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Served Best Cold

Nesta receives many unexpected customers while working at the restaurant. When the evening takes a surprising turn Nesta must maneuver her way out of a situation that can cost her too much than she can afford. By the end of the night she’ll lose more than she ever thought possible.

I do want to place a warning for people that have been in abusive relationships. This chapter isn’t graphic by any means, but there are some violent parts that might be slightly upsetting. I know people have varying reactions to this type of situation and I just want to make sure you understand the journey ahead and for future chapters.

P.S. Also if work place harassment upsets you this is another warning. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve had to deal with varying degrees of this when I worked as a waitress, front desk staff worker in college and at another place known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth”. Trust me guys. It happens. 

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

The dinner crowd at the restaurant was one of the busiest so far. Around the holidays a swarm of people flocked to the location by couples or large groups.

Nesta had lost track of how many tables she had waited on since she started at noon. Tonight was a long shift, but within two hours she would be done for the night.

“Nesta,” Mrs. Laurent addressed her near the kitchen doors. Her voice was stern and seeped with rigidity.

It was a well-known fact that around the holidays Mrs. Laurent would dismiss any of her workers if they made multiple mistakes during a peak business season. So far two had been cut from the staff.

“What is it,” Nesta asked. She knew full well that she had not been making any errors in orders. Why would the manager be calling her for a talk?

“I need you to serve an important table,” Mrs. Laurent said. “These business people come from an extremely well-known company in Prythian and I want you to handle them.”

“Shouldn’t Marlene or Jane be getting the next tables? Currently I’m already working on-”

“They would be if they weren’t already fawning over the customers,” Mrs. Laurent said. “Many of them are quite handsome and I know I can trust you not to make a fool of yourself by making advances on them.”

“Oh.” Nesta blinked. “Well then I suppose I can take the table since my last few are finishing up their meals.”

“Excellent. The party is waiting for you to seat them,” Mrs. Laurent left Nesta standing there a bit bemused by what had occurred.

Are these people that good-looking?

Nesta shook her head and strode to the host podium in her small black heels. When she rounded the corner to the restaurant’s entrance she almost tripped at the sight that greeted her.

Rhysand, Cassian, Amren and a few other men stood at the podium.

Nesta could see why the other waitresses wanted this group. Each of them was dressed in business casual. Cassian’s form captured Nesta’s attention the most though since his hair was loose in soft waves reaching his shoulders and the grey button down shirt looked far too good hugging the contours of his muscles. Nesta wondered how easy it would be to take off that shirt and have her hands touching the skin beneath.

She dashed the thought away before she ended up making a fool of herself. Taking a deep breath she prepared herself.

“Good evening and welcome,” Nesta greeted with a smile she always used for customers. Instinct took over as she put on her waitress role with forced smiles and an enthusiastic voice that made Nesta want to rip out her voice box. Sadly her true personality never made customers happy so she resorted to the façade that would please others and thus make her earn better tips.

Cassian turned around with a shit-eating grin. Nesta knew he was up to something.

“Are you our waitress for the night lovely lady,” Cassian asked with mirth.

“I am and if you would follow me I’ll be taking you to your table,” Nesta said brightly. She made sure to give Cassian a pointed questioning look. Why of all places was he here?

As Nesta led the way past other tables full of eating customers Rhysand spoke up.

“Cassian told us about this place and requested that he and his security team dine here for the evening as part of their reward bonus this quarter.”

“Did he?” Nesta had told Cassian once where she worked and he always kept telling her that he wanted to see her in action at work. Of course Nesta kept making excuses as to why he shouldn’t go. She merely didn’t want him to see her working at a place that tested her strength each day as she acted extremely perky and enthused when in reality she couldn’t care less if a customer was pissed that they only got three slices of tomato instead of four.

Nesta placed the group next to the window overlooking the city. The table seated eight, which was perfect for their group. As all of them took a seat Rhysand leaned slightly closer to Nesta, but his voice carried across the table where Cassian sat.

“Although if we’re being honest I think he came to see a particular person that has been in his head lately,” Rhysand said with a smile.

“Both his little heads,” Amren added and made a vague gesture around her head and lower half of her body.

Nesta chuckled, but Cassian shot a dark look at Amren.

“Or maybe he was hungry for something else other than his home-cooking,” Nesta said and brought out her pen and small pad of paper to write drink orders.

