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Pauline’s book recs : a MASTERPOST

It’s time for a summer cleaning, so I thought I would organise my book recs once and for all. I’ll try to update this post once in a while and I also added it to my info page so that you can access all those links super easily. HAVE FUN.

Where should I start? The fundamental works
Where should I start? The mythology-oriented works
Where should I start? The translation edition
A very touristic overview of Ancient Greek literature
Different texts for Antigone
Different texts for Elektra 
Different texts and translations for The Odyssey

First things first : a few favourites
Where should I start? My first classics
A very touristic overview of literature reading
Modern classics
Reading women : a few favourites
Where should I start? English and US literature 
Where should I start? Modern Italian literature
Where should I start? German and Austrian literature
Where should I start? Russian literature
Where should I start? Renaissance literature
Where should I start? French Medieval literature
Where should I start? Victorian literature
Reading classics to children
Children literature for adults 
Short-length classics
Short stories
One last thing: books I don’t want to check out

First things first : a few favourites
Second things second : a bunch of recs
Where should I start? Poetry
Learning French? Easy French poetry
Narrative poems 
Mystic poems
Poems about separation
Poems about love
Poems about happiness
Poems about exile

First things first : a few favourites

First things first : a few favourites
On feminism
On translation
On literary analysis and adaptation
On biographies and diaries
On writing theory
On art history
On reader-response theory
On Sufism
Literary interviews

Best of 2015 : Fiction
Best of 2015 : Poetry
2015 - 2016 awaited releases
2016 Summer reading list
Best of 2016 : Fiction
Best of 2016 : Poetry

By character
Works featuring Persephone
Works featuring Kassandra
Works featuring mermaids
Works featuring the femme fatale archetype
Works featuring female villains
Works with Nature as a character
Works with introspective characters
Works with narcissistic characters
Trope : Star-crossed lovers
Trope : Friends to lovers
Trope : Villainous love
Trope : Toxic mother figure

By theme
Rewriting Greek and Roman myths
LGBTQ (a terribly lacking list)
Introspection and self-discovery
Melancholy and sadness
Happiness and hope
Symbolism and atmosphere
Moral corruption
Spiritual decadence
Sex politics and philosophy
The female rage
World War I
Southern Gothic
Great love stories
Unusual love stories
Crime novels
Medieval historical fiction
Beach reading
Travel reading

By book
Books similar to The Secret History
Books similar to Wuthering Heights
Books similar to A Grief Observed
Books similar to The Brothers Karamazov
Recommended editions of Romeo and Juliet
Recommended editions of Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Recommended translations of Tristan and Yseult
Books adapted to the screen (1)
Books adapted to the screen (2)

By author
Favourite French writers
Favourite Contemporary writers
What to read? By Women French writers
What to read? By Anne Carson
(And some prep reading for Anne Carson)
What to read? By Richard Siken
What to read? By Roland Barthes
What to read? By Agatha Christie
What to read? By E. A. Poe
What to read? By Priya Sarukkai Chabria
If you love Angela Carter 
If you love Louise Glück 
If you love Virginia Woolf 
If you love Sylvia Plath 
If you love Marguerite Duras
If you love Emile Zola

The Venus signs’; Positives and Negatives

Aries Venus Positives: You put yourself out there and most of the time you are not afraid to fall flat on your face because what strangers think of you is really unimportant to your life. You love love, in fact you cherish love and any romantic connection that you have you hold near and dear. 

Aries Venus Negatives: When it comes to feelings you can become rash and impulsive. You may find yourself jumping in love relationships without full consideration and you do not consider your own feelings enough nor do you value yourself over the other person.

Taurus Venus Positives: Your true self really comes out best when you are in love. You have a commitment level which every one else aspires to have, You are loyal and reliable and you don’t run away when things get tough. Others also find you very comforting and collected. 

Taurus Venus Negatives:  Your mouth can work quicker than you brain and paired with your inborn sense of curiosity you can often attract unwanted drama. You deal negatively for confrontations and will often freeze up when it is time to redeem your behaviour. 

Gemini Venus Positives: Your charm and wit are above the rest and others will often end up in stitches from laughter after spending time with you. you are also undeniably a lot of fun and you spread excitement and energy out to everyone around you. 

Gemini Venus Negatives: It is arguable to say that change comes fair too easily to you. Commitment is not natural or easy for you and you constantly struggle to stay in one place in your life. You aren’t very sentimental and that is something you should aim to be 

Cancer Venus Positives: You do have high standards when it comes to love, which is a good thing because its not like you to rush into anything without consideration and confirmation is is the right thing to do. You are also very good at reading people and know what that want out of a relationship. 

Cancer Venus Negatives: You know that your emotions can often get the best of you. You expect things from people and sometimes instead of letting them know what you want you get down and upset that they don’t naturally want to do that for you. 

Leo Venus Positives: You are not afraid to fall in love. You are not afraid to to be affectionate and adoring in public. You are very well spoken and talented with your words and the way you word things, You are sensitive to others’ feelings and you are very accepting ad understanding. 

Leo Venus Negatives: You are not exactly a friend to change and development, Once you are happy any differences make you feel uncomfortable and out of place. you are not good when you are alone for too long. Usually you try to be in a love relationship at all times because that’s where you are comfortable. 

Virgo Venus Positives: You are definitely a person of little things, In love and friendships you are the one who will leave little notes and text “good morning” and will stay up until midnight just to be the first to wish you happy birthday. You are also very practical when it comes to love and you don’t rush. 

Virgo Venus Negatives: You are far too careful when it does to relationships, love and friendship. You don’t want to get hurt so you lack the ability to put yourself out their. This often results in quite anti social behaviour and sometimes a development of insecurity about yourself. 

Libra Venus Positives: Being sociable is you key and best trait which others will often envy about you. You have a way with people and making friends comes so naturally to you. Simply you are a true romantic, flowers, chocolates and walks on the beach are often your go to. 

Libra Venus Negatives: When it comes to love your head can often be stuck in a fairy tale idea of love and you are often very idealistic and it takes time for you to actual confront relationship problems that you are experiencing due to fear of losing all the positive stuff. 

Scorpio Venus Positives: As a friend and as a partner you are undoubtedly loyal. You are very understanding to the feelings of the other person involved. You are incredibly attentive with strong commitment, when you are with someone they have all of you. 

Scorpio Venus negatives: You often lack trust. Not everyone is out to get you, not every talks behind your back, not everyone is the same. You like to jump to conclusions, its not even that you just do jump to conclusions but you actually choose to because you want an answer quickly and someone to blame. 

Sagittarius Venus positives: Open describes you perfectly. you are open to anything, including anyone’s view and any new idea you haven’t know before. You are very optimistic and joyful. You are outgoing and adventurous with yourself and with love and relationships too.

Sagittarius Venus negatives: You find yourself getting overwhelmed to quickly and easily when it comes to people and especially when it comes to commitment, Clingy is something that repels you like bug spray because you live in fear that you can’t keep up pleasing people all the time. 

Capricorn Venus positives: You are charming and good at making people feel good about them selves. You are sensible and responsible when it comes to your feelings and the feelings of others. You are calm, cool and collected which is a very attractive feature to many.

