also um the first time i cried of happiness from a fic in a while

Buttons (M)

summary: It’s your first time meeting the boys & somehow Taehyung grabs your attention. Your boyfriend, Namjoon didn’t like it. Good thing he knew exactly which buttons to push to get your attention back…literally. 

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pairing: namjoon x reader (ft. an innocent tae)
jealous!namjoon, remote-controlled vibrator
1972 w 

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There is no V in LOVE

[My submission for k-to-the-pop’s writing contest]

GENRE: Angst, AU, slight fluff

SUMMARY: You’ve been in love with Taehyung for the longest time, but love doesn’t always get a chance to happen the way you want it to.

WARNING: Suicide mention


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You used to think that love was like a fairy tale.

Of course, everybody did as a child – but you, even at a young age, had fantasized about an everlasting love so strong that it could not be scratched. You dreamt of a love so powerful that you couldn’t feel anything else but it only. Love was such a pure and beautiful thing to you when you were young. But that was such a long time ago.

As a child, you thought love was glass slippers and magic mirrors and rosebushes; you couldn’t wait until you grew up to meet your own Prince Charming. You thought love was so easy to grasp onto and to keep a hold of. You didn’t know back then that love could make you unhappy, or that it could break your heart.

But it did anyway.

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super angsty fic idea that i can’t write myself bc it should b super long and super sad and super heartbreaking and i have too much commitment issues for that and i also write too slow for such a fic so someone write it for me pls

ok so i wrote most of this to a friend at like 3 in the morning a few months ago (and some more stuff when i talked about this w @sirius-orion-lupin ) so here it is (and sorry this is a mess i honestly just copy and pasted our texts) 

Ok so what if throughout the entire series, Draco was in love with harry.

 He grew up listening to stories about The Boy Who Lived, all wizarding kids must’ve. And Draco tries to befriend Harry when they’re getting their robes fitted (Draco recognized that famous scar) and tries to impress harry like his dad would have; hes going on and on about how great and rich he is etc., but he just comes off as arrogant and dudley-like to harry and he rejects dracos hand in friendship. and it breaks him, but he has too much Malfoy pride to say sorry for being a prat and to start over

And so their infamous rivalry and hate arise, and Draco is trying to win Harry over (still friendship-wise at this point) by acting like that schoolboy that has a crush on that girl in class (calling her names, pulling her pigtails, etc), trying to make harry pay attention to him (which technically is canon)

He’s always observing and thinking about harry; trying to come up with The Plan that will make Harry Potter his friend (or just like him, really), and he notices small details and little quirks harry has

Like how harry likes his tea, his favorite dessert, etc

And Draco realizes at one point (prob around 3rd year) that oh shit. he’s actually in love with Harry Potter. It’s not just his looks or his reputation. He’s in love with the way Harry’s tongue sticks out a little when he’s concentrating, the way he walks (slouching a little, but big steps. Semi-confident, as if he’s trying to act like he’s confident, though he’s p insecure. Draco has no idea where he got that description), the way Harry laughs or grips his quill, and how harry hugs his friends.

He continues to try and get harry to like him, but now romantically, and is heartbroken every time when Harry spits insults at him and storms away after Draco pretends to be a dementor, climbs a tree to jump off to taunt harry, etc

And then 6th year rolls along and dracos so broken and stressed out that he doesn’t have the energy to do that to harry anymore, not to mention the sneers and insults he’s sure to get from harry, and Draco doesn’t think he’ll be able to handle living if those were added to his shoulders

And then 7th year, draco was cried when he was by himself after finding out that Harry wouldn’t be at school. the only comfort in the storm of his life wasnt there to keep him grounded. And whend he’s taken out of school, dracos dying with voldemort living in his house, and he thinks about harry whenever he feels like he’s gonna break, and when the trio is at the manor, his heart drops bc the guy he’s loved for the past 4+ years is here and his life depends on dracos words (and draco doesn’t identify him, obv)

And harry saves him from the fiendfyre, and Draco is thankful and so /hopeful/, maybe, finally, harry will want to start over

