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MYTHOLOGY MEME » fancast || jasmine tookes as stheno ( Σθεννώ )
↴ requested by anonymous.

To Phorcys Ceto bore the fair-cheeked Graiae…then the Gorgons, who dwell beyond glorious Okeanos, at earth’s end, toward night, by the clear-voiced Hesperides, Stheno, Euryale, and ill-fated Medusa who was mortal; the other two were ageless and immortal.” (+more

Eldest of the three Gorgon sisters, Stheno was said to be the most vicious and murderous of the three, seeing as she was reported to have slayed more men than Euryale and Medusa combined.


request meme || anonymous asked: zero escape + favorite character

akane kurashiki


Requested by anarchyaustralia

AU: Calum is preparing to propose and the other boys help him

If you have a request you have leave it here if you’d like

Note: Again, I tried making my own gifs and they are better than the last one so yay for improvement. Also, I was a little stuck on what to do with it so I’m sorry if it isn’t very good.

Feedback is very much appreciated and welcomed

Anonymous requested: Master Miller in 11 please?

Here you are nonny! I hope I did the poor man some justice

Send me a number and character!


weepingangel77x requested merman!ereri in palette #1
and well, having done the sketch I knew I would want to work the details on this one. also it’s my otp, c'mon. So I left this request for last aaand finally finished  ! You really should expand it to full size tho

Cheater - Ashton Irwin (part 2)

Requested - oh yes

Anonymous - “I agree with the last anon! Part 2 to cheater! :D”
Anonymous - “I agree with the other person there should be a part 2 of cheater”
Anonymous - “I totally agree with the anon she should write a part 2”
Anonymous - “CHEATER PART 2??!”

A/N: I feel like I need to say again that my friend Mhairi wrote this and you guys persuaded her to write a part two which is amazing and I need to add, she will not be writing a part three and if you ask me for one I might end up snapping and sounding really rude so pls don’t make me do that.

(part one)

Word Count - 1109


It’s been 4 months since that night. 4 achingly long months since you found Ashton with another girl. After the “talk” you shared, something over came you and you knew you had to leave. All your stuff was gathered, you made yourself as presentable as possible and fled your hotel room to take the long road home. For weeks after, you received an endless amount of calls not just from Ashton but Calum, Michael and Luke as well. A few times you came close to answering but that sudden sickening feeling came back to stop you just before you could. You distanced yourself from anything 5 seconds of summer related and, although there was the occasional fan who recognized you and passed a comment, you felt like things were finally starting to get easier. Of course it’s impossible to miss them out completely. You had heard a few rumours and from what you have gathered Ashton is doing fine.

One morning however as you swipe and swat at your hair to get ready for work, you are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. As you gather yourself and open the door you are shocked by who you find standing innocently on the other side. Luke’s eyes meet yours and he smiles shyly.

“Do you have a minute?”

“Erm, I-I guess sure, come in. I’m heading off to work soon though.”

“It’s fine, this will only take a minute”

You step out of the way to let him in and you notice how much he has changed in such little time, but you can’t help but think, has Ashton changed too?

“I don’t want to keep you so I’ll make this quick,” Luke starts as you nod in acknowledgement. “I know what Ashton did was terrible, inexcusable and I’m not here to give an excuse for him. But ever since you left he has been an absolute wreck. I’ve never seen him like this before and we’re all worried about him. He’s disgusted with himself, [Y/N]”

“I- but I thought-”

“Look please, I’m not asking you to forgive him or get back together with him, but Michael, Calum and I would like you to come and see him. Just talk to him and show him you don’t hate him. It might help cheer him up or give him a bit of closure. Please?”

Millions of thoughts rush through your head at once. You don’t know if your quite ready to see him again, but that’s really quite selfish. Do you even want to see him? Eventually you realize that your mouth hanging low and you are subconsciously staring at Luke while he waits for an answer. Curiosity ultimately got the better of you and you nod hesitantly in reply.

“Thank you, [Y/N]. We have a bit of time off so we’ll be at the band house for a while. What time do you get off work?”