Capricorn Venus Negatives: you crave control over your life, anything that seems a little too spontaneous is unwelcome in your path. You struggle to let people in and you enjoy alone time a little too much sometimes. You are afraid of change and you do not welcome the unknown. 

Aquarius Venus positives: You are open minded and you are not afraid of what is coming, in fact you often welcome the future with open arms. You are very social because you often put yourself out their to meet new people and spend time with your friends. 

Aquarius Venus negatives: You often get thrown off by the smallest of limitation of problem that arises in your life. You are known to let emotions and the opinions of other get to and overwhelm you quite a bit. You often find yourself falling in love a little too easily. 

Pisces Venus Positives: You are a timeless romantic. you want to ensure the people that you love loves you equally and that they know that they means o much to you. You treat people well and go by the motto “treat others as you want to be treated”

Pisces Venus negatives: You often let people walk over you because you values their feelings miles above yours, You often find yourself changing for people to please them and going against who you actually are. Sometimes you are also too quick to forgive. 

Allistics always say things like “NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT!” when talking about eye contact, body language, etc and they’ll get mad at Autistics for struggling with that kind of thing. But when a nonverbal Autistic communicates through sign language, texting, or writing, suddenly that’s inappropriate and they have to learn to talk. Or when an Autistic (verbal or nonverbal) communicates nonverbally through stimming or something similar, then suddenly that’s also inappropriate and needs to be stopped.

Don’t tell us to learn nonverbal communication when, in fact, most of the time we already know it - it’s just a different brand than yours. Learn our ways of communication. Don’t try to make us communicate in YOUR inaccessible way and don’t treat us like we’re broken or subhuman for not understanding.

(Anyone can reblog regardless of neurotype.)

samwisegamgeeee  asked:

Hey Alan! I just saw a post about different types of allistics on my dash... one of them was "The 'Ally'™". I'm allistic and I want to know how I can be a good ally, so I thought I'd ask about certain things mentioned in the post so i can avoid doing them! What are person first language and functioning labels and what can I do as an allistic to be an actual ally (not an “Ally"™)? Thanks so much!

okay, first of all, I’m going to assume that you meant [this post]. If not, sorry. Second, I’m not going to get this perfect. I’m viewing this as a bit of a first draft, which (note to self) I will edit at some point.

definitions: person-first language is “person with autism” as opposed to “autistic person”. Please use “autistic person”. I dealt with functioning labels later in this disorganized hell-post. 

So here’s my stab at allistic ally 101

1) You follow the same rules as if you were an ally for any other group: [Here’s a pretty good ally 101 article], but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Keep listening to autistic voices, and if we contradict the rules hold our voices higher. 

Also, above all, rule #1 of allyship is don’t be a shithead–come to conversations with the intention to listen and learn first and treat us like human beings (this is particularly critical with disability rights)

2) Our voices are the important ones: this is important with being an ally to any group, but autistic people often struggle to communicate or express ourselves. Be patient. Ask people how they’d like to communicate and be prepared to be a bit flexible.

Some autistic people use AAC (Alternative or Assistive Communication), and their voices matter just as much as verbal people’s. You don’t have to learn ASL or anything, but don’t assume that because someone’s not communicating verbally they’re less intelligent or competent. And, even if someone can’t communicate using language (or communicate at all) don’t assume that they don’t have thoughts, feelings, and needs.

3) Nothing about us without us: knowing an autistic person doesn’t make you an expert on autism. BEING an autistic person makes you an expert on autism. If you see anything claiming to help autistic people that doesn’t prominently feature Actual Autistic People, don’t support it (unless Actual Autistic People are telling you to support it, see #2)

This goes double for any charitable organization focused on autism which leads me into point number 4 (also from here on out things are a bit smaller-scope, that doesn’t make them less important):

4) Autism Speaks is trash: [and] [here] [are] [some] [sources

If you want to support charities try ASAN and The Autism Women’s Network

5) Please don’t try to “cure” us: I’m dealing with some internalized ableism with this one, so let me turn you over to  Anya Ustaszewski who in [this article] writes:

My autism is part of who I am. It is not something “extra” that can be taken away from me to suit the agenda of an intolerant society. My abilities, challenges and perception of the world all go hand in hand. If I were to be “cured” of my autism, the person that I am would cease to exist.

so yeah cure = bad, acceptance and accommodation = good

6) Celebrate the things that make autistics unique: lately, tumblr has gotten a lot more stim-positive, but stimming isn’t solely a pretty, paint-mixing or slime video (in fact, stimboards are rarely tagged and can overstimulate the SHIT out of me). 

A lot of time, stimming is viewed as ugly, distracting, loud, disgusting, or socially unacceptable. Support your local autistics, don’t expect people to stop stimming and try not to stare or comment (many autistic people have to work very hard to reclaim stimming after childhoods of expecting to suppress it entirely).

Also, try your best to support different cognitive styles and processing issues. Try to keep your websites accessible, provide image transcripts, try not to make posts that are entirely text in images (like screenshots of twitter posts), and help to subtitle videos if you can. <- these things also help d/Deaf people and anyone who accesses the internet via a screenreader

7) steer clear of stereotypes: I’m not rain man or that dude on the big bang theory or your cousin’s dentist’s sister’s younger brother’s son. The ‘idiot savant’ stereotype is almost never true and puts unreasonable expectations on autistic people. Also, not all of us are good at math or science, have incredible memories, etc. Fitting or not fitting stereotypes don’t change the fact that every autistic person is human and deserves rights and respect.

8) functioning labels are fake: never listen to anyone who describes autism as “high” or “low functioning”. Every autistic person has struggles, and putting labels on functioning basically sorts people into “can be ignored” and “subhuman”. [here’s about a million posts about why they suck because if I put it all here this post would be five times as long]

9) ABA is trash: this is trigger territory for a huge number of autistic people, so [here] and I’m not going to say anything else just take my word on this one

10) If it has puzzle pieces on it, run: if you’re looking to see if a group is okay, look for the rainbow infinity sign. The puzzle piece is a huge red flag. Please don’t support anything with puzzle pieces on it. Please. I’m begging you.

Okay that was WAAY longer than I meant it to get, sorry. Also, I’ve missed a bunch of things, but I’ve been working on this for an hour and I don’t have the energy to add more. I’ll throw this in #actuallyautistic and hopefully someone else can add anything important I missed.

Their mate in heat but not telling them

Request: How Bts would react when their mate is in heat but doesn’t tell them

They would all know it, even if you didn’t tell them. Their own bodies reacted every time this happened, it was simply nature. They honestly could smell you from miles away and all they wanted to do was wreck you… gently, no, rough, no, gent… argh they couldn’t even think straight. None of them would get sad or mad, it’s your body. They don’t want to force things, even if you are their mate. You own each other’s heart and soul, but you don’t own each others body.

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He would literally be on his fifteenth time cleaning the whole house… in just one day, protesting adamantly that the house could never be clean enough. He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until the house almost glinted, still his thoughts ran rampant with sin as he imagined just how he’d love to mess up the couch, refrigerator, dining table, bed, everything. He stood there drooling at the door to his bedroom, only coming back to earth as he fell to the ground, the vacuum cleaner rolling out from under him. Jin would not address it with you, but you’d more than likely figure it out after his thirteenth “bathroom break” in under an hour.

