also trying to draw a lot tonight


Guess what, ASLR found Garp’s suitcase full of Hawaiian shirts :D
Inspired by chapter 47 of Tell it to the Marines, when Sabo wore a Hawaiian shirt! I loved that!

the-great-gaysby  asked:

could you do iwaoi and a kiss on the forehead?? UvU

Yes I certainly can, my friend `v´

Sorry I made Oikawa a lil sad, but Iwa is takin care of it :,3c I hope you like ittt `v´ I still have trouble drawing Oiks hair HHAWR practice makes perfect, I’ll get the hang of it soon enough~

This was actually requested by two other anons as well, so I hope they see this too -v- Thanks a lot for your request, and same goes for you two anons that also asked for this `v´ Hope y’all enjoy!

Another year!! tomorrow is my birthday and on thursday is also Ras and I 9th anniversary together!! so this is us with our cat daughter, our little loving family

It’s been a busy weekend and i haven’t been very active here but i noticed a lot of new people and messages so it was like a birthday present to me THANK YOU so so so much for the support and feedback! i’ll try to catch up tonight and draw some more hot elves

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I know you don't post on YouTube often but do you know if you will be uploading anything on there soon like another trailer, sneak peek or a how too vid or somthing random. Also do you know if the people at ghost satellite will help you out with W2H2 cuz I think they totally should be helping you out with it. Oh yah! Also Will you be posting any sneak peeks of w2h2 soon or later for our desperate eyeballs. •_• omg I sound like a greedy fan. Sorry for this crazy ask. I wish you the best tho!

I’ve been thinking about uploading another tutorial!  But I can’t think of what to do!  (Related: are there any video tutorials you guys would like to see?)  I get a couple suggestions for them every so often, but they’re always topics I don’t think I can pull off, haha.  

My buddies at Ghost Satellite might help out on W2H2, we’re all kind of working on different things and have different needs right now, so it’s all very loose in order to let everyone accomplish what they need and make a living (some people need Ghost Satellite as a main source of income, some people do it on the side, etc etc). I know they’re all on board to help me with it… but we’ll see how it all works out.  There’s always another potential project around the corner with a budget.  

That leads into the next question too, because this is exactly why unfortunately, no, I don’t have any updates or sneak peeks of W2H2 for you guys.  I’ve been working on other projects with Ghost Satellite for the sake of income, and I haven’t been able to touch W2H2 in a few months.  I always try to be transparent about what I’m doing, and to share work with my Patrons when I have it, but when those updates aren’t much more than “it’s been THIS long since I’ve touched W2H2”, I don’t like to make them!  Hahaha… I hope you guys understand.  

That said, we have a project coming up soon for Ghost Satellite, and I’m thinking about declining in order to get started on W2H2 again.  If I get to a point where I really need the income, I’ll probably jump on, but I might just work on W2H for myself for a bit and see how it goes.  

They’ve all helped me so much already… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Neil, Michael, and Ingrida have all been a huge help.  They sat down with me last year and we busted out the story outline in a couple hours! I also had one late-night storyboarding session with Neil that lasted ‘til the sun came up… but he was on a roll so we kept going, you know?  And Ingrida printed out my model sheets and practiced drawing the characters too…  so like, we definitely have little spurts of group-progress on W2H2, but it’s not like a full on production right now.  I’ve got to work a lot of things out myself, AND HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to do that soon.  Honestly I want to try and work on it tonight!  

So… I know it’s kind of difficult to wait so long without hearing any sort of update, but hopefully you understand why.  Thanks so much for hanging in there with me guys, even when things are difficult.  I really appreciate it! 

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Oh I see!! I love Yue too Actually- I personally love all the characters in RF2 but if I were to pick favorites I might have to say Mana and Kyle When I first got the game there were just... too many special scenes I loved with them like the Dancing in the Dance Festival and watching the Shooting Stars I actually want to draw that scene one day because they're special to me... however I'm not yet skilled enough to draw something like that with my comfort characters.. Did you have any favorites?

Cont. Favorite requests/scenes in the game I mean since you already told me your favorite characters! Also I’m sorry for sending so many asks tonight… I hope it’s not a bother ^^; 

Sorry anon it’s no bother at all but i was too tired to reply after my performance last night! v_v;; But let’s see…honestly i just like how the festivals are so hard?? I had a lot of trouble trying to get first place orz Especially the eating contest x’O

I finally got to start putting down layers on this last night - though I didn’t make it past 1AM. I’m hoping to get a lot further tonight now that I’ve actually gotten a little sleep.

Loving the new paint so much! Trying out some M Graham for the first time, I love how bright they dry. My favorite so far, hands down, is Azo Green. It’s currently fleshing in the sunflower petals and kinda looks like radioactive boogers, but in a good way. It also mixes very prettily with Viridian, goodbye Sap Green for now!

I kind of forgot how nice painting on cold press paper is. I use hot press for mixed-media stuff because it’s smooth and easy to draw on, but this is super spongy and good. I hope it turns out well!