest chance that Draco/Harry would ever become canon.  It’s only recently that LGBT/queer rep in particular has been making a meaningful appearance in mainstream media, and suddenly slash ships have entered the ‘will it be canon!?’ fray. And some mlm fans feel they have more ‘right’ to canon because mlm ships are LGBT/queer rep.

Here’s the thing: if this was really about representation, then we’d all be celebrating if any mlm pairing became canon. No matter which pairing is ‘more progressive’, any LGBT/queer canon representation is better than none. But (surprise!) it’s not; the ‘queer rep!’ battle cry is just an additional cannonball in the arsenal of ongoing ship wars.*** And I venture to say that most mlm shippers engaged in a ship war would rather see an unrelated het pairing become canon than their rival mlm ship.

And this is because: 

Shipping is not, and never has been, primarily about creating healthy marginalized representation.  Don’t get me wrong: transformative fandom is heavily LGBT/queer/mentally ill/disabled/otherwise underrepresented, and we often create transformative fanworks that bring our identities into the story. That’s awesome self-fulfillment, and it can really bless and excite fellow fans who see fandom content that makes them feel more welcomed and recognized.  However.

Generating marginalized representation isn’t the primary motive for shipping. We ship out of love. We see the dynamics between two characters and think ‘oh, that’s hot’ or ‘I’d like to see more of that’. We ship for fun. We ship because we think two characters would look good together. We ship because we imagine ourselves as one character and have a crush on the other. We ship things for many, many reasons, many I haven’t mentioned here, maybe as many reasons as there are people in fandom doing shippy things.  And to that end, I’m sure that some people do decide what to ship purely because they believe it represents minority groups that need representation - but it would be too much to say that’s the main reason people ship things.

Shipping doesn’t need to be about creating healthy marginalized representation because:

Fiction is not reality; a person can ship the ‘right’ ships and still be a bigot IRL. and visa versa. Because we interact with fiction and reality in different ways, there are people who really love mlm ships but still think gay marriage is icky. On the other hand, a person can be the loudest activist for LGBT/queer causes in real life and only ship het ships in fandom, just because the dynamics of het ships pings their fancy more.

Shipping as activism preaches to the choir. Shipping being a fandom-specific activity, and many of us being oppressed ourselves, shipping the ‘right’ ship to increase awareness in the microcosm of fandom isn’t really accomplishing anything. Most of us are ourselves LGBT/queer, or friends with people who are LGBT/queer. Most of us are aware of how much pain the lack of representation in mainstream media brings on.  And most of us are sensitive to the fact that we’re not the only oppressed person in fandom space and are willing to learn more about how we can help other oppressed people.

If I could sum up the problems of current fandom, it’s that we assume that nobody else is #woke (even though most of us are sufferers). In that sense, shipping the ‘right’ ship doesn’t bring more awareness; it acts as a signal to others that you have awareness, and hopefully protects you from being erased or harassed as an ignorant asshole (’cishet’).

Most importantly:

Shipping isn’t activism, but it does something else great: it lets marginalized fans express and indulge themselves in any way that pleases them.  - fandom is primarily made of underrepresented minorities, so shipping is a way that we express ourselves and relate to one another - whether those ships are ‘progressive’ or not. So, so many of us deal with social stigma or harassment or hate in our real lives; we consume media to get away from that, and we indulge in fandom to get away from that.  Most of us are, just by existing and demanding space in the world, activists for the rights of the marginalized and oppressed. Fandom is a space for us to play with each other and connect over something fun and pleasant, and those fun and pleasant things don’t have to be activist things. We’re allowed to take a break.

The importance of activism and representation is to benefit the marginalized and oppressed, letting us be recognized and less stigmatized, and deconstructing the social and political structures that work against us leading fulfilling lives.  When we use shipping the ‘right’ ship as a bludgeon to attack one another, we are literally defeating the purpose of our own causes. We’re stigmatizing each other for our fandom interests. And we’re certainly not deconstructing any social structures that harm us!

In conclusion:  The way we can be most activist in transformative fandom is, no joke, to care more about the fact that almost everyone else here is marginalized too than that one another’s ships aren’t marginalized enough.

*In talking about ships as representation we generally start with ‘this ship is queer/LGBT’ and then use all other axes of oppression to prove which ship is ‘more progressive’, i.e. - F1nnPoe and Ky1ux are both mlm, but F1nnPoe is more pure because it’s a black man and a Latino man as opposed to two white men. (Occasionally race will also be talked of as the primary point of value, depending on the fandom.)

