also to avoid my teacher from asking me about my english homework

hey friends!! a lot of you ask me for tips on things all the time + this is just some really good advice i’ve learnt throughout my years of being a student shared with you:


  • study frequently so when exams/tests come by you only need to revise your shorter notes [you will thank yourself later]
  • i know it’s tedious but try to always do your homework [it’ll help you in the long run]
  • do your readings before class, this will help you understand better!!
  • use time wisely, for example study on the bus on the way to school [i really like doing this]
  • teach yourself material by giving lessons to soft toys or maybe using actual tools found in your household [i like using this method particularly for biology especially with water]
  • if you have to read to revise, read aloud
  • record yourself to be able to listen later when on the bus or something [i like doing this with poetry]
  • make sure to always get enough sleep, it’s not worth it losing sleep over studying! [also i find it better to wake up a little early to revise than sleep late]
  • incense works wonders if you’re trying to calm yourself down whilst studying
  • keep a hot beverage around when you’re studying + reward yourself by drinking a little bit of it when you want to
  • get rid of distractions while you’re studying, put your phone on flight mode or leave it to charge somewhere
  • if music doesn’t hinder your attention span, then listen to it whilst studying/doing homework [i suggest classical music/coffee shop noises/rain sounds] ~ [my spotify playlist // classical favourites // get ur studying on // flourishment]
  • watch videos on a particular topic before you cover it in class
  • if your syllabuses are available online, download them + print them out
  • have an organised desk, it helps you feel less stressed
  • use the pomodoro technique to study
  • make sure you have good lighting
  • work out past exam papers if they’re available to you, these are really good practice for your exam!
  • talk to your teachers during their office hours if you need to, that’s what they’re there for
  • if you’re too afraid to do the latter, send them an email when you need them!
  • have different files for every subject to keep you organised
  • don’t neglect any subject- just give them the time they need + prioritise
  • use a planner/bullet journal to help you plan your week

school stuff

  • smile at people, you have no idea how much it could brighten their day [plus your smile is great!!!]
  • always keep a water bottle handy
  • make your school lunch in the evening so you can sleep a bit more in the morning + not spend your money on school lunches
  • always take your headphones + charger to school [if they’re allowed]
  • keep some emergency money or something in your pencil case, you never know when you might need them!
  • if you menstruate make sure to keep a bag with stuff for when you’re menstruating [if not for you, maybe your friends may need something too]
  • take naps on the bus if the journey is long [make sure you don’t sleep + end up on the other side of the city/country]
  • if you have free lessons, utilise them! do your work at school if it can be done there so you are able to study/relax at home!
  • always take a book with you to school just in case you ever get bored
  • go to a guidance counselour if you need one [they can help with practically anything you may need!] 
  • go to private tutoring lessons if you need them/can afford them

personal life

  • take pictures, lots of them!!! not just for instagram or something, they’re actually a really great memory
  • don’t forget to visit your relatives every now and then
  • watch the news/read articles to help you stay in touch with the real world
  • don’t worry so much about social media honestly from experience, it’s trivial anyway. indulge yourself in the real world + spend time with family and friends!!
  • don’t compare yourself to others, you’re not them + they are not you!
  • try to get some exercise done, even if it’s just using the stairs instead of a lift or dancing around in your room
  • always keep yourself hydrated
  • remember to take a day off once a week, it’ll help you avoid burnout
  • eat fruits/nuts as a snack!! 

+ my masterposts

these are all practically all the tips i can remember!! i hope they help a lot of you out <3 good luck with school 

-helena xx

Tell Me

Summary: Sam has this habit of distracting you every time he comes to visit. Working out more, forgetting to wear a shirt, you know the drill. But what happens when he finds a way to distract you when you’re in class as well?

Word Count: 5187 (got a little carried away. Not sorry at all)

Warnings: Implied smut. Sam Fucking Winchester (let’s be honest here, he is a warning all in himself)

A/N: @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba​‘s fic Sexy Bastard is the fic that started this whole thing. Seriously, as soon as I read her summary “Sam is a fucking tease, okay?” I knew that I was done for. I’ve been working on this for an entire week because it just had to be done. Also, perfect timing! Happy Birthday Sam Winchester, you tease!

Tell Me English MasterlistDime Masterlist en Español

“How about that homework last night?” Jonathan asked, sliding into his normal seat beside you.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Nelly groaned, turning in her chair to talk to you two. “Lil and I worked on it for six hours and we still don’t know if we did it right.”

“Right?” You agreed emphatically, getting war flashbacks to your battles with the case study and your excel spreadsheet. “I swear, we haven’t even learned half of the stuff it was asking us to do.”

Rhetta pushed her chair closer and you fought to hold back your eye-roll. Here comes her self-righteous, better-than-you speech. “Actually, we learned about the regression analysis last week, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to answering question five from there.”

How about you just hop, skip, and jump away from us?

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friday, we finally made it

The sixty seconds between 3:29 and 3:30 last two years. He swears the clock is moving slower than usual. Is his watch broken? Did they disconnect the bells? Did he accidentally fall into an alternate reality where time is slower? Is he really in the Matrix and -

The bell rings, and he barely has time to say, “Okay, guys, have a good weekend and don’t forget your homework!” before the kids are practically climbing over each other in their scramble to get out of the classroom.

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hey hello friends!! i’m excited to present a new original masterpost series, #studyingwithacdemic! my blog’s “tagline” has long been ‘study with me’, and now i’d like to make that a reality. in #studyingwithacdemic, i’ll be addressing many of the problems that students encounter in their studying journeys, and offering my personal tips on how to face them! 

some of these masterposts will be veeery specific while others will talk about a broader topic. however, all of them have one goal: to help you become the best student you can be! you can tag posts using these tips with either #heyacdemic or #studyingwithacdemic and i’ll be sure to reblog <3

with that aside, here’s the very first masterpost: studying a subject you hate. i know hate is a very strong word, but there are some subjects you really just can’t stand. however, there are a few different kinds of hatred:

  1. hatred because it bores you: if you don’t enjoy learning about a subject, that can certainly complicate things a little.
  2. hatred because it confuses you: sometimes you don’t like a subject because it’s not your strong suit and it frustrates you to try and understand it!
  3. hatred because of previous failures: there are some subjects i don’t like because i failed a test on it, or something of that sort, whereas i enjoy the subjects i’ve always done well on. past mistakes may influence your opinions on a subject!
  4. hatred for no reason: u serious mate?? pfft.

there’s really no set, foolproof method to tackle subjects you don’t enjoy, so in this masterpost i’ll be addressing how to study for subjects that you dislike based on why you dislike them. ok ok, without further ado:


  • use a rewards system!! if you really cannot get yourself to enjoy a subject, forcing yourself to like the subject won’t get very far. however, forcing yourself to like studying it is slightly more doable.
    + set up a way to reward yourself for bravely facing that awful subject
    + after two hours of focused studying, give yourself a pack of gummy bears or something. give yourself an incentive to study!
    + bonus points if the reward is good for you. maybe reward yourself a 30 minute run if you finish studying, cause that’ll boost your energy, be healthier than gummy bears, and be a cool reward for studying :)

  • study in different ways! have some diversity in the ways that you study!
    + experiment with timelines, mindmaps, annotating, etc. to keep things interesting while you’re taking notes.
    + also don’t hesitate to stray from your textbook and into the world wide web of info: look up youtube videos, podcasts, websites, articles, etc. to study rather than just sticking with what your teacher gives you!  
    + when you’re reviewing something, don’t just stare at your notes, turn it into a game or something!! make it fun.
    + if you’re always trying new ways to study a subject, who knows, maybe one will click and you’ll start to enjoy it :)

  • associate with things you enjoy! hard to hate something that’s similar to so many things you like, right?
    + for example: you hate english? look, you’ve just shunned all of your favorite books and songs and writing in general. you hate science? sorry, my friend, it’s because of science that you’re breathing (biology) and cake exists (chemistry)
    + ps: sorry if i got those subjects wrong, i haven’t taken chem or bio yet!