But his heart breaks again at his trials when Harry testifies for him, and finds out that he only saved draco bc he thought that he didn’t deserve to die, and bc they were both kids in the midst of a war they wanted no part of

And after the trials, Draco asks why harry testified for him, and harry says to repay the life debt that he owed draco for not identifying him in the manor and also bc he thought draco deserved a second chance

Draco doesn’t have enough nerves or guts to ask if he could have a second chance with harry. hes too scared of being actually rejected. hes too scared of his nightmares becoming a reality

They don’t speak after the trials, only keeping up with each other’s lives through common acquaintances and the Prophet

(Fuxk i forgot this) Draco’s boggart turned into harry telling him ‘I should have left you in that fire’ (post creds to @drarry-ponderings)

Anyway, it’s a stab in the gut for draco whenever he sees an article abt harry in the Prophet (which is often, to nobody’s surprise) about potter and the weaslette dating and getting married, the birth of their children, and seeing harrys happy smiles in every article makes draco cry while he holds the papers tight in his arms, because harry is so happy without draco, while he’s depressed out of his wits

And Lucius can’t handle this anymorw, and arranges a marriage, and Draco ends up marrying a pure blood girl to continue the Malfoy line

And when they finally meet at Platform 9 and ¾ after /years/, Draco is so heartbroken at the sight of Harry and his weaslette (shes potter now, but draco cant face that truth) wife sending their kids off to hogwarts. Even more so when after all these years, all draco gets from harry is just a polite nod

Switching pov - harry

Harry never saw draco romantically, and treated and thought of draco the same way as in the books

Hated him down to his bones

And was genuinely happy and in love with ginny

And never sought out a friendship with draco malfoy after he rejected his hand back in first year

And the final stab: draco knows all of this. He knows that harry hates him, and that he probably never will. But he still cries when he thinks of how much he is in love with harry and how he’ll never know Dracos feeling for him, and that he’ll never feel the same way – ever.


Scorpius writes often to draco, and draco finds or that his son has become best friends with albus potter

Every letter, Draco is rly happy to hear from his son, but his vision blurs and his heart wrenches when scorpius writes about albus and how hogwarts is so fun with him,  because it always reminds him of what he could have had with harry

(pls read more under the cut.. i cut it off bc i felt bad it was kinda long but i promise its good)

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Worth The Wait

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun x reader

Synopsis: I don’t know if you’re taking requests or not but i have a TOP scenario request and i want YOU to write it b/c you’re such a good writer!!😫 ive never read a fic of virginity or seen one but one where Top takes her virginity after being together for a year, but its not his first time bc he is oppa 😆 (no big age gap though) with pre-love making teasing and secret desire. I havent read such a fic yet and i know you’d do it awesomely! I dont want to be picky though so its totally up to you 💕            

Warnings: 18+, obviously. This is a loss of virginity fic after all.

Author’s Note: Finally, finished! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being so patient with me!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


You were a virgin.

It wasn’t because of any moral or religious obligation. No, it wasn’t that simple. The truth of the matter was that you’d just never met someone who felt right to you…

But then you’d met Seung Hyun and everything had changed.

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In her 24 years of life, Fee has never seen her dad cry. She’s seen her pop cry a fair few times; despite his reputation as a cold, heartless bastard–one he has carefully cultivated–Sherlock can be very emotional when it comes to his family, like the time John had been caught in a minor explosion and ended up in hospital for two weeks, or when she’d won first place in her very first piano competition, or the year when John had surprised him with a cruise on a restored pirate ship for their anniversary, or the day she had come home to show them the ring Chris had put on her finger.

Her dad, on the other hand, she can’t recall having ever seen him cry even once. She and John had sat by Sherlock’s hospital bed when he’d been stabbed (three times), poisoned (just the once), shot (once), and fallen severely ill (twice), all with potentially fatal consequences. John had stayed calmly at Sherlock’s side, clutching his hand in a vice grip, sometimes murmuring words softly into his ear when he thought she was sleeping, but she never saw a single tear fall. Nor had he cried at her wedding–though Sherlock had been a mess of happy tears–or even that time she’d been in that car collision back when she was fourteen. She’d seen him bursting with joy, shaking with anger, beaming with pride, numb with sorrow, but through it all, she’d never once seen him cry.

