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In this interview with a local radio station during TDC, Tyler and Josh addressed the question of what is coming next. 

Tyler said that they definitely would be taking some time off, which makes sense when you see that they have been touring almost the entire time that Blurryface has been out.

Tyler also added that they are always working on new music, regardless if they are taking a break or not. Furthermore, we know that they like to write a lot of music on the road, and that they often get a lot of inspiration for new material while on tour. They also have a portable studio in the back of their tour bus. (Tyler has shared this information in numerous interviews) Given that they have gone on not one, but TWO tours means that they have had a lot of opportunity to write on the road. This could mean that they have some music written, but haven’t gotten the chance to record it professionally yet. 

When recording Blurryface, they worked with numerous producers all over the world, and this takes more time than working with one producer in one location. If they were to do this again, it could create another delay.

Because they have done so much during the two years that Blurryface has been out, it makes sense that they might want a break. However, we wouldn’t give up hope that something could be coming soon. (We all know how cryptic they are.) 

Several clues remain unexplained, such as the WAIT_s displayed during TDC. Updates to follow on cliqueconspiracy.

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Also just in case you didn't know Tumblr have updated and are automatically censoring a LOT of completely safe for work LGBT+ content for any users under 18 which is why some followers will be seeing content on your blog as nsfw - if they sign out of their account or make a new one they'll be able to access everything

It’s SO frustrating! It’s really disheartening to see that LGBT content is being marked as NSFW… 😑

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Prompt- hunk and lance jamming out to old music as they cook dinner together (could be platonic or romantic- whatever you interpret it as tbh)

Oh boy I’ve been meaning to write me some more Hance lately B) @waffle-walks it’s been a long time coming, but I finally finished this Hancey goodness. Also, @iris-nebula, have some cumbia dancing Lance. ;)

It had been another long shift at the station, but for once Lance didn’t feel tired to the bone as he stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. See, tonight he was hanging with Hunk, and yeah, sure, maybe they’d been doing that a lot lately, but he was excited. Especially because Hunk was going to be busy with another scene for his film soon; they wouldn’t be able to hang out as much when he started working again, so Lance was determined to make the most of this while it lasted.

So, shopping done, Lance hurried back to his apartment, hoping to beat Hunk there for once. Hunk, unlike Lance, who was notoriously late for everything, was always exactly on time. Not a breath early and not a second late. Lance wasn’t sure how he managed to do that, but he suspected it had something to do with working on a schedule most of the time. Lance was hoping to get back home on time at the very least (though he was honestly aiming to get there a little early) but foot traffic was a bitch and, as usual, Lance was late.

Lance tore down the hall to his apartment door, still half hoping that he’d beaten Hunk when he didn’t seem him right away. But nope- there he was, patting his thighs and hovering a few feet away from the door. “Hunk! Sorry I’m late!”

Hunk’s face brightened as soon as he saw Lance. “Oh good- I was worried you’d gotten stuck on call and couldn’t text again.”

Lance grimaced. It had been one time, okay? And he hadn’t even had any say in whether or not he would respond to that call. Huge crashes like that were fucking nasty and required the whole department to get their shit together and work seamlessly with everyone on scene. He… didn’t really want to think about that night right now, actually.

“Sorry, sorry.” Hunk’s clenched hands found their way up to his chest as he hunched into his anxiety. “I know that was a sucky shift it’s just- I worry, okay?”

“I get it dude,” Lance said with a dismissive wave and an easy smile, moving to unlock his door. The key fought him every step of the way, but after a minute he got his door open and stepped into his apartment. He didn’t even have to tell Hunk to come in; they’d done this often enough that the invitation would be nothing more than a formality. “What are you feeling tonight?”

Hunk hummed thoughtfully, clearly running over options in his head before he grinned broadly and declared, “You keep saying you make the best macaroni and I want to try it.”

Oh shit. Lance was pretty sure that the straight from the box Kraft mac ‘n cheese wasn’t what Hunk had in mind, but that’s what Lance had been talking about. Laughing nervously, Lance grabbed a pot from his cupboard, filled it with water, and put it on the stove to heat. Very intentionally avoiding Hunk’s eager gaze, Lance grabbed a box of the cheesy goodness and set it on the counter.