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Even when you weren’t near him he could feel it. He could feel the pressure, the pulse of his heart pounding, he was sweating as his shaky fingers danced across the keys and mouse of his computer. He pressed his head phones harder to his ears as he tried to drown out the filthy, filthy thoughts that filled his mind and swallowed the lyrics down, twisting them and turning them until they all pointed to you doing a number of different things (jumping up and down in a schoolgirl outfit being the tamest of them). He would angrily send you a text message as he beat himself up over his weakness.

“You smell way too fucking good unless you want to get ruined I’d stay away and lock the doors and shower… like constantly. My room reeks of your scent and I’m literally getting lightheaded because all of my blood rushing south.”

“Also, if you get the time send pics ;)”


“(Do)n’t do that”

“Fuck Y/n”

“I’m dying”

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The boy would try his best. He had done everything he could think of. He washed everything you had ever even glanced at in his room, locked himself in, told you he wasn’t feeling well and that you should stay away for a few days, but it just wasn’t working. He was so on edge he could hear a penny feather drop from miles away. Every creak, every sniffle of his neighbor was grating on his nerves and all he wanted to do was run to you and block out the noises with your moans. But seeing as he didn’t want to overstep any boundaries, he converted his pent up energy and emotions into dance. It’d be the most erotic dance he’d ever done (soooooo many hip thrusts and body touches/rolls). All the while thinking about you.

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Rap Monster

Namjoon would bury himself in his work until he really couldn’t stand being alone with his own thoughts anymore. Only when he was on the verge of ripping himself apart at the seems would he finally come to you to talk about the fact he could smell you and it was driving him crazy.

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He’d still be around you, but he’d start touching you more than normal. He’d brush your skin with his hand, sniff your hair when you cuddled, and if you tried to get up he’d instinctively pull you into him a little tighter before laughing it off and letting you up reluctantly.

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TaeTae would have come straight out about it, making you blush in the process. Taehyung wouldn’t even beat around the bush with this. He’d come up behind you and roll his hips into your butt as his kissed your next and growled out

“Mmm, god you smell so good. Good enough to eat out~” *eyebrow wiggle*

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He would either bury himself in something like work or exercise, or he’d be like Tae and come to you about it pretty frankly. I can’t really decide between the two, but I can definitely see him hearing you in the shower and ending up behind you before he could comprehend what he had done. OR I can’t see him staying away from you viciously working out until you brought it up.

Hey guys, this will be my very last post on here. The owner of these blogs is changing things around, I hope you guys enjoyed the posts us admins worked on, and know that we loved reading and working on them. I’m going to leave my personal account (It might get removed, I don’t really know.) And if you guys want to keep in touch that’d be awesome. I loved being a part of this while it lasted, and I’m really glad I got to make some of you guys happy. Thank you for being you, and for having amazing, fun requests! Bye guys <3


~ Admin Ellie ~

I ate lasagna for a trip to Fairyland

So I’ve just realised that I never told you about the time my parents conned me into being the perfect daughter by pretending that a group of fairies lived behind my bookcase for an entire year, and they kept up this devious ploy by dedicating themselves to a world-building scheme so intricate that it would rival Tolkien, and writing letters purporting to be from the ‘rose fairies’ and leaving them behind the bookcase

and loads of the notes were basically just fairy-speak for ‘tidy your damn room’

(Text says: Dear Anwen, thank you for your lovely note. We couldn’t write back earlier because Bimbo has been in your room all day and we’re scared of him. We are rose fairies so we love living in such a beautiful pink bedroom - even if it is a little untidy sometimes! Love the fairies xx)

(Text says: Dear Anwen, thank you for the beautiful gold tinsel. We have used it to decorate our dresses. You will be able to see them when we all go to the Daisy Fairies tomorrow night. We will come and pick you up at midnight. Lots of love, the Rose Fairies. PS your room is very untidy at the moment. We will have trouble coming to get you if you don’t tidy it!)

And sometimes they basically said ‘eat your damn greens’, or ‘why did you like lasagna last week and now would rather eat soil?’:

(Text says: Dear Anwen, I love sweet things too. I also like cucumber and lettuce do you? Be good and write soon. Love Isaria)

(Text says: ‘Dear Anwen, I do like spag bog. I also like lasagna and chicken pie do you? I always try to eat my dinner all up. Love Tiffy)

And they constructed this entire world in which there were hundreds of different kinds of fairies, all named after flowers, including the Daisy fairies and the Foxglove fairies, and presumably the Japanese Knotweed fairies. The Rose fairies would come at midnight, when I was asleep, and whisk me away to Fairyland with all of my favourite toys, who would come to life, like some kind of diet Toy Story. Fairyland was ruled by a queen named Aromia, who honestly should lend her name to a brand of air freshener, and all the fairies behind my bookshelf had names, including my ‘personal fairy’, who was a bit like a fairy godmother except totally useless.

Some examples of my parents’ incredible world building dedication:

(Text says: Dear Anwen, we’ve left you the key to the Fairyland palace. Keep it very safe and don’t lose it! Use it when you come to see us next time in Fairyland. You left us two little baby fairies. Be a good girl and tidy your room! Lots of love, the Rose Fairies)

(Text says: Dear Anwen, what nice new furniture you’ve got now. Your bedroom looks very smart. You are a very lucky girl to have such a beautiful room. Our names are: Isaria, your fairy; Maura, Tallia, Aria, Staria, Dixie, Millie, Razia, Maris, Jay, Essa, Meera, Tima, Pico, Saron, Vetie, Tiffy, Miron, Lattie, Lutim. See you soon, love the Rose Fairies)

(Text says: Dear Anwen, we’re about 6-7 of your years old. Fairy years are different. We’re about 160-170 fairy years old. Love the Rose fairies)

But also, they would give me advice on problems that I was having at school, being an 8 year old with such terrible issues as ‘I have two best friends’:

(Text says: Dear Anwen, why can’t you have two best friends? It’s not fair to expect you to choose between them. Perhaps if you tell them that they’ll understand. You should tell them that they’re both your best friends. Love the Rose Fairies)

And this went on until I realised that it was MY MUM’S HANDWRITING, which coincidentally was also the same as Father Christmas’ handwriting and the Tooth Fairy’s handwriting, but that was honestly a step too far for my 8 year old mind, because I couldn’t lose that damn much. Not the Tooth Fairy too. God, the Rose fairies were enough of a sacrifice. I couldn’t bleed myself dry.

My room was never tidier than it was that year and I have never been more embarrassed than when I found all these letters last month and realised what a fucking gullible nerd I was when I was 8. Aromia would be so disappointed.

it would be great if people didnt use harry’s solo career to bring down 1d’s music and his time in 1d and if people stopped acting like he is only worthy of their attention now that he is doing solo stuff and when he was in 1d he was something less because boybands are musically something less when that’s not true at all and it would be nice if they stopped acting like he suddenly completely changed now that he is solo when it fact that’s just people looking at his image from previous years that didn’t portray him as a person at all and just showed what they wanted to show (because images of celebrities are alwas crafted somehow) and they thought that once he does solo projects he’s gonna talk poorly about 1d and be completely different. that doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to be himself as much as he possibly could before and ppl paid attention to him before instead of trashy media and smear campaigns against members of one direction that are very visible until now, it would be obvious. it’s also obvious they’ve been held back terribly much in 1d and it’s amazing they get to try things they want as individuals, but that’s completely different story, the boys are all incredibly talented people, it’s exciting to see their new stuff, but that doesn’t make their success and music as a group any less valuable. 

angelfairy24  asked:

I would love to know what was going on in that room before V came. I also believe that V interrupted whatever Jikook had going on. I think it took Jungkook so long to get dressed because he had to do the "quick clean". The quick clean means make sure nothing is in sight that would make people suspicious and start asking questions. Do you think V knew Jimin was in there right? Or did V maybe find after being im the room for awhile? Your thoughts?

