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Jason knew that time could change a person. He thought he was prepared to whatever traces the three years apart imprinted in his best friend, but not this, never this.

He had never considered these types of changes. You know, the supernatural kind.

“So, what you are trying to tell me is–”, Jason tried to find Nico’s eyes in the darkness of the parking lot to no avail, his hands unconsciously twisting themselves over the handle of the baseball bat. “That you are a werewolf?”

“Kind of”, Nico, lean, still-not-quite-tall-Nico peers into the edge of the forest, their makeshift shelter behind a silver Toyota alarmingly vulnerable when you put shapeshifters on the table.

“How can you be kind of a werewolf? It’s not a part time job.”

Nico gave a little grunt, the one Jason always got when he was being annoying or thick headed. Or both.

“That is not the issue now, is it?”

“Wait, was that why you went to Italy?”, his voice had long gone stopped being able to qualify as a whisper but Jason couldn’t stop himself, not when he got like this. “Did you attend some kind of werewolf camp? Are there werewolf camps?

Nico finally turned his head, Jason could only make out his very white, very sharp teeth in the moonlight.

“Jason, of course there are no werewolf camps!”

“Did you have like a ritual of passage? An initiation?”

Nico’s fingers, cold and thin, harshly gripped his wrist and tugged him forward. He almost fell into him, their noses just a breath away.

“Jason, stop panicking.”

“I’m not panicking”, he felt his heart running in his ears and his palms were sweating buckets. “I’m assessing the situation.”

“Right”, Nico’s eyes eerily glowed golden for just a second and Jason felt his throat turn dry. Nico’s hand squeezed his arm, more warmly this time. “I’ll get you out of this, I promise”

He blinked, the shape of his best friend still too familiar, too human for his brain to catch up. He couldn’t hold back the grin that split his face. “It’s alright. I got your back”

Nico eyed him, his eyebrows scrunched up and his mouth in a frown. “How? Armed with a baseball? Gonna hit home runs at supernatural beings?”

“Shut up. Let’s go kick some ass and try not to get killed”

This is for and roughly based on sadgaywerewolf’s and billyxkaplan’s werewolf au ideas, just, you know, a friendly nudge (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

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