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Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)


omgcpwomenfest femlash/wlw day

Georgia Martin/Suzanne Bittle based on @des-zimbits Gay Hockey Moms AU


25 Years of Creative Minds  

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(Pic info and artist notes below the cut)

- I tried to cover the more recognizable/significant shows of the network. Of course I couldn’t fit every single one, so there are many that I glossed over.

- This covers original programming, so earlier shows are not included.

- Boomerang and Adult Swim shows weren’t added, I slightly cheated this with Samurai Jack, but it was originally on Cartoon Network, so it counts.

- Some eras were grouped together depending on the amount of shows aired, also I needed to save space.

- The shows were organized solely by premiere dates.

- My photo editing is utter garbage I APOLOGIZE

TL;DR: I’m a nerd and I think too much about cartoons and animation.

Based off twentyeightghosts post. 

consider: early in their relationship, goodnight and billy passing through a bigger town, one that has a photographer. both of them hearing about it, not mentioning it to each other at first, nervous/shy about wanting something more permanent, something serious, but one of them gets the nerve to bring it up – posing for a photograph together, each of them carrying a copy somewhere safe – tucked inside their waistcoats or wrapped up with goodnight’s two books that he insists on travelling with, wrapped up in oilcloth to keep them dry – any time they have to be separate from each other, making sure they have something to remember each other by ‘til theyre together again.


pancakes? pancakes. (insp.)


hufflepuff edits (1/?): luna lovegood & newt scamander; magizoologists

gift for @auroremus


All together now


Live Action cast of The Legend of Korra.

Korra - Julia Jones
Asami - Arden Cho
Bolin - Steven Yeun
Mako - Godfrey Gao
Opal - Kimiko Glenn
Lin - Michelle Yeoh
Amon - Daniel Henney
Unalaq - Benjamin Pratt
Zaheer - Ken Watanabe
Kuvira - Olivia Munn
Tenzin - Bryan Cranston or J. K. Simmons (no image)

Write everything down about us on a love letter
And throw it into the empty sky
The wind will embrace us


PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Nikos @snowghoul / edit: Pete @tvoom

The photos Nikos and I usually take/post couldn’t be any more different, I guess. I always adored Nikos’ raw and gritty approach which of course also translates in his edits. And that is what I tried to maintain while finding my very own way. I wanted colour, because… well… Nikos usually makes black and white edits, but for me this photo screamed colour. And this whole experiment was not about trying to copy the other person’s style, but to find something different. Something they might not have had in mind, but that was still in the photo. I have to be very honest and say that I was “shocked” when I got Nikos’ RAW file. Because I seriously doubted that my skills are good enough to do this VERY abstract shot justice.
After playing around with it for about three times as long as I usually spend on my own captures, I think I found my personal approach. I had to punch these dirty, snotty, slimy greens. This… Alien blood? Suddenly my mind was filled with the thought of some alien creature being shot in a dark alley.
Or in a bar… A cantina… whatever… Han shot first.

PWS MAD - Pete

I selected this kind of photo not only because at the time I was kinda low on available material but also because I was curious. How could it look at the hands of a totally different photographer than me? When Pete decided to do it I was intrigued as to what approach he would follow. I suspected it would be in color and I was very happy with the result as it is indeed very different than my usual approach, which I did post some time ago. The alien blood impression is also what came into my mind when I saw his edit, before I even read the text. Thanks a lot Pete for your time and effort!

PWS MAD - Nikos

;) couldn’t resist

This edit of my selfie was submitted by @dougiefromscotland

Okay, then… Douglas. And I presume that is what your parents called you when they tried to get something through to you. (Because… well… see… that is what my parents also did… “Peter”, they said. And they failed… every time)

So… Douglas… this edit you made of my photo raises a couple of questions:

1) “Charisma” - I don’t have it. Why do you label me this way (and yes, this was a terrible pun. But I don’t apologize. Because if there is one thing in life I will never apologize for then it’s a terrible pun)
2) Why did you choose “Trespass”? I would never trespass anything. Except for the line between good and bad taste. Like with this photo.
3) The new shirt you gave me: Did you know that I once played “Reverend Samuel Parris” (And you knooow… “They called me the Reverend when I entered the Church unstained") in a stage production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, in which “I” was responsible for the biggest witch hunt in US American history? You didn’t? Who then was that lad with the Scottish accent and the very… let’s say… overseeable hairdo in the audience? We will never know.
4) The new hairdo you gave me - the original “Peter hairdo”. Why? Just “why”? Okay… I know why. But still… “why” (… didn’t I think of this on Monday when I got my hair cut? I missed a chance)

Oh, and thank you for the laugh on a (literally) gray Friday morning, Doug ;))))

ceo!besties headcanons!

so… I haven’t done any creative writing in literally years but for some reason @tbholland‘s ceo!tom night inspired me to do ceo!besties and here we are. (this is a warning about my very bad, very long writing)

