also two from the books

Aside from Magic, I also bought two books from Barnes and Noble’s leather bound collection - complete collection of the Cthulhu mythos and The Divine Comedy and I can’t stop holding them and looking at them.

my mother opens the sunroof on a roadtrip at midnight and i don’t bother pretending that the stars are small enough for me to count. instead, i talk about how the closest star is 4.24 light years away and how the next closest star is 4.37 light years away and how what we see now happened years ago.

i talk about how small we are. how we’re spinning at an alarming rate but we are so incredibly minuscule compared to our planet that it’s okay. one of my brothers doesn’t care and the other is tipsy, so i’m pretty sure i’m trying to get through to myself more than anyone else.

i just forget that we aren’t important sometimes, i guess. i have the audacity to think i’ll matter in 4.24 or 4.37 light years when i’m too quiet, too human to matter now. i could die or sleep forever or never get out of bed again and all of the stars are still exploding, you know? earth is still spinning and the sun is still burning. i’m not really sure if this makes me want to thrive, or if i want to explode myself now

—  there are 7 billion, 47 million people on the planet and i have the audacity to think i matter (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

When you have three assignments due so instead you make an aesthetic moodboard of yourself as if you were a fictional character (vain, I know, but I’m bored)

let’s be real here Ford is going to try and do theatre/stage management stuff at least twice whilst being the hockey manager because stage managers take on too much and will run themselves into the ground, swear to never do it again and agree to do it again within ten minutes. the poor girl is going to live off caffeine pills, cold coffee and meals that can be consumed on the go. she’ll probably start learning a new skill in the middle as well because why the heck not?

How to Study for AP Physics

I’ve gotten quite a few questions on how I “self-studied” for AP Physics, so I decided to make one cohesive post talking about what methods I used. I answered the question earlier in an ask (here), but it was pretty disorganized, so I tried to structure it better here! Sorry it’s still pretty long though :c


  • The reason that I said I “self-studied” physics was because my teacher didn’t really teach during the school year. Additionally, there’s honestly way too much to cover in the book for my teacher to go through all of it, so I don’t really blame him all that much. It’s up to you to take the initiative to go through the book and really learn the material that wasn’t covered during class.
  • LUCKILY, our tests were really difficult, so I think I was very well prepared for the actual AP exam! :’)
  • I found my study methods during second semester (rip me) (oh first semester sighs), so hopefully some of these tips can help you early on!


  • For Physics, it is essential to stay caught up throughout the year. A lot of the concepts are cumulative and have to do with each other. Chances are, you’ll see concepts you learned from first semester appearing towards the end of second semester.
  • Although other topics (such as electricity/magnetism) don’t seem like they have anything to do with mechanics (ie. friction, kinematics), it’s actually very beneficial if you fully understood the earlier concepts. Being able to make connections between various concepts not only helps with remembering, but it also greatly improves your understanding!
  • Also, by the time midterms/finals come around, you’ll find that it’s extremely beneficial to have had fully understood the concepts the first time around. Instead of re-studying the information you crammed into your head the first time around, all you have to do now is just do some review and hopefully you’ll be good to go! 
  • Also, if you don’t understand something, ask. If your teacher isn’t capable of answering, try seeing of any of your classmates understand! If not, you can always turn to tumblr :’) If I’m capable, I’ll try to answer too HAHA


  • I found that previewing the lessons were really helpful, because as my teacher went over the bare minimums/basics during class (with no explanations offered - just typically formulas that we needed to know etc), I was able to understand the lesson better. I knew the reason why certain things were, and I even knew most of the formulas ahead of time! This created less stress/pressure for me, because I didn’t feel completely lost during class as I did in the beginning oops haha


  • Tbh I chose AP Physics as my science course because I’m more confident with math than straight memorization, and I heard that Physics involved a lot of math. And it is true! However, if you’re only taking AP Physics ½, it’s algebra-based. Which means that it’s not hard math - you just have to know how to apply it.
  • And that’s where concepts come in. Silly me first semester, I just did the math-based practice problems and did well on all the chapter tests (which were all FRQ-style). But when it came to midterms/finals, I pretty much bombed the multiple choice because my concept wasn’t up to par.
  • Take the time and READ YOUR BOOK. Read through the paragraphs (there aren’t that many thANK) of explanations and examples that are provided, and make sure you really truly understand what’s going on. 
  • Knowing how to merely solve the FRQ problems will be useless in the long run if you don’t know the concepts/reasoning behind them - especially because Collegeboard has revamped the FRQs to be more conceptual this year!!