  • study with the pomodoro method! here is a great masterpost by aza (@etudiance) about the pomodoro method, i really recommend taking a look!
    + this works great for subjects that bore you because you’d be studying for short blocks and have breaks in between, meaning you wouldn’t be stuck staring at a textbook for 3 hours *shudders*
    + just make sure that the time you’re spending studying is really focused studying, not just passively flipping through notes.

  • study with a friend! especially if they LOVE that subject. studying with a friend (productively) can make subjects so much more bearable!
    + as long as it’s actually studying, and not.. taking selfies or talking about unrelated subjects ////toootally haven’t done that before ahem ahem////
    + plus, if your friend adores the subject you abhor, maybe their enthusiasm will rub off on you!


  • ask your teacher for help! i swear by this one: teachers are (usually) great people who want you to succeed! no they are not evil creatures making you fail your classes for the heck of it!
    + arrange office hours or something with your teachers to go over content you’re struggling with. this is a great time to get to know your teacher as a friend and you’ll be approaching the material at a pace you’re comfortable with
    + if you’re scared of talking to your teacher (we all know the feeling!), you can always just correspond via email, and if they think you need a private meeting, they’ll most likely suggest it
    + if your teacher gives study guides or premade note thingies, always always always go through them thoroughly because that’s exactly what they think you need to study!!

  • don’t hesitate to raise your hand! everybody hates asking questions in class because they’re afraid they’ll sound dumb. don’t.
    + ask with pride because somebody out there needs you to ask that question for them! and even if you think you hear snickering (spoiler alert: that’s your imagination, silly), imagine it as a heroic deed for that-one-kid-who-needed-to-know-the-answer-to-that-particular-question-but-didn’t-bravely-raise-their-hand-like-you-did. congratulations, my friend.
    + teachers are totally fine with going through material again because if you are struggling to understand something, that’s their fault because they’re supposed to be teaching you. 
    + it’s better to ask during class than struggle on a test.

  • basically, reach out to other people. if you have trouble with a subject and are starting to resent it because of that, the answer is not to self-study and cry over things, the answer is to ask for help.
    + i know because i basically wing everything and there are times when i want to slap myself for not asking a teacher, friend, or my parents for help beforehand.
    + don’t be afraid to search online, but don’t rely on it either. if you’re scraping through your english class by living on sparknotes / cliffnotes, etc. that’s clearly not going to work. it’s okay to use resources like that sometimes to help you understand content you’re really struggling with, but using those ideas (aka not your own ideas) in your homework, etc. is plagiarism. nuh-uh, not ok, don’t do it! ask for help!!
    + also the studyblr community is great!! send in asks because we will all want to give you love and support: and even if we don’t know the answer, we can direct you to another person or masterpost that can help. some people to ask are emma (@elkstudies), grace (@gracelearns), sareena (@studyign), ann (@educaticn), seo (@tbhstudying) and kimberly (@kimberlystudies) – they are absolutely lovely and seem to always have an answer <3 or you can check out @studyblrindex to find someone who studies the subject!! or just ask any studyblr honestly! feel free to ask me as well, i’d love to help if i can ;o;

  • use methods that work for you! even though diversity in study methods is great for subjects that bore you, stick with the stuff that always works for you when you’re confused.
    + do you usually get good grades when you annotate while you read? great, keep doing that!
    + don’t make the mistake of sticking with methods that don’t work, though: if annotating while you read just confuses you even more, it’s time to stop and try something new.

  • just keep working on it! hatred due to lack of understanding of the subject is probably the easiest to fix because if you work hard enough, the subject gets easy and woah omg, more bearable <3 it may seem tough now but you can do it!!
    check out my motivation tag for some stuff to keep you going!
    + i personally think @chibird’s super adorable drawings are great for boosting your morale if you’re feeling down / unmotivated :) give jackie a follow!!!


  • don’t doubt yourself! you get one bad grade, then you think you’re just doomed to bad grades in the class for the rest of the semester. then you really do get bad grades because you’ve just given up. don’t let that happen!!
    + the worst thing you can do is constantly remind yourself about what you did wrong!
    + also, most of the time your “failure” wasn’t even as bad as you think!! even if it was something public and embarrassing, the only person who still remembers it is you.

  • spend less time thinking about your “mistake / failure / incident” and more time assessing what you can do better next time! this one’s a biggie. instead of resenting a subject because something bad happened that one time, it’s better to see how you can prevent it from happening again.
    + giving up isn’t an option here!!!
    + maybe for the test you got an F on, you tried a new study method that definitely didn’t work. all you have to do is stop using that method!
    + this will also take your mind off the fact that you “failed” (again, you probably didn’t), and lead you to think of it more positively (because now you know what to avoid doing in the future!)

  • don’t overdo it! one time in english class, i basically made this really dumb mistake and i cried and was miserable about it for a whole year. then, i made myself attempt to memorize the dictionary because i forgot the meaning of one word. 
    + that was a huge waste of time for me, constantly reminded me of the mistake i made, kept me miserable, made me feel guilty when i couldn’t memorize a word, didn’t actually help my vocabulary, and was basically a big, fat pfffft.
    + the lesson to learn from this is: assessing what you can do better next time DOES NOT MEAN to overdo things. it just means to learn from your mistakes and try to improve <3

  • re-inspire yourself! most of the time, this subject wasn’t one you always hated. it was just that one dumb thing that made you feel miserable and queasy to even think about the subject. don’t let something so small ruin a whole subject for you!
    + check out my failure tag for some posts about dealing with failure or disappointment in the academic world!!
    + search for posts in the studyblr community related to that subject to see how wonderful that subject is! :)


  • there’s no way to make yourself not hate something if you don’t know why you hate it. ask yourself why you hate that subject so much! chances are, you don’t hate it at all!
    + try and talk / rant to someone about it (you can drop me an ask with a rant about a subject you hate – i’d be happy to try and help or just be a person you can rant to). maybe the reason will come out in the process of ranting.
    + or just journal / write for a little bit about the subject. sometimes letting your emotions loose can help!

alright, that is it for this first masterpost!! i really hope you found this helpful, since these are all my personal tips, no research or anything. if you have any questions, want to talk, want to yell at me for a bad masterpost, want to chat about your day, have any suggestions for future #studyingwithacdemic masterposts, want to request a future masterpost etc. etc. just drop me an ask and i’ll answer asap to the best of my abilities! <3 thanks for reading and have an absolutely magnificent day, xoxo hannah

Flower Crown Luck

One shot

Pairing: Phan

Genre:Fluffy as could be

Warnings: none 

Word count: 1.6k words

Description: Punk!Phil has a slight crush on Pastel!Dan and when Dan drops his flower crown in the library, Phil returns it and they start talking.

