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I'm dealing with anatomy for the first time in my life and i just don't know where to start. Do i start with bones?muscles?tissue? Helppp meeee im losing my mind

Well, I can tell you how I went about it (or rather how my school decided we should do it):
1) start with bones: learn to recognize them by looking at pictures or specimens and saying the names out loud. Then go into details : do upper extremity, then lower, axial and skull at the end( allow yourself to move on to muscles before you memorize the entire skull).
2) Muscles. Start out with just the names again, same order as bones. Add origin and insertion ones you have learned the names. Then finish off with movements (+innervation).
3) major blood vessels & nerves. Go thru them and create a picture that also includes the things you have learned while studying the upper/lower extremity. (Save the cranial nerves for after organs or if you do brain anatomy in your course, do that after everything else)
4) internal organs: name, placement(s), structure of each organ, then innervation and blood supplies in that order 😊
5) Brain anatomy + cranial nerves

Good luck with your anatomy! ☠️


a redraw of an omega flowey i drew sometime last year! im going to put the original under a cut cause it was a pretty big picture but,,, im rlly proud of this!! i also practiced with some cool 3d effects, im not sure if it looks better with or without them but,, i think they look cool so im posting it with them!

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If you are still talking fic suggestions how is this: Chloentte with Chloe in deep denial about being gay, but everyone except Marinette can see it?

i got carried away again oops

words: 1668

“Jesus, you think it’s possible for Chloe to flirt with Adrien any harder?”

Nino winced as he watched Chloe twirl a lock of hair between her fingers and bat her lashes as she leaned against Adrien’s study table in the library. Adrien was doing his best to ignore her as much as he could, but Chloe’s hand was half covering his maths textbook and she wasn’t really leaving any room for Adrien to block her out. “It’s almost sad to watch,” Nino agreed. “Like she has absolutely no shame about it. Poor Adrien.”

“Should we rescue him?” Alya asked. 

“And try to take on that little monster? No thank you. I’m staying right here. Adrien’s handled her before, he’s a big boy.” Nino poked Marinette in the side with his elbow. “What’s the miracle you’re not running over to break that up? Last time Chloe was flirting with Adrien you practically leaped across the desks to interrupt them.”

Marinette shrugged and kept reading her novel for literature class. “Not worth it.”

“Seriously?” Alya snorted. “This coming from the girl who stayed on the phone with me for like an hour complaining about Chloe trying to steal the love of your life away.”

“Yeah,” Marinette laughed. “That’s definitely not a concern anymore.”


Marinette blinked and looked between her two friends. “Wait…you guys don’t see it?”

Alya blinked. “See what?”

“Are you serious?” Marinette exclaimed. “It’s so obvious!”

“What’s obvious?” Nino asked. “The fact that she’s an overdramatic gremlin?”

Marinette snorted in disbelief and shut her book. “Guys. Chloe is gay as shit.”

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Prompt Challenge: Day 49

Gotta love the improper use of quotation marks. Write a story based off one of the pictures below. 500 word count minimum.

View the competition FAQ, here!
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You can also submit your own prompt ideas, here!

Credit for these pictures goes to this post. I just didn’t want to reblog it and have them get this really long comment on their post.

This prompt is for February 18th. The deadline for your submission is March 5, 2017.

Admin A Response:

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How to Take Your Furbies Outside - A Guide

I get it. You’re scrolling through #allfurby, wondering how on earth the most popular posts on there do it. That’s a furby in a public park. That’s a furby in a restaurant. Sweet Jesus, is that a picture of a furby in front of the Statue of Liberty? It makes you nervous just thinking about it – somebody had to actually take their furby out into public, where people are! What if people stare? What if somebody says something mean?

Lately, there’s been a sharp uptick in asks concerning bringing furbies out into public – mainly, how to do it without feeling self-conscious. And while there have been a few stray posts addressing basic ways of countering this outdoor anxiety, there hasn’t been one big post to collect these tidbits of wisdom. That’s what I’m planning on doing today!  First, I’m going to talk about how to combat your fears and start taking furbies outside. After that, I’ll give “troubleshooting” advice – such as, what to do if someone sees you with a furby. This is a super long post!

Without further ado, welcome to “How to Take your Furbies Outside – A Guide” (or, the working title: “HOW TO TAKE YOUR FURBIES OUT INTO PUBLIC WHEN YOU’RE AN ANXIOUS MESS - Written by a previous anxious mess”).

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Bleach Characters as Tumblr Memes

As requested by anon. :)

I love meme lists. So here is the ultimate (?) meme list! Which actual memes are Bleach characters?

1. The “Surprise bitch” meme: Aizen

This is a meme about someone who you think is dead and gone, but then that person shows up in dramatic and snarky fashion. Or, in the case of Aizen, somebody you thought was in prison, who then just keeps showing up.

Aizen: Although it should not have been a surprise, since I planned this all along. From the day that I…


Aizen: …

Aizen: Rude.

2. The “Quit telling everyone I’m dead” meme: Grimmjow

This is similar to the last meme, only instead of the presumed dead person being cool and in charge, this presumed dead-person just shouts off-stage that he’s not actually dead. That sounds like Grimmjow to me.

