also trying that black outline style

So I just remembered that I have done a drawing that resembles my Regulus Black piece before (mainly because of the outline/glow effect) and figured it could be a decent art progress meme, if anyone’s curious to see.

The differences are pretty big (those drawings are only 3 months apart); however, it’s not really because my drawing skills improved a lot, but because I was still learning digital art, also experimenting and trying to figure out what tools/brushes I like and what drawing manner I prefer. These drawings do have things in common apart from composition (sketchiness, attention to anatomy…) but are different in style and attention to detail.

So yeah! It’s nice to finally feel more comfortable with how I draw. Doing drawings like this Tom Riddle piece is what brought me to where I am now! And I’ve never been more glad to decide to draw digitally. It allows so much freedom, it’s a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying it very much so far!