                         Read It On A03

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In Which Mr. Krupp’s Secret Superpowers Aren’t Quite So Secret

( @guiltyhipster and @thatanimationgirl because we’re writing and tagging friends!!) hey y’all remember when I said I wrote CU fanfiction like five months ago. uh. here it is!! I mostly wrote it as a self-indulgent thing because I had no clue there would actually like…be a fandom!! So it’s not my best work lol I just wanted to get my ideas out on paper. 

In this, our favorite terrible principal comes down with a cold, and it turns out that Captain Underpants’ powers begin to leak through while he’s in this miserable state…I am a sad writer’s soul and I would totally love comments if you wanted to give them but totally don’t feel obligated yo!! (ALSO I wrote this when I knew that Miss Anthrope would be Mr. Krupp’s love interest, but I DIDN’T know that she was the lunch lady now so like…she’s the secretary in this lmao)

George and Harold were terribly bright children who just happened to also be terribly, terribly naughty. They never caused any harm, of course, unless one would think that placing ketchup packets beneath toilet seats, replacing the American flag in their classroom with a pair of XXL underwear, and rearranging the letters on the lunchroom bulletin board so it would read “FRIDAY’S LUNCH WILL BE: SWEATY BRAS”, was harmful.

And Principal Krupp definitely considered all those things harmful….

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IB Survival Guide: PART ONE

As someone who’s been through the IB program and finished with horrible mental and physical health, here are some tips and tricks so that you guys don’t end up like me :)

Disclaimer: subject specific tips vary for SL/HL students, go to the bottom of the post to see what HLs and SLs I took


  • Please please start your IAs early! Split it out across multiple days! Honestly each section takes around 30 minutes for IAs
  • Even if it’s the worst rough copy in the history of the planet, get all your words on there, THEN start editing, formatting, and adding pictures. Trust me, this is much less stressful and your final copy will probably be much cleaner
  • Science IAs- START YOUR EXPERIMENTS EARLY get as many trials as you can in!
  • Be sure to talk to your teachers about ideas for your papers beforehand!
  • Geography/English/French IAs- start early for these too. If you’re like me and you have “oh shit” moments when you suddenly get really good ideas half way through your work and have to restart, starting early for these is a good idea. Especially for geo, writing the IA is relatively easy, spreading it out over 4-5 days works well.
  • Peer editing is always a good idea, people may catch things you didn’t


  • CHOOSE A TOPIC YOU LIKE- Interest plays a big part in how well you do, choosing a topic I was interested in made me not mind spending so much time on my EE
  • Choosing a topic you don’t like may increase your chance of leaving it to the last minute
  • START YOUR EEs EARLY and have at least 3 drafts. I split mine up over the course of 4 months, and came out with an A on my Geography EE.
  • Like the IAs, do one section a day, for example, start with introduction, then methodology, etc. etc.
  • I highly suggest doing a geo EE because even if you don’t have results you’re okay, you just have to explain why there was no correlation
  • Geo EE protips: have lots of pretty handdrawn maps, you can have an ok data analysis and still get a good grade, have good methodology, 
  • discuss your EE with your supervisor often, make sure you udnerstand what you’re studying


  • Oh boy this is the scariest part of IB for any student
  • REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW as much as you can!
  • Study each subject for at least 5 days!
  • Seriously, doing practice exams helps you get used to IB’s way of asking you things and you have an idea of what to expect
  • Do the practice exams guys
  • Just do them
  • If your school has mock exams, study really hard for them so you get an idea of how you need to study for the actual examsLook back on mistakes you’ve made on tests/mocks
  • While studying, focus on your weak points, but don’t ignore your strong points– forgetting things is easy
  • Being refreshed and ready to go is important because youll be able to focus better and your brain will work better– I did this and it was good
  • If you’re allowed to take snacks into the exam, take snacks into the exam (but not loud snacks, gummies and stuff)
  • take water into the exam but don’t drink a lot of water– pee breaks are a waste of time
  • if you need to pee during an exam try to hold it in
  • just try to avoid having to pee
    • You can study for your English Lit and French A lang lit exams in like a day if you’re not too keen on getting above a 5. Be familiar with the material
    • Memorize 5-7 important quotes– preferable really short ones
    • Even if it’s not mandatory to memorize quotes, sticking quotes in is an asset
    • Spend 10-20 minutes planning your essay out, get your ideas down on a paper before writing your essay
    • Remember: quality over quantity, even if you have lots written down, it’s your ideas that get you most of the marks
    • Use highlighters, highlight important words, quotes, etc in the passages you’re given
    • annotate your passages
    • Have a colour coding system for your passages when you highlight, each colour should be an important point, but have 3-4 main important points, so 3-4 colours (this helps with planning as well)
    • If your prompt is like, discuss 2 OR MORE something something, discuss only 2, it’s easier, and you waste less time planning/writing, and you can have more ideas
    • Practice problems are good, on top of practice exams
    • Understand the material!!!!!!!!!!! Memorization is not understanding!!! IB asks a lot of questions that require application
    • If you suck at calculus, try to understand it better and don’t be like me and assume there isn’t going to be a lot of it.
    • Seriously study the calculus @all you SL students
    • Study the calculus
    • Yeah for this you need to memorize really well, see how well you know the material by going out on walks pointing at things and seeing how you can relate it to what you’ve earned
    • Study from multiple sources for geo, sometimes there are details that are missed
    • Memorize lots of case studies and stats!!!!!!!
    • memorize graphs and maps too, drawing them to support your points in your answers shows how well you understand the material


  • REVIEW OH MY GOD REVIEW E V E R Y T H I N G as much as possible throughout the year!!!!!!
  • Tips to force yourself to review:
    • Take shitty notes in class
    • This way you have to retake good notes– wow you’re going over material that was previously taught!
    • Make cheatsheets! Even if you don’t use them during tests, cheatsheets are a great way to have all your material on one page and ohmygod look at you you’re reviewing your notes again to condense them!
    • Flash cards work too
  • Find a way to enjoy writing notes–  for me, I like using fancy pens and highlighters, that way I looked forward to doing it
  • Find a study environment you like! A cafe, the library, the park, even a different part of the house
  • Changing your study environment can also help you focus– a change of scenery helps sometimes and you won’t get bored!
  • Talk to yourself
  • Seriously just explain concepts to yourself talk to yourself hearing yourself say it makes the info sink in better
  • Make really weird mnemonics idk it worked for me
  • Group studying can help for courses that need discussion in order to better understand concepts– Geo, English and French
  • Explaining things to people also helps
  • Do your homework kids– even if your teacher doesn’t check it, always find time to do your homework
  • Do things based on a level of priority
  • example: I have a test and a big project worth lts of marks due tomorrow (I would focus on the project, but still study for the test enough to have a good grasp of the material)
  • I know tests don’t count for IB but this is what your teacher bases your predicteds off of, so study hard for them kids. It is also a method of review
  • Most teachers understand how students can get extremely stressed out with the amount of work we get, if you need an extension for a non-IB related thing, you should be able to ~politely~ ask them
  • Time management is key, set up schedules for yourself
  • If you’re studying something you hate, go hard at it for a limited amount of time, then go and study for something you like, or take a brain break
  • seriously taking breaks while studying is good
  • Use apps like forest to keep you focused
  • reward systems are good too, I do it with chocolate (one piece everytime I finish a chapter)