“You could say I am hungry for something else indeed,” Cassian winked at Nesta who rolled her eyes yet the hint of smile tugged at her lips. Cassian saw the movement and his eyes shone with laughter.

He was going to make her smile for real tonight. Not one of those fake smiles reserved for other customers, but a true one. Cassian knew she was just playing a role reserved for what her job entailed. The urge to let the true Nesta seep out was rising with each passing second. He wanted Nesta bantering with him and shooting him playful looks when no one was watching like she usually did.

“What will you all be having to drink?” Nesta poised her pen and started jotting down each beverage that was requested. “They will be out in a moment so take your time looking over the menu.”

Nesta left her party to grab the drinks. When she made it back to the kitchen Clare stopped her on the way inside.

“Nesta I have a huge favor to ask,” Clare said and fidgeted her fingers nervously.

“What is it?” Nesta asked with true concern. Clare never usually acted this way. She was hired not too long after Nesta and was a seasoned pro at her job.

“This party of five men just came in and I’ve already got their drinks, but they keep trying to touch me and they say such rude things.”

“Did you tell Mrs. Laurent?” The manager did not take kindly to the harassment of her staff. Surely she could come out here and deal with this.

“I would, but I’ve already got two strikes and I don’t want her to fire me considering the mood she’s been in lately.”

“She won’t fire you over this,” Nesta said.

“Yes she will. These men – they’re from Hybern,” Clare cringed at the business name.

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ignore the ugly-ass me in the picture okay

I found Jack through my sister, @somenerdywolfok . She showed me one of Markiplier’s videos and Jack was featured in it, and I was like “Who’s this loud Irish boy? I think I like him.” So I started watching some other videos by him and I couldn’t help but to subscribe.

Jack has pulled me through some tough times, some times where I really didn’t want to express myself and just wanted to hide under a pile of blankets and never come out. I would sit there with my tablet or phone and just watch Jack’s videos to make me happy. They also helped me understand that it’s okay to express yourself, because look at Jack, all happy and yelling, and people still love him.

I’ve also met many people through this community. Some of them are @hogwartsishome12 , @etc-please , @markseptic , @super-septic-pewdie-plier , and more. It’d take too long to tag everyone.

Jack, we love you, no matter what mistakes you make or times you break our eardrums from yelling. You have lit up so many of your fans’ lives and you’ve become something that we can’t ignore or let go.

You are loved.

How To Write an E-mail To Your Teacher

One of the things that can totally stress out an overthinker like me is formal e-mails. Somehow I always end up anxious about all kinds of useless things. Did I make everything clear? Wasn’t I rude? Over the years, I’ve learnt to become more comfortable with writing formal e-mails, but I thought I’d share some of my advice to make things a little easier for you as well :)

1.       Spell check spell check spell check spell check

2.       Also, grammar check

3.       Better too formal than too informal

4.       You want to clearly mention:

  • Who you are
    • Mention your full name and maybe your student number or administration number
  • What class you’re in
    • They may be teach various courses! Make it easy for them to know who they’re communicating with.
  • Why it is that you’re writing

5.       To continue on that, ask yourself why you’re writing, and most importantly what you wish to achieve by this. Make this the main point of your email: what do you expect of this teacher?

6.       Don’t make it unnecessarily long

7.       It’s okay to expect a certain degree of understanding in difficult situations

Don’t just assume your teachers will automatically backfire if you want to explain a personal situation to them. If they won’t listen at all, they are just being rude tbh. They should at least listen to what you have to say. What I’m aiming at here are e.g. situations where you have been dealing with panic attacks, maybe someone died, you’ve just been having a really hard time and your school work may have suffered under this. In these cases (or actually all cases) your (mental) health is more important than anything. Expect them to at least consider that. 

8.       Don’t worry too much; at the end of the day they’re just people

9.       For longer emails you may want to repeat any requests at the end

10.       Be friendly :)

Some more random questions you may end up asking yourself:

What if my prof mails back informally?

Personally, I prefer to maintain a formal writing style even in the mails take the form of “K, thnx.”. However if you feel like you and this teacher are well acquainted or if you don’t feel comfortable going all formal after an informal reply, that’s okay. Do what feels right for you, just keep in mind that you’re not two pals chatting – unless you are quite close ofc :)

What do I do when I forget the attachment?

