also two of these ladies are dead

OKAY. some speculation on Kieran of the Hunt. One, he’s half nixie and a prince of the Unseelie court. Two, CC tells us Kieran has a big role to play in the series. Three, no one knows why he was exiled. Just some politics from behind the scenes. But he is also the youngest and less thought of among his siblings. Why sell him to the hunt, if he was no threat? 

Theres been speculation about Anabel Blackthorn too, like how she might not quite be alive but no entirely dead either. And she was brought back by a fey ritual, and according to Malcolm, loved the water. Her family, shamed by her love for a warlock, trapped her in a tomb and condemned her to die. 

Sounds pretty similar between the two characters, yes? Both connected to the water, from noble lines, and condemned by their families. Personally, I think this will come into play. I think Kieran’s nixie heritage is one of the main reasons he was sold, and why his role will be huge. Water fey are common folk.  I wonder if  this is because of their nature? Does having connections to that element make them volatile or something, as Kieran seems pretty emotional for someone from the Unseelie Courts. And Anabel, who may be an undead corpse in an underwater tomb, brought back to life with fey magic? Will she have some new found abilities related to the sea?

I s Kieran’s role connected with this? We know about his mood changing hair as a result of his nixie heritage, but what else? Does he have water magic? Can he create storms? Can he breathe underwater (probably)? 

These are the questions that haunt me….


A chasm opened up between them, a hallway less than ten yards wide. But it might as well have been a thousand miles.
A well-appointed no man’s land with a plush carpet and high ceiling between two bedrooms. In it were two centuries of ghosts, all the Presidents and First Ladies before them. But also the ghost… of their marriage.
A thirty years’ war that left them both dead inside and this dead space between them.

Relief of Anxiety

Lovely Wiccans, we are humans and sometimes we must deal with stressful situations that activate our anxiety. But don’t worry, we can relief our stress and anxiety with this beautiful spell: 

“Nervous anxiety, you are dead.
Lord and lady, soothe my head.
Bring me to your calming peace
as i will so mote it be”

“I am peaceful,I am strong
Though dark may seem so long.
For day must follow every night,
Everything is alright.
I am always safe from harm,
The Goddess holds me in her arms”

Anti-anxiety tea is also helpful to calm our spirits:

Add two teaspoons of valerian root to one cup of boiling water. As it seeps, chant:

“Nervous anxiety, you are dead.
Roots and water, soothe my head.
Bring to me your calming peace.
As I will, so mote it be”

Note: To cut the taste you might want to strongly sweeten it with honey.

Hope this is helpful to y’all. Stay strong! 

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Dear many, many people who are currently looking for happy, non-dead queer ladies on zee telly!

May I present to you the awesome that is the Canadian series Lost Girl?

It is about a bisexual (ok, let’s be real: omnisexual polyamourous) succubus named Bo, her canonical girlfriend (Lauren) and boyfriend (Dyson), friend-with-benefits (Tamsin), and most importantly BFF (Kensi). 

It is ridiculous, cracky, hilarious, fun, will make you laugh, and will probably at least once also make you cry. It is not all rainbows and kittens all the way through (gird your loins near the end of the series and invest in at least three boxes of Puffs with lotion and probably at least one bottle of Jack), and not everyone from episode one makes it to the series finale.

BUT BUT BUT Anna Silk’s breasts are MAGIC, and Bo & Kensi are THE BEST BFFS EVER OMG I CANNOT BEGIN TO TELL YOU, and it is full of LOTS of sexyfuntimes with the ladies as well as the boys and is super sex-positive, and mostly is a rocking crackfest of epic proportions from beginning to end (tho you may choose to fast-forward through chunks of Raynor and I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU I HAVE ONLY LOVE TO GIVE).

I know that SF&F telly has an unfortunate history of queer ladies not getting happy endings, and all too often only tragic endings. 

But I thought I’d let folks who may not know about it yet that this show exists, and is dear to my heart, and is chock full of good times. And I’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix and/or Hulu. If not, I will find out where it’s streaming, and update this post.

ETA: also, while there are happy endings for some of the queer ladies, NOT ALL. Tho it’s kinda hard to explain. But it seems fair to warn ahead of time.