When she was a girl, she had thought it strange. She’d even gotten up the courage to ask Sherlock about it once, and he had told her that he could count on his fingers the number of times he’d seen John cry in all the time they’d known one another, which had been more than fifteen years at the time (now going on thirty). She’d eventually come to accept that it wasn’t so strange after all, that that is just how her dad is, that his tears are very rare and very private.

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The pros and cons of breathing

Summary: Funny, last time he checked, he still feels full. Full of countless feelings and thoughts that Phil used to throw at him nonchalantly, loving every second of attention Phil has given to him.

Now look at where we are, jealous like a motherfucker and- laugh.

Genre: In all honesty, I don’t know (it’s angsty, but it ends happy)

Warning: Phone sex, swearing (like so much)

Words: 2, 260 words

A/N: Here u go, a sequel for this fic(u dont need to read it to understand this). U asked for it. Also, im so sorry if ive been updating slow these days, I just feel dead when writing. Im also sad bc my collab fic with sofie ended (sigh) but !!! I just planned a collab with someone for pbb and oMG IM EXCITED TO WRITE WITH THEM they are my senpai. I also got a lil bit carried away.

No matter how many times Dan tried to muffle their laughter with his pillows, it’s fucking useless.

Just like how he feels.

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Mess (Chen x Reader)

Somehow, you and Jongdae manage to break the entire office kitchenette.

Request: Jongdae and “You’re not actually serious… are you?

fluff + comedy, 1.5k words, jongdae/reader, office au

It’s way too early. Still tired, you stumble into the small office breakfast bar, eager to make yourself some coffee in hopes of preventing you from faceplanting into your desk later in the day.  Unfortunately, your mundane daily morning routine is interrupted when you hear cursing coming from the kitchenette; curiously, you round the corner and come face to face with Jongdae.

Also known as your lowkey crush and first friend since your employment.

But, anyway.

He looks startled to see you, but quickly regains his composure. “Uh, hey there?”

“Is everything okay?” you ask, concerned. The way he fidgets nervously gives away that clearly something is wrong. “Did something happen?”

“Uh, I kind of, broke the coffee machine? Or something?” He lets out a nervous laugh.

You’re not serious, are you?” you ask, eyeing Jongdae. He gives you a nervous smile before stepping aside, letting you see the tragedy. The coffee machine sputters steaming coffee into the empty space where the pot is supposed to be, which, for its part, is in pieces on the floor. You wince when it gurgles and spits out another few drops, getting coffee everywhere, except it already is everywhere—pooling on the counter, trickling onto the floor, spreading across the white tiles.

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where, after she complains about romance being dead, mabel's brother(s?) sneaks out of the house in the dead of night just to throw pebbles at her window

Gravity Falls [OneShot] – (Double Dippin’ AU) Romance Isn’t Dead; It’s Surely Alive!

[Gravity Falls FanFic MasterPost]


Tyrone and Dipper jumped in their seats. They had been attempting to play a two-man game of Cards Against Humanity at the kitchen table when they heard the front door slam, the sound of high heels being kicked off in various directions, and the telltale thump thump of someone angrily stomping up the stairs. Ty looked at Dipper.

“What is that, third one this month?”

“Fourth, actually. Mabes doesn’t count the disaster that was Dylan Crenshaw from last Friday, but that brings to total up to four lousy date nights this month,” Dipper said, putting his cards face-down on the table.

“Dang it, we can’t keep letting Mabel be unhappy. There’s gotta be something we can do,” groaned Ty, ruffling his hair in his anger. Dipper snorted at the sight of Ty’s unruly mop becoming a bigger floofy mess.

“Dude, what’s the one thing that Mabel loves doing with us no matter how happy or upset she it?”

