also tony looks pretty when he's thinking

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Hey my dear! I hope you’re well and still possibly looking for prompts? I think I have one here: Peter’s eyes sweep over the engineer appreciatively, “Who needs icebreakers when your lips do the talking for you?” Tony looks at Peter blankly for a moment before the barest of grins emerges, “Is that your best line? I couldn’t tell because your lips seem to be taking cues from your ass.” A ficlet in which Peter is not nearly as smooth as he thinks he is and Tony is very quick on his feet                            

Hey :) aww thank you so much - i hope you are feeling good, too! Sorry took me a bit long!


“What?” Tony asks when Nick Fury ends his speech.

“Stark, what exactly did you not understand?” Fury asks back and he looks so bored, that Tony wants to yawn for him.

“You are saying you found some aliens and now they should live with us in my incredible and did i mentioned very pretty and also expensive tower?” Tony asks and ignores Steve’s cough at that.

“Well not exactly what i was saying, but yes. They are here to help us, so you better behave.” Nick ends this conversation and he is already gone, when Tony opens his mouth.

“Wow wonderful.” Tony mutters and this time Clint groans.

“We got it Stark. You don’t want the Aliens in your tower, but you know that Fury is the boss. You are just a consultant. So behave like one.” Clint answers and Tony rolls his eyes.

“You are right. Aliens aren’t so bad if i think it over. You all are worse.” Tony stands up than and leaves the room. He doesn’t want to talk to them, so he needs to find those Aliens.

It doesn’t take him really long. After a few empty rooms he finds them.

“Wow hello.” Tony says when he sees them. They are obviously aliens. There is a man with green/blue skin and what looks like red tattoos all over it. A little tree, that can talk, - Tony doesn’t flinch at that, he had seen everything at this point- a talking raccoon - again not even a little frown at that - and a beautiful green woman.

“You must be this Ironhead.” The Raccoon says, but Tony ignores him and goes over to the woman. She is really beautiful and looks like she could kill a man with one hand. Just his type.

Tony makes a mental note to talk to the Raccoon later too, because the weapon on his back looks wonderful.

“Did it hurt?” Tony nearly purrs when he is directly in front of the woman.

“What?” She asks back and she already sounds annoyed. Tony tries not to wince and smiles instead. It’s his best smile, he knows it.

“When you fell from heaven.” Tony whispers and tries to flirt with her, because woah her eyes are even better from this close. But she just growls at that.

“What do you mean? We didn’t fall. We wanted to land on earth.” The other man says and Tony looks at him. Doesn’t seem like the smartest person, but who is really?

Besides him, of course.

“Listen we need to speak to a certain Anthony Stark.” The woman says again and Tony grins at her. She knows his name, that’s always a good start.

“Right in front of you. The pleasure is all mine.” Tony says and the woman nods at that, but she seems still uninterested.

“Whatever. My name is Gamora. That are Drax, Rocket and Groot.” Gamora says and Tony nods at their names. Luckily he is very good at remembering names, if he wants to.

“Great so how can i help you?” Tony asks and he is still smiling. He is so focused on Gamora, that he doesn’t hear that the door opens again and another person comes in.

“Well hello. Who is this?” The man asks and Tony notices that he looks completely human. Weird. When Tony doesn’t answer the man speaks up again.

“My name is Peter Quill. I’m the captain of this idiots. So do you have a name or can i call you mine?” Peter says and he even waggles his eyebrows.

Tony wants to laugh at that, but he blushes really badly. He isn’t used to that. Normally he is the one flirting with someone. He doesn’t know how to react really. Tony coughs a bit and tries to distract them from his ugly blush.

“Was that your first try of an icebreaker, because let me tell you, it was bad.” Tony grins, but he can’t help it, he winks at Peter. He can feel the heat in his cheeks. Peter looks beautiful. He has such a warm smile and looks like he would give wonderful hugs.

Tony shudders. Forgotten is Gamora.

Peter’s eyes sweep over the engineer appreciatively, “Who needs icebreakers when your lips do the talking for you?”

Tony looks at Peter blankly for a moment before the barest of grins emerges, “Is that your best line? I couldn’t tell because your lips seem to be taking cues from your ass.”

Peter laughs loudly at that and Tony tries his best not to faint, because Peter is really cute and hot at the same time. Fuck.

“Sassy. I like that.” Peter says and walks over to them. He is bigger than Tony and also really broad. Tony can’t believe why he would want to flirt with him.

“You do?” Tony nearly squeaks and he blushes even more and what? Normally he is the one, who makes other people blush and stutter.

“Sure.” Peter smiles so warm again, that Tony just nods a bit and smiles back. He isn’t sure whats happening right now, but he would go with it.

“So are you here often?” Peter asks and Tony giggles at that. Giggles. Loudly.

“Well it’s my tower and i live here. So maybe.” Tony answers cheekily and this time it’s Peter who looks a bit embarrassed. Tony holds his hand out and Peter shakes it.

“My name is Tony but you can call me yours anytime.” Tony says and before Peter can answer, Tony already storms out of the room. Outside he leans against the wall. His heart is beating why too fast.

“Jarvis… did he… flirt with me?” Tony asks and he smiles goofily.

“I believe so, Sir.” Jarvis answers and Tony shrieks at that. Because what the hell. Hopefully those aliens never leave him again.


“Dude what the hell was that?” Rocket asks and he grins.

“I was… flirting?” Peter asks back and even Drax starts laughing at that. Gamora just shakes her head and smiles at Peter.

“Well then you are not as good as you think.” Gamora grins at him and Peter pouts. It wasn’t that bad, was it?

“Do you think i ruined it?” Peter asks and Rocket shakes his head.

“Nah i hacked his security system and you can see him outside still swooning.” Rocket holds up his screen and Peter blushes.

Tony is standing there against the wall, pressing his hands over his heart.

Peter doesn’t stop smiling the whole day.

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GASP I just found your Dragon!AU and I have to say that it is the most heartwarming thing I've ever read. I love your writing, but this one? Made me think of how innocent and naive Dragon!Tony is, like he'd be so amused by the most mundane human activities; a stick that when pressed to paper can create pictures?! A box that can play music?!

Before Thor arrives and teaches him how to shift into a human form, Steve and Bucky take turns bringing stuff from the market for Tony to look at! :D

Tony finds an empty trunk just for his gifts from Steve and Bucky: There’s a little wooden box that has a little doll in it that turns in circles. The box plays a pretty little tune, too! He thinks his mother might have sung it in the deep, throaty way dragons sing. There’s also a piece of cloth with colorful flowers on it. Bucky explains that it’s called embroidery; someone sewed all these pretty flowers onto the white cloth. There are several books, many with pictures, and Tony likes looking at them and imaging what it would be like to visit those places. There are little stone figurines, carved like dogs and sheep and cats; a little wooden doll wearing small, fine clothes; feathers from exotic birds; a sheaf of paper and a wide charcoal pencil that he sometimes scribbles on them with, delighted by the sight of something he made appearing on paper.

