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Helloooo \(‾▿‾\) (/‾▿‾)/. I’ve updated my theme a little bit and also added a “more+” page for all my links. I’m currently busy with the character pages for the characters of Nova’s Story, which you can see a preview of right here. I’m almost done with the first page and then onto the seperate character pages, this will keep me busy for a good few hours hehe. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Nova I took in CAS. <3

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What's a spoonie?

A spoonie is someone who has a chronic illness and who relates to The Spoon Theory. I’m one of em ^^

The Spoon Theory is basically a way of measuring your energy levels via spoons. Say if one is having a rough day and is super fatigued, they’d be low on spoons. If one has super high energy, they’re high on spoons.
Coupled with that, different activities have different ‘spoon costs’. Each activity, say showering or preparing a meal or even getting dressed, takes away spoons; and you only get spoons back after resting and recharging, like a night of sleep or a nap. 

Some people have specific numbers (i.e. “I feel like I have 10 spoons today, showering will take one, cooking will be three, and so on”), but some (like me) just use the concept a bit more vaguely (”I have a low amount of spoons today, probably only enough to shower or heat up a TV dinner”).

I’m a spoonie, because I have a few illnesses that give me both chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I try to be open about it, because sometimes saying “Hey I don’t have enough spoons to do much today” is easier than “Hey I might literally pass out or cry if I stand up”. 

This is a wikipedia article on the Spoon Theory, and this is another good article, if you wanna read more about it ^^

So, uh.

Hello, everyone! Long-time no see, Rune Factory fandom.

I’ve been mega busy this past year-and-a-half, and as a result… Yeah, I kinda ignored this side blog a while ago, relatively unannounced (aside from the occasional event promotion). Poof. Gone.

Seriously, who am I, Venti? Kyle? Rune Factory 5′s uncertain existence?

Not sure how many of y’all are still here, how many newbies are here, if anyone even remembers this blog, etc. ;;;

But! I want to attempt to come back! I might not be online online super often, but I would like to queue up some art/fic/HCs in the tag, if nothing else, just to try and get the ball rolling for myself again/keep the RF stuff neatly in one place.

Any asks in my inbox right now will likely be deleted, since many of them are very old (I’m so sorry to those of you I never responded to ;;; ). I probably won’t have a TON of time to answer asks, but if you give me a few days, I’ll try to come online and answer them to the best of my ability. I don’t know if I’ll have a lot of time for a ton of content creation or even dumb little memes, at least at first, but I hope I can ease myself back into that again.

So! I hope the RF fandom isn’t… Totally dead… I know it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything on the status of the series, but hope dies with the stubborn, eh? And I don’t know about you folks, but I’m stubborn as a Buffamoo.

And besides, in the meantime, no reason we can’t appreciate the games anyway, right? :>

So, you’ll get a steady stream of (likely old and new) RF content from the tags over the next week or so, hopefully, once I set up a proper queue.In the meantime, hope y’all have a wonderful, Runey-filled week!

[I’ll also update the theme of my blog when I get the chance, hopefully sometime tonight or later this week.]

Cheers, and happy farming!

~ Lai

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