Everyone studies differently, and everyone has a different technique that will work best for them. Experiment with different methods and see what works for you - but I’ll list what I did below if anyone wants to try what I did!


  • As I said earlier, I thought I could skate past first semester with the little information my teacher provided during class and a grasp on the math in physics. HOWEVER, I realized that that was far from the truth. What helped me was going through the book and taking close notes.
  • Taking close notes isn’t that difficult with Physics, because it’s honestly more examples/math than pure text with explanations. BUT, because it’s like that, most of the information provided ends up being very crucial, so pay close attention.
  • My notes focused on concepts (and the reason behind them), and the occasional formula/equation (and the reasoning/proof as well).


  • This step is important because oftentimes gaps in understanding will be filled by reading about it through various other sources. Each book will have their own way of explaining it, and some may even have additional information that will help with better understanding!
  • I had a copy of the former AP Physics textbook at home, as well as two other “textbooks.” I also used my Barron’s AP book from time to time to practice problems!
  • Also I used khanacademy on youtube (LIFESAVER) to help with concepts when I didn’t understand something. They also have some problem examples that they work out for you - so that’s pretty useful as well!


  • AP Physics is now allowed an equation sheet on the AP exam. HOWEVER, I suggest that you memorize all the equations anyways. As long as you do enough practice problems, the formulas will end up being burned in your head anyways LOL. Tbh, during the AP exam, it’s pretty inconvenient to keep flipping to the equation sheet. I’m pretty sure it’s found at the very front of your test booklet, and you can’t rip it out or anything. Fortunately I don’t think I really used it, so I think I saved some time flipping back and forth~
  • Also if you want to take the SAT II subject test, they don’t provide an equation sheet, so gotta be prepared for that too!


  • Again, I personally think Physics is one of the more math-heavy lab sciences out there. So while I really emphasize the importance of understanding and getting the concepts behind everything, you cannot slack on the math either!
  • Also, some concepts can be remembered/deduced through the equations/formulas, which i love :’) 
  • The way my book was structured, was that the practice problems were structured by level of difficulty. You probably won’t be assigned most of the problems for homework, so it is up to you to practice them yourself. Keep practicing them until you can get through them easily and things start making more sense to you. 
  • Speed is very important, because it’s not just understanding, but it’s being fluent and being able to get to the answer in a quick, efficient manner. This matters when you take tests/quizzes~
  • At the end of each chapter in my book, there were “general” problems - basically problems that require you to combine multiple concepts that you’ve learned so far. these are really good practice for several reasons:
  1. They prepare you for midterms/finals/the AP exam where they won’t tell you what type of problem you’re facing - you’re just going to have to figure out which concepts/equations are needed for each problem
  2. It helps you see problems in different angles // ie. problems you thought could only be solved in one manner, can actually be solved by using different concepts that you learned before! this can help you become more efficient too woopwoop
  3. They’re typically not easy problems, so if you can do these with not too much of a struggle, then you’re pretty much set :’) although tbh if you can’t do some of them, don’t panic/stress either, because some of them will most likely be harder than the types of problems that your teacher chooses to use on his/her exam.