There’s a painting in there, too, of him basking in the sun, scales glinting fiery red in the light. Steve had painted it for him. Tony has never seen himself entirely. He’s seen bits of himself in Natasha’s mirrors, the ripply reflections in water, but this is the first time he’s seen his entire body at once. He thinks that Steve is trying to flatter him, because there’s no way he’s that beautiful. Still, he’s flattered, and his wings and belly flush with pleasure when he looks at it. 

It started with ‘Hello’ (Not a request)

Note: Pure Fluff, Adult AU (No powers), BABY PETER, I don’t own the picture used ^^ 

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Words: 4435

(Y/N) had been as single mother ever since she was twenty-one years old, thinking that the man she had been was going to be the one only to find out that he left her… for her best friend. That didn’t matter to (Y/N) anymore the only thing that matter to her was taking care of her son Peter with no one else getting in the way of that. It wasn’t easy being a single parent and working an office company that ate away almost half her day. She had moved into an apartment complex with others due to it being the nicest, yet cheapest she could afford. She was was resting on the couch with her one year old son in her arms as they both slept after a long day for both of them.

Suddenly there was a knock at her door as her eyes fluttered open when she slowly rubbed the sleep from her eyes before laying Peter down onto the couch. She stood up stretching before she walked to the door as she glanced at the clock to see it was almost midnight. She opened the door as her eyes widened slightly, her neighbor Tony Stark was standing at her door. She had lived at the apartment building for about two years and he was one of the nicest people she had met. He was also helping her when she needed something fixed and she had to admit he was pretty hot to say the least. “Oh hey Tony anything I can do for you?” She asked softly.

“Hello…Uh… This is going to sound weird, but my apartments getting renovated and I can’t stay in it for a few weeks due to some of the chemicals they’re using or whatever… I was wondering if I could possibly stay at your apartment until it’s over. It’s completely fine if not it’s just… you’re the only one I’d go to for this sort of this.” He said rubbing the back of his head as she chuckled. “Um.. Sure. I don’t see why that won’t be a problem.” She said before he smiles. “Thanks, it starts tomorrow so I’m gonna go get some of my stuff so I don’t have to disturb them tomorrow. I’ll be back okay?” He asked as she nods. “It’s okay.” She said as he rushed down the hallway.

About an hour later Tony had all the stuff he needed so he didn’t have to go back to his apartment. “Where should I sleep?” He asked looking at her as she frowns. “Well the other bedroom is Peter’s room and I’d hate for you to sleep on the couch, because it isn’t comfortable unless you’re sitting. You don’t mind sleeping in my room do you?” She asked as his eyes widened. “I think you should be asking yourself that question. Would you mind if I slept in your room. This is your place. I am the guest.” He said placing his hand onto his chest as she chuckles. “I don’t mind.” She shrugged softly as Tony nods when she helped him into her room.

It was slightly weird because she hasn’t been with a man in a while, but it wasn’t like she was jumping in the sheets with him. He was a friend, who asked for her help in a time of need in which she was happy to provide for him. (Y/N) had put Peter to bed, he looked a lot like his father, but he acted like his mother despite being only one. Tony knew about what about happened with (Y/N) and her ex, but he never pushed on the issue. Sometimes Tony would take care of Peter if (Y/N) was working on a day she was supposed to be off and couldn’t find a babysitter. “Thank you for letting me stay, I really appreciate it.” Tony said sitting on the bed.

“It’s not a problem, you’ve helped me through a lot these past two years. So I’m happy to do something in return.” She smiles as a smile softly spread across his face. “Thank you still.” He chuckles when she sat down on her side of the bed. “I apologize now for any time Peter starts to cry. He really likes to wake up about three-thirty in the morning.” She chuckles as he shrugs. “It’s alright. I don’t mind.” Tony said before they laid down. “Good night.” She said softly. “Good night.” He said before she flicked off the lamp in the room. The only sound that was heard in the room was her fan as she started at the bedroom door in front of her vision.

She couldn’t sleep, not with Tony laying so close to her. She never thought about Tony other than a friend, but the more her mind was thinking the more she realized how much she had developed to care for him over time. She was snapped out of her thoughts by a sobbing Peter when she stood up see Tony’s eyes flutter open. Mumbling a quick apology she runs over to Peter’s room as she walks over to the rocking chair before she starts to feed him while she gently swayed in the chair. She smiled down as Peter started to doze off again when she slowly stood up when she started to lay him down. He started to sob loudly as she picked him back up.

“Of course you’re going to be difficult.” She let out a sigh before walking back to the room when Tony looked back as a smirk spread across his face. “Was he feeling lonely?” He asked as she nods. “Yeah, he doesn’t always like sleeping in his bed.” She said before crawling into the bed as she cradled him before laying Peter down into the middle of the bed. Both of them were watching Peter sleep, the innocent expression on his chubby little face had them both smiling. Suddenly she started to doze off when she looked at Peter one more time before her eyes fluttered shut. Tony noticed that they held the same expression when they slept as he thought about them being his own family causing his eyes to widened, shaking his head he shut his eyes.

In the morning (Y/N) woke up to probably the cutest sight she’s ever seen. Nestled in Tony’s chest laid Peter gripping Tony’s shirt while Tony had an arm under Peter’s head to cradle him closer. She bit her lip softly as she looked at them, not wanting to disturb them she slipped out of the bed to make breakfast for them. She came back about fifteen minutes later to see them still sleeping when she slowly removed Peter from Tony’s hold. Tony’s eyes snapped open ready to fend off anyone when he noticed it was (Y/N) as he scrubbed his eyes. “Good morning.” She smiles softly as she lays Peter’s sleeping form onto her chest. “Good morning.” He yawned.

“Did you sleep okay?” She asked as he nods stretching before sitting up when he rubs the back of his neck. “Better than I have in a while.” He chuckles before slowly removing the covers. “I hope you’re hungry. I made coffee and breakfast.” She smiles as Tony looks to her. “You are an Angel.” He said as she lets out a soft laugh. “Thanks I try.” She said before walking out towards the kitchen. “You can come out when you’re ready.” She called out from the kitchen. Tony finally trailed out a few minutes later to see Peter sitting in his high chair while (Y/N) sat in front of him feeding him. For some reason Tony couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face at the two.

