also wanting to do it for a while

Wait a freaking minute.. Holy shit this is a big clue! Natalie has never posted about Cameron or anything to do with him.. Not only that but she captioned it saying Jerome and Silver (their characters instead of their actual names) even though I’m for Lee being Harley, another part of me really wants Silver to be Harley. I’m stuck between the two, because Silver was my very first (dead set) guess on who I thought was Harley. Then I suspected Barbara for maybe like a day. And then I suspected Lee for quite a while, I still do. I honestly want it to either be Lee or Silver. Actually the thought of Silver being Harley excites the shit out of me. If what everyone is saying about Lee is true, then Natalie is definitely the only other person I would accept as Harley. I’m still standing by my theory of Lee, but I’m also standing by my theory of Silver. I will be happy with either. Natalie is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL and she is younger than Cameron. She’s also at that right age with Selina and Ivy. So if the writers were to stick to the whole Joker being older thing, she would fit perfectly. She also connects to the facts that the writers hinted. ‘She might be a character that you thought you had met and known for a long time’.. Silver was in seven episodes. This is enough episodes to not be a regular or extra, but also enough for us to get to know her. Also 'she will be connected to the joker cult world’ She hasn’t yet met Jerome (which could be an advantage! Just imagine them meeting for the first time) but Jerome’s boss was her step uncle, who she was working for as well. The writers said that Harley’s appearance on the show is gonna be crazy, crazy enough to be the launching point for season 4. Silver returning could be pretty crazy.. Especially since it never showed us what happened to her after she got pushed out the window. Also Natalie herself has the appearance of Harley and she is very flexible. This means she could definitely pull off Harley’s gymnastics skills. Also silver can change her personality on a whim. Like Jerome can change his facial expressions on a whim, she can change her personality on a whim according on who she’s with. With Bruce she can make herself appear to be kind and timid. When she’s by herself or with Theo and Tabitha she’s cold and self-confident. I have wayyy more reasons, but I honestly can’t think of them right now because I’m so sleepy that my eyes are barely able to stay open. So I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense. But I’m definitely rooting for Silver or Lee to be Harley. Her post makes me so happy. Lee and Silver are my Harley’s 💖💖💖


Two things I’m happy about this morning!  New workout shirt (I really think this would help, by the way, and one of my work programs focuses on teaching empathy through reading) and my breakfast!  The breakfast is always prettier before I mix it, but man, yogurt with berries and granola is the best!  So delicious!

Tomorrow, tickets for Dave Chappelle at the ACL Live theater go on sale, and I’m really hoping I can grab two to surprise the husband!  The actual show is close to our wedding anniversary date, too, so they’d be the perfect gift!  He has been so damn sweet to me lately even though I’ve been feeling a bit icky, so I want to do this for him.  We enjoy comedy shows but haven’t been to one in a while.  Jim Gaffigan also has a show coming up there in April–that will be my back up plan (or additional plan) if I can’t get the Chappelle tickets.

I have lunch with a fabulous friend to look forward to this afternoon.  I honestly cannot believe she has time as she was just this week promoted to vice president of her international company. I honestly cannot even imagine.  Our lives are nothing alike, but that doesn’t matter because she’s an amazing person and so kind and thoughtful and warm!  Whenever we see each other, we’re able to immediately get down to important things! :)  Looking forward to it!  Now, back to work! ;) 

A note on responses.

It’s been a long while since I have done any threads with any of you. I’ll be messaging those I had threads with, individually, but if you see this beforehand, please, let me know if you are interested in continuing with one that we had previously. I entirely understand if you would not want to.

I will also be limiting the amount of concurrent threads that I participate in, from here on out. I have had several people inquire about the possibility of a thread; rest assured that I haven’t been ignoring you, just, that there would have been too many for me to juggle at once if I took everyone’s offers. I don’t want anyone to feel excluded, I just don’t want to provide content I wouldn’t feel worth your while.

Thank you, again. I really do appreciate your patience.

I am currently trying to keep my hopes down for Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon but it looks like there is going to be a level of sexist asshole in both men that I’m going to have to endure and I really don’t want to. 

And I know it is being marketed as an epic bromance but I also know that there will be queer baiting everywhere and while I’ll definitely eat it up…

Is it really too much to ask that men adore a physically strong woman and have a healthy relationship where the closeness, both emotional and physical, isn’t a played for laughs?