Google mail has an amazing function these days that sees when you mention an attachment and stops you when you want to send the mail without it. If you don’t have this kind of function most mailboxes should come with an option to retrieve sent e-mails within a certain amount of time. If the ‘damage has been done’ (this happens to me aaaaall the time btw) you can always write a clear and short email in which you explain what happened and of course don’t forget to attach the attachment.

How do I start and end an email?

It kinda depends on your situation, again, and the level of formality. I personally tend to go with this:

Dear mr./mrs. [surname],


Kind regards,

[full name] [optionally followed by student number]

[sometimes I add my study + the year I’m in]

 Note that I don’t use any official titles when I email e.g. professors. This is not because I don’t show respect or anything - it is just that this is the kind of addressing that I feel is most natural, neutral and generally acceptable in my context :)

I struggle with saying what I want to say. How do I write a good email?

If you just don’t know how to say whatever you want to say, just take a piece of paper and a pen and jot down what it is that you’re mailing for. Sometimes it happens that it is hard to request something, or to clearly explain a situation, or to write and email and not come over in a certain way. Try to make a short list of what you need to say.

Once you’ve got that, you want to keep the points I mentioned earlier in mind. Who are you, why are you mailing, and what do you wish to obtain? That should get you somewhere. In any case, just try to be clear and brisk.

Allright that’s all I have I hope this helps ;) 

Anon asked: Can I request a bts reaction to their s/o never talking about their feelings and insecurities and whenever it’s brought up always makes jokes about it?

a/n: first ask here! i already feel accomplished. this is probably gonna be shit tho when i look back on it.

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destielonfire  asked:

Hey, I just wanted to say that while I think your "translation meta" (if I can call it that) is sound, I also think that observant viewers were meant to interpret the first one as singular (due to the repetition & deliberate reaction shots). HOWEVER I still don't think that makes it canon because destiel deserves more than some really blatant subtext. So I'm with you in saying that it isn't canon yet. Because many casual viewers will not have picked up on it. They're still playing it safe!

Hi! I actually agree with all that - after reading @studio82a‘s brilliant interview with Davy Perez, I’m even more convinced there was a lot of mindfuckery at work with that episode. Because apparently Davy wrote that I love you as both plural and platonic, and he actually makes a good point about how linguistically constipated men are, how they find it difficult to get out those ordinary I love yous to each other (like, Davy was talking about how he routinely says these words to his parents but not his brothers, because that’s something you don’t do), and how it takes a very dire situation, like a severe illness, to express one’s feelings at all. So I like his explanation of why he wrote the scene that way, and I think it makes sense, and I’d probably do - well, not anything, but - something to get my hands on the original script, which was even more emotional and heart-rending (poor Cas). But at the same time, it’s true that eight years of powerful subtext and the way the scene was filmed pointed to a completely different interpretation of that conversation, so who even knows.

I only hope they’re actually going somewhere with this, and yeah - wherever they’re going, they need to be much clearer about it. 

It might be shocking to some of you but libra placements or 7th is not about relationships and romance, there’s more to it. Libra make great leaders that are actually balanced and that’s why most of them do study law. Don’t underestimate libras or libra placements. Also diplomatic as Fuck and can have anything they want by sweet awords and tender treatment.

Do not equate leadership, independence and power with being aggressive, violent, loud and active.

Most leaders actually have signs that are non active, quiet and tender.

Libra are smart super smart actually and just because they are giving you an image of being dumb and superficial doesn’t mean they are actually like that.



 What’s up baby girl? You didn’t come find me after you woke up this morning, you know how much I love your fucking visits, keeps me sane when I’m working with the fuck ups. I come upstairs and find you sitting in the window, reading. You never even looked up when I slammed the fucking door.

 I’m not angry with you doll, just upset that you’re upset. You know that it bugs the fucking hell out of me. And you also know that I would do anything to make you smile, anything.

 So, get dressed in something more appropriate, not that I don’t like what you’re wearing, just don’t need those assholes eye-fucking you. I’ll wait right here for you, unless you want some help?

 We are taking a ride, your choice. We can go to the ocean, walk along the beach, pick up those fucking shells you like, maybe take a swim.

 We could go towards the mountains, there’s that one that has an old fire lookout. Maybe climb up there, have a picnic, taking in the view. Bring a book along, maybe I could read to you, can’t let that get back to the Sanctuary though.

 There’s also that river, we could walk down by it, it’s always fucking cool along its banks, even when it’s 100 fucking degrees out. We could take our shoes off, do a little wading.

