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Can I ask a question, and I hope you don't think me stupid but what's the difference between all the different lupin's (I mean jacket wise) I mean I love lupin but I've only seen red jacket and I did watch a few eps with green jacket lupin but It was a few years ago and I was also trying to muilty task at the time so I can recall to much if the eps.

Oh boy! This is the kind of asks I love to get, so forgive me if I ramble!

There’s basically a Lupin for everyone! Or you can love them all (like I do)!

Green Jacket, as fans call it, or Lupin III Part I is where it all starts. Some episodes are based off the manga and show how the gang first meet/befriend Goemon and BOY is that a wild ride. But it’s a bit more serious, especially the first half until Miyazaki took over to kind of lighten it up a bit. the reason for this is because, if I remember correctly, the first few eps weren’t liked as much by audiences and the series was looking to flop!

Sadly, it got canceled after episode 23 or 24 (I forget, it’s been a few months since I rewatched it) but all in all it’s a short lived first series but it’s got it’s own charm! It’s also SLIGHTLY more grounded in realism unlike Red and Pink Jacket.

Red Jacket, or Part II literally takes place five years after Green if you take the first episode seriously enough with it mentioning the ‘hiatus’ and also involving the villain of the first episode of Green. It’s a lot more zany and comical than it’s predecessor and has 155 episodes!! Ahhh. That’s a lot to watch if you’re not used to long animes! And some episodes, as well as in Green, have some sensitive material since the series DOES have a history of racism and sexism. 

But if you have the stomach to deal with that kind of thing, go for it, or read the episode synopsis in wikipedia just to be sure of the subject matter. (I will say, though, that sometimes they also shine good light on minorities and women too so it’s almost a 50/50 deal depending on who’s writing the episodes)  If you’re not sure about something you can always ask me! 

Pink Jacket, or Part III, is one of my favorites for it’s whacky almost surrealist comedy and cartoon hijinks. It’s not everyone’s favorite because of the constant style change but when the animation is good it’s REALLY good. Sadly, it got canceled after 50 episodes and not all are even subbed very well but the website here has fairly decent subs and all the series/ovas/movies/specials available! Just type in ‘lupin iii’ in the search! Or watch eps on Hulu too (since I think that gives Lupin III more promotion in the States if you’re from the US)

There’s also The Woman Called Fujiko Mine series which, if you want to watch ‘chronologically’ even though Lupin III is WILDLY episodic and changes and contradicts itself a million times due to different writers, shows how Lupin and Fujiko and Jigen all met each other. Goemon’s in it too and it’s cute how they have Goemon avoid Lupin throughout so it flows into the Part I narrative. The art style is GORGEOUS but I’ll warn for nudity and such. Not everyone enjoys it but vraik here has a really lovely analysis of it (spoilers tho) so probably read it after you watch it if it’s your thing!

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Mesmerized | Michael Clifford

irwinshomie requested: can you write a michael imagine where [Y/N] performs bang bang at the vmas. (y/n takes Jessie j spots) and like 5sos war like intentionally watching or something

It was their first VMAs, and to say that they weren’t nervous would be a lie. Sure, they already won one, and the red carpet went pretty well, as Luke didn’t trip, Michael didn’t say anything inappropriate, Calum got some words out and Ashton found a way to keep his stories short; but they were still up to perform and that made it hard to keep the nerves to a minimum. 

“I kinda wish we were up first,” Calum said, “cause I can’t focus on all these other performances now.” 

“Be happy we’re not closing the show.” Ashton tried to be positive, but his eyes missed their usual sparkle.

Performing at the VMAs was a big deal for them. And it was an amazing thing; they really were very thankful for the opportunity. But they had felt a bit bad for canceling the two 1D shows, as they got some tweets from disappointed fans, and they also knew how excited the fans were for this performance.

They just really didn’t want to mess it up.

“Shh, it’s starting,” Luke hissed, even though none of them were talking.

The light started to dim, music started to play, and Ariana Grande came on stage. 

No one around them stood up or danced to the performance, so they just sat there, kinda watching her, and kinda absorbed in their thoughts. Luke was going over the chords, as if he hadn’t played them a million times before, Calum repeated his lyrics in his head, Ash was thinking of ways to keep his face movements to a minimum, and Michael?

Michael was telling himself to calm down, which, quite frankly, only made him feel more nervous. He was staring at his hands, wondering if he was gonna make it through, when suddenly the crowd started applauding. 

He looked up to see what the big deal was, when he saw someone had joined Ariana on stage. And she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. 

“Who’s that?” he muttered to Ashton, who was sitting next to him. 

“I’m not really sure, mate.” 

He stared at the girl. He didn’t notice he hadn’t blinked in a while, or that his breathing had become irregular. 

She belted out a high note, which sounded like the most angelic sound he’d ever heard, and when Ariana took back over, a smile fell over her face, and Mikey found himself smiling along. 

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