also those long legs are admirable

Love Online - Chapter 14

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A week after their honeymoon, things had slowly turned back to normal for Jamie and Claire. They had had such a lovely time in Greece and had wished never to leave, but alas, they had responsibilities waiting for them back home. Claire went back to work at the hospital and Jamie resumed his job at the print shop, but they had returned renewed and sublimely happy.

“How was it, then?” Geordie asked, as he brought in a new ream of paper. 

Jamie smiled to himself, remembering all the amorous adventures he had experienced with Claire in Greece, blushing at the thoughts that came to mind. 

“That good, huh?” Geordie grinned widely, his eyes crinkled into triangles. 

“Better than good, my friend. Claire is amazing. I’m so lucky to have her.” 

“Aye, ye are. Now, when are ye going to bring her by? Marjorie has been wanting to have the two of you over for a grand dinner in yer honor.

“Oh, aye. We’d love to. We’ll arrange something soon.” 

 The men continued talking as they worked, Jamie filling Geordie in on their adventures in Greece…well, the appropriate ones, at least. As Jamie was regaling Geordie on the finer points of Greek culture, he felt his cell phone buzz in his pocket. Reaching absently to retrieve it, he glanced at the screen.

Claire: Hey babe, just got home from the hospital. Jillian called and wants us to meet her new beau. Dinner tonight ok? 

 Jamie: Aye, I’ll be leaving in about half an hour. I’ll come home and change and then we can go. Who is the guy? 

 Claire: Don’t know. Jillian is being rather mysterious about it. :) 

 Jamie: Ok. I’ll be home soon, love. 

 Jamie finished loading the last ream of paper into the printer, grabbed his coat from the back, and said goodbye to Geordie as he walked out the door. 

Claire was putting the finishing touches on her evening ensemble. It wasn’t going to be a formal affair, but knowing Jillian, she would be dressed to the nines anyway. Claire had decided to wear the sexy little red number that she had worn on her first date with Jamie. She knew he loved it on her, and if truth be told, she was hoping it would have its usual effect on him and inspire his amorous attentions once they got home. 

 As if on cue, Jamie came in the back door as usual, laying his jacket across the back of the chair as he walked through the living room, making his way towards their bedroom to change. Seeing her, he leaned to kiss her softly, then his hands roamed down over her form appreciatively.

“Sassenach,” he said huskily, “ye look beautiful. If ye go to dinner tonight looking like that, ye are likely to distract Jillian’s new man. God, Claire…” He didn’t say anymore, but kissed her deeper, while squeezing her ample bottom through the crimson fabric.

Finally breaking free, Claire said, breathless, “Jamie, we need to leave soon and you’re distracting me. Plus you need to get dressed.” 

He gave her one last squeeze and let go. “Alright, if I must.” He began unbuttoning his shirt. “So, what do ye know about this guy?” 

“Jillian just said she is totally head over heels for him. He is just back in Scotland after a couple of years abroad. She says she met him at a bar while we were on our honeymoon and they hit it off.” 

“Jillian could hit it off with any man,” Jamie said, chuckling. “She’s certainly proven that. How many boyfriends has she had over the last year?” 

Claire laughed, “You’re right at that, I’ve lost count.” 

Later, as they were making their way to the restaurant where they were all to meet, they drove by the gardens where they’d gone on their first date. 

“Do ye remember that night, Claire?” Jamie said, nodding toward the gardens. 

“How could I forget it? I was so nervous, you know.” 

“I was too. God, I must’ve paced a hundred times before knocking on your door that night.” 

“And now here we are,” Claire said, placing her hand on his leg, “married and incredibly happy.” 

“Aye, we are.” He leaned to give her a quick kiss, trying to keep his eyes on the road at the same time. 

Claire leaned her head on his shoulder as they continued driving. “I wonder if it’s possible for someone like Jillian to have a love like ours, I mean, she does go out with a lot of guys and none of them ever seem to touch her heart on a deeper level. 

Jamie knew what she meant. He and Claire had something different, not the usual thing at all. He felt in his bones that what they had was one of a kind, a gift so unique and precious, something to be cherished. He thought that no one, particularly someone like Jillian, could ever have a love like theirs. 

A few minutes later, they made it to the restaurant. They checked in with the greeter, who guided them through the dining room toward the table where Jillian was already sitting.  As they approached, Claire felt Jamie’s hand tighten in hers and thought she heard a distinct intake of breath. She looked up at him in concern and leaned to whisper, “Are you ok?” 

Jamie composed himself as best he could.  “Aye. I’ll do.” He had recognized the man as soon as the stalwart form came into sight, seated next to Jillian. He couldn’t believe it. Of all the men she could have picked, it would have to be him. 