  •  lol good luck
  • The essay and the presentation are tough– but you can do it.
  • The nice thing about TOK is it’s mostly a thought dump, so dump your thoughts before organizing them into an essay
  • Discuss TOK things with your friends a lot– you’ll understand better, trust me, you’ll also get good ideas for presentations and stuff!
  • Get an interesting topic for your TOK presentation ok
  • discussion is the best advice I can give you guys
  • TOK is a special course
  • be prepared to get very angry because all your thoughts will contradict each other
  • existential crises are fun

That should be about it for Part 1 really, this is mainly academics based, I might add to this as time goes on.

If you have questions!!!! I took Chem HL, Bio HL, Geo HL, English Lit SL, French A Lang Lit SL, and Math SL, and did my EE in Geo. I’m happy to help any young ones out :))

Good Luck all you IB Students! You guys are brave, you can do it :)

Chemistry (BTS Namjoon)

Genre: HighSchool!au, just disgusting fluff ugh

Word count: 3,574 (BTS Rap Monster/Namjoon/김남준

“Y/N, are we getting coffee after school?“ Nari asks you. You look at her, and she has two heads, and the room is spinning. You rub your eyes and look again, and everything is normal. Your eyes focus on your best friend, and you try to decipher her question.

She looks concerned. Her hand touches your arm, and you remember your answer.

“Yeah, of course. Coffee. Yes,” you say, rubbing your eyes again. You look at your hands to see eyeliner on them. “Shit,” you whisper, and excuse yourself from the table to use the bathroom.

As you walk down the hallway, you keep your eyes glued to the floor. You don’t want anyone to see you with your eyeliner everywhere. You almost never fall asleep in class, but you couldn’t sleep last night. Your mother said it was because it was a “full moon” but you have your doubts.

Once you reach the bathroom, you look at yourself in the mirror, and it startles you.

You don’t recognize yourself as you try to wipe the excess makeup off of your face. It looks like you haven’t slept in days, and you probably haven’t. After getting the makeup off of your face, you look better. However, now you don’t have any makeup on. You decide that you don’t care, and you exit the bathroom.

Once you open the door, someone slams right into you, hitting your shoulder with the door. Pain spreads down your arm, and you curse loudly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” a girl says quickly before hurriedly scurrying into the bathroom behind you.

You mumble that it’s okay as you walk down the hallway, back to class. You secretly hope that Nari was taking notes for you, as you hadn’t been paying attention at all. Especially this class, it was your worst grade and you had to keep your grades up or you’d get disappointed.

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R U Mine? [Josh Washington x Reader]

Please don’t send in requests right now! Requests are closed.

Author’s Note: I’M SORRY I DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I’ve had so much work these last few weeks, it’s insane. I couldn’t even write a birthday-themed imagine when my birthday rolled around last week. I’ll probably write one soon because I feel the need to lol. Also please don’t send in requests anymore. If you sent one recently, it’s going to be deleted. I closed requests indefinitely back in November. Any requests you see until the submit box opens back up are requests I’ve had since it last closed. The title of this fic doesn’t really fit because I had an idea for this story but then it went in a completely different direction and I didn’t feel like changing the title ha ha.

Word Count: 1,194

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Dipped in Stardust

Rating: T 

Pairing: Riley Matthews/Farkle Minkus

Summary: In which Riley goes to Homecoming with the wrong person.

Word Count: 4.6K

A/N: It’s past Hoco season, which is when I started writing this. Please enjoy! If you want to read more of my fics, you can check out my master list here. Also a huge shout out to my beta, @ilvermornyexchangestudent. Enjoy! 

“Peaches!” Riley Matthews cheered. Maya Hart wavered as she tumbled through the bay window, eventually finding her balance again and wrapping her arms around Riley.

“Riles, what’s going on? Why did you cancel going to our study session tonight with the rest of the group?” Riley skipped back over to her closet, pulling out a series of dresses.

“I got asked to Homecoming and I need your help picking out what to wear. We may have to go shopping, but I thought it would be a good idea to start looking at dresses here and then working from there.” She held out a lavender fit and flare dress. “What do you think?”

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Werewolf~ Taeyong

Paring: reader x Taeyong


Description: When your father reveals that you were named based on werewolf prophecy; which states that you will marry the alpha of the silver moon pack and breed children that have vampire blood running through its veins….. Things take a turn for the worst.

A/N: this is kinda long so if you want to just read the smut part skip to “flashback: 1823”

Warning: oral, breathe play,pain kink. Just kinky in general

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It was Monday 8:15 am and you were dreading the rest of the day. You were still in first period class: English. You love English class you love reading novels and expressing your feelings throughout different types of writing styles. However, you didn’t get much sleep last night and your teacher always talks in a boring monotone.

Your teacher was describing that you had to write and essay of how you got your names and the word count would be around 1,000 . Your peers groaned but you were vaguely excited. You were normally a talkative person and could rant all day, this essay would be easy peazy lemon squeezy.

As your teacher kept rambling about the project your principal Mr. Thomas walked in with a boy. The boy was wearing all black, his hood covering most of his face but it wasn’t hard to tell that he was attractive. His cat eyes, light skin, cherry lips and dyed hair made him look exotic. He also had a familiar atmosphere. You squinted your eyes to Remember if you saw him some place but nothing came to mind. You were too into your thoughts when your English called your name.

“Ms. (Y/L/N) Can you raise your hand please”

You raised your hand in confusion “Ahh taeyong you can sit right there, (Y/N ) will fill you in about what’s happening in our class.”

Taeyong muttered a silent thank you and sat next to you. Being this close to him gave your body a new excitement. Your heart raced, your palms were sweaty and you could barely breathe. What was going on with you? You were normally much more outgoing.

You cleared your throat and spoke.

“S-So he wants us to w-write an essay of how we got our names. L-Like the origins and stuff”

Taeyong looked at you with admiration in his eyes. You tried looking down to avoid his contact but he was so close you could still see him in the corner or your eyes.

He gently put his hand on your knee, caressing the skin of it and occasionally rubbing your thigh. You silently cursed yourself for wearing shorts.

“Jagi what’s wrong, your usually not this quite” his voice was deep and husky but it gave you comfort. His voice reminded you of a nurturing mother singing a lullabuy to her child.

You were confused but at the same time relieved, you thought your mind was playing tricks but you did know him. But from where??

“We’ve met before?” You asked slowly. Hoping you didn’t offend him for your lack of memory. He slightly chuckled and creeped his hand higher up your thigh.