They both answered at the same time,

Triplet Time!

“Haha, yeah, I see what ‘ya mean, Dip. C’mon, let’s bring the cheer to our sad sibling!”

Tyrone and Dipper made their way up to Mabel’s room. Ty knocked on the door.

“Hey, sis? You wanna let us in?”


“Mabes, open up,” Dipper said, knocking on the door too. Still no response. Ty tried the doorknob and found it was unlocked. He turned the knob fully and opened the door. The room was pitch black, and Mabel didn’t appear to be in the room. Ty immediately went over and looked under the desk. In the light of the hallway, they could just make out the figure of Mabel, curled into a ball underneath her desk.

“Mabes, c’mon, talk to us. What’d that jerk do to you?” Ty asked.

“… nuh-uh …” Mabel said quietly, drawing her knees closer to her chest.

“That bad, huh?” Ty said. Dipper came over and crouched next to the desk.

“What, did he act like a douche like the last one?”

There was no response for a full minute, and then,

“H-He was being a jerk to me …” she said shakily. A few tears dropped from her eyes onto her jacket. “He ignored me and was on his phone the entire t-time I was trying to talk ‘bout my day, and then *sniff* at the end of the date, he tried to make me pay for the whole dinner …”

She paused to wipe her face with her jacket sleeve.

“I convinced the waitress to get us to split the check, which made him mad. God, the jerk didn’t even let me sit in the front seat of his car the entire time. He made me sit in the back and was a meanie to me the whole ride home cuz I didn’t pay for the whole thing. AND he expected me to kiss HIM, after all that. I slapped his face and slammed the door in his face and I’m just so angry that I … AAARGH!!!”

Mabel started crying harder in her anger, and started banging her fist into the wood of the desk.

“Why the fuck is chivalry dead?! Every boy that I think is the perfect guy ends up being either a stupid idiot or the worst freaking jerk-shit!!!” she yelled, causing her brothers to flinch. Mabel usually wasn’t one to curse, so seeing her like this made the boys both terrified and even more concerned for her well-being.

Blargh!” said Mabel, her cursing spree over for now. She put the back of her head against the underside of the desk, closing her eyes.


“Urgh! Why can’t guys that I like just be normal or nice? Or at least I wish they’d actually be romantic for me. I’m a nice girl, I deserve romance, don’t I?”

“No arguments there, sis. You’re awesome,” Ty said, patting her shoulder. Dipper nodded in agreement. Mabel smiled at the two of them.

“Thanks for coming in to make sure I’m okay, bros. Hey, if it’s alright, I just need to be alone for a while, ‘kay? I know you guys came in here from some Triplet Time, but right now I just need some Mabel Time.”

“Aw …” Tyrone said sadly. Dipper put his hand on Ty’s shoulder.

“Sure thing, Mabel. Rest up, okay? We’ll be outside if you need us,” he told her. Mabel nodded, and then turned and faced the wall. Ty turned on one of the small lanterns that was hanging on Mabel’s wall of lights. The light shining through the paper cast a soft pink glow throughout the room. The boys stepped out and Dipper gingerly shut the door.

“Well, what’re we gonna do now?” Ty asked Dipper.

“For once I’m at a loss. Mabel is usually the cheerful one, but her luck with the boys isn’t exactly the best. She wants to fall in love like in the movies, but in reality the guys at our school only want to get in her pants.”

“I’ll beat up any jerk that tries anything with my sister,” said Ty defensively.

“Hey, she’s my sister as well, Number 2. I want the best for her too, but what are we supposed to do about it? She just needs alone time and she needs to be more careful about who asks her out.”

“Man, if only we could prove to her that there are guys that still believe in chivalry,” said Ty glumly, rubbing the back of his neck. Dipper’s face lit up.

“Ty, you’re a beautiful genius.”

“Aw thanks, Dip! You know, I’ve always considered myself very pretty as well as handsome-”

“What? No, your idea, you dork.”

“What idea?”

“Follow my lead, Ty. Also, yes, you’re beautiful, blockhead, just don’t let it get to your head.”

