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Physical Appearance and Astrology
  • I decided to make this so it's an ~actual~ post and it might make it easier for you to understand your chart. Before I start listing placements I want to make clear that our dominant sign and planet has a strong influence no matter what. As well as the 1st house, Sun and Moon; as they all have an affect on our looks in an overall way - especially Sun. It is also important to remember that astrology and rulership isn't something that is stilted or 100% clearly defined, it all works together and flows together - like how Leo rules the heart but Aquarius rules the circulatory system (therefore veins). Another important thing to note is that you do have to take genetics into account. For example, if you realise your chart says you're supposed to have thick hair and yours isn't, it's probably just thicker in relation to your other family members:
  • What The Houses and Signs Represent:
  • First House/Aries/Mars: Head, whole face
  • Second House/Taurus/Venus: Neck, collarbones, also influences some facial features such as: mouth, ears and chin. Weight.
  • Third House/Gemini/Mercury: Shoulders, Arms, hands
  • Fourth House/Cancer/Moon: Chest, stomach (secondary ruler)
  • Fifth House/Leo/Sun: Upper back, shoulders, nails and hair (primary ruler)
  • Sixth House/Virgo/Mercury: Stomach (primary ruler)
  • Seventh House/Libra/Venus: Lower back (dimples of Venus), skin, bum (secondary ruler)
  • Eight House/Scorpio/Pluto: Genitalia
  • Ninth House/Sagittarius/Jupiter: Hips, thighs; since they rule height also it can be legs in general, bum (primary ruler)
  • Tenth House/Capricorn/Saturn: Bones,knees, teeth, hair and nails (secondary ruler)
  • Eleventh House/Aquarius/Uranus: Calves, ankles, veins. Also note that Aquarius rules genetic mutations such as blue eyes, dimples, heterochromia iridum etc.
  • Twelfth House/Pisces/Neptune: Feet
  • What the Planets and Signs Do:
  • Aries/Mars: makes it masculine, makes it prominent. Made to "stand out"
  • Taurus/Venus: Makes it attractive/aesthetically pleasing
  • Gemini: Makes it smaller but soft/round
  • Cancer/Moon: Makes it more feminine, round
  • Leo: Makes it "shine"
  • Virgo: Makes it smaller but pointer/angular
  • Libra: Makes things conventional,
  • Made to "fit in", makes it symmetrical
  • Scorpio/Pluto: Makes things more harsh, piercing, "scary/mysterious", usually represented by making things more square in shape
  • Sagittarius/Jupiter: Makes it larger
  • Capricorn/Saturn: Makes it smaller
  • Aquarius/Uranus: Makes it unconventional, asymmetrical or androgynous-esque, also can be made to "stand out"
  • Pisces/Neptune: Adds illusion and delusion. Makes things appear not as how they may actually be.
  • Mercury: A cross between both Gemini and Virgo, makes things more defined but also knobbly, makes things finer
  • Sun: Affects us overall, look to the sign
  • The Archetypal Looks:
  • Aries: Similar to that of a ram, large eyebrows, eyebrows seem furrowed even when not angry.
  • Taurus: Similar to that of a bull, eyes kind of wide set, strong eyebrows, long eyelashes, flat foreheads
  • Gemini: The twins, mischievous, mouth corner naturally turned up, rounder foreheads
  • Cancer: Rounder; big eyes, full lips etc. soft but strong (crab)
  • Leo: Leo is the lion so the archetype is looking cat like and with great hair
  • Virgo: The virgin, the look is innocent and youthful, flat foreheads.
  • Libra: The scales, there isn't really an archetypal look for this sign except making things balanced and symmetrical
  • Scorpio: The scorpion, archetypically intimidating looking. Piercing gaze, square face, strong shoulders etc.
  • Sagittarius: The centaur/archer, long face and tall body. Also being pear shaped (carry most of your weight on your hips, thighs and bum) to give the "appearance of a horse"
  • Capricorn: the goat, flat foreheads but can have prominent temples, small features, even teeth and prominent bone structure; especially cheekbones
  • Aquarius: Water bearer (representing that they're hear to bring water (knowledge) to the world), large foreheads, noticeable eyes, the water bearer also has no assigned gender to the archetypal look is androgynous
  • Pisces: The fish, full lips, big eyes, full cheeks


A little scrying method I thought up when I was exploring about and happened to find this delightful speckled plant… a casual, simple scrying method using the natural patterns found on leaves.

🌿 It seems more natural to me to think up the question or subject of your divination and hold this in your mind while selecting the leaf for the reading. Let intuition guide you to a leaf – don’t look at them too closely.

🌿 Speckled leaves like these are ideal for scrying by the more traditional definition – sitting down on the grass, relaxing one’s gaze, getting into that scrying mindset and letting the patterns speak to you, building constellations and reading shapes and symbols.

🌿 You can also use the veins, shapes, size, natural flaws, etc in leaves as part of reading or scrying them too. It likely helps to get to know a particular type of leaf quite well so that you can begin building up meanings around the various quirks that may appear in a particular leaf. (It would also help to touch upon getting to know a particular plant’s spiritual life.)

🌿 As with many types of scrying, instinct and intuition are your greatest guides.

🌿 Particularly good, I would imagine, for divination relating to earthy matters (prosperity, practicality, abundance, growth, home, ancestry). Different plants may also have different correspondences and associations for you.

🌿 You could keep the leaf afterwards, either as a memento to stick in your grimoire/on your altar or to use in a spell relating to what you divined (perhaps to change misfortunes, or to materialise the good).

🌿 Remember to thank the plant spirits for their guidance and contribution after you’re done, and perhaps think to bring an offering (even if it’s just a sprinkling of moon water) for any plants you’re about to pluck wisdom from.

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DM: “So, the kuo-toa lead you towards what seems to be a shrine, there are a few villagers dancing around it chanting.“ (insert religion rolls here) "You seem to recognize it as one of their gods…or priestesses, or something along that vein. You also know that regurgitating at their altar is a sign of great respect”

Bard (currently magically disguised as a GIANT kuo-toa): “Well, they think I’m their god, Who am I to say no?”

*Proceeds to majestically vomit chunks of boat all over their altar.*

The party required a 10 minute break at this point, as laughter had incapacitated two of our party members.