 Dwight was telling me about a field a few miles north. He said it was fucking overflowing with wildflowers, you liked those last ones I brought back. Then we could having a little bit of fucking fun, rolling around in them. Maybe stay around until after dark, watch all the stars come out.

 Or maybe we can just hang out here, just get undressed, climb under the covers, and just fucking cuddle. I know you enjoy that, and yes, I’ll fucking admit it, I do too. But cuddling can lead to more, right?

  You know what, I’m sorry if me implying we needed to have sex to have fun upset you more. It’s just, I don’t know how or what to do to make you smile, to make you happy again. I feel like all I have to give you, is me. And I hope that’s enough.

 But wherever we go, or stay, whatever we do, or don’t do, as long as we’re together and you’re smiling, it’s all good.

 I will do anything for you, Jen. Anything. Just ask, sweetheart, I will always be here for you.

My love,


wikwalker  asked:

Would a witch who has a "science" way of practising (ex. "if this requires water from the sea and I mix the exact same thing from tap water it should work") offend the community? How about a casual one with emoji spells and sigils doodled on snapchat? If so then how much?

I LOVE emoji spells, I think they’re a great low-energy way to do magic! They’re mildly controversial– some people think they’re not “real witchcraft– but they’re also decently popular, especially online.

I’m not really sure what you mean by “a science way of practicing.” Tap water isn’t sea water, even from a science perspective, but a witch wanting a substitution could make one depending on what the correspondence they need it for is.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help with your first question!

~Mod T

Fair warning, the witchcraft community is full of all different types so no matter what you write you’re going to piss someone off, however, everything you’ve presented is absolutely within the realm of witchcraft that is practiced today. See the Science section on the post about the different kinds traditions/paths of witchcraft that exist and can follow.

If your character can figure out how to create their own components by sciencing their way through, then kudos to them, and they may be popular with others for being able to rig such options.

-Bruxa Guerreira

some overwatch things

H-hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I had a couple things to talk about so I thought I’d make a text post….

Firstly thanks so much to everyone that preordered my overwatch charms, there was a delay on the manufacturing due to the charms I received being below my personal quality standard so I’m waiting for them to be remade in a satisfactory manner. They should be done soon and I’ll ship them out!! So sorry for the inconvenience.

 Also I really want to make a small overwatch zine this year so I’m now accepting overwatch requests via ask/message for things you’d like to see in the zine ;;; I feel like I draw a lot of classic outfit overwatch pin ups and I’d like to do some other things (like outfit swaps, original outfits, drawings that are more funny and less pinup-y) so if there’s anything you’d like to see please let me know and I’ll try to draw it when I have time ;;;

edit : temporarily turned anon asks on for this requests thing. I’ll turn it off if people abuse this, but I’m sure everything will be fine! ;;

the depression has been 2 real lately and i haven’t been able to go to some classes or do academic work let alone play sims or post my story. which hella sucks bc playing sims and creating their stories actually makes me feel something good but i’ve been feelin too sh*tty to even do that.

but im gonna go get a large caramel latte and maybe it’ll help with this major brain fog rn and will give me some motivation to queue up some stuff!! love u all so much 💖💖

anonymous asked:

Who is Bressie?

Niall Breslin, also known as Bressie, is who I lovingly refer to as “my other Niall.” He’s friends with Niall Horan and is part of the London Irish Crew. He’s a solo artist, was also the lead singer for The Blizzards, and I believe he’s a former rugby player (be still my sports loving heart). Oddly enough, he is also from Mullingar! Honestly, I’m still working on my official membership in the Bressie Fan Club. I am head over heels for his voice, his looks (hello muscles), and how open he is with his struggles with mental health. It’s enough to make this girl with a psych degree’s heart explode.

If you want to know more about Bressie, I advise talking to @nocontrolforlouis (who has some wonderful Bressie writing!).  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe @irish-nlessing, @lucyvanpelt78, and @squirrely83 are also better Bressie fans than I am. I’m still learning.