They reached the table and greeted the couple. Jillian turned and said, “Claire, Jamie, I’d like to introduce you to—” 

“Dougal,” Jamie said, a bit coldly.  

Jillian’s eyes widened and she looked between two men. “You know each other?” 

“Aye, lass, ye could say that.” Dougal seemed to find the situation amusing, although the grin on his face didn’t quite reach his eyes. 

“Aye,” said Jamie, “he’s my uncle.” 

It was Claire’s turn to gasp. “Your uncle?” 

For a moment there was a stunned silence, but finally Jillian broke the tension.  “Well, I knew there was something I admired about you, Dougal. You have the most striking resemblance to our lovely lad here,” she said, turning her eyes to Jamie. 

Dougal chuckled. “Aye, he’s rather a handsome lad. He definitely takes after the Mackenzie side of the family.” 

“I like to think I got the best of both of my parents’ heritage. Ye never liked my Da though, did ye?” Jamie said, coldly. 

“Well, ye ken how he took off with Ellen and knocked her up before we could find her a proper husband.” 

Claire gasped. Jamie’s fist tightened on the table, rage bubbling up beneath the surface. 

“I’ll thank ye to not talk ill of my Da. He loved my mother very much. Still does.” 

“I meant no disrespect to ye, lad, but it’s the truth.”

“Perhaps it’s a truth that need not be discussed in present company, and certainly not in this setting,” Jamie said, gaining control over his emotions. 

“Ye are right, lad,” Dougal said, “we shouldn’t be talking about the past, we should be celebrating your nuptials”. He motioned to the waiter and ordered champagne.  After the glasses were full, he raised his in a toast. “To the happy couple. Congratulations!” 

They all toasted and eventually the change of subject and the alcohol helped temper Jamie’s mood.  For the rest of the night, they talked about neutral topics, never venturing again into dangerous territory.  They actually ended up having a good time, despite the initial awkwardness.  At the end of the night, they all said their goodbyes and promised to meet again soon. 

Dougal helped Jillian into her coat as they followed Claire and Jamie out the front door of the restaurant.  As the other couple reached their car, Dougal couldn’t help but admire Claire.  There was something about the lass that he found intriguing. She was intelligent, to be sure, but there was also a fire he could see under the surface.  A fire he found very appealing. He watched her as she leaned to get in the car, her short skirt accentuating those impossibly long legs.  His heart raced at the sight and he couldn’t stop himself from imagining those legs wrapped around him. Suddenly he realized that he was staring and shook himself as he reached for Jillian’s hand and led her to his car. 

Jamie had seen the look in Dougal’s eyes.  That look was predatory, even menacing in its way. He knew his uncle had always been a ladies’ man, but Claire was one lady that he would never get his hands on.  Jamie would make sure of that.

Having a Tall Girlfriend

(A/N: I’m actually hella tall myself so I’m gonna use my own height (178cm/5′10) as the height they’re reacting to)

S.Coups: He kind of feels like his authority has been challenged since you can look him straight in the eye, but it also makes him feel a little tingly bc that’s a very new and very interesting dynamic for him. 

Jeonghan: Doesn’t mind at all; if anything he’s just happy that it makes it easy to kiss you because he doesn’t have to crane his neck down to do so. Anything that reduces the amount of effort he has to put out is fantastic.

Joshua: Turns up the cheese/cringe when it came to his jokes and playful flirting: “How’s the weather up ther-” “JOSHUA I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU-” “bc it’s cold out and I wanted to know if you wanted some hot chocolate~” or “The best part about you being this tall is that I can always find your cute face in a crowd”

Jun: He’d be crazy about your legs, and he’d love it when you wore shorts or a skirt to show them off. However he’d worship all of you, not just your legs. He’d just generally think you were some kind of beautiful goddess of beauty and elegance and he’d be so in awe. 

Hoshi: He asks you do do a lot of things for him. “Babe, get that book down from the top shelf,” or “Babe, pick me up” and even though you remind him that height does not equal strength, he doesn’t believe you. You end up giving him a piggy back ride anyways because he’s aggravatingly cute when he wants something.

Wonwoo: Have you seen him with Mingyu? He is 110% about that long limbed cuddle and back hug life. He’ll be low key about it, but the second you wrap your arms around him in anyway it’s all aboard to cuddle station, estimated travel time: as long as humanly possible.

Woozi: He’d be intimidated and honestly would probably feel a lot less masculine at first because of the height difference. You’d have to assure him that you didn’t care about what anyone else thought and that he was definitely manly enough. 

DK: The more surface area of your body, the more available space to love. There’s a lot of cute tickle fights and mostly innocent kisses up and down your arms and legs if they’re not being covered. There’s honestly never a time when this boy isn’t touching you.

