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Hush (Part Two)

Barba x Reader
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You sit up on the bed abruptly, startled by the loud vibration coming from the wall behind you. You rub your eyes trying to get used to the noise combined with the sunlight slipping through the curtains.

The vibrations were so fierce that it made your watch move across the bedside table. When the drilling stopped, you hoped that meant that they were finally done. The clamorous sounds were replaced by the harmonious chirping of robins on the other side of the window.

A sound you very much preferred.

You pull the soft sheets to cover your body, suddenly mindful of the quaint chilly air. You slowly slide back down on the bed, eager to rid your thoughts of the interruptions to your sleep.

The moment your head touched the pillow, however, the drilling noise had returned, seemingly louder than before. You lifted the blanket so that it covered your head, and groaned in irritation.

“They’ve been at it for two days.”

You lowered the blanket just enough to peek at the person next to you. Rafael’s eyelids remained closed, making you wonder how long he had actually been awake. He craned his neck slightly, and interlaced his fingers before placing them on his abdomen. You smiled at the small shimmy movement he made to try and make himself more comfortable.

Clearly you weren’t the only one in denial about not being able to sleep a bit longer. Not that it surprised you. You were almost sure even Rafael could not remember the last time he actually slept in.

Rest would be good for him, you thought, as you took mental note of the dark circles under his eyes and his hollow cheeks. You survey the stubble that decorated his jaw, a pleasant combination of dark and gray hairs that grazed your skin when you kept your bodies wrapped against one another.

You move closer to him to place a chaste kiss on his bare shoulder. A part of you still questioned this reality; lying here by his side, waking up to the sounds of construction work together. You wondered if you were being too bold, and if you were jinxing it if you admitted that this was beginning to feel like a perfect morning?

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Prompt: kamunami with chiaki growing out her hair

A/N I’m always game for fluff especially between these two (since we only got angst in the anime) so yay! Lighthearted fluff!

Fixation - kamunami

Nanami absolutely adores Kamukura’s long hair.

Aside from videogames, her favorite past time is messing with his ridiculously long hair that miraculously never tangles. She didn’t think that was even possible but then again this was Kamukura. She swore that she’s never seen him comb his hair even once and yet it’s as majestic as those edited in commercials. When he stayed overnight, she tried to catch an imperfection as she combed through his bed hair with her hand only to reach the ends with awe over its impeccable smoothness.

It’s a mystery that she can’t seem to get enough of.

It’s also convenient. The only time she was ever interested in hairstyling was because of videogames with those themes but she never did pay much attention to that in real life. How else do you think she has her hair fly away so much? The secret behind those swooshes is actually careful negligence. But that’s beside the point. This is about Kamukura’s hair and Nanami’s fascination with it.

She started out with putting it up in a ponytail, simple enough that even she could pull it off. She’d tie it up and sometimes even down low in a dolphintail. Then she moved on to braiding after watching tutorials online. She branched out from there and experimented. Sometimes she’d try to go for those in fashion magazines and other times, most of the time really, she’d style his hair in uncanny semblance to videogame characters. Point is that she was enjoying playing with his luxuriously long hair.

“Mmm, is there any style in particular that you’d want today?” She knew that he had no preferences but she still asks anyways. It’s the thought that counts after all. He lets her do as she pleases so the least she could do is let him know that he always has a say even when he doesn’t have anything to say.

“Surprise me.” He answers just like he’d always say. She never does surprise him like how she wants to but she doesn’t give up. Someday she will surprise him so hard that he’ll be his most expressive yet, she thinks to herself. It also sounds like a better excuse for playing with his hair.

“Okay!” And Nanami works through his hair as she hums the catchy bgm of a recent game she played. Coincidentally, it’s the same game whose character’s hairstyle she’ll try to copy. She’s especially fond of that protagonist and she can’t help but be excited over how this will turn out.

The extra cheerfulness doesn’t go over Kamukura as he raises an eyebrow in suspicion. “You seem… happy.”

“I’m always happy with you.” She replies without hesitation and continues to comb through while facing him. “I really like your hair, you know. Have I ever told you that?”

He never answers her question. He’s too busy making a statement as his own fingers comb through the ends of her hair. His hand drags through languidly and she has to pause as a shiver passes through her frame. He almost smirks at her reaction. Almost but his amusement is heard in his voice as he suddenly says, “I like yours much better.”

And she just blushes so hard at the comment especially when he looks at her with such smoldering eyes. Her grip on the comb tightens like how her chest clutches with anticipation. She lets out a shaky breath. “Oh…”

Nanami grows her hair long afterwards.

It was hard at first but mostly because she was terrible at maintenance. With her hair thicker and longer, she realized just how practical her short hair was. Long hair is nice and all but only if it’s not in her face her eyes specifically, in zippers getting stuck, in everywhere because of tragic hairfall. Basically, she still likes long hair only if it’s not hers. It’s annoying and she would rather have all of it chopped off but then she thinks of him and that one lingering comment, and then she reschedules the trip to the hairdresser.

It took months, almost a year, and now her hair falls just above her waist. She’s gotten better at taking care of it but only barely. That’s because she lets him take care of it for her instead.

Kamukura absolutely adores Nanami’s long hair.

Having her fingers go through his hair is one thing and having his go through hers is a whole new different experience. It’s not as smooth as his admittedly but it is soft and pink suites her just well. He doesn’t style hers like how she styles his, instead he prefers her hair down- which annoys her the most but tolerates just for him. He likes to bury his face in her locks and just breathe. Her scent is fragrant and overwhelming, and he finds it soothing. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t take joy through playing with her hair.

But as much as he adores her long hair in his fingertips, he especially enjoys pulling it aside so he could drop a searing kiss across her nape. He enjoys adding knots to her hair as clutches it when he pulls her in for an intoxicating kiss. He enjoys getting tangled in it along with their mess of limbs when they embrace too passionately. He enjoys her hair and lets her know every day. Her hair always ends up a mess after but she does not mind it one bit not when she catches him with a small smile.

And when they’re not too fixated with each other’s hair, they remember just how smitten they are over one another.

Max Domi #1 - Lucky Sports Bra

Originally posted by kevinhayes

A/N - i love max so much omg. any boy on the 2015 team canada world juniors will forever have a special place in my heart. dream team forever and always

for the anon request:  Hey I was wondering if you could so a Max Domi one where is girlfriend plays for Canada in the worlds tournament


“Can you pass me that pile of sports bras beside you?” you asked your boyfriend, Max Domi, who was sitting on the floor of your bedroom pouting while you were trying to pack.

“No” he countered just to be difficult. You turned to face him from where you were trying to shove all your clothes that you were taking to the Women’s World Hockey Championships where you were competing in two weeks.

“Maxiee….” you whined and put your hands on your hips, “You know I wish you were coming with me to Michigan but you have a job too, remember? One that involves playing hockey of your own for way more than three times the amount of fans.”

“…I know. But you are going to be gone for so long. I’m going to miss you.” he continued to pout at you, matching the expression of his diabetic-alert dog, Orion, who was currently making puppy dog eyes at you as well while resting his head in Max’s lap.

“You can’t even try that excuse mister. We work on entirely opposite ends of the country during the season and you are always on the road so you can’t even complain to me about being lonely while I’m on the road. Also I’m pretty sure that I am going to be even closer to you now than when I’m playing in Connecticut.”

He opened his mouth to protest but you cut him off, “And do I need to remind you that if Canada wins I will be getting a nicely paid bonus that is not exactly easy to come by in women’s hockey.” you threw a balled up sock at him playfully, “So shut your mouth Mister Domi and help me sit on this suitcase.”

“Fine.” he sighed dramatically before grabbing the stuff that you still needed to pack in your bag and handing it to you. You hummed your thanks and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before shoving the clothes into your already exploding luggage.

“I think you over-packed….” Max chuckled from beside you.

“I mean I am gone for a month so I think this is totally appropriate.” Max wrapped his arms around you and hooked his chin on your shoulder. “Come on lover boy, make yourself useful and use that hockey ass to smush my clothes enough that I can zip this thing up.” you teased

“Wow, this is the only reason you are dating me isn’t it.” Max laughed, “You just use me for my body.”