Jasper was 18 and Hera was 22! So a 4 year age gap

It’s kinda funny because by then Hera should have already been mated and would be expecting some pups, but he was a stubborn butt and didn’t want to be tied down to his responsibilities yet

So when they met, they were more buddies then anything else (although Jasper had the hots for him but wouldn’t admit it)

It was also during that time that Hera got his scars. He got too boisterous (and was a little drunk) one night and tried picking a fight with a much older wolf
To make a long story short, the older wolf turned out to not be that friendly and gave Hera something to remember him back

It was pretty rough that night, and it had Hera thinking about his choices and his responsibilities as future chief

After that, he calmed down and matured up and was ready to take full responsibility for his actions and to step up

Not to long after that, Hera and Jasper would hook up, become life partners, pack leaders and then parents

Day 3 of APHEEWeek: EstMano for @mochitaiia

“Does it piss you off?”


“Good, I’m trying to.”

I keep making mixes to listen to when drawing these things. This mini playlist is The Only Exception, Lies, Iris, Kiss Me, and Why. I’ve also been using references and I love it.

I’ve been a pretty big EstMano fan for a while and some (read 2011). I haven’t drawn it lately much less using Eduard instead of Evie, but my want to draw more grew with finding the fanfic, You Love, Love, Love. Perfect story that stole my heart and broke it. But wait! There’s more! No literally, more EstMano. Mainly AUs by the same awesome person and I love all of them. 

I can’t believe someone else loves this pair so much <3

anonymous asked:

Calling het aces what they are (which is STRAIGHT) is not making fun of them, you asshole. Gay aces like myself experience homophobia, het aces FUCKING DON'T. they can be (and many are) homophobic. They exprience shit for being ace but they are still straight and have power over gay people.

So I’m (mostly) allo, and like. Just because they don’t experience *your* type of oppressed doesn’t mean they aren’t oppressed?

Like a straight trans girl doesn’t experience homophobia (directly) but she does experience transmisogyny, making her part of the community. Het aces and aros are part of the community.

Like the power argument kinda gets you nowhere here. A cis gay has more power over me, a trans queer. Can I kick them out?

Also, why are you telling me this? Like if you want to calm down I’d be HAPPY to talk, but I’m p much allo, minus some neurodivergence mumbo jumbo.

Again, talk to me off anon with less yelling please. I’m always happy to talk to people who are willing to learn.


Made some Yuri on Ice stickers 💕 You can find them on my giphy page too: with links that work even on twitter, but if necessary, you can reupload them. 

Rules are simple: use them wherever you want (to express your feelings xD) ! Just do NOT claim as yours, sell them, or edit them. Enjoy!

If you like them, I might make more, any requests?
Also, giveaway reminder here.


Becoming a more active practitioner through everyday magic

Four years ago if you asked me what it took to be an active magical practitioner, I would have told you that it took spells upon spells cast, rituals every weekend, elaborate offering ceremonies, and so on. If you had told me about “everyday” magic, I would have pouted and complained that it wasn’t “real” enough. Shame on me!!

But the truth is, you can be a “practitioner” without formal spells, rituals, and ceremonies. What makes us practitioners, seekers, whatever you like to call it isn’t the activities, but the beliefs. I also don’t want to make it seem like you must be cramming lots of magic in to your daily life to be a proper practitioner; it is quite alright to be a nonpracticing practitioner, and that is a completely valid path.

However, some of us would like a little more active practice in our daily lives. After all, we have been given a magic wand. What is the fun in letting it collect dust in the cabinet? I think doing practical, everyday magic is loads of fun. It also has the added benefit of giving you practice and experience outside of big spells and rituals which many people don’t have the time, energy, or supplies for.

What do I mean when I say everyday magic? I mean putting small amounts of magical energy behind mundane actions to turn them in to magical actions. When done regularly throughout the day this can turn a regular day in to a very magical one. This kind of everyday magic can be done again and again in any situation that you like, to help support you, ease your burdens, and improve your quality of life.

Any situation can be made magical, from drinking your morning juice to taking a walk down the sidewalk. It is up to you, as a practitioner, to decide when and where you are going to take “everyday” and add the magic. I will give several generalized spells below that you can adapt to everyday situations.

Stirring Magic in to Liquids

Useful for tea, coffee, beverages, soups, elixirs, etc.

This magic will take effect once the liquid is consumed. Or, the liquid may passively give off the effect in to the room.

Take a wooden or metal spoon; metal conducts energies more easily. You may also use your pointer finger on your right hand if you prefer.

Strongly imagine what magical effect you would like to occur. In my morning coffee I like to stir bravery and boldness. For you, perhaps you would like to stir in peace or calmness (the opposite of anxiety). In a hearty soup you may wish to stir happiness and coziness. In a brew meant to affect the ambiance of a room, perhaps a general positive energy or cleansing vibration is best.