Ichigo: And in the end, he fought alongside us. That is why it is so sad that we lost him.


Ichigo: Sometimes I can still hear his voice.

3. “Dat boi” meme: Orihime

Okay, full confession: I don’t understand the “dat boi” meme. It’s just a unicycling frog, right? And then people write “here comes dat boi” “oh shit whaddup.” I even looked it up. And that is the only explanation I got. Why does this frog ride a unicycle? Where is he going? I don’t get it at all. So anyway, then I was wondering - who in Bleach likes absurdist humor that other people don’t understand? And that would be Orihime, of course.

Tatsuki: So…the unicycling frog is fighting the giant robot?

Orihime: They’re on the same side!

Tatsuki: Of course. That makes way more sense.

Orihime: I know!

4. “Bode”: Yoruichi

This is another absurdist meme. You post pictures of cats with the word “bode” written over the cat. It apparently came to someone in a dream. This one is good for Yoruichi because (a) cats and (b) it messes with people.



Yoruichi: Bode.


5. The “lost in a crowd” meme: Hitsugaya

This one is all about losing someone in a crowd and then shouting something significant to find them. Hitsugaya is short, and hence prone to lose people in crowds. Plus, he’s really good at shouting.

Hitsugaya: Hey! I’m an adult now sometimes!

Rukia: Wait…you’re an adult now?

Matsumoto: There she is!


6. The self-care meme: Kira

This is a meme where you define self-care as something impossible and/or ridiculous (self-care is tying balloons to your eyebrows and then going through a car wash). That feels Kira-like to me.

Kira: Self-care is drinking sake until you cry.

Hisagi: …

Hisagi: That’s less a hilarious meme and more a cry for help, dude.

Kira: That line is so hard to navigate.

7.The “you tried” gold star: Mask de Masculine

‘Cause he gave one to Rose, remember? With that star-shaped wound right through Rose’s torso? 

Rose: …that’s not funny.

Mask: I think it’s pretty funny.

8. The “15 minutes late with Starbucks” meme: Unohana

I’m not saying Squad 4 is often late with the healing…but Squad 4 is often late with the healing. And if anyone’s gonna stroll in fifteen minutes late with Starbucks, it’s Unohana. Nor will anyone say anything.

Unohana: I am here.

Shinji: That’s cool but most of us are already dead.

Unohana: Good thing I only brought one cup.

9. The “color of the sky” meme: Yhwach

The original “color of the sky” post was Aizen: sure the pictures are cool or whatever, but it’s too long. Way WAY WAY too long. Much like Aizen’s monologues. Then the meme came along, where you take the “color of the sky” post, truncate it, and had some sort of surprise at the end. And sure there’s relief that it doesn’t go on for so long, but it’s also not as cool as the original. Kinda reminds me of Yhwach, for some reason. *coughs*

Yhwach: Sometimes I just don’t feel appreciated.

10. The “shoving breadsticks in purse” meme: Riruka

You’re on a date. The date says something bad. You shove breadsticks in your purse as you leave the restaurant. So this meme goes. It sounded kinda like Riruka to me.

Riruka: So what’s more important - being cute or something else?

Date: Uh…something else?

Riruka: [shoving breadsticks angrily into her purse] I have to go

11. The “hoe don’t do it” meme: Ishida and Ichigo

For the first part of Bleach, it was always Ishida saying “Hoe don’t do it” and Ichigo doing it. Then at the end, it switched and Ishida was the one doing things while Ichigo said “Hoe don’t do it.” Symmetry. It’s what makes Bleach what it is.

Ichigo: And that’s why we’re basically the same person.

Ishida: Oh god no.

12. The “looks at smudged writing on hand” meme: Ichigo

Not because he doesn’t care. He’s just…really bad at names.

Ichigo: Wow! Great job helping defeat the Quincy, Inoue, Chad, and…

Ichigo: [looks at smudged writing on hand]

Ichigo: Ugly Itching?


14. The  “snail” meme: Chad

Wherein you take various words and replace the first consonant with “sn” to create a snail version. Snurch = snail church, snall = snail mall, etc. I feel like Chad would be on board with this mostly because he respects snail culture, as he respects all animals.

Chad: And this is the “snouse” (snail house) I built for my new “snuddies” (snail buddies) with their “snard” (snail yard) and their “snailbox” (mailbox).

Ichigo: …

Chad: what?

15. “Bitch, where?” meme: Charlotte

This is a meme about someone calling you ugly, and you responding, “Bitch, where?” That sounds like Charolotte to me.

Charlotte: And that shinigami was all, “You ugly” and I was all, “Bitch, where?”

Yumichika: You’re ugly under the makeup too, though.

Charlotte: Bitch, where?

Yumichika: …I walked right into that one.

16. Kinkshaming meme: Kensei

I just feel like Kensei must spend a lot of time kinkshaming his fellow visored.

Shinji: I love being upside down!

Love: Personally I think nothing can top being a superhero.

Rose: Unless it’s a long, deep talk with your guitar.

Hiyori: Whatever. As if that’s as good as hitting people in the face with your shoes.

Mashiro: I prefer hitting them in the face with a super kick!

Lisa: Or ignoring them because you are too busy reading porn.

Kensei: …I’m gonna have to kinkshame you all.