His eyes widened as the thought last night of being his own family flooded back in before he shook away the unwanted desires. “It smells good in here.” Tony said walking over to the stove as he grabs some food to eat before sitting down in front of the two. He chuckled as Peter babbled to his mother before he ate whatever she was spooning into mouth. She had a few pancakes there that she had cut up to give to him also while Tony watched them. “He’s a pretty clean baby when it comes to eating.” He chuckles as (Y/N) looks back. “Oh no, this is one of those rare occasions that he doesn’t fight me back.” She laugh causing Tony to laugh.

“Hey what time do you have to go into work?” Tony asked taking a drink of his coffee. “Around Noon, why?” She asked as Tony nods. “Well I know you keep hiring that Paige girl a floor down, but she’s expensive.” He said as she nods. “Don’t remind me.” She sighed softly. “Well I’m actually off today, but I was thinking about going out and getting a few things. I thought maybe I’d just take Peter for today at least. It help you because you don’t have to pay Paige and it helps me because I owe you for helping me.” He shrugged. She was about to protest, but it would be nice to not have to worry about Peter, because she trusted Tony. “Alright.” She nods.

“Alright.” He agreed. “Thank you.” She said chuckling as Peter looks at Tony before babbling when Tony grins. “Really? Is that right?” He asked as Peter continued to babble. (Y/N) laughs when Peter’s chubby hands slap against the tray as Tony gasps placing his hand onto his chest. “Well then.” He laugh when Peter grins before giggling as (Y/N) wipes the syrup off his face. “Can you watch him while I got take a shower really quick?” She asked as he nods. (Y/N) walks back the hallway as Peter and Tony look to each other when he stands up taking off the tray. “Come on little buddy. Let’s get you dressed so we can go out.” Tony grins carrying him back.

Laying Peter down onto the carpeted floor as he grabs new clothes for him while Peter tried to crawl away. Tony gasped playfully before pulling him back down into a laying position before he started to tickle Peter causing him to giggle. “And just where do you think you’re going? Huh?” He asked chuckling as Peter squirmed around. Tony pulls the shirt and pants on before struggling with Peter to get the socks and shoes before standing him up, but still holding him. “There.” Tony grins when Peter grabs at his face unaware that (Y/N) was standing behind them. She knew that Peter need a father in his life, but she hasn’t had time to put herself out there.

Shaking that thought from her mind she walked over as Peter babbles looking up to his mother before squealing excitedly, trying to climb up Tony to reach. “Ah! Hey Pete, you can’t do it that way.” He chuckles before handing him up to her as she takes him with a smile. “I will see you later my little boy.” She kisses his cheek while he placed a slobbery one onto hers. “Be good for Tony.” She said before Tony stood up as she looks at him. “Please be careful, and don’t do anything reckless with my child or I will drop you through the ground permanently.” She threatened as Tony nods. “Noted.” He chuckles when she smiles before they walk out.

She grabs her cup of coffee before she grabs her briefcase slipping on her heels as she looks back to them. “Say bye to Mommy.” Tony said picking up Peter’s hand as he waves it to her. She smiles softly before waving back as she chuckles when she walks out the door, once again thinking about how Peter needed a father. Tony was really good with him which kind of surprised her considering Tony told her how he didn’t know if he wanted kids of his own yet. Peter on the other hand, he wasn’t too fond of anyone that stepped in and tried to swoon her, but he giggled and babbled to Tony like he was meant to be there. She sighed softly before getting on the bus.

Tony had been staying at her apartment for almost three weeks now and he informed her that it would be at least another two weeks. It was fine by her, because he had been helping with things around the apartment any chance that he could get. The best part about all of this was the fact that Peter was growing closer and closer to Tony. Tony and (Y/N) grew closer, she found out that he has a sister who has her own kids which is why he is really good with them. It was the middle of the night while both Tony and (Y/N) laid closer and closer each night now almost touching, but neither one admitted to that little factor.

It was about three in the morning when Peter started to sob loudly from his room as (Y/N)’s eyes fluttered open grunting. She didn’t want to get up, but she had to before suddenly she felt Tony place a hand onto her shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ll get him.” He whispered softly as she looks up at him with bleary eyes. “Are you sure?” She asked as he makes a noise of agreement. “Thank you.” She whispered when Tony walked out and over to Peter’s room. Peter was clinging to the side of the crib as he sobs looking up to Tony who immediately picks him up. “Awe, what’s the matter little man?” He asked as Peter cuddles against Tony’s chest before falling back asleep.

“Yeah that sounds about right.” He chuckles before he walked back to the bedroom to see (Y/N) was asleep again. She woke when he crawled into the bed as she looked to see Peter nestled in his arms causing her to smile. “Went right to sleep on your chest didn’t he?” She asked as he lays down onto the bed with Peter against him. “Yup.” He chuckled as she chuckled softly. “Yeah, he likes to do that a lot.” She said before kissing the back of Peter’s head. “Thank you again for getting him.” She mumbled feeling sleep start to consume her again. “It’s alright.” Tony chuckles softly before pulling the cover over them both. “I don’t mind.” He whispered as they fall asleep.

The morning Tony woke up to Peter squirming in his arms when his eyes fluttered open to see he had an arm around both Peter and (Y/N). His eyes widened seeing how close they were with Peter lodged in the middle of them as he whimpers looking hungry. Tony slowly removed his hand from (Y/N)’s side as he picks up Peter gently before walking out towards the kitchen with him. “Jeez Kid, I’ve been here for a few weeks and I seem to have grown a bond over you and your mother..” Tony glances back the hallway before setting Peter into his high chair. “I think I might actually have something for her… It’s definitely love. I’ve never been in love before.” He mumbled.

Peter watched as Tony started to make breakfast for (Y/N) considering it was her first day off in almost four weeks. “Ugh this was not what I was expecting to happen when I decided to say here.” He mumbled scratching the back of his head. “I mean I liked her before, she’s a beautiful woman, but… but I know that over the past few weeks that like developed into something more.” He said looking back to Peter as he chuckles softly. “I really don’t know what I’m telling you this, it’s not like you understand a single word that’s coming out of my mouth.” Tony shrugged. “Still it’s better to get things off my chest to someone, even if it’s you little man.” He chuckles softly.

(Y/N) woke up to see both Peter and Tony were gone as she frowns sitting up when she heard Peter’s infectious giggle out towards the kitchen. She stood up before opening the bedroom door as she slowly trailed out of the room to see Tony was making face at Peter to get him to giggle. She smiles softly watching them both, part of her knew she was starting to fall in love with Tony. After all that he has done for her, and seeing how good he is with Peter it was nice to finally have someone in her life. Despite never kissing, or anything like that. “Good morning.” She said as Tony looks up to her when his face lights up in a dark red blushing making her smile.

