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Obvious (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you do one where y/n & Shawn are both denying the relationship, but the love is so obvious that it soon becomes too much to deny anymore?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,021

a/n: ok, you guys really gotta tell me what you think. I really love this one and I think it may be one of my best so far. also, great songs to listen to for this are friends by ed sheeran & i found by amber run :) 

Even though the space was large, the room was crowded with unfamiliar bodies and whispers about the two of you. 

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“what do you want?”
i want a life that’s worth living
without a need to turn around
just to say, well damn,
i could’ve treated you better
if i held you that night
would it have made a difference
probably, a life without regrets–
“don’t regret anything you do”
she tells me with a kiss goodbye
and it’s just another one of those nights
when you used to be 15 and you look back
the sun hits you right in the eye you’re 24
now you get it, i understand now
“what do you want?”
i want a lover that’ll tell me no
so that i can respect it
no means no means no means no
i want a lover that doesn’t force
hearts to beat where they shouldn’t
i want a lover that counts the stars
backwards by the thousands
every night just to say
“shit, i almost guessed it right this time”
kiss me slow, kiss me slow
let’s save this moment
like old nintendo video games
and we were too broke
to afford a memory card
so we played it every morning
just to beat it in one try
you grow up too quick
you used to be 7 and
now you’re 24 and
you’re still worrying
about if you said something wrong
or if it was offensive
or if you are liked
or if you are loved
“what do you want?”
i want to be like the greats
that came before,
as a matter of fact
i want to be greater
than the greats–
they’d want an honest fan
i want to be the best version
of myself by following
your inspiration
into the sea where i can see
into hearts where i’ll make art
into the soul where i shall sow
into emotions where oceans dry
into teardrops the shape of your eyes
“what do you want?”
i want poetry to be written for me
when i don’t ask, leave it everywhere
inside of my back pockets
when i grab my cigarettes
and find you there–
read every word,
save you into this moment
love me when, love me then
love me back, love me now
love me forever, love me always
keep us inside your ink
bleeding deep into your pores
regrets as tattoos, a love made for two
a love like this, unconditionally sweet
kiss us slowly, let me feel it until next week
leave the words that you can’t say in person
leave the words under your tongue
leave the words trapped in your throat
pandora’s box, my melody
hope finally finds an escape
hope finally makes it home
hope is finally seen,
fairy dust, stardust
moon dust, phoenix ash
dragon fire, wildfire–
we burn the same
“what do you want?”
i want an alarm for every flower
that’s dying right now
so that i at least have a reason
for why i can’t sleep
when i think about your soft lips
“what do you want?”
i want to know why we look
for each other when we’re away
i want to know why we look
for each other when we’re together
i want to know why we look
for reasons to blame each other
i want to know why we look
for reasons as to why we hate each other
i want to know so much about you
even though we are just strangers
dear lover, oh lover, my lover
we are no longer the same
and it’s this thing called love
that makes life feel insane
“what do you want?”
i want to teach my sons
that a woman’s body is hers
and hers alone, so respect it
i want to teach my daughters
that if a man ever lays a hand on you
tell them that daddy put me
through karate class
and this belt is only white
because i bleached it
just for this day,
i’m about to kick your butt
“what do you want?”
i want my mother to gain more weight
she’s losing much, we’re running out of time–
do you think angels give us signs?
what about god?
is this a sign?
or is it just time?
do we all end up sad and alone?
i hope not, she’ll always have us
“what do you want?”
slowly, with less poetry
more eye contact, less texting
more voice recognition
talk to me like i’m deaf
sign language
your screams
how come you never listen to me?
i hate you. i hate you.
love her like she’s blind,
show up everyday with flowers
even if she hates them,
she will love them.
even if she hates you,
she used to love you.
“what do you want?”
“go on many adventures without me, okay?”
sometimes i want that exact sentence
to not be your last words.
“what do you want?”
sometimes i wish i didn’t have to write so much,
the thing about being in love with you is–
for every sentence, i remember the passionate
fibers you put into each letter, if the word love
has four letters, you made it meaningful
each one had meaning
l stands for lasting,
we didn’t last
o stands for one,
one mistake can make you apologize for years
v stands for very,
very much in my mind
like sands that fall in an hourglass–
drop by drop, hold you until we’re faded
but like all stories, the book has a last page
a kiss is like that page, we just read it too much
loved into it too much, should’ve left
but we stayed, should’ve ended it
but we wanted to make it work–
the youth remembers e
e for ecstasy
e for euphoria
e for evenly empty
e for everything
e for etchings
e for eternity
we remember the ways
to count backwards
for every star
there’s a dark passage
that we can’t return to
and we won’t
“what do you want?”
i want to write it all out
i want to write it all down
i want my first thoughts to be
how can i be a better person?
by being a better person
“what do you want?”
i just want this to make sense to someone
am i making any sense?
jumbled earphone poetry,
no rhythm
no rhymes
no schemes
no iambic pentameter
no lyrics
no style
no structure
just everywhere
like the sound of a heart
removed from a chest
that has been poisoned
because being love sick
makes a broken person
feel like an indention
inside of a paragraph
like a doggy eared page
because love makes us feel
this chaos that’s light enough
to drown out the sun
because love makes us crazy
my dark room is its own brand
of an asylum
because love makes us better
even if soulmates split
and we’re two strangers
all over again
back to the start again
because love makes us contemplate the stars
and how the universe made us into this
because love makes us angry
while simultaneously
forcing us into constant laughter
such a stupid naive kid
who thought that he could contain love
love isn’t meant to be forever
it’s meant to be freedom
you do something wrong
learn how to do it right
and in truth, there’s never black and white
when it comes to love
no who wears the pants
it’s about compromise
and we always learn things
a little too late, when you can’t fix things
you can only dwell on it,
so i’ve been dwelling
“what do you want?”
i want happiness
i want to be poetry
like a link that ties
my past to a red kite
fly it real high,
maybe i’m high
electrocute my lies
into soft butterfly truths
turn the ocean into a huge glass of wine
baby, i’ll have two
one for my apologies
and another for not loving you right
so when i can’t sleep at night
and i find out new ways to treat you right
when i fall in love again
i’ll do it better,
i won’t make her cry
and if she does
i’ll hold her until the clouds get jealous
the only tears running down those eyes
should only ever be rain,
let’s kiss in the rain
to the person i haven’t met
and this is a little long
and this may hurt to read
but if you’re reading this
and i’m asleep
right next to you some day
and you realize that i
have a strange philosophy
on love, love to me?
every person that i’ve
felt full and empty for,
the people that i have fallen for,
i still love them,
all of them
every bit of who i am
shaped by who i should’ve been
every bit of after all this time?
always a thousand times
every single dozen of roses
bought from the very
first moment valentine’s day
was invented,
i will be enough to love you,
even if i get sad from time to time–
and one day, on that day,
when i wake up
and you’re reading this
and i’m less sad
and we might even be happy
if i do read this later
when i’m in my early 40s
with some kids who fall in
and out of love just to live a little
and they need advice
about love poems and sad songs
i’ll tell them to learn the art
of letting go, but also
to save precious moments–
savor them.
dear person i will love some day,
what do i want?
i want to love you,
in the right way.
“what do you want?”
yes. you. the person on this app.
reading this shit poetry.
you’ve made it this far.
don’t stop now.
“what do you want?”
whatever “it” is.
i believe in you.
i am proud of you.
you are great.
you are amazing.
you still have purity.
you are still flawed,
but that only makes you
unusually human.
i love you.
a teacher of mine said
that if a human doesn’t have
human connection at least
once per day,
insanity will sink in.
this is my contact.
i am the first astronaut
to ever land on your moon.
my feet is on your moon dust.
i will plant no flags,
i will sow an idea.
you are beautiful,
remember that.
—  “what do you want?”

anonymous asked:

I love you and I need your in depth thoughts on DJ Otabek

Joy dies on a Thursday.