“My love we’ve met more times than you can imagine. I know everything about you”
You shook your head and muttered a “No”. You couldn’t believe what you just heard, unless taeyong was a stalker there’s no way he could know You. You’ve only met today…. right?

Your thoughts were cut off once again by the bell signaling to students to head to there next class.

~~~~~~~~~~~~3pm~~~~~~~~~~~~ You finally finished your long walk home and quickly began your homework. Luckily the only assignment you had to do was your essay for English. You pulled out your laptop and began doing research. However, your English teacher wanted you also to explain why your parents gave you your name which left you thinking. Why do you have your name? Were your parents bored?, were you named after a late relative? , did your parents watch a movie and decide?.

Your questioning stopped when your mother walked in. You smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey sweetie” your mom cooed “whatca’ working on”

“Oh just some essay for English”

Your mother nodded and began looking through the fridge for ingredients for dinner.
“Hey mom” you asked

“Yes honey”

“Why was I named (Y/N)

Your mother’s body became stiff and she didn’t move an inch. She didn’t even blink her eyes. She moved closer to you cautiously and said in a sinister voice

“You don’t know!?!?” Her voice was low but it was still threatening

You shook your head scared for your life. You knew your mother wouldn’t hurt you but something arose inside her. A side you’ve never seen before.

Tears ran down your mother’s cheeks as she cupped your face gently.

“My sweet girl, my beautiful child”

Your mom hugged you tightly and showed that she wasn’t planning on letting go.

But however she did and looked closely in your eyes.

“Don’t let that name be spoken in this house”

You became confused if she didn’t want you to say it why did she name you that?

“Then why did you name me (Y/N)?”

Your mother scoffed

“I wasn’t talking about your name…. I was talking about HIM” she said once again sinisterly “Who’s Him!?!”

Before your mom could answer your father walked in. Your father immediately noticed the tension and set his things by the door and slowly walked to get the kitchen were you and your mother were.

Your mother nodded her head side to side and more tears strained her cheeks. “Jack you have to tell her… you have to tell her before it’s too late”

Your father must’ve understood and grabbed your arm and led you to the living room. He sat you down and sighed.

“(Y/N) your name holds so much meaning. But it also could cause war of the wrong person hears it”

You gulped and nodded your head in understanding.

“It all started in 1823”

~~~~~~~~~~Flashback: 1823~~~~~~~ In northern Virginia stood a group of vampires and werewolves. The 18th century was a rough time for the world, a very supernatural creature was at war. They wanted dominance, strength, wealth and they wanted to control mortal flesh.

Your father Vladimir Jackelyn (Y/L/N) stood in front of the crowd trying to silence them. Your father stood with your mother who was 7 months pregnant and former leader of the silver moon pack Kim jongin with his son taeyong, who at the time was only three.

All three leaders held a meeting to inform other vampires and werewolves about the witches. During the meeting taeyong noticed your mother’s pregnant belly and was intrigued to touch it. Your mother kindly let him. As soon as taeyong touched her. The wolf inside him arose and growled recognizing your scent as his own. In that moment taeyong realized that you were mates.

Futhermore into the meeting Kim jongin noticed an unfamiliar scent in the air. HE quickly became alert. Normally a werewolf could smell a scent and distinguish What species it was. It wasn’t a human, vampire,werewolf, or other creature Kim jongin could sense. When Kim jongin went to investigate he never came back…. his body was covered in multiple silver bullets and his body laid in a satanic pentagram. It was no secret he was killed by a witch.