“U-Uh Good morning.” Tony stands up right as Peter gurgles happily when he reaches out for her. “How long have you been there?” He asked in a slightly worried tone. “Long enough to see you makin’ faces.” She laugh as Tony’s face darkens even more. “Ah, you saw that.” He chuckles as Peter giggles looking between the two. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” She said softly when Tony nods. “Uh, I made breakfast if you’re hungry.” He mumbled softly. “Thank you.” She said before getting them both a plate as they sat down together like a normal family. “What do you want to do today?” Tony asked as (Y/N) looks at him. “Well we’re both off.” He shrugs.

“I was thinking about just cleaning the house and maybe watch some movies with this little turkey.” She said tickling under Peter’s chin as Tony smiles. “I can help with that.” He chuckles. “You don’t have to, also if you have clothes you need washed put them in the hamper.” She said when she stood up collecting the empty plates while Tony wiped Peter clean. (Y/N) started washing dishes as she glanced back to see Peter lay himself onto Tony’s chest when Tony smiled leaning down to place a kiss on the top of his head. She knew that Peter loved Tony, and she knew in this moment that she wanted Tony to be his father, but she couldn’t tell him.

It was a few hours later as they started to clean together while they moved in sync when they flipped on Mickey Mouse for Peter and plopped him into the playpen. They were finished when they saw Peter standing in the playpen whimpering as (Y/N) smiles sadly. “Awe does my baby boy want out of there?” She asked as Tony chuckles standing behind her when Peter reached out for Tony. “Dada!” He exclaims as they both froze at the proclaim from the child. “Did he just…?” Tony asked looking at her as her eyes widened in shock. “His first words…” She whispered covering her mouth as she tears up when Tony bit his lip. “I’m so sorry.” He started.

Suddenly she pulls him into a hug when she starts to laugh happily before turning back to pick up Peter. “You were supposed to say Mommy!” She laughs as Tony felt this flutter in his chest at Peter calling him Dad. It took him by surprise and how (Y/N) reacted made his face heat up when he swallowed softly. He didn’t know what to say, or do I mean he wasn’t Peter’s father, but right now he wanted nothing more than to be there as her husband and his father. He smiles watching (Y/N) rub her nose against Peter’s as he giggles kicking his feet out before she looked to Tony. “He wants you.” She said offering Peter to Tony who swallowed before taking him.

“Hey little man.” He chuckles feeling tears form in his eyes, because he knew truly had a family so hearing Peter call him Dad was just heartbreaking and heartwarming all in the same shot. Peter grabs at his face as he gurgles babbling again causing (Y/N) to smile at the two boys. “I’ll be back. I’m gonna go get the mail.” She said pointing to the door. “I think Peter is right where he wants to be.” She smiles as Tony nods. “Alright, be careful.” He said as she chuckles. “I’m just going downstairs, but I will.” She got on her shoes before going out of the apartment and down the steps. She couldn’t believe that Peter’s first words were ‘Dada’ and it was to Tony, knowing that this was fate, or something that was trying to get them together.

She unlocked her mail box before noticing the landlord of the house Nick Fury walking into the apartment. “Afternoon sir.” She smiles as he smiles back. “Afternoon Miss (L/N) where’s Peter?” Nick asked. “Oh he’s upstairs with Tony.” She said as he nods. “Actually speaking of Tony do you know when his apartment will be done?” She asked as he frown. “Tony’s apartment has been done for two days. I called him and told him he could go back. He hasn’t yet?” Nick asked as (Y/N)’s eyes widened before she laughed it off. “He must have forgotten, or I asked for his help.” She said getting her mail as Nick shrugged. “Who knows with that man.” He mumbled before walking off as (Y/N)’s entire face lit up in a dark red hue when she looked to the floor.

She went back up the steps before looking into the apartment seeing Tony was on the floor as he held up Peter causing the small boy to squeal and giggle. Her heart melted at the sight as she walked into the room clearing her throat when Tony looked over. “Hey.” He smiles sitting up holding Peter tightly as he stood up. “Hey yourself.” She chuckles before she set the mail onto the counter. “So I bumped into Nick.” She said as Tony placed Peter into the playpen. “Oh yeah?” Tony asked looking at her. “Yeah and he told me something really interesting.” She said as he swallows thickly looking nervous. “And that is?” Tony asked quieter. “He told me that your apartment has been done for two days and you could’ve gone back to it by now.” She smirks.

“Ah, that.” He said immediately looking at the floor before he rubbed the back of his neck as he let out a small sigh. “Well that’s because… I had gotten so use to waking up beside you and helping take care of Peter… I… I didn’t want to go back.” He said as her eyes softened before she looked at him. “I was always alone at my apartment but here I always felt like I was… I was… home.” He whispered before he blushed profusely. “I understand if you’re upset, and that you want me to leave.” He said when her eyes widened. “Tony-Tony! Stop right there. You know I’d never kick you out even if I was mad.” She said placing her hands onto her hips. “I mean… it’s oddly sweet that you didn’t want to leave.” She whispered smiling softly as he looks at her.

“Really?” He asked with a confused expression. “I guess I got use to having you around as well. Peter just adores you, he doesn’t always take after the men I tried to date after his father. He loves you and I know you love him to.” She said taking a few steps closer as Tony’s face heated up more. “And I liked waking up next to you, I liked doing things with you these past few weeks.” She said as she cups his face when he looks into her eyes. There was love, devotion, and happiness swirling within her irises as he slowly starts to smile. “S-So this feeling of something for you and Peter are mutual?” He asked softly in barely a whisper. “Does this answer your question?” She asked before suddenly pressing her lips to his own when he pulled her closer.

Tony immediately kissed back feeling like fireworks were going off inside his chest as his fingers entangled themselves into her hair. He’s never felt this way from just a kiss, it felt like the missing part of him was set into place, like everything was right in the world. Finally pulling away as he laid his forehead against her own as she chuckles tearing up when he frowns. “Is something wrong?” He asked in worry. “For once in my life… No.” She whispered grinning before hugging him tightly as Peter babbles looking at them when Tony smiles hugging her tightly back. “How about we go get the rest of your stuff out of your apartment? You already live here.” She whispered as he smiles. “You want to do that?” He asked softly. “Yes.” She smiles to him.

“Okay.” He smiles back. “If you would have me.” He whispered when (Y/N) looks to Peter. “What do you say little man? You want Tony to stay?” She asked when he started to bounce up and down in the playpen as he grins excitedly letting out a squeal. “That’s a yes from both of us then.” She smiles as he kisses her again before chuckling happily. “It’s nice… to have something like this.” He whispered. “It’s nice to have someone I can trust again.” She whispered wrapping her arms around his neck when he nods when he leans down scooping Peter back into his arms. “You know…” Tony trails off as they both look to him. “Peter could use a playmate.” He suggests as her face lit up before she nods. “I guess he could.” She whispered.