“I finish at 4 so I guess I can be there at like 4:30”

“Great. We’ll make sure he’s in then. Thank you, again. I’ll go now and let you get on with things”

That whole day through work you were distracted and off-guard. It had never crossed your mind that you would have to face Ash again. The idea left a twisting feeling in your head, in the pit of your stomach and in your chest. As you left work and drove towards the looming situation you tried to figure out if it was fear or excitement.

All the way up the drive way your head screamed ‘leave you’re not ready’ but your feet kept on until you reached the door. While ringing the bell you noticed your hand shaking slightly. Michael opened the door and you sighed in relief.

“Hi Michael”

“Oh my god, come in [Y/N], come in. Ashton’s in the back room”

The closer you got the louder the sound of drums being smashed got. Michael urged you just to go in. You slowly prodded the door and tried to hold back sting in your eyes as you saw him. His hair had outgrown and flew everywhere as he drummed. His muscles has almost doubled in size but you occasionally caught a glimpse of those familiar, glowing hazel eyes. All at once the drumming stopped and the sticks fell to the floor. He cautiously stood from the stool and you noticed a slight quiver in his lip.

“[Y/N]? W-What are you em, doing here?” His eyes took great difficulty in making contact with yours.

“Hi Ash,” you smiled widely at hearing his voice.

“I heard you had some time off. I eh, just wanted to see how you were”

“I’m fine, I guess, how have you been?” you stared taking steps forward and he hesitantly copied.

“I’ve been ok, you know not great but ok. I’ve missed you,” suddenly you don’t know why you ever thought it was fear. Just being around him brought back all the bottled up feelings you felt at home.

“H-have you?” his voice began to shake.

“Of course I have. I mean yes I was incredibly hurt but, Ash, I still feel the same”

“I’m so unbelievably sorry [Y/N], you have no idea-” and that’s when the tears came, not from you but from Ashton.

You went to him and held your arms open to him. He took you and nuzzled into your neck.

“Shh, it’s ok, Ash. I know, I know”

“I can’t ever for-forgive myself. I was s-so stupid”

“Ash I forgive you it’s ok”

“But I st-still love you and I have ruined any chance of being with you”

You can feel his body shake against yours a little. You slowly tilt his head up and place a soft chaste kiss to his lips. Not long enough to really express emotions but enough for your body to realize how much you craved another and how long your lips had been without him. As you pulled away you could see the look of astonishment that had formed on Ashton’s face.

“You need to listen to me. I forgive you, Ash. I may not be able to trust you and everything but I’ve heard what you have been going through and I-” and then there you go, you are overwhelmed by how fast everything has happened and the feelings swarm around you.

“I swear I will do a-anything I can to show you how truly sorry I am. Everyday I will show just how m-much you mean to me”

“It’s ok, Ash”

“I love you so much [Y/N],” he says into your neck.

“I love you too, Ash”


A/N: I’m going to say it again, there will not be a part three

Masterlist // Request

‘Personal Vlogger’

requested by anonymous

summary: 5 Seconds of Summer’s management asking me to vlog for them was the best job offer I’d ever had, I didn’t expect to get so close with the band

inspired by this video I made last July also called Personal Vlogger

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My Heart To You | C.H

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Happy Birthday Dad, I hope you enjoy the food and gifts I got you! Though I hope you aren’t reading this because dear god you would disown me if you saw the shit I write about michael clifford on here d: AND MY REQUESTS ARE OPEN PLEASE SEND ME ANYTHING TO MY ASKBOX EVEN IF ITS JUST A SHITTY MEME OR A ONESHOT REQUEST I’LL LOVE IT, ASK ME SOMETHING HERE BABES!


Y/N = Your Name

Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Ship: Barista!5sos x English Major!You

Boy: Calum Thomas Hood

Word Count: 2523

Summary: Calum always had a crush on his quiet classmate that would visit the university’s small coffee shop every day like clock work, but his nerves always get in the way until his friend Michael gives him some very good advice.



