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I always struggle with drawing characters consistently unless I draw them a 100 times orz
figured I might as well play with different headcanons!

Concept: Bernie takes up art therapy bc Charlotte thought it would help w the emotional strain of the IED and then the divorce, and signs herself up a live drawing class. She ends up quite enamoured w one of the regular models they use - the brunette w the pixie cut and the smile that makes Bernie’s stomach flip - who smirk whenever she catches Bernie staring instead of sketching in a session. 

Then towards the end of term, when they’ve fallen into the habit of chatting after class and end up reasonably close friends, Serena catches Bernie staring one too many time during a nude drawing session. She thinks enough is enough, says they need to have a word or three and rumbles Bernie about the stares. At first Bernie panics, she didn’t mean to make Serena uncomfortable, until Serena points out the only reason she keeps catching Bernie staring is bc she’s staring too

Tiny Bond

Q’s tongue-lashing of his over-eager subordinate was long, biting, and left the tech barely holding back tears. “I trust that in the future you’ll think twice before deploying experimental technology without having completed the testing phases first. Dismissed,” he said finally, and the tech’s shoulders slumped in ill-concealed relief as she walked out the door. Not fired. Severely reprimanded, but not fired.

Why the hell wasn’t she fired? 

Then Q shut the door to his extremely sound-proof office. He looked at where Bond was standing on his desk, all of three inches tall, naked except for a toga hastily formed out of Bond’s pocket square. 

Q bit his lip. His eyes crinkled damningly. After only a few moments, he lost the battle and started to laugh. “Oh my god,” he kept saying, slapping his leg, with occasional utterances like “priceless” and “can’t believe” and “should’ve given her a fucking pay rise” added in for variety. 

Bond waited it out, fuming. “Are you done?” he asked once Q’s laughter had subsided. But his voice came out like a mouse’s squeak, and of course it set Q off again. 

“I’ll make a–a–hahaha–a customized voice modulator,” Q managed to get out between giggles. “Get you sounding a little bit more like yourself if you want.” 

“How. Long?” Bond growled in his squeaky mouse voice. 

Q’s smile faded a little. “I’m not sure. I can say that the effects most likely won’t be permanent, and my best guess is that you’ll be right-sized within the next thirty days. However, this is new scientific territory, and even I can’t predict how long you’ll experience this…phenomenon.” 

Bond scowled. “What am I meant to do in the meantime?” he asked. 

“That depends on you, of course,” Q said crisply. “But you’ll need some help; if you tried to get to your flat by yourself you’d be tread on, or cause an uproar, or both.” 

Bond glared. 

Q looked up at the ceiling, affecting an air of nonchalance. They both knew that Bond’s only other real babysitter options were Tanner and Moneypenny, and Tanner had kids and Moneypenny had a girlfriend. 

“Fine,” Bond grumbled. “You can stop me getting run over by a lorry. And figure out something new for me to wear! And are there even any books that are small enough for me to read while I wait for you to fix this?” 

Q smiled. “I should think a pocket-sized paperback would be manageable, though not ideal,” he said. “And I’ve seen some tiny novelty books before; I’ll try to get you some. No promises on the quality of your clothes; I don’t think we have a tailor with the right clearance. As for other things to keep you occupied, I should think it would be rather easy to build you an obstacle course maze…” He trailed off, a thoughtful look in his eyes. 

Bond could see the death traps now. “I’m not saying no,” he said, “but keep in mind that it would be exceptionally difficult for a doctor to operate on me if I were injured. And no mazes–I’m not a rat!”   

“No, you’re a rat’s arse who was messing with experimental technology!” Q said. “And you deserve every moment of handkerchief couture after all of the times you’ve snuck in here and bothered my techs and stolen my equipment!” 

Q’s vehemence sent a hint of suspicion eeling through Bond’s mind. “Q,” he said slowly. “I’m sure it was just a coincidence that I got hit with an experimental laser that managed to damage my pride more than anything else. Right?” 

“Of–of course,” Q said. He coughed, a light flush on his cheeks. 

“And I’m sure that you would never intentionally incapacitate a double-oh in order to teach him a lesson about keeping his hands to himself, right?” Bond continued, letting a hard edge leak into his voice now. 

“Oh, never,” Q said, but his eyes were crinkling again, and his lips were twitching, and it was only a moment before he was back to laughing. 

Q was damn lucky Bond’s gun hadn’t shrunk with him, or Bond might have shot him full of tiny PPK bullets. 


Note: this was started before she posted it, but check out BBR’s wonderful Eve Moneypenny art, which also features tiny Bond, with bonus tiny Q! (Maybe Bond was able to get his revenge :D) 

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Everybody wants the Author to be a complete jerk but all I can imagine is an adorkable nerd who's too precious for the world.

I think everybody is just preparing themselves for the worst but here’s a dorky Author just for you!
( the sad thing is, it’s my first fanart of him)

(The I love lucy thing was heavy inspired from poiuytrewq242 ‘s art a while ago.)
also: tiny Bonus:

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Alright so at some point someone suggested I use my lovely fancy marker paper to draw genji helping Zen with his costume.

To that person, I give my thanks.

(Also markers are hell to work with wtf and they’re so expensive I almost wanna go back to digital i stg)

Also tiny bonus:

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