**On a side note, this whole paragraph is also why it’s unlikely that fandom being ugly will ever cause a show to be cancelled or a pairing will get changed in canon because some fans were nastier than others. We’re like bugs with stingers: scary and painful but ultimately not that impactful (unless you’re allergic, I guess, but forget that part of the metaphor). 

***This is part of where the ‘I have to prove my ship is wholesome/their ship is evil’ stuff comes from: ‘proving’ to creators that your ship is the ‘better’ queer representation because it either covers more marginalized bases or is ‘more pure’, making it less objectionable for mainstream representation. (the joke is that bigots don’t care how pure an LGBT/queer ship is: they’re gonna still think it’s awful because it’s LGBT/queer.)

PS - I don’t think this answer really addresses why arguing about purity of ships is a bad plan, but this is already so long that I’ll address that somewhere else I think.

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why don't you explain how jily is better then (personally i liked snily more but only because I like characters that are misunderstood and dark etc.)

I like dark characters too, don’t get me wrong. just…. not snape. like I love bellatrix’s character (I think she’s badass even tho she’s crazy) Draco who is really misunderstood, and regulus who is one of my favorites. I think they’re all pretty dark characters. but anyways, moving on.

so you want to know why jily is better than snily? I don’t even know where to start.

well first off, can we talk about that I don’t think snape really loved Lily…? I feel like he had a bit of an odd obsession with her. how do I know? they have the same patronus, which shows that he was a little too preoccupied with her.

how else can you tell snape was just obsessed with Lily? do you remember when in the pensieve, in DH, where Harry saw that memory of Snape where he picked up that photograph of Lily with James and Harry and just ripped it in half? and took the part of the picture with just Lily on it? and he literally took it and shoved it in his robes? I’m sorry but that’s very creepy to me. I don’t know about you, tho. it’s also very odd how entitled snape felt to Lily just because they were friends before James and her had met.

anyways, okay… bullying. yes, James was an idiot when he was about 15. he was an arrogant bully, but keep in mind that Jily didn’t happen until James decided to grow the hell up. when he finally decided to move on from his hatred of snape so he can show Lily how much he liked her. So… technically, Lily didn’t fall in love with a bully, she fell in love with the person he actually grew to be. and James, accepted the fact that he was a bully and held himself accountable. like in a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. he grew up for Lily. snape- didn’t. he didn’t realize his wrongdoings at all. he grew up to be an adult that bullies eleven year olds.

also, keep in mind that snape did call Lily a mudblood, which in wizarding terms, is a racial slur. yes, he did apologize, but this isn’t talked about enough, and I think it should be brought up more.
and while all this was happening, Snape joined a group that targeted anyone who had the same blood status as Lily. he joined a group that targeted people exactly like her. so if he loved her, then why would he do that? and like Lily said about him calling her a mudblood: “but you call everyone of my birth mudblood, Severus. why should I be any different?”

okay, back to the bullying. so yes, James was an ignorant bully, we’re not ignoring that fact. we’re holding james accountable for being a bully which was completely wrong. but if we’re not ignoring the fact that James was a bully while he was a stupid kid, then we can’t ignore the fact that snape, on the other hand… was a literal adult bully. he bullied children because he couldn’t get over the fact that Lily didn’t choose him and that she well… was gone. so what did he do? instead of taking care of Harry for Lily to show his love for her, yeah, he uh, bullies him instead. and it wasn’t only Harry. hermione. neville. ron.

and neville’s biggest fear of all- was snape. yup. not the death eaters that tortured his parents, not some scary animal- nope. his biggest fear was his teacher. but that’s something else, that doesn’t really have to do with Jily, so I’ll get into that in another post if you guys want me to.

so I know what you’re thinking: “but he risked his whole life to save Harry for Lily!!1!” yup, while that is true, and it really noble and brave or whatever- risking your life for the love of your life’s child… he still could’ve done it without torturing Harry everyday. and why did he torture Harry? because Harry reminded him too much of James. so instead of focusing on his so called “love” for Lily, and actually trying to help Harry, he chooses to focus on the fact that he has more of a hatred for James- than he has more of a love for Lily.

so, now, back to why James was better for Lily himself.

can we talk about the fact that James Potter’s whole family was being attacked by one of the scariest wizards of all time- and he tries his best- wandless to save the love of his life and his son???? I mean, yeah, everyone talked about this, but I felt like it needed to be analyzed more. James died trying to protect Lily. if that’s not love, I don’t know what it is.