Give me Healer levels of pining, of awe, of respect, and of care. That’s all I really want. Please, prove me wrong.

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Reaper and mcree headcanons with a s/o who's terrified of spiders?


  • Hears you screaming and thinks you’re under attack
    • He runs in to see you screaming at a small black speck on the floor.
    • He laughs for about five minutes
    • And you get mad at him 
    • He eventually squishes the spider
    • Teases you about this forever
      • Only stopping if it actually bugs you
  • Will just kill any spiders that you see after this without question
    • Just stares right at Widowmaker while doing it if she’s in the room


  • Is also scared of spiders
    • Pretends not to be but they’re creepy to him
    • After realizing that you want to him to kill it he blanches
    • “Don’t you worry darlin’” he gently steps towards it, “I’ll get it.”
    • As he squishes it he represses the need to shudder
    • Plays it off that he’s unaffected
      • He’s going to have nightmares
  • Whenever you see another spider he mysteriously disappears
    • Doesn’t reappear for another ten minutes

If I were Jin, I would also be upset if I won’t be able to go to my graduation. It was something he worked hard for while doing Bangtan’s activities. Imagine how hard that was for him. But he managed and achieved it on his own. Not within the group but just with his own capabilities. He must have wanted to celebrate it so bad.

But Bangtan has to come first. And even if he did go to the graduation, I know he wouldn’t be happy without the members by his side.

I’m thankful that the kids gave him a celebration in their own way. It may not be as grand but it sure did brighten up Jin’s mood.

That’s why ARMYs, let’s give Jin lots of love~ Let’s all be proud of his achievement. He deserves this.

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guys i dont know if you know but del posted on his instagram yesterday, he says that hes sorry for leaving without any say because he panicked but he said he does not support incest and pedophilia and when he shipped rickmorty that was years ago. he thinks deleting his tumblr was the right thing to do but also wants to thank everyone that defended him. he still enjoys ew but will not continue to be a part of the fandom.

//i showed the mods a while ago, the same day he posted. anyways im waiting for a reply about what to do with Paul n Pat. we are aware of the situation. thanks tho -Mod Matt

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Hey, what zodiac sign do you think the members of the gang are? I just et thought about this and now I'm curious your opinion

i think about this a lot!! a quick breakdown for you because i don’t really have the time/mental presence to do full ones right now

  • mac’s OBVIOUSLY an aries because he’s such a hothead and (i mean this in the best possible way, i’m an aries myself) a sensitive baby. i personally put him on the cusp with taurus though because there’s also a fair bit of loyalty under his skin and at the end of the day i think all he really wants is to be loved and cherished and cuddled forever.
  • the twins are scorpios, with leo rising. scorpio is a sign that finds it very easy to be manipulative and seductive and, while they DEFINITELY have a lot of deep and all-consuming feelings, they REALLY don’t like people seeing that because they like to appear mysterious and in control. add in the egoism of leo rising and that’s the reynolds twins to a t
  • frank’s a sagittarius/capricorn cusp. sags are party animals and caps are like, REALLY well-suited to the world of business and finance. Need I Say More
  • charlie’s actually the one i’m least sure about? i think he’s probably an aquarius or an aquarius/pisces cusp. aquarians are known for just being really emotionally distant and goddamn weird and like…. pisces tend to be crybabies but they also have a manipulative streak in them that they hide REALLY well

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for real though, what are your thoughts on his statements about the new dinof video he's thinking about making??? some of the things he said are simultaneously making me really excited and also really nervous

i genuinely don’t think it’s any kind of coming out video whether it be coming out in a relationship (with phil or with someone else) or him discussing his sexuality, i just can’t see him ever doing any of those things

but as a viewer of dan’s for seven years, i don’t have a clue what could possibly be ‘a long time coming’ and ‘is kind of a big deal, kind of not’ 

so it’s just a waiting game to find out, i guess

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Hi! You've made such an impact on my life, motivated me to draw and all that, so thank you! But also, as the one adult I feel comfortable asking, I've been with this girl a while and things are starting to get serious, but I just learned she smokes weed and drinks (we're both fourteen) and I just ... I've had friends who've done stuff before, and she's in no way pressuring me, but I'm worried her and I really like her and I just want her to be happy, but also safe. What do? Thanks!