It was now almost a two years later and in that time Tony moved in, Peter turned three, they got engaged and married, and now (Y/N) sat on the couch leaning against Tony with a hand onto her four month belly. Peter patted her stomach before looking to Tony as he made a ‘ssh’ noise causing them both to chuckle. “This one likes to kick a lot.” She chuckles as Tony smiles. “Probably has your can-do attitude.” He smirks as Peter giggles. “It’d be nice to have another girl in the apartment so I’m not only.” She chuckles softly when Tony held Peter in his lap. Peter lays down in between them as he cuddles his mother’s bump while watching the movie in front of him. Tony smiles looking at them both as (Y/N) starts to doze off. He never thought he’d ever be like this with her and it all started with ‘Hello’.

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Prompt: Darcy/Clint, trail mix? Maybe Darcy Stark and she takes after her dad (RDJ) and stashing snacks...

“Hungry?” Darcy asks, shoving a bag towards Clint’s chest. He’s still beat, and more than a little beat up from the last mission. Of all things, his feet. You never realize how much you use them until you literally run skin straight off.

Don’t ask. It was a bad idea all around. Clint blames Kate. Kate blames Clint. That’s pretty normal.

And now Darcy has produced, what the hell, trail mix, out of no where.

“What, you look hungry. Or just angry. Hangry? Mr Barton, are you hangry?”

“Mr Barton?” Clint says with a scoff, “I don’t think anyone has called me Mr Barton if they weren’t also my lawyer.”

“Yep, hangry. Eat, Clint.” Darcy says, “Tony says that he’s done a redesign on those explosive tips you suggested and that you can sit your ass in a rolling chair and head down to the lab.”

Clint may have refused an actual wheelchair in favor of just being in pain when he walked.

“No offense, but why did he send you?” Clint asks as Darcy produces said chair for him. “Aren’t you supposed to be in…Virginia with Foster? Why are you here?”

Darcy smiles like a fucking secret, and that just…that is infuriating. Clint doesn’t like secrets. He loves knowing them, but he can’t stand it when he doesn’t have them. 

“He thinks he’s match-making. It’s a terrifying prospect.” 

Clint’s taken aback as he gingerly takes the three steps closer to Darcy and sits in the chair. She starts pushing him towards the elevator.

“Wait, what? Matchmaking?”

“I know, right. I’m not sure what to be offended by, that he is taking that much of an interest in my life for once, or  that he’s managed to understand me so well.”

Wait, what? There are layers here, and as Darcy’s fingers ghost at the edge of his neck, at his hairline, Clint’s not sure what layer to start with.

But he’s going to have fun with all of them.

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Okay okay but Peter's eyes have you under his FREAKING SPELL MAN like idk it's like hypnosis or some sh*t you just CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM and when he talks to you you just blank and idk man they're just so pretty and warm and brown and soft (Tony thinks it's hilarious how stuttery you get around him cuz you're usually so cool and collected) ~Tessa

man yes i was just gonna add photos & post it but like (also i changed it a bit soRRy)

• yes peter is a god lemme tell you
• there are just so many alluring things about him
• like the list is endless
• firstly, he’s got the softest skin
• you seriously asked him what moisturiser he used because
• what
• this boy can’t have this naturally angel like skin
• like wtf peter teach me your secrets
• “is apart of being spidey? like you get great skin?”
• “w-what? no! a-and i don’t!”
• also yes peter parker 100% has freckles fight me on this
• theyre supa supa light so you can’t really see them unless your up close
• which means you see them whenever u kiss him
• you definitely get distracted by looking at him after u kiss him
• his nose is riddled with them & they are a d o r a b l e
• you love them
• peter?
• not so much
• so you dedicate a large amount on ur time to kissing them all
• so he knows if he doesn’t love them, you will
• just freckley peter dude
• but his eyes
• peter parker has eyes that are out of the fuckin world
• he gets real confused bout your hype about them tho
• “theyre just brown? i don’t und–”
• “shh they aren’t just brown like they’re so fuckin pretty”
• cue blushing
• peter also gets real shy about it too
• we all know he’s an angel and can’t take compliments
• especially from someone as pretty as you
• like he can’t help but get flustered
• “s-stop! you know i..”
• “you what?”
• whispering under his breath
• “you know i get, uh, you know…flustered when you compliment me”
• you just grin at his nervous expression and red cheeks
• “i don’t know what you mean”
• he blushes again because no please don’t make me say it
•you just lean in and kiss him on the nose
• “don’t worry peter, i know u get flustered–that’s why i do it.”
• he glares but his cheeks are still red & blushing so it’s not very threatening

winteriron - I wanted to stay with you

[inspired by this] (Then it takes off on its own)


Two weeks ago, Bucky finally mustered enough courage to to talk to Tony Stark. A week ago, Bucky finally got Tony’s phone number. Yesterday, Bucky finally asked Tony to have lunch with him (as friends, mostly, because Tony didn’t seem to get Bucky was asking for a date, and also invited Bruce and Rhodey. Bucky cried inside, but it was still progress. Progress is good, whatever it is.)

So, today, because Bucky was trying to be a gentleman (And maybe also trying to steal moments with Tony) even though it wasn’t a date, he picked Tony up. From his place. 

But, when a frazzled Tony opened the door, Bucky wondered if  today wouldn’t be much of a progress after all.

“I am so sorry, Buck! Rhodey said he won’t make it, his nephew got sick and his sister needed to come into the office today, atleast for half-day, so he had to babysit. Bruce said his lab just got a breakthrough, and my R&D made a mistake and I need to fix it before afternoon! I was about to call you but you’re already here and oh god I am such a bad host I am so sorry! Can we re-schedule? We can have dinner, if you want. I make a mean spaghetti.

Bucky was disappointed, but it was more because he wouldn’t be able to spend time. But then, Tony asked him in and he knew he probably shouldn’t, Tony’s going to be busy, but -

“Off course, yeah! I love spaghetti! Yum!”

Bucky didn’t really like spaghetti all that much, but Tony could make mudballs and he’d probably eat it all the same.

He never did refute every time Steve told him how pathetic his crush for Tony Stark is.

But really, who the hell can refuse that smile. Bucky will say yes to anything, really, if that smile is what he gets.