now, let’s discuss how the only reason snape was a tiny bit of a good person is because of Lily. for example: if Lily didn’t exist, he would’ve still been a death eater. the only reason he wasn’t is because of the obsession he had with Lily.

now- let’s talk about Lily’s happiness. snape, did not care at all what happened to the love of her life or her son, but as long as he got what he wanted, everything was okay. while Voldemort was planning to kill the Potters, snape, while he was still a death eater, even asked Voldemort to spare Lily’s life in exchange for James and Harry…. and what if Voldemort had actually decided to go along with this plan? so Lily’s life would be spared, but she would be completely miserable. why? because her goddamn husband and son would be dead. but it’s okay! cause snape got what he wanted!!!!!! so it’s completely okay now!!!! right?!?!

anyways, I can get much more into it- but I’m honestly too lazy. and its 1 am here.

so I know I dove way too deep into this and this isn’t what you were expecting, but I’ve been meaning to make a speech on why snape was a bad person for a long time ago and this was my chance.

so whoever read this, and got all the way down to here, congratulations lmao. thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed and comment your opinions too :) xx

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Zack didn’t know what time it was when he finally rolled over to his side as he scrolled through his playlist. After picking a song he brought the blankets to his chest and closed his eyes. Then he opened them. He just couldn’t sleep. Rolling over again he noticed he had gotten a text. Oh, it was from one of his classmates, Dal-Sung. “Oh damn, I left my book behind.” He rubbed his eyes suddenly feeling tired at the thought of school, and responded. Just as he closed his phone the RFA notification lit up. Well…what the hey, what’s one more hour of no sleep?

He felt himself automatically smile. It was Seven.