Mabel finally emerged from under her desk and started searching her room for her box of tissues. She was thankful that Ty had turned on one of her paper lanterns, as searching in the dark after having cried her eyes out wasn’t exactly the best way to search. She pulled several tissues out of the slot and began blowing her nose. Her brothers were the only boys who had ever seen her break down and cry; the other boys were usually the ones who caused her to cry, but they never see the tears.

She was about to head downstairs to find some ice cream when she heard something tapping on her window. Mabel spun around, but there didn’t seem to be anything in her window. Not that there would be anything in her window, as she was on the second floor. Curiosity got the better of her, and she went over to the window and pulled it open. Immediately something small and hard sailed through the opening and hit her square in the forehead.

“Ow, what the-”

“Oh fudge, Dip, we hit her!”

“Man, um … sorry Mabes!”

Rubbing the spot where the pebble had hit her, Mabel looked down. Tyrone and Dipper were standing downstairs outside her window. Tyrone had a bouquet of roses in his hands, along with some rental DVD’s of Mabel’s favorite movies. Dipper was holding plastic bag that seemed to be filled to the brim with the little ice cream cups with the wooden spoons, as well as one of every pack of gummy candy from the candy aisle.

“Dip, Ty, wha-?”

“Mabel Pines,” Dipper dramatically recited. “We kindly implore that you join us this evening for a night of entertainment, luxury food, and other high-class endeavors.”

“We will guarantee a romantic evening, filled with … um … talking and … eye contact …?”

“Eye contact? Really, Ty?”

“Hey, I’m not good under pressure! Plus, it feels like we’re proposing to her or something.”

“Well, we technically are. Sort of, I guess.”

As the two of them bickered in the night air, Mabel started smiling. She was starting to believe that there wasn’t anybody who believed in chivalry in this day and age, but this one simple gesture was more than enough to make up for it. Sure, they’re her brothers, but they’ve always been the ones who took the time to think about what she wanted, and made sure that she was happy.

“Meet me down in the living room,” Mabel called down to them. “And I get first dibs on the ice cream.”

Dipper and Ty smiled, and then started to head inside when Mabel stopped them.

“Oh, and one more thing? Thanks. You guys are super cheesy, but it’s the most romantic thing anyone’s done for me all month. So, thank you. Now then, let’s get this party started!”

Mabel closed the window and opened the door to her bedroom. Well, it’s no fancy dinner date, but I wouldn’t trade up Triplet Time for all the handsome boys in the world!

Elsanna Fic Recommendations

Giving this its own post so it’s easier to find. AUs everywhere.

The Ice Enchantress by pensversusswords: Elsa is a Dangerous Loner Magic Assassin. She saves Anna’s life and gets roped into living with her and training her. Elsa pushing Anna away is a little much for my personal tastes, but it’s a quality fic. Thoroughly romantic, building the relationship up excellently and threading in a plot to do with Elsa’s mysterious past to bring on all sorts of heart pain.

Kill of the Night by WolfBrigade: Anna and Kristoff hunt and relocate supernatural creatures. Secretly. Elsa is Anna’s new, “normal” roommate and has a crush on Anna. Anna is oblivious, and Kristoff is the best secret wingman ever. Read it read it read it.

Sunshine by talkstopaintings: Anna moves in with her distant sister and it has yet to diminish the distance. A bit angsty at the moment thanks to that, but because it’s this author, the writing is very solid and thorough, making it a pleasure to read regardless.

An Awkward, First Something by talkstopaintings: More on the lighthearted end of the spectrum than the above entry. …I… think. It’s a Modern AU covering the slow development of Elsa and Anna’s romantic relationship and the complications of their personal histories. Full of warm fuzzies to make you root for them, but not for the faint of heart.

Anyone Call For A Pizza? by TheONEwhoWritesStuff: The author puts it best: “They say first impressions count and will have a long-lasting affect on the person you meet for the first time. The first time I met Elsa? I threw a whole box of pizza at her face.” Look, something that won’t tear your soul out! This is fantastically hilarious.