“O - oh, great! I - uh, you’re already here, and my lab is just downstairs. Do you - want to wait? Of course, if you -”

“Sure, that’s great! I don’t mind waiting. I mean, I’m already here, right?” Bucky said brightly. This is a much better progress! Time alone with Tony (well, probably just sitting and waiting around, but much better doing it in Tony’s place than in his room with Steve’s nagging and teasing), and also a chance to see Tony’s place up close! Can today be any better?

As it turns out, it can.

“This is your lab?”

Bucky stared at the marvel that is Tony’s lab, full of floating holograms and iron man armors on display on the far side of the lab, rowed in curved arrangement that centred to the circular podium circular podium right in front of the display. There was also a couch on another side, where a mechanical arm is trying to plump the pillows, but instead its claws got caught on a loose threads and making the ratty couch lose a bit more of its stuffing an it pulled on the stitching.

“Yea - Dummy! No, you useless mongrel! I told you not to -” the arm moved left and right, trying to lose the thread that got stuck on its claw, but the movement only tore the stritching even more “- no - stop - ugh, wait!”  Tony quickly stopped the arm’s movement and quickly untangle the thread from its claw. Bucky tamped down a laugh, but he probably failed on hiding the smile, because Tony blushed when he glance back at him. The arm, however, was less remorseful, as the claw was nudging and bumping on Tony’s sides with the occasional peeking from behind Tony’s back.

Bucky never would’ve thought that a mechanical god-damn arm could be adorable.

“Uh, so. This is - DUM-E, but feel free to call him Dummy, because - oh god, knock that off! I’ll donate you to a goddamn public school, see if I don’t!”

The arm seems so dejected that Bucky just had to do something. And damn if the arm (it was an arm, with a claw, no eyes or face to make expression but of course Tony managed to make it so expressive even with just an arm) didn’t tickle all his protective instinct.

Like its owner, really.

Before Bucky managed to say anything, Tony was already on another tirade, absently patted the arm, which seemed to put the arm on good mood again before Tony moved to another side of the lab, Dummy trailing behind.

“So, I’ll be over there. Do you mind loud music? I usually put them on when I’m working. Friday will always hear you though, so you can ask her for whatever you need. There’s a mini fridge over there if you want some drinks, I think Rhodey have some soda in there. Just sit tight and make yourself at home, you can even ask Fridey to put on TV.”

Bucky nodded and smiled and thanked the man. Bucky took a seat at the ratty couch, finding it surprisingly comfortoble and lumpy enough. Bucky thought sleeping there would probably still be comfortable, maybe even more than his own bed. Bucky sneaked a glance towards Tony, who already had a few hologram screens around him and - something - on the workatable in front of him. Tony looks so focused and - okay, how is he adorable and cute and cool and hot, pick a side, brain!

Bucky turned away, feeling himself blushing and thanking his mother and father they didn’t have any irish blood in him so his blush probably didn’t show as blatantly as Steve’s usually was. Bucky fiddled with a loose stand of the couch, wondering how long the couch has been there, He then looked towards a hologram screen, still blank, probably the screen that used to watch TV.

“The remote is on your right, Sergeant Barnes,” Friday’s irish tilt remarked politely. Bucky was surprised he could hear her as clearly even through the music Tony put on. Bucky glanced to his right, finding a black, smooth block covered in blue hologram, like a tv remote. Bucky grinned.

“Thanks Friday,” Bucky didn’t know if Friday heard it, but Tony did say Friday will always hear him. He them picked up the holographic remote and turned on the screen. He went for a bit of channel surfing, before settling on a foreign daytime soaps with subtitles on, then moving on to ther channels when he got bored. He doubted that his changing channels had anything to do with the remote. Friday was probably seeing his finger movement and changed the display accordingly. But, having a remote is more familiar to Bucky than needing to speak the command.

Once or twice, Bucky glanced at Tony again, still immersed in his work. After 10 minutes of just changing channels, Bucky turned off the screen, waited for three seconds while staring at the ceiling, and walked towards Tony. He wondered if it was okay to tap the man’s shoulder, so he decided to knock on the nearest surface, which was a metal table. Bucky wasn’t sure if Tony heard, but he glanced towards Bucky, which was enough.

“Do you need any help?” Bucky asked, wondering himself what the hell he could’ve helped with, or if Tony could even hear him. But, Tony smiled and the music’s volume turned down a bit, enough ofr Tony’s voice to carry without neeeding to yell.

“Nope, I can handle it. You can just sit and relax, Bucky. I promise I’ll be done soon.” Tony then went back to his work, but the music’s volume didn’t get turned up again. Bucky didn’t move from his place, instead he contented himself with watching Tony work. It was a marvel, really. Bucky can stand all day and watch Tony work (or maybe eat. Or sleep. Or maybe just sitting next to him. Or talking, that one was tested and Steve was the exasperated and embarassed witness) and he won’t get bored. Eventually, Tony noticed him again.

“Why aren’t you sitting?” Tony asked curiously. Bucky just shrugged. 

“I wanted to stay with you.”

It was the god honest truth and Bucky wondered what the hell posessed him to say something so embarassing. Is it possible to be overdosed by Tony stark? Side effect, loose lips and honesty and embarassing words of heart.

The blush on Tony’s cheeks were totally worth the embarassment. And also the smile. Especially the smile.

“…Then, can you hold this part for me? This one is pretty heavy.”

Bucky’s answering smile is probably too wide, too dopey, but Bucky doesn’t think he cares about it, not when Tony is smiling like that, and he gets a chance to be close with Tony.


Today is looking better and better.

A/n: I usually write angst. So many angst. This is probably my first fluff that doesn’t have angst in it. Is it fluff enough? Too fluffy? Need more fluff? xD

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I just finished scrolling through your werewolf!AU and, Howard and Tony's relationship is just so precious?? This entire world is just too pure for my heart <3 I'm just slightly curious though, if it's alright to ask, how would future Howard react to the AI JARVIS? Or would this be in the timeframe where he was 'destroyed' by Ultron?

I find Age of Ultron to be Nonsense of the Highest Order so I try to avoid that when I can. (I’m a monster because I can’t have children???? It’s all Tony’s fault??? FUCK. THAT. NOISE.)

I think Howard would be pleased with JARVIS. Edwin Jarvis was not Tony’s father figure growing up but he was one of Howard’s dearest friends.

(“A friend that serves you?” Tony asked once, confused, concerned, too young to know better.

“There’s nothing wrong with working in the service industry,” Howard informed him sternly. “They are not less. Also Jarvis can totally kick my ass and I’m pretty sure the only reason he doesn’t is because it would upset your mother.”

“It would not,” Maria squawks, offended. “Jarvis, beat my husband up.”

Jarvis sighs wearily in the background as Howard and Maria squabble.)