You gave his bum a smack when he bent over to get on top of your luggage on top of the bed. He yelped in outrage and you just continued to laugh, “Yup.” you agreed, popping the ‘p’.

Next came the hardest part, as much as the added weight of your none-too-light boyfriend helped in compression, your bag refused to close properly. It took the next half hour of you and Max adjusting, squeezing and really desperate attempts to get the zipper done up before it fully closed. By the time you were done, the both of you were embarrassingly sweaty from your efforts considering that you were both professional athletes and shouldn’t be getting this tired doing such a menial task.

You both stood back and huffed at the finished product once it was moved out to your living room: your hockey bag and five sticks taped together was resting up against your big luggage bag and your carry on back pack was perched on top of that.  

“All set?” Max asked you.

“I think so…” you peered around at your stuff and went through the mental checklist in your head. “ You put in my lucky sports bra right?”

Max raised a single eyebrow at you in question, “You know, the red one with the white maple leaf on the boobs and the strappy back with ‘true north strong’ printed on the back?” you were gesturing semi frantically at Max as the panic started to rise in your chest, “THE ONE THAT I NEED TO WEAR FOR GAMES OR ELSE WE WILL LOSE.”

Max’s eyes widened, “I never had it, I thought you packed it!”

“No! I had it witht he rest of my bras!” now real fear was rising into your chest,

Max quickly stepped over to you and grabbed your arm to keep you steady, “Hey, it’s okay. It’s probably just still in your dresser.”

You practically ran through your house to your bedroom and started to tear apart your dresser while Max searched through your closet.

“Shit! I can’t find it.” you said after awhile, holding a hand over your face to try and calm yourself down.

“Are you absolutely sure that it isn’t in your bags?” Max asked you.

“No I definitely don’t remember seeing it when we were refolding all my stuff.” your breath started to quicken as you walked back into the living room with Max following on your heels right behind you.

“Okay, well let’s double check that again, just to be safe.” you marched into the living room when all of the sudden Max started to laugh.

“I swear to god Max, if you are playing a prank on me I will castrate you! This isn’t funny!” you whirled around to face him.

He simply continued to laugh and walked over to where Orion was lying down on his bed. When you looked over at the dog, you could see just a sliver of that familiar red fabric poking out from under his chest. Max reached out and grabbed a hold of it, and pulled it out from underneath Orion with the flourish fit for a magician’s assistant.

“Ta da!” he smiled triumphantly at you, “Looks like I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want you to leave us.” he looked pointedly at Orion who had a distinctively guilty look on his face.

You laughed of relief from where you were about to unzip your luggage. Max threw the bra at you and you put it in your carry on for safe keeping.

“Now are you all good?” he asked as he sat down next to you.

“Yup.” you smiled and leaned into his shoulder. Max wrapped his arm around you, pulled you into his lap, and started to pepper kisses across your nose and cheeks.

“Lucky bra and all?” he asked


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Follow up to this:

As usual, Sans gets everything wrong and it’s up to the great and super cool papyrus to pick up the slack! Everyone knows that the proper way to fight the cold is with a scarf! It’s a good thing Papyrus is there or who knows where these two would be without him.

Papyrus actually tripped me up at first until I figured his structure out a little better. I guess I can a little lost with his upper arms and shins and like how his armour works and all that. Turns out it’s really simply and I just needed to simplify it first. So at the end I figured him out pretty well I think also, still getting a grasp on how Sans’ facial expressions work. At first he was suppose to look less amused in the second panel, but when I drew this expression I realised it fit the situation more (ie Papyrus appearing from nowhere to rant about something).

I was at first gonna have this and part 1 as one strip, but I realised the timing worked better if split into 2 so they could be 2 seperate jokes, rather than try and fit a double joke in 5 continuous panels.

Sans, Papyrus and their tiny pet child is like my absolute favourite thing in the world right now.

String rings and strawberry shortcake

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kurotsuki 

Summary: “Lemme get this straight,” Kuroo started, stepping aside and allowing Tsukishima to enter the apartment he shared with Kenma, “you want us to pretend like we’re fiancés, act all lovey-dovey and stuff, all so we can get free cake?”

“Ok first of all, the words lovey-dovey never left my mouth,” Tsukishima countered before plopping down on the overly comfortably couch and directing his gaze towards Kuroo, “and second, you don’t understand. This isn’t just cake Kuroo, this is cake that’s good enough for me to ask you to pretend to be my goddamn fiancé. Don’t belittle the cake.” 

A/N: I have finally written kurotsuki cries because this is sooooo long overdue. Dedicating it to the wonderful @kandismon because I love her kurotsuki and all her art in general. I hope you enjoy this humble offering from a fan! (This story contains fluff and snark)

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[trans] Minho’s interview with @atstar1 (Nov, 2016)

※ Do not re-translate into another language

Silver hair suits you really well. You must have hesitated a little as it was such an extreme change.

M: It’s still awkward because it’s my first time. I get startled every morning when I wake up. (laughs) I’ve been thinking of getting my hair dyed and I thought a lot on which colour. I feel thankful as you said it suits me well.

You have successfully wrapped up the concert <SHINee World V>.

M: I wanted to prepare it perfectly more than ever. We were preparing for an album in a long time and it was also a place to meet our Korean fans up close in a long time too. But realistically, I was very worried because our schedule was so tight. It feels so relieved to have finished them safely. To be honest, for any concerts, it always leaves much to be desired. This time was same too but I was happy because I was able to have fun with the fans. It felt like they were friends that I met yesterday even though it has been a long time since we last met.

Wasn’t the schedule difficult to manage as it overlapped with KBS2 <Hwarang> shooting?

M: The finishing point of the shooting and the starting point of the concert overlapped. I’ve been busy but I tried my best thinking it was just the reality that I have to accept. I was able to gain strength because there were our members when I went to the practice room and there were fellow actors when I went to the shooting site.

The anticipation for the drama <Hwarang> with the appearance of many handsome actors is heated up.

M: The result can only be known once it is out but I personally had so much fun while shooting and I didn’t think we would become so close with each other like now. This year was very hot. We had to wear the Korean traditional clothes, wigs and also had to put on makeup since it was a historical drama… I felt shooting a historical drama in summer is so difficult in many ways and we were able to become friends as we relied on each other.

The relationship between each actor must have been so good.

M: We became so close with each other. We even met a few times after shooting had finished. We ate and chatted together. I hardly did any shooting with actors of my age so far. It’s difficult to meet everyone in one work and be close to each other as this much so it’s amazing. I have a lot of friends of my age while doing album promotions but I didn’t find that many while doing acting. I think that’s why we became much more close. We get along very well and share things in common as they are friends who also did a lot of work too.

You must have been responsible for ‘visual’ among them

M: Sigh, No. Everyone is handsome. (laughs) I’m really not.

Particularly who?

M: I want to say everyone because the way we dressed up were very different from current everyday life. Our hair was long and we had headbands, and it could look very awkward in one way. But not even one person looked weird. In fact, it looked awkward when they took off their wigs? (laughs)

There are a lot of actors who are idols appearing in that drama like V and Park Hyung Sik. Do you have any fears on (general public’s) eyes of concern?

M: It would be a lie if I say no. But that is… I don’t really know. There are so many friends who are carrying out the two things together, it’s important to do one’s best but it’s also important to do well. There are people’s expectations and there’s a large chance that that expectation can turn into concern so I learned that not only is it important to try my best but also do well in it too. I think the only way to change that worry and concern into a compliment is for me to do well. It’s up to oneself. I think it’s important on how much one does well and also how much sincerity one puts in it.

You must have been comfortable being around with the female lead role Go Ara as she is also from the same agency.

M: I met her often but I didn’t really have an opportunity to get to know her that well. Our schedule doesn’t coincide and we never worked together either. We saw each other many times since I was young but we actually became close through this work. I saw her since I was in middle school so she was friendly to me too… Her personality is so nice so I am thankful (laughs)

Key’s acting in tvN <Drinking Solo> has been receiving so many favourable reviews recently.