Take You Home (Baekhyun, OC) Part 1/2

Originally posted by chanhyun

In your eyes that try to smile, there is sadness
But I can’t do anything about it
I can feel it - Take You Home (Baekhyun)

OC - Kang Nami

Baekhyun have always pride himself to be a very rational guy.

He believed things could be settled through thorough communication… through a civilized and humane manner. For he was, in other words, a lover not a fighter.


The pain that shot through his jaw was agonizing and Baekhyun immediately tasted rust against his tongue upon the hit. The impact shoved him towards the neighbouring table, causing the couple sitting there to stand in fear and surprise. He winced as he held his mouth, feeling like his teeth was knocked off.  He hoped he was wrong because that would definitely be a big problem for his singing career.

“Never thought you had it in you Byun,” Park Jun said, a.k.a. the guy Baekhyun had attacked the moment he heard those two menacing words come out of his mouth:

“She’s nothing.”

A fiery rage came over him then and before he could think twice about his actions, Baekhyun had delivered a punch to Jun’s face, which was then followed up (quite swiftly he might add) with a punch to his jaw.

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Imagine being Liv’s younger sister and hitting it off with Sonny

(A/N: For the Anon that requested this imagine. Trying to get through all my requests so if you have any send them in because I’m extremely unpredictable. Though saying that the next one isn’t a request but everything after that will be until I finish them all. Just letting you all know because that means I will be off schedule. Hope you all enjoy this especially the person who requested it. Bit shorter than usual which I’m apologise for. But I have ALL of next week off so I’ll make up for it) 

Imagine being Liv’s younger sister and hitting it off with Sonny

“Can I help you with something, Miss?” a concerned voice from behind you ask.

You span around quickly to see who it was. You did. And then you had to look up and take a step back as the person was taller than expected. You were taken aback by the handsome curious face that greeted you. Like you said he was tall and handsome and he was dressed smartly so you could assume he was a detective. You watched his face for a moment. He seemed to be examining you as much as you were him. Maybe and hopefully he found you as attractive as you found him.

“I don’t know can you? I’m looking for Lieutenant Benson.” You questioned.

“She just stepped out. She should be back in about fifteen.” he nodded as he began to explain,
“But I’m Detective at SVU so you can talk to me if you want or I can call another female colleague if you would prefer…”

“Oh no, no.” you went to correct after releasing what he had assumed, “It’s nothing like that. Thank god. It’s a social visit.”

“I’m sorry. I just…” He immediately apologised.

“No, it’s okay. I understand. Sorry, if I confused you.” You reassured.

Both smiled each other awkwardly.

“You can sit at my desk and wait for her if you want.” He offered, cautiously.

“Thanks.” You grinned, following him to his desk and taking a seat in the chair beside it.

As you went to sit down, you quickly glanced over his desk. It was quite organised. He had all his paper work stacked neatly. He had a box that was closed and you assumed empty from one of your favourite Italian places. He also had a lot of pictures on his desk. One you think his parents. Once with a group of women and one with two little girls, making faces into the camera.

“So you work with Liv?” you asked you sat down.

“Yeah, she’s my Lieutenant,” he answered sitting down as well and cleaning up some scattered papers.

“Sorry about the mess,” he apologised.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve seen worse,” you reassured, “so what was your name?”

“Sonny,” he smiled, “well technically I’m Detective Dominick Carisi, Jr. But everyone calls me Sonny.”

“Okay Sonny,” you nodded, recognising the name from your sisters stories, “I’m Dr Y/N. Y/L/N.”

“Ah Dr huh?” he asked, curious.

“Mmm.” you confirmed, “I’m a paediatric Surgeon to be exact. “

“So you most really like kids then?” he inferred.

“Oh I love them. Always have” you grinned.

“Me too.” He smiled.

“Are those yours?” you asked pointing the picture on his desk.
“Oh no. They’re my sisters. My nieces,” he informed, picking up the picture and looking over it himself.

“They’re adorable,” you commented.

“Yeah,” he smiled down at it, “you got any? Kids, I mean.”

“No.” you responded, “I do have a nephew though. My sister’s son.”

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Mikaelson sister: Death of a sister

Words count: 3198

Warning: SAD

REQUESTED: This was a request a bloody long one but I loved it so much, I’m so proud of how it came out and i hope you liked it. Even though I didn’t really go as you asked all the way. I tried my best. Also I only included Rebekah, Elijah and Nik from The Mikaelsons. In a small voice *sorry*

The request was too long for me insert a picture of it or a screenshot.

REQUESTED BY: @nicolerachel12

Problem with the GIF the post can’t upload with the Gifs, so this will be posted without any, but I’ll add them later.

Mikaelson sister: Death of a sister

You’re an Original, and not just any original. You’re the oldest of them, AND the first Hybrid. I’m not talking about werewolf/vampire hybrid. You’re a different king, the one and only kind. You’re a werewolf, vampire, witch and banshee. No one knows how you came to be but no one is stronger than you. And that made you have enemy’s lots of them. You and your siblings always stood together. Helped each other, saved each other.

Even when Klaus daggered your siblings you always came to him when he needed help, and now that you know they’re in great danger, the witches and Marcel are conspiring against you and your family you ran to them.

