also two is holding hands with himself again

Kwon Hyunbin's ‘preys’ throughout Produce 101 (part 1)

😂seriously tho.

started with 1) Minhyun (certified ship by ↓ themselves)

2) Seonho (if F grade should do couplings, these two 😂)

3) Jonghyun (the ultimate father-son material)

4) Jisung (momma bear and his giant baby)

5) Sungwoon (the ‘diD HE JUST KISS SUNGWOON??’ also dem holding hands)

6) Jaehwan (the hyung who facepalm but also cried the hardest when he got eliminated)

7) Haknyeon (”if i can be born again… i want to be hyunbinnie-hyung”)

8) Taehyun (cutest height differences in flashes)

9) Donghan (visual bros united)

10) Taedong (LOOK IT’S CAMERA! *SMOOCH*)

11) Sunghyuk (koala and his tree)

12) Donghyun (baby and his baby)

(will continue on part 2, there are too many of them 😂😅)

Teen Wolf Imagine- Stay Single


“I’ve broke up with him, for good” you sighed, flopping onto Scott’s couch. “You said that last time” Lydia shook her head, staring at her manicured nails. “But this time I mean it” you sounded convincing. “Keep it that way, boys are nothing but trouble” Stiles claimed, looking up from one of Scott’s Mom’s magazines. “You’re doing it again” you retort. “How many times do I have to say, I’m not the pack mom” Stiles grumbled. You pulled the magazine from out of his hand and stood up. “I am officially single” you beamed. “Stay single this time” Scott breathed, remembering the countless times this has happened. “I assure you, I will” you told.

“When I said I would join you, I didn’t think you literally meant we were going ‘household’ shopping” you whined, slamming the jeep door shut. “Y/n, the old pillows don’t match Scott’s Mom’s new curtains” Stiles shook his head.  “I’m not even going to say it” you held your hands up and joined to walk beside Malia. After about an hour of searching the furniture shop, and watching Scott and Stiles compare the shades of pillows to an image of the curtains, it was safe to say you had enough. “ Malia don’t drink that” you told, after walking past the isle of her contemplating drinking the water out of a flower vase. You wondered around, running your hands along the contents of the store aimlessly, when you saw the most attractive guy in the world. You came to a halt, fixed your hair and picked up a pile of closest thing near you, before strutting towards him. “Excuse me” you said sweetly. He turned to you and smiled. “Would you be able to help me carry these- rugs. The pile of rugs I am currently holding” you said, realising how weird it would have looked mid sentence. “Sure” he claimed, taking them from you. “No that’s too purple, we’re looking for more of a lilac- for god sake” Scott interrupted himself. “Has Malia put an employee in a plant pot again?” Stiles huffed. “Do you work out or something?“ you asked, ignoring the sheer look of agony on the guys face as he struggled to hold the rugs any longer. "A little- hey can I get your number?” he asked. "Shut him up" Stiles whispered. Before you could respond you were being dragged away by the two. “Sorry” you called over to the guy, standing with four rugs in his hands. “Let’s go” Scott sounded like an exhausted father, as he then also grabbed Malia- who was about to put the annoying employee from last time into another plant pot. “Never again” Scott and Stiles said to one another. “Id rather go grocery shopping with Liam and Lydia anyway” you claimed.

“Thanks for letting me come with you” you beamed again. “Anytime” Liam returned. “We forgot the beans” Lydia sighed, as you arrived at the car, with all of the bags. “I’ll go and get them, I’ll be two seconds” you didn’t sound very convincing. “Go and get her” Lydia said out of routine and being stood waiting for over fifteen minutes. Liam let out a sigh, before entering the store you were in. He looked around a few of the isles, before he saw you. “Thanks again” you smiled at one of the employees. Liam didn’t ask any questions, before throwing you over his shoulder and starting to march you out of there. The poor guy looked confused, you simply rolled your eyes from behind Liam’s back, to show that you weren’t being kidnapped or anything, just greatly annoyed. He put you on the ground outside and you huffed, flattening out your now creased top. “What the hell was that about?” you whined at the pair of them. “Sorry, Scott’s orders” Lydia shrugged. “I asked him to pass me a tin of beans- that I am yet to pay for might I add!” you complained, waving it in their faces. They both looked awkward for a second, after clearly misjudging the situation. The employee and a security guard then walked out and joined you all. “Don’t worry, it’s just my friends being total idiots” you diffused, not turning to look at them. “That’s her, she hasn’t paid for it” the employee told. “Miss, you’re going to have to come with me” the security guard spoke, gently grabbing your arm. “No, it’s a total misunderstanding, I’ll pay for the beans” you shook your head at the stupid situation. “Miss, I’ll ask you again nicely” he said, opening the store door. You looked at Lydia and Liam and saw them trying to hide their amusement. You flipped them off from behind your shoulder, as you and your beans were escorted back inside the store.

“Banned for life” you simply announced, walking into Scott’s house with Liam and Lydia trailing behind, rather pleased with themselves. All of your fellow pack members sat and stared at you. “For stealing a tin of beans?” Stiles asked in amusement, clearly they had already been informed. “I didn’t steal the fucking beans!” you retort, after spending the best part of your day arguing with security. All of your friends then proceeded to crack up laughing, while you stood there like a complete idiot. You had stop yourself from laughing along with them, your pride would not allow it. “Look I’m sorry Y/n” Liam apologised, half sincere. You stared at him blankly for a second, before smiling and pulling him into a hug. “I hate all of you guys, you know that right?” you let out a small laugh. “We love you too” Stiles spoke with a false sweet smile. “Thanks mom” you mumbled quiet enough, so only the werewolves heard- causing them to snigger. “She’s doing it again Scott, she’s talking about me in wolf” Stiles sounded like a child. You rolled your eyes as you phone buzzed. “It’s my ‘ex’ boyfriend, he wants to make up” you read. “NO!” Shouted everyone at once. Words couldn’t describe how much you loved their overprotective, annoying selves. You wouldn’t change them for the world.

Sorry I’ve been so inactive, but in 26 days my exams are over and I will be all yours, thank you for being so patient. Requests are closed x

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Just saw that you would like us to send some hcs requests so hopefully this can do! What kind of lovers do you think the bros and Ravus would be? Not necessarily in a NSFW way: things such as affection levels and how they show it, how often they'd text/call their s/o, what kind of activities they like to do with them (not necessarily dates) and so on. I'm not really good at explaining things, I hope you can see where I'm going with this, haha!

I totally get what you’re getting at, dear anon. :D Kinda like what the bros would be like as boyfriends, yeah? I’d be up to write that! *finger guns* So here! Have some headcanons for the bro-chacos~

Lover Boy – Final Fantasy XV Lovers Headcanons

Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • For a prince with a life of riches, he’s not exactly the kind of wild party prince that most people would assume. He’s not one to abuse his wealth and throw it around for people to take advantage of.
  • But his modesty as a lover and boyfriend is perhaps what makes him rather humbling to be around. As long as he’s in your company, holding your hand, seeing you smile – it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, because it’ll be a great day no matter what.

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Hot chocolate

There isn’t enough Adrinino stuff so here is my first contribution to help rectify that. Definitely not the last I’ll be writing of them.


“No, Nino, what’re you doing? I’m nice and warm.” Adrien whined as his best friend shuffled off the bed they were sharing while they cuddled. “Very rude.” He immediately gathered up the rest of the blanket that Nino wasn’t using to cover himself.

“I’m just getting a drink, bro, sheesh.” He chuckled and shook his head. Even in winter pajamas Adrien was apparently still cold.

“But I’m cooold.”

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Can I ask for a scenario/drabble where Prompto falls in love with Noctis' female retainer, who has joined the on the trip?

OHHHHH Prompto!That little romantic. I went through 3 prompts before finally settling on this one, I think it’s the better of the three.


Prompto rose his camera to take a picture of the sleeping Prince in the backseat of the car, a little payback from the other taking those rather embarrassing pictures of him at the last rest stop. Only for his camera lens to turned to you instead, sitting between Gladiolus and Noctis, you didn’t appear at all uncomfortable.

If anything you seemed relaxed, your head resting against the headrest as you closed your eyes. Not asleep, but simply enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face.

You had joined the trip as Noctis’s retainer, unlike Ignis, you were there more a bodyguard for everyone, but also to ensure that no one killed themselves, as none of them had any medical training aside from the absolute basics that everyone was required in the Kingsglavie.

Prompto remembered the first time that he saw you, right as they were leaving for the trip, and Noctis mentioned that you were a late join. Prompto thought that they would be joined by an older woman, with gray hair, a large mole on her cheek, librarian glasses, and an outfit that had been out of date for decades.