Your father quickly took action and explained that witches do not have the power to kill off hybrids since they are more invincible because of there DNA and the immortal powers parts of them posse. For the sake of the world your father made the decision of having you and taeyong breed so your kids can kill all witches. Your father was a vampire while your mother was human. Vampires can only be turned and it is impossible for vampire traits to be passed down genetically. However since your father mated with a human, vampire blood runs through her body and now into yours. In remembrance of the sacrifices the silver moon pack did, your mother decided to name you after Kim jongins grandmother

~~~~~~~~~~~~Present day~~~~~~~~ You couldn’t believe what you just heard. Taeyong was your mate!! No wonder, he looked so familiar. You ran to your room and closed the door behind you. You needed to be alone to process what your father just told you. A couple minutes later your father knocks on the door to tell you that him and your mother are leaving for an important meeting. You don’t reply and sit there in silence, thinking of everything. Your father is a vampire, your destined to be with werewolf and the world depends on your unborn children…. you were brought out of your thoughts with a knock at your door.

You opened it to find taeyong wearing the same hoodie as of earlier and drenched from downpour. That’s weird You thought, it was sunny not too long ago. You invited him in.

“Taeyong your gonna get sick if you don’t take a hot shower and put on some warm clothes.

“I’m fine jagi, I won’t be here for long I just came to check on you”

“Is something wrong? Why are checking”

“I sensed your anxiety and depression”

You sighed and lay back on your bed.

“I’m just scared. What If it’s too late and the witch kills me to prevent the prophecy. Or worse what If my dad is wrong, what if the witches do have the power to kill hybrids”

“Jagi you can’t think like that. Its a prophecy for a reason. ” he said as he rubbed your back.

“I know but I just feel pressured and scared”

“You shouldn’t be, they wouldn’t dare to touch you. Nothing can take you away from me”

” I know. Could you stay here ? I don’t think I could be alone right now” you asked

He nodded and kissed your lips softly. You gave taeyong some of your dad’s old clothes and a Towel to take a shower in as his clothes would be in the dryer. You began to get ready for bed when you noticed someone behind you. You look and taeyong was only there in a towel as some water droplets ran down his body.

You bit your lip and looked away hoping he didn’t catch you staring. You felt playful kisses on your neck as warm arms snaked around your waist tickling you slightly. You turned around and placed a kiss on his lips.

You heard taeyong growl loudly as his eyes turned crimson. He pinned you on the bed and growled once more. His wolf wanted you… his wolf needed you, and you were more than gladly to surrender your body.

You felt yourself become wet as taeyong grinded his lower half into your hips while he sucked your skin. You flipped him over and returned the favor. You kissed his skin lower and lower until you reached his towel. You pulled it off and you kissed the tip of his hard member to tease him.

“ jagi you don’t have to do th- UHHH FUCK!!!!! ” taeyong groaned as he felt your tongue lick the base and tip of his member. Taeyong couldn’t take more of this teasing. He longed to be inside you, to take your body to the heavens and back. He wanted to express his love for you.

You bobbed your head up and down his member as taeyong grabbed your hair and made you take him deeper. His breathe got caught in his throat as he came hard.

Taeyong grabbed you and kissed your lips. He ripped off your panties and pulled you up towards his face. Your pussy was just centimeters above his mouth teasing him.

“ I don’t wanna crush your face” you said worry tone.

Taeyong bit his lip and nodded his head .

“You won’t please baby….. I just want a little taste”

He pulled you more down to his mouth and lick your clit. You moaned and grinded against his mouth. He sucked on your clit and he stuck a finger at your entrance , thrusting it in a few times. You groaned loudly and you pulled on his hair. He grabbed your ass and gave it a little smack before eating you out harder. You climaxed and he licked his lips clean.

Taeyong roughly threw your back and kissed you hard while he put a had on your neck. He then grabbed both of your hand and held them above you as he thrusted In you hard. He was going so fast that you barely could catch your breath and your vision was being blurred. You arched your back and came all over his cock but taeyong wasn’t finished.

He flipped you over on your hands and knees and thrusted into you again. He grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled on it as he thrusted from behind. You quickly both came and layed next to each other exhausted.

“ if this is what happens when I stay over, then I’m moving in” he said with a smirk

You playfully smack his shoulder and cuddle into him falling asleep instantly.

I. The New Girl

Imagine: Can you do an imagine where the reader just moved to beacon hills and she is super shy and nerdy and everyone thinks she’s really sweet and stuff but she is also really sarcastic. And one night she gets bitten by an alpha but she doesn’t have anyone to be her anchor so she is her own anchor and like maybe the pack finds out about her when she joins the lacrosse team. And so they get her to join the pack and Isaac becomes her anchor?

(A/n: I got really carried away with this one! There’s going to be a second part because it turned into more of a story than a short imagine. Oops.)


Part 1 Part 2

Moving to a new school is a painful experience in general. Moving in the middle of a school year? Even worse.

But of course, your dad’s job transfer wasn’t going to wait for you to finish your senior year (or even first semester) so here you are at Beacon Hills, wishing to be just about anywhere else.

You had walked to the main office as quickly as possible without running, trying to ignore all of the curious stares. It wasn’t so much that you were afraid of the attention, but more that this was the fifth school in four years you had transferred to. It was getting rather old always being the new girl.

One bright spot about your new school that you learned when picking up your schedule though was that they had a lacrosse team (your favorite sport) and tryouts hadn’t happened yet. You would still have a chance to make the team; and what better way to fit in and make friends?

But one thing at a time. Today was your very first day, and you did not want to mess it up by doing something stupid. Like, say, managing to get yourself completely lost.

Whoops, too late for that one.

You sigh. You had managed to find your locker just fine, but apparently finding your classes for the day was another matter entirely. You knew the bell was going to ring soon too; the hallways were almost entirely empty.

Yet you still managed to run into someone, scattering your books everywhere.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” you exclaim, dropping down to pick up your books. You allow your hair to fall in front of your face to hide the blush creeping onto your cheeks.

“It’s alright, I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

You glance up, and almost forget to breathe as you stare at the boy in front of you.

Damn he’s beautiful, and holy shit you’re still staring.

You quickly drop your eyes again, blushing even harder than before. You gather up the rest of your books haphazardly and begin to stand, accepting the hand up the boy is offering.

“I’m Isaac.”

“(Y/n).” You reply. “Oh hey since I stopped you..kinda..can you help me find the English room?” You point on your schedule to the room number. “I’m kind of lost.”

“Yeah you can follow me, I have that first period too.” he gestures for you to walk with him. “And why are you carrying so many books anyways? You can’t possibly need to carry all of those at once.”

You roll your eyes. “I’m reading them. All seven of them.”

“At once?” Isaac asks in disbelief.

“Yes.” you deadpan, keeping your expression completely serious. “Seriously, he’s buying this?” you think.

You can’t keep serious for long, and end up giggling at Isaac’s expression. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. The English teacher wanted me to bring in the books I read at my old school so far this year and over the summer.”

“Oh,” he ducks his head in embarrassment, “that makes more sense.”

You laugh again. “Yeah, sorry. In my defense though I didn’t think you would really fall for that.”


The rest of the day went well. You sat with Isaac at lunch and he introduced you to all of your friends. You also met this really nice girl in your art class. Overall, probably the best first day you’ve ever had at a new school.

You had a ton of homework to do, but instead of starting any of it you decided to go for a run. You wouldn’t go far; you didn’t know the area well enough yet, but it was too nice a day to spend it all indoors.

You had already been wearing leggings from school, so you just slipped on a sports bra and tank top before running out the door.


Okay so maybe it wasn’t such a nice day for running. When you were maybe two miles out from your house and getting ready to turn around, the skies opened up and began pouring down rain.

“Seriously!” you shout, despite being alone on the road. You begin the long run back to your house, now having to go much slower to avoid slipping on the road.

You were maybe a mile from your house when you heard another runner behind you. A glance over your shoulder told you he was tall, broad, and much bigger than you. You should have noticed him before now; where had he come from?

Figuring you’re being paranoid, you just keep running in the direction of your house, hoping he would turn around or go down a side street.

He doesn’t though, and he’s also slowly gaining on you, your short legs unable to move as fast as his.

It begins to unnerve you that you can’t see his face under the hood of his jacket. Is he purposefully hiding his face? Or is it just because of the rain?

You’re only a half mile from home, but the man behind you is still there. He’s much closer now, and you’re afraid. You wish you had brought mace with you or something. You hadn’t even remembered your phone.

At this point you’re exhausted, but you don’t slow down in the slightest. Your legs are burning along with you lungs, but you push forward, focusing on each foot landing on the wet pavement without slipping.