Mingyu: He’s super excited to find a tall girl, he knows that you two look like a goddamn superhero couple that towers over everyone else. If anyone gets onto the two of you for PDA or something, he just laughs and goes “Oh, we didn’t even notice that there was anyone else in here; you’re so hard to see from up here”

The8: He steals your hoodies without telling you, because they’re long enough to fit him and they smell like you and he likes to wear them when you’re not around and he misses you. You know he does it, but you don’t mind because you can just steal one of his and it fits pretty much the same as one of yours (AND it smells like him too). 

Seungkwan: Looks up at you with so much admiration that it’s astounding, almost like you’re a goddess (which you pretty much are with those long ass legs) but also teases you about being his own human umbrella and stands behind you in bright sun, wind, and rain though he’s usually getting just as wet as you are tbh.

Vernon: Doesn’t actually notice the difference. If you ask him about it he’s just like “…oh well damn you are a little taller than me, huh. Whatever.” and continues on with whatever he was doing. He likes you because of you, not what you look like.

Dino: Would love you to be around you and use you as his safety blanket, especially he gets teased by the other members. (Because you are kind of intimidating and having backup that’s tall af really comes in handy sometimes) An embodiment of ✿\(。-_-。) “Kick his ass baby, I got yo flower.”

So I’m laying in bed giggling about all of my first impressions of the characters of Transformers Prime, I’m going to write some of them down…


His face is perfect

And kinda pale

His optics are beautiful

He’s such a pretty blue

He’s such a pretty everything

His flaws are fucking perfect

If, ya know, I could find those flaws

I’m just blinded about how awesome he is

Nice hips

Pretty wheels

His voice is so calming

He’s beautiful inside and out




Bright sunshine yellow!

His optics are so round


He has no mouth?

Nononono he had to have a mouth at SOME point, right?

Maybe it’s just hidden

He’s pretty too

Like Optimus

He’s also got some wide hips

Man I do NOT see much of a crotch plate??? (This is before i truly understood male anatomy)

(In fact this is all before I even looked at anyone that way)

His doorwings are kinda cute

But kinda curved


Green basketball

How does he bend over?


Big jaw

Odd face shape

He seems okay, not my fave character tho



He’s a cat

The pointy things on the back of his helm look like cat ears

And his optics look catlike

IDK man that’s just what I thought

He’s got claws like a cat too

His paintjob is really pretty and detailed man why are you a medic go be a damn cybertronian tattoo artist jfk

(I always assumed he did those himself, like he doesn’t want anyone else to fuck up his perfection)

Alright, being full of yourself and yo looks ain’t gonna make me like you

(‘specially since my mind had already been blown to bits by Optimus)

I’m not calling the short cherry perfect, that belongs to Optimus (in my opinion)

I am not surprised he flirted with optimus


Why the fuck are your teeth/denta pointy doesn’t that hurt what if your tongue catches

Are your facial scars…symmetrical?



What did you look like before all this?

Your hands are giant claws

I think you’re missing a joint in your fingers

No wait you just have extended talons

How do you grab shit?

And clench your fists in anger and not cut yourself?

Goddamn you are really fucking pointy how the hell do you not have random pieces of shit on you because it got caught?

Holy hell the poor person who gets kicked by you will have to worry more about losing energon than dented armor

Why do you have a total of four toes?

You could make human kabobs with your feet!

I get the feeling you wouldnt like that because then you’d have to pick off the remains

Why is there no paint on you?

No wait your kinda purple

Your eyes are different from everyone else’s

I like your voice. It’s scary, and angry, yet empty/hollow. What happened to you?



Why the long face?

Such a thin red thingy in your face (his crest I’m talking about his crest)

(I didn’t have an inkling of an idea what Cybertronian anatomy was)

You have huge wings is that why your hunched over all the time?

Wannabe Megs

You sound like your trying to imitate Meg’s voice but like???

You sound hollow, but it also sounds fake

You don’t quite have the anger down

You really aren’t all that intimidating Screamer

Now THOSE are some human kabobing fingers

Such long fingers and legs

Dude go eat something


Kinda thin

Kinda not

Dark colors with pretty lights

He seems so chill but in control

He has no face?

I imagine he looks bored all the time

He has tentacles!

So frickin cool!

Wait a minute they come out of his stomach?

Why not his back?


He really blends in with the background 

I admire his chillness





He has pretty colors like Soundwave but he doesn’t blend in/disappear like the way Soundwave does

Pointy, is that safe for lab procedures?

*Ahem* you’re missing a servo

That giant cord that runs from your back to your gun hand, is that an inconvenience?