ALSO (in case you couldn’t tell) this is platonic. just buds bein buds because as much as I love all the romantic ceo!tom headcanons, I’m a little bit tired of them & you don’t see many “friend imagines” on here. Tried to keep it as gender neutral as possible, but there is one part describing a female reader.

ok I’ve been rambling too long let’s move on 

  • SO you guys met in college
  • You constantly competed for top of the class, but you got along really well bc you’re both smart people who love dogs and Marvel and roast each other a lot 
    • If you’re a cat person, then that’s just another thing you insult each other about
    • And so you became ~best friends~
  • You ended up going to different business schools, but you still kept in touch because, as I said before, best friends
  • After business school, you were able to get pretty lucrative jobs
  • AND these jobs were both in NYC so you guys could liiiive togetherrrr
    • DETOUR! living with Tom
    • Y’all still can’t really cook but NYC is too expensive for your starting salaries to eat out every day so you learn together!
      • Spending weekends making dishes for the week together 
      • “What does sautéing even mean” “I literally have no idea” “Should we call Sam?” (SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY SAM YOU LIL FOOD NETWORK STAR)
    • Sometimes you had “sleepovers” in your living room (however small) and just stayed up talking about everything
      • The future, your relationships, worries, secrets, it’s all there because you support each otherrrr
    • Prepping each other before dates! 
      • “What do you think of this outfit” “Can you fix my tie” “Take a breath mint did you seriously not brush your teeth you have FIVE MINUTES UNTIL YOUR DATE GETS HERE”
      • “Go get em tiger” AWW BFFS
    • Having celebratory outings when one of you was promoted or got a new job, consisting mostly of indulging yourselves
      • “TREAT YO SELF”
      • Y’all are actually Donna and Tom from parks & rec ok ok we’re moving on before this gets out of hand
  • Andddd we’re back on track
  • This is where the actual CEOing starts (with a time jump bc it takes some work to become head of a company)
  • (took the next one straight out of my hcs from meg’s ceo!tom night)
  • You rose up the ranks faster than Tom did and he was so proud of you!
    • He hyped you up to anyone who would listen
    • *pointing to a newspaper article on you* “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND RIGHT THERE”
    • If you were ever insecure or stressed about your new job and responsibilities, you could always go to Tom for advice and talk it out
    • If tom was feeling a little jealous or discouraged about work, he opened up to you and you could comfort him and give him validation
  • And then when Tom became a CEO you were able to kind of usher him into the c level and mentor him!!!
    • Now it’s your turn to hype him up and give him advice!!!! I love a friendship!!!!!
  • You two are ICEOBs (Iconic CEO Besties) 
  • Shouting out each other in interviews!
    • Interview with Time Mag: “So, Tom, who are some of your role models?” “My biggest role model is definitely my best friend since college, Y/N, they’re such a great leader and so inspiring to me”
    • Time actually does another spread on you two specifically in their 30 under 30 edition  
      • You guys do a photo shoot together!!! It shows how well you get along, like they just had you talk to each other for a while and got shots of you laughing, smiling at each other, etc etc
      • You talk about how you met, your friendship, how you keep such a good dynamic while being leading rival companies
      • You also talk about financial literacy and educating young people about business and money because that’s important!!! (in which Isabel also tries to teach life lessons)
      • I want this to be real now why do I do this to myself
  • *This next bullet isn’t gender neutral*
  • If you’re a woman and someone (or more likely multiple people) makes sexist comments about you, Tom is the first one to defend you
    • “Y/N is a better CEO than you could ever be and being a woman does not affect that in anyway.  She’s done so much for her company and I refuse to tolerate sexist comments like this, about Y/N or any other woman”
    • Obviously you can defend yourself, and prove it to the haters through your work and success, but it’s nice to know that Tom’s got your back
  • Going out to lunch together!
    • This is an at least monthly thing
    • You pick a new restaurant (from a small diner to a 3 star Michelin sit down) and just talk
    • Update each other about your lives, talk about work a little bit
    • Talking about company problems and giving advice
    • Blocking out at least 3 hours for these
  • You still roast each other obviously
    • Probably even more than before bc you gotta keep that Holland ego in check
      • “Tom, I’ve never met a ceo who couldn’t pronounce croissant until now”
      • “The WSJ should’ve called their article on you CEOs who are under 18 because that’s how old you look”
  • Tom is probably better at golf than you, but you know how businesses have a lot of golf outings
    • These aren’t competitions at all, just for networking and stuff, but Tom is Tom and turns it into a competition anyway
    • He talks so much trash about your golf game
      • “You’re lucky you’re a good CEO Y/N because your golfing skills alone wouldn’t get you anywhere”
      • “Tom, golfing literally does not affect my career at all”
      • “You just say that because you’re bad at it”
      • May or may not have threatened to hit him with a driver
  • In conclusion, you and tom are the best ceo’s and friends around and you support and love each other and it’s the amazing and beautiful 

I kinda really like this??? Lmk if you want me to do a part 2 (or ceo!besties with someone else!) bc I’m very tempted uh oh (and also send me feedback bc I could use some critiquing) 

Stay tuned I guess