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Prompt: Stanford/Fiddleford + 43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me”

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me”
Word Count (not counting the numbers): 275

Hopefully this gets across, some angst for ya. Some pretty predictable angst but I wanna give it a try. Also there is a curse GASP.

He had to run, he had to hide, he need to get away. Ford’s done this before, he could do this again. He just needed to find a dark place and calm his breathing.

He’s done it before, he could do it again.

It didn’t take long for Ford to find a place to squeeze himself into. He counted his fingers to even out his breaths.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

He heard something very quietly move toward his shelter and held his breathe. Just pass by. Just pass by. Just pas-


IT KNOWS. Ford tried to make himself just a bit smaller. He couldn’t see anything and he wasn’t sure why.

He jumped when he felt something touch his hand and quickly pulled it to his chest. Escape routes, he needed his escape routes! But he couldn’t fucking see!

“Stanferd?” That sounded familiar…but what if…

“Stanferd, it’s okay. It’s me, Fiddleford. I’m sorry.”

“F-Fiddle…ford? Fiddleford?” It hurt to talk and his voice was so low.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Ford’s hand was touched again but lightly enough that if he wanted to, he could pull away. He knew.

Ford also took hold of it before he could second guess himself. Fingers wrapped around his own and he pulled it closer to himself.

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me…” There was a slight hesitation before Ford squeezed the hand. “Good, that’s good, Stanferd.” Another hand gently laid over the other two. “Ya ready to open yer eyes?”

Ford shook his head.

“That’s fine…do ya want me to go?”

Ford shook his head again pulling the other man closer.

“Then I’ll stay.”

my take on the reason why Near is seen in the process of building letter L card towers all throughout the one-shot special is that, for him, it is a way to feel ‘closer’ to L — the person he respected so much — a way to be guided by him, assisted by him.

it’s interesting to compare these two panels (process of constructing → finished work)

they may be symbolic for the character growth in chapter 109, which culminates in the spoken awareness of not needing to attempt to emulate the previous L because after all, he /is/ The Successor, an L born anew, an individual whose talents and abilities will flow just as naturally as he’d never really seemed to realise, up until his last appearance in the whole story.

that being said, I enjoy the idea that similarly to how he won’t ever get rid of L’s (and Mello’s) puppet, after the C-Kira case Near still won’t stop building L-shaped tarot towers whenever confronted with particularly difficult cases. as we see in the manga and also learn from the guide book, Near gives the best of himself when he has the support of other people. L and Mello may be gone, but as long as he makes them live again in his mind and heart, they won’t be far from him. we can also mention his puppets as an example: they were never /simply/ puppets, they were objects he crafted with his own hands to help himself focus, reason, communicate — and keep being in touch with the only two people he felt specially connected to.

so again, back to the tarot towers, I think he’d get a sense of security and confidence out of being literally surrounded by them. the very dedicated motion of stacking the cards one by one — it’ll even hold some sort of sacred rituality to it; it delineates a zone Near won’t allow anybody to step into. and the risk of having an apparently perfect yet fragile equilibrium (it’s a fortress of self-defense, but made of cards nonetheless) altered or, worse, entirely shattered is enough to either irritate him or put him in so much distress he’ll have to ask to be left alone.

Children of the Gods: Chapter 4

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Hey everyone. This one is a little longer than the other ones but I am pretty sure these parts just keep getting longer and longer. I hope you enjoy! This one was one of my favorite parts to write.


Word count: 4.3K

Characters: EXO + BTS + Reader

Genre: Greek Myth AU

It was simple tracking them, his abilities allowing him to physically feel where they were in the sea. It took him a minute or two to find her presence in the sea but he found it none the less and he followed it instinctively.

His head swarmed with thoughts as his small group made their way towards Athens. If he was being completely honest with himself he found her intriguing. Not many girls end up being warriors now-a-days. He could tell you were a little younger than him; probably still in the academy, but for the life of him he could not remember having seen you there two years ago before he graduated.

“Suho! Snap out of it man. Do we have to shift our course?” His eyes drifted over to the younger boy. The tall lanky figure of his friend casting a shadow over Suho and blocking the sunlight.

“Oh. Sorry Sehun. Have a lot to think about right now.” Suho leaned back and stuck his hand into the sea. The first feeling that always came to him was the thrumming of a multitude of lives shooting through him. He could sense the school of red mullets that were about a mile away from them. The second things that came to him were the foreign feelings of the lives and things that you didn’t find naturally in water. The pulsating of a boat’s motor in the water, the sense of human bodies splashing around somewhere on a far beach.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, focusing on her, on the thrumming of her boat’s motor. ‘There you are.’ once he felt it he opened his eyes and looked up at his friend again. The raven black hair of his sent off in every which way because of the breeze. He had always found Sehun’s hair weird, the way it seemed to look more like darkness itself rather than black hair. I guess the trait ran through the family. Being descended from Nyx and all.

“Tell the captain that the boat needs to veer to the larboard side. Head north west instead of north.”

“I’m sorry. I’m the son of Momus. Not the son of Poseidon. What the hell does that even mean?”

“Left Sehun. It means to turn left. The captain will know.” he watched has his friend disappeared to complete the task. He sighed softly as he turned his head back to the sea, he missed being at sea, a sense of belonging overcame him whenever he was on the water. He turned away once more and stood up. He was down a soldier so he needed to assign new positions to accommodate for the loss. A small hope flared up in him that he would be able to replace the lost one with far more capable ones soon. He just had to reach the mainland and stop fantasizing about the sea.

The trip was a little long and some people were overjoyed by the fact that they were now on land, silently weaving their way through the city. A small girl, much younger than he was lead the way, slowly tracking the small group of people Suho needed to find. There was no way he was letting her get away from him.

He had never been outsmarted like that before, the way she had easily avoided his lunge like it was nothing. She had seen right through him and it irked him to no end now. Why had he never seen her before and who the hell trained her? He had special trainers during his time at the academy as the son of Poseidon but he had never seen someone who was trained with the mass be so agile before.

The girl in front of him stopped abruptly, her hand shooting up and a small finger pressing against her lip as she tried to silence the group. Suho cleared his head chasing all the unnecessary thoughts away and listened carefully. It didn’t come to him at first, the sounds of the city still prominent in his ear, but he couldn’t deny the muffled scream that came from the building next to them. The group had stopped in an alleyway, mashed between two brick walled apartment buildings and slowly making their way around all the trash.

Naturally Suho took the lead again, following his ears as he drew closer to the muffled screams. It could be something else entirely, there was no reason for him to think it was her already. He froze right at the edge of a window that was lit up, the dull yellow leaking onto the adjacent building, a shadow passing through and obstructing it every now and then.

He held up his hand to Sehun and motioned for him to go under the window to the other side. Sehun followed orders obediently, weaving his way through the group and crouching down as he passed underneath the window. He stood on the other side, his hand gripping his sword tightly, turning his knuckles white. Suho slowly moved, risking a look through the window.

What he saw made him freeze. He saw her laying there in the room on a bed, her pants having been cut open and thrown aside to the floor. Her lower half only sporting a simple pair of underwear as someone worked on her leg. The taller boy that had held a bow at his face earlier that day had a hand clamped over her mouth and a hand gripping her thigh as he held it down. One who he had never seen before was carefully weaving a needle through her leg. Suho could only assume he was stitching up the wound he had saw earlier on her.

He was shoved aside by Sehun, a sharp look in the young boy’s eyes as he questioned his leader silently. Suho had to admit that was a pretty stupid move. He crouched down and quickly made his way underneath the window, motioning for the rest of the group to follow. When they all made it past he quickly made his way to the entrance of the apartment building, easily sliding in and hiding in the dark corners of the lobby. He was so close, his nerves kicked in and his hands started sweating. He had to wait for the right moment, they couldn’t all just barge into the apartment and try to take advantage. Many lives would be lost that way. Now all that was left was to wait.

Hours had passed and they were all still crouched down in the lobby. Humans that came in passed right by them as the group threw up their glamours. They had it lucky, humans that is, being able to move on with their lives never seeing any real danger. After the muffled screams had ended he could still hear frantic whispers of the two men for quite some time. He didn’t know what god it was that was blessing him right now but he thanked them when the power outage hit.

Now was the time. He quickly signaled to his group and they crowded around, having practiced formations for a year alone gave them the ability to move swiftly in formation without trouble. Sehun was directly behind him and the rest of the men followed, being the ones that would most likely be able to overpower the two men inside. The women had the duty of blinding and gagging them once they were caught. It was going to be quick and efficient.