Yuri yelps as he stares at the Youtube app. Bile inches up his throat. He slides his cell phone across the dining room table to Otabek, silenced mid-sentence and staring at Yuri in concern.

“Tell me it wasn’t you,” Yuri implores over the sound of his heart breaking. Words are poison in his mouth, coating his teeth. His fingers are clenched against his palms, shaking.

“I thought we’d have more time before you found out,” the traitor intones, swiping a finger across the screen. He refuses to meet Yuri’s eyes. The truth is unhidden among the apologetic syllables. “Yuri, I-”

“How did this happen?”

“A friend dared me. It was before you knew of me,” Traitor replies. He does not say ‘before we met’. Yuri is not deaf to that silent rebuke.

“Was it all a lie?” Yuri bites out. The lights seem dim. Is this what happens when the world supernovas?

“Really Yura?” Otabek asks, a corner of his lips quirking up into a smile.


  • I can’t believe my popular (aka I put it in like everything I write) ideas of musical Otabek are true. Someone get the smelling salts.
  • Musical friends Otabek and Leo confirmed! (I knew it for so long. FOR SO LONG!)
    • Picture them venturing into record stores after practice when they skated together in California
    • Sharing music from their cultures and borrowing genres and songs
  • Pining JJ who wants Otabek to acknowledge him musically and on the ice
  • Half of his fans came for the music and then stayed for the skating
    • “Hey the hot DJ is on television!”
    • “Oh that outfit is tragic but look at his shoulders!”
  • Considering the importance of balance in skating, he’s also great at keeping music level, so the output of songs in a row are never too jarring. 
  • Refused to do any public DJ-ing until his asshole ‘mischievous’ friends could no longer find ways to make fun of him
    • If he sucked in public, that’s it, it’s over, those are the stories they would tell at his funeral
  • Imagine Yuri visiting Kazakstan and goes out partying with the Otabek friend group
    • Yuri has no idea what’s coming and is in a permanent state of shook via strobe lights and Otabek’s tight t-shirts
    • Returning to Russia: “I HIT THE JACKPOT” 
  • Yuri is 110% convinced Otabek Altin is his reward for all the bullshit he has to put up with. He’s so cool
    • Cue awkward friendship/courtship over offers to help figure out music for the next season
MY reaction to: Bangtan Boys! (BTS)

{Y’all seriously liked My reaction to EXO, so how about i give you guys another one? Okay, so these are based on my actual reaction to the Bangtan Boys when i first found them [about two years ago] so, hopefully y’all like it!}

Jin (Kim Seokjin)

Originally posted by softfluffytae


Holy shit, oh..wait…what are you? You look like you’d be a vocalist….Too tall to be a dancer and…too gentle to be a rapper. 

*First dad joke*….jesus christ….get the fuck out ya piece of dad poo. 

*Watches Eat Jin* Jin…what the fuck are you even doing? Hasn’t your mother ever told you not to play with your fucking food? 

*High key thought he was part of the maknae line*

Way i know him: Giant dork with dumb dad jokes

Suga (Min Yoongi)

Originally posted by sweetly-delirious

WHO IS THE PASTEL PRINCE OH MY GOSH. You’re eyes are funny lookin’ though. They are so tiny. Also, YOU ARE SO SMOL. You seem to always be frowning, sweetie, you’ll get crows feet like that. Smile a bit more. Jesus.

*Watches Agust D*….holy…fuck…..YOU’RE A RAPPER. I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OH MY GOSH. You look so gentle, i never would have thought you’d be a rapper. I gotta rethink jin’s position for a sec.  

Baby, you look like you need some serious sleep, i can see bags under your eyes even with the make up on. 

Way i know him: Pastel Prince with an AMAZING smile

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)

Originally posted by yoongismochi

*Didn’t pay much attention to him at first* Huh, who are yo– 

*Finds he’s a dancer, rapper, and low key vocalist*…W O A H You are just a RAY OF SUNSHINE aren’t yOU? STOP THAT. STOP THAT SEXY DANCING YA PIECE OF SEXY CUTE SHIT.

I feel like you and Suga would be very good for each other. *Watches the face mask live stream* I SHIP IT. 

Also, why the hell is your laugh so contagious?! Why do you fall off your chair whenever you laugh?!

Way i know him: The guy i ship with Suga/ The guy with a long face and high cheeks

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)

Originally posted by rapnamu

That is some serious FIRE you’re spittin’ fam.

Nice lips, they are thick. 100% would kiss, but you got that brother feel to you so nah. Actually, your brother feel is hella strong…stop that. We’re supposed to find you attractive, not hope you were our brother.

Also, i like how low and husky your voice sounds. I’d fall asleep to that. 

Wooooaahhh…you talk about some deep shit. What a great mind you’ve got on top of those shoulders.


Jimin (Park Jimin)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Wow…just like Rapmon, 100% would kiss the SHIT outta your lips. 

Also, ugh…what an angelic voice…lay me down daddy Jimin, holy shit. 

BOI, WHY MUST YOU BE SO RUDE AND LIFT YOUR SHIRT???? *just finished watching No More dream* THAT IS SO RUDE, SHAME ON YOU. 


(i am not joking, i just made a song just from jimin’s nickname while making this, lord help me)

Way i know him: The cute faced guy with Thick lips and a sweet bod.

V (Kim Taehyung)

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Your smile is really weird, but it’s kinda cute (In a weird way) 

Babe, take me straight to your make up artist. They have done an amazing job with your eyeliner good lord. 

Also, what’s with your EYES??? THEY ARE SO PRETTY OH MY GOSH. Also, Dude, you have a nice long body…like, that is so cool and really attractive (As a short person i appreciate

Also, you got nice vocals my man. It sounds very breathy though sooooo…maybe good for ballads?

Way i know him: The guy with a cute/weird smile

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)

Originally posted by jkguks



*Watches no more dream* Woah, are you a rapper too? Wait, but you sing…and you’re a REALLY good dancer…WHAT ARE YOU?!?!?!? …Can i actually date you? *Finds out he’s nineteen* HOLY FUCK I CAN.

You look like a little bun with your buck teeth. So cute~ Also, i high key ship you with Jiminie. You’re such a little shit to him though, rood. 


Way i know him: Buff Bunny Boy

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (2 years ago): 


Anyway, i am just glad they are such a small group, still is gonna take me forever to figure out their names. 

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (NOW): 

Same thing as up there, except, Now i know their stage and full names. Also, i still love Jimin but Hoseok is my Bias and you can fight me to the FUCKING DEATH if you tell me i shouldn’t. 

Girlfriend Luda

Ok OKOK so Luda was what got me interested in WJSN. She’s so pretty and always looks good. She has no bad angle. But those looks mean nothing in your relationship. Other than the fact her smiles leave you breathless. “You’re so beautiful,” you sigh.

Which always makes her laugh. “The real beautiful one here is you,” she says. And Luda really means it. In her eyes, you were the greatest person in the world. No one could ever top you.

Originally posted by ludawon

Although she can be quiet, when it comes to you, she is anything but quiet. She talks about you as if you’re an angel. If you’re anyway good at sport, art, an instrument or even just make good cupcakes, she’ll be sure to brag.

“My jagi is really talented, have I mentioned this before?”


Originally posted by wjsn-girls

No matter how extremely she has to diet for a comeback, her first concern is always with you. She wants to make sure you’re eating well. And texts you often. Gets so excited when you send her aesthetic pics of food or sugary treats since she knows you’re eating well.

Originally posted by sebootylyfe

Sends you such cute snaps. There’s nine whole seconds of her flirtatiously looking pretty then in the last second there’s a close up of her crossing her eyes BUT IT’S TOO QUICK TO SCREENSHOT GDI.

Originally posted by wjsn-girls

She wants you to sleep over as often as possible. Having someone warm to cuddle is not only relaxing but spending time with you is fun ~ Even lazily laying next to her, voice growing hoarse and talking about stupid things is amazing. It’s those small things, with bare faced little Luda in your arms, that make you realize how lucky you are to have her.