Sucker Punch by x.SodeNoZangetsu.x: Anna’s a boxer. Elsa’s a former star boxer who offers to train her. That premise makes me happy all on its own, and fidgety mutual crushing kills all of my working brain cells.

A Never Ending Note by x.SodeNoZangetsu.x: Elsa moves to Miami and is befriended by Anna. Anna decides that Elsa would be a perfect addition/revival member for her band with Kristoff and Hans, and have I mentioned fidgety mutual crushing kills me? It’s great, and they’re great friends, and it’s all just great.

Ivories by astrarisks: Elsa’s a famous concert pianist. Anna’s a violinist who refuses to be impressed. To her great regret, she is then impressed. Awkward. Elsa and Anna have yet to interact much, but this story is golden.

Storm Siren by xXSpiritKeeperXx: I’m sorry, did someone say crossdressing pirate Elsa with slow burn like whoa? Crossdressing pirate kidnaps Princess Anna. Hella.

Argos by 4mation: Post-canon with a bit of a darker touch. Elsa and Anna’s relationship as seen through other people’s eyes. I love different perspectives, and 4mation’s writing is pretty top-notch. The whispers of plot going on are marvelously tense as well. Just a plainly good read.

Elsa Anna Bare Corona by yumi michiyo: Besties Elsa and Anna run off to have summer fun and experience the awkwardness of unstated feelings. Everything is fun.

Thaw’s End by J. Peterson: ELSA AND ANNA FALLING IN LOVE POST-CANON. This fic is pretty much everything I ever wanted out of romance fanfiction. It is phenomenal and yes.

An Unlikely Pair by akichimihito: Hockey player Anna falls for figure skater Elsa when she’s six. They interact intermittently over the years, and then become best friends and have I mentioned slow burn? It’s willing to take its time and develop everything without rushing. Most excellent.

In The Absence of Sun by gschelt: Yeah, wow. High School AU. Um. “Reparative therapy was meant to silence it. The years home schooled all alone in that big house were meant to lock it away. But enrolling at Arendelle Prep was the worst thing that could have ever happened to that plan for the Senator’s daughter.” If you have not read it, read it.

Stolen Ice by Aesla: The author’s pitch is better than anything I can do: “Sisters are orphaned, split at birth. One’s a thief, the other a conwoman. There’s paintings, diamond heists, forgotten identities, and an evil corporation. There’s also a slow burn romance, which isn’t the best when it’s with your long-lost sister you never knew you had.” Worth every second of time it takes to read. As is its epilogue.

The Cat & the Queen by cries havoc: Elsa gets adopted by a kitten. Meanwhile, she obliviously falls for her sister while Anna falls for her slightly less obliviously and everything’s fluffy and adorable and perfectly blended affectionate romance. Likely not to be updated, but it’s something like written hot chocolate for Elsanna. And there’s a kitty! By the same author, Dress Code is delightful Best Friend AU UST.

Searching for a Perfect Day by harukaze: Elsa has spent the past five years in complete self-imposed isolation from her sister. Then their parents die, and avoidance is no longer an option. Angsty, but not overwhelmingly so, with every bit of confusion and hurt backed up by love. This fic probably does the balance of harmful decisions and good intentions better than any other I’ve seen, and it doesn’t shy away from the issues of an incestuous relationship in a modern setting.

One-Shot Recommendations.

This fandom is really wickedly talented.

Fic: Tell Me You Remember

(also on AO3

Oliver doesn’t know he’s in a dream state. He assumes this is his world. Everything seems right. His family is happy. Laurel and him have finally figured it out. Sara and him have just hooked up in the guest house so he’s riding the high of a very satisfying blow job. All is good. 

Then he sees it. 

He sees them

Felicity and Ray Palmer. 

They are friends of his father. Palmer Tech has a very lucrative contract with QC in which they upgraded pretty much all of the tech at QC. Oliver’s met Ray several times at various high society functions like this one. He’s nice enough. But that’s not what stops him in his tracks upstairs to get his tux on. 


