also those boots

so my tax refund came in and I am using a lot of it to catch up on Big-Ticket Items I Couldn’t Afford To Buy Or Replace For Years (on Monday I buy new glasses frames to replace the two-year-old ones now missing a stem and also a six month supply of contacts! gonna get a real haircut for the first time in two years! maybe a piercing!)

(last year I was supposed to replace my laptop and phone with my tax refund and have some left over for savings but then I got fired right before I filed my taxes and had to use all of my tax refund on rent and groceries while job hunting!!! so this year is extra giddy-making because I actually get to splurge on things

anyway what this also means is I’ve been planning for months to buy a new pair of Doc Martens when the government cash came in because I got mine secondhand three years ago and they no longer have tread and the sole is about half the height it once was and they are honestly a bit sad looking and have always had BRASS EYELETS which has BOTHERED ME FROM AN AESTHETIC PERSPECTIVE FOR THREE YEARS, but also, Docs are the shoes of my heart and I wear them with everything all the time

(I now have three pairs of Docs, the other two being a knee-high pair that was the best birthday gift from my parents ever and a black-damask-on-white pair my mother found for fourteen dollars at a thrift store in Kentucky; if I am not wearing Docs it is probably because it is a Formal Occasion and then I am wearing high-heeled granny boots or, even more vanishingly rare, Actual Adult Heels (my actual adult heels are almost-black beetle green platform designer shoes half a size too large I got for two dollars at my old workplace) and like maybe one day I will find the multi-strap pointed black witchy flats of my dreams)


I also ordered this because like, own your cliches, kid

x by 무구포
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I have a new favorite comic version of Bucky. Thank you Juanan Ramirez. Also, those boots. I love his undercover look but with those boots.

Also, he’s having a conversation with some kids offscreen, who he later eats popsicles with while watching Fourth of July fireworks.

If you have Marvel Unlimited, or can find it elsewhere, give this one-shot a read. Its got sexy shirtless Bucky, Bucky being cute with kids, Bucky having a secret stash of Steve related items that he tears through a crap ton of Hydra to recover. No really, not kidding. A newspaper clipping of The Invaders, his old dog tags (or Steve’s, its not really specific), the shells from the bullets that killed Steve during Civil War, and the star from Steve’s old uniform.

Also he talks about his shit constantly. ‘Someone stole my shit. I gotta get my shit back. You shouldn’t have taken my shit.’

Just go read it okay Bucky/Stucky fans?

A Year of Marvels: July Infinite Comic #1 (2016)


Today was the first time I took out my spring boots, and I don’t want to take them off ehhhhh

Actually weirdly enough I think all of the dialogue options have too much character for a blank slate protag, but the game never reconciles the character of the dialogue options with how other characters perceive him, or with how completely blank slate he’s been in the cutscenes so far. Maybe I need to find more memories.

- Send ¶ for my Muse to tell your Muse a flaw they have noticed.

[Not Accepting]

“…I cannot claim to know you well enough to be able to point flaws, Wuju bladesman. A thing I can mention however is, while it might have been wise to give up on the path of revenge, I do not agree with your complacency. Everyone faces a reckoning, in the end. By submitting yourself to inaction, you and many others give Noxus a reason to advance further. This war will not be won through meditation alone.  Also— those sword boots… you uh… might want to consider a change in your tastes for armor embelishment…”


Designed a Napstabot because it looked like fun!

Since Mettaton reminds me of 80′s glam rock, I went for a vaguely 90′s/early 2000′s vibe for Napstablook. 

(Also my pen pressure died so I ended up drawing the main image without it.  Woopsie.)