I don’t want to speculate too much purely because there is a difference between what I imagine and what could’ve really gone down; however, since you’re asking……….

Tbh, Jungkook was most likely trying to hide the most obvious things and trying to tidy up his hotel room before V entered. I think he was also making sure Jimin was out of sight and that nothing was too out of the ordinary. I mean, did you see Jungkook’s nervousness??? the boy kept looking around the room and turning on lights and walking around. he was obviously hiding SOMETHING.
And the tae thing, I honestly don’t know whether he knew or not. he had texted Jungkook before, almost like a warning like, “bro, im gonna knock on ur door, better hide jimin rn or else” type thing, plus V wasn’t phased AT ALL when jimin said “you scared me” or when the door closed. So i feel he knew Jimin was in there. I just think he wasn’t expecting the situation to be like it was. I assume tae was expecting them to be chilling, watching a movie, or playing on their phones. but instead jungkook answers the door in a robe, lights out, music on and jimin is hiding in the bathroom. like……. taehyung mustve felt so awkward lmao…

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Hi there, how about everyone reacting to a foreign MC who was only in South Korea for business or for studying the language and would have to return to her home country sometime soon? Maybe she is considering moving there permanently at some point, but it's too early to make such a huge decision ...

(•̀o•́)ง This one is a little difficult, so please tell me if I messed up some important things! I’m mainly going to focus on reactions instead of a story…


-The poor boy would feel heartbroken, honestly. He’d finally met such a wonderful person! But they have to leave soon?

-I guess it was understandable, once he heard your reasoning on the subject. It also made sense as to why you didn’t talk much on the phone, or dodged phone calls.

-No matter what your decision would be, he’d support you fully.

-Would really want to maintain the relationship, friendship wise or not, through long distance. A lot of his LOLOL buddies were from different places of the world as well!

-Once you left he’d cry at home, but would send you texts every day supporting you!


- She’d feel a little upset inside knowing her first friend would be leaving soon, but she’d offer to help you with learning the language when able.

-Would propose that you guys stay in contact. If texting was too much, then maybe being penpals. (It would help you study Korean!)

-The day that you leave she would pack a little care package for you for the flight- Things she was used to packing when she had to be on trips with Jumin- and give you a tight hug.

-Would love every message and letter she received from you- Especially if it came with little gifts from your home country.

-Would also support you no matter what your decision was when it came to moving. Moving is scary, and she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to move so suddenly to a foreign country. 


- Would also be very reasonable with his support towards your willingness to move or not. Though, if needed, he’d offer to help pay for anything related to you moving.

-Since he was fluent in different languages due to C&R business, he’d talk to you in a language you both were able to converse in. Would also offer you tips and tricks on how to learn Korean! (And also try to pay for a tutor if you needed one)

-He’s not quite sure how he feels when you have to leave. It hurts a little, almost like V leaving on a trip but just. Possibly not coming back.

-He gives you a tight and slightly awkward hug, and sends you texts the moment your flight should land asking if things went okay.

-Would also offer to pay for you to come and visit- Whether its just him, the RFA, or others.


-He thought when you didn’t speak much on the phone, you were just stunned at how amazing his voice was (Zen….>>)

-(Would ask Seven for help if any language barriers happened)

-Probably the most emotional when you have to leave. He’d just hug you and Not let go for a while. He wouldn’t cry in front of you, but he damn would a bit when he got home.

-You were just so sweet and such a perfect match for him- Friendship wise or more! He wanted to spend so much more time with you.

-Would constantly text you when you both had the time, and once your Korean got better he’d call you more frequently.

-If you considered moving, he’d push aside his feelings and try his best to help reach a safe and supportive conclusion with you. He didn’t want to shove you into moving here, but if you did, he’d be very willing to help you settle in. 

-(If not, please let him come visit you once in your home country. He’d love that!)


-He’d think it’s so cool you were from somewhere else!

-Since he knows a lot of languages, he should be able to at least converse some in your first language.

-He’d know about it the second he had to do some background checks on you, but would keep it a secret from the others because..Honestly, he wanted to see how they’d react. (Seven >>)

-Honestly, he’d want you to stay, and probably be the only one to outright tell you that, but he’d still respect your decision.

-Would send you memes the whole flight home (just a sudden barrage of meme texts the moment you’d cut your phone back on) , and every day you were gone

-(Would also keep an eye on security cameras to make sure you would make it back safe)

-He’d also make you a care package as well, but full of PHD Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips.

-Before you left he’d give you such a tight hug and wobble you around back and forth a bit. (”Can’t I just hide in your suitcase? I’ve done it before for a mission!” “Seven, no.”)

(´Д`υ) I hope this was alright!

Headcanon: The reason Vimes used to loathe Vampires was because they had a long life in which to become succesful, and most of them did. Sam himself, however, saw the limited time he had running away while he was still a poor drunkard leading a trio of incompetents. He came to tolerate them when he became succesful himself, realising that you can make something out of yourself even with a human’s limited lifespan. Seeing how the Black Ribbon Oath can sometimes drive Vampires almost Bursar in their attempts at a somewhat normal, not-quite-human life, also helped, since he came to realise that they were not so different from him afterall: Slaves to an addictive liquid who, despite having kicked the habit, still force themselves into an eternal self-test trying to better themselves.



anonymous asked:

How did you learn a korean by yourself? Did you read textbooks? I am interested in getting at least a little grasp of korean and to learn basics but I am not sure what would be the best way since all I know is the alphabet/pronounciation and a couple of words.

i just used a combo of online resources~

  • How to Study Korean 
    • I actually started learning with this site, and while it’s definitely very comprehensive, it’s extremely text heavy and the person who made it doesn’t always explain things as well as they could. so I would suggest referencing this if you want lots of examples on how to use different grammar and audio clips to hear what they sound like, but besides that, just try to keep in mind what learning style works best for you, and always look for supplementary resources.
  • BitesizeKorean
    • this studyblr is AMAZING. they explain things so well and have a fantastic study guide with lots of great resources. I highly highly recommend it
  • Faye’s Korean Resources
    • this is also a great list of resources. if you dont feel like going through them all, then at the very least, download this PDF textbook called College Korean, which they link to in their list. this is actually what I’ve been using to study lately for reviewing. but it’s so great omg. short lessons that teach things in a good order and each lesson has questions/exercises at the end that work really well with getting me to remember vocab!
  • Learn Korean
    • this isnt necessarily a site to straight up learn from, but it’s great if you just want to quickly look up simple explanations for a specific particle or other parts of grammar
  • Talk To Me In Korean
    • i’m pretty sure most people know about this channel, but it is really great if you’re a visual/auditory learner! and they explain things in a way that’s very easy to understand!

obviously there are thousands of other resources available, but these are just the ones that I’ve used or am still using, and found to be helpful!