M: I think he is doing extremely well even though it’s his first time. In some ways, he could feel small but he is overcoming that through the years of experience he has from working for a long time. It felt like his character is actually more close to the Kim Kibum I know as a friend than the celebrity Key. I think the viewers and the fans find it more fun because the character matches so well with him too.

Did you give any pieces of advice on acting?

M: We just talked rather than giving advice. Have fun while shooting. I am looking forward to it. I support you. Things like that. (laughs)

9 years since debut, what would be the secret to SHINee’s presence that is still sturdy as ever.

M: Since we are in such a big company called SM, I think we follow the good path that our seniors have walked and receive good influence. In the case of our team, we actually talk very truthfully about everything to each other. We express our opinions a lot too. We tend to talk truthfully a lot, like saying it’s good when it’s good and saying it’s not good when it’s not. I think that’s why we are able to grow. Talking truthfully to each other without any members who are sullen because we know that we are talking for each of us to do better and we also accept each other’s opinions really well too. I think that plays a big role to the extent that I have pride in it. We rely on each other. You know, there are days when all 5 members are having a good day but our condition/mood cannot be the same all the time. If someone is having a bad day or a good day, we lead each other in that aspect and if all 5 members are having a hard time, then the staff fills in that part too. I think that’s why we are able to continue well like this.

Do you all agree well without having different views on SHINee’s unique colour in music too

M: We talk to each other. We also express a lot of our opinions before working. We freely give ideas and negotiate. Of course, there’s a difference in terms of the music that each of us wants to do but we try to adjust to each other and also try hard to make our opinions reflect. So, I don’t think there’s any big trouble. It’s all thanks to each of us working hard rather than one particular person doing well.

You guys are at a position of a fairly big senior now but SHINee still feels like younger brothers.

M: At first, we thought that kind of image of us could be a dilemma. Like, no matter how much time passed we would still feel not mature? So we thought about it a lot but now we think that part of us is our charm. Lee Soo Man teacher told us something that remains in my heart. No matter how much time passes, SHINee still has that spirit of a rookie. I think that kind of image has been motivating us so far. I also hope that we don’t lose that image of being fresh and full of spirit in the future too.

You have been playing an active part in variety shows with your extraordinary sports skills. Do you have any variety programs that you’ve been keeping an eye on recently?

M: What could there be? Cooking? Ah but I am really bad at cooking. I am confident in eating deliciously. I really eat a lot.

I think Minho who is cooking would look handsome too

M: I enjoy watching them and they all seem to be very good at cooking. I am really bad. I feel jealous when I see chefs who cook brilliantly and also find them cool too. I want to make an appearance as a role of eating a lot deliciously.

Do you enjoy exercising when you don’t have any schedule too? I am curious on what your hobby is as you don’t have any SNS either.

M: I usually exercise. I do a lot of weight training because it’s something you can do on your own too. I play football and basketball often too with my friends. I am in a club. For SNS, hm, I don’t know. I am not good with machines and I don’t feel the need yet. The biggest reason is that I’m not confident that I would do well. Even if I do create one, I think I would only talk about football stuff and would the fans like it? (laughs)

You are so good looking that you would want to share it when you take a selfie.

M: Hm, I think I’d rather hold a photo exhibition later on. Haha.

Lastly, please tell us the things you want to achieve in the remaining days of 2016.

M: I heard this from somewhere, write 10 things you want to do at the start of the year and hide them in between the bookshelves. Later on, when the year has nearly come to an end and you have nearly forgotten about it, check on how many things you’ve achieved from it. I tried doing it. I didn’t even write 10 things, I only wrote a few and I didn’t even do half of it. There were things that I needed to invest in myself and widen and I reflected on myself thinking I neglected on that part. I also felt that time flies too. I think I need to try to accomplish those things even if it’s only a few as there are really not many days left now. Looking back, I think this year was the busiest out of all years. I have been busy since January 1st, the very start of this year. It’s already October now. In the remaining time of 2016, I hope to grow more reflecting and looking back to myself.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog! But I've got a situation, please help me out here. I'm an INFP and my little sister is an ENFP and we have to share a room, because my house is too tiny. There are four of us and I'm the only introvert, which is killing me. Can you give me some tips on how to deal with minimum privacy and alone time? Also because we are both P's our room is a total mess, but I like it better when it's clean. Tips on how to get an ENFP/INFP to clean their messes up? Thank you!!

Thanks that’s so nice!

Oh man, an Fi dom without alone time! Not good. I’d recommend finding a spot to claim as your own outside your home – a coffee shop, a park bench, a cozy spot in the library, etc – where you can go to process your thoughts and feelings away from other people.

As for E/INFPs and cleaning their rooms… good luck. Personally, as an ENFP, this hits home for me. I’ve actually done a bit of thinking about why as an ENFP I’m predisposed to not be great about cleaning my room. So I’m going to go on a little bit of a tangent first and explain WHY xNFPs aren’t usually great at cleaning, and then I’ll give you (and myself) some suggestions about how to get an xNFP motivated to do this.


It seems like the xNFP functions together amount to the perfect storm of being terrible about cleaning.

Dominant or Auxiliary Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

Ne would rather talk about and explore ideas than actually do shit (like clean).

Ne has a short attention span and loses interest quickly (why clean when I could do this other thing!?!).

Ne is oriented toward the conceptual world and tends to ignore its surroundings, so it doesn’t even care that much if its room is messy.

It honestly might not even notice. I’ve lived in my current apartment for 6 months now and I just noticed that our bathroom walls are pink.

Si and Se, as reality perception functions, are much more observant about the world them, and are more likely to notice and care what things look like. But Si is tertiary in INFPs and inferior in ENFPs, so Ne usually gets its way (especially for ENFPs). And these types don’t even use Se (clearly, considering how aggressively unobservant I am) so that’s not going to be a great room cleaning motivator.

Dominant or Auxiliary Introverted Feeling (Fi) 

Fi references the self for value judgments, so if the xNFP doesn’t care much if the room is messy, the room won’t get cleaned.

But if I don’t care about my room being clean, and I’m the only one using it, why should I have to clean it?! – classic convo back when I lived with my parents

Fi has a weak sense of obligation to normative claims (e.g. cleaning your room is good, being messy is bad).

Introverted judging functions like Fi aren’t easily influenced by “should” statements. 

For example “I should clean my room because it’s objectively bad to have a messy room”, won’t be a great motivator for a P type, because Fi and Ti apply more weight to what they personally think is right, rather than deferring to objective logic (like Te) or group morals (like Fe).

Also, Fi doesn’t want to do things unless they feel right. So if the user doesn’t FEEL like cleaning their room, they probably wont (unless other people are involved or demanding that it be cleaned).

Tertiary or Inferior Extraverted Thinking (Te)

Lower Te gets drained by organization attempts.

The xNFP might try and organize their life, make a schedule for themselves, etc for a while to try and get back in control, but this is ultimately exhausting for lower Te when it has to compete with Fi and Ne.

For this reason, xNFPs very much understand the effect of entropy on their rooms.

Once the room is clean, it’s just going to get dirty again, and cleaning is exhausting and I don’t want to keep doing it ugghhhhh fuck it

Tertiary or Inferior Introverted Sensing (Si)

Lower Si is not detail oriented. It ignores its physical surroundings. It’s forgetful.

The details and aesthetics of its room might end up being something that the xNFP literally forgets to notice. INFPs are better about this than ENFPs, but it tends to be a weakness for both.

How to get xNFPs to clean despite this:

Ok so clearly having a clean and organized room is not something this particular combination of functions is particularly great at.

So how do we appeal to an xNFP to get them to clean shit?? My best advice is to appeal to Fi. This is for a few reasons:

The xNFP has their own personal values, but these values likely include being considerate of others. If you mention to your sister that you like the room clean, continuing to keep the room messy will clash with her image of herself as considerate, kind sister and she’ll likely oblige.

