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this is for @ilgaksu who fed me ideas in the night like i’m some kind of fic-writing gremlin. this can be considered a spiritual sequel to this

“This is your fault,” Andrew says in Russian, utterly impassive as he watches yet another nameless minion scuttle across the living room set. Said minion, feeling Andrew’s gaze on him, scuttles faster.

“You agreed to this,” Neil reminds him, like he hasn’t just been thinking the same thing in Andrew’s direction.

Kerry, the reporter, looks between them. “I hope you’re saying something sweet right now.”

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this is Byrne and his husband Phaze!


Random Hannibal holiday doodledump (because the holidays just can’t stop you doodling for ONE MINUTE can they) plus tiny Merman Will for your cellphone wallpaper 

ya’ll out here with ur sadstucks where the kids outlive the trolls thanks to their godtier status n meanwhile this is all i can fucking think about

*because until these two get back on the same side of the fucking glass where they belong I’m obsessing over every tiny piece of prison minutiae* 

tiny bit of body-language I had to gif: Will’s hands automatically and unconsciously mirroring Hannibal’s before he can stop himself / Hannibal’s very consciously being right up front as close to the glass (and therefore to Will) as he can physically get them.


Some rough concepts for Flareon and Jolteon gijinkas that I made into item sets for Gaia Online. I wanted something warrior/berserker to compliment Flareon’s high attack stat and a casual punky feel for Jolteon who looks like he might have sticky fingers. 8D

notasoldierseverin replied to your post “//so I was gonna be on here, but we totally redid the whole (tiny)…”

mATE. The new season is something else, I’m up to Hang The DJ and I’ve got too many feelings about this damn show, its worth it, go watch it all man, I just…

//I watched them all yesterday in one go, because I’m TRASH…… but YES omg?? I’m still sort of processing the whole thing. Hang The DJ was probably my favourite tbh??? I’m such a sap…