“Would you like fries with that?”

“This is a cafe Cal, that joke doesn’t work here.”

I chuckled at the customer as I wrote his order down on the note pad in my hands. After starting working at our university’s campus cafe, ‘The Crabapple’, I’d grown to enjoy joking and the occasionally flirtatious small talk between me and the now familiar faces that came to the little shop. At the beginning, talking was extremely difficult, I was never one for talking to strangers and I’d take their orders and rush behind the counter before I’d have to endure another awkward conversation with a classmate. That was until one day I told a seemingly pointless joke to an entry level (First year at uni, just ignore my australianisms pls) who then chuckled and gave me a 15 dollar tip. 15 dollars! That was like meals for the rest of the week due to my small wages.

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i got TAGGED BY JUNES to do some dank memes!!!!!!!!! my arts arent as impressive as hers sadly so this kinda palkes in comparison to her meme

The rules: show us the posts you are most proud of and the tag other people

the posts!!!! are here: x x x x x x

1. thats one of the last drawings i did wiht color and stuff when i still had my tablet ;_; and i was rly proud because i remember finishing pretty fast(it was a stream request) and it looks “complete?” an attempt was made for bg and also that was the happiest i had ever been with my “personal style” likie everything i drew naturally came to be looking a certain way that i was pleased with!!

2. pretty sure that fukawa was the beginning of said style and during around that time i remember being very comfortable with putting what was on my mind to paper(figuratively)

3. you can probably tell by looking at all my draws but I REALLY LOVE DRAWING ELBOWS NAD HANDS and this kanekices is one of the finest elbows ive drawn also this was posted around when kanekicest wasnt popular soo this post got me a shitton of notes later when i was on hiatus which was weird because it didnt get any exposure when i first posted

4. this was a drawing for tobes ;____; tobes if anyone remembers from the homestuckk and dangan days was my v good friend they drew shitton of eridan (also i love thsi sketchy style of mine?? i felt comfortabke  posting sketches, dangan days rly made my art better ahaha)

5. art palette challenge got me into one layer painting more seriously

6. beaten up seifuku vriska is probs to-date my most proud drawing haha

BONUS METNION BECAUSE I DIDNT FIGURE OUT HOW TO CROP IT TO FIT IN: i rly liked it when i drew this because i love the soft(??) cell shade style its so fun

whewwww that was long!!!! im not gonna tag anyone because ive been mia for so long ppl probably forgot who i am haha;;; but if you want an excuse to do this JUST PRETEND I TAGGED YOU!!!!! its fine and tag me so i can see

anonymous asked:

Tell us about the threesome!

ngl im surprised no else had been nosy abt this lmao 

me and bestie are chair/vice chair of the gardening society at my uni, and our social was last wednesday. and there was this rly cute feminist, social, meme loving boy we’d seen at the freshers fair and already stalked on fb and we were like wahhhh hes adorable i want one/would want one if i liked men. us 3 ended up being the last ones left and we went clubbing together (and also had like a massive fight in front of him lmao). i was talking to him in the club and he was like ‘i rly want to have sex with your friend but shes not sure… i rly want to have sex with you but youre a lesbian and i respect that’ and i was like :’) wtf hes respectful and wants to have sex with me. somehow we both ended up at his flat even tho idk i know neither me and bestie thought a threesome would happen. im not rly sure how it started but it was just like ok this is actually happening

i have a reoccurring joke of like if my bestie touches my leg im like ‘is this sex?’ (im hilar i know) and maybe when the threesome was ending bestie was like ‘is this sex?’. and then the next day when we were talking abt it i was like ‘i had to control the urge to shout gardening society!!!’ and both bestie and the boy were like ‘same!!!’ so #threesomegoals rly

but basically it was rly nice and respectful and chill and me and my bestie are like p unfazed by it, like we’ve been having drama anyway and like it didnt help it but like it didnt make it worse, if i was going to have a threesome with anyone im glad it was with her and a boy whose apart of the feminist society