You could also try appealing to Fi’s need for personal identity expression. This room is an expression of who I am, and I want the world to see me as clean and put together. This is more likely to work on an INFP (dominant Fi) than an ENFP (auxiliary Fi) but it’s worth a shot. 

You could also try appealing to Ne by helping your sister imagine all the possibilities of how awesome your room could be if it was clean. Probably won’t work, because it requires engaging Te to actually make this idea happen (and Ne is often content to let ideas stay ideas), but it might!

Try some of these approaches and hopefully she’ll get that room clean. No guarantees though … Ne is a distracting motherfucker. 

The Subtle Approach

In which Levi is terrible at having a crush. Canonverse, takes place about 5 years from the current storyline. (I might continue this since I have ideas for a couple more drabbles of Levi trying and failing to express himself.) Also, I love writing Mikasa unable to stay awake and Levi the tiny Energizer bunny (…someone please draw that), sorry not sorry. Rated T for language. 607 words.

Mikasa generally enjoys being Levi’s lieutenant and right hand, but the paperwork is intolerable. After each mission the two of them spend hours working side by side, heads down, listening to the nib-scratch of their writing and the occasional “Oi!” from Levi when her heavy lids slip closed.

Tonight, instead, he takes a piece of wadded-up scrap paper and throws it at her.

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anonymous asked:

How do you come up with your concepts when you're illustrating on your own time? I've graduated college and I find it hard to create without an assignment or restrictions. That sounds really strange but I almost get overwhelmed. Do you have a process you usually go through to inspire yourself or help you focus on what you're looking to create?

Totally familiar with that feeling! It can be really difficult to stay motivated or finish things without a deadline or someone expecting something of you. I think that’s one reason I like illustration- there are Problems To Be Solved. But, it’s also a great opportunity to figure out what work you really like and what you really connect with, since you don’t have to please anyone else. And I’ve found, that’s the kind of work that’s eventually been the most successful.

Something I’ve found helpful is to give myself assignment. Like- “I like book, draw something from this book.” “I like this song lyric, how do I make it an image?” “Illustrate a childhood memory about this specific person” “Draw this person/character relaxing at home, what story can you tell with the background?” So, it’s nothing very complicated, and all kind of built around things that I find personally interesting, which helps keeps me motivated to finish the piece and also (hopefully!) attracts the sort of work that I want to be doing. 

I’ve also made a list of broad topics/subjects that I like which I can flip to and scan if I can’t decide on anything to paint. Actually two lists-  one of nouns/ imagery I think would be cool, one of more intangible themes/feelings. Additionally, I keep a notebook that’s nothing but thumbnails- one idea to a page that I scribble down when it pops up, and then I can go back later if I need an illustration to work on. Once I started writing them down, I seemed to have a lot more. Definitely more than I will ever be able to get to through. 

Anyways. Think about what next steps you’re hoping to take with illustration. Do you need a postcard? Do you need more portfolio pieces? Do you know what market you want to work in? What would be the dream project someone could hire you for? Do you need black and white pieces? Do you have illustrations that show the same character and continuity? Does your portfolio have variety of expressions and moods? Those are all  things I thing about when trying to decide what to make next (though I confess, often I go with what feels like the most fun, rather than most useful, hopefully it can be both).

And if all else fails, simple goals like “fill a sketchbook page” “sketch this cool outfit” are also helpful! Something, anything, is better than nothing. You just have to start. 

Anyways. Good luck! Make good art! You can do it!

[trans] 2017 Season’s Greetings Calendar: Key’s interview

※ Do not re-translate into another language

How have you been doing? ─ The drama shooting for <Drinking Solo> just finished. I think I’m receiving a lot of attention than ever.
How does it feel? ─ Perhaps it’s because the drama is receiving a good response, I’m surprised every day to see that there’s a lot of reaction from the people who aren’t my fans, in other words, people who got to know me through this drama. It also makes me think ‘Am I the person who deserves it?’ I’m puzzled but also fascinated and amused too.
Then what are you into lately? Is there something you kept an eye on for inspiration or paid attention to in particular in preparing your acting or album? ─ I had to only focus on the given tasks as I was shooting the drama and preparing my 5th regular album at the same time. Rather than being influenced by something, I spent time thinking about how to efficiently use my talent and skills. Not only regulating my health but I also had to be good at dividing my time. It has been a period of time of focusing very well on myself.
Then what is the thing that you have done the most? ─ I’ve been busy so the only personal time I had was when I was in the car or when I had the waiting time. During then, I watched a lot of sunbae’s acting on my phone. It helped me out a lot as I could compare it with my own acting. I always watch works that many people recognize as there must be a reason for it. I also try practicing famous lines too.
Wasn’t it hard managing to work as an actor and also singer during a similar time? ─ Um, well. The change wasn’t as hard as I thought. I think the side of myself when I’m on stage and when I’m acting both expresses what I am.
I think it must be because of the experience you have worked hard to gain firmly all this time? ─ Is it? I think it helped on my concentration. It doesn’t feel awkward or hard to see myself fixing my makeup, changing into stage outfits, and singing, dancing after acting. My body was tired but I felt at ease.
Do you plan to continue acting? Also trying out a new character too? ─ Of course. I think this is only the beginning.
That’s true. From my point of view as a viewer, it felt like you were acting a boy who is younger than you right now. ─ Yes. I want to try out new roles that I have never done before in the future. The unique characters that needs to be studied seriously.
Shall we talk about the script which you picked as a treasured object? Is it a script of a particular work? ─ I picked the script of <Drinking Solo> that I recently finished the very last shooting. It’s a script that’s been well-thumbed recently. There are over 20 of these. Of course, I have kept well all the scripts since <Catch Me If You Can> which is my first work to all the work I’ve done ever since my debut at home.
What is your reason behind picking the script? ─ I think it largely has a meaning of keeping a record. Usually, the past is bound to be easily forgotten when time passes and only a few scenes are remembered. But when I look at the script, it makes me remember vividly about the thoughts and feelings I had while doing that work. I remember the things I did while preparing for musicals, the actions that I never did while acting that role, etc. and it makes me feel like I’m back to that time in a second, to the point that enables me to act that role immediately.
Then have you ever thought of passing it down generation to generation, like a family treasure to your son and daughter? ─ I never thought about it but I’ve been taking a good care so I can probably do that without difficulty if there is no big change in my thought.

Interview - Keyboards, March 2001 - Translated

This interview is a bit odd for the time-period because they only bring up the robots once and then it is quickly sidestepped. There’s a lot of talk about their tastes in music, their ideas for Discovery, and what equipment they use/like, for those who are interested in that. (Scan by ifcwdjd; you can find the original French interview in her bulk article downloads.)

(Please note I do not speak French, so this was done entirely with Google Translate, a few other translators, and some French grammar websites. I tried to turn it into actual, human English as much as possible. My translation is probably not 100% accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt. My notes are in italics.)

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Byakuya's Guide To Being Ridiculously Hot

Byakuya hotness feature requested by anon. :)

“Fellow attractive individuals, you know as well as I that it can sometimes be difficult to be ridiculously, flawlessly gorgeous. As a man who has lived with this condition for my entire life, I will now share my wisdom with you. Here are my tips for what to do if you are ridiculously hot and know it.”

1. Emphasize your hotness by surrounding yourself with differently hot people.

“Some people of lesser wisdom might suggest that you surround yourself with bad-looking people in order to emphasize your own attractiveness. That is not correct. You do not want ugliness to be anywhere in your vicinity - doing so will merely spoil you for the viewer. Instead, surround yourself with hot people who are hot in a different way than you. That will emphasize your own particular brand of hotness. Take myself, for example. I keep a large muscular tattooed man by my side. He is hot, but in a very different way. Therefore, we make each other look more ridiculously hot. That is science.”

2. Always look your best.

“As someone who is hot, you have a duty to maintain that hotness at all times. That means that when you go into battle, you do not allow your clothes to be ripped to shreds like a barbarian who has not been house trained - no. You keep yourself looking immaculate. Always.”