He wasted no more time opening the door and slid in, his booted feet silenced by the carpet on the floors. As he walked Sehun pushed past him with a few others, very faint and muffled cries were heard as his group completed their tasks, the men dragging the two bodies out of the living room.

The gleam that crossed his vision was undeniable and he whipped his head around to find his sword resting against the wall in the hallway. A couple of their other weapons were also there but they didn’t matter to him. He quickly scooped up Adamasti, the familiarity of his sword in his hands again boosting him with confidence.

An icy chill ran through his spine as he heard the creaking of a door behind him. He spun and pressed himself up against the wall, holding his breath to remain silent. The rest of his group was no doubt dealing with the others outside of the apartment and he was glad they hadn’t returned yet.

“Guys?” her voice drifted through the silence of the house. Suho watched as if she moved in slow motion. She took one step out of the room and her head turned the opposite way, no doubt searching for the two men. He was shocked to see that she still had no pants on but he quickly pushed that thought aside and took action.

He erupted into action and he side swept her feet. He accidentally caught her bad leg as well and she quickly went tumbling. The rest was a blur and the sound of her head smacking against the door frame registered in his mind. His arms quickly reached out and tried to grab her, gravity pulling her too quickly towards the ground.

He spun towards her as he reached out and toppled to the floor with her. He caught himself before he landed on top of her and quickly adjusted to have the upper hand. He straddled her body and pressed the edge of his sword to her throat, ceasing her movement immediately.

He had to commend her for her quick instincts despite having hit her head. She still thought clearly enough to go still. The lights burst back on throughout the apartment and he watched has her eyes shut to shield them from the brightness which she still had to adjust to. She looked as though she had just woken up, probably from having passed out during her treatment.

Her body was tense underneath his and her breathing picked up as her eyes fluttered open, the rapid blinking telling him that she was still trying to focus. He couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his face when he saw the change of her expression when she recognized him. The flicker of fear in her eyes didn’t escape his notice either. He opened his mouth to speak but it was as if she had suddenly exploded.

“Fuck you! Where are my friends?!” Her arms tensed more and she struggled against his hold. His weight holding her down still despite her struggles. Where did all of her spirit come from? Jesus Christ. The girl had a sword against her throat and she was still struggling?

“Suho. Son of Poseidon. It’s nice to meet you too. Your name is?”

Anger coursed through you like a hot fire and you writhed underneath him. It wasn’t the anger that was driving you right now though, it was the fear. The fear of your friends being dead or hurt. The fear of losing them forever. You felt the sword move away from your neck as he struggled to keep you still.

Fucking moron just lost the damn battle. As if on reflex your good leg shot up and you kneed him hard in the lower back, the force sending his body rocketing forward on top of you. You shifted your weight, bracing your legs on the floor and ignoring your screams as you used both legs to flip both of you over. He was underneath you now and you wasted no time slamming your elbow against his wrist, his hand reflexively opening and dropping the sword as he shouted in pain.

You grabbed the sword and thrust the point in his face, the tip hovering right above his mouth.

“Please please! I just want to talk!” your face contorted into a snarl. The white hot rage clouding your judgement the longer you stared down at him. You spat in his face and got as close as you could without moving your arm to hurt him. You still needed answers.

“I asked you a fucking question. Where the hel-”

“No! Stop! Don’t hurt her!” you froze up when he spoke, his eyes darting somewhere behind you. You spun, the point of your sword facing the third party and your free arm pressing against Suho’s throat. He gagged at the pressure.


“Sehun don’t fucking touch her!” you stared daggers at Sehun, daring him to come a step closer. The tall lanky boy was tense, his own sword wavering as he struggled under the pressure of Suho’s words. You obviously knew who the leader was here. “Bring her friend. The one from the dock. Do it now!”

Sehun wasted no time in spinning on his heels and disappearing to fulfil his leaders demand. You turned your attention back to Suho, easing up on his throat and keeping the sword pointed at the door for the return. It’s not like you wanted to strangle the man, his death would be slower than that.

“If he is hurt in any way I swear to you I will shove this sword down your throat.” you heard the footsteps returning so you spun your head back around, increasing the pressure on his throat once again.

“Hoseok!” you shouted the moment he came into your line of sight, his hand bounds and a cloth hanging around his neck.

“I’m ok. We’re ok. They haven’t hurt us yet.” his voice was still strong so you knew he wasn’t lying to you. Your eyes drifted along his body to find any trace of injury.


“He’s fine. They have guards on him so he doesn’t do anything. We begged them not to bound his hands.” you nodded, assured that your friends were fine for now now. The rage that was fueling you disappearing slowly. They were safe and that was all you could have asked for. They were alive and safe.

“Take him back” Suho’s voice was strained now but that thought quickly fled your mind when you felt something brush against your thigh. Your body jerked in response and you spun around, Suho’s hand pressing against your thigh. The moment it came into your sight the pain flared through you and you gasped.

“Fuck. You’re bleeding too much.” Your arm had left Suho’s throat and his voice came out strong now, his second hand flying to your thigh to apply pressure to the wound. His hands were coated in your blood now and the sight made you queasy. You weren’t expecting it when Suho shot up, the force of him doing so knocking you down to the ground again.

You yelped in pain and tried to wiggle away from him, your hands pushing his away and clawing at the carpet.

“Hoseok! Jimin!”

“Stop moving!” Suho grabbed your hands into one of his as he tried to still you. Fuck fuck fuck. How could you have been so careless? “Jessica get your ass in here!”

You heard your friends shouting your name, the sounds of their voices making you struggle against his hold even more. You had to get out of here, you had to save your friends.

“Please stop moving.” His voice no longer held that steely quality he used when he was in his leader role. It was soft, deep, pleading. You stilled your struggling and looked up at him. “We’re going to help you.”

Just then a girl ran into the room, her bright eyes skimming over you, assessing the situation with a critical stare and immediately jumping into action. She came to you and pulled out a small drawstring bag, quickly pulling it open with her precise movements. Three fingers dipped into the bag and pulled out a very fine silvery powder.

“Wh-what is that?” your leg twitched away from her, not wanting her to touch you in anyway. No one answered you, Suho simply wiped his hand against his pants and stared down at you.

“This is going to hurt.” Hell was he right, you hated that he was right. It was a lot worse than Jimin’s stitching job. The pain rippled through you in waves and a scream was ripped out of you. Suho acted quickly and grabbed a clean cloth from the girl, shoving it into your mouth. You wanted it to end. Wanted to beg for her to stop. You couldn’t see what she was doing or what was happening because the tears that flooded your eyes were flowing in streams now.

Your eyes shot towards the door and your neck careened to see Hoseok kicking away a man and stumbling into the room.

“Get your fucking hands off of her!” his face was contorted in anger and his leg reared back to kick at the girl. You view was obstructed as Suho shot forward, knocking Hoseok to the floor easily and holding him down.

“Stop! We’re helping her! She is a daughter of Apollo, a healer.” Hoseok stilled underneath Suho and stared at the girl, his mind processing what she was doing. His eyes drifted to you, a short moment of silence in your screaming as the girl gathered more of that powder.

“Let me be there then. Let me help her.” Hoseok pleaded to Suho and you whimpered, hating the fact that your friends had been reduced to this. Suho to your surprise quickly cut off Hoseok’s bounds and got off of him, carefully watching as Hoseok scrambled towards you. “Hey. Hey, I’m here now. I’m here.”

His hands smoothed down your cheeks and wiped at the trail of tears, his hands carefully threading through your hair as he lifted your head up and placed it on his lap. The pain came again and your body jerked, the choked sob escaping your throat muffled by the gauze in your mouth. Hoseok’s hand smoothed against your face, bringing a sense of safety amidst the heat of the pain.

Suddenly it all stopped, the pain, the heat, the throbbing. All of it ceased and your chest heaved as your mind tried to process what was happening.

“It’s called Asimenia Epidiorthosis. It’s a medicine the daughters of Apollo made for stitching together bad wounds in emergencies.” You looked up at your friend, your eyes finally clearing up so you could see the concern on his face. At least someone had finally answered your question. You looked down towards your leg and saw that the wound had closed up, a faint silver scar shining in the dull light of the room.

“This medicine works just like stitches do. It’s just able to withstand a lot more and won’t tear open as easily. The scar will remain there until your wound has fully closed up. The pain of your original wound will also remain and be completely normal.” the girl’s voice sounded a lot like a bell. You took the gauze out and threw it aside as Suho jerked Hoseok back, bounding his hands once more. Hoseok just simply let him, not wanting anything to happen that he would regret. Suho made his way to you once again, leaning down and grabbing your arms to help you up.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” You yanked your arms away from him and hissed at him. The words you spoke laced with venom. Honestly you were surprising yourself, the hate you felt towards this man increasing with every action of his. “I can get up on my own. I’m not a child.” needing to prove yourself right you heaved yourself up, standing tall on both legs, ignoring the pain that shot through your leg. It was dull compared to what you just went through.