Like does it knock stuff over?

Man y'all are fucking graceful

Not knocking everything over

Or tearing it up


He has ONE fucking eye that does not appear to move around

Does he have depth perception?

Peripheral vision?

Does he look at everything like like you would a telescope?

He’s chill like Soundwave.


Yay another white bot!

(That sounded mildly racist but like the only others were Ratchet and Wheeljack, They-who-are-rarely-seen in my opinion)

His face is as long as Starscream’s but pretty like optimus

His eye shape is like Optimus’ but the filling is like Starscream’s

His crest looks like Optimus’ but the rest of his helm reminds me of Starscream’s

Is he Optimus and Starscream’s son???

He’s got doorwings like Bumblebee!

He’s so cheerful and in your face

I normally don’t like people like that but I like him

He’s the exception

Omg look at him he’s always trying to prove himself to Optimus

So cute

“Be stealthy Smokescreen”

*Finds and turns into a racecar*

(What was the racecar even doing on the road in Middle-of-nowhere-Jasper-Nevada?)

I like him


Just exactly as Reina herself described on her blog, her solo recital at Cotton Club on 27 Oct was truly the best performance of her activities in 2017. I attended the first show and happened to sit in a front bench on a bit higher level which I think is the best position to observe whole the stage (in fact an official camera to record the show was set just behind the bench). Reina showed up along with 4 dancers to perform the opening song Brand New Morning. Reina’s singing was as excellent as always despite of her quite energetic dancing in platform shoes. Later on the blog, she confessed that after the show she had the most severe muscle soreness in her legs ever since she graduated from Morning Musume. Reina looked really happy performing the songs which she had been longing to perform on stage (not on karaoke) for long time. (See Reina’s blog for the detail program.) Especially I got excited as she started singing Sheana Ringo’s The Queen of Kabuki-chou, and Twice’s TT since those are my favorite as well. Reina also chose three songs from her all-time admiring senior Gotou Maki’s repertoire. Exactly as the title of the recital “Reina 100%” she expressed herself in full. As most of the wotas would have known it from the beginning, LoVendoЯ can’t pull the best out of Reina. This is what I want from Reina.

anonymous asked:

Heya! First off I just want to thank you for all the amazing stuff you write ^_^ I was hoping for Allura and Shiro admiring their mutual S/O who is covered head to toe in tattoos?

I was a bit confused but I think this is what you were looking for. If it isn’t then let me know and I’d be happy to rewrite it!

Allura couldn’t help but smile as you walked into the dining room that morning. You hadn’t bothered to put on your usually long sleeved jacket before leaving your room so you were just wearing a short sleeve t-shirt instead. It was obvious you were planning to train right after breakfast since you were also wearing a pair of shorts as opposed to your usual jeans.

You skin though, was what always caught her attention. Instead of it being bare, it was covered beautiful pieces of artwork. You had explained to her early on that they were called tattoos and most humans got them for fun as a way of expressing themselves.

Both your arms were covered in intricate sleeves and your legs were even littered with a few small and medium sized tattoos. Allura even knew that you had two on your back and one on your abdomen as well.

She admired the way you could walk around with all of those marking without for a second feeling self-conscious of them, instead wearing them proudly and beaming whenever people expressed an interest in them.

Shiro entered the dining room not long after and also caught himself being entranced by the markings on your skin. At one point you had told him that your parents had been very against you receiving any of the tattoos saying that they were worthless and a waste of money.

But you hadn’t cared, and he admired that even though she and her parents weren’t on good terms because of them she never seemed to be ashamed of the artwork. He loved how they were all a little different. Some full of color and some simply black.

Allura and Shiro caught each others gaze suddenly. They shared a secret smile, knowing exactly what the other one had been thinking, before sitting down at the table with (y/n).

A young man five feet nine inches tall walked through the slums beyond Eat Gate, leading a pack-laden donkey. Atop its more unusual burdens the donkey carried boxes with an assortment of shakkans, or miniature trees. The young man was handsome fellow with bronze skin, broad shoulders, and glossy black hair that he wore cropped an inch long. His eyes were gray-green, turning darker green as he returned the admiring glances of the women who passed him by. Those eyes were set over a thin blade of a nose, a sensitive mouth, and firm chin. He wore a Yanjing-style round-collared coat and leggings in tree green, and rough leather boots with fleece linings. A closer examination revealed what looked like flower tattoos covering his hands. Very close examination showed that the showed lay under the young man’s skin and nails. They also moved, grew and put out leaves, and blossomed.

Tris immediately changed course. If she hurried, she could have a batch of Briar’s favorite spice cookies in the oven when he reached the house.

—  Tamora Pierce, The Will of the Empress