Uhm also ladies...

I’d just like to say there’s a lot to be said for ending on good terms with these men because just when I thought the well had run dry, two old flames popped back up ready to pay pal their way into my heart (*cough* panties). Guess I’m glad I decided not to tell them what I thought of them when we ended things some months back. I remember reading on a girl’s blog about how they always come back and I was just like aww lol she must be popping but nah dead ass they always come back lmao. 


Here’s a little idea that I came up with a few days ago while thinking about the “my life as a romantic comedy” meme…

Dr. Catherine Halsey, renowned UNSC scientist, is in danger.
She is retired and living a peaceful life on a modest Sangheili neighborhood on 26th century California, but they have found her and they want her dead. The Covenant, humanity’s greatest alien enemy, has sworn to vaporize the good Doctor in revenge for her supposed crimes (which helped the humans to win the war) and for her own safety, the UNSC deployed a SPARTAN team to deal with the problem. For weeks, Blue Team has been in disguise expecting any kind of alien (or human) attack on Dr. Halsey, which also unfortunately means to cope with the old lady and her two eccentric daughters, Miranda and Cortana. However, Cortana might be the whole reason behind the threat and it’s up to John, one of the finest SPARTANS, to keep her safe… sometimes even from himself.
Join Humanity’s bravest and best as they settle in the empty house across the street and try to pass on for brothers and sisters recently moved into the neighborhood.


John-117 as THE TALL, BROODING, HANDSOME MALE PROTAGONIST. Facing a potential forced retirement due to an old injury, John is given his last chance to keep working for the UNSC. He was made to live in the line of fire and the perspective of retirement is as awful as it can get, but he sure wasn’t expecting this amount of bullshit. He’s a tenacious man of few words with little patience for stupidity and annoying neighbors. Especially children. And Dr. Halsey’s younger daughter, Cortana, because she constantly pisses him off with her witty comments.

Cortana as THE CUTE BUT WEIRD SMART GIRL SLASH FEMALE PROTAGONIST Dr. Halsey’s youngest, kind-of-hippie-but-actually-smart-and-hot-beyond-your-wildest-dreams daughter. She is the real target behind the Covenant’s threat and ultimately becomes John’s little shield and sword, since her wits more than once save everyone’s lifes. Literally she can’t stand him but deep down she has a really big soft spot for the big guy and only wants to understand him. She loves children and animals and making things blow up, also, she might or might not have discovered a very important secret that could destroy the Covenant forever.

Fred-104 as THE TEAM LEADER. UNSC Lieutenant Junior Grade Fred-104 was originally commissioned with the mission. He thinks he calls the shots but he doesn’t, he’s really the team’s mom, always looking after everyone else. He helps old ladies to cross the street and he’s even a decent cook. Seriously, he’s such a good guy that it’s annoying.

Kelly-087 as THE CUTE INNOCENT RABBIT being most likely the fastest SPARTAN alive, Kelly is quite spirited and the team’s absolute badass along with John; and like Fred, she cares about her teammates but more than once she misunderstands their feelings and ends up breaking uncomfortable havoc. She likes to make jokes that nobody understands.

Linda-058 as SNIPER GIRL she’s a quiet loner, most of the time she stands at the background, just staring. Always with a sniper rifle in hand, she barely leaves the house or her spot at the attic, from where she watches out for the street and Dr. Halsey’s house. Her only vocabulary consists in deadpans. She always takes the night shifts.

Charley K-90456 as JOHN’S SURVEILLANCE GADGET. UNSC enhanced war dog Charley is the perfect partner for long-term surveillance missions slash perfect decoy. If a German Shepherd of the size of an adult lion can be considered a decoy. John uses her as an excuse to patrol up and down the streets early at morning and late at night.

Dr. Catherine Halsey as THE TARGET quite-not-so-okay-in-the-head scientist slash miracle worker. A long time widow with some issues about personal space, personal morals and people by themselves. Sometimes she spaces out in the middle of a conversation and she strongly believes that she can solve all the problems in the world; which is why she keeps working in her secret basement’s lab against UNSC permission. She thinks John is a good boy and always invites him and his “siblings” for dinner, but she actually wants Fred to cook because she can’t even make a fried egg.