You held your hands out in front of you, your wrists pressed together tightly as you stared straight at him. Suho looked at you, a strange look passing over his features as he stared down at your leg. He moved forward and bound your hands just as he did with Hoseok and started pulling you both out of the room.

He went slow and you knew he was doing it because of your leg. You hated yourself for being so weak in front of him. Your limp was undeniable now as you made your way to the living room. He put you and Hoseok next to each other on the couch and whispered to the girl. You glanced down at the weapon he held, the gold sword you had stolen from him before resting comfortably in his hand as if it was his own damn arm. You scanned the room, spotting your weapons still in the hallway; it’s possible that you could reach them if you had the element of surprise, a way to communicate with Hoseok so he could help you.

Your thoughts halted when the girl walked off, disappearing behind you in the direction of the entrance. Suho looked down at his hands as if just now noticing the blood staining them and tried to wipe it off on his pants.

“I need to wash my hands… “ He was only quietly mumbling to himself but it irked you as he ignored you two, as if he thought you and Hoseok were not a threat to him. A second later Jimin was dragged into the living room by a couple of men as he thrashed about, throwing curse words left and right.

“Fuck you! I have fucking legs you bastards why the fuck are you dragging me like I’m a piece of shit! I swear to the gods I will rip both your dicks off and shove them down your fucking throats!” you smirked, knowing full well that it was something Jimin might actually do if he got angry enough. He always went into a blind rage when he was angry but he rarely got angry.

“Guys seriously? What are you? Gorillas? Pick him up and let him walk.” your eyes shot over to Suho and your brows scrunched together as he walked over to the two men, smacking one in the back of the head and hauling Jimin’s ass up off the floor. “Couch. Now.”

Jimin huffed and yanked his hands away from Suho, turning and facing the two men. The next thing that happened made you cackle with a fit of laughter. Jimin quickly dropped into a crouch, shoving his leg out to the side and spinning, effectively knocking the two men on their asses. He dodged out of the way of Suho reaching to grab him by doing a front roll, standing up at the end and plopping down next to you on the couch.

“Fucking hell! I’m going to kill that tiny bastard!”

“You could try. But I don’t think you even compare to me with my hands tied pea brain.” Jimin retorted back at the man stumbling to his feet now, making his way toward the couch. His eyes were set aflame and focused on Jimin, what he didn’t noticed was the way you shoved your foot out at the last second, knocking him on his ass once again. “Wow. Didn’t even touch you and you’re already on your ass.” The man practically growled.

“Fucking knock it off! Mark get the hell away from them before I knock you on your ass myself!” he reluctantly followed his leaders orders.

“Bye Mark~” Jimin sung out in a sing song voice and you couldn’t contain the giggles that pushed past your lips. Hoseok even smiled at that as he watched Mark carefully, making sure he didn’t do anything else. You laughter stopped when you heard the yelp from behind you.

“Move him to the chair.” your head whipped around so fast, your eyes landing on Yixing, his skin pale and his shirt gone. His muscles being blocked because of the bandages wrapped around his shoulder and arm and torso. He had a knife pressed to his throat as he slowly made his way into the room.Your eyes flowed along the hand and arm that was holding the knife, your eyes falling on the lanky figure of Sehun.

“Let him go.” Your voice was a soft growl and you could feel the two boys next to you tense up, their muscles straining as they tried to stay put.

At the sound of your voice you could see Suho’s head turn away from Mark and glance at you. His eyes followed yours as he turned more to see Sehun with Yixing. He glanced back your way and then looked straight at Sehun, steeling his body and standing a little taller. Sehun suddenly released Yixing and let him walk on his own to the lone chair in the room. It was as if he had spoken with fucking telepathy or something and only then did you realize he might have been trying to get back at you for what you had done to Suho earlier. The second question rose in your mind immediately, like a lightbulb flickering on at the flip of a switch. How long have these two known each other?

“Great now that you are all here.” You relaxed into the couch, resting your leg again. Suho moved in the general middle area of the mangled group of four demigods. “I think there needs to be a talk.” His voice was way too excited for this. You could tell he was still trying to sound normal but you could hear it, bastard must have loved tying you guys up like this. “Granted I know we must have started off on the wrong foot but I do not want you guys hurt. Believe me on that. I would have let Mark strangle… that one.” He pointed towards Jimin as if to make his point. “I also could have easily let you bleed out on the floor if I wanted you dead. But no. I used some of our limited medicine to heal you.” he looked straight at you now, daring you to try and argue with him. “Now with all that said… I want all four of you on my side.”

PART ONE  (Companions react to losing the wedding ring)

Featuring: Cait, Curie, Danse, Deacon, and  Hancock

I’m terribly sorry for writing so much. I really liked this prompt. <3 Enjoy these mini stories!!  Also, thank you for the compliment, anon :)

CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO: MacCready, Valentine, Piper, Preston, X6-88


Cait: “If ya keep that up, you’ll be getting’ a right good kick in the arse,” Cait says threateningly as Sole tickles her side for fifth time.  She doesn’t really want them to stop, though.  She’ll never admit it, but she loves it when they tease and flirt with her in such a childish manner.  It makes her feel like they’re making up for the lighthearted childhood she never had.

The two had just finished dinner and drinks at a local bar near Boston, and are now slightly stumbling home, aggressively flirting like they did when they first took interest in one another.  The way Sole makes Cait feel is like nothing in the world.  It’s a good change she’s needed in her life, and you know?  She really loves them.  More than she ever dreamed of loving someone, in fact.  What she loves most about them is how much she learns just by being in their presence.  Every day she learns something new about them, the world, or even about herself. “Alright, alright, I’m done,” Sole says, throwing their hands up in surrender.  Biting her lip to hold down a smile, Cait reaches out and takes one of their hands into hers, locking her fingers to theirs.  They continue walking, hand in hand, and then come to a sudden halt.  “What is it? We got company?” Cait asks, looking around eagerly for a fight to pick.  

“Where’s your ring?” Sole says, holding up their right hand—Cait’s left hand still laced with them, missing the gold band that usually hugs her finger.  Her mouth hangs wide open, for she doesn’t remember losing or taking off the ring. She feels the bottom of her stomach drop like a trap door.  “I—I dunno, babe.  Fuck.  Maybe I left it back at the bar?”

The two hurry back to the bar, and the whole way Cait is praying the ring is there somewhere.  When they arrive, it’s nowhere to be found.  She can feel her insides twisting around.  That ring means a lot to them, and she’s gone and lost it.  As they’re leaving for the second time, she notices a man outside the door who is holding her golden band in his hand.  He’s about to pocket it when she decides to take action. “One minute,” she says to Sole, before approaching the him.  “That’s my ring, and I’d like it back.  Please.” The man laughs in her face and declines, setting off the fire within her.  With one swift movement, her fist meets his face, and she then walks away with her ring.  The two head for home once more.

“I’m really sorry for misplacin’ the ring in the first place.  I should take better care of the things you give me.  God, you’ve given me so much, Sole.  I know how much it means to you, and I hope you know that it … it means a lot to me too.  I really love you.”  She feels relieved and vaguely embarrassed as her true feelings spill out of her mouth. Sole kisses her on the cheek, and she responds by grabbing their face and planting a big ole wet one on their lips. A tickle fight commences.

Curie: Out of all of the experiments she’s tried and medicines she’s created, Curie believes she’s finally on the track to achieving her greatest accomplishment yet:  a serum that makes a human being immune to radiation—permanently.  She works so very hard; using the information she has stored from before the war and the information she’s learned from living in this strange, new world.  She leans over the table in the lab Sole built for her, every so often catching herself gazing at the beautiful golden ring they had given to her just days before.  How happy it makes her heart to feel such love!  And ah, how she loves them.

Scattered around her neatly organized table are a variety of flasks full of acids and chemicals, minerals and powders, and a small flame burning to heat the mixtures. Curie is severely precise with her measurements, making sure everything is exact.  She knows she is capable of messing up, as she has done so countless times, but she is determined to succeed.  “The future is hopeful,” she says aloud in a chipper voice, looking at the last two flasks of strangely colored liquids.  “All I have to do is boil zis liter of chemicals and zen mix with ze acid base, and all will be finished!”