  • UNDERSTAND YOUR LABS. ACTUALLY DO YOUR LABS. BE HANDS ON. PREVIEW THEM VERY WELL BEFORE YOU WALK INTO THE CLASSROOM. do not be a potato sack and watch your labmates do your lab for you, because it will help with understanding if you actively participate and make connections during the process
  • and also as i mentioned earlier the new ap exam is much more focused on concepts so knowing how to perform certain experiments will help you in the long run ^-^

Annnnd I think that’s all! If there’s anything else I remember, I’ll make sure to update this post. I know pretty much all of this sounds basic, but it’s what worked for me~ it’s honestly just a lot of hard work and diligence. Physics is not an overnight/cramming kind of class, and I really advise to be on top of things and to not leave studying until the last minute. Try to understand things while you go through the lessons, and GOOD LUCK. I BELIEVE IN YOU. it’s tough work but hey man hey it’ll be okay ^-^ do not be too disheartened either if you don’t get into the swing of things right away~ as long as you can say you gave it your all without any regrets I’d say that’s pretty gr8 already uwu

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kunne du tegne snusmumrikken og faren hans joxter? elsker stilen din så mye omg❤

Tusen takk, hyggelig å høre at du liker stilen min :D 

Nå har du fått meg hekta på disse to (igjen *cries: my childhood!*) også.

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Any tips on how to improve in art?

Hm, that partly depends on what kinds of art you are focusing. There are some some general things that all aspiring artists should look into like anatomy, perspective, light and composition. In the end it all comes down to practice, there’s unfortunately no way around it. Don’t be afraid to mess things up. It’s totally alright when you don’t get something right the first time or even after the 1001st time. Tbh this something I still need to learn. I believe as long as you keep going you will eventually notice tiny differences in your work. Please save yourself from that toxic minset I have that everything I produce needs to be on par with the best of the best out there haha

That being said, it’s also important to know your tools so I thought I might post some links to websites and rescources which have helped me a lot (I’ll be focusing on digital art tho):

Check out sites like Artstation or CGSociety. There are tons of industry professionals on there that often share their tips, tricks and thoughts!

Momenta features cool interviews with artists, portfolio reviews and tutorials.

If you want to get into 3D art but don’t have the money for tools like 3dsmax try Blender! I admit that the interface might look intimidating at first but the Blender community is huge and you’ll find tutorials and solutions for almost everything on youtube or on blender-related sites like! I also really like the tutorials by Gleb Alexandrov.

I also bought two books so far from the Digital Arts Masters series!

I hope this might be helpful for someone out there haha

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Thank you for your book recs tag. So many good books that I now need to read. Are there any new books you'd desperately recommend?

I’m gonna choose to interpret “new books” as “new to me” i.e. books I’ve read in the last few months, adored, and haven’t YELLED ABOUT a lot yet, sooo: 

- SIX OF CROWS BY LEIGH BARDUGO – I haven’t read the Grisha trilogy so for the first 100 or so pages of this I was pleasantly “???” about everything, but then it TOOK TF OFF and didn’t slow down again and YO, I AM IN LOVE. the tagline is “six dangerous outcasts, one impossible heist” but honestly I think “my six morally grey kids flirt dreadfully and have shenanigans” is far more fitting. shenanigans and clutch-your-heart painful backstories. (alternately: “five dangerous outcasts, and Wylan”.) CAN’T WAIT FOR ALL THE ADRENALINE-FUELLED, TORTURED SNOGGING WE’RE GONNA GET IN THE NEXT BOOK! BRING IT ON! 

- FANS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE LIFE BY KATE SCELSA – this was a very lovely, very cute, very well written little sort-of-polyamory book. it’s basically about three kids (two boys who ID as gay and one straight girl) who’re obsessed with each other, and it ACTUALLY GOES THERE. like, they take it TO THE BONE ZONE. sort of. more like the Unambiguous Oral Zone, which is preceded by the boys being like “I thought you didn’t like to kiss girls?” “I thought YOU didn’t like to kiss girls!” and then finger-gunsing each other. AAAAANYWAY, I liked it a lot. and the author replied to my tweet with a winking smiley, so she’s golden. 

- HORRORSTÖR BY GRADY HENDRIX – two words: HAUNTED IKEA. (technically it’s haunted ‘Orsk’. and Ikea actually exists in their universe, which took me out of it slightly – I think Grady should have played it like Orsk Is Ikea, not “oh, Orsk is just a rip-off Ikea!” kind of like that ONE Harry Potter mention in Fangirl that gives you whiplash. BUT, OTHER THAN THAT: BRILLOPADS, AND GENUINELY VERY SCARY.)