Molly Hooper Unplugged.

Series 4 Sherlock is not what I expected. Over all, I liked it. A lot. It’s not without it’s problems though. From a viewer’s perspective that is. I’m not going to trash the writers because, in fact, I have tremendous appreciate for their creative process, intelligence and brilliance.

As with the books, the writers set out to tell us stories in similar fashion to the canon literature. John Watson is considered the narrator but, in fact, is the peripheral story-teller. Sherlock, himself, is the primary narrator. Not only that, Sherlock tells us his stories retrospectively. Meaning that from beginning to end the story has already happened. It’s done and over, with Sherlock telling us: ‘Okay, this is what went down.”

Mark Gatiss made an interesting comment once that he and Moffat write the stories from end to beginning. It’s the only way they can detail the cases, the story-line and Sherlock’s elaborate deductions. Truly, it’s a clever approach. But, and this is important, it’s also why the audience rarely receives the resolution they want, or feel they deserve. Sherlock – as the narrator – won’t say. He gives the viewer what he chooses and then leaves us to figure out the rest.

As I looked back upon every episode from the very beginning, this particular format is consistent. It also explains why there’s an abhorrent lack of Molly this season. Sherlock is her avenue and narrator, and he’s not talking. Throughout the series, there have only been two exceptions to this: The Sign of Three and His Last Vow.

The writers love Louise Brealey. They adore her and they adore Molly. Molly is introduced to the audience in ASiP with Sherlock. It’s their “meet cute” – which tells us she’s important – even though she was initially considered a one-off character. Sherlock, however, had other plans and wanted her to stick around. He’s the one who’s chosen her fate in the stories, not the writers.

I know, I know – it’s a weird and unusual way to look at this. The writers are, after all, penning this series and in charge, right? Yes, of course. At the end of the day, however, they are two of the biggest Sherlock Holmes fan boys and they have deferred many decisions to this fictional character.

So, strange as it might sound, anyone who writes stories knows there’s more than a kernel of truth in this. We might think we’re in charge of the characters we create, but really – we’re in guardianship. Sherlock is no exception to this because he’s a long established character in literary fiction.

Many years ago, the ground-breaking television series, The X-Files, elucidated this fact (in an extreme way) with an episode called, Milagro. The writer, Phillip Padgett, experiences his character come to life, who creates all sorts of murderous mayhem.

When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be truth.”

Fox Mulder used that exact quote from Sherlock Holmes in the Milagro episode to convince his FBI partner, Dana Scully, that this is exactly what was happening.

So, if anyone, besides myself, is wondering why we’re not seeing Molly all that much – it’s because of Sherlock. At the same time, he also gives us wonderful clues (because that’s what he does) as to why this is and what happened. All we have to do is observe and don his methods of deductions.

This, by the way, will have little to do with sub-text. That’s a very different animal. Instead, we have to infer and make some logical leaps based upon the evidence given. To be honest, this has been part of the fun of watching Sherlock. But, it can also be frustrating, exhaustive, and even disheartening, when viewers aren’t given any kudos for figuring things out, or for even trying. That does, in my opinion, lie within the hands of the writers. After all, they do have creative latitude.

There are two things that left me saying ‘Huh?’ regarding Molly in series 4.

Her diminished presence.

Her strong resistance to say, ‘I Love You.’

For me to understand, I did a cursory review of Molly’s history, which isn’t hard. Especially as there’s this infuriating, ongoing belief with journalists, casual and not-so-casual viewers, that Molly’s emotional hesitancy in saying ‘I Love You’ to Sherlock is somehow the result of a bizarre form of post-trauma from season one.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Molly / Sherlock ‘shippers’ (and I’m one) know this because we’re not simply watching a television show, we’re observing all the nuances of what’s presented / not presented, that others either don’t see, choose not to see, or believe unimportant.

First, I want to lay the basis that Molly’s “unrequited” love for Sherlock has not remained an issue since A Scandal In Belgravia (s2e1). Nor has she been mocked or ridiculed by Sherlock over her affection for him. The opposite of this is true and also shown.  

Beginning with The Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock and Molly have grown closer and share an intimacy that none of the other characters are made privy. It’s not romantic intimacy, that we know of, but a deeply valued and trusted friendship.

Sherlock turns to Molly in one of his greatest moments of need. She becomes his confidant at a time when things are, quite frankly, frightening for him. Molly, along with a host of others, help Sherlock plan his demise. Her role, as Sherlock later reveals, was not only invaluable, but that she is the one person who mattered the most. Whether his comment is based on the Moriarty deal, or a commentary about how he now views her, it doesn’t really matter. What this scene from The Empty Hearse showed viewers is that Molly and Sherlock have grown. Their relationship dynamics have shifted to a new dance. There’s more than a hint of attraction from both, and whether or not you want to ‘friend-zone’ them, the sentiment still stands: they hold a palpable love for one another.  

Viewers are also made aware in this episode that Molly has “moved on” and engaged to a guy who is a distorted facsimile of Sherlock’s physical characteristics. We think that scene is about Molly and it is – but it’s also about Sherlock. The look on his face when he meets Tom is priceless.

Sherlock has never dealt very well when confronted with Molly’s involvement with other men. It’s not sub-text or speculation…it’s shown. Given the fact this man lives in a state of emotional infancy, especially during The Great Game, he might not really understand why he viciously cock-blocked Jim-from-IT-Moriarty, angering / embarrassing Molly in the process.

He does learn, however. Otherwise, he’s not a very good genius.

I’m not sure why it’s hard to understand that series 3 Molly is not harboring unrequited love. Sherlock is. Yes, it’s a strange sort of love because he represses his emotions and impulses, I’ll grant you. He doesn’t show it overtly, but it’s there.

The tables have been flipped on Sherlock, because although his seeping emotions are masked behind logic and rationalism, or ridiculous excuses – he’s actually the one seeking out Molly.

Molly keeps him on his toes by her openness and authenticity. She even shared that she’s having quite a bit of sex, which really does blow the gasket in his Vulcan mind. He has no idea how to process this info. Ironically, her words are sort of a call back to his from The Great Game, when he’s having a hissy fit and tells John he’s not interested in the solar system, or who’s having sex with who. Molly’s having sex, Sherlock. Does it need mentioning that their romantic involvements have always mirrored one another, too?

Sherlock does find a way to get in another deliberate, but very subtle cock-block regarding Molly’s fiancé during John and Mary’s reception. Of course it bothered her, somewhat. She wasn’t devastated or traumatized over the fact that Sherlock just showed her, again, that her choice in men will always be woefully inadequate compared to him. She’s really rather proud of him in this episode, and swooning a bit.

Truthfully, both Molly and Sherlock have some version of brainiac jealousy / possessiveness going on, but still, Molly adores him, OPENLY, by the way. She’s not hiding it.

All of this gels to demonstrate that Molly’s emotional 180 in The Final Problem over saying ‘I love you’ is NOT because she’s been sitting around for seven years, crying in margaritas over this guy.

It’s about something else entirely. The timeline between TSoT and His Last Vow hold the answer. Something happened between them that came very close to destroying their relationship. Sherlock gives us a few clues in HLV. First, there’s this:

“How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with. And how dare you betray the love of your friends. Say you’re sorry!”