For the first time, Curie experiences the emotion of pride and is positive nothing stands in her way.  Carefully, she moves the liter of chemicals above the open flame and holds it there for quite some time as she waits for it to boil.  After a while, a pain begins in her left hand.  A few more seconds pass and the pain grows stronger, until it’s unbearable.  The fire has not only heated the chemicals, but also the wedding band on her finger.

With a shrill scream, Curie drops the acid liter onto the counter, breaking and spilling over and onto the floor.  The ring is burning her hand, and out of terror and pain, she pulls it off.  In the chaos of things, the band slips out of her hands, right into the beaker of acid, disintegrating immediately.  “No!”  Heartbreak. Intense heartbreak is all she can feel. Within moments, Sole is in the room. “Curie, oh god.  What’s happened?  Are you hurt?!”  Crouched on the ground, she looks up at them with wet eyes, hiccupping through tears. “N-no, my love.  I am f-f-fine.  B-but my ring!”  she cries. Sole pulls her away from the table of another failed experiment.  They hold and sooth her as she weeps, her heart heavy.  “Curie, it’s okay.  The ring? It’s just an object.  I’m glad you’re not hurt … we can replace things like rings, but we can’t replace people.  Well, unless you’re the Institute.”  Curie begins to smile at Sole’s kind words and gentle voice.  She feels better after they tell her she hasn’t done anything wrong, and they promise to take her shopping for a new ring.

Danse: The Vertibird finally connects to the breathtakingly massive Prydwen, and Danse dismounts alongside Rhys and Haylen. He’s been off on a small mission while Sole completed work aboard the airship, and though he succeeded with his assignment, he undoubtedly was thinking of them for the entirety of his time away.

He is granted permission to board the Prydwen, and after entering the main deck, he goes to drop off his power armor at the station before meeting Sole in his living quarters.  He exits his armor, and after making small talk with a few others on his way to his room, he reaches the door and hastily opens it.

There they are.  Sitting on the edge of his bed in nothing more than undergarments is Sole reading a pre-war book.  He averts his eyes for a moment, slightly embarrassed at their surprised expression. “I’m back early,” he says, clearing his throat.  They close the book and set it on the dresser, rising to meet him.  Without a word, they express how much they’ve missed him through the kiss they place on his lips.  It’s slow and tender; exactly what he’s needed for the past few days. His hands set on the base of their hips as he kisses them back, closing the space between the two of them.  Their soft skin beneath his hands is over stimulating.  How is it possible to love someone as much as he loves them?

Sole is everything to him.  He would risk anything; sacrifice anything to keep them safe. He knows he can be stubborn and hard to get along with at times, but they are always there for him, loving and supporting him all the way.  Not only are they an outstanding lover, but they’re also the best partner he could ask for.

“I have missed you,” he says gently, his eyes gazing into theirs.  Sole kisses him again and teases, “how much?”.  Without hesitation, Danse brings his lips to theirs and kisses them fiercely, his hands holding their body as close as possible to his.  In moments, the two are on his bed, Sole pinned beneath his large body as he kisses them all over, smiling like a fool.  Their hands running up and down his back, they begin tugging off his jumpsuit.  He helps make it easier for them by taking it off himself, but stops as soon as he sees his chest.

Around his neck is always a chain necklace that holds the wedding band Sole had given him.  His fingers are too big to fit the ring, you see.  But no chain hangs across his chest.  “The ring.  The ring you gave me is gone,” Danse begins.  He feels like he’s failed his most important mission yet.  Sole can see the look of horror and confusion on his face and places a hand on his shoulder.  He continues to stare at his chest.  “I am so sorry.  I never should have let this happen.  Whatever it takes, I will find your ring and make this right.  I … I hope this doesn’t change the status of our relationship, but I can understand if—.”  Sole stops him with a kiss.  They explain that it’s okay, that it’s only a ring.  Danse doesn’t understand, however.  A wedding ring is surely something of sentimental value, yes?  It sure means a lot to him, and he’d like to have a piece of them near his heart at all times.  He makes up his mind to set out and find it right away.  Well, right after he finishes showing Sole just how much he’s missed them.

Deacon: He realizes it’s missing as he stands in front of a sink, washing his own cum off his hands.  Sole had been away for two days with another companion on a mission he wasn’t allowed to take part of.  Something to do with the Brotherhood, he guesses.  He told Sole he was fine with them going without him, but in reality, he’s worrying himself sick over it.  That’s what he does—he bluffs.   But what if something happens to them while he’s not around?  In Sole’s leave of absence, all he can do is think of them, rubbing himself empty a couple times a day.  It can get pretty dull down in Head Quarters, and he’s not about to be completely miserable the whole time.

As the last bit of his cum washes away, he notices that his hands feel different.  “Shit, where’d I put my ring?” he mumbles, his left hand naked.  He checks around the sink, but wait—he remembers taking it off right before he started jerkin’ the gherkin.  Deacon can feel a sense of panic rising inside of himself when the ring isn’t where he thought he’d put it.  Minutes go by and there’s still no sight of the only thing Sole has left of their dead spouse.  Keep it together, you’ll find it, his minds says. His mask of smile is slowly diminishing.

For the rest of the evening, he searches without success.  Sole is to arrive in the morning, and he can’t fathom the look of disappointment he knows they’ll give him when they find out.  Then, he gets an idea.  Deacon approaches someone who he knows will have his back.  Despite the anxiety almost crippling his entire body, he maintains his cool air.  “My man, Tom! How’s it going pal?”  He explains the situation to Tinker Tom and asks for his help.  “It’s a simple gold band.  Would you have any kind of anything that’ll pass as the ring?  It doesn’t have to be perfect—just something I can use until I, you know, find the actual ring.”

Deacon knows Tinker Tom isn’t pleased with him, but the thought of putting them through heartbreak when there is so much other shit going on in their life is unbearable.  A few minutes pass and Toms finds a gold band for him.  He can feel the nervousness inside of him ease away. He scuffs the ring on the stone walls of Head Quarters to make it look “aged”, and sleeps the night away peacefully.

In the early morning, Sole arrives just as they said they would, and to Deacon’s delight, they are unscathed by the dangers of the Commonwealth.  He can feel his heartstrings tighten when they look at him with those beautiful, wide eyes.  “There’s my monkey,” he grins, pulling them into a tight embrace.  God, how he missed the feeling of having them so close to him. “I love you, Deacon.  I missed you more than you can know,” Sole says, kissing the edge of his jaw.  “I love you too, and I—I … need to tell you something.”  He pulls the fake ring off of his finger and holds it up.  As hard as it is for him to say it, the words come falling out.  “You see this?  This is me lying to you.  Something I’m never going to allow myself to do ever again.  I lost Nate/Nora’s ring.  I didn’t mean to lose it, but I did … and I don’t know how I’m supposed to make it up to you.  I just couldn’t let myself lie to you.  I can’t do that to someone I love.”  Sole isn’t upset with him, but they make a slight whimpering noise, and then bury their head into his chest.  He clutches them and apologizes over and over again, promising to make it up to them in any way that he can.

Hancock:  “Christ. That was good,” he says, leaning his naked body back onto the bed. He pulls Sole close to him and kisses their forehead.  The two of them always have wild, passionate sex, but nothing beats the feeling of holding each other afterwards, in his opinion.  It’s so warm and relaxing; like coming down from a particularly strong high. He feels nearer to them than ever, breathing in their rich scent as the sound of rain patters on the window of the Old State House.  Only a few candles are lit, but in the glow of the firelight, he sees the glint of gold on Sole’s left hand.  Heh.  All his. The day they asked him if he’d wear the matching gold ring was one of the happiest days of his long, long life. This person—this beautiful angel is his.  He cracks a toothy grin just thinking about how happy it makes him.

Through hazy eyes, heaving with an hour’s worth of sex and a few drags of jet, he looks down at his hand; only the matching gold ring isn’t fitting snug around his finger.  His perception seems to snap back to full clarity as his heart picks up. What in the hell?  Hancock doesn’t move, but instead continues to run his finger through Sole’s hair as they fall asleep on his chest.  Nothing to worry about yet … he’ll find it in the morning, surely.  He’ll make sure not to take any chems so that it’ll be easier for him to remember when it comes time to look.

Only, he doesn’t find it.  The following day, while Sole works on modifying their weapons, he retraces his steps.  The last place he remembers having it was at The Third Rail, but after a thorough search, it isn’t anywhere to be found.  He has Ham and about ten drifters help him look for it, but the sun starts to set once more, and he knows Sole will be finishing up their work anytime now and will want to see him.  “We’ll call it a night, brothers and sisters,” Hancock says to the search party. He genuinely appreciates their help, but he’s feeling internally angry for losing it in the first place, and he can feel himself getting more and more irritable.  Doesn’t want his people to see him like that.