3. But if you don’t look your best, distract, distract, distract.

“I am a realistic man. I know that sometimes, despite your best efforts, you will find yourself splattered against a wall with your clothing torn and your hair out of place while a Quincy sashays away with your bankai. It happens. In that case, the most important thing is to distract any audience from realizing how pathetic you look. I suggest making a dramatic speech. If you do it right, that will be all anybody remembers.”

4. Save nudity for a special occasion.

“This, I will admit, is a personal preference. I know people, who could, objectively, be considered hot, and who will get completely nude at a moment’s notice. That is a - point of view. I, however, believe that we ridiculously hot people should save our nudity. After 500+ chapters, I have merely shown a naked back once. Now that’s a measured pace!”

5. Expect imitators, but don’t let them win.

“If you are ridiculously hot like me, people will try to imitate you. It happens. If you find yourself shadowed by, say, a white-haired teenager who wants to wear a scarf just like you, do not panic. Do not become angry (it will make you ugly). Just stop wearing the scarf yourself. It was probably time anyway.”

6. Change your look occasionally, but not too occasionally.

“You do not want to change your look all the time. People will think you indecisive. And you don’t want to keep the same look always. People will think that you are in a rut. You want to change your look occasionally, but not often. Every hundred years is a good rule of thumb. And don’t do anything too dramatic. You were already hot.”

7. Emphasize your attractiveness in your job.

“Whatever you do for a living, you should use that job to emphasize your hotness. Me, I am a soldier, so naturally I surround myself in spinning cherry blossoms and have a signature move that involves a hair flip. Because I have both hotness and style.”

8. Don’t be afraid to use your attractiveness to get ahead.

“This will happen whether you want it to or not. Do not fight it. I gained an excellent lieutenant because a man saw me one time and thought, ‘I must follow that man forever.’ Your hotness is a gift. Use it.”

9. Share your knowledge with those around you. 

“You should also share your knowledge about being hot with those around you. It may not always work. No matter how many combs I leave in Kurosaki Ichigos’ vicinity, he continues to use them to scratch his back. But at least I try.”

10. Do not spoil your hotness with needless things like expressions.

“In order to maintain peak hotness, you must take care not to do anything that might spoil or lessen it. For instance, my face looks awesome when I wear a serious expression. Therefore, I avoid all other expressions. This may make me seem cold, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

Extra tip: Follow my hair-care guide.

“Because hot people have more than one post about their hotness. And you less hot people should read them all.”

Princess. : Nate Maloley.

[Request:: Could I please have an imagine w Nate where he’s at the studio working with the guys and I come visit him with our 3 year old daughter and he acts like a big softy which everyone thinks he’s not] When I read this an idea for it popped into my head immediately and I’m in love with this imagine so far. I hope this is how you wanted it!

‘’Nessie, I’m begging you. Can you just sit down for a minute? I need to change you!’’ I hollered, hunched over with a diaper in one hand and wipes in the other, chasing my daughter as she ran around the kitchen island in just her dirty diaper.

I was in the middle of taking off my three-year-old’s clothes to change her when my fiance, Nate, called me and asked for me to bring Vanessa and something good for the boys since they’d be staying late at the studio tonight. After hanging up, Vanessa decided she didn’t want to be changed and ran.

‘’Nessie, if you don’t come here right now I will leave you at Auntie’s and you won’t be able to see daddy!’’ I said, trying to keep my voice down. I stopped running after her and stood on the opposite side of the island from her, an angry expression on my face as I watched her come to a stop, dropping to her knees in a slumped position.

She acted just like her father, stubborn, loud, and uncooperative. I loved it. I love how much she acted like her father. They were literally exactly alike, it was crazy sometimes.


After getting the boys their dinner, I drove to the studio and set all the bags in Vanessa’s diaper bag, getting both of us out and heading into the studio and down to where the boys were recording. When I finished handing the boys their orders, I sat in between Nate and Sammy, Vanessa pulling herself from my grip and setting herself down in Nate’s lap. ‘’Hey, princess. You missed me, huh?’’ He smiled down to her, gripping onto her sides and pulling her into him so that he could start kissing over her cheeks, a loud squeal coming from her.

I shook my head at them and took a few fries from Nate’s McDonald bag, pulling my legs up to sit criss cross, listening to Nate baby talk Vanessa. He usually wasn’t like this around the boys. Every once in a while he would pay attention to just her around the boys, but just gave her laughs and giggles.

Sammy and Johnson turned their heads up from their phones and turned to Nate, funny expressions on their faces as they watched him give Vanessa a raspberry on her stomach, laughing in between it. When Nate finished he pulled her shirt back down, but started to tickle her and whisper how much he loved her in a baby voice.

‘’Daddy missed you so much, baby, you know that? Look at those dimples, guys! You look just like your daddy. Such a pretty baby, my pretty baby,’’ He cooed, squeezing her sides gently. Nate looked tired, but happy. He must have been the one recording most of the day. He never showed this soft side of him around the guys, it was a little weird, but cute.

I turned to Sam with an eyebrow raised to see an extremely amused expression on his face, ‘’Sammy, how long has Nate been in there recording?’’ I asked, trying to be as quiet as I could so Nate couldn’t hear me. ‘’A few hours, he’s also been writing for most of the day. He just got out from recording a few verses.’’ Sam laughed quietly, shaking his head at his best friend as he continued to giggle along with Vanessa. I shook my head, a little grumpy with the fact that he’s been working so hard, but happy that he was still in a good mood and not pissy.

‘’This is so going on twitter,’’ Johnson spoke up, phone in hand to film Nate and our daughter. My eyes flew wide, a laugh coming from me as I watched Nate pull his attention from our giggling daughter to Nate, a look of joking anger on him, ‘’I will kill you, Johnson, I swear!’’ He hollered, gently setting Vanessa in my lap so he could get up and run after Johnson who ran out of the studio and down the hall. Now, there’s the Nate I know.


Nate eventually caught Johnson, but by the time he did he had already shared it to twitter and ended up getting a few thousand retweets, but 13.5k favorites, equaling a pissy Nate. He enjoyed his bad boy imagine, which I totally understand, but his fans were fine with it. Well, a majority. Most of his twitter fan accounts now had icons of him and Vanessa.

It was now 11 O’clock and time for us to head home. I was in the middle of buckling Vanessa up when Nate came behind me, his arms wrapping around my waist as he looked down to our sleeping daughter, his droopy eyes barely open.

‘’My life has never been this perfect, (Y/N), you know that right? And I know you don’t like my bad boy thing sometimes, but I can’t believe I’ve found someone who’s fine with who I am. I’m happy like this, and I’m glad you understand that,’’ He whispered into my shoulder, his grip loose.

‘’Baby, where is all this coming from? You that tired?’’ Okay, it was becoming hilarious to me with how soft he was being. I couldn’t help but laugh just the smallest bit as I turned to him, holding his face in my hands while replying. ‘’I trust you, Nate, you know that. You’re successful, you’re a good dad, you know how to work your money, and you’re always home when you need to be unless nights like these come along. I’m proud of you, Maloley. Now, let’s get home. The both of you being as tired as you are is making me tired and I’m the driver.’’ 

I was proud of Nate. I knew one day, when our daughter was old enough to understand the fame her dad had that she was starting to have as well, she’d be proud too.

before i begin, take heed this is going to be an extremely long post. it will contain mentions of assault, both physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. i ask you to please read it and internalize the truth of what has happened to me.

seeing as i’m moving next year, i no longer have issues with outing the people who abused me to my tumblr/my followers. i want closure, and i believe this will be the best way for me to get it…by warning others of what these two are capable of.

note: i reside in san marcos, texas and if you live around this area i highly suggest you avoid these people at all costs. i personally consider them detrimental and dangerous, you have been warned.

i in no way will condone harassment of these tumblr users, irl or via internet, nor will i ask any of you who might be friends with them to retract your friendship with them unless it is upon your own decision. also, i will not be misgendering either of them in this post and i ask you to give them the same respect if referring to them in any questions some of you might have (if there are any). however, if you follow either of them, unfollow me.

afuuro, i treated you civilly this entire year and will not become suddenly hostile. i no longer feel comfortable with you following me anymore, so please unfollow me.

thank you.

i will be referring to them by their internet aliases, and they are as follows:

blobeh/ganymede, whose tumblr is found here

kohen, whose tumblr is found here

the story is under the cut, which is highly watered down, but all the details are there.