Take the spoon or your finger and stir the brew clockwise, while vividly imagining the effect you want to take place. Imagine that this effect is literally being stirred in to your liquid, just as if you were stirring cream in to it. At a certain point you will feel as if this magic is complete, but if you doubt yourself, rest assured the spell is complete after nine stirs.

Then, you must seal the spell. You can say “so mote it be.” I like to clap or snap my fingers. Immediately consume the beverage or set it aside to allow its ambient effects to take place.

If you prefer your liquid to take something away, stir it counter-clockwise. For example, to cure anxiety, stir clockwise for peace, or counter-clockwise to reduce anxiety itself. Do not combine clockwise and counter-clockwise stirring in the same liquid.

Exhaling Energies

Releasing energies to either fill a room or be dissipated.

Inhale deeply and be acutely aware of what energies are inside of you. Maybe you are filled with beautiful energies that you want to share with the world. Maybe you are filled with negative energies that need to be released so you will feel better.

If you are filled with negative energies, try going outside if possible or in to an open space where the air and winds can help dissipate your energies.

Inhale again. As you inhale with focus, energies will be drawn towards your lungs where they can be naturally expelled. Inhale until you feel very certain that the energies are in your lungs and ready to be moved away.

When you are prepared, take a final deep breath and imagine the energies are scooped up on the air in your lungs, ready for transport. As you exhale, do so deeply, so that there is not one trace of air left in your lungs.

If you are exhaling negative energies send a wish on your breath that the winds dissipate your energies and neutralize and purify them. If you are exhaling beautiful energies for others to enjoy, just let them sit.

Inhale and exhale several more times until you feel clean and purified.

Another excellent way of dispelling negative energy is to exhale through pursed lips, like how people do when they’re pissed off. That is a real magical technique of releasing negative energies and stress. I do it often at work, and it really helps.

If you want to try something more advanced, this technique also works with talking and singing.

Applying Substances to Your Body

Add energies directly to your body or clean away negativity.

If you are using soap, lotion, makeup, or any substance that is added to your body, try this brand of magic.

First, intensely visualize what you want to occur. It could be a beauty spell to clear skin and make it soft and delicate. It could be war paint to make you stronger, or a mask to glamour yourself. As you hold your cleanser/lotion/etc., you must simply believe that when you apply it, the effects you desire will take place.

Rub in clockwise circles to bring things (beauty, power, grace, protection) and counter-clockwise circle to take things away (blemishes, fear, clumsiness). If circles do not apply to what you are doing (as is the case with spritzing on perfume or applying eyeliner) do not worry about it, just do your thing along with visualization.

Once you are done applying your substance, seal this spell by saying “so mote it be” or any other closer you use. If the substance requires rinsing off, as is the case with soaps, do so after the closing.

This type of magic can be used when applying lotion, soap, cleansers, hair products, makeup, perfume, cologne, body sprays, etc.

Quick Object Enchantments

Good to make an everyday object magical in the short term.

This quick enchantment won’t last long but depending on your level of skill it should be good for an hour or two. Remember that the magical enchantment should reflect the mundane uses for the object. Use your glasses for an enchantment to see lies, or your shoes for an enchantment to stand strong.

Hold the object and vividly imagine what you want to happen. Find a center of power within yourself – for many it is the solar plexus or spine.

Using your imagination, visualize that some of that energy comes out through your hands and in to the object you are holding. Wildly and with an iron-clad will, truly believe that the object you are holding is being infused with magical intent. Absolutely see within your mind that what you desire to occur will occur when you use the item. There is no question about it – your enchantment will work.

As soon as you feel the true faith that your object is enchanted, seal the spell by saying “so mote it be” or your preferred method of sealing. Wear, use, or otherwise interact with the object as normal and its enchantments will take effect immediately.


sorry, I really REALLY wanted to do this… I watched Ethan’s video abut veteran’s day where a soldier told a story about how he lost his best friend during the war, it really touched me and inspired me to do this.
for all of those that say Jasper can’t be redeemed because she’s too violent or is unable to show affection… geeee, I wonder why? it’s not like she was on the side of the war without a gem with healing powers… 
I really want to make at least 5 comic pages, with a more serious tone, illustrating the events that lead up to this situation, but gotta gather courage to do that <<; also I have a lot of stuff to do, so I’ll think about it some other time.

sorry, no funny today 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