As he trudges up the stairs of the State House, he realizes he’s been sober for the entire day.  “That’ll explain why I’ve been feeling extra prick-ish,” he says to himself. It’s kind of nice, but unsettling at the same time.  He doesn’t like himself when he’s sober.  He thinks too much, feels too much of his past and all of the troubles that dwell in the shadows of his mind.  And now this guilt that’s eating away at his stomach feels 100 times worse than it usually does.  When he reaches his office, he sees his favorite chem of all: Sole.  He plops down on the couch next to them and releases a long sigh.  Instead of taking a hit of jet, he takes their chin in his hand and kisses them softly. “Love, I don’t like keeping things from you, but I lost something of yours, and I don’t think I’m gonna be able to find it.”  

He tells them how he’s been searching for the ring all day and that they’re allowed to be furious with him.  They aren’t, though.  In fact, Sole breaks out into laughter and nods to the coffee table in front of them.  On a small white plate is a dispenser of jet sitting beside a golden ring.  “I set the plate on your desk this morning before you woke, but I guess you didn’t see it since you weren’t working in your office today. Out looking for the ring, yeah?” Sole says in a teasing voice, tugging on the collar of his coat.  He is impressed.  “Well, well.  You’re one clever devil.  Look, I’m sorry for not sayin’ anything to you last night.  Didn’t want to worry you is all.”  Sole accepts the apology, but says it isn’t necessary, then takes his hand into theirs and slides the ring back on.  There is a moment in which he feels total completion.  A missing piece of himself has been found once more.  “I’m all yours.”

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boyfriend!mark 2

-u are yuta’s friend (from when he just got to korea/his first friend that helped him assimilate and stuff)

-so one day he hits u up like omg!! i miss u please come visit me!! uh…yeah but u have to come visit me at my dorm bc i literally have one hour free before i have to practice/perform/meet fans/film nct life so…haha come to my dorm

-so ur like ok! but then you realize that he lives with the rest of nct 127/dream so ur like….nervous bc u don’t hang out w boys much and pretty much just gossip and do girly stuff w yuta

-and one day u turn up at the dorm. and u knock once and brace urself for the onslaught of awkwardness or doom or whatever but u miss yuta so u just do it

-and ur let in to the fancy sm apartments, head up the elevator and the door opens

-except its not yuta its this sleepy looking weirdo with pink hair!! and a super surprised face

-you two just stare at each other cause ur like who is this???? and then he suddenly is like omg!!!! (voice crack) ur yuta’s friend sry i just took a nap idk idk and his voice just trails off

-but deep inside he’s like omg.. i look like shit this is the girl all the members have been saying is yuta’s cute friend

-and damn is she way cuter than i thought oh god what do i say i’m being so awkward

-and he’s like UUuhuhhhhhh i’m mark!! and ur thinking oh the rapper! and u blush a little because though hes being fidgety hes being shy and u kind of laugh weirdly bc for a rapper he is sure bad at words

-yuta peeks his head through like omg sry! mark is being so ridiculous

-hes laughing really hard but also like wtf mark and pushing you into the dorm by your shoulders like let me get you away from this weirdo

-and all the while mark just looks at you two blankly lol

-so you and yuta walk in and all the boys SWARM over bc they’re like omgggggg she’s here wowwww and inspecting u like a piece of artwork

-taeyong is just awkwardly giving u sideeye, jaehyun smiling sheepishly, taeil staring from the corner of the room, winwin/haechan/jaemin/jisung/jeno/chenle and renjun just snickering and dying because they are awestricken by ur cuteness

-yuta being the fuckboy he is goes like omg!!!!! totally forgot i have to …buy milk!!!! and leaves you to fend for yourself. he gives u a wink like heheheheh now u guys can all be friends!! and he disappears

-so amongst everyone there you are feeling super weird so ur like hey mark!! can you show me around!

-like a lil obedient child hes like OK!!!!!! with this mega determined face. all the while the others are like OoooOOOOOOH MARK GET IT

-you guys go to his room and he is nervous so hes like… uh theres my bed. and thats a chair……and this is the light. and the lightbulb. its a nice lightbulb. thats the floor, its polished well

-and u take candy out of ur bag bc u always carry candy… and ur like what flavor do u want? and he’s like idk whichever. and u say LIME. bc rappers RHYME.

-and hes choking on air bc this joke is so funny to him. he settles down and relaxes a little. so he asks you how long it took for you to get there

-u say 2 hours, and hes like oh… and ur like thats a long ass ride

-so he is crying of laughter and snickering and gasping for air and clapping his hands and falls off his chair onto the well polished floor

-hes like i bruised my butt

-and ur like no way

-hes like want me to show u???

-and u guys both glance at each other awkwardly because it took a weird tone and then both continue laughing bc u two are idiots!!!

-so u guys are both sitting on his bed and u look at him

-his eyebrows are so cute and arched and his eyes are so round and his lil teeth are so cute and whenever he speaks his lips are lopsided

-of course yuta just bursts in a and ur both sitting on his bed and his knock makes u fall onto mark

-yuta is of course obnoxious like omg!!! stop preying on baby mark!!! should i leave u two alone?? all the while grinning and smirking bc mark looks disturbed and his face is crimson

-and his pink hair is a mess and hes like NO NOTHING IM SORRY IM SORRY

-yuta giggles and is like wanna let me have her for a while?

-mark ofc is like yes yes im so sorry hyung so sorry!!

-so the moment you two leave, yuta takes a look at ur blushing face and is like OK JUST KIDDING MARK and pushes you back through the door

-ofc u fall… and land on mark AGAIN bc why not

-and marks face is an inch away from yours and hes like hyperventilating and his eyes are wide and hes looking away from you and ur like SORRY SORRY omg


-so ur laughing really hard and u get off and he literally gets off the lower bunk and starts dancing for u with this really awkward straight face

-since then u guys have kept in contact and u visit once a week ‘for yuta’ but he always pushes u guys together at lunch and asks u two to do chores together bc he caught on

-days with mark are so carefree and sweet and his laughs and faces just make u fall harder for him day after day :-)

-you guys stay up late playing games under a blanket and haechan yells at u guys that it’s his turn but u end up playing till 2 am and mark always falls asleep first and dozes off onto ur shoulder…and he’ll randomly sleeptalk and even say ur name which makes ur heart beat so fast

-he saved all the lime candy wrappers in his desk and its dumb but when hes tired or upset he looks at them and remembers your joke and snickers to himself for about an hour

-u have become friends with all the other members but literally they always spy on u two with these super moved/proud faces on

-one day when u guys are out buying milk for the dorm he gives u his jacket and just shivers all the way home and you give him a hug once u guys return bc hes a sweetie

-another time u forget a jacket cause ur an idiot he insists on giving it to you again bc hes an idiot also. u hold his hand bc its so cold fml and his hand gets sooooo sweaty bc hes so shy and his heart cant take it

-on a trip to like his 1000000th debut which u hate sm for but know ur bb is capable, ur fixing his hair for him and he just stares at you and blurts out i like you!! and his stare is so focused and he suddenly realizes what he said and he covers his face with his hands like I CANT BELIEVE I SAID THAT OMG

-and u just hug him back bc ur in shock and say YEAH ME TOO UM I LIKE UM YEAH!!!!

-since then u guys are inseparable….and poor yuta is alone LOL




Notes: I switched this up a bit, still hope you like it. In TBS’ POV. Also, I made myself cry, so I hope all you cry, too.

Thomas rushed over to where his mail was. He’d gotten one letter and it was from you. You were his best friend, and you were sick with cancer. The doctors said you had a 60-percent chance of living, so you took medication and treatment. Things were going well. Sadly, Thomas couldn’t be there for most of it since he was busy filming and working on projects. So you came up with the idea of writing letters to each other.

Thomas opened the letter.

Treatment is so… time consuming. It drains me, too. I wish you were here to hold my hand. I miss you lots. I miss talking to you about everything face to face, but hey, it’s okay. We’ll see each other soon, right? Anyway… the doctors found something, and are going to be taking more tests soon. Sorry this one isn’t long like the others. Talk soon, I love you best friend! xx

Thomas grabbed paper quickly, writing his response.He wrote it so quickly, telling you about a funny thing on set that you would love. He signed it off, getting up and putting it in the mail room to be delivered out.

You and Thomas wrote a lot. Wrote so quickly. Letters were coming for him every week from you. Once a week, one letter would be there for him. This had been going on for five weeks.