“I love you,” you say.

She smiles sheepishly. “Love you too.”

Originally posted by ludawon

Likes listening to music with you. Which always ends in either chaos, with you both belting out some classic kpop like BEG or Shinhwa songs. Or you both fall asleep to the sweet melody of SNSD’s ballads.

Originally posted by yooyoung

Loves to cuddle. And also loves to see you cuddle the girls. She feels no jealousy, only happiness at seeing you bond with her members.

Originally posted by chengx1ao

She’s honestly just the cutest gf. There are times when you can’t be together, such as when she’s busy with being an idol, but that’s okay. There’s no need to be together 24/7. You have lives away from each other and a life together and that’s great! Although her career is her dream, you’ve been worming your way to the top place in her life. You and her family mean everything. When she dreams of the future, she imagines being your wife and watching her parents spoil their grandchild/ren. Luda is very happy with her life and what the future holds. But most of all, she’s excited to go through the journey with you ~

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miyakokurono  asked:

Can i get A hc for the RFA react to MC dancing in the Kitchen at 1am in her pjamas to a Ed Sheeran song as she's a night owl and couldn't sleep(the music's on really low so she won't wake them but she accidently knocks something and tries to catch it so maybe that's what wakes the RFA up)?

Of course time to look up songs ! I can relate I do this all the time -got them each a song too just because I can and I have no regrets.

I also reached 707 entries today *throws confetti* let´s party tonight ~


  • You cant sleep you tried but you still have way to much energy.
  • You decide to put some music on maybe some dancing and singing will make you tired.
  • You look in your playlist on your smartphone and you find a great song to dance to Shape of You
  • You sing lowly so you not wake Zen up
  • During the first refrain you knock against the bookshelf and a heavy book falls out and right on the floor.
  • You hope Zen not woke up from it and when you check he is not moving you decide too continue to dance and sing.
  • You are just singing Your love was handmade for somebody like me Come on now, follow my lead.
  • When you see Zen standing in the door frame he looks a bit sleepy but he likes the show you are putting on.
  • So you continue on I may be crazy, don’t mind me  Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
  • Zen likes where this is going specially since you are singing to him now.
    Grab on my waist and put that body on me
    when you sing that he does just that and he is winking to you he enjoys where that is going.
  • You like that too Zen seems to be fully awake again just like you Come on now, follow my lead
  • You take Zens hand and drag him to the bedroom he not complains at all he likes it when you take the lead like that.
    Come, come on now, follow my lead
    You sing this before you reach the bed with Zen
  • Zen gets no sleep for the rest of the night be he not regrets anything
  • You should do this more often for him.


  • You get up after you been trying to sleep for two hours strait you know this will lead no where so you get up.
  • You go to the living room you turn the radio on you make sure its low enough.
  • The song that is playing is Give me love you know the song well so you start to sing to along.
  • You are quiet but you really like it so you start to dance to it.
  • When you sing My, my, my, my, oh give me love you stumble over one of Elizabeth toys you can catch yourself but sadly you knock the vase over that is standing on the living room table.
  • Its empty but its loud when it falls to the ground.
  • You feel bad you know that probably woke Jumin up but then you see that he is already up and standing their.
  • At that point the music reached Give me love like never before you blush a bit from that but you keep singing while looking at Jumin.‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more
  • Jumin sees that you in a playful mood and he clearly does not mind to play with you.
  • And it’s been a while but I still feel the same You keep singing but move closer to Jumin.
  • Maybe I should let you go .You know I’ll fight my corner Jumin looks a bit sad when you sing that even when its just a part of the lyrics.
  • And that tonight I’ll call ya After my blood is drowning in alcohol. You skip singing these lines
  • You get back in when its playing No I just wanna hold ya and you do just that you hug Jumin.
  • Jumin lies that a lot and he can see that you have some plans with hi. He really does not mind that.
  • All I want is the taste that your lips allow You give him a kiss.
  • My, my, my, my, oh give me love you sing and you smile playful at him.
  • “Well then should we move this to the bed room?” Jumin asks and you agree.


  • Its really rare that he sleeps and you are still awake but he needs his sleep so you not wake him up when you can´t sleep.
  • You go to the kitchen you  grab something to drink.
  • You see your phone is laying on the desk you decide to play some music maybe that will help you to sleep.
  • You choose the song How Would You Feel and it starts playing
  • You sing lowly to it and you dance slowly to the music.
  • When you are in the first refrain you knock a can of dr pepper over it fall right to the floor.
  • You are lucky its still undamaged but you are sure it was loud enough to wake seven up
  • You not hear him getting well maybe he is sleeping really deep you continue to sing.
  • I had both of my arms round you .Watching the sunrise replace the moon
  • After that you see seven you see that he is still half asleep he looks a bit curious at you you feel bad that you woke him up so you just sing to him.
  • How would you feel, if I told you I loved you? You smile at him asking this.
    It’s just something that I want to do . I’ll be taking my time, spending my life Falling deeper in love with you.
    You smile at him you make sure he knows that you are singing about him. He enjoys it that you are so happy it makes him feel all good as well.
    So tell me that you love me too
    You wink at him and he is smiling.
  • “You know I love you.” He looks at you and you kiss his cheek.
  • He is blushing “You should come back to bed.”
  • “I just can´t sleep.” You sigh.
  • “Who said anything about sleep ?” He is asking and smirking at you.


  • You feel extremely restless today you see that Jaehee is sleeping already.
  • You get up and move to the living room you think some music might relax you so you get on your phones playlist you choose Perfect
  • It starts playing and you sing along to it you start to dance slowly to it.
  • Its a nice song song to to relax.
  • While you singing Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
  • You bump against the shelf and knock a picture over.
  • Its not really loud but you know that Jaehee has a light sleep.
  • You see her looking outside of the sleep room the song is still playing so you decide to make up for waking her up and keep singing.
  • Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know. You wink at her and Jaehee blushes slightly
    She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home You smile since that is what you really would like to do.
  • I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets You keep on singing
  • To carry love, to carry children of our own you are laughing slightly and Jaehee really seems to take that serious.
  • “Okay you going a bit fast their don´t you think? You should first move in and then we can see about that ..” Jaehee is clearly embarrassed and you keep singing.
  • Fighting against all odds I know we’ll be alright this time
    Darling, just hold my hand.
    You take her hand. “I hope that was a invite to move in.”
  • You tease her a bit its fun to see her all flustered.
  • “I not wanted to ask you like that but I would like you to move in.” Jaehee seems a bit more bold now.
  • You give Jaehee a kiss and she drags you back to the bedroom.


  • You try to sleep since 2 hours now Yoosung is long out cold.
  • This will bring nothing so you get up you need to distract yourself a bit.
  • You go to the kitchen and turn the music on its really low so you not wake Yoosung up.
  • You hear Kiss Me is playing you start to sing and you dance slowly.
  • When you sing Kiss me like you wanna be loved you almost knock a left over glass from the table you catch it in the last moment but you bump against the table in the process and make some loud noise.
  • That wakes Yoosung up and when And I’ll be your safety is playing he stands right in front of you.
  • In a attempt to make up for waking him up you keep on singing  
  • I was made to keep your body warm but I’m cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms You smile playful and Yoosung is not mad at you at all you seem to have fun he was more worried then anything.
  • You keep singing and go close to Yoosung My heart’s against your chest
    Your lips pressed to my neck. You do just as the lyrics tell you and Yoosung is blushing hard.
    You look him deep in the eyes I’m falling for your eyes and Yoosung blushes even more.
  • “Really ?” Yoosung is surprised to hear that and you nod.
  • I’m in love now kiss me like you wanna be loved . You sing to him and look at him and Yoosung kisses you deeply.
  • You like his sudden boldness and decide to move this back to the bedroom.