One fourth of a mile. He’s right behind you. Why had you decided to run on a road that was so deserted? You don’t dare turn around, not when he’s so close. You just keep running, praying your house will come into view soon.

A hand clamps down on your shoulder and jerks you around. He was hiding his face from you, now you’re certain. The man’s eyes are glowing red and he has fangs. Why aren’t you screaming? Your voice doesn’t want to cooperate with you.

This can’t be real. Maybe you had actually slipped on the road in the rain and all of this is a dream.

No, that pain is too real to be a dream. He had bitten you, and then just disappeared? It didn’t make any sense to you, but you were alive.

You stumble the rest of the way home, cradling the arm that had been bitten.

School seems a million years away now.

It takes you four tries to open the front door with the spare key. You count it as a blessing in disguise though; it meant your parents aren’t home yet. They won’t see what happened to you.

You strip all of your clothes and throw them in the dryer, then go to take a hot shower to get rid of the chill in your bones.

The lancing pain in your arm is a constant reminder that what had just happened was not a dream or hallucination, and it terrifies you. You don’t know what to do or where to go from here.

You stay in the shower until the water runs cold, then decide to go to bed early, despite the sun still being out. You don’t actually sleep.

Detention (Part 1)

Rating: R

Word Count: 2,115

A/N: This is a dirty one shot so please be warned if you read under the cut. If you read this, feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you very much and enjoy! x

I looked up when the warning bell rang. I was sat in the back of class and I looked towards the front of the room at the teacher. Mr. Styles taught my morning class, which was English. He was pretty funny and he could be nice when he wanted to be. He was also incredibly attractive and quite a few of the girls in this class, including myself, thought so.

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thirty, flirty, and thriving || a bellarke au

clarke griffin had her future figured out by the time she was thirteen years old. she was ambitious and smart and had everything going for her, but a destroyed science project, a fight with her best friend, some well-timed wishing dust, and a wish to be a “grown up” had unforeseen results:

overnight, she aged seventeen years.

suddenly she was thirty and a surgical resident at one of nyc’s finest hospitals, with a strange woman in her shower calling her “clarke of the sky people”. none of her friends were talking to her, all of her coworkers seemed to hate her, and according to octavia, who was a nurse at the same hospital, clarke and bellamy hadn’t talked in over ten years.

bellamy, now an eleventh grade history teacher at their old stomping grounds, was three weeks away from his wedding to his fiancée, roma. his life wasn’t ideal, per se, but he was content with coasting through however many years he had left. at least, he was before clarke griffin made an unsolicited return into his life.

read also on ao3 ||

“You’re such a nerd, Bellamy.”

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'Luke's School Panic'

this was my dream last night. read and be jealous ;)

summary: Luke Hemmings goes to my school and sometimes I have to look after him more than he looks after me

*not personal to me, still a reader/Luke relationship*

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Hi girls & guys, this post is all about study, coping with the demands of school and emerging from Year 12 (or any school year) with marks you are proud of, and most importantly, how to stay happy along the way! Hope it helps! X Lu

DO WHAT YOU DON’T “HAVE” TO DO FIRST: This is the biggest tip I could give you, and it was something I realised quite late on. A lot of students have the endless complaint, “I never have time to actually STUDY!” - If you find yourself thinking this or believing that it’s impossible to write study notes or actually learn material because you have too much homework to do, then you need to change that mindset right away. Your time is yours, and no one else’s. No one but you decides how you spend that time, and although homework is important to try and stay on top of, at the end of the day writing some quality study notes or doing practise papers months before exams are often so much more useful than doing homework that will not directly be tested in your final exams. Doing homework of course is beneficial; that’s how you learn and consolidate topics, but you should come to the realisation soon that it’s impossible to do 100% of what you are asked to do from teachers. If you do maths, always do the homework! But for other subjects, especially your strongest subject, prioritise making notes on what you’ve learnt recently, reading over previously written study notes, writing a practise response to a question or a practise essay, doing practise papers, making flashcards with key terms/definitions etc. Even devoting a little time every night to staying on top of notes will be so helpful to you. Why not set aside 30 minutes from 6pm - 7pm to study notes/practise papers? If you do this every night, not only will you not have to panic when it comes to exam time, but you will have consolidated study that most people do last minute! This will give you a huge advantage over others who do all their homework but never find time for study. It’s never too early to start studying, even if no one else has started, why not start today!? You know what will be in your exams, so focus on getting familiar with that material as soon as possible, so when it comes to study time right before exams, you’ll just have to refresh your memory. I also really recommend writing your own study notes rather than using other people’s, or trading with friends - when you write your own notes, you learn as you’re summarising material. Getting someone else’s notes can be dangerous; many people feel safe once they have some notes, and leave it very late in the game to actually read them over and learn them. Writing your own notes is by no means a waste of time - in fact it’s a really smart use of your time! Sometimes it helps to read someone else’s notes to reinforce what are in your notes, or to see if they have any great points you’d like to add to yours. So this can be useful too. As for when you’re writing your notes, make sure you’re making NOTES; not long-winded, full sentenced accounts of what your class notes or textbook says. Writing notes that aren’t really notes can stress you out when it comes to learning them - looking at 100 pages of notes rather than 20 is so daunting and makes you feel like you have an impossible amount of work to do in front of you. Subjects like biology and business are great for making creative notes; get into flashcards and mindmaps, post-it notes around your house, laminate a page of notes and stick them in your shower, and so on. I’m 100% positive that using a wide variety of study techniques yields more success than just one method. What I did was I’d write notes (quite lengthy but still only had the essential information) on all of my syllabus points, then either bind them or put them in a clear display folder, then I’d read them a few times, then I’d condense them by writing (hand-writing) the absolute bar minimum and abbreviate everything. So 5 pages of typed notes should come down to 1 page of hand-written notes. While you’re “condensing”, you’re re-reading your lengthy notes and working out a way to write them in a shorter form - this is ELABORATIVE rehearsal (lol psychology is very useful!) which means you’re doing something with the material you are remembering, instead of just “maintaining” it by re-reading, chanting to yourself, memorising words and so on.

ACTUALLY DO WORK AT SCHOOL! Often I felt like it was really easy to just be passive at school, just day-dream and listen, and not be active and thinking and asking questions. When I was given something to do, I felt it easier to say to myself “I’ll just do this at home and chat with my friends now”. This is a big mistake and if you’re prone to this type of thinking (or even procrastination I guess), the first thing you have to do is notice when you’re doing it, and then make an active effort to do the opposite of what your mind is telling you to do. Let’s face it, you have to be at school for what, 8 hours a day? So why not use these hours to do work so you have less to do at home! Work smart at school - if you’re required to summarise 5 sections of your textbook, read them all, but then get 4 friends to do a part each and then exchange your summaries. Then later that night, (see point 1!) you can make proper notes on this! Listening and participating in class discussions and asking the teacher questions is also invaluable - you don’t want to come to exam time and realise you’re really weak on one topic because you just couldn’t be bothered to stay back after class and ask your teacher to explain it to you again. Use your teachers - their job is to help you, so get to know them, maintain a good relationship with them, ask them about anything you’re unsure of, ask them what additional textbooks/resources you could buy, ask them about further reading you could do, ask them to correct your study notes or practise essays, ask for past papers, and so on. Teachers are one of your most valuable resources, so don’t forget about them!