I think Howard would feel incredibly humbled and touched that his friend is immortalized in this way. He knows it would have hurt Tony to have his mother or father’s voice for his AI. Jarvis always did look after Tony when Howard and Maria were burning their candles at both ends for the company and charity and politics. Jarvis had no problem with “the werewolf thing” and even when Maria had just brought her pup home and was snappy and growly, Jarvis had still tried to insist on her eating a little something.

AN: So, I don’t normally do sequels to fics, but a lot of people seem to like the first one, and when I got a request for another I really couldn’t refuse. (Thank you wowjeena for the request for the second one, and thank you justang6 for the request for the original one). The gif is not mine (but hOT DAMN) and, as always, ignore any spelling mistakes. Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Recap: Your father, Tony Stark, wouldn’t let you go to the mall alone, so Pietro volunteered to come with you. You both end up in Victoria’s Secret where Pietro ‘helps’ you pick out a bra and panties.

Warning: Listen, it’s not going to be a straight up smut. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever write that, but it will get a little…*ahem*…heated.


“Defiantly” (Second part)

You got back from the shopping trip pretty late, much to your father’s distaste. Tony thought that Pietro was a nice enough guy, but he was also nice looking. Tony could see that Pietro flirted with Y/N, his daughter, even when they thought he wasn’t paying attention. Had it been anyone else, he would have found it humorous.

“You guys took your time shopping, huh?” Your dad asked as you struggled to carry the bags of clothes that you had bought in through the door.

“Let me help you with that, Y/N.” Pietro offered while holding his hands out to you, ready to accept any bags you threw at him.

“I’ve got it.” You stubbornly said, then made your way to your room at the end of the hall. You shut the door and locked it, and the first thing you did was pull the Victoria’s Secret bag out of a larger bag with a different shop logo on it. You mentally patted yourself on the back, if your father had seen that you went shopping at Victoria’s Secret with Pietro, you would never be able to be in the same room as Pietro again.

A small knock came on your door, and you rushed to shove the Victoria’s Secret bag under you bed. You ran up to the door and opened it, revealing your father.

“How was the trip?” Tony asked. “Did you get everything you needed?”

You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, “Yeah, dad, I got everything. Are you going to bed?”

He yawned and stretched his arms above his head. “Yeah, and you should too. It’s late.”

You nodded and gave him a quick hug, then shooed him out of your room so you could finish unpacking your new clothes.

The entire tower was silent as you put the new T-shirts and jeans you had gotten into your drawers, you figured everyone was in bed. Once you packed away all of the stuff that had been scattered over your bed, you got the bag with your new bra and panties in it. You emptied the two items over your bed and looked at them with a smile, they were very nice, and not just because they reminded you of a certain Avenger. Though they were lace, they still looked very comfortable, and the colors on them seemed to compliment each other very nicely.

“Are you going to put those on, or just stare at them all night?”

Your eyes widened as you recognized the accented voice behind you.

“How did you get in here?” You asked, then realized that it was a dumb question. He had super speed, he could have sneaked in your room within a second. “Never mind. Why are you here?”

“What do you mean?” Pietro asked, slowly walking over to you. He reached around you and pulled up the bra in front of your faces. “You promised me that you would model these.”

You blushed, almost forgetting what she had agreed to.

“Then get out and let me change.” Pietro grinned and vanished within a second, you heard your bedroom door softly shut.

You couldn’t believe that you were doing this, but something about his smile and his way with words made you want to do anything for him. You slipped the bra and panties on and sucked in a large breath.

“Come in.” You quietly called to the door.

Pietro was in front of you in a flash. His blue eyes raked you up and down, a small grin began to form on his face. You were never the most secure about your body, but something about his expression gave you a confidence that you had never felt before.

“Wow, Y/N, you are beautiful.” Pietro’s eyes glistened.

You blushed. It wasn’t like you guys were dating, this whole thing was completely foreign to you. Pietro had never spoken to you like that, well, actually no had ever spoken to you like that. You were not used to that type of praise, but man, it felt so good to hear it.

“I-uh-” you were cut off by Pietro’s lips crashing onto yours. You guess that it had been building up for some time, you guys flirted every time you saw each other. It was only a matter of time before you actually put the words to action.

You wrapped your arms and legs around Pietro’s torso, pressing your body against him. The kiss deepened, and both of your mouths began to open on each other’s.

His hands slipped over your curves and all over your back, almost like he was trying to memorize you just by touch. You pulled on his hair in an attempt to get him closer to you, earning a moan from his mouth.

He picked you up by the waist and set you down on your pillows, all the while still keeping your mouths attached. For a split second he was gone, but when he reappeared over her, he had taken off his shirt. You looked to the side and saw that it was neatly folded on your bedside table.

Pietro took a hold of your chin and steered you towards him again, once more assaulting you lips with his own.

He pulled away for a moment and looked down at your cleavage that was showing. “Y/N, I love the bra, but now would be a great time for you to take it off.”

((I’M SORRY THIS IS AS FAR AS I GO! I am blushing like a mad women, you have no idea.))

Rules: List your favorite characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people

I was tagged by @the-flightoficarus

1. MCU: Tony Stark, my precious boi and also a BAMF. Don’t think you guys need me to extrapolate on him.

2. M*A*S*H: Hawkeye! He’s a really cool guy, pretty laid back about most stuff but. (keep in mind this is a 70′s tv show) He flirts with and sleeps with women, but is really respectful about it. He defends and respects a gay soldier. He does not put up with racism. And to top it off, he is very much a pacifist. 

When he and Col. Potter were pinned down in a ditch by enemy fire- “Look, Colonel, I will treat their wounds, heal their wounds, bind their wounds, but I will not inflict their wounds!” 

Another example- “I’ll carry your books, I’ll carry a torch, I’ll carry a tune, I’ll carry on, carry over, carry forward, Cary Grant, cash-and-carry, carry me back to Old Virginia, I’ll even ‘hari-kari’ if you show me how, but I will not carry a gun.”

3. Discworld: Sam Vimes. 

Sam is a badass who protects his city and the rule of law with everything he has. He travels through time, realizes that if he changes the past he may never return to his wife and child, and proceeds to do his goddamn best to change the past for the better anyway. He knows people in his bones, and can tell what street of his city he’s on by the feel of it through his boots. The Assassin’s Guild refuses to take contracts out on him, not because he is too dangerous, but because killing him would tear a hole in how the whole city works. He’s a cynic who does his damndest to make the world a better place.

Also, this-

Vetinari: I have noted before that you have a definite anti-authoritarian streak, Commander.
Vimes: Sir?
Vetinari: You seem to have retained this even though you are Authority.
Vimes: Sir?
Vetinari: That’s practically Zen.