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Falling Slowly

A/N: So this is my first serious piece of writing on this site. I’ve always enjoyed writing my own creative pieces, but I was a little intimidated by all the talented people on this site. Anyway, this goes to the song Falling Slowly, and has some references to the Great Gatsby, but if you haven’t read it, you’ll still understand this fine. Also, if writers could leave me feedback as to what I did good and what I should fix, that would be greatly appreciated!  @teatimewithtiya

Originally posted by dr-spencer-reid-though

Spencer remembered the first time he saw her. She was reading The Great Gatsby at the coffee shop. Although he had never even met this woman, something about her mesmerized him. Perhaps it was her great taste in literature, the way she ran her hand through her curls every so often, or just how angelic she looked peering out the glass window.

I don’t know you

But I want you

All the more for that

 One week later, he saw her again. He sat closer to her, in hopes of striking up a conversation. She was once again reading The Great Gatsby. Perhaps they could talk about the fallacies of the wealthy, or the symbolism green light. The green light that Gatsby observed from far away, yet so admiringly. The light of his ambitions. The light of his life.

Spencer paused for a moment, and stood up. He started to approach her slowly. His heart began to race faster than ever, from a mixture of nerves and awe at the beauty he was looking at. After what felt like an eternity, he finally stood in front of the small round table where she had been sitting alone. Noticing the new person within her line of sight, she looked up.

“Hello,” she smiled.

She looked even more angelic in person. That smile could have lit up a room. Spencer looked down at her book, which he so desperately wanted to talk to her about. But the words wouldn’t come out. It was as if all his shyness had took over his entire body and completely muffled him. Yet, he still had his mouth slightly open, as if he wanted to say something. She took notice of this too, eagerly waiting for him to say something. But he couldn’t. This was his chance and he just blew it. He looked down and flushed red. In utter embarrassment, he quickly paced out the side door. As he walked outside, his eyes briefly met hers through the glass window, but he hung his head again. He didn’t want her to look at him.

Words fall through me

And always fool me

And I can’t react

After that awful confrontation, he didn’t go back to the coffee place for another month. This time around, he didn’t see her. Although he would still be embarrassed to be seen by her, the idea of seeing her grace again always gave him a feeling of comfort. Now that he couldn’t admire her beauty, he was left alone with his thoughts. And they were damning. Maybe he had a chance. She seemed so sweet too. He thought back to the way she looked at him. Her eyes showed sorrow, rather than mockery. Maybe he didn’t lose his chance. Maybe he’d given it up.

And games that never amount

To more than they’re meant

Will play themselves out

After a week of feelings of regret plaguing him, he saw her again. Not at the coffee shop this time, but a bookstore. He had a chance again. He did. And he wasn’t going to screw it up.

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice

You’ll make it now

 He walked towards her, this time with more confidence. She noticed him, and her eyes lit up. She had definitely recognized him.

 “Well, we just keep running into each other, don’t we?” she asked, laughing slightly.

 “Indeed we do,” Spencer nodded. “Also, I couldn’t help but notice you were reading The Great Gatsby.”

 “I actually came here to buy my own copy!” her eyes lit up with enthusiasm again. “I just finished reading it for my eighth time, but I’d always checked it out of the library. And I thought, why not just get my own?”

 As she talked, Spencer noted she never even made mention of their embarrassing encounter. Whether she was avoiding it to be kind, or if she simply didn’t care, he didn’t know.

 “It is definitely worthy of a place on the bookshelf,” he smiled. “Since we’re talking about it, what was your interpretation of the green light? Fitzgerald left it so open to interpretation.”

 “Well….” she trailed off. “I think the green light represented what Gatsby always wanted, he wanted Daisy. She was his dream. But he never got her.”

 “Do you ever think Gatsby could have had the chance to win her back?” Spencer asked.

 She paused for a moment, “Yes.”

 “What makes you think that?” he asked, he obviously disagreed with her interpretation.

 “Personal experience I guess. If you asked me a month ago I would have said no.” she replied.

 “What happened a month ago that changed your mind?”

 She sighed, “Well, I was broken up with fiancé for awhile, and he tried so hard to get me back but I always said no, we didn’t work out last time. But then I realized I missed love, and I really wanted someone in my life. I think Gatsby had the chance to seize that opportunity.”

At first Spencer couldn’t process what she was saying. Then he looked down at her hand. Oh. A diamond rested on her ring finger.

Falling slowly, eyes that know me

And I can’t go back

Moods that take me and erase me

And I’m painted black

 “Oh wow, I’m so happy for you!” Spencer forced himself to say.

 “Thank you so much…..wait we haven’t even introduced ourselves!” she laughed.

 “Oh right, I’m Spencer.” he returned.

 “Nice to meet you Spencer, I’m Y/N.” she greeted.

 “It’s nice to meet you too Y/N!” Spencer beamed.

 “Well look Spencer, it was so nice to finally talk to you, but I’m running late for a meeting,” she said. “But I would love to discuss this more, do you still go to Jon’s Cafe?”

 “Yes, as always,” he responded.

“Excellent. I’ll see you there.” she gave him a smile before walking towards the door.

“And Y/N?” Spencer called out.

She turned around, “Yes?”

“Congratulations.” he said sincerely this time. 

“Thank you Spencer,” she smiled one last time before walking out the door.

You have suffered enough

And warred with yourself

It’s time that you won

Online review of captain babysitters

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, we looked at the reviews written by hapless human parents about Quincy babysitters. But what if they instead hired the shinigami captains to watch their kids? What kinds of reviews might be left then?

1. Ukitake

Ukitake is great with kids, and the kids loved him! He played all of their favorite games, told them great stories, and even came with a basket of candy! My kids cannot stop talking about him!

However, I had to take off one star because he collapsed mid-evening and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Apparently that happens to him a lot.

4/5 stars, would recommend if there’s an emergency room nearby and your kids know how to dial 911

2. Komamura

you have to prepare yourself if you hire this dude he shows up in a GIANT REALISTIC WOLF SUIT and yeah, i know - why would you hire a guy who wears a giant realistic wolf suit?

but komamura was actually really great - very polite, very well-spoken, very good with the kids who loved having a ‘giant puppy’ as a baby sitter

plus like my kids now keep talking about how ‘everyone is beautiful’ and how animals and humans both deserve respect and i dunno i like giant wolf guy

so like don’t believe what you read onlne about furries theyre all right

3. Soi Fon

I would NOT recommend this babysitter.

She made my children do “ninja training drills” all evening, whatever those are. My son was in TEARS saying how she told him that snacks were “weakness personified.” They were CHIPS. HEALTHY CHIPS

My daughter meanwhile keeps throwing paper ninja stars at things. I don’t know WHERE she keeps getting them or WHY she’s so good at it but it is really starting to concern me.

4. Gin

Pros: My kids really loved him. They said he was “fun.”

Cons: He’s super creepy. Like, so creepy. Like, when I look at him all I can think about are snakes and I don’t know why. Also ever since he left, my kids will not stop “pranking” me and it’s driving me nuts and I think it’s his fault. I hate him. Do not hire him. Do not. Please. He’s so creepy.

5. Kyoraku

Hire if you want a babysitter who is very relaxed and chill - some babysitters get very anxious about watching somebody else’s kids but not this guy. He’s obviously been doing this a long time because he was very comfortable. Also he had a bunch of children’s games prepared. The shadow one seems a little weird but my kids liked it so I guess it’s okay.

6. Kenpachi

Do. Not. Under. Any. Circumstance. Hire. This. Man. He showed up with a sword and asked which of my kids was the STRONGEST! After that I don’t know because I slammed and locked the door and missed my play.

7. Kurotsuchi

Never actually hired this babysitter I just want to warn other parents about his “vetting” process. Usually we parents interview the babysitter and not vice versa but this babysitter had a very long questionnaire that he required the parents to fill out and I got very bad vibes from it. Like, it asked if my kids had any “special abilities.” What does that even mean? Susie is good at soccer so I put that. Anyway, I filled out the questionnaire against my better judgment and you know what happened? He said that HE wasn’t interested because my kids were not “special” enough. What the fuck. What the actual fuck. My kids are very special fuck you man.

