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Zack jolted awake, he had dreamt he was walking down some stairs when suddenly he missed a step and started falling. He hated those dreams. Groggily he rolled over and looked at the time. “!?” It was nearly 8:50. “Damn!” He jumped out of bed and shot an apology text to Dal-Sung. Quickly he put on some clothes and hopped out the door and he put on his shoes. He sprinted down the the stairs waving down a taxi. Today of all days he was late for class. On a day he had a very important presentation.

Finally he rang a taxi down and quickly got in. He gave the address and finally took a breather. Okay… Okay… he could make it. The professor always called on people by order of last name alphabetically. And luckily for him there were a lot P last names in his class. He pulled out his phone rubbing his temples to keep the headache that was forming from creeping in on him.

Ah… A nice calm person to talk to.

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