TAKE USEFUL BREAKS: No one can study non-stop, and no one can avoid becoming depressed if they don’t continue normal human activities like seeing friends, spending time with family, going to parties, getting drunk once in a while, pursuing boys, doing exercise, playing with pets, relaxing and doing your passions. No one and nothing can take these things away from you - not even Year 12! It’s about maintaining a balance, and I’m sure you’ve heard that word enough to be like “YEAHHH WE GET IT” but I cannot stress it enough. If you don’t have a balance of school and your social life, you will go mental. If you go to school and work, come home and work and then wake up again the next day to repeat the cycle without anything in between, you’ll very quickly come to hating your existence, so don’t do it! There’s no point sitting down at your desk and saying “I’m going to work for 4 hours now”, because a human brain cannot do that! Work for 40 minute or 60 minute chunks, then reward yourself by having a 10 minute break where you eat something or just talk to your siblings/parents, or GO OUTSIDE and do 10 minutes of exercise. Exercise during Year 12 for me was my saviour. I literally love exercise, because not only is it amazing for your body and your health and reduces the risk of you having so many diseases and illnesses, it also makes you happy! True fact. Exercise releases endorphins which are essentially your body’s “happy chemicals”. Plus, changing the scenery from your office/room, getting fresh air and some sunlight, walking your dog/sister/whoever, discovering new places, are all amazing things which will refresh you and make you feel good. I would really suggest going outside and doing exercise rather than at home or at a gym. Set aside one night a week which you have off work completely - either all free time to watch movies/TV, or for an event like a party or hanging out with friends - and look forward to that time, use it as motivation for yourself. Having something to look forward to on a weekly basis is essential, otherwise you can risk becoming depressed and having thoughts like “What’s the point of all this? I have nothing to look forward to in my life.” You need short-term rewards to fuel you! And never feel guilty for taking a break. If you’re so exhausted and in a bad mood and just can’t manage to get the final paragraph of your English essay out - then take that night off! Sometimes doing NO work is more useful than trying to do work and getting frustrated when you simply can’t. It’s important to be able to recognise when you are in that state of mind where you’re not going to be productive at all, and instead of beating yourself up about it and getting mad when you can’t manage to do work, have a break and enjoy yourself. 

ORGANISATION IS KEY: If you’re not an organised person (or even if you are), become organised (or more organised!). Cleaning your room, your desk, putting things in their places and creating a healthy and clean work environment is crucial for success! No one can work with cluttered surroundings where you can never find what you’re looking for. Make sure you have natural light wherever you’re studying and a comfortable chair. Make a trip to Officeworks to get yourself sorted and buy shitloads of stuff. Try to colour-coordinate subjects to make life that little bit easier and use post-it notes and flashcards and try to keep your class notes as neat as possible. Also, mix up where you study - try your local library, your school library, at a friend’s house with them, read something at a park, and so on. Have a school diary where you note down all your homework, as well as the stuff you don’t have to do that you want to do that day (see point 1!). Lists are great a lot of the time, but only if you’re crossing things off those lists. There’s little use in writing a massive list of ALLLLL the work you have to do that has 30 items on it and then it takes you 2 hours to be able to tick one thing off that huge list. This will only get you feeling negative. Make a list of things you want to do that afternoon/evening. Tick them off progressively as you go. Then give yourself a pat on the back, even if you didn’t manage to get every single item completed. Positive reinforcement is what will keep you going!

SET YOUR AIMS HIGH BUT NOT TOO HIGH: Sometimes having high aims can motivate you, and other times it can stress you out to the point where it’s no longer healthy. I know it helps some people to aim for a certain mark, but for me I found that mentality dangerous. I simply told myself I would be satisfied with mark “X” (for your information my mark X was 80 but your mark X can be 60 or 70). That meant that when I got my mark which was well above my mark X, I was over the moon! I have friends however who set their aims too high, aimed for 90 when it wasn’t realistic for them, and then felt disappointed when they received 89. What’s the point of doing that to yourself? Why not aim to just “do your best” than get 95? I believe that setting a precise goal like a mark only sets yourself up for failure. If you’re a perfectionist like I am, this is particularly relevant to you. If you get anything below that mark, you’ll feel disappointed, and even if you do achieve that mark, you’ll be like “Why didn’t I get 96, not 95!? I could have done better!”. Keep your goals realistic, and always have a Plan B and a Plan C and a Plan D. Want to do medicine? Get a Plan B and aim for that plan instead of the ultimate Plan A! If you’re not sure what you want to do at uni (if that’s where you want to go), don’t panic! An arts degree at uni will open your eyes and allow you to study things never possible at school. 

You can find more study tips that I wrote a while ago here, my “12 commandments for Year 12” here and some inspirational quotes here.

Happy studying!

I should NOT have to be my own educator, doctor, and lawyer at 16.

Last semester I was out of school for a month due to a unresolved chronic pain issue to the point where I couldn’t sit up. So I self taught myself the material for a whole month because I couldn’t be homebound because my ‘new’ doctor wouldn’t sign off on homebound and wanted me to, “push through the pain”. It wouldn’t matter even if I could of managed to sit up constant sharp pains sitting up is like a fire alarm going off in your head. There is no way to concentrate, and I have always been a straight A, in the top of my class student. So I had to change doctors, to get them to sign off. Once I finally got an instructor I started to make up a couple tests I had self taught (and got an A), but then I ended up in the e.r., then a hospital stay in the town, then I was transferred by ambulance to go to a city 2 and a half hours away. So I never got to finish taking my tests. When I was finally released there was only 3 days left of school. The amount of tests I would have to take would taken over 24 hours straight. The school wouldn’t give me a one week extension, because they don’t want to do more work then needed. I worked my butt off to teach myself, and they couldn’t even let me take the tests. The counselor suggested I just wipe out my whole second semester. Which none of my credits are valid, because even though I got an A on my first semester and received a half credit, It isn’t worth anything without the second. The school won’t let me just take the final, or test out/ placement testing. But all of my teachers have said I know all the material. The councilor wiped out my English credit because my teacher, 'did not feel comfortable passing me since I wasn’t physically in her class.’ I had a legal note from a doctor extracting me out of school, she can’t use that excuse! I only had three assignments left, which were all just busy work. It angers me that there are kids that blow off the class by talking and drawing and are on there cell phones, but they passed because there butt was in that seat. I even could of not turned the rest in and still passes with a low B, the first semester I didn’t even miss one point in the class. I didn’t know a school seat was worth that much. The councilor said I will still be with my class, but what’s the difference? I’ll have a locker in a different part of the school and have to take US History, but will be taking everything else with the class below me. The only option was summer school (which our school does’t offer) and I can only take one credit because that is all our school will accept. So I went to my local community college for a summer class, which i should be recovering and doing physical therapy instead. I took my placement testing there and placed into calculus and the hardest english class there. I literally tested out of 5 classes I haven’t even taken for math, and the next two years of math at our school. So we called the high school and they wouldn’t sign off for me to go unless I took an algebra class to make up my credit. They said if I took Calculus they won’t count it, because I didn’t wast two years of my life taking classes I already know (pre-reqs). So I am literally wasting my whole summer just to receive a piece of paper. My college teacher gave me permission to skip the class as long as I take the quizzes and tests because she said I know the stuff anyways why wast the time. Also, I can’t take all of the AP classes I wanted to take because the school wouldn’t give me the homework I had to do over the summer. I was on the phone with the assistant principal and kept asking him when the next board education meeting was. He wouldn’t tell me. He avoided the question, switched topics, and when I asked again he made an excuse to leave and hung up on me. I don’t want to waste my life taking classes on material I already know by heart. I can’t even have 4 years of English or Science or History at this point when I graduate. But my high school doesn’t care because what’s important is that I meet the high school requirements and as long as that happens they don’t care. What’s funny is my high school places in the top fifty at #37 in my state and are known for challenging the students. But they are holding me back. 

I can’t home school, not enough money too. Can’t take online classes, high school won’t accept them. Can’t test out of classes. Can’t change schools. I know there is always a loop hole, but what dod I do when nobody else wants to help me find it?

I can’t even count how many panic attacks and mental breakdowns I’ve had over this. I don’t even sleep anymore, I wake up with nightmares about my future with schooling. I’m worried for the college I want to go to. I’m worried for my mental health. I’m worried about how frustrating it will be to retake classes, when they were horridly slow the first time. I’m worried about how my friendships will be when we won’t have any classes together. I’m worried about what other people will think of me. I’m worried about how if I don’t get into the college I want, my whole life I might live resent the month spent in a hospital on drugs stronger than morphine because I was crying and passing out from the pain. I could learn and tell you all there is to know, but the school keeps telling me no. 

As a 16 year old, I should not have to be studying legal documents and the law just to be allowed to advance my learning, and I shouldn’t know all of the medical anatomy, how nerves work, the different bases in my medicines. I should not have to be my own lawyer and doctor at this age!

Oh and my appointments with a physiologist are about to run out, because the insurance plan only covers 6, 1 hour sessions. Cause all of these problems and stresses and my mental health can totally be fixed within 6 hours. Right?