- WHEN EVERYTHING FEELS LIKE THE MOVIES BY RAZIEL REID – okay, this book is an ACQUIRED TASTE. three pages in I was like “wow, this is absolutely not for me”, but I just… didn’t put it down. I devoured the whole thing in one sitting because I needed to know what was going to happen. it was very nihilistic, super fucked up, sexually explicit, but DAMN, JUDE. A CHARACTER FOR OUR TIME. queer af, genderfluid (? possibly?), he belongs in an early ‘90s New Queer Cinema flick starring Andreja Pejic and directed by Gregg Araki. 

- SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA BY BECKY ALBERTELLI – hoooo boy, this was a cute book. A CUTE BOOK. I read it immediately after finishing When Everything Feels Like The Movies, because I knew I needed something sweet and nice and Uplifting Teen Movieish before going to bed, AND THIS BOOK WAS IT. such a great premise, really great protagonist, big ol’ heart eyes in my face all the way through. 

- THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE BY PATRICK NESS – I’ve yelled about this book once before, but it bears repeating: it’s incredible and I am highkey in love with it. buncha teenagers trying to live their lives while residing in the same town as myriad YA SF/F Chosen Ones, who keep trying to Save the World at inopportune times and ruining graduation, etc. etc. 

- BOO BY NEIL SMITH – I have definitely yelled about this one MULTIPLE TIMES, but it’s probably The Favourite out of everything I’ve read in the last year. click here for in-depth, heartfelt plug.

“Not at all, Dad, it’s been quite breezy – I just helped someone last night, one of those people from the Underworld I told you about, they looked so tired and sad…” Betty fell silent as she held her phone up, watching the screen for the dreamsand symbols above her father’s head. Face-Time sessions with the Sandman were rare and she twirled around happily. “I miss you too! Yes, Armie and Corny are fine – I’ll be waiting for my birthday present! – what do you mean I should watch out?”

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what made you ship emison?

I guess it all started when I decided to look at them differently. When I decided to look at Alison differently.

Up until season 3, probably beginning of season 4, I was an asshole and refused to give Alison DiLaurentis a chance. I thought she was nothing but a bully, so I didn’t even consider Emison as a thing that had the potential to happen.

Or course, it didn’t take long for my opinion to change. I decided to get my head out of my ass and take the time to truly understand her character. To understand why she did what she did. And that’s when I finally realized that she was raised to be like this. To be a bully. 

After realizing that, it didn’t take much for Alison to become my favorite. And when she actually came back, I saw in her someone who wanted nothing more than to be accepted by her friends, someone who wanted to right her wrongs. Someone who deserved a second chance.

Honestly, I only truly started shipping Emison after 4x16. I felt like Alison was so genuine, it broke my little heart into pieces. She really missed Emily. And on 4x18 you can see that she really missed the other girls as well.

When the “Alison is a bad person who hated her friends and only manipulated Emily” factor was out of the equation, I fell - and I fell hard. Of course Alison kept some of her bad habits (lying, for once), but the truth is, Emily’s the person she’s the most honest with. And this time, when Alison lied, it wasn’t to harm the girls - it was to protect them. 

So yeah, I guess that the main reason why I ship Emison other than their amazing chemistry and story, is Alison. Someone who was raised to be ice, but couldn’t help but melt around Emily. I feel like Alison saw in Emily everything she didn’t feel like she had in herself - kindess, loyalty, optimism, courage even… And she was drawn to that. Drawn to her.

Still is. 

Because despite how much both of them changed, Emily is still Alison’s rock. The one person who can comfort her, who can make her feel safe. Who can make her feel like, for once, things really will be okay.

FR Deity AU

The deities as elderly folk living in a retirement community.

-   Mr. Earthshaker is an old grandpop, the kind that spends most of his days napping on his front porch. Popular with the local kids. If you wake him up, he’ll be happy to tell you all the stories about “the good old days” when he was young… but be warned, once he gets going he’ll never shut up! Still doesn’t own or know how to use any modern gadgets.