Hello! I would tell her that you care about her and her safety. Tell her what you just told me. If she’s drinking and doing weed, then try to monitor her consumption, either passively (act only if things get bad) or actively (mitigate anything bad happening by limiting her consumption). I’m sure she would appreciate you caring about her that much :) 

casentine replied to your post “@ninjadragonwhat Ahhh thank you for these tags on my drawing! I kinda…”

aa i was reading this while drinking dr. pepper and i nearly spit it out when i saw you @ me, im fuckin howlin (also thank you!!!!)

No problem! When I saw that one Vriska drawing of yours on DeviantArt (I think I commented on it), I saw the nose and I thought to myself “maybe I should try drawing noses that way too” so I decided to try that out the minute I got the opportunity. It looks much nicer and shows much better how exactly I want the noses I draw to look, but I’m still learning how to do it in different angles so that may take some time to get used to tbh

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Have any art tips?

Well… It depends a lot. But I’ll just say the stuff that helped me. Other mods please add on if theres something you would like to add. The more the merrier. So if you’re doing traditional works, I was taught to try and stay away from being stiff. As in… Move more than just your wrist while making lines. Try getting your whole arm to move, like your elbow and shoulder. It may feel a bit awkward at first but it allows you to make smoother cleaner lines. It prevents chicken scratching too, at least for me. Also, depending on what you want to draw, humans, animals, etc. Learn the anatomy, I mean. You don’t have to. I’m sure you can still be a great artist if you don’t know the exact anatomy. But in my experience, knowing at least how it should look will help you develop your own style. If you got the basics of proportion down then you may be able to exaggerat things more and have them still look visually appealing. Thus creating your own style. Also, cliched but practice practice practice. It’s always said by artists because it’s true. You have to practice before you can get anywhere. I have tried to draw everyday for the past 2-3 years. However I have missed… Many. Many days. But I still have probably drawn more days then I have missed. Practice is one of the only ways you can improve. I hope this is easy to understand and not too terribly long.

-Mod Korekiyo

Actor Do Ji Han Praises BTS’s V For His Work Attitude And Acting In “Hwarang”

Actor Do Ji Han recently sat down for an interview, where he talked about working with Kim Taehyung (also known as BTS’s V) for their current KBS2 drama “Hwarang.”

During the interview, Do Ji Han spoke of Kim Taehyung’s first attempt at acting, saying, “Because it was Taehyung’s first time acting, we were really worried too. He went to Park Seo Joon for a lot of help. Taehyung’s agency is close to where I live, so he also asked me for help. Whenever he calls me, he asks where I am, and when I tell him I’m at home, he says, ‘Do you want to eat together?’ So we eat food, drink coffee, and talk for a while. Then we go to his practice room, spread out the script, and talk about it.”

“Taehyung unexpectedly worked really really hard. He’s talented by nature. Whenever I saw him, I naturally found myself smiling. He’s also grown a lot in acting. Because he has a lot of talent, I thought he would do well if I just guided him a little. He has a strong will,” Do Ji Han explained.

The actor also talked about Kim Taehyung’s attitude on set, saying, “Everyone is busy. When you’re the youngest, it can be hard to approach the older actors. But Taehyung will approach the older actors first and make suggestions on what to do together. He’s really an affectionate person. When I saw him juggling his music schedule, I thought ‘It must be hard. It must be physically straining.’ But seeing him laugh till the end and energetically finish [filming] made me think that he is amazing.”

credit: Soompi

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So.. Ive known im ace for a while now but in the past month or so i come to the (almost certain) conclusion that im also aro. Except.. Ive been dating this guy for about 4 months now and i dont know how to bring up that i really like going out doing stuff with him but i just dont want it to be romantic anymore! Cuz hes just the nicest guy ever and he was completely cool with all my boundaries and everythings just confusing. Help? Maybe?

Depending on what kind of guy he is, it might help to just be completely honest, and say; ‘my journey of self-discovery has led me to identify as aroace, which can seem kinda out of nowhere considering our relationship. But my aromanticism is here to stay, so if this relationship is to continue, then some changes will need to occur.’

Some people can react differently depending on what’s being said. They might be a-ok with everything but the word ‘aromantic’, so demanding strict new boundaries goes over fine, but outing yourself as queer might not. Some people seem fine at first, and then push the lines as time goes on.

You can’t always predict what happens when you come out, but you have control over how you react to the situation.

- Fae

CONTEST RESULTS: Legendary of War

Our ‘Mon of War, and the first of our minor legendary trio based upon the trifunctional hypothesis of civilization, is… ericsart40′s warrior boar! Congrats unto they! Those of your who were holding off to see what entry won our first contest before beginning your draft of the legendary of worship can have at ‘er!

