also triceps


Did chest and tricep today! Also did 40 minutes of cardio. Sprints later too. Let me know if you try some of these out! The one arm cable pull downs kill! The cable tricep one also kills 😬! I’ll mention the exercises I did not in the video as well. For the tricep pull downs you shouldn’t your whole body shouldn’t really be leaning into the machine. You only cheat yourself by using body weight. Also try not to let your elbows come up to get more of the isolation part of it.
•tricep rope pull downs 3x15 (last set till failure)
•single arm pulldowns 3x12 (last set till failure)
•standing dumbbell tricep extension 2x15
•cable lying tricep extension 3x15 (this also works your core like crazy)
—–not in video
•dumbbell flys 3 warm up 3 real x 12 (last set till failure)
•incline dumbbell flys 2x12
•straight arm dumbbell pullover 3x15

40 minute cardio 20 in beginning right after preworkout. 20 after lifting.
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giftfromsatan  asked:

Hello! Quick question if you have the time. I am trying to up my pushup repetition ability, and am currently at like 2 before I die. I have a very large chest (i think the extra boob weight makes it harder for me, but thats just a guess). What would you recommend I do? I hit the gym during the week, so I have machines available but I don't know which ones would particularly help. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you :)

Chest press machines and also tricep extensions will do! If you can only do 2 regular push ups you can try doing incline push-ups on like a chair or a bench to get started as they’re a bit easier


gackt: Hi Bros n sisters. How are you doing? It’ really works not only on your biceps and triceps but also on your abs and back. 60 times for 1 set. Just do it.
おはよう、元気か? これは上腕二頭筋と三頭筋だけじゃなく、腹筋と背筋もバランスよく締められる。1セット60回ぐらいを目安にやってみな。
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madeinbrussels-deactivated20160  asked:

Is it necessary for a girl to train chest? I don't really see the point of it :D

It’s necessary to work all your muscle groups.

Training your chest will help you perk your boobs, improve your posture and also strengthen your upper body. When you’re training your chest, your front deltoids and triceps are also involved.

Obviously you wouldn’t train your chest like men would: 4-5 exercises per workout. However, you must include exercises like bench press, push ups into your upper-body workout.

When you train, don’t think like “I will only train my butt, because … I’m a woman hey”. Yes, you will more focus on your legs/butt, but when you do fitness; everything must fit together. 

Women’s workout routine:

Weightlifting Tips and Tricks!

• Push your elbows forward (towards the mirror) whilst holding the barbell across your shoulders. A professional powerlifter taught me this trick, helps to keep your upper body more vertical
• Stick the smallest or second smallest plate (2.5kg’s is what I use) underneath your heels, about half way. Keeps you more balanced, also allows more range of motion in your squat if your hammies are tight (boys especially!!)

• Keep your body as vertical as possible. Use the smith machine for weighted lunges and make sure your hips are square (not one pushed back and one forward).

Stiff legged deadlifts:
• stronger arm/hand holds in overhand grip! Weaker (left for most people) hand holds in under grip.

Leg press:
• don’t let your knees come in towards each other, if this is an issue for you, out turn your feet SLIGHTLY.
• Get. Low. - this activates your hammies and glutes.
• use different ‘stances’ such as having your feet close together, almost touching, wide and in the centre, narrow and up the top etc. it will hit your muscle from different angles and work different muscle groups

Legs in general, always keep your core tight. Always. This stops your lower back from taking over.

Bicep curls:
• Try standing against a wall, with your elbows almost touching the wall, this stops you from being able to swing ;)

Tricep pushdowns (using a bar, rope, anything):
• elbows stay by your sides, your forearms should move on a ‘lever’ from your elbow joint, if you can’t push it to the bottom and SQUEEZE then it’s too heavy.

Close grip chest press(also triceps):
• Hold the bar a little closer than waist width apart, try pushing a flat bench under the smith machine, it helps.
• bring the bar to just under your breasts/pecs and push straight up keeping your triceps by your side the whole time, not outwards!!!

• Use the dip machine for better form, keep your elbows back! And body as straight as possible.

Stiff legged deadlifts:
• Keep the barbell along your shins, please.
• very small bend at the elbow will ensure your legs don’t take over, and give you a better squeeze at the top.

Bent over row:
• You should be almost parallel to the ground
• Row to your belly button

Lat pull downs:
• slightly curve your back, pushing your chest towards the sky, pull the bar to your chest, whilst squeezing your back.

Okay this has taken like 20% of my phone battery to write so I’ll add more later! Correct me on anything if you so wish, I’m not qualified at all, it’s just some basic exercises that I often see being done incorrectly, that I hope will help to reduce the possibility of some of you guys injuring yourselves! xx