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In case you missed it, last night someone in the makorra, korrasami, and legend of korra tag made a bad post that was essentially attacking makorra and calling it a bad ship. In response to this, someone else made a comparison of this act to Islamophobia and the ways in which Catholic people sometimes claim to Muslim people that their religion is wrong. After seeing this, I messaged the person who made that post and then took a screenshot of the original post and posted it on my blog in an attempt to hide the url while still bringing light to an important issue. If you want to see that post, you can see it here

After this the person who posted the Islamophobic remark apparently received a lot of hate messages and deleted their blog as a consequence following an anxiety attack. I don’t have specific details on this and I’ve been out all day, so I’m still trying to piece that all together. Let me just clarify the actions that I took regarding this:

  1. After seeing the post on tumblr, I immediately privately messaged the person who made the comment to explain to them that what they did was Islamophobic. I wanted them to understand this especially in light of recent events where muslim people are once again presented with the reality that our very livelihoods are at stake for expressing our religion. 
  2. I posted a screencap of their reblog to highlight the fact that this is a gross comparison and I tagged it so that people in the tags could see and hopefully learn from this. Prior to this, I had seen no one mention how this was messed up in the tags. It’s never appropriate to make that comparison and I wanted to make sure this was known. I know I have some fandom influence and it was my belief that this could be a good learning experience for fandom in general. It was never my intent to call out this specific tumblr user or to try to cyber bully them into deleting their account. I made a post shortly after that screencap post to highlight that I do not condone anon hate or the harassment of someone trying to learn. 
  3. I did not know the age of the blogger in question. I did not know the blogger suffered from anxiety attacks. This was not something I could have just known going into this. I apologize for not putting that into consideration and moving forward I will try not to do that again. 
  4. To those of you in my inbox saying I should have just messaged the person and that’s it: I will not apologize for giving attention to this issue. As a muslim and as someone who has time and time again seen the effects that Islamophobia can bring, I will not apologize for bringing up this issue in the first place. I agree that a screenshot was not the best way to do this. I regret that decision and I realize that even in trying to hide the url, it was still easy enough to find. Looking back, I would have still made a post about the situation, but not with a screenshot that could be easily traced. It was never my intention to make it easily traceable or to potentially expose this blogger to some messed up people.
  5. I will also apologize for giving the url to two other people who messaged me about it. It was my understanding that they would just accept that I had already messaged the original blogger and begun working this issue with that person, but they apparently publicized the url, which was never what I wanted. 
  6. The blogger who posted this all messaged me back expressing thanks for not being rude or angry in my messages to them and also said they were able to see and learn that what they did was wrong. Please do not continue to try to make this any more of an issue regarding them. They have learned from this and that’s all I wanted to begin with. 

That’s pretty much all I have to say on this. If you want to discuss something that I haven’t already brought up here, feel free to message me. 

BTS Reveals the Secret to Their Global Popularity

On February 17, BTS won the World Hallyu Star Award at the 5th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.

Following their win, the popular group had an interview with news outlet Star News. First, they discussed their award and said, “We think this award was given to us not only from our fans in Korea but also from all of our fans all over the world. We will meet our [fans] through better performances in the future.“

The group also shared their thoughts on music and stated, “We think our greatest strength is how we express things that have reality through our music. Fans feel close to our music as though it’s their own story and receive emotional comfort. We would like to satisfy fans through our music.”

Upon being asked about their plans for 2016, they answered, “Nothing has been determined yet. However, we would like to emphasize once again that we are still young.” Although their youngest member Jungkook has officially become an adult, the members insist that they are still boys. Leader Rap Monster said, “Our maknae is still a minor with his Western age (Korean society considers 20 to be the age when one becomes an adult). We are not old. We will continue being boys for this year,” and laughed.

With their considerable global popularity, the group is asked about what their charms are. The members replied, “Teamwork and friendship. We have love and friendship amongst us. The bromance or brothership we have with each other is strong. We think our fans like seeing us together. That’s our strength. In addition to that we think they like us because our music and performances are cool. It’s embarrassing saying this with our own mouths. Haha.”

Starting out with their trainee period, the members have spent around seven years with one another. BTS talked about how they can know what members are thinking by just listening to their breathing sounds. After being asked about the secret to their great teamwork, the members commented, “We know very well that each member is lacking in various areas. There is no perfect person amongst us. Since we know each others’ weaknesses, we work hard. Because we’ve lived with each other for a long time and know each other very well, we feel like brothers. We feel happy when we’re together.”

The members also talked about hoping to try out various projects such as variety or acting. Rap Monster also expressed his hope to release some solo work this year. They revealed, “Although nothing has been determined, we hope to show various sides of ourselves. We would like for this year to be full of different activities depending on each member’s skills. We won’t be too ambitious and will methodically rise. We’re always thankful to our fans.”

We hope BTS continues to be successful this year and in the years to come!


anonymous asked:

Hey Min-play! I just found out about your tumblr by finding some dubs of your comic on youtube, and I had to click on and say, your imitation of US! Sans and Papyrus is my favorite by far! They're so cool, and not all loud and in your face with too much detail, but also not so simple that they're boring. You're just.. whoa... I gotta say you're my idol in terms of art, expressions, backgrounds, positions, angles, EVERYTHING!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Oh my goodness, I am at a loss for words! *SQUEE* Thank you so much! I am so honoured! I still have a long way to go but I will continue trying my best! Oh dear, I wasn’t prepared for this at all, haha. I hope you have a good day!

excylala  asked:

For the JM Prompt :D : So close and still so far

The space between bodies seems vast as Jean listens to Marco toss and turn in the stifling summer heat right above him, the beams of the bunk creaking loudly.

“Oh my god, Bodt,” Jean’s bunk mate grumbles under his breath, letting out an exasperated sound. “Shut up.”

Jean frowns slightly as he rolls onto his back, staring up at the bottom of the bunk directly above him, thoughtful for once. Usually he drops onto the pallet like a dead man–a variation of mattress he initially thought he’d never be able to sleep on–and drools his way into morning, completely exhausted. It’s the typical cadet lifestyle: embrace sleep as you would warmth in winter and a cool breeze in summer.

But Jean can’t help but concentrate on the noises above him and how stupidly reassuring they are, even as they keep him awake.

Marco, his friend, is there just above. For some reason, Jean is very keen to hold onto that fact, as if the reality of knowing true friendship is about to slip away at any moment. It seems a silly sentiment when Jean steps back to really examine himself, but at the same time, it’s a universal truth behind the Walls that no one can be faulted for being nervous about something that’s actually precious or important.

Which Marco Bodt is currently. Has become. 

Important, that is.

Jean sighs, turning onto his side away from his irritating bunk mate and stares at the wall in the dark. 

Marco continues to twist in his sleep and mumble, and after another half-hour of this, apparently Jean’s fellow cadet has had enough.

He sits up abruptly, scowling as the blankets fall to his waist, and gives a sharp rap against the ceiling of the bunk above them.

“Stop fucking rolling around up there!” he hisses. “People are trying to sleep.”

Jean hears a kerfuffle of startled, now-half-awake cadets as the boys bunks wake up a bit, and he growls a little.

“Hey!” he hisses, giving the guy next to him a good shove in the arm, though not hard enough to really start a fight.

If there’s one thing Jean knows how to do, it’s start a fight; over time, he’s also learned the subtle crescendo of anger that turns an argument of words into a flurry of fists.

“We’re all trying to sleep, so why don’t you shut up?”

“It’s Bodt!” the guy hisses, looking over at Jean with dark shadows under his eyes.

The expressions chills Jean a bit, because it’s obvious that this cadet will be going home soon–if not from accidental death on the obstacle course, than through sheer failure, and sent out to work the fields.

Nonetheless, Jean’s pride (and, if he’s being honest, unexpected protective feelings over Marco) wins out over empathy, and he continues to scowl.

