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so Katie McGrath is a giant geek, reads tons of books, studied history aka she’s a nerd, listens to rock music, likes weapons and knows how to use a sword… and (most importantly) I just learned she’s naturally a blonde.

I might just have to marry her at this point I have no choice


westallen + slow mo kisses

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Dude I am begging you to make more Latino Jason headcannons!!!!

ask and ye shall receive 

-jason totally pulls the mom move of waking up early and playing loud spanish songs while cleaning the entire place. like he goes hard don’t even try to get him out of the zone 

-both the batfam and the outlaws have come to dread waking up to the beginning of ‘bidi bidi bom bom’ bc they know what’s in store (yeah jason’s a selena fan fight me) 

-jason can cook a lot of different varieties of food, but his faves are stuff like tamales or pozole bc his mom used to make it for him when he was a kid (and he took up making it for her when she was going through withdrawal and when they had the money for ingredients)

-jason has a slight accent still, it comes from growing up on the streets and speaking a hybrid of english and spanish slang so he got teased a lot for it after bruce took him in. bc the kids knew he was different 

-he still is kinda self conscious about it, but if he’s really comfortable around the people he’s with then it’ll come out. so far, only roy and kori have heard it. bruce, dick and alfred have too but that was before his death

-when jason was still living in the Manor, one day he accidentally called alfred ‘abuelito’ while they were cooking together and got really embarrassed, but alfred told him it was perfectly fine. (and he may of teared up some but shhh) 

-jason also calls him abuelita whenever alfred mother hens him and alfred cant even nag bc it’s just nice to have jason home 

-jason also calls kori ‘princesa’ as a little nickname. when roy complained about why he didn’t get a nickname too he also got princesa

-jason lowkey loves spanish soap operas he will watch them and get invested in the story but none of his fucking friends believe him when he tries to explain what’s going on bc it sounds so absurd they just think he’s pulling their leg

-jason still hasn’t called bruce any version of being his father since coming back, but he will call him ‘papas fritas’ because bruce is ‘one salty son of a bitch’ 

-one time jay left his ipod at the manor and the whole batfam kinda shuffled through jason’s music out of curiosity and it was all pretty normal classic rock, thrown in with some modern pop (a lot of niki minaj tbh which was unexpected but also expected) but then dick finds a playlist labeled ‘workout (hardcore version)’ and it’s just the song gasolina by daddy yankee listed ten times. 

things i've noticed about pinof 8 (after watching it 4 times in a row)

- when dan picked up phil phil said “not again”

- at 3:16 their arms are positioned in a way that suggests they’re holding hands

- when phil is tapping dan while he’s saying yes boi you can see he touched his butt a lil

- phils “describe your butt” he reads it and looks at dan and then laughs

- the look phil had when dan ate the banana

- phil r e a l l y didn’t want the contents of his bedside drawer on camera

- dans sharpie nose faded quite a bit over the filming of this video. if you look right after phil smudged it you’ll see it didn’t fade too much. so dan was definitely doing something with his face during the filming.

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why do you have to put your hand there?


Consider: Victor and Yuri saying I love you in their native tongues.

Now consider: saying I love you in EACH OTHER’S native tongues.

(also I have 0 knowledge of Russian and like 0 skill in writing in Japanese so… I apologize for every part of this.)