Miranda Keyes as THE POLITICALLY CORRECT DAUGHTER Dr. Halsey’s older daughter; she married Sergeant Avery Johnson of the Marine Corps and currently is on maternity leave because of her second child, having a vacation at her mother’s house while her husband is on duty. She is always in her right mind and full of older sister’s wisdom, but like her mother, sometimes she spaces out in the middle of conversations.


Jameson Locke and fire-team Osiris as THE TOP DOGS WHO LOOK DOWN ON OUR BELOVED BLUE BABIES. They act like a bunch of a***les but deep down they admire Blue Team and aspire to become as trustworthy and badass as them. Vale has a thing for Usze but she’s too shy to make a move.

Thomas Lasky as THE BOSS. He looks like a cinnamon roll, but he can kill you. And fire your ass. He protects John because they went to the Academy together.

Sarah Palmer as THE HARSH ASS SPARTAN COMMANDER. Like J. Jonah Jameson, she can’t decide if she likes Blue Team or if she wants to get rid of them forever, but since they always get the job done with the average amount of domestic damage, she ends up filing requests for more medals. She yells a lot and probably has a thing going on with Lasky but we can never confirm.

Thel Vadam as THE ALIEN NEIGHBOUR. A retired Covenant Shipmaster who traded secrets with the UNSC in exchange for a quiet, simple life with his wife. He’s the president of the Home Owners Association, doesn’t like SPARTANS stomping on his lawn and pretty much keeps to himself. Unless the SPARTAN’s dog decides to make a crater where his roses used to be or the newspaper doesn’t arrive in time every morning.

Rtas ‘Vaduum and Usze Taham as THE SECRET AGENTS acting as two Sangheili college students, Rtas and Usze are the backup team that most of the time fixes everyone else’s fuck ups. And boy, they fuck up a lot.

Jul 'Mdama as THE TRAITOR YOU NEVER EXPECTED Another neighbor. Enough said.

Kurt-051 as THE NOT SO DEAD FRIEND THAT THINKS HE’S TUXEDO MASK. He’s always in full armor so we really don’t know it’s Kurt until the end of the story, but he mysteriously appears and disappears in the middle of impossible combat situations, saving everyone’s asses from time to time.


Fire-team Majestic as THE BACKUP. Recurring characters with no personality whatsoever, they’re here just in case.

*Charley is my OC, get your hands off my dog.



Miep Gies was the woman who found Anne’s diary in the attic, gathered up the scattered pages, and saved it for 2 years, hoping that Anne would survive the terrible concentration camps. We know, of course, that she didn’t. 

When Otto Frank, Anne’s dad, was released at the end of World War II, he returned to his previous home to find that he was the sole survivor. His wife and two daughters were dead. Miep presented Anne’s diary to Otto, and ultimately – to the world. This was the diary that would inspire my daughter, Rachel, to leave us with her six diaries.

My wife, Sandy, and I were in Amsterdam on June 25, 2009 to visit this wonderful lady. She had just turned 100 years old, and had recently turned down an invitation to meet with the queen. However, we were honored to meet with her because her caretaker, a gentleman named Cor Suijk**, had told her about Rachel. Cor is also a great person. He was imprisoned during the Holocaust for helping hide a number of Jewish people. After being released, he became Otto Frank’s assistant and best friend and was the first director of the Anne Frank House. 

Cor drove us into the little village where Miep lived and as I looked out my car window, passing windmills that dotted the Holland countryside, I though about the definition of the word “greatness”. Who among us is really great?

That very morning I had received an email from major league baseball and People magazine informing me that I had been selected to be the Colorado Rockies “Heroes Among Us” person of the year. I would be representing the Rockies at the All-Star game, riding in the parade with the players and being honored with 29 other “heroes” by all 5 living presidents in the pre-game celebration! Of course I was excited about winning that nomination, but I knew in my heart that I was not “great” because of that assignment. Being called a hero, doesn’t make one a hero. I was selected because a large number of my friends took the time to vote for me online. It was a simple numbers game, and I was fortunate to have the most friends voting. But that did not make me “great”.