It’s Felicity Palmer. 

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missweber  asked:

If you're still taking prompts for CP!, how about Zimbits - during his senior year, Bitty attracts the attention of a NHL team. Only problem is, it's not the Falconers. It's the Bruins.

this was so cute/fun to write, thank you!

(crossposted here to ao3 | send me prompts | my other cp writing)

When NHL scouts came to a few games Bitty’s senior year, Bitty really wasn’t surprised. What surprised Bitty was that they were there for him.

He’d thought at first maybe they were scouting Chowder early. Jack had started looking into teams and vice versa his junior year and went to a few prospect camps the following summer. Chowder was an amazing goalie and had been a huge part of their success the past few years. And he’d been a starting goalie as a freshman and had continued to grow and get even better as the seasons went on. Jack had even mentioned in passing that George and the Falconers had been keeping an eye on Chowder, Bitty had no doubt that other teams were doing the same.

So when a scout approached Bitty after a game, all he could do was gape at the woman and nod and tuck her business card into his pocket.

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anonymous asked:

I cried for the first time in two years at school and today's sucks do you have anything fluffy and cute ??:)

[Aww, sad anons. I hope your days get better soon! Here is a fluffy Sterek fic, based on this photo. A Project Runway AU.]

Stiles shifts on his feet nervously as Tim Gunn looks over his work in progress for the latest challenge. “I’m impressed,” Tim says in a clipped tone, leaning back, and Stiles breathes a sigh of happy relief. “You know, if you win this round, the prize is that R Fashions will run a small line of your work,” Tim says. “You might want to work on a product label.”

“Okay, I can do that,” Stiles says, even though he has absolutely no idea what he would call his line. 

As soon as Tim walks away to criticize Jackson’s work (haha), Scott walks over to him and gives him a high five. “Dude! Did he say he liked your jacket?” Scott asks.

“Yeah,” Stiles says, touching the intricate hand-beaded pattern on his latest piece. “I really like yours, though, I think you’re gonna win, Tim totally made his not-a-smile-but-I’m-smiling face for you,” Stiles says, nodding towards Scott’s masterpiece.

Scott nudges his shoulder playfully. “Rooting for both of us to make it to the next round. Whatever happens we’ll be cool, right?”

“Duh,” Stiles says, sticking his tongue out. He expected a lot of cutthroat competition (which there’s plenty of), but making a real friend in Scott is one of the best things about this reality show gig so far. 

Tim Gunn claps his hands together. “Alright, models coming in for their final fitting, make it work, everyone!”

And here’s one of the other best things.

The models file into the workroom, one by one, and just start stripping down for their outfits to be fitted, and luckily Stiles remembers to take the pins out of his mouth before he repeats last week’s bloody lip incident.

“Hey, Stiles, this looks good,” Derek says, eyeing the jacket, shirt and pants combo Stiles has laid out. He reaches out to touch the beading, and Stiles slaps his wrist away.

“That bit isn’t quite done, it’s very delicate, okay. I still need to go over it and embroider this edge,” Stiles says sharply.

Derek rolls his eyes. “Okay, I take it back, it looks horrible,” he says, taunting, and Stiles resists the urge to get into it again and pretend to argue with Derek (it’s fun, alright, and Stiles needs an outlet for his sexual frustration) because there’s only one hour left and he really wants to do well.

Derek shrugs out of his shirt, and then there go the pants, and Derek’s butt is just there, and Stiles has to be very careful about helping Derek into this outfit.

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anonymous asked:

there were so many Big Bang fiics that it got kinda overwhelming. rec list?

you asked, you got it!! this fandom is too fucking talented ;0; 

remember to read all the tags + archive warnings before going into these!

hotline bling@minzimpression

[3:02] aweasleyinslytherin: wrong number. i apologize. i’m keeping your picture, though. that is a very nice dick. goodbye.