“Sorry you’re engagement’s over, although fairly grateful for the lack of a ring.”

Great dialogue! Especially if we’re looking through Sherlock’s eyes and know he’s been staying at her beautiful home, which we find out later on. This bit of info comes from Molly, when she breaks the fourth wall of television by interacting with viewers directly.

We can take Molly’s scolding of Sherlock at face value. He’s using (drugs) and by doing so letting down his friends and himself. Bad Sherlock.

I believe, however, this is more than chastising Sherlock for reckless behavior. The following, by the way, is about subtext, because that’s where we have to look and infer. Subtext, while a valid form of information, can be a dangerous little guy, because we project based upon our individual filters and desires. It’s important to keep this in mind when inferring possibilities.

I’m also not being dismissive of drug use, at all, but attempting to fill the blanks that currently hold cognitive dissonance based upon everything we’ve been show up until now. We went from HappyMolly and HappySherlock to ‘what-the-hell-is-going-on’?

Clearly, whatever it is, it’s origin lies in love and betrayal. And, other than in Sherlock’s mind palace after being shot – we only see Molly one more time, when she tells us about her bedroom as Sherlock’s bolt hole.

His Last Vow ends without any resolution between the two. Or so we believe.

But, I’ll get back to this.

There’s head canons and fanfic to fill in the missing gaps of HLV, but The Abdominal Bride does a great job at summing things up in a nutshell.

This episode, in which Sherlock sets about solving 121 year old murder case from the Victorian era, is about the long-lasting consequences of using, objectifying, misleading, abusing, disparaging and basically the all around diminished and misogynistic treatment of women.  

There’s also quite a bit of symbology wrapped up in Sherlock’s psychedelic trip. He’s solving a crime from another century, but he’s still got his Scooby gang by his side. They’re all consistent with their modern, present day counterparts, filling the same functions and roles when Sherlock isn’t following Alice down the rabbit hole.

With the exception of Molly.

The role of a pathologist / medical examiner was not typically filled by a woman in this era. As a result, Molly has to be concealed as a man. Perfectly reasonable. What’s different, however, is the relationship between she and Sherlock. It’s cold, if not a bit derisory and bitter.

John’s role is interesting regarding Molly because it’s not John, but instead Sherlock’s projection. Victorian John tells ‘Dr Hooper’ that he’s not Sherlock’s puppy, that he can see through her disguise and sympathizes with what one has to do to be recognized in the world.

We can take that conversation at face value. It is what it is. But, maybe it’s worth considering that this might also be Sherlock’s conscience seeping through, imprinting itself on the state of affairs between he and Molly. In Sherlock’s words, John is a “romantic” - he sees things Sherlock can’t - so there is some validity with the idea that he might need John’s ‘eyes’ to see his way through this. To see Molly past the façade of anger and self-protection. I’m sure there are other great interpretations.

From a symbolic perspective, TAB was Sherlock reconciling, or at least beginning to make amends to Molly (as well as other women he’s used: Janine).

Now is where speculation comes in regarding the timeline between TSoT, HLV and TAB.

Let’s say Sherlock was using Molly’s home as a bolt hole. Maybe not the first time, so he likes it, and it gives him the space and privacy to work on the Magnussen case. If this is true, it’s probably because it’s too complicated for him to work at Baker St, especially as he’s fake wooing Janine to get to her boss.

The other thing that’s taking place is that he’s using. How often and how much is unsure, but he did look pretty strung out at the hospital. And, when Sherlock uses, he’s a very different person.

Molly and Janine mirror one another, although Sherlock’s feelings, thoughts and opinions toward each are drastically different.

Dependent upon when Sherlock began using Molly’s home, if he’s using her home (he does have other bolt holes) – she might still be engaged to Tom. It’s conjecture, but she probably is. Sherlock tells John that he’s been fake dating Janine for a month, which means this started almost immediately after the wedding.

Realistically, I don’t think anyone expected the engagement between M/T to last, but it doesn’t mean Molly wasn’t sincere or didn’t love him. So, Sherlock’s presence and the use of her home – especially her bedroom, a space that implies intimacy - is bound to inflict some legitimate strain on a relationship that’s already falling apart.

Any number of scenarios could have played out. Tom might have given Molly an ultimatum? M/T might have decided to take a time-out? Guess away.  

Sherlock might be influencing Molly through subtle means to end her engagement. He might turn up the charm and possibly – in one way or another – woo her as well. Maybe lead her to believe something was possible between them? Which he might consider true, at some point. He doesn’t want her with other men, but won’t allow a proper resolution to their attraction. His use of drugs could make it easier for him to make those personality / conscience shifts necessary to do what he’s doing.

If this happened, and there’s nothing to say it did – just using TAB as a blueprint since Molly was included with the ‘brides’ – it really is unconscionable on his part. Although, and this is NOT in any way an excuse of his behavior – his superiority and arrogance did slap him hard - because he actually cares and loves Molly, so his potential motivations with her are very different than with Janine. Knowing this does not make it better or right. He’s taking drugs - he’s in ‘the Game Is On’ mode and not making good decisions.

Perhaps Molly found out about Janine and they had a chat? Yeah, it’s a bit soap opera-ish – but how else would Janine know Sherlock used her? John? Magnussen? She was very quick with her ‘for profit’ revenge plan. More than likely Magnussen told her…he enjoys the suffering of others.

However she found out, Molly would have confronted Sherlock. Sherlock might not have shown any remorse for using someone as a ‘means to an end’ (Janine), while attempting to deduce Molly by saying her LOVE for Tom was equally specious. He did say, during his best man speech, that All emotions, and in particular love, stand opposed to the pure, cold reason I hold above all things.” We know this isn’t entirely true, and he knows it as well. But, if he attempted to make a point to Molly about her actions, as a parallel to his, all while HIGH, wow – it crashed and burned.

I’m not saying this is what happened. Just tossing out the idea. But, it does make the M/S hospital scene even more poignant. It’s their break-up fight.

If Sherlock did any of this, it would be hard to forgive. Molly would have to dig really deep inside her to make a journey back as his friend. Their relationship is fractured and rests on a precariously balanced fulcrum. Betrayal by love is a huge theme in His Last Vow.

There are two external events, which help pull them back into each other’s orbit.

Sherlock is shot. Sherlock murders Magnussen.

I’m sure this would help soften Molly, in as much as tragedy can put things into perspective very quickly. Being deeply wounded by someone you love doesn’t mean you stop loving them – although it’s possible. Maybe the time between being shot and killing Magnussen Sherlock made a sincere effort to make amends with her? I imagine he would, but their relationship has been severely strained and Molly keeps clear distance.

I’m really, really, really speculating on this one – but, maybe Mary reached out to Molly as someone to lean on? We never see these two interact (other than the christening) which is a shame. There is, however, an ever-so-slight seed that might suggest Mary’s involvement, which we got in TAB. Mary is the one who discovers the brides. And, Mary is put on the case by Mycroft. So, maybe Mycroft knows there’s been a fall-out. Again, sounds like a twisted sort of soap opera – but there’s some precedence for this, too.

