also way to fall is a great song

the great thing about real life is that there is no “the hero,” no one person who saves the day, no single individual who changes all our fates. instead, we are all heroes in our own way. we all rise and fall and rise again, we all conquer and save. on the one hand, that is what makes life scary - no one will come swooping in, no one will save you from years of bad choices in one single sweep. but that is also what makes it great - you can change your own fate, you can change your choices, you can change your own story. unlike the movies, and books and songs you love - you hold all the power, the reigns to your own life. you have all you need, you just need to figure out how to access it, how to become the person you admire. and i guess, that’s life - all this time to figure out how to live up.
—  marina v., (s)hero.

probably canon marble hornets facts

  • alex is the kinda guy that gets Very Loud when you say you either havent seen or dont like one of the ~classics.~ 
  • alex was probably in some after-school film club in high school in which he’d talk shit about everyone’s fav movies and recommend some ~real art~ for them to watch. also, he definitely owns a fight club poster. 
  • brian loves disney movies. has every disney song ever made on itunes.
  • brian will also never say anything bad about a movie because, even if he didn’t like it he appreciates the work that went into it.
    due to this alex believes brian just has a great taste in movies because every movie alex shows him brian is like “yeah it was cool!! c:” but rlly brians just way too nice
  • jay watches too many documentaries; probably falls asleep watching them on netflix. only ever remembers information from documentaries about the most irrelevant and useless stuff. 
  • tim cant get into movies that you have to focus on a lot to understand- the kinda guy that thought inception was incredibly confusing and has a passionate hatred for donnie darko. he digs action/adventure movies though and prob checks out every superhero movie whenever theyre in theaters.
  • tim hates horror movies. all of them. do not show him a horror movie he will probably cry
But, yeah, I definitely did look up to John. We all looked up to John. He was older and he was very much the leader; he was the quickest wit and the smartest and all that kind of thing. So whenever he did praise any of us, it was great praise, indeed, because he didn’t dish it out much. If ever you got a speck of it, a crumb of it, you were quite grateful. With ‘Come Together,’ for instance, he wanted a piano lick to be very swampy and smoky, and I played it that way and he liked that a lot. I was quite pleased with that. He also liked it when I sang like Little Richard - 'Tutti- Frutti’ and all that. All my screaming songs, the early Beatles screaming stuff - that’s me doing Little Richard. It requires a great deal of nerve to just jump up and scream like an… idiot, you know? Anyway, I would often fall a little bit short, not have that little kick, that soul, and it would be John who would go, 'Come on! You can sing it better than that, man! Come on, come on! Really throw it!’ All right, John, OK…. He was certainly the one I looked up to most - definitely.

Paul McCartney, 

Playboy, 1984