2/3 chapters, modern au. sexting, dickpics, hidden identities, kylo ren thinks he’s really cool + hux’s boss keeps trying to set him up with her son, ben solo. probably one of the funniest + most entertaining fics i’ve read in a really long time. it’s one of those crazy miscommunication fics that hooks you because you know what’s going to happen but you! can’t! wait! i’m so excited for the last chapter. 

fondu au noir – @huxes

“don’t think i’ll start to behave just because — well, because it’s you.” a smile had twisted its way across his lips, a cruel parody of something, of countless midnights and ren’s fingers on his skin. “i’m not so easily swayed as that.”

broken hearts, court trials, i’m sobbing about hux. that one redeemed!kylo fic that hurts like hell and makes me want kylo to turn back to the dark side because that would be less painful. i wish i could say more without spoiling the ending, just know that it will probably shatter you in the best way. 

aletheia – @badspacebabies + @reserve

he likes hux—likes his utter fearlessness, and callous ways, his fiery hair, his ardor for their cause, the pinched inexperience that mars his brow when things don’t go his way. he likes hux and he cannot keep him, but perhaps he can have him.

written for the kbb. totally heartbreaking + frustrating + gripping and it has such a satisfying climax/ending. i think i’ve read it at least five times now, and i go through the same tumble of emotions every time. i’d read the tags carefully for this one, just in case– but it’s one of the most beautiful kylux fics that i’ve ever read. their dynamic is spot-on, both kylo and hux are written so agonizingly well.

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Fic: Poem Without Words (23/?) (M)

Author’s note: I thought there would only be three chapters left including this one but the muse thought otherwise. So there will be an extra one! Yay! Enjoy!

Also Posted: / AO3

Chapter 23

“Wake up, love,” Killian whispered, gently shaking Emma’s shoulder. They’d only been in the air for about thirty minutes before she was asleep. He wasn’t all that surprised, given how they spent the previous day and bit of the night. Besides, she’d just spent an entire semester working her cute arse off; she was entitled to some extra sleep.

“Ugh,” Emma mumbled in complaint. “What’s up?” She didn’t want to open her eyes; Killian’s side was comfy.

“We’re getting ready to land, sweetheart,” he informed her. “Almost there.”

Reluctantly, she raised her head. “Did I sleep the whole time?”

“Most of it. You grumbled a bit as the food trolley came by but aside from that you were out like a light.” He smiled fondly at her, lightly squeezing her hand. “Feel rested?”

She rolled her eyes. “I think I’ve got a crick in my neck.”

“Buckle your belt and I’ll try to work it out before we touch down.”

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black-forest-girl  asked:

Molly didn't know how to tell Sherlock she's pregnant. He overreact about the news and leave Molly. Mycroft do all to bring them together!

First of all WARNING! There is a mention of abortion in this fic, so if you have problems with that, please don’t read, it’s also slightly angst, but I do promise a happy ending.

It’s also a bit long, and maybe the best thing i’ve ever written, so yeah here you go cumbercookie81 my always awesome friend ^^

Molly was walking nervously around the small bathroom of her flat, begging to every god she could possibly think of, even if she didn’t believe in any of them.

She knew what Sherlock thought of sentiment, of babies, of marriage, of love, and had been surprised when he’d showed up at her place, kissing her hungrily after he’d solved the case of the fake Moriarty.

The night had been a blurry mess, but the morning she remembered, she’d told him it was okay, that there would be no hard feelings, and that he would still have her help in cases, and at getting body parts for experiments.

Sherlock had showed her that he had no interest in changing what they’d done, he had told her that he didn’t kiss her because he’d been scared to lose her, that he’d kissed her because he’d wanted to, and because it had been time.

It had been the best day of her adult life, but the happiness didn’t match the fear she felt now.

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Adoption!verse remix -- because I don't have enough going on right now

So anonymousnerdgirl asked what would happen if Gold had found out about Bae when he was a baby.  The answer is this.

This is going to be a multi-part story and I am taking prompts for it, but I don’t think it’ll be as long as the other one (barring a massive outpouring of prompts, anyway) because I think ten years younger Gold and Belle will be much more open to a relationship.  I hope everyone enjoys it!

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