Mycroft knows Molly. She was a the most significant person in TRF plan. We’ve also seen him request her assistance at the morgue prior to this (ASiB). Who knows. What we do know, is that when Sherlock uses and comes off drugs – Mycroft calls in as many resources as possible. If there is a fracture between Molly and Sherlock, it will be seen as a risk, which requires a fix. Mary could help with this. Furthermore, in TAB, Mycroft tells Sherlock this is a war (women) he (they) must lose. Meaning, Sherlock fucked up. Big time. He’s got to set it right.

Some headway is made, because the bride scene in TAB shows Sherlock acknowledging his mistakes and remorse. We then see where the relationship is left between M/S with two words: “Hooper / Holmes.”  

They can face each other, be in the same room, but it’s chilly.

Series 4 reflects this in Molly’s absence as well as her presence. But, she and Sherlock will continue to be pulled together through more external events.

They are Rosamund Watson’s godparents and on speaking terms.

They are also hit with a devastating, irretrievable blow: Mary’s death. This, along with profound grief, is enough to set aside any personal differences to come together and focus on the needs of others. Even though Sherlock takes himself to ‘hell and back.’

Molly speaks with Sherlock in TLD, and even acquiesces to his request for an ambulance. Molly does this on faith - she really doesn’t know what’s going on. There’s still an edge between them. He’s using, she’s stressed, he’s dying. She’s agreed to do her part in watching Sherlock through his withdrawal days, and meets he and John for birthday cake.

Concessions are being made.

Now we come to The Final Problem, where Molly is Sherlock’s third task. He has to get her to say I Love You, but their relationship remains somewhat perfunctory and cool. A lot of water has passed under their bridge and blind trust has not been established.

If anything remotely took place between them such as the above – whoa – it’s no surprise why this scene went down the way it did.

It also makes sense of Molly’s words: “Leave me alone.” “Why are you making fun of me?” “You know why.” “Of course you do.”

There’s two different events taking place that cause an intense emotional build-up and break-down between these two characters.

Molly is unable to push down her stress and sorrow any longer. It’s risen to the surface. There’s been too much, in a short amount of time, and something’s gotta give. We see her ignore Sherlock, which is an eye-opener for him, and even when she does answer her phone she’s direct and not interested in idle chit-chat.

Sherlock’s stress is mounting too. By virtue of Eurus’s game and the previous month’s events. He needs to ask something of Molly that he knows won’t be received well. Even if he tries to convince himself otherwise and feign ignorance.

It was a life or death moment from Sherlock’s perspective, but a ‘push come to shove’ for Molly. Both of them went through an emotional vivisection. Still, they said I love you and it was sincere and authentic.

At the end of that scene, however, neither one knows the consequences of this event. It’s not a happy moment, but instead filled with uncertainty and possibly more loss. Sherlock killed a coffin. Molly looks absolutely forlorn.

The ending montage is disappointingly neglectful of resolution. This is where the writers could have used a more creative latitude – more than .3 seconds of Molly’s happy smile. At least it was nice to get that, but gees, really?

If we’re looking at this from Sherlock’s point of view – Molly is happy. More than happy – she’s vibrant. Personally speaking, I can’t see any reason Molly would be presented this way had she and Sherlock not achieved some satisfactory relationship understanding regarding romantic love.

My heels aren’t dug in the sand regarding the above. I am truly open to other interpretations. For now, though, this was my exercise in explaining what wasn’t explained. She might be an insane murdering psychopath and brilliant beyond Newton, but Eurus was right when she said - context is everything.

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But what if God wants us to take the creation as a literal account in the Tanakh? Will we go to hell if we don't believe In that way

A) you’re assuming we can know what G-d wants us to believe. The answer to that question is: we cannot. humans are limited. a lot. 

B) surprise! we also don’t know if there’s a heaven or hell and a lot of Jewish ppl don’t believe in hell. Sheol is more like Purgatory than anything else in tradition, as far as I’ve seen. So, you know, calm yourself a little bit here. 

C) look man, I’m a PhD student in biology. I literally have seen evolution happen. In real time. Like, a population of animals has changed from one thing to another during my work. That’s what my dissertation is about. That’s how it works. It’s how it’s always worked. Evolution has more data backing it up than gravity. Sorry. 

It’s not about whether or not you believe in evolution. It’s about whether or not you acknowledge that evolution exists. It’s still going to be around, whether or not you “believe” in it.

The Torah is there to teach us stories about how to relate to each other and to G-d. Taking it just as a literal account of history ignores all the work scholars have done to determine the different sources of the text (such as the Priestly and Jahwist) and all the work the Rabbis and sages have put into analyzing and elaborating on that text. The creation story has value besides being a “history” and also, important point -

there are two separate and contradictory accounts of creation in the Torah. Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis literally contradict each other

So, you’re fine. You are allowed to know Evolution is a thing. You’re not going to go to Hell, G-d is proud of you for not ignoring reality, and try to glean something from those first two chapters of the Torah in terms of how you relate to other people, to G-d, and to the environment. That’s the important thing. 

No Answer (Jongup x reader)

Requested by: @thevisionandthescarletwitch12 (Thanks!! ❤)

Word count: 4.9 k+

Genre/warnings: fluff ❤

Summary: Receiving a mysterious message from an unknown number seemed rather intriguing, but it became even more interesting when Jongup found no time to respond, and later witnessed how the person typing figured the number had no owner, and turned the chat into a personal diary to lighten the burdens of everyday life. He found himself more and more invested into reading those texts, making it a daily thing, and had a hard time not to respond. Why not? Because that would be weird. He’d been quietly reading messages for weeks already, without leaving any answer. And leaving one now seemed inappropriate. He’d missed his chance, and all he could do now was continue reading, or so he thought at first.

He looked down at the phone in his hands, staring in mild confusion to whether he should respond or not.

I found your number accidentally. Who are you? [17:28]

Accidentally? Junhong called for him to come and join practice again, so he threw another insignificant look to the phone and shoved it back into his pocket, hoping it wouldn’t fall out mid-song like the few other times it did after his rapid spins and turns all through the choreo. With lazy yet graceful movements, he was back in formation, and took only another moment to consider the possibilities of how his number ended up in a stranger’s hands before starting practice.

And then suddenly it hit him hard.

“Jongup-ah, what are you doing!?” Himchan crashed into him, and only then he realized he’d stopped dead in his tracks in the middle of a dance break.

“I’m thinking.”

“Can’t you move and think at the same time?!” Junhong, perhaps, called out while chuckling, but Jongup wasn’t sure - he didn’t really catch onto the speaker’s identity. He had realized a significant detail from sometime last week that could stick to the puzzle, and needed a minute to consider how stupid his assumptions were.

“I ain’t a multitasker,” he said, and with that, was gone with the wind, wandering out of the room to lean against the wall of the hallway.

“I found your number accidentally. Who are you?”

He was Moon Jongup, if he wasn’t mistaken. And he was also a guy who was close to blackout drunk last week, stumbling along the streets with a few old friends only he knew, making small, insignificant mistakes along the way and laughing tons meanwhile as well.

It was stupid, actually. But he figured he wasn’t the brghtest in the head anyways.

“Let’s see who’ll find it,” his friend giggled, scrapping a few digits on pieces of paper, and happily letting them sail away in the rather strong wind while standing in a place you could see the whole city from. He recalled being beyond happy and giggly about this idea, supporting it fully with his other two friends in their drunken states.