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Hilary Duff's Interview on "Reddit"
  • Fan: What will your second single be?
  • Hilary: I don't know what it's going to be!
  • Fan: Would you like to make another album down the line or will "Breathe In. Breathe Out." be your last?
  • Hilary: God, I hope not! I really want to make more music. I already want to start working on another record! I've lived with this one for so long now. I know everyone else is just now hearing it, but I'm already thinking of the next step. I will definitely not wait as long to make another record.
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! Fans were wondering about the songs that didn't make the album that you mentioned in interviews or posted clips of (i.e. Feel Alive, If I Fall, This Heart etc.) and wanted to know what happened to them and if we will ever hear them? Secondly, I wanted to know if you can see yourself making more albums after "Breathe In. Breathe Out."?
  • Hilary: That's the tough thing about making a record. You start somewhere, and you end somewhere, and only a certain amount of songs can be on a record. And the strong survive. It's sad. "If I Fall" is one of my favorite songs, and "This Heart" is a song I wrote about Luca, so maybe I'll sing it live in concert with him there, i sing it to him in general, but that's the way it goes - you cut some songs, they might not be as strong as others, but there's always options of ways to use them. Another song I wrote for the album is "Outlaw," and we put that in YOUNGER - so now we put it as a bonus track on a special record that you could only get here or there. But that's just the way it works - and you only have a certain amount of spaces.
  • Fan: Last month you performed (on my 20th birthday actually!) in front of a huge audience for the first time in a while.. how did that feel?! Do you have any plans for pop-up concerts this summer or maybe even a tour?!
  • Hilary: I do have some plans for a pop-up tour, maybe one or two shows, just to play the new music. But nothing set in stone yet. All is depending on schedule. But yeah, I definitely want to sure, I'm just shooting the second season of YOUNGER in September, taking a break for Christmas, and then getting a show together. I'm really missing playing live shows, and being onstage, and it felt so good to play that Boston radio show and see a live audience in front of me again.
  • Fan: Hey Hilary! Thanks for doing this today. I have always been a fan. Saw you twice in concert in 2004/2005. My sister & I used to fight over who loved you more!! I can't tell you how many posters we had of you. Tour books, door-sized posters, DVDs, CDs. It's been incredible to see you grow into a successful, independent, & beautiful adult. So my questions are which do you favor more? music or acting? Why? Also, what's the most meaningful song on Breathe In. Breathe Out to you? Also will we see you on Haylie's cooking show? Thank you so much!
  • Hilary: Well, first of all. That's a cute story. I have stories with my sister like that too. I would say maybe I feel more comfortable with acting, you know? I've done that longer. I feel like that was my passion as a child, and my dream. And I fell into the singing, and obviously, get something totally different from it. I love being a musician now. I think it took me a long time to consider myself that, because I really have to work at it. But being onstage, there's no other feeling like it. It's tough to choose. Being in front of a live audience is something really special. I'm trying to get an answer first! They're both so different. This season I was so upset, but I didn't get to be on Haylie's show. I was so busy with my record and traveling so much that none of our dates matched up. It was such a bummer, because it's such an amazing show, and we have so much fun together. And it's a shame, because we have so much fun cooking together. Next season, i will! My favorite song on Breathe In. Breathe Out., one that's close to my heart is "Braveheart." I wrote that song. And it's a bit of a sad song, but there's definitely strength in it. And I love that about it.
  • Fan: What would you tell the 13 year old you?
  • Hilary: Mmmm. I remember feeling really insecure at 13. Like, part of my job was...I had to have a certain confidence, and a certain bravery, but inside I felt like a very normal insecure 13 year old. And I guess I would tell her to just take it easy on herself. That everything sorts itself out. And everything's not such a big deal. And I guess I would be like "Just wait until you're an adult - Wait until you're an ADULT, if you think that's a big deal!" And I'd give her a pat on the back, and say "Good job. Calm down!"
  • Fan: A few years ago a friend and I were walking toward Avalon on a Thursday night when he spotted you at Katsuya. Being young and naive, I got very excited and turned back, at which I time I pointed at you and shouted "YOU'RE HILARY DUFF!" Then you slowly turned and walked away, seemingly frightened. Do you remember this encounter? If so, I apologize for startling you.
  • Hilary: *smiles* No, I don't remember that encounter, but I guess I'm used to being yelled at in public!
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! What is your favorite part of being a mom? What is your best remedy for when Luca has a cough?
  • Hilary: Ooh, that's a good one. I think I feel so grateful that I get to have so many new experiences with him. I mean, everything in my life has changed because of him, and all of it is for the better. It's so entertaining to watch how his little brain works, and the questions that he asks me, the things he's interested in - it's amazing to watch him grow and become a little person, and I get to watch him grow and follow along with him. And laugh a ton in the process. It's great.
  • It depends on how bad it is. They make some natural cough syrup that I will use? I'll try to keep a humidifier in his room. And put baby Vic's vapor rub on his feet and his chest when he's sleeping.
  • Fan: What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
  • Hilary: Oooooh, toughie. Tough call. Maybe "Welcome to New York"?
  • Fan: Is there a reason why Hilary is spelled with only one "L"?
  • Hilary: Because my parents really made a huge mistake! I don't know... I like the way my name is spelled, and I think now the rest of the world knows how to spell my name, but growing up, it was pretty much ALWAYS misspelled.
  • Fan: Hiii Hilary! You are always camera ready and gorgeous, what's one makeup/beauty tip you can share with us?
  • Hilary: I am DEFINITELY NOT always camera-ready, or gorgeous, but thank you! Hmmmm. What's a good camera tip? I think not enough people focus on eyebrows. That's one thing I focus on a lot. Eyebrows frame your face. People tend to make their eyebrows too small, or too light. I think if you played around with it, you'd be surprised what the outcome would be.
  • Fan: Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? lol Love you!
  • Hilary: AWWWW that's EVIL! How am I supposed to choose?!?! HUNGRY POTTER! Yeah, I love the Hunger Games. But I might say Harry Potter.
  • Fan: What was it like working with Tove Lo? She seems like such a fun person. I'm in love with your new album and I hope you enjoyed working on it as much as I enjoy listening to it.
  • Hilary: Aww, thank you! I love hearing that.
  • Loved working with Tove. She's a cool chick, for sure. REALLY talented. And really added something special to my record. I'm really grateful for that.
  • Fan: what has been your biggest challenge to record your new album?
  • Hilary: I think... it's just been a growing experience. From the start of it to the end, it's just learning a lot about myself and about what I want to talk about and what I want to say and how I want to reach people and what I want them to know about me. How my voice sounds. It's been 7 years since I made a record. And I guess it was a very therapeutic experience, but also a lot of pressure to get it right, you know?
  • Fan: Hi Hilary, What do you have to say to your male fans? We love you, and we wish you all the best as this brand new BIBO era is about to begin! We want as many singles as possible, and come to Toronto please!
  • Hilary: I guess I would say what I would say to any of my fans, which is I'm really grateful for your support, and sticking by me for such a long time. You make an impact, and a difference, in my life. And I hope you relate to what I have to say on this record. And this is definitely going to be an exciting new journey, and I hope you come along for it!