8. Hitsugaya

Personally I am okay with younger babysitters - like some teens like to babysit to make extra money and that is okay. But twelve is too young. And when I politely told Hitsugaya that he was too young to watch my kids he got really upset. “I am not twelve!” Yeah, sure, your childish tantrum is very convincing you twelve year old. 

9. Aizen

Fantastic babysitter. Organized, polite, responsible. He had a detailed plan for the evening which was maybe a little too detailed, but I guess that just means he’s well prepared. The only thing I would caution is that he’ll call YOU when he thinks it’s time for you to have another date night and that’s a little weird.

10. Shinji

Shinji is the best for real. Very silly, very funny, really great with kids. He apparently told silly stories and played dress up and helped my kids do handstands. My son wants to wear ties all the time now - so adorable!!!

11. Unohana

I have never been a fan of babysitters who just want the kids to like them. That’s important of course, but some babysitters will let the kids get away with anything. One babysitter I had in the past let my kids eat candy for dinner. They were sick all night, of course. Ridiculous.

That is why Unohana is so great. She’s kind but firm, and she has such an air of authority that my kids obeyed her and did not try to get away with stuff as they normally do. Plus, she has first aid training which is fantastic. 

The only thing is that her bedtime stories are apparently really violent and involve a lot of murder. Which is weird, but everything else is so good and my kids didn’t seem to mind so I think it is okay.

12. Tosen

don’t be put off that he’s blind it doesn’t make him any less good at watching the kids. he talked a lot in the interview about how fair he is. that is very important to him. so very very important.

anyway my kids talk about justice a lot now

13. Kensei

Yelling “SMILE YOU HAVE A BABYSITTER” is not an appropriate way to greet children. Would not hire again.

14. Yamamoto

I don’t mean to be ageist but I was a little worried when a very very old man showed up. what if he died while watching my kids?? And my kids say he did fall asleep partway through so that’s not good. But my kids did enjoy braiding his eyebrows and beard and he kept the bows in all night so that was nice.

3/5 stars 

15. Rose

He brought instruments and taught my kids a bunch of songs. They had a great time!! Also they keep talking about their muse lol 


My kids love Byakuya!!! They love how funny he is - he’s always asking them silly questions like “Did you steal those goldfish from your neighbor’s pond” and making up silly rules like “Please don’t create any secret passageways in the walls I hate it when children do that.” They laughed and laughed! And do not even get me started on that silly “Admiral Seaweed” puppet he has - he pretends to be so serious about it and my kids just ROAR with laughter!

For some reason he won’t return my calls to come back but seriously he’s great.

This is just a comment on how awesome Elliott is

My mother was telling me last night about how she thinks I’m hyper-focused on Elliott all the time and how I’m obsessed, but the thing is, I’m not obsessed with Elliott, I’m obsessed with his view on human nature. To me, Elliott is so interesting because he rarely put a mask on. He was sincere about how he viewed raw, human nature and lived through it himself, even though he understood it almost better than anybody. Instead of the usual topic “falling in love with your lover” or “missing your lover” (which are totally great subjects too), he sang about dependence and frustration and loss of control, but in a way that wasn’t saturated into a caricature of itself, or it would only convey one emotion. Because he conveyed his topics sincerely, none of his songs ever have one interpretation or feeling, and for me, that means the song can never get tiring because it changes depending on the listener’s viewpoint or mood. I also believe that within his music and his life, so much can be taught within mainstream society. I think that his songwriting through different viewpoints also eliminates the idea of “labeling” something or someone as “happy” or “depressing” and arrives at something more complex.  Elliott himself is subject to this act of labeling in our culture because he’d arrive at an interview and have a question thrown at him like, “are you a sad-sack?” and in reality, he was SO much more than this depressed, pessimistic, folk singer guy that mainstream media viewed him at the time. Labels can be important when it comes to simplifying your day to be more efficient with things that will get you along in life, but I don’t think people should be subject to them, because humans are so much more than two or three simple words. 

I am so sorry, that rant turned into something entirely else. 

Songs that should be in All The Bright Places
  • To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra | After the thing happens
  • Where I Belong - Ryan Ross | Just in there somewhere bc it’s nice
  • How It’s Going to Be - Gerard Way | For when they’re wandering
  • Happiness - Jonas Sees in Color | Again, just bc it’s nice
  • American Beauty American Psycho - Fall Out Boy | When they’re establishing the characters: Violet is the American beauty, Finch is the American psycho. (good for when Finch breaks the chalkboard)
  • Misguided Ghosts - Paramore | Also for after the thing happens and Violet follows Finch’s tracks. It’s a beautiful song about being lost and wandering, which is the main aspect of the book.
  • Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots | not REALLY sure about this one, but it’s a great, deep song that kind of reflects Finch’s desperation to stay awake
  • Trees - Twenty One Pilots | it’s just a very forlorn song, yet kind of hopeful. Good for when Violet is creating Germ magazine

francisabernathhy  asked:

biiiitch hmu with some music recs


  • in my way - muna (i looove muna and this song came out a few days ago and it’s such a bop)
  • the river - ladyhawke (synthpop that’s fun to sing along to!)
  • the last of the real ones - fall out boy (A BANGER i love fob)
  • talk a lot - sales (super chill super nice)
  • baseball - hippo campus (really great indie rock by a really great band)
  • idgaf - dua lipa (everyone’s heard new rules but this song and the rest of her album are also A+)
  • halloween - misfits (if you happen to be in a horror punk kinda mood)
  • PLAYBOY: How much did John's praise mean to you when he was alive?
  • PAUL: A lot, but I hardly ever remember it, actually. There wasn't a lot of it flying about! I remember one time when we were making Help! in Austria. We'd been out skiing all day for the film and so we were all tired. I usually shared a room with George. But on this particular occasion, I was in with John. We were taking our huge skiing boots off and getting ready for the evening and stuff, and we had one of our cassettes. it was one of the albums, probably Revolver or Rubber Soul--I'm a bit hazy about which one. It may have been the one that had my song Here, There and Everywhere. There were three of my songs and three of John's songs on the side we were listening to. And for the first time ever, he just tossed it off, without saying anything definite, "Oh, I probably like your songs better than mine." And that was it! That was the height of praise I ever got off him. Mumbles "I probably like your songs better than mine." Whoops! There was no one looking, so he could say it.But, yeah, I definitely did look up to John. We all looked up to John. He was older and he was very much the leader; he was the quickest wit and the smartest and all that kind of thing. So whenever he did praise any of us, it was great praise, indded, because he didn't dish it out much. If ever you got a speck of it, a crumb of it, you were quite gratefull. With Come Together, for instance, he wanted a piano lick to be very swampy and smoky, and I played it that way and he liked that a lot. I was quite pleased with that. He also liked it when I sang like Little Richard--Tutti-Frutti and all that. All my screaming songs, the early Beatles screaming stuff--that's me doing Little Richard. It requires a great deal of nerve to just jump up and scream like an . .. idiot, you know? Anyway, I would often fall alittle bit short, not have that little kick, that soul, and it would be John who would go, "Come on! You can sing it better than that, man! Come on, come on! Really throw it!" All right, John, OK. He was certainly the one I looked up to most--definitely.
the great thing about real life is that there is no “the hero,” no one person who saves the day, no single individual who changes all our fates. instead, we are all heroes in our own way. we all rise and fall and rise again, we all conquer and save. on the one hand, that is what makes life scary - no one will come swooping in, no one will save you from years of bad choices in one single sweep. but that is also what makes it great - you can change your own fate, you can change your choices, you can change your own story. unlike the movies, and books and songs you love - you hold all the power, the reigns to your own life. you have all you need, you just need to figure out how to access it, how to become the person you admire. and i guess, that’s life - all this time to figure out how to live up.
—  marina v., (s)hero.
Riarkle Drabble Week: Day 8

8 Fall Out Boy songs + Riley and Farkle finding their way to each other

Series Info: Riarkle, T, also posted on my ao3
Note: This chapter is sort of an AU in the sense that I am writing as if Riley and Farkle had never said “I love you” to each other before. Also, Farkle is rich in this, but not extravagantly so.