As for this winner, though, we have details to establish about it! For instance, what of the name Wroarbor? proposed by ericsart40′s original post, they also suggested we might want to vote on something we considered better. How do we like their suggestion, though?

POLL A: Wroarbor, Yay or Nay?

A1. Yes, keep that name

A2. No, change it (feel free to include an alternate suggestion)

POLL B: Type

The original post also suggested that a Fighting primary type would be appropriate and (while they feared this might be too similar to Cobalion) possibly a Steel secondary type! What do we think?

B1. Fighting/Steel sounds fine

B2. Fighting as a primary type is good, but the secondary type should be different

B3. The primary type shouldn’t be fighting


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On your comments about the robotic bee. I wanted to say that I agree with you, but also that while they jumped the gun,I don't believe the point was that investigation is stupid, but the fact that scientific and technical advancements are sometimes used and capitalized on where they shouldn't be (I totally get that we can't expect all funding to be altruistic , people invest and want returns). E.g.:Investing in creating robots for pollinization instead of helping the bees, if it were the case

Well, I do agree that that was the point they were trying to make, but in doing it in a context where it was *absolutely untrue and actually counter-productive to the cause* they were contributing to knee jerk anti-science shit that helps politicians and conservatives suppress “problematic” “pointless” science such as research about women’s and minority issues.

And I just, very strongly and fundamentally, disagree that any knowledge is ever bad knowledge, or that science and innovation is EVER a zero-sum game.

If the creation of mythically-perfect robot bee replacements was really sufficient to remove all possible motivations to save actual bees in the ecosystem–well honestly, at that point we would have somehow created ACTUAL BEES, which sounds amazing.

But it’s NOT. Doing this other thing will not make the first thing cease to be an issue for a whole ton of important ecological reasons.

You could, possibly, argue that the creation of this other science thing might fool people into wrongly THINKING that the first thing stops being an issue. You could argue that that’s a valid enough reason to be hostile and suppressive towards research in this new area. But people not understanding the first issue is an EDUCATION problem. And I have a major beef with the idea that we can fix public education issues by suppressing research and lying to the public about what’s possible.

No! The answer to ‘not enough knowledge’ is never LESS KNOWLEDGE. The answer to ‘more knowledge about this thing’ is never 'quick, make up stuff about this other thing.’ The answer to people making bad, uninformed decisions isn’t MISINFORMED decisions, it’s INFORMED decisions.

The idea that you have to lie to people to get them to care about something PRESUPPOSES that you don’t have any valid arguments to start with. And it takes a really pessimistic view of human nature, which frankly, if true, would doom any efforts towards positive change.

If you want people to make good decisions, you have to start by teaching them how to THINK. And you also have to start by thinking (and fact-checking) yourself.

Both a warmup and something I wanted to do for a while now

A comic base around the annoying bot followers alot of users get which is extremely annoying I have so many bot followers I get 2-3 new ones almost everyday sure their adding numbers to my main blog (thank god my lewd blog got all REAL people as followers) I’m at 270 followers and I have so many bots I don’t want to bother wiping them off the list seems pointless any ways…as new ones keep popping up to follow >.>

I also made this as a warm up before I get to work on the requests since i haven’t drawn in a few days due to stuff so I hope you like this lil comic i made and for the requests the posts will be up sometime this weekend sorry for the delay

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Hii, Topaz again xD I wanted to ask how did you do your FAQ page. I was about to create one for my blog because of repetitive Questions but i don't have the minor idea. Also Blue Aura is Beautiful, i never expected of you doing a fusion like that! :3

umm how did i do it.. errr.. .it’s in your page settings on your blog, at least for me, And thank you, i wrestled with her  colors for a while personally she looks better with pink skin. 

Have you ever looked at someone and thought “Holy cow, I want to spend the rest of my life with this person” but not in the romantic sense? But in the sense of, I want to be able to randomly say, MOVIE NIGHT, and like build forts with this person and cuddle them while you two have a Lord of the Rings marathon.

But at the same time you don’t want to be in a romantic relationship with them, or any of that. You also understand that, they DO have romantic atteacion and if and when they find their significant other(s) that don’t be a possibility. And if it is, it’s not as much as you secretly wish. You don’t want to ruin their happiness because they’re also a really close friend and stuff, so you just end up sitting in the living room contemplating life.