“Uh Lance?”

Smiling sheepishly, Lance turned to look at Hunk. “See, when I said cook I really just meant follow the directions on the box-”

Hunk cut him off before he could start rambling. “Hey a guy’s gotta appreciate the classics, right? I mean, I’ll definitely have to change the butter-to-pasta ratio because Kraft fucked that right up and maybe try out some spices on it and see what we can get- but I’m all for this. Really.” His smile lit up the room, and Lance felt a little weak in the knees.

Hunk was an angel. Honestly, what had Lance ever done to deserve him? Smiling with more confidence now, Lance grabbed his phone and set some music to play. He wasn’t really paying all that much attention to the music, completely captivated by the way Hunk had taken to pillaging his cabinets in search of good spices and herbs (he wouldn’t have much to work with- Lance didn’t usually cook on his days off). His body seemed to sway to the rhythm without any conscious thought, and god damn Lance was gay for this man. Hunk smiled openly as Lance started shuffling with him, and they began dancing around the kitchen with childish delight.

Time fell away from them as they struck ridiculous poses and made fun of the old music. (Though they would both defend the dulcet tones of Billy Idol until their last breath, regardless of what they were saying right now.) Hunk fell over laughing when Lance started an overly dramatic interpretive dance to Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust, and tentatively joined in when Lance swung his hips to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, dancing a cumbia worthy of Selena herself.

They laughed when Hunk remembered the mac ‘n cheese just a little too late and scrambled to get it off of the stove before the buttery pasta got too badly burnt, quickly taking it to the sink for salvation.

Lance peeked over Hunk’s shoulder to get a look at the burned mess and grinned crookedly. “It’s edible.”

Hunk scoffed, scooped the pasta out of the pot, and filled it back up with water to soak. “It’s burnt.”

Lance grabbed a spoonful of post-cheesy goodness and shoved it into his mouth. “‘S never stopped me before.”

Hunk fake gagged and tossed the pasta into the trash when Lance for real gagged. “Let’s just order a pizza.”

Lance, still trying to brush the remaining flavor off of his tongue, agreed. “That… sounds like a good idea.”

So they ordered a pizza, turned on a 10 Things I Hate About You and settled in for the night.

Justin’s dreamy.  He is.  He’s wonderful.  Justin’s such an incredibly giving co-star and he’s very…  It’s very important to him that the people that he works with do well and feel comfortable.  So consequently it’s very easy to work with him and to make things look good.  He’s also kind of a perfectionist, so he always comes in incredibly well prepared with lots of awesome ideas and he doesn’t settle for anything that isn’t great.  And I work in a similar way and so I loved, loved and valued working with him in that way.  Aaron Ashmore was the same way, who played Jimmy Olsen.  So I’ve been very fortunate to have two male counterparts on the show that were just like phenomenal, not to mention Tom Welling as well.

- Allison Mack on The Everything Film Show podcast answering the question “What was it like working with Justin Hartley.”

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Question-- So I'm going to be majoring in animation, and I'm going into college this coming year. Granted, I'm American and going to an American school, but do you have any advice about what to expect? Sorry if this is kind of a weird question or asking a bit much.

expect to work a lot and make many, MANY mistakes, which are necessary for you to get better. expect criticism, which can be harsh but ultimately is also great for you. from my own experience, people who work in animation tend to be nicer than average so you can also expect to make a whole bunch of friends! good luck with your major, and have fun! :D


Twitter update GOT7

GOT7 Reveals Big Plans For JJ Project, Jackson,

GOT7 has a lot in store for their fans!

In addition to group activities, there are plans for unit groups and solo activities.
First, JB and Jinyoung will be making a return as the unit JJ Project. The pair released their first single “Bounce” in May 2012 meaning it will be a comeback in approximately five years.

GOT7 members also have a variety of solo activities planned. Jackson who is popular on variety shows and music charts in China, will be working on a solo album. He now has a team in China who will be working on his Chinese activities.

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So I started making edits and even tho I didn't work super hard on them, they barely get any attention, and idk why but it's makes me like really sad, and also I wanna ask for a promo/make a promo for my blog but I feel like tahts selfish of me and that it makes an attention w****, and I don't know why, it just makes me feel bad even tho I want to do it.