This is the last chapter! Thank you so much to everyone who followed this series and commented/reblogged. I had a great time writing it. ♥  

Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7

Homesick at Space Camp
Tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that I can’t say.

“So, what time are you getting on the airplane tomorrow?” Riley asks with her head resting on Farkle’s shoulder. They haven’t moved from their spot on Riley’s living room couch for what seems like forever. It feels nice just to be by each other, because once Farkle leaves tomorrow for a family business trip, they won’t get to do that for a while.

“I think my mom said early in the morning, like around seven. I have to get up so early,” Farkle whines.

Riley pouts and says, “I know this trip is really important, but it’s hard to think that you’ll be gone for two weeks.”

“I’ll be back before you know it, and I’ll call you every night, okay?”

Riley nods and looks at her phone. “It’s already ten o’clock. You should probably get going.”

“I know,” Farkle sighs. He gets up from the couch with his hand still entwined with Riley’s, pulling her with him toward the door. He opens it and starts, “Riley, I-”


He hesitates, wondering if he should tell her, fighting with himself to say the three words that are caught in his throat, but his brain already decides his response for him when he adds, “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you too,” Riley says, staring at Farkle. It’s like she’s waiting for more, but Farkle only gives her a quick kiss before making his way out the door. When he reaches the middle of the hallway, he hears Riley call out to him.

“Farkle, I-” Riley starts with confidence.

“Yeah?” he says with a hopeful expression, thinking maybe she has more courage than him.

She takes in a sharp breath before finishing, “I hope you have a safe flight.”

“Thanks,” he says, forcing a smile on his face before turning around to leave. He can feel the twinge of regret lodged in his chest. It’s lingering there, right next to his heart, and it stays with him throughout the whole two weeks.


The trip actually goes by quicker than Farkle anticipated. He shadows his mother and father during meetings with prominent company leaders, and he does some sightseeing to keep his mind distracted. As promised, Farkle calls Riley every night, but they only talk about simple things like their days or new episodes of their favorite shows. After the awkward mess of a conversation he left Riley with before he left, he thinks sticking to less complicated topics for now is better, and Riley goes along with it up until the night before Farkle is going to return home. That night, her tone changes when they talk.

“Farkle, I’m sending you something right now,” she says through speaker phone.

“What is it?”

“It’s a playlist,” she answers nervously. Farkle hears his phone ding, signifying a new text message. “The songs are really important to me. They’re all connected together, just like how you and I are connected together.”

“What do you mean?”

“I really hope you can figure out, Farkle. I-I can’t say what I want to say. Not yet, at least. So for now, I hope the songs can deliver the message for me.”

She becomes silent then, both ends of the line quiet as thoughts run through their minds. Farkle promises to listen to the songs, and Riley tells him that she will be waiting at the airport the next day. Then, they whisper their goodbyes to each other before hanging up.

Farkle lies in his bed with his phone in his hand, going through the list and looking at the song titles. He downloads them all, and starting at song one, he presses play. Most of them, he notices, are slow with a soft melody. They’re the kind of songs that make Farkle’s heartbeat speed up and his mind wander. At first, he thinks Riley just picked them because they are romantic and sound nice, but as he closes his eyes and listens to the lyrics, it doesn’t take him long to notice the common thread between them. It’s one word: love. And sometimes, it’s three words: I love you.

Farkle’s breath hitches at the thought. She loves him. Well, that’s not totally new. After years of friendship, it seems obvious that they care for each other deeply, but it’s something totally different to know that she’s in love with him.

Farkle pulls up Riley’s number on his phone and places his finger over the call button, but he resists the urge to press it. He knows this is something they need to tell each other in person. So somehow, he’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


The next morning, Farkle’s already fidgeting in his seat even before the plane touches down, and the second the pilot tells the passengers that they can exit, he bolts out of the plane and into the airport.

He walks past what seems like a million shops and has to go down two escalators before Riley comes into view. He’s never run so fast in his life. It’s as if his legs are moving on their own accord, working so desperately to get to her. As he approaches her, he can see tears pooling in her eyes, but he only catches the sight for a split second before colliding into her and feeling Riley’s arms wrap tightly around him. Her words are quiet and muffled into his shirt sleeve, but somehow, he hears them perfectly clear.

“Farkle, I love you. I’m sorry I couldn’t say it before you left. I’ll say it a million times every day to make up for it.”

“Riley,” he breathes, taking in every overwhelming, incredible feeling she’s giving him. 

“I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“And I love you, Riley.”

Holding Riley in his arms, Farkle looks at the people passing by them. They walk by, unaware of how his whole world is changing around him. He thinks situations like this must happen all the time in airports. People cry, laugh, embrace, and kiss. So maybe their situation isn’t unique. Maybe millions of people have experienced the same thing in that exact same spot. But this is their moment, and it’s golden.


Riley’s Playlist for Farkle

Plain White T’s - 1, 2, 3, 4
Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat – Lucky
Haley Reinhart- Can’t Help Falling in Love With You
Ed Sheeran- Tenerife Sea
Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
Adele - Make You Feel My Love
Tori Kelly - I Was Made For Loving You ft. Ed Sheeran

My 25 Most Influential Albums of 2013

Alright folks, here is the list. I didn’t anticipate how difficult this would be but here we are. Instead of pulling the typical top albums “released” this year, I made of the top 25 albums of MY year.

Regardless of when they were released here are the albums that got me through, shifted the days of my week and made my skin crawl in one of the biggest years of my life. I connected with these albums and I hope you can too.  Attached is a youtube link to one of my favorite tracks from each album, but highly suggest checking out the whole shin-dig of each artist.

25. Ivan & Alyosha- “All the Times We Had”

The boys brought my windows down and almost blew my speakers in my car. Their classic indie-rock vibes and dynamic lyrics picked up my summer whenever it decided to lay down. They are going to go far so keep your ears open.

24. Counting Crows- “Underwater Sunshine (or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation”

This album let me feel like my 90s self in a time when I was older and maybe a little less wise. Released in 2012, Underwater Sunshine proves that Counting Crows still has plenty to say and it isn’t just about Mr. Jones. Complete with one of my favorite “Ooh La La” covers of all time this album lets me dream of big city living.

23. Gregory Alan Isakov- “That Sea, The Gambler”

Well, I could talk about Mr. Isakov all day. Strong folk chords, classy facial hair, and his favorite day is Tuesday. He released an incredible album this year called “The Weatherman”, but “That Sea, The Gambler” took the cake for my 2013. His lyrics have come to define love for me in a little way, and frankly I am incredible grateful to know this music.

22. Bombay Bicycle Club- “A Different Kind of Fix”

Ah the Bicycle Club. Perfect for days when you feel like you could literally run the world. Get the girl, climb the mountain, and move to a foreign country where you have zero knowledge of the language. Take a walk to this album. Now that is an adventure.

21. Kodaline- “In A Perfect World”

I just got into Kodaline this year, and may actually have fallen in love. With their indie rock melodies and modern folk lyric undertones, I imagine myself in a canoe when I listen to it… so take that however you would like to.

20. The Damnwells- “Bastards of the Beat”

So anyone that has known me long enough knows that I have a major toner for the Damnwells. I basically can’t get over it and haven’t been able to for years. They are currently crowd-funding their next album so keep an ear out for that. One of their older collections “Bastards of the Beat” really struck its chord with my again this year, with lyrics that continue to be relevant and entirely descriptive of my Sunday evenings.

19. The Tallest Man on Earth- “Shallow Grave”

Any lover of beards and folk music loves The Tallest Man on Earth, who I swear must get a kick out of making me what to live off the grid in the wilderness. “Shallow Grave” was his debut album a few years ago and I don’t think I could have made it through January without it. All it really needs is a hammock and a beer.