You ran to your house at the quarter and searched for them but didn’t find them anywhere. You started to panic ‘What if I was too late?’ ‘What if they’re already dead?’ ‘What if I’m the only one?’ a lot of what if’s kept running through your mind, it didn’t help your panicking. You rushed to the only other place the witches will have them. The graveyard.

You ran, and ran like never before. And you made it just in time to find your siblings on the ground next to each other. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Your heart started to beat faster.

“What are you doing?” You hissed at the witches and Marcel. “What did you do?”

“Finally.” Marcel said smirking, smug with himself. “I was starting to think you fled.”

“Came to join your siblings?” One of the witches asked you.

“You know that can’t be happening, I’m stronger than you all combined.” You said angrily. “Now what did you do to them?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” One of the witches asked smug.

“All you need to know is that, they’re going to die.” Marcel said and the witches started to mutter a spill.

“NO, no stop!” You shouted and stepped closer to them. “I SAID STOP!”

Every sound stopped it was like every sound around you turned mute. The witches stopped and Marcel looked at you.

“Just stop what do you want?” You asked them tears gathered in your eyes. “I’ll do anything.”

“Now, why would we kill you and keep three other Originals?” Marcel asked you and you panicked for a moment.

“M-Marcel, you hate you hate me more than you do my siblings all combined.” You said and tried to change his mind. “And I’m stronger than you witches, Marcel my brother saved you he raised you he took you in like a part of our family, he loved you more than most of us.”

Marcel and the witches looked at each other and thought about you just said. They seemed to doubt what you said. Just as they were about to say no, you said an offer they won’t refuse.

“Kill me.” You said suddenly.

“Kill you?” Marcel asked you confused, he and everyone looked confused.

“Yes, kill me, ME.” You shouted for them. “Me, leave my family alone and kill me. Because if you don’t I’ll kill you all if you don’t.”

“Fine we’ll do it.” A witch said and everyone else agreed.

“Then come on.” You said and waved your hand around you   for them to circle you. The witches did that and they held hands around you. They started to say the spill and you discreetly started to say the spill trying for them not hear. You slowly got weaker and weaker as the witches and your spill started to take effect. You weren’t trying to kill yourself. You were giving your powers to Rebekah, if you didn’t the witches would try to get it from your body.

After you gave Rebekah all your powers you screamed and screamed you fell to your knees just as the witches stopped.

“It’s done.” The witch said to Marcel. “She’s human.”

“Good, finally we’ll be done of this little b!tch.” Marcel said and he kicked you so you laid on your back, you groaned in pain. He crushed down next to you and moved your hair out of your face. “I’ve dreamt about this day for so long.”

“I d-didn’t do anything to you.” You breathed out.

“That’s what you think.” Marcel said just as you heard movement behind you.

“They’ll wake any second, we’re leaving.” The witches left.

“Thank you for your help.” Marcel said and he turned back to you. Marcel took a steak from his back jeans pocket and stabbed you in the stomach.

You groaned but held in your screams.

“Goodbye (y/n).” Marcel vanished just as Klaus woke up. Klaus sat up and looked beside him to see Elijah and Rebekah.

“Nik.” You weakly called for your brother. Klaus’ head snapped to look at you, he looked shocked and vamp speed to you, he feel on his knees beside you. Klaus tried to take out the steak, before you stopped him. “No, stop.”

“(y/n) I have to take it out for you to heal.” Nik said.

“I’m human Nik, I’m dying.” You said and Rebekah and Elijah were also by your side just as you said those words.

“We’ll give you, our blood and you’ll be fine.” Rebekah said and you shook your head weakly.

“You won’t be able to.” You told her and smiled weakly at them. “The witches cursed me, nothing will be able to heal me.”

“Don’t say that sister.” Elijah said and he ran his hand through your hair.

“Elijah my dear brother, there’s nothing for us to do now.” You told him and took a deep breath. “You have been there for me always. You stood by me no… no matter what. You gave me advice when I needed one, you gave me a-a shoulder for me to cry on and I love you for that.”

“And I love you too sister.” Elijah had tears streaming down your face and held in your as much as you could.

“My Bekah, my only sister. I love you so much.” You told her turning your head slowly to look at her. “I know we sometime fought but I was always trying to-to look out for you, I never wanted any… one to hurt my-my sister. Because you were always had my back and felt my pain, I love you little Bekah.”

“(y/n) I love you too.” Rebekah started to sob and Elijah took her in his arms, you felt emotional pain stronger than your physical pain while you watched them cry.

“Nik.” You said softly and he gently helped you look at him. “I want you to know I always loved you, I never…ever w-wanted to hurt you an-and if I did I’m truly sorry. I always tried my best to make you feel loved e-even when you were being stupid. I love you little brother.”

“No one has ever loved me like you do (y/n) and I love you sister more than anything.” Nik said and he too had tears running down his face. You let yours run freely.

“You all are my… my family, and I l-love you all, so-so much and… and I want you to move on without me don’t let my death bring you down, especially you Rebekah since I gave you my powers, use them well, make me even prouder than I am. And I am proud of you all. I could have never wished for another family, being a Mikaelson has been a great pleasure, but being your older sister has been my greatest ac-ac-complishment. Just move on mourn me but move on live on live for me and for this family dead or alive, for Finn and Kol. Live for Hayley and live… live for Hope.”

