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society’s anxiety deprived of all that we’re blessed with

i added fancy lil icons to my descriptions for some mains!!!!! ft. @basedmercury / @valeurr / @ceasepain / @bloomess / @blxckandbruises <3

they were originally gonna be floating bubble thingies but i wanted to put more people and that would have been toO MANY BUBBLES BOUNCING AROUND

hubrisveined  asked:

your icon & header are everything!

thank  you  !  @severines​  made  them  for  me,  &  she  also  made  me  this  new  icon  psd  !   i’m  completely  in  love !  everything  she  touches  is  damn  gold.  

It was late at night when the hotel room door opened, cool air rushing into the slightly warmer room. It was clean and neat, a contrast from earlier where potato chip crumbs rested on the floor and a pile of dirty laundry littered the messy bed sheets. All of that was cleaned now; the bed well-made, the laundry folded neatly on her comforter and the chip crumbs gone from the floor.

‘I really am going to have to tip the manager extra when I can afford it.She cleans my room every time I leave.’ Katherine thought to herself, shutting and locking the door.

In her arms was a brown bag of groceries, mostly microwavable meals and on-the-go snacks. Her day was busy, but she’d completed the fire, water and grass trials. She was so proud of herself, she was going to take the next few days off from trials and just chill out. Setting down the bag and allowing her Lucario to put up the rest of the meals, she plopped one in the microwave and took out her phone, catching up on the latest news and texting her family to reassure them she was fine. Of course, she could never tell them she was living off of microwavable meals. Her mother would panic.Soon enough, her meal was done, and the scent of microwavable meatloaf filled the air. She got it out while her Pokemon stretched out in various parts of the room, either having eaten or currently eating well-harvested beans. Katherine was starving, and, wanting to feast as her beloved Pokemon did, took a bite of the steaming meatloaf.

”GAH!! SHIT!!”

FINALLY an updated ref of Asthen, which is a fakemon.

So basically, all Chabten look like that, except for : the fireflies, the weird leaf bandanna, and the color of the gem, which can vary.

by the way, this blog will live on, don’t worry. 8D

also check out my new theme! i updated the pages and even added some. i wonder, would you people be interested if i created a page about the fakemon i made ? (3 of them are OCs on this blog, so it’d be useful)

Who Wants Some General Updates?

There’s nothing really to talk about here lol. Just a post saying that I’ll be away from home (staying over my mom’s house while she goes to Vegas. My brother will be attending school at this time and he’s a minor. He can’t stay alone) for five days. I really don’t think she has wi-fi at her house, so there’ll be little to no activity unless I’ve assumed wrong. 

I mean, I can get online via phone, sure! But I won’t be trying to reply to anything. Just lurking, if anything.

Also I’ve updated my theme.

outofquarters i just wanted to draw tooth in a new outfit tbh.

               also, holy shit, im back from an unexpected week long hiatus!