18. Ben Howard- “Every Kingdom”

I think Ben Howard decided this year that he wanted every hipster woman to fall in love with him, because they basically did. “Every Kingdom” is a journey in its own right. Completely rearranging the way you feel about your own skin.

17. Library Voices- “Summer of Lust”

“Summer of Lust” was everything I wanted out of my summer. Library Voices is a twelve piece pop collective based out of good ol’ Canada and I am telling you right now that you are about to feel pretty damn awesome while you listen to this. This album pumped me up for two artists internships this last year and straight up creates roadtrips. Have fun with this one, certainly an all-time favorite.

16. Bon Iver- “For Emma, Forever Ago”

A true list of my year in music couldn’t be complete without a little Bon Iver. I don’t think I will ever emotionally be able to get Emma either. Plus “Wolves” live is literally a religious experience I won’t be able to forget.

15. Feist- “Metals”

Feist really brings down the house with their album “Metals”. I feel about as feminist as them come when I hear these chords, and also become my most productive self with these tunes in the backdrop. No matter what season it is I always fall back to this one.

14. The Shins- “Port of Morrow”

Seeing the Shins live is still something unchecked on my bucket list, but until that time comes I will just turn “Port of Morrow” as loud as it goes in my car. These are lyrics. The Shins came in a little harder with this one and I most certainly responded. This album could easily score my biographical movie, maybe it will someday.

13. Cold Specks- “I Predict A Graceful Expulsion”

Cold Specks entered into my 2013 pretty late, but the discovery completely knocked me off my feet. This chick comes in strong from the UK, with lazy day melodies and big time lyrics. She speaks for herself, and is the soundtrack to my winter.

12. The Head and the Heart- “The Head and the Heart”

If a band is going to make a music video of them playing in a stairwell in their underwear, they are going to have to make my list. But in all seriousness this album defined me, it said things I didn’t know how to say and made me feel like my dream of working on a railroad in a different time was a legitimate dream. Big voices, big beats, and maybe a few tears. The Head and the Heart knows how to take me places.

11. The Lumineers- “The Lumineers”

Everybody decided to fangirl over the Lumineers this year and I was no exception. I mean it would be impossible not to feel your skin drip off when you listen to this album. They got everyone a little into indie-folk and I can’t complain about that. They have a song for each emotion, and I am thrilled to see what they drop in the future.

10. Trevor Hall- “This is Blue”

Trevor Hall thought it would be fun to sneak back into this year, and ended up totally shifting everything for me. When making this list I knew “This is Blue” had to make the top 10. There are few words to describe how I feel about this one. I don’t really think any words in English do it justice.

09. Alabama Shakes- “Boys & Girls”

Hi blues-rock it’s great to see you. Alabama Shakes formed a few years ago but really hit my scene this year. Damn this is album, through and through. It is in its best when you listen to the whole thing start to finish, and really let yourself get deep into these beats. Also their front-runner Britney Howard could run the world. Just saying.

08. Ray LaMontange- “Trouble”

Ray LaMontange has been doing his thing for a while now, and may just have the beard of the century. I feel right back into “Trouble” this year, hard not to when it houses some of my favorite songs of all time. Rediscovering these lyrics was pretty fun for me- since I seemed to connect to them on a whole new level this time around.

07. Kopecky Family Band- “Kids Raising Kids”

Oh Kopecky. Stop being so attractive. But don’t stop. Also don’t ever stop making music because oh my goodness. These kids can bring it. Nothing compares to their live performance, and their music is extremely unique and is doing everything it can to define my twenties. They truly sound like a family, and always remind me of my chosen family no matter where they are around the world.

06. Nathaniel Rateliff- “Falling Faster Than You Can Run”

Nathaniel Rateliff. This fella sends me. There are some of these lyrics I will never be able to get over and I nearly drop to the floor when this album comes on. I will most likely also be in tears. Something about this one really rips into me, reminds me why art is important, and says everything I am still trying to say.

05. The Cave Singers- “No Witch”

The Cave Singers always bring their beards to the party, and “No Witch” really brings me to the party. This album soundtracks all of the success I got to feel this year, and gets me excited for the coming adventures with the ones I hold closely, usually staying on endless repeat. Also the album cover is just so unusual and I kind of love it.

04. James Vincent McMorrow- “Early in the Morning”

To say that I had a personal revelation to this album is an understatement. I am a big believer in the idea that “music cures”, and I think that parts of me were forever saved by this album this past year. “Early in the Morning” hosts one of my happiest songs and one of my saddest songs, all in one. I owe a great deal of myself to this beard.

03. Fleetwood Mac- “Tusk”

Mhmmmm Fleetwood. If you know me you know I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. I am proud. I am confident. And also I dance. The album I played the most this year has to be “Tusk”. It builds, it falls, and it defines my personality in a ton of weird ways. I might as well be that crazy witch from American Horror Story who is obsessed with Stevie Nicks. But honestly this music is pretty damn good about defining some of yours days, and it will always influence me in one way or another.

02. Lord Huron- “Lonesome Dreams”

Putting Lord Huron at number two was one of the toughest choices of this making this countdown, since “Lonesome Dreams” is one of those albums that takes me to places I’ve never been. Sometimes I could swear I was reborn when I heard it for the first time. Each song is an adventure that seemlessly flows into the next. This album was a big inspiration for getting me though into 2013 and forcing me to thrive. Take the time for it.

01. Aunt Martha- “Candymaker”

Well here we are. Number one. This year “Candymaker” was reignited for me, in ways I would have never entirely anticipated. This album is the home to songs that helped me find new maps of myself, songs that move me to ends of the earth, inspire me, and also houses the song that soundtracks one of the most incredible friendships I’ve ever had the pleasure discovering. This is music.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and a big shout out to some of the artists that just barely didn’t make the cut like The Civil Wars, Family of the Year,Damien Rice, Plants and Animals, The Jezabels, and many more. 

Cheers to another upcoming year of incredible music. 

Hey, let’s do aesthetic blogrates

I mean, I’m probably not qualified to quantify anyone’s style, but the holidays are here and I’m getting restless! So why not give it a shot? (Also I would love to follow more of you back and this seems like a great way for me to find you!) 


-send me your favorite book/movie/tv show/song/an emoji that captures your mood. 

-reblog for brownie points. 

How it works:  Send me an ask with your favorite thing in it (but don’t use question marks or I might mistake it for a moodboard request!) and I’ll select the aesthetic concepts that I think fit your blog’s archive and vibe the best. 


Season: Fall / Spring / Summer / Winter

Art Form: Poetry / Painting / Film / Novel / Music / Cartoon   

Fabric: Silk / Cotton / Velvet / Lace / Satin / Leather / Gossamer / Denim  

Precious Stone: Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald / Amethyst / Diamond / Topaz / Onyx. 

Planet: Stars / Moon / Sun / Mercury / Venus / Earth / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Neptune

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor / Slytherin / Ravenclaw / Hufflepuff 

Greek Mythology: Zeus / Poseidon / Hades / Hera / Ares / Athena / Persephone / Demeter / Aphrodite / Nyx / Dionysus / Hermes

Sin: Sloth / Lust / Pride / Wrath / Greed / Envy / Gluttony


Thought I would share this with everyone. I’ve been in a decent mood today, just to spite that anon. This song seems to fit my mood. 

Also, I know some people I’ve been following have been having a rough time since the election. Please take a minute and listen to this with me, okay?

How are you? Isn’t there anything new?
Not too bad myself, I’m trying my best.
Lately in our world, there’s been many depressing things
And here, everyday you keep your mouth shut.

The people who walk the streets, without change
With grim faces and a quick pace
Where are they walking off to?
What are they walking for?

Hey, please listen! Let’s stop and stand here just a bit longer.
Lalala lalala, we sing under totally different skies.
Everyday, [We’re] hurried on by life,
let’s take it slowly and not seriously.

Please don’t cry anymore!
Hey, don’t look so down.
Putting it to words, to voice, to song, there’s a world you’ll be able to see.