“How’s she doing?” Dylan asked as Thomas read another letter. He was frowning, tears in his eyes.

“They found another tumor. A brain tumor.”

“Thomas, I’m sorry.” Dylan patted him on the back, keeping his hand there.

“She’s my best friend, Dylan. I love her. I can’t imagine this world without her.” He let a few tears fall. Dylan frowned, hating to see such a beloved friend so sad.

“She’ll pull through. Y/N is a strong girl. She’s a fighter.”

Thomas nodded, but said nothing. He just kept reading over your words,The lines that said They found another tumor, except this time it’s in the brain. Don’t know what will happen now. Thomas was scared. He couldn’t imagine his life without you in it. You were supposed to to be interning at a magazine company, being a photographer. And you were doing great for your first week… until you collapsed one day while taking pictures. That was three months ago.

Thomas got to writing. 

Hey Y/N.
I really wish I could be there with you write now. You know I would. I should be coming home in about a week or so. I’ll be there and make the tumor disappear… I still miss. You’re always in my thoughts, hope you know. Everyone on set wishes you get well wishes, and they miss having you on the set lurking! I’ll see you soon. I love you so much.

The next week, two things came for Thomas. Though he didn’t pay attention to the second thing. Only the letter from you. What he read tore him apart. He broke down within the second sentence.

I believe this will be my last letter to you. Um…. I don’t know how to say this… you haven’t been responding. But I understand that you’re busy. So it’s okay, and I forgive you. Please don’t feel guilty. To get to the point, doctors say I won’t last much longer. That tumor I’ve been telling you about, it’s not going away. I’m getting weaker. My hands are shaking and I sleep most of the day. I’m going. I’m… fading fast. And I won’t be here much longer. Just know that Thomas, you are my very best friend. You always will, and I love you so damn much. My final wish to you is to not replace me, and to speak at my funeral. Please. I know it’ll be hard, but I want you to speak. Please. I love you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t keep fighting. Goodbye, best friend

Thomas was sobbing. He was crying so hard, letting all the sounds escaping his throat. He couldn’t believe it. And what really threw him off was that you mentioned he wasn’t replying. He was so confused. He had been replying, and you’d been talking back to him.

But then, as Thomas turned your final letter over, he noticed that you wrote the date on the back in tiny writing. 16 November 2016. You wrote and sent that two weeks ago. Two weeks. He quickly rushed over to the other stashed letters. They all had the date written on them in tiny writing. They were all delayed. They must’ve gotten lost in the mail of something. 

Thomas’ heart dropped. He remembered the other thing in the mail for him. He noticed it was colorful and laminated. With his trembling hands, he walked over, picking it up. Seeing it, he nearly screamed.


8 February 1991 - 17 November 2016

It displayed a picture of you on the front, smiling and looking healthy. Then Thomas opened it. One side was information, the other side were pictures of you. Dead center, was a picture of you and Thomas last year. You were both tipsy, both making silly faces. It was New Year’s Eve.

One the left side, it said where your service would be held and what time. It was happening tomorrow. Thomas had to be there. He was crying so hard though. He was panicking, forgetting where he was at for a moment. He lost the girl he knew since he was a baby. The girl who’d created so many memories with him. The girl who was there through it all. He was sobbing loudly in the room he was in, not being able to hold himself up. He sat on the floor, your final letter and program in his hands. He cried, tears drowning his face and hitting his hands.

“Thomas?” It was Dylan again, but this time Kaya was also with him. His two friends ran to him, crouching down on both sides of him.

“Thomas, what happened?” Kaya questioned, before glancing down at his hands. She was your picture, and the dates. Kaya, who had met you and become good friends with, instantly started crying. She hugged Thomas as he said nothing. He only cried, letting out sad noises.

When Dylan saw the program as well, he even started crying. Dylan loved having you around on set, teasing them between breaks. Everyone loved having you there. Knowing that they’d never see you again broke them. Dylan joined in with the hugging.

“I need to go,” Thomas said, voice strained.”Her funeral’s tomorrow, I need to get on a plane now!” His voice shook as he stood up. He quickly grabbed all the letters he’d gotten from you, grabbed his phone, passport, and wallet. He didn’t need anything else. No clothes or anything. He got up and left.

Your friends and family gathered around. They sat in between the pews. Even all the Maze Runner people who you grew close to over the years were there. Once they heard Thomas, everyone who could also bought a plane ticket to England to attend. Thomas, your parents, and grandparents all sat in the very front. Thomas’ family sat right behind them.

The service went on, you being an open casket. People spoke and people cried. Then it was Thomas’ turn to go up and speak. He had never in his life felt so nervous and scared and sad. He’d never thought this day would come.

“Hello, everyone,” he began, voice shaky. “Um, just for the record, sorry if I start crying and become incomprehensible.”

Thomas closed his eyes quickly, holding the crumpled up paper that had smeared writing and dried tear stains on it. He looked terrible, being sleep deprived as he never went to sleep last night. He was shaking, too. Thomas inhales and exhaled, then officially started.

“I’ve known Y/N since about she was born. Our mum’s are best friends, and so Y/N and I became best friends. Um, so… we’ve been through it all.” He wasn’t even looking at his paper anymore, going off on a whim. “Y/N was always a beautiful girl. At least I always thought that. She was funny and sarcastic, and never treated me differently with all my acting projects. She’s seen me at my absolute worst for the most part… I’m sorry, I’m at my… absolute worst… right now. And I really wish she was here to hug me.”

Thomas was beginning to break down already, staring at all the faces he knew, crying along with him. He continued.

“Y/N was smart and an all around fantastic girl. She was the best. Her and I used to take bubble baths together when we were younger. We’d get bubbles everywhere and have a bubble party. She always spent the night, and me being the chicken I was, was afraid of the dark. She always knew how to make it better for me. When I’m away, she’d always call me at random hours just to check in…” Thomas was crying, but trying his best to keep his voice steady.

“And when she got sick, I was with her. She wanted me to come with her. She kept telling me that she wasn’t feeling good, and she wanted me there. I was the first to find out that she was sick, and she looked at me and told me ‘Don’t cry, Tommy. Everything will be okay in the end.’ And it really sucked because I had to leave for my next project at the worst possible time. And since Y/N didn’t really have access to a computer or her phone, she thought writing letters would be fun… little did I know her letters got lost in the mail, but they all came and I responded to them without knowing what had happened. And in her last letter, she asked me to speak at this service, and to never replace her.”

Each word was getting harder and harder for him. He loved you so much. You were his rock.

“Oh God… I h-hope she knows that I wa-wasn’t ignoring her letters. I h-hope she knows that I could never replace her. Never. Not with anyone. I love her so much, and I always will. She is by far the greatest human I know. She is the best person anyone could ask for, and I hope everyone in here realized how amazing this girl was and still is. Y/N is my rock, my best friend, the first person I ever loved. She was willing to help anyone and everyone, dropping what she was doing to help them… I miss her. We all miss her… But let us not remember her being sick. I know she’d hate that. Let’s remember her as that funny little girl with a bright smile on her face. Remember her as someone who could light up the room with her presence. Remember her short time lived on earth, and remember all the amazing things she’d done… I’m sorry this was long, I have so much more to say, but I’m not going to hog the podium. I love Y/N; we all do. Thank you for listening.”

With that, Thomas left his spot. He couldn’t go back to his seat next to your mother. Instead he walked down the aisle, needing a moment by himself. He couldn’t do it. He was weak; at his weakest. He felt terrible for needing to remove himself, but he couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t stand seeing you in that casket. Every time he looked at you, he swore he saw you breathing still. But he knew you weren’t. 

Thomas knew this would take a while for him to get used to. He wasn’t going to be able to call you anymore, or hear your voice. He didn’t want to say his final goodbye when they put you six feet underneath the ground. He wasn’t ready. He was never ready.


@hannahbranchbug who requested a second part of this imagine

Laughing heartfully, you walked through the door which was held open by Waylon Jones, who’s known to the public as Killer Croc, a grocery bag with fast food for the two of you in one of your hands while you walked down the hallways of the basis, chatting rather excited with each other.

Opening the door of your assigned room, you were greeted at first by an unfamiliar, metalic sound as you opened the door slowly before the full sight of the inside of your room was revealed to the two of you.


George, better known as Captain Boomerang, was laying across the top of your bed, empty cans of beer were put all around the ground while the small TV in your room was brightening the darkish room.

Jumping lightly from the sudden sound, the self-claimed Captain slipped a bit of his beer over your pillow and mattress, earning a loud groan from you as you walked over to him, who’s looking at you with a sheepishly smile on his face.

