also tilda swinton


the Ancient One is b o m b. Seriously. 

I have never liked a female character better–she’s so imposing and kickbutt, and yet has the grace of age and experience.

Also, Tilda Swinton is 56 (she’s as old as my dad). It’s refreshing to see a super-powered female in the MCU who doesn’t look 21. It gives a certain gravitas to her character that I think few other people could bring to the table.

I wish she had had more screentime, though. :( 

i think a p. handy definition of white feminism is ppl being excited over the possibility of tilda swinton playing a ~traditionally male~ marvel character…who is a 500 year old tibetan. bc tibetan men are so overrepresented in the media.

also lmao

marvel: ok so we cast benedict cumberbatch as a character who many read as not white and whose backstory is Fucking Extra Racist As Shit if cast with a non-asian (esp white) actor.

marvel: how do we make people stop complaining

marvel: I GOT IT. white lady as a canonically definitely no-doubt asian character.

marvel: GOOD IDEA, US!!