You didn’t have any more energy in you, you took shaky breath in and out as you held on to what’s keeping you alive.

“No, no (y/n) don’t die, please don’t die.” Rebekah said but you didn’t have the energy to look at her. Klaus took your hand in his while Elijah moved behind you and put your head on his leg so you were more comfortable even though you were laying in your blood. Rebekah took your hand in both of hers and leaned on to you. She was careful not to touch the wound.

“(y/n) don’t leave us big sister.” Klaus said and he kissed the back of your hand lightly.

“Ta-ake c-care of e-each oth-er… for m-me.” You said and looked to the night sky above you.

“We will.” You heard Elijah say shakily just as you released your last breath, and you moved to the other side with a smile on your face.

“NO.” Rebekah screamed and Klaus held her in his arms. Elijah moved you up so your back was to his chest. You moved to the other side and watched your siblings in sadness. Elijah cried while he held you, seeing your family like this broke your heart. It took them almost an hour to collect themselves and stop crying… for now. Elijah gently took the steak out of your stomach and carried you to the car. He gave you to Rebekah who sat down in the back. Elijah and Nik sat in front with Elijah driving. They all sat in silence. When they got there Klaus carried you inside while Elijah had his hands wrapped around Bekah.

Klaus walked into the quarter, every person in the quarter stopped what they were doing as they watched the Originals walk with you in Klaus’ eyes, not moving. As much as you had enemies you had friends. And they loved you so much they’d die for you. Those who loved you had tears in their eyes.

Hayley walked out of her room with Hope in her arms, she looked to where everyone was looking to see you in Nik’s arms she let out a low ‘Oh my god.’ And she too had tears in her eyes. Nik walked up the stairs and to your room he laid you down on your bed, before walking out quickly. He looked down to the vampires in the quarter.

“Get me every witch you can find and find me Marcel.” He called to the vampires, his voice shook with anger. He walked back to your room to find that Hayley has joined his siblings. You stood aside watching them. “I’ll kill everyone who had a hand in this.”

“Nik-“ Elijah started to say when Nik interrupted him.

“No, Elijah I will not stand down when they killed my sister.” Nik glared at Elijah before looking at you and his face softened and he looked broken.

“I was about to say I’ll help you, anyone who helped make this happen will suffer.” Elijah said determent, he has never wanted to kill anyone as much as he wanted to kill those who put you in the state you’re in.

“Then we do it as a family.” Rebekah said and looked at her brothers. “We’ve been losing siblings since before we became vampires, no more.”

“No more.” Elijah said and they looked at Nik who nodded.

“No more.” You smiled as you watched them work together even if you didn’t want them to get in danger to avenge you. You would like to see Marcel and the witches dead.




Rebekah kicked the boys out of the room with Hope, and she and Hayley started to strip you, stitch your stomach and then clean you. They dressed you in a beautiful long dress and comped your hair they even but a little blush so it gave you a more living look. Rebekah did her best at keeping her tears in, but a few slipped here and there. Hayley had decided to be strong for the family and didn’t cry she kept her tears to herself until she was a lone, you beside Elijah has been the most caring person before and after the pregnancy.

When they dolled you up, they invited Elijah and Nik who was holding Hope in his arms.

“Where will you bury her?” Hayley asked breaking the silence. She took Hope frim Nik, and held her close.

“We have arranged for a place to be spilled by a witch who was close to (y/n) so shell buried there.” Elijah said his accent thicker than ever before.

“We’ll bury Kol and Finn with her.” Nik said and that was news to Elijah. Nik will finally bury his brothers instead of just inside the coffins. “She would have wanted them to be buried with her.”

You smiled and wished to be able to hug him right now. Before anyone could reply they hear shouting from down stairs. They all rushed outside, with Hayley and Hope in the back.

“We found them.” Diago one of the vampire you have been nice to and he loved you like a big sister, as you always looked out for him.

On the ground was ten witches who were beaten down almost dead. Which was the only way to get them here without them killing any other vampire.

“Good.” Nik said simply before he jumped down to stand before the witches, Elijah and Rebekah following suite.

“You are here today to be punished for your crimes against my family.” Elijah said to the witches and they looked up at him in fear.

“And for killing OUR older sister.” Rebekah finished for him.

“The punishment MY family sees fit is killing you one by one just to see you all suffer.” Nik told them his eyes flashing yellow.

“Let us begin then.”

“WAIT!” A voice called everyone mines the witches looked to see three vampires dragging Marcel in.

“Glad you could join the party Marcel.” Nik called out coldly.

“And look at that the guest of honor is not here.” He said acting brave, he knew he’ll die so why not die looking brave. “Oh right I KILLED HER, AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN.”

And with that this day remains one that almost every witch and vampire remembers. The day ten witches and a vampire died, because they killed and Original. That was a lesson to all to not miss with the Originals, they WILL get revenge and avenge those they love. Which isn’t much.

With your death a lot has mourned, all over the world people cried because of your death. Even in Mystic falls a few had shed some tears, when the news got to them. That (y/n) Mikaelson has died. But she died with honor. She died protecting what she stands for. She dies protecting her family, and she will do it all over again if she could.





