also very clearly inspired by blue

Mark Hamill: Luke has worn black before, of course, in Return of the Jedi, and Mark wore black yesterday, too. But for this panel he pulled out the shiny satin and that reads VADER all the way. 

Kelly Marie Tran: I am SO EXCITED for her character!!! She’s playing Rose, ‘a very big part of the action’  – but introduced in this second film, just like Lando, and Bail Organa:

who also consistently wears blue! (And both brought in new, necessary, diversity, too, as Kelly does now)

John Boyega: Look, I may overthink these things but his look is CLEARLY inspired by Finn’s trooper past. Notably, also, wearing black and white links him to the Skywalker twins. 

Daisy Ridley: That dress is so Padmé it hurts. Like, physically hurts me (the biggest Padmé fan and stan you know). 

And as the color John’s outfit ties him to Luke and Leia, Daisy’s ties her to Padmé, and Anakin (the flame red of Mustafar, Sith lightsabers, the Emperor’s and Vader’s personal guards). 

And just, ICYMI, Daisy wore Rey’s hair and I cry:

My thoughts on NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn (Warning: Spoilers)
[August 22nd, 2015]

Normally, I don’t do this. I don’t think most people give a single shit about my opinions, but a few people have asked me to, and this was such a great show that I felt compelled to comment.

The introduction by Triple H was absolutely incredible. This is a man, so proud of his creation, so excited to be delivering a quality product to the fans, and it shows so much. The amount of people who showed out for this show is tremendous. It’s amazing to see so many people excited for the future of pro wrestling!

Opening the show with Jushin Liger Vs. Tyler Breeze was such a ballsy move, as it could have easily stolen the entire show. Breeze’s entrance was fantastic, but to see Jushin Liger step onto WWE television was sincerely surreal. For well over two decades, this was a guy that you saw as a kid and wanted to be, and as an adult, grew to adore. A tremendous athlete who doesn’t seem to have lost a single step. Liger is still tremendously entertaining, and Breeze walked away from this match looking like a million bucks. A loss to Jushin “Thunder” Liger is nothing to be ashamed of!

I was honestly very weary of accepting Alexa Bliss as part of BAMF, seeing as I was such a huge fan of the pixie, but she works so well with the group. The trio is perfect together, and she completes the puzzle. Also, holy SHIT, what a pop for Blue Pants!!! 15,000 people going nuts for a kid from Kentucky was incredibly inspiring, and her pose with the group after the match was absolutely adorable. This was, honestly, the most exciting match I’ve seen from BAMF, and The Vaudevillains’ win was well-deserved. Very good match, and Aiden English looked completely turned up to 11!

I was very happy to see that “The Perfect 10″ Tye Dillinger was on the show, especially after my post on him yesterday. The fans are clearly into the “Perfect 10″ gimmick he’s doing, but the debut of Apollo Crews was another great moment. Crews seemed in awe of the fans in attendance, but more prepared than ever to make an impact on his debut. The fans were solid behind Crews, especially those who weren’t familiar with his incredible athleticism. Good debut, but definitely not the best to come from Crews. Also, check out the belief that Triple H has in Dillinger, trusting him to be the guy to make Crews’ debut that much better. Just like I was saying, trust me, that guy’s got a lot of gold in him.

The announcement of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is a great nod to the legend. He would have been proud to be honored, and to still be a draw even after his passing!

What an intensely physical match from Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin! Baron Corbin seemed to have a Goldberg-esque run that the fans soured on somewhat quickly, but when he started working with guys like Rhyno and in this match with Samoa Joe, his abilities have shown through much better. I don’t know of Corbin is going to be main-eventing WrestleMania any time soon, but he’s showing some true signs of improvement. The choke-out ending was perfect for this kind of match, with Corbin losing more of a fight than a battle, and with Joe crawling back from Corbin looking like he’d just survived a war. Both men put a lot of heart into this match, and it showed in a huge way.

I want to go on record of saying that Bayley versus Sasha Banks is one of the best matches of the year. It’s a story that has been built beautifully over the last two years, as Bayley has grown from being a seemingly on-screen fangirl to being one of the most undeniably legitimate wrestlers on the WWE’s roster, not just NXT. Sasha is the perfect heel for Bayley to have had this match against, and there have been so many factors to make this match that much better. Bayley speaking about being bullied for how she looked and acted, having the support of the fans who have believed in her, and having perfect expressions during times of disappointment as well as joy, Bayley is the perfect contender for the title.

There’s something to be said about Sasha Banks’ entrance, too. Although it wasn’t big and elaborate, it was perfect for Banks, who looked exactly how a top-tier heel champion should look. The cousin of Snoop Dogg should be arriving in style, and to be known as “The Boss”, Banks owns the shit out of that moniker. This match with Bayley is career defining for both of these girls so far, who 100% stole the show. I’m in complete awe and amazement of how great this match is. Though I had high expectations, they even exceeded those by leaps and bounds. This is the kind of match that makes you proud to be a fan.

Sasha Banks versus Bayley is a top candidate for the best match of the year, not just for the match itself, but for all the build-up and the atmosphere of Bayley winning it. I think that anybody who gets into wrestling and wants to be introduced to it should see this match. To watch Bayley’s mannerisms and facial expressions as she looked around at the thousands of people before her match, you could tell she was overwhelmed and excited to be where she’d always dreamed: in front of the world. The post-match celebration was also a very classy move. Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky, “The Four Horsewomen” of NXT have shown that the girls are the future!

The main event was exactly what it needed to be. A great, exciting encounter to close off a tremendous show. The fans were occupied with some bullshit during the beginning, which was annoying and distracting, but the match picked up and stole their attention back. The final moments were so exciting, and the double stomp from the ladder was sickening. The NXT Champion Finn Balor dominated Kevin Owens in a match that has career-wise been his niche, and proved that as a champion, he’s one that will define the title and bring a true and honest prestige to it.

Overall, this show is an absolute 10.