Omg sweetheart a lot of people ask for promos from me and it’s never a bother!! I love helping you guys out.

If it wasn’t for @sheisrecovering, who I came to and asked for a promo from when I deleted my blog last year, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today on this blog. Promos can help so much, they’re what helped this blog back on its feet!

And my edits barely got any notes either, you can’t expect to get a lot of notes when you first make your content! Keep going, keep making your content and tag them properly so people can find them!

F the Leviathan


F typically stays in his human form, as his true form is frightening to most. He looks to be about 30 years old with black hair and purple eyes. He has dark skin, and frequently wears grey or brown colored clothing. His true form is indescribable, and hard to truly see.

F is looking for someone to mentor. He is skilled in energy work and needs someone who is ok with him adjusting energy and feeding them information. F wants to be able to help his companion see the world through a different light, making them aware of what we humans don’t know or see. He would like if his companion travelled some, and was able to show him new cultures and practices, as well as new places. He also needs someone with a small spirit family, someone who has a lot of time to spend with him. Lastly, he would like that his future companion be open to trying out new types of magic, and asks that they be above beginner level for spirit work and witchcraft.

F is someone who always has good intentions, but sometimes doesn’t understand how what he is doing is wrong. He doesn’t understand a lot of human culture and mental illness, but he wants to learn. F is straight forward and not afraid to stand behind his opinion and views. He doesn’t give in easily, and is very headstrong. He’s also very protective, and would protect his future companion and everyone in their house. No one gets hurt under his watch. F likes to sit down and read informational books. He is very interested in our world’s history and enjoys having deep conversations about it. When it comes to magic, F is pretty well rounded, but his specialty is dark magic. He likes to do hexes, energy work, and earth magic. He likes to teach, and will happily work with anyone who wants to learn. His hobbies are fishing, reading, watching documentaries, and herb, rock, and bone collecting.

His chosen companion will be messaged and given his name and preferred offerings. Please read the rules and follow the outline before submitting an application (you can find it easily through the browser rather than the app)

POSTED  6/26

Addressing Current Issues

Since our hiatus has finished and a lot has happened over the past few days I’d like to formally address things.

We are not, have never claimed to be, and are not comfortable being viewed as any kind of authority.
We are also not in charge of making any decisions. 

I, my mods, and others have stated this several times over and explained how AgeRe Education and it’s interactions with the Moderator Council work. 

To reclarify: (Copied directly from our FAQ) (x & x)

Who are you to decide if a community/club is safe?

We don’t make that decision.

We are a neutral information blog who mediate the decisions made by the moderators of all communities and clubs who choose to participate in our moderator discord server.

We are just informing you of their decisions, which are usually decided by mods bringing forward the decisions made by their individual communities and determining the majorities opinion.

We mediate discussions and inform the public of decisions. That is all.

Links of community moderators restating what is said above: x x x x 

Since we did not make the decision regarding kiddie/cubs, it’s unfair that this blog and its mods have been personally attacked and dragged into this drama.

Our personal accounts, which are kept private, were flooded with anon hate and harassment which is completely unreasonable when the kiddie/cubs mods were part of the Moderator Council and know that we weren’t responsible for this decision. 

Before anyone tries to argue that we removed them and started all this, let me further explain our standard procedure

If someone reports a community, or a specific mod, then we temporarily remove any the mods of the reported community and alert the council of the issue which they then resolve and inform us of their decision. 

That is the limit of our involvement outside of mediating when discussions become heated or calling breaks when things are too emotional or confusing.

We are an information blog simply providing information. 

Leave us out of your drama. 

We will continue to block anyone who drags us into these messes, as it disrupts the running of this blog and (once again) we can’t change anything. 

From now on, if you wish to contact the Moderator Council regarding something then please state that at the beginning of your ask/message and it will be passed on to them.

~Mod Alpha

The moment when you’re extremly tired of BeyBurst.

Don’t get me wrong. The first season is one of the best things that happened in my life. But Burst God… It isn’t the same. The reason why I really enjoyed the first season is that I loved how all these 11 year old kids come together and make friends. Also I loved to see how their relationships were improving.