6 YEARS LATER (Hope is 7)

As little Hope ran around the house trying to hide from her aunt as they played hid-and-seek, she stumbled into the room where she was never allowed to go into, it was bright in the room because of the windows. She found a room full of things old things, chests, books clothes a lot of things. She looked around in wander, until her eyes settled on painting done by her father of one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen.

“Hope! Where are you?” Hope heard her aunt call, and then a few voices joined in calling her.

“Honestly Bekah how can you lose her?” Nik’s voice came in. Hope heard them coming close and closer until their footsteps suddenly stopped. Then one set of footsteps continued. “Hope, are you in here love?”

“Yes, daddy!” Her little voice called for Nik, who walked in to see his daughter standing in front of the painting he has drawn of you.

“Hope what are you doing in here?” Hayley asked as she walked in with Elijah and Rebekah. “I told you can’t come in here.”

“I sorry mommy, but who is this?” She asked and pointed at your picture, you watched them and smile, you’re always watching them.

“That’s your aunty (Y/n).” Nik told his daughter and crushed down beside her, as he too gazed at your face, wishing it was real and you were standing in front of him.

“I have another aunty?” The little girl asked excited.

“You had another aunty.” Elijah corrected her, and Hope being smart she noticed the past used in describing you.

“What happened to her?” Hope asked looking at her father for answer but it was Rebekah who answered.

“Life happened.” Rebekah said sadly, looking around the room that was filled with your favorite things.

“Can I see her?” Hope asked and Nik nodded.

“I think it’s time to visit our sister.” Niklaus said and they all left the house and drove to where they buried you with Kol and Finn.

After parking in the middle of nowhere near the woods, they got out and started walking through the woods until they found a clearing which had three tombstones in it. All held a name. The first Finn Mikaelson and on the left Kol Mikaelson and in the middle (y/n) Mikaelson.

They walked nearer and passer the barrier which allowed only those who had Mikaelson blood and Hayley to pass.

“Those too belong to your uncles Finn and Kol.” Nik said pointing to both tombstones.

“And that one is your aunt (y/n).” Hayley said and pointed to yours.

“Why is she here?” Hope asked innocently.

“Well, darling your aunty was a great woman, she was the oldest, and she was so caring.” Elijah started to say. “She was loved by all who truly knew her.”

“She was wise and understanding.” Rebekah said sadly. “She was so powerful too, even stronger than your father.”

“She was accepting and-and just bloody amazing.” Klaus said as he smiled sadly.

“She was beautiful and she was loved and loving, she loved you so much.” Hayley said to her daughter. “She has protected you aunt and uncle and your dad but by doing so she had passed away in the process.”

“So many had mourned her, a lot of people missed her, and still do.” Nik said and he walked up to your tombstone and placed his hand on it, he bowed his head closing his eyes in the process, to trap the tears.

“I wish I met her.” Hope’s childish voice said and Hayley and Rebekah smiled down at her. “She sounds amazing, but she must be in peace now.”

“What do you mean?” Elijah asked his niece.

“Mommy said that all good people are happy after they die, and you said that aunty (y/n) was good so she must be happy and she must be watching over us, and being with us all the time.”

They looked at the small girl that reminded all of them of you, with her hear that is filled with goodness and her judgment of things and her intelligence.

“Yes she must be.” Rebekah said softly and they all stood in silence remembering you. And you watched them with tears in your eyes. Tears of joy as you watched your family evolve and continue to stand by each other more than ever. And your wish had come true your family is strong, stronger than ever before.

Because family comes first.

MTMTE Discord Chat-Updates and Rules

Alright, remember the post I made waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in like, a month or two ago about the Discord MTMTE Roleplay chat? Well, things have changed a little here and there, and I’m going to talk about a lot of shit here. So, here we go. This is basically a post of members/characters we need, the rules and the characters we already have. I feel the need to expand a bit more about the rules since Discord won’t let me so the expanded rules will be down below!


1) No normal chat on any of the chats that you see at the side, those are for roleplays or other chats that I’ve catergorized them into.

 2) Use bold for actions and italics for emphasizing words to make it clearer. However, if the roleplay is in a story format, the bold is not needed for actions. 

3) If there are less than three members active, do not roleplay. However, feel free to chat to each other.

 4) Please change your profile picture into the character you are roleplaying. If you already have a Discord account and wish to keep your profile picture that isn’t the character you’re roleplaying as, create a new account instead. 

 5) You can also roleplay as your original character (OC) and a canon character. You can roleplay as many OCs as you like (though I wouldn’t go over three) but you can only roleplay as one canon character. 

 6) Please come on here and reply to the roleplay at least every three days. Don’t just linger around. So if you know you won’t have the time or are generally too lazy to come on the chat, please either allocate some regular time to talk or find some other chat. 

 7) If you wish to leave the chat, please tell me or one of the other members. You don’t have to say why; just please notify us at least, so that we know that you’re okay. If you wish to come back into the chat, just contact me through Tumblr or Discord and I will get you back into the chat. However, I cannot guarantee nor hold the character you roleplay as, so if you wish to come back and your intended character has been taken, you will need to pick another character.

