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Woody’s Roundup: Meme spell to silence stupidity and hate

With the sudden power and presence of Woody’s Roundup gang, or the Woody Collective as others have called them, it only seems right to try and channel that energy into a spell.

A small spell for hopefully getting all sorts of varmints and desperadoes to shut up.

*Not advised for petty disagreements–it’s not what the Sheriff would want–but for silencing only people whose views harm and hurt people: white supremacists, TERFs, pedophiles, etc.


  • The URL or name of the target
  • Your ‘voice’, be it just a thought or said to yourself
  • Faith in the Sheriff
  • Optionally: A photo of the sheriff to more easily call on your intent
  • Also optional: A paper doll–it can be a simple stick figure drawn on paper and a piece of tape


  • Say, or think, “Howdy Pardner” and concentrate on channeling the power of the Sheriff.
  • Focus on the name of the target and why they want your silence.
  • In your mind, push out their name and hatred, preferably while saying “Reach for the sky”.
  • If you’ve chosen to add in the physical step with  the paper doll and tape,  now is the time to put the tape over the doll’s mouth.
  • When you have finished, say “Thank you, Sheriff”.
  • If you made a paper doll, dispose of it by cutting it up, preferably head first, and throwing it away.

Thank you, Sheriff, in advance for your services.


i really just made a long donation post but tumblr deleted it and also hates poor black and gay people

so as of right now the entirety of my paychecks goes directly into savings because i am saving for a car (my grandparents drive me to & from work which is extremely out of their way)

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