Though he is commander of the City Watch, when he leaves the city, the crime rate goes down. The criminals are terrified at the prospect of Vimes coming back and being unhappy about the state of affairs.

He arrested a war for attempted murder and it worked.

4. Fablehaven + Dragonwatch: Seth Sorenson

He starts off as a scrappy kid who likes breaking the rules to see what happens, and is too curious for his own good. As of Dragonwatch, he is a shadow charmer who can communicate with any and all creatures of darkness, is snarky as all hell, has survived actual Demons, and will protect those he loves at all costs. He’s smart as fuck and creative too, great at spotting and using loopholes. 

Also, that character growth? He starts at 11. And grows to 13.

5. The Vorkosigan Saga: Gregor Vorbarra

For once, not the main character! But I have good reason.

In his first appearance in the Vor Game, he’s terrified and suicidal. He Does Not Want to be Emperor. But he grows a spine, manipulates his captor for the sake of his world, and goes home with a stiffened spine and a new sense of duty. He learns how to be a firm ruler, not letting his nobility get the better of him. Learning how to accept help without being dependent on it. Even falls in love and marries an independent, intelligent woman.

His story is that of a man with depression who overcomes, and becomes one of the most powerful people in the books. It’s not as realistic as I would like, but it’s a strong recovery arc.

6. Any of Tamora Pierce’s female protagonists

They are, consistently, hardworking women who rise to power in a world overwhelmingly patriarchal. They rise due to their own feats and determination- not because a man “let” them.

7. The Dresden Files: Harry Dresden

I’m not gonna put too much here, since I’ll be going thru all his books in Fusion Circles. (still working on it, I promise) In short- he’s kind and sticks to his principles. He’s powerful, but remembers the powerless, and respects those of different kinds of power than his own (eventually).

8. Ranger’s Apprentice: Will Treaty

He’s smart as anything, funny, and also a badass. Actually that could really be the summary for anyone on this list, except a couple of Tamora’s protagonists.

He forgives. He cares. He is willing to listen. He can reform his opinions of somebody. 

9. Howl’s Moving Castle (the book): Calcifer

He’s clever and kind and I think you can tell I’m running out of energy. Read the book, you’ll like it.

10. Supernatural: Sam Winchester

Just watch. I need a snack. G’bye.

Iyami’s character design

This is something curious that I went through while researching on Osomatsu-kun. In fact, this is ALSO because I was asking myself how GREAT the impact the series had on Japanese culture, back in the day, and how it keeps making impact now: Iyami is pretty much one of the most recognizable characters from Fujio Akatsuka’s works… and “SHEEH!” is a cultural meme that has been active since earlier 60s.

But first, let me start by first impressions from other people about the series’ designs.

One thing that I encountered in many comments from the Osomatsu-san’s first episode alone was about the character designs, and how for some they look kinda out-dated, and, perhaps, even a bit racist, if they were pulled by western artists.

I cannot say if they are correct or not, mostly because this series was created during late 50s/earlier 60s (the first anime is from 1962), and definitely, some pretty minor characters have stereotypes drawn all over them. But some others? I don’t think this was 100% intentional.

I think this is the whole impression some people got from Iyami.. 

Firstly, Iyami’s character is quite dubious. According to Wikipedia (which, itself was a translation from the Japanese article), his job wasn’t always constant, but as the story of the series goes on, Iyami results to be a con-artist, with dubious schemes to make money for himself. Everytime when his plans explode in front of himself, he always end up exclaiming ‘SHEEH!’

He also claims to be from France, and his verbal tics are result of how he thinks people speak elegant French. Yet, everyone and their dogs know he is pretty much Japanese as everyone else in the cast.

Now, design wise, Fujio Akatsuka based Iyami on Japanese vaudevillian comedian Tony Tani (1917-1987), who looked more like this:

And both influences can be pretty notorious in the last 50 years (or more appropiately, and perhaps more logical, last 30 years) if you suddenly look at a minor character from x series who ALSO happens to be a con-artist or a comedian of sorts: the over-bite or buck teeth, the style of dressing, the mustache, the hairstyle… from first sight, those aspects pretty much can tell you how a character could result to be.

okay, so i was thinking. danny sexbang and ninja brian are practically (kinda bad but also pretty powerful) superheroes, right??? well. what if they existed in the same universe as the avengers. imagine a nsp and avengers cross-over. brian and clint signing to each other constantly, having their own secret little jokes working great together in the field. dan and tony getting in competitions over who has the best innuendo and pick up lines. thor liking danny for his cape and steve laughing at him when he points out dan’s outfit looks kinda based off captain america’s. steve not really trusting them for a while especially not brian, but bucky reminds him with a hollow expression that they’ve all done questionable things in the past. brian and nat getting into stealth competitions and sneaking round, playing pranks on the others, or trying to get the most kills in a mission. brian spending a lot of his free time in the lab with tony and bruce because sure, he loves spending time with danny, but it’s nice being able to do science stuff with other people, especially since clint insisted they all learn sign language. thor introducing brian to jane and the two of them going off to study space when brian isn’t needed. bruce finally having somebody he doesn’t have to worry about hurting when he turns into the other guy because even if it comes to the worst, dan never stays dead long. just. imagine.

Downey (…) also admits: there’s some jealousy there. “I look at him like, ‘Oh, you and Falcon got a good thing going on, huh?’ He doesn’t really seem to give me the time of day.”

And later, when Cap chooses his friend Bucky Barnes, a brainwashed assassin, over Tony  … that’s the last straw.
“Alls I’m saying is ultimately he’s never been in a status position over Cap,” Downey says. “It’s a crappy deal for Tony. It has been from the time he came out. I think he’s actually been pretty civil, all things considered. When he tries to bring lightness into the fact that he actually, at certain points, has the real upper hand; he just can’t help himself.  Because it’s just been simmering for years and it’s very unrequited.”
In Civil War, he is starting to figure out that “paying for everything” isn’t the same as friendship, a fact you can read in his eyes in the trailer when Cap says he has to fight for Bucky because he’s his friend. “So was I,” Iron Man says softly.

What’s more painful: a broken friendship, or Tony realizing there never really was one?
“He’s really trying everything from great earnestness to outright manipulation, emotional manipulation to try to get Cap to just make this, to swing the vote,” Downey says.

Iron Man doesn’t want to fight, he wants Cap on his side. But sharing is tough. And sharing power is especially hard.

More h/c fluff. This time injury/illness on my bingo card. For nohaijiachi :)


When Steve finally saw Tony, he was trying to wave off a young man in EMT clothes. Tony looked terrible: he was pale, his face tight; his clothes were rumpled and torn in places, and that was how Steve could see that the arm Tony was cradling against his chest was very obviously swollen.

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