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Your "The Hikers and the Rebels" explanation was totally on point. That's exactly the reason people get mad over SJM books (or any other series). Like seriously I used to be a hardcore Doraelin shipper but I knew from book ONE that it was never going to happen, I don't know how people ever thought that stuff would change in EOS when SJM NEVER gave any hints about anything besides friendship, like not even in book one. The hints and "bread crumbs" are there, people just don't wanna follow them.

Yeah, see, what has to be realized is that some people don’t like to be told what to do. They’re stubborn and don’t like to be told what to ship or what see, even by canon resources. I mean, it happens to all of us at one point or another, but Rebels have a tendency to basically be like that all the time. They’re the people who’s ship never becomes canon or the people who hate the way something ended because they wanted it to be another way. These people have a tendency to ignore the subtle and no-so-subtle hints given by storytellers. Storytellers put emphasis on certain things and you have to pay attention to that and how they do so. For instance, Manon and Elide never had one intimate “I really honestly see you” moment as it was a “I think I have some kind of care for you and that’s weird cause I’ve been taught all my life not to care about anything.”

But this is tumblr (and the internet in general) so when two girls seem to care about one another it has to be gay. Or Dorian and Chaol (though I’ll give it to people that maybe they saw why that could have been a relationship, I have a relationship in a story of mine that’s like theirs in it’s own way) Now, I’m not saying that in that department maybe there needs to be a little more work. Maybe. I haven’t read the book yet. But people have to remember this book was written ages ago. She just changed it up and ofc it’s a different book but certain outlines are there.

“But we just want representation! We deserve that, don’t we?”

Of course, everyone does. I’m a Black and Polynesian woman, you’re preaching to the choir. But also, nobody wants token representation. Nobody wants representation just thrown in there for the sake of being thrown in there. Nobody wants bad representation. And, to a certain extent, people(especially writers) should realize that often time you don’t get to decide your characters sexuality, personality, etc. To an extent, characters tell you who they are. Remember, that this story was written ages ago. Sarah has had forever to get to know them and it’s like getting to know friends. And, see, with characters, they may be yours, but if they really are jumping off the pages like they should be then you don’t always get to decide who they are. I mean, you can write them whatever way you want, but it feels out of character to you as the author. It feels wrong.

“So nothing can be gay? It always has to be default straight?”

No, I never said that. I, personally, am a fan of Malakai and Emrys from Heir of Fire and I really, really liked the way when you realized that they were two men nobody even talked about it. It wasn’t a thing. It was normal and even Aelin took no notice of “oh, they’re gay.” Like, it was such a normal thing to them and to the Fae and I think that’s good. I would like to see more. That being said, I’m not an lgbtq+ expert and my opinion there can be taken with a grain of salt, but at the same time, I really don’t think sending Sarah J Maas hate is going to get anybody anywhere. When you read the book, you have to read all the signs. If you don’t take the signs and go your own route then, i’m sorry, but you’re probably going to be disappointed.

As for anything with Doraelin and Chaolaena, I think those ships had sunk ages ago. To me, they weren’t even contenders by Queen of Shadows anymore. Manorian seems to be the way to go to for Dorian. Manon is not man-hating. Like, how can you take her story and not remember she had a brain washing grandmother??? Not only that, but Manon disliked humans in general before her “awakening” after realizing what happened to Asterin and getting to know Elide a bit like “okay caring’s not that bad and well humans aren’t terrible it seems.”

I’ll give people this though, I do think SJM could stand to show more main character representation probably. Nehemia was great, but she died. Sorscha was good, but she also died. Malakai and Emrys aren’t main characters, they’re side characters. At least explore it or discuss it among fans because I don’t think any lack thereof is purposeful. She was writing this on FictionPress at 16 and that does affect you and how you write the story. Fifteen years ago wasn’t exactly as representation friendly as it is today. Even Harry Potter, a great series in and of itself, has a particular lack of representation.

If you want to make a difference, discuss it with her politely. Ask her about it, but don’t be a rude ass “why do you hate lgbt people/poc???”

She’s a person and a very nice person at that. Remember, Maas still does more in the way of a woman having multiple relationships, a woman not being shamed for having had multiple partners or even having been a prostitute, she still has shown more about men being able to be abused and them having their own struggle with that that I’ve seen in most books I’ve read among other things and I think that needs to count for something. She’s a person. Please treat her like one.