8) An unsaid rule: If any character/member is harrassing you in anyway, block them immediately and report to us what happened (with proof, in a screenshot) and either me or one of the other mediators (whose names shall be italicsized down below in the members list) and we will immediately ban them from the group.

Alright, now all the serious stuff is out of the way, here’s all the group members/characters. Remember, even though it says “MTMTE”, you are more than welcome to roleplay as any other character from any other Transformers continuity such as TFA, TFP or Rescue Bots.


Rodimus Prime: @emicentre

Optimus Prime: @optimusprimesdaughter

Nemesis Prime: @ladyprime97

Megatron: @askgrandpabendy

Prowl: @prrowler

Drift: @retro-titan

Starscream: @starscream7799

Windblade: @puppidoodle

Skyfall: @trifectumart

Knockout: @teepannusankari

Ratchet: @ratchet-says-i-needed-that

Rung: @biblet01

Arcee: @ok-alien

Bumper/Evelyn: @bumpingintoeverything

Diablo: @emicentre

Thundercracker: @maroongingerale

Grimlock: @boostercroc

Okay, for the list of characters we’d preferably have right now! However, feel free to select another character that’s not the list! (I would insert a DJD pun here, but not right now.)

The List


-Ultra Magnus


-Chromedome & Rewind

-The DJD

-A handful of Rescue Bots

Alright, that’s all for now folks! I shall be updating the list of members after five more characters come and join. Enjoy the rest of your day! :3

quiche-pone-notactive  asked:

Um..heh do you know of any good clear full body pictures that could be used for reference for the fnaf characters. There is a lot of art out there but a lot of them hide details with dark lighting. I want to try and draw them but struggle slightly when trying to see details.

Hehe, I can understand that frustration! Ironically enough, I tend to go off my own interpretation of the characters, in terms of body shapes/structures and all. However, must say that it’s all pretty inspired by Kayla Na.

I generally go the route of a skinnier Chica and Foxy, somewhat skinny, perhaps average size Bonnie, and big, roundish Freddy! 

Another picture I actually love to look back to on occasion is one may by Gheistly fairly recently! -

External image

(Can originally be found here, for dA source at least~)

These aren’t the heights I myself go by for the FNAF crew, but these may also help given an idea of how to portray them in terms of full body. (I do find Chica in her more ‘actual’ size, if not a bit chubbier, to be just as adorable.) :)

But I started off by referencing a lot of other artists’ works with these guys before I pretty much wing ‘em now!


Custom Original “Lover’s Eye” Cat Eye Miniature Portrait Necklaces (Of Your Cat or Any Other Loved One).
Fully custom original cat eye portraits painted by me and then set into 1.5" glass pendant with a gold colored tray and 24" gold colored chain. These can be made for any eye, not just for felines - I’m also happy to create an eye portrait necklace for any of your pets or human loved ones. All I need from you is a picture of the eye you would like for your necklace. Carry your kitty and other loves with you wherever you go!

So yesterday I was asked why I so firmly Believe in CrissColfer, and my answer simply was, Chris Colfer.  So I thought this was a good time to revisit my thoughts on TLOS 4.  Some of these have been published before, with  my blessing, by @mleigh69.  But I had edited that and taken out my thoughts on a certain person.  The following is my unedited version that I wrote over the summer while chatting with another friend (I have taken her comments out).  There are major spoilers ahead and its just honest, so if you don’t want to hear what I have to say, move on and don’t read it.  Note this was a conversation, so its a little stream of conscience.  Also it was written when I was relatively knew to the fandom and when I had a very limited knowledge base.

I know I sound like a broken record, but if you love CC the way that I do and believe in them, and you haven’t already, read these books.Chris is screaming his truth.  I am thinking of re-reading prior to the release of TLOS5. Something tells me I will see so much more than I did before.

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Junky is finally sent off to the printer! Art and illustrations by Guillaume Singelin. It’s the first book to be released as a reward from our kickstarter campaign. It’s been so much fun to go through heaps of illustrations from Guillaume and to make somewhat of a selection (though to be honest I’ve just tried to cram as much of it as possible into the book) from almost four years worth of pictures.
It’s 220 pages long with a 32 page full color section. A conversation with Guillaume all through the book where we talk about the pictures and concepts and ideas behind it all. We’ve also tried to keep the illustrations as close to the original images as possible and have print the majority of the book in two colors, one red layer that is the original red pencil sketches, and the final inks in the second layer. Again, we’re really happy to have this book out so soon!

It will be sent out to all backers as soon as it arrives from the printers and shortly after it will be available through the webshop.
<3 Olle & Peow

Oh Hey! We’re gonna be in france this week! At Angouleme! See you there! Valentin Seiche will be there too with us and hopefully we can get him to sign some copies of THE WORLD haha! 


Well, I call this stuff “Pines Plus” and long story short it’s the Pines family doing their “PINES PINES PINES” thingy but with Soos and Wendy and, after some time, Pacifica.

I’m really fond of the Pines family, and Pacifica, too, so one day I just decided to draw this.  Originally, back 2 years ago before Not What He Seems aired, it was just going to be Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica, but then Ford came into the picture, and one of my pals said I ought to throw Soos and Wendy in there, too, and…. well, here we are!