“So switch then, if you’re going to be such a little bitch about it, princess.”

Something flashes in the other boy’s eyes, but when Jean just stays exactly where his is, staring openly, it dies again.

“Fine,” he grumbles, more petulant than angry now, swinging his legs over the bunk.

There’s a sudden shifting above them, and apparently, the conversation has not gone unnoticed.

“C’mon up, man!” says an enthusiastic voice–Marco’s bunk mate–followed by the sound of bodies sitting up.

“Sorry guys.” There’s Marco’s apologetic voice. “I used to drive my sisters nuts, too.”

The switch happens quickly, and before Jean knows it, he’s now accompanied by his best friend who can’t shut up while unconscious and a pair of brown eyes looking into his keenly, looking very sorry.

“I didn’t mean to cause a problem,” Marco murmurs, biting his lip a little as he looks at Jean, lying on his side.

Jean’s first instinct is to agree with Marco, tell him what a pain in the ass he is, show as much as possible that it’s not like Jean was thinking about what it’d be like to have Marco next to him. How having him lying just above–so close, yet still so far–was making Jean feel a little unhinged.

“So stop fucking moving around,” Jean replies simply. Marco waits expectantly as Jean’s voice trails off, and there’s a moment of unexpected tension, until Jean moves forward with a huff.

He pushes Marco onto his side and pulls the slightly taller body against his own firmly, arm around Marco’s chest.

“I’m doing you a favor,” he mutters, trying to sound grumpy and not even convincing himself.

Marco doesn’t say anything, but the way he immediately relaxes and curls back against Jean speaks louder than words ever could.

“Thanks,” he says simply, and falls asleep almost immediately.

Jean doesn’t wake up until the next morning, and Marco is still there in his arms: visible, present, breathing, peaceful.

Another Day, Another (Sand) Dollar

This is a drabble request from @takeachancecaroline for her donation to Save Klaroline Magazine. She asked for human Klaroline which I’ve never written before, so I hope I did her prompt justice. It’s quite possibly the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written; but this week has been tough and I thought we could use some fluff. Enjoy!

Prompt: I love human AUs with stuff like in love with best friend’s brother/brother’s best friend/best friend.

“My soul is full of longing
for the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends a thrilling pulse through me.”
The Secret of the Sea by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


“Are you out of your mind? How could you just hire someone without asking me, Stefan?!” Caroline’s blue eyes blazed as she glared at her older brother, who was doing his best to dig a hole through the white oak floor with the toe of his sneaker. “We run this bed and breakfast together and have equal say in business decisions,” she added, pointing her finger at him and scowling.

Caroline and her brother had continued running the quaint bed and breakfast together after their mother had passed away last year. The Forbes’ Key West-style home had been built by their grandfather in the 1940s and their mother had turned it into a bed and breakfast to make ends meet after their father left them years ago. With peaceful Tunde Beach just steps from the porch, the Forbes bed and breakfast was very popular with tourists.

“Care, it’s not like that. Look, he decided to move back here and he heard that our last handyman quit. Plus, he knows this house inside and out,” Stefan patiently explained, picking up the wicker basket of fresh linens Caroline had thrown to the floor in aggravation.

She opened her mouth to speak, but her retort was cut off as her gaze became calculating. Taking a breath, she asked unsteadily, “Who, uh, who are you talking about?”

Stefan’s hazel eyes gleamed and a knowing smile graced his face. “Klaus Mikaelson. You remember Klaus, don’t you,” he asked in that teasing, sing-song voice that only an annoying older brother can possess.

All of the air seemed to flee from the living room as Caroline’s heart started to race. The sunlight pouring in through the windows seemed to suddenly raise the temperature in the room a good ten degrees. Klaus Mikaelson, her brother’s best friend since grade school who had moved away at 21 when she had been 16 and hopelessly in love with him. When she looked back on it, she was fairly certain she’d been in love with him ever since she overheard him tell Stefan that he should let her come with them when they went fishing by the barrier islands in their tiny sailboat. At the time, she’d been a 10-year-old tomboy with her blonde hair tied up in pigtails, always underfoot and begging Stefan to let her hang out with him and his friends.

The five-year age gap between the siblings had meant that she idolized her older brother and as Klaus always had treated her like an equal, she viewed him as a hero that easily developed into a massive, inconvenient crush. Fortunately, she’d been an unusually realistic child and understood that her feelings for Klaus would never amount to anything; besides the fact that the age gap at the time had seemed insurmountable, she also was his best friend’s annoying little sister, and he would never be able to see past that. With that knowledge she had moved forward with her life, continuing to be friendly with Klaus whenever he came around the house, but also trying to distance herself to avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

Not that it had worked. Regardless of how many school organizations she joined and friends she made and silly boys she flirted with, she couldn’t quite banish from her mind Klaus’ expressive gray eyes and adorable dimples. When he had moved back to England to help take care of his father, she had cried for days. She thought she’d been careful at concealing her feelings from Stefan, but based on his maddening expression and teasing tone, he seemed to think he knew quite a bit about her feelings.

Squaring her shoulders and clearing her throat, Caroline tried to regain her dignity. “You can wipe that ridiculous grin off of your face, Stefan. I was just surprised to hear you mention his name, that’s all. Of course I don’t mind that you hired him to help out around here. I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

Stefan nodded, chuckling lightly. “I’m grinning because my baby sister still blushes that same adorable shade of red whenever I happen to mention Klaus.”

Scoffing, she grabbed the wicker basket out of Stefan’s hands and replied, “I most certainly do not! And anyway, we’re all adults now and I can assure you that whatever crush I might have had back then is a distant memory now.”

Before the siblings could continue their argument, the doorbell rang. Rolling her eyes at Stefan, she hauled the basket more firmly onto her hip and opened the door. She was unprepared for the absolutely breathtaking vision that Klaus made as he smiled down at her, even more handsome than she remembered. She took in the casual jeans and white t-shirt and nearly swooned at the sight of his signature collection of necklaces.

“Hello, Caroline,” he said warmly, his sexy accent taking her breath away just like it did all those years ago.

Before she could stutter a response, she managed to drop her basket on her foot, sending carefully folded linens flying. “Um, Klaus, hi,” she managed utter, blushing furiously as she crouched on the floor, hastily throwing the wayward linens back into the basket. “Welcome back,” she added breathlessly as she suddenly found herself face-to-face with him as he helpfully stooped down to scoop up the rest of the linens.

“Thank you, love. I hope I’m not intruding, but Stefan mentioned that you needed someone to repair some of the shutters and with hurricane season nearly upon us, I thought you’d like me to get started right away,” he explained, gray eyes appraising her as he helped her back to her feet.

“I uh…yes, shutters would be…that would be perfectly fine,” Caroline said eagerly, mentally chiding herself for getting worked up over a simple white t-shirt. That stretched beautifully across an ridiculously toned chest and muscular arms.

As Klaus walked back outside to start working, Stefan grinned at Caroline. “Yeah, definitely a distant memory, Care.”

Caroline rolled her eyes, choosing to salvage whatever remained of her dignity and trudged upstairs to put away the linens. Throughout the day, she found it nearly impossible to concentrate on her tasks. When she was supposed to be updating their spreadsheets with that month’s business expenses, she found herself glancing out the windows for quick, shameful ogling of Klaus working. Even worse, when she wasn’t spying on Klaus, her eyes kept getting drawn to a framed photo collage she kept on her desk. The frame housed a variety of photos of her and Stefan with their mother and friends, but if she was honest with herself, those photos acted as sneaky camouflage to mask the one photo she took such pleasure in displaying.

As a teenager, she had relentlessly gazed at that seemingly innocent photo tucked near one corner, trying to discern any hidden meaning the camera had unexpectedly captured. It was the night of her junior prom, and she and her date were standing in the hallway, impatient for her mother to take the photo so they could head out. In the background, Klaus and Stefan stood on the stairs, home from college for the weekend and Stefan was making goofy faces at her and her date. But Klaus’ face…Something had been captured in that brief moment; there was a steel glint in his gray eyes as he appeared to be glaring at her clueless date. Over the years, depending on her mood, she would decide that his displeasure was one of concern, because he was protective of his best friend’s little sister. But then there were other times that she could swear that he looked…jealous.