- The Tidelord is the kooky doomsday prophet type, always shouting about the latest projection for the end times. Ironically, his predictions for the stock market are always startlingly accurate, and most of the community looks to him for advice on retirement investments. It’s only his apocalypse predictions that are off-kilter. Has a massive aquarium full of fish that he adores and sometimes even talks to.

- Mr. Windsinger(please, call me Joe)’s yard and front porch are absolutely covered with windsocks, wind chimes, pinwheels, and those obnoxious animal wind spinners that look like flamingos and things like that. His backyard is full of dozens of birdfeeders. Really a child at heart, he’s very goofy and the one who’s always excited and trying to get his neighbors to Do Fun Stuff. Has a habit of using a leafblower to push fallen leaves into his neighbor’s lawns. 

- Mrs. Firebringer is the tough one. Still works out despite her age; she could beat anyone to a pulp, and would at the first opportunity. Loves to quarrel pick fights. Unexpectedly crafty; she always has a table at the neighborhood craft fair, usually full of bizarre metal trinkets. Is always talking about how they used to make things better. Goes everywhere with her metal detector.

- Doc Icewarden is the one who goes to all the lawnsales. ALL of them. His collections are legendary: he’s got stamps, postcards, vintage toy cars, antique china, old signs, articulated skeletons, puzzles… you name it, he’s got a collection of that’s probably worth thousands. If only he’d let anybody come in to see. Also the person who jacks up the air conditioner, then walks around his house in winter coat and too many scarves.

- Mr. Stormcatcher is the retired CEO, and though he’s well-intentioned, he has a habit of treating neighbors like employees. He’s the one who always wants to be In Charge of something; if he gets wind of any project or event, he will take over and try to run the thing as well as you will let him. The most caught-up on modern technology, the whole neighborhood goes to him to explain how to use the latest gadget.

- Miss Lightweaver is the local busybody and gossip; she’s always got the latest news on Mrs. So-and-so down the street, or that new couple from two blocks over, or… Also runs the neighborhood lady’s book club, which is surprisingly popular. Also writes a column in the local newspaper. Also writes the community newsletter. Don’t engage her in a history or philosophical discussion, she will argue passionately for days. Definitely an extreme couponer. Owns several cats.

- Ms. Shadowbinder is that creepy neighbor who always has her lights out and she never really comes out. While everybody is pretty sure she still lives there, the only hard evidence anyone can (jokingly)produce is that nobody has ever seen her leave. Gets way too into Halloween; her door is always the one kids have to dare each other to knock on, but even though she’s old she still gets all dressed up and gives out the best candy.

- Ms. Gladekeeper is the former flower child who somehow never got the memo that the 60′s are over. She still dresses and talks like a hippie and always attends the yoga classes. Spends hours in her garden and always wins Most Beautiful Yard. Very friendly, but visitors beware - she makes the most vile-tasting “medicinal” tea. But drink up, it’s all-natural and Good For You. Only ever eats what she calls “all-natural.”

- Plaguebringer(don’t you dare call her a miss) is the one whose front yard looks like a junkyard, full of  rusty old cars and barrels and bits and spare parts, “because I might need it someday.” Her neighbor Gladekeeper is always campaigning to make her get rid of it; Plaguebringer refuses. Still stocks her backyard bomb shelter from the Cold War, genuinely worries about disease outbreak or atomic warfare and claims to be prepared for anything. Has the meanest dog in the neighborhood.

- Doc Arcanist is the neighborhood eccentric. Nobody really knows what he’s up to, these days; it seems every week he’s into something new. The kids at the school like him, because sometimes he’ll bring in weird science demonstrations. Has a massive telescope on his back porch, spends way too much time looking through it.
OTP AU prompts

So here’s the list so far. Prompts collected from various tumblr posts, and I’ll be adding to it over time.

  • To play on casual mode, scroll until you find one you like.
  • For beginner mode, use a random number generator to pick one off the list and apply it to your pairing of choice.
  • For intermediate, do the same thing, but also use the RNG to pick two characters from your favorite show/book/whatever.
  • For hard mode, your list of characters should span multiple settings and genres.

Remember, there are no points and the most important thing is to have fun. And to contemplate what happens when Spock meets Dr. House while playing laser tag.