Sandy and I were ushered by Cor up the sidewalk to the door of a small apartment, where a stooped, elderly, white-haired lady greeted us. As we sat and visited with Miep, at one point she took our hands in hers and with tears in her eyes, in broken English she said, “I never had a daughter. But Anne was like a daughter to me. I lost her – and I am so sorry for your loss of Rachel.”

I cannot begin to tell you the flood of emotions that coursed through my heart at that moment. My daughter was being honored by the lady who saved Rachel’s hero, Anne Frank! These hands holding ours had served and sacrificed in an attempt to save Anne’s life and the lives of seven other Jewish people during that terrible time in history. As we glanced around the small room, Miep pointed out to us the shawl that Anne Frank wore, draped across a chair. There in the corner was the desk owned by Otto Frank, that I’m sure Anne must have sat at from time to time, recording entries in her diary.

As we left her apartment and started back for the car, I looked over my shoulder and saw Miep waving from her doorway. Almost as an afterthought, I grabbed the camera and took her picture. Little did I realize that it would probably be the last picture ever taken of her alive. Six months later she would quietly - without fanfare - slip away.”
- Darrell Scott

My Own Particular Brand of Phrack Madness...Cocaine Blues

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Nice bathroom. Pity about the dead guy on the floor, though. Maid? Can I get some service, please?

I scent my first ever lady-crush in the wind. 

Not the best CGI I’ve ever seen. But not the worst, either. 

Sassy, confident lady. She owns all she surveys.

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Who DOESN’T Get Lucilled

Rick and Carl obviously don’t, but here are a few other key people who wouldn’t make sense to bite the dust:

Abraham– If they kill Abe, they may as well off Sasha.  She won’t survive another personal loss.  They were talking marriage and babies and shit. She would probably execute herself via self-destruction.  Unless the plan is two deaths back to back.

Maggie–she’s pregnant and going to the Hilltop, blah blah blah. I just don’t see them offing  pregnant lady.  Also, they’ve made a big deal about her “diagnosis.”  Like, if she’s going to be dead from a bat to the head, that wold be a whole lot of nobody cares anyway.

Anyone who wasn’t in the van basically–the POV shot throughout the ep is the POV of the person who gets it/how they spent their last day on earth.  I’m pretty sure that was the point to the first person POV, as well as a way to excuse not showing any of the captured cast until the last ten minutes of the ep (which felt totally lame, in my opinion.  I love Carol, but they could have cut down her screen time with Morgan to show us one scene of what was happening to Michonne, Daryl, Glenn and Rosita).

Daryl–who can be seen in front of/to the left of the person whose POV we the audience see in the van.  Also, yada yada, AMC cash cow, yada.  And, his story’s not done.  Though a good chunk of this confrontation (like..85% of it) is Daryl’s fault.  Just saying.

Michonne–cause one, let’s get serious here. Her story’s nowhere near done. Just because Rick’s kissed her doesn’t mean it’s the kiss of death.  Two points make a line; not a pattern.  The buck stops with Michonne.  That, and, if there is anyone who can bring Rick back from the brink, it’s her.  And, it would devastate his character to the point of catatonia.  And, there’s no way I could take Rick or Carl talking to that mofo Negan remotely seriously if they watch him bash in Michonne’s head.  And a bunch of other reasons.  It ain’t her. Also, POV wise, she’s directly behind Daryl–not to the right of him.

That really only leaves Glenn and Rosita.  Everyone keeps saying “Negan doesn’t hurt women,” but I don’t buy that shit.  Negan is going for psychological torture and beat a sixteen year old kid to death, and threatened Maggie and Carl.  Anyone is up for grabs, so it could be Rosita.  And yes, I do think she is the most expendable…Also, so far they seem to enjoy giving the two finger salute to comic!canon, so that doesn’t mean Yuen’s name will be scratched from the credits.

But there’s also Eugene.  If we throw that POV business out the window, it seems to me they were setting him up for an exit.  His heroic sacrifice to go it alone after giving Rick that gun recipe…