At least one of ‘em is a little awkward because I had to mash some more of the drawings into one picture than I would’ve liked…

Also funny story when I was still drawing this, I was considering having Pacifica punch Stan in the face by accident but having nobody notice, and then when Ford came to the party I was going to have HIM notice and start chuckling.

anonymous asked:

have you boys ever met ciel?

“Ciel is my boss’s son… he’s a very busy man, and I am sometimes saddled assigned to watch over him while he’s in meetings. He’s a brat.”

“I’m sure he can’t be that bad Sebastian.”

OOC: I owe a little explanation. Originally this was going to have more than one picture to answer this ask. But the reason this was so delayed was that with every scenario I drew out, I just wasn’t happy with it, no matter how much thumbnailing I did. I do have a couple more asks in future where I could elaborate on this. But for now, I felt it was best not to over complicate this answer. :)

Also if your curious, yes, Ciel is blind in one eye in this AU

The purple flame burns brighter than ever

Artist’s comments under read more, because this is a very important picture to me. For that reason, you may not (more so than any other picture I made) upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way. 

Now on Pixiv too with the individual pictures. Please consider bookmarking/rating my work if you like it! Thank you!

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anonymous asked:

What does the Bruce Wayne of your fics look like, how would you describe him?

I think the most I’ve described him was probably in Third Wheel but anyway IMPROMPTU BRUCE WAYNE MOODBOARD (i should make a pinterest board just for bruce wayne actually) (i’m going to put a cut after the first one so it’s not too long also some of these might be risque-ish because i’m me)

i continue to assert that this is the most bruce wayne picture that has ever existed, ever, in the world

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Beauty's Ex

Original ask by @tabacita: Your blog is amazing! Any chance of an imagine where Vernon/Hansol and you go on a Disneyland date and someone’s ex shows up. You can make it as interesting as you like. Keep up the INCREDIBLE work! -Tabby xo

Wowow, thanks so much! (I’ve also recognized you as one of my “biggest fans” according to my little graph here.) Anyhoo, here’s your late scenario!

“One, two, three!” Click!

“Thank you so much, we forgot our selfie stick at home,” you explained to the stranger who had just taken your picture in front of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle.

“No worries, have fun,” she smiled and gave you your phone back.

“Thanks, you too,” Vernon smiled, grabbing at the phone to see the picture. The castle in the background was especially magnificent. You had to admit that if you had to sleep for years and years, you’d sleep right up there. The gray bricks supported the base of the building and the pink concrete walls gave off a girly vibe which you loved. The roofs upon the many towers were a baby blue with gold trimming lining the heavenly abode. Right beside you were noble flags announcing that there was a princess about, walking the theme park just like you, with the same baby blues and gold trimming on the castle. Really quite magical.

But Vernon was admiring your smile in the photo, you truly looked like you were having a good time. He grabbed up your hand and put the phone back into his dorky little fanny pack.

You and Vernon walked around the theme park, holding hands whenever you guys didn’t have sweaty palms or  greasy fingers from putting some sunblock on. The last two days had been a maze of different Disney characters, roller coasters and rides probably meant for very, very small children. But by the end of each day, your sore feet were met by the soles of your shoes your sunburned neck with aloe vera.

Overall, it had been a nice week out with Vernon. Mostly just romance, fairy tales, and tired kisses at the hotel after a long day. It was his time off from making music and promoting Seventeen’s album, though he always carried around a little pad of paper to jot down some lyrics whenever he was inspired. Actually, you noticed after a few months of dating, Vernon wrote down lyrics whenever you guys were in the middle of a conversation or after a nice date.

You smiled now, looking at him writing away, sometimes bumping into people and constantly apologizing. You took his arm and led him through the throngs of people in order to get to the next ride.

When Vernon was done writing his lyrics (you would ask later what he had written), you looked at him and kissed him on the cheek. He turned to you and gave a cheeky smile, like he deserved the little peck you gave him even though you kissed him all the time.

“Oh… Hey! Y/N! What are you doing here?” You turned to the familiar voice and immediately dreaded every second of the conversation to follow. It was your ex, holding hands with both of his little sisters. He started walking up to you, eyeing Vernon up and down in the process and then looking down at your entwined hands.

“Hi, E/N,” you hesitantly said back. You twisted you and Vernon’s hands together even more, despite your already sweaty palms out of nervousness. “We just came here for the weekend.” You looked down at the two little girls at the end of your ex’s arms and smiled.

“Oh, yeah? We came here for the week, it’s our last day before we go back tonight,” he was saying. The little girls whined, saying that they wanted to stay a bit longer.

While that was going on, you glanced up at Vernon and you could tell he was a little ticked off. He, unfortunately, knew who this guy was and didn’t like the conversation taking place before him. But he didn’t interrupt even once, he let you maneuver it the way you wanted to and chipped in when he had to.

After a couple seconds of awkward silence, Vernon said, “Well, it was nice conversing with you, but we’ve got some coasters to catch.” He turned around with you as you kind of waved goodbye and just kept going.

You giggled and said, “Conversing? Coasters to catch?”

He broke his tough guy act and laughed along with you, “Yeah, be quiet, you!”

(Vernon is totally the kind of person to wear a fanny pack, just saying.)