No, that’s a ridiculous road for you to go down now. You are a grown woman; act like it! Unable to stand it any longer, Caroline finally marched out to the back porch with a tray of mango-mint iced teas. She was not going to hide in her house like a shy teenager. They were all adults now; Klaus had been a friend once; she was determined to make him one again.

Klaus put down his hammer, smiling as she handed him a glass. “Thank you, sweetheart,” he said, running his fingers through his sweaty curls and sitting in one of the cedar Adirondack chairs. “I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and Stefan hiring me,” he said with a thoughtful look in his gray eyes. “When my father passed away earlier this year, I must admit I was a bit at loose ends. I had dropped out of school to take care of him as you know, but the idea of returning now doesn’t really appeal to me until I have a better idea of what I want to do.” He patted her hand, and added, “When Stefan told me you needed help, I didn’t hesitate to get on a plane. After all, what better place to figure out my life than where I lived my happiest moments?”

Caroline felt her heart stutter at Klaus’ touch, her skin oddly on fire from such a simple gesture. It was absolutely criminal that someone could smell that delicious after sweating half the day in the humid Florida weather. She couldn’t quite decipher the look in his eyes as he leaned closer to her during his confession. “I’m glad you’re here, Klaus. We’ve missed you,” she said, wincing at the wistfulness in her tone.

“And I’ve missed you,” he replied, studying her face carefully. “Caroline, when I left here, you were this tiny ball of sunshine, lighting up every room with your smile,” he began, somewhat hesitantly.

She giggled, taking a sip of her tea. “Ha! You knew me as Stefan’s obnoxious little sister, always following you boys around on your adventures.”

He smiled at the memories, his dimples cutting into his handsome face. He pointed toward the tiny sliver of white sand in the distance. “Remember how we’d take you fishing along the barrier islands? And you’d get bored so we’d tell you ghost stories?”

Caroline gasped, playfully hitting his arm, resisting the urge to dig her fingers into his smooth, toned flesh. “Yes! And you guys scared the crap out of me when you told me the legend of Papa Tunde’s blade!” Tunde Beach was named after Papa Tunde, supposedly a Haitian bokor, a voodoo sorcerer, who in a rage when his lover left him had cursed the land so that no one would ever find love. He had anchored his dark curse with a blade, and legend said that the curse would be broken if someone found his blade. 

Klaus laughed, his gray eyes twinkling with mirth as he took in her indignant expression. “You were always so much fun to tease, sweetheart. You were like one of those sandpipers that would nip at your heels if you walked too close to them on the beach. Utterly terrifying,” he smirked.

She rolled her eyes, toying with the rim of her glass. Her fingers seemed to move of their own volition to the center of the bistro table between them. They traced the edges of the sand dollar inlay.

Noting her distraction, Klaus asked curiously, “Why do you have a broken sand dollar decorating your table?”

She sighed, favoring him with a sad smile. “When my dad left, I was just a kid and didn’t understand what happened — I thought my parents had this perfect marriage and were meant to be together. I was walking along the beach the night he left us and I stumbled across this broken sand dollar.” She continued tracing the gleaming white ridges, a faraway look in her eyes. “It was perfectly broken and I thought of what beautiful symmetry it would be if it ever reunited with its other half. That maybe someone had the missing piece and would somehow find me and be my love, my missing piece.”

Klaus seemed startled by her speech, and he appeared unnaturally shy as he said, “Caroline, there’s something I wanted to —”

His words were interrupted when Stefan came barreling out of the house, looking at his phone in irritation. “Care, the Gilbert woman just texted that she needs to move her reservation again.”

“Again?! Seriously, this is the third time, Stefan,” Caroline huffing angrily.

Stefan nodded in agreement. “She’s clearly a flake, and can’t seem to make up her mind. If she can’t even decide on a simple vacation date, it makes you wonder how she manages important decisions.”

“I’m guessing poorly,” Caroline muttered. She smiled apologetically at Klaus as she rose to her feet. “I should probably take care of this, Klaus. Maybe we can talk later,” she asked, inwardly chiding herself for sounding so pathetically hopeful.

Klaus favored her with a smirk, standing up as well. “I’d like that, sweetheart.”

The rest of her day was spent reorganizing her room chart to accommodate flighty guests like the Gilbert woman. Before she knew it, it was dark outside. Her stomach growled in protest, and she realized she hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. Heading downstairs, she noticed Stefan carrying plates heaping with his mouthwatering lemon chicken and asiago tortellini. He glanced up at her footsteps, smiling. “Hey there, I was just coming to get you. I thought I’d make dinner and apologize for earlier.”

Following her brother out to the back porch, she eagerly dug into her food. “There’s no need to apologize, Stefan. I’m totally fine with Klaus being here. You were helping out a friend and I respect that. Besides, did you see the amazing job he did on our shutters?”

Stefan topped off her chardonnay, shaking his head slightly. “No, I wanted to apologize for teasing you earlier about Klaus. I know you liked him when we were kids and I shouldn’t have given you such a hard time today.”

Her blue eyes widened in alarm. “Oh God, you knew? Did he?!” She gripped her fork tightly, already making plans of how to avoid being around the house whenever Klaus was there to save herself the embarrassment. She could just bury herself in work. Yes, that was a solid plan…except her work was at her house…where Klaus the sexy handyman would be every day, all day. Crap.

“No, he has no idea, Care,” Stefan replied with a chuckle. “But that might be because he’s been too distracted asking me all sorts of pointed questions about you.” 

She gasped, “Seriously? Like what kind of questions?” Her heart was racing, but her mind kept telling her to slow down and not read too much into this revelation.

He dragged a bite of chicken through the tangy lemon-oregano glaze. “Oh, you know,” he teased in a casual tone, “If you were seeing someone, what sorts of things you might like to do on a date, if I was going to murder him in his sleep if he’d been harboring a crush on my baby sister for years…you know, the usual.”

Caroline couldn’t help the silly little squeal that escaped her lips as she jumped out of her seat to hug her brother. He hugged her back, laughing at her enthusiasm. “Okay, that’s all the matchmaking I can stomach. I have it on good authority that Klaus is stopping by the house later, so you might want to take that walk now to clear your head.”

She patted his shoulder affectionately. “You know me so well.” She practically skipped down the porch steps, letting her bare feet sink into the warm white sand. She waved at Stefan and headed toward the shore where the small waves glowed in the starlight as they gently lapped at the water’s edge. Her simple lilac sundress whipped around her knees in the soft breeze, and she briefly considered heading back to the house for a shawl when she saw a figure crouched down, digging in the wet sand. When she saw the unruly curls, she was helpless to stop her lips from curving into a joyful smile.

“Hey,” she said, trying to stifle a giggle when Klaus slightly jumped at her unexpected arrival.

He remained kneeling, his jean-clad knees cutting sharp divots in the sand. He smiled softly up at her with his dimples on display. “Caroline,” he mumbled, somewhat hesitant as he momentarily paused his digging. “I was hoping to surprise you.”

“Surprise me how” she wondered, tilting her head to the side. She gestured to the metal bucket that sat beside him. “What are you doing?”

Klaus lowered his gray eyes, as though embarrassed, and nodded toward the bucket that contained a handful of broken shells. “I was looking for a perfectly broken sand dollar.” He shrugged and ventured a quick glance at her stunned expression. “Someone told me that it would have beautiful symmetry if it ever found its other half.”

Caroline gulped, her heart beating wildly. She was proud of the way she managed to keep her voice from shaking as she knelt down beside him in the wet sand. “Well then, let me help you look.”

Their eyes met, and he leaned into her, nearly knocking over the bucket in his eagerness to be closer to her. “Really,” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Caroline nodded, moving both hands behind his head to toy with his curls. “I figure that’s easier than searching for Tunde’s blade,” she giggled, pulling him in for a kiss.