“Might get yourself a date like that.”

Or trouble, he figured. But he figured too late, as it’s been a week, and he had finally gotten a “lucky” message. He also wondered if any of the other guys did.

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Ready Steady Part 8

Summary: Rob returns to L.A. while the reader stays in Nashville for the remainder of her trip. Reader finds herself in a terrifying situation and believes that she only has one person to turn to.

Word Count: 3397

Warnings: a little bit of fluff, hints of past abuse, seriously guys… for some reason this turned out pretty dark. I’m sorry.

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

Catch up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Originally posted by readtheeyes

When Monday morning came around, you found yourself in a poor mood. You had woken up to Rob draped over you again, which made you smile. He made you feel happy and safe. But your happiness washed away quickly when you remembered that it was Monday, which meant he was leaving today. You nestled up against him again while he continued to sleep, not wanting this moment to end. Your moment was cut short however; when Rob’s alarm went off, waking him.

“I’ve got to go pack,” he stated, rubbing his eyes. “I’ve been here so much that I’m not even ready to catch my flight yet.” With that, he got up and began dressing quickly.

You watched him from the bed, “I could get used to watching you scramble around my room looking for your clothes.”

“I could get used to it too,” he said as he winked at you.

“You sure you don’t wanna come back to bed, just for a little while?” You placed your hand on his spot next to you, rubbing circles in the sheets indicating that you wanted him back in bed.

“You know I do,” he sighed as he began to put his phone and wallet back into his pockets. “Meet me downstairs in 20? So I can say goodbye before I head to the airport?” He gave you a half-smile.

“Sure, I’ll meet you at the same place we met for the first time.” You grinned.

Rob let out a chuckle as he remembered your first meeting, “Ah, you’re so romantic.” He walked over to you and gave you a quick kiss before leaving again.

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Hi I'm a sophomore in high school and I like this Freshman in college. We've talked since he beginning of my Freshman year and his Senior year. We both flirt and have this connection. He does not want me for sex because he's not like that (also his friends and people who know him have told me this) We text 24/7 and he comes to almost everything I have and me vice versa. The only thing is that my parents believe that he is "too old" for me. Should we remain just friends or should we go for it?

I really encourage you to stick with friendship. You guys may have a great friendship but you are in really different parts of your life.

Honestly, even if he’s not trying to be “like that”, if he was interested in dating a high school sophomore, that’s kind of a red flag that he doesn’t want an equal relationship.

Maybe it’s not intentional on his part - unequal relationships are normalized - but that won’t stop it from getting weird and uncomfortable in ways you won’t be prepared to deal with, or probably won’t even fully understand until later on when you realized how much it messed you up. I’m speaking from my own experience on this & the experiences of many many people I know.

Like, would you be into an 8th grader? Even if they were fun to be around and you really appreciated them as a person? It would be weird, right? You have more freedom and experience than a kid that age, you’re WAY more grown up than you were when you were in 8th grade. You’d probably feel creepy if you tried to date a 13 year old - that feeling is a warning to stop you from taking advantage.

But it’s hard to see age gaps when you’re the younger one, because you’re more mature than you’ve ever been and it feels like you’re ready to do almost anything. But as the older person looking back - that difference is very noticeable.

Like even if you’re really mature and responsible and even if you’re ready to date in general, dating someone that much older starts off with a weird dynamic, it has to, because he’s seen and experienced things you haven’t, he knows things you don’t, he has freedom you don’t, and he has more practice interacting with people than you do.

And you know he knows things you don’t, so it becomes like this weird situation where he has the power to influence you more than you can influence him, and even if he doesn’t try to use it - it starts out unbalanced.

Honestly, your teen years through about 22 is this period of massive super fast growth. You’re becoming savvier and wiser and better at social stuff at a really fast pace during this period, so age gaps are extra big here. I really think an age gap of more than about a year and a half during this time period makes a giant difference - like just think about how much you’ve changed in that time.

You’re gonna keep that kind of really fast change up for a few more years, and during this time, older kids have big advantages over younger ones that make anything other than a sort of sibling-like friendship with people 3 years older or younger start to turn kind of weird. 

So that’s my advice. It’s ultimately your choice, and if you do decide to date this adult man and you wind up hurt by it – it still won’t be your fault, any more than it would be an 8th grader’s fault if you convinced one to date you and it messed them up. But I hope you choose not to go ahead with dating him, because you deserve to explore relationships with someone your own age without a weird power imbalance.

Advice for the younger/newer writers out there regarding your synopses:

Listen, story summaries are a bitch. Ask any writer and chances are they’ll rank summaries and titles as harder to deal with than the actual storytelling 90% of the time. However, even though it’s hard, your synopsis is important.

It doesn’t have to be pure poetry. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be attention grabbing. But it does need to have some level of information within the text regarding your story! Even something as simple as “A doesn’t know what B is up to” slams the reader into a level of intrigue. What is B up to? Why does A care? It gives a very base level of what the story involves, and that’s all you need if that’s all you want to give away!

But not all of them tend to go that way, and it’s hurting reader count more than you may realize!

One to avoid is a quote from something that’s not your story unless you put it in proper context. If you have something like “’Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends…’ But when that friend steals your girl, you get fucking even”, then you still have pull that’s from your own source that can pull more people towards you without thinking you’re just unoriginal and don’t believe in your own project enough to put the time into a synopsis.

Also try to avoid a lengthy paragraph as your synopsis. Most readers scan through fics looking for things that pop at them. A block of text with an avalanche of information thrown at them is a deterrent. This is hard, especially for AU fics, I know. Trust me, I have a story where a number of characters are different species and coming up with my summary took me a long time. All I ended up doing was calling attention to a character’s distinct hair color the fandom knows within a sentence and tacking on “fairy” to the end of it. That was enough to throw open the gates for people to be like “wait fairy what I gotta know what this is about”. Leave the majority of the details to your prose! 1-4 quick sentences is honestly all the space you need.

Most importantly, I think, since it’s a strangely strong trend: Don’t use your synopsis space to rag on yourself. Don’t tell us “lol this is awful maybe i’ll redo it later”. Because what does that make a reader think? That it’s awful. Your friends or consistent readers that you have may just wave it off and go “haha oh you we know that’s not true!” But new readers who otherwise might have enjoyed your story? Immediately turned off. It reads as it’s bad because you got lazy with it. We all do lazy writing, but advertising it turns it into detrimental! Save that for your chapter-end Author’s Note. Say you struggled, ask for advice on how to improve the story or what people think about a choice you made! Don’t slam them right off the bat with “well this sucks you’re wasting your time being here”. 

Your synopsis is the most important thing when attracting people in. It may take some time and a lot of finagling. You can ALWAYS go back and make changes to it later on if you figure out something that describes the story better! I went back and changed one of my synopses about two years after it was already completed and I had a new reader within two weeks when it’d been dead air for nearly six months. Am I saying it’s absolutely because of the change? Nah, but I am saying that the summary is much better and more compelling than it used to be, and new readers who go on a spree with my fics are more drawn to it than they have been in the past. Your summary matters. If you love your idea enough to sit down and type it out, then you love it enough to take the extra time to put in another fifty words and bring more people into your world.