Is your heart broken? Are you crying? After all, people without love fall apart.
The great god from some other country, what was it that they said again?

Today and tomorrow are both busy days, so sing your little song.
Sad songs, happy songs, and songs for someone else clearly take form.
They change into “something”

Everyone has a singing voice
Here and now, let it resound
With singing, you’ll be able to become just a little bit stronger.
Let me hear it,
your unique song.

La la la la la la……

(Cutely, the last line of the song, the way he says “you” [君だけ - kimi dake] can also be translated as like “darling, sweety.”)

’You can’t have my life,
I’m not your sacrifice.
You can try, but I’m free,
And you won’t conquer me.

I won’t crawl,
Most of all,
I won’t fall,
For you.’

Okay so I listened to “Sacrifice’ from the Volume 2 soundtrack [holy shit it’s a great song by the way], and I noticed a bunch of people believe it to be Cinder’s kind of ‘theme’.
I can totally see that, but I liked this part of the chorus because I like to think it’s also befitting of Roman.

Unless Roman was aware that Cinder was planning on letting him get caught like that, he wouldn’t be a happy camper I can imagine [and I can only imagine he’d hate Em and Merc’s guts even more].
But Roman obviously isn’t too hot on Cinder [I couldn’t resist the pun I’m sorry] and I like to think that he’s trying to find a way to continue with his own plans and manage to worm away from Cinder and her plans [whatever they are] for his own benefit.

BUUUUT that’s just my own theory ^^; 
I can also kind of see Roman using Neo as his ace up his sleeve regarding Cinder, partially because Neo appears to be loyal solely to Roman at this point, and partially because I honestly don’t think Neo would be all that afraid of Cinder in the first place [though that’s up in the air, seeing as there’s no interaction yet]

But I’m done rambling for now ;u;
Just enjoy my shitty sketch instead jhdsgfhdfg
I haven’t drawn these two in a little while… I should draw them more though.


Tulpamancers who are having wonderland problems. Stop right now and listen.

I want you to forget right now. Forget worrying about immersion. Forget worrying about meditating to make everything more realistic. Forget putting on new age music/binurals, getting into some kind of mindset.  Forget everything the community has taught you about active forcing and working within a mindscape/wonderland RiGHT NOW.

Now, what I want you to do is this. Grab your favorite CD/Musician. You know the one, the one that you can listen to the entire CD of over and over and over again. Doesn’t have to be trance music, or EDM unless that’s totally your jam. I loved, fucking LOVED Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory when it came out. If I had a decent copy of it (I lost a few things in the digial revolution, that CD was one of them.) I would use it. I also have used Cradle of Filth and even Disturbed (also enya and taylor swift… I had playlists for days on windows media player)

Okay now that you got your jams, you’re going to need some headphones. Why headphones? It creates a space for you to separate inner world and outer world. Putting on these headphones allows your mind a physical trigger to block out the external world and start thinking with the inner one instead.

Now, start up the music. if it’s been a while, you might get a small jolt of nostalgia, play with that. Become it for a while remembering all those fun things. You should include your tulpa in this, like a travelogue of your experiences back then. Let it pass. Mostly you’re here to experience the music with your tulpa right now in your first session. Have fun. If a jam session starts, totally go along, go with the feeling. If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. 

Once the CD/album/playlist is over you can either A. start it over like I prolly would have (like the dork I am), or end your session at that time. 

In subsequent sessions (you’ll want to get a whole stack of music like this…) you can start working on visualization…. But not like you think. 

First think of a place you like to hang out. Even if you’ve never been there before. Does that sound weird? It’s not really, I hung out a lot on rooftops of places I like, and somehow it became a thing where thinking philosophical thoughts while on rooftops became a pastime for me. >.> I don’t really need to know what they REALLY look like because I just think of it.

Will it be shitty? Yes it will be. Will it be like a watercolor? Yes it will be. What you need to do is ignore that shit and just pay attention to hanging out with your tulpa and having fun. Doing things together. Talking the big talk. Talking the small talk.  Maybe you’re at their house and they show you their rock collection. Who cares? If you really cared about them it doesn’t matter because you WANT to spend time with them.

This is another reason the music is there. Regular music/binural beats you’re going to want to peace out of there real quick. Maybe five minutes in. But with this, you’re like, awwe yes, this is my music, I gotta keep going that bridge in track 11 is coming up… Stamina is something you build up. If you fall asleep? So what? No big loss. In fact some of the weirdest insights have happened to me because I was doing this and fell asleep. (I once spoke to an old dude and had a complete conversation in numbers and calculations. I had no idea how that worked, but we understood each other completely…I never forgot it though…)

If you build up enough, you can go on for hours. I think for me four hours a night was pretty standard for derping off (which is kind of what I called it at the time). thing is, all this takes TIME. It’s something you build up like a muscle. When I started out, I was pure shit. Poor David, I can’t even tell you how many mindscapes I simply tore apart because my brain did something and it just fell apart. 

The biggest point from this is, go into it because you’re getting to hang out with the best friend in the world who gets you like nobody else does. Throw on some music you both like and just hang out like friends do. Talk about things, do things together and over time everything else you were originally worried about will just fall into place because you’ve been working and practicing it for so long.

Meta lightening round:

This is also a great way to teach yourself what I like to call instant access altered states of consciousness. Eventually you get so good at this, getting to the state condusive to actually being there and hanging out with your tulpa is great. If you can teach yourself to get to that state within seconds it’s great.

That’s why you can create a specific playlist. This will be your meta time playlist. For this specific activity. These songs if heard in the wild, or if they come up randomly on your ipod they will suddenly throw your brainwaves into the same state you were in when you listened to it. Note: the more exposure you have to the song inside the state, the more association. The less exposure to the song in the state, the less association. 

Nivix Nonsense

Creatures (8)
4x Kiln Fiend
4x Nivix Cyclops

Non-Creature Spells (32)
4x Anticipate
4x Apostle’s Blessing
4x Artful Dodge
4x Assault Strobe
3x Distortion Strike
4x Sleight of Hand
3x Swan Song
4x Temur Battle Rage
2x Titan’s Strength

Land (20)
2x Shivan Reef
8x Mountain
10x Island

Hello there, Niv-Mizzle here with another triumph of technology in the name of the glorious Izzet League. I have experimented with this deck since I first got into the game around the RTR block, and it has always been a budget modern deck near my heart, so let’s dive in….with SCIENCE!

Up first is our wincons. These two guys get bigger every time we cast and instant or sorcery spell, and by a sizeable amount too. The overall idea is to make these guys really big and swing in for absurd amount of damage, doing all we can to protect them at the same time. At the same time, making them better at getting damage right to the opponent’s face.

These two cards give us unblockable, both of which can do it twice as well. This means if we can’t kill them in one turn, we have a second chance!

Now these two are the kicker. Double strike gives us the opportunity to just kill them in one turn. If you cast any 1 spell, one of our unblockable spells and either of these, that is 20 damage right there! 3 spells is the magic number. These two spells also have their own strengths. Temur Battle Rage is instant speed, so you don’t have to tap out before attacking and hoping they can’t stop you, it also gives the added bonus of trample, but it costs one more than assault strobe, making it slightly harder to cast at times. 

The rest of the spells are too numerous to put into one picture, but they are worth mentioning. Anticipate and Sleight of hand give you card selection, allowing you to sift through your deck to find your combo pieces, while also being cantrips to activate our creatures. Apostle’s Blessing is there as a means of protection. The cyclops can evade a lightning bolt with his 4 toughness, but kiln fiend isn’t so lucky, and they both die to a bunch of other kills spells, so protection is a great way to make those spells fall right off. Swan song is also a good secret weapon as it can counter a spell for 1 mana. They get a bird, but we don’t care because we are unblockable. Lastly Titan’s strength is just there because it acts as 2 spells in winning the game, and also scrys, which is nice. 

So if you ever wanted to dabble in some sweet scientific might and swing for 20+ damage, this is the modern deck for you! Have fun!