Well, until the eyes of the only two men in the room crossed for the first time, after Killer Croc entered the room shortly after you.

“What is he doing here?”, asked both man in unison, pointing at each other while Captain Boomerang was shifting himself on top of the mattress, making space for you while you desperatly tried to remove the sheet underneath the australian.

“I don’t know, Waylon. I would like to know that, too.”

“Waylon? Since when are the two of you calling each other by the first name?”

“Last time I checked, George, that was none of your business.”, enhancing his first name, you finally were able to get the sheet removed and the pillow quickly followed afterwards, throwing both into a corner of the room to clean it later.

With your back leaned against the wall, you sat next to Killer Croc on the mattress of your bed, zapping through the various channels while the two of you were on the desperate search for a good movie to end the long, mostly relaxing day.

Laying alongside the bed, George made himself comfortable on the ground, lifting his hand and traveling with his fingertips over the inside of your legs, mostly because he’s trying to steal some of your food, but also because he’s giggling like a little girl whenever Waylon was growling at him in respond.

“Hey, zap back.”



“We won’t watch football.”


“Are you deaf? [Y/N] said ‘no’.”

“Oi, get rid of that watchdog.”, back and forth, the words flew through the room, until George had the final say in the matter, causing Waylon to raise to his feet which also ended in him booting the australian on the ground various times.

“How was that?”

“Oh my god, how old you again?”

“I said, she should get rid of you, watchdog. Or should I say, third wheel?”

Reaching his hands in a quick motion, Waylon got a hold on the collar of George’s blazer and pulled the man closer to himself with squint eyes.

The sound of the TV was the only thing that filled the air as two men watched each other intensely and George was clenching his jaw with lowered eyebrows gracing his face.

“Go out. Both of you.”


“You heard me correctly. I’m sick of this childish game. Leave me the fuck alone, I don’t want to see one of you right now.”, you spoke slowly in a low voice after you had moved yourself to the edge of the bed, pointing towards the door with your eyes locked on the two men while you’re waiting for them to leave.


“Go out!”, yelling, you felt a warmth spreading on your cheeks from anger, Waylon and George exchanged a quick glance before they’re slowly walking out of the room in silence, closing the door right behind themself.



I ship you with Suga!

This might no come as a surprise but I can see Yoongi with someoe a lot like him. He has said so himself as well so it fits. Your laid back and chill personality would fit well with his. I think he`d actually love your cumsyness and nerdyness. However he`d never admit that out loud though. He`d always be like “god y/n, really? You tripped again?” but inside he`d find it cute and at the same time he`d be worried about you. He`d often gently hold your hand so you don`t fall. I can see him being secretly a bit nerdy himself so be prepared for some pretty competetive game nights where you two would challange eachother to lots of games. Other types of dates would be just as chill. Ordering take out while watching a movie or watching the stromy weather outside while drinking coffee inside. He`d also always have a secret stash of chocolate for you.

Yuri!!! On Ice opening : a frame by frame analysis Part 1

After getting a taste of frame by frame analysis with the beach scene here, I’ve been tempted to do the same with the opening of this beautiful anime.

I’m going to split it in two posts, since I have tons of screencaps and almost just as much of gifs. I’m also using the version we’re seeing since episode 2 and not the first one.

This part goes way too fast for me to screencap it effectively so I made a gif . This is the very beginning of the opening, going in rythm with the frenetic start of the music . As we can see, on a pale grey panel, a drop of blue falls on it and from it a trail goes up and down through multiple and different splashes of different shades of blue in an up and down motion. The trail starts in a light blue, passed through a dark blue splash and almost fell immediately down into a light blue splash. Going through that splash, the trail gets darker and rise again through other splashes of light blue who are filling the whole screen, making the grey disappear. The now dark blue trail is joined with another small, and very dynamic, chaotic and fast, dark blue trail, in a rising motion before both of them become grey in a blink of an eye, joined by a third one, and they all plunge extremely fast. 

The first trail might be Yuuri, having a big, but controlled, splash on the world of figure skating (his qualification for the GPF) but then a big fall that he tried to get out of by himself (which would be the slow rise of the trail) after he passes through a few months where he tried to grow. But then a chaotic little trail skates next to him (Yurio), and everything becomes faster and Yuuri plunges in a mentally competitive mindset where everything splashes and where he’s not just an isolated trail on a grey pannel, but a part of something wilder. 

This is when the music becomes more waltzy and the feet of a skater appears :

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GoM+Kagami reactions to Hanamiya succeeding in hitting Kuroko during their match?

You can prepare a funeral.

The anger everyone would feel would make even Hanamiya shudder. Having Akashi and Aomine on his back, not to mention that Kagami would definitely forget about basketball and went on the Kirisaki Daichi High basketball player without any hesitation even if he had to leave the court later on. Kise and Midorima would definitely try to calm the two former teammates, while Murasakibara would be long gone, making them wonder where he disappeared to and hoping he wouldn’t do anything stupid (like “pushing” Hanamiya when they pass each other and apologizing trying to help him stand up but saying: “Oops my hand slipped” and going his own way…). But then again, I also think that Kagami would hold himself back for Kuroko’s sake and beat the Hanamiya in basketball. When the game would end, of course with Seirin’s win (who wouldn’t win after that) he would hardly resist not to punch Hanamiya because of the games they still have. I am more sure that Aomine wouldn’t stay calm.

Seventeen reacts to you wanting to be the big spoon


Would be so excited. He’d love having your arms around him. He’d probably ask if you could do it again the next night lol

Originally posted by wunwu

“Jagi, can I be the little spoon again?”


Would not stop smiling for a single second

Originally posted by junhuitherealvampire

Right before you fall asleep you hear him giggle yet again


Gets super shy and cuteeeeeeee Would literally enjoy every second.

Originally posted by hvung

Would also probably hold your hands to make sure you keep hugging him for the rest of the night lol 


I feel like Jeonghan would tease you for a bit lol he would keep saying, “My jagi loves me” after you put your arms around him 

Originally posted by vernonswagg

At some point in the night you two would probably end up switching positions though lol 


Very willing. 

Originally posted by christmastreesoo

I see him prepping himself before bed lol “Joshua, why do you need cologne when you’re about to sleep?" 


He’d be completely down for it. 

Originally posted by hansols

He’d love having your arms around him, but when you fall asleep he wouldn’t be able to resist himself He’ll turn around and start hugging youuuuuu 


He’d totally love it~~ 

Originally posted by 12fools

He’d say yes in an instant and before you know it he’s already in bed "Mingyu, it’s only 7…" 


"It’s about time!" 

Originally posted by gyeongreen

Drags you to bed and kisses your hands as you hug him 


"I finally get to be little spoon? Me???" 

Originally posted by 7teans

Coups would be so excited lol he’d love the affection, but tbh it won’t last long. 30 min in he’d turn around and start hugging you because he can’t resist himself 


Very calm about it lol tbh he’d never say no to you 

Originally posted by infinitblaq

"Whatever you want jagi" 


Would laugh about it because he’d get flustered

Originally posted by kpopforever2

"Y-yeah? Why not?" 


Says yes because you want to, but not really sure about how he’d feel about it 

Originally posted by v-ollet

Realizes he loves it after you hug him and bury your face into the crook of his neck 


Agrees pretty easily. Hides his excitement. Acts cool. 

Originally posted by grown-man-woozi

But the moment you wrap your arms around him he’d giggle in the cutest, fluffiest Woozi way ever

- Admin M

**None of the gifs used are mind. Credit to the owners

highway greeting.

Georgia Grace sits on the hood of her father’s SUV, watching as her brother plays football with a few boys he met in the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Whatever’s going on is something that not even her father, in his almost sixty years of life, has seen, and that’s something that slightly scares the brunette, more than she’s willing to expand on to her family. She laughs as the football flies over towards her on the hood, sitting next to her best friend Amber, and she catches the football with one hand. “Nice shot, jerk! Try aimin’ next time and throwin’ it at someone who’s actually playin’!” She yells to the boys, before looking around and letting her attention linger on the two men next to the truck next to her father’s SUV.

                                                          Scotty walks over at that moment to take the football back and sees the way her sister is looking at them and decides to go introduce himself. Scotty walks over to them and smiles, holding his hand out to the one who looks like he’s the younger of the two. He hopes his normally award winning smile will win the men over. “Hey, I’m Scotty. Those are my sisters, Georgie and Lindy, and also Amber. Uh, we’re all playin’ football, if you wanted to join in?” Georgie looks over at that moment and lets her attention linger again on the younger looking man, the one who’s noticeably more attractive, and she hops off of the hood.