But this time I can’t see that. This season so far is about that 2 kids in another country that are really optimistic and want to have a lot fun with the other team members but it isn’t working.
I don’t see any improvement. It’s just a constantly switch between issues in the team and European Cup fights.
Although I really appreciate how every character of the main cast in the first season gets a new bey and gets a new chance to shine.
But how does that end? Valt defeat them and they just disappear and don’t come back. Oh great…

That’s really bad! You just can’t introduce new characters or old ones with a new bey and let them disappear after 2 episodes!

I can’t find enough words to tell you how sad I am. I was really hyped for Burst God in the first place. But I must say: today episode 13 has aired and last year when the 13th episode of the first season aired there was more tension.

I really hope that one day I can say “Hey, Burst God is as good as season 1 or even better!”
But for now I’m still disappointed overall…

(PS: I didn’t want to say that Burst God is a really bad season, I just don’t like how it proceeded so far…)

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Discourse ask: Ph/eacker

Ah yes, my problematic ship. Now, first off its not pedophilia for those who’ve tried to argue me down about it. Philip is a legal adult, 19, and if I remember correctly Eacker was like, 28. Anyway, there’s alot I like about this but there’s also a lot I hate. Deeply. For instance, the same thing pulled with Jamilton ‘since they hate each other let’s make it abusive and call it hot.’ Honey, no, please. How about we 'work out their differences and build a healthy relationship that isn’t so unhealthy.’

Ok assuming I will be done with my degree by the fall, I’ll live at home and I’ll register to be a sub (take the cbest in August probably) and work at study hut and do private too also probably work for my community college again and make a lot of money and save it for Southeast Asia (December-jan). Also apply to some finance analyst positions or talk to recruiters… then after fall I wanna move to philly 😩and live with my uncle and aunt

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tbh I get SO happy when liam posts a shirtless pic, not just because it's a blessing for my eyes but also because liam seems so proud of his body now and he should be, he should always be proud of his body no matter what size, but like he was so fucking insecure and it breaks my heart thinking about how bad he used to feel about his body but now he's gaining confidence and it makes me so happy.

MEEEE !!!! it’s so nice to see that he’s gotten so confident in himself 😍 i know a lot of people think he’s Extra or Annoying when he does that but tbh!!! i always live for it. he’s worked hard for that body and he deserves to show it off as much as he damn well pleases

Book Inventory Madness

As a way to whip ourselves into shape, we’re scanning all of the barcodes on our more than 36,000 books.

We scan the barcode with the wand. If the barcode works, then it is logged in the inventory. If not, we get an error message.

We want to make sure that all of our books:

  • have barcodes
  • the barcodes are linked to their corresponding record
  • find any other problem children

While the work has been a little slow, we’re moving along at a pretty good clip. We’ve also had a lot of help from Access Services.

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I just discovered your blog & tysm for it! I love reading all the HC's abt demigods, pls keep it up! But anyway, I've actually been wondering about this one for a long time & since I don't have any PJO friends IRL, I thought maybe I'd run my ideas/HC's by you? But I was wondering if demigods can possess other abilities? Like, a Poseidon kid being really good with weapons/combat? Or a Hephaestus kid who'd rather write poetry instead of working the forge? That kind of thing, you know?

Totally! Come off anon and message me on my main blog, I’m totally down to talk about PJO :D

To answer your question though… Yeah, I mean this is a problem a lot of people run into when they’re making original characters for PJO. You can totally have a character who has interests/hobbies outside of their godly parent. (Also, most demigods have a natural proficiency for battle, they’re hardwired to fight so most demigods are pretty good with weapons/combat, to answer the Poseidon thing).

A PJO OC should totally have interests outside of the sphere of their godly parent. It can make your characters seem really flat and one-dimensional if you focus only on their parent as a whole vein for them as a person. True, there are people who would be defined by being a child of Athena or something, but most people have multiple and varied interests. (+there are just as many kids who would shy away from their godly parent and forge their own path in the opposite direction of what they are expected to be). An Aphrodite kid who loves playing soccer or an Apollo kid who collects coins. Quirks.

Now, for abilities, in the sense of powers, then no I’d say they can’t really have powers outside of their godly parent. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested/in good at something outside of their godly parent! It just means you can’t have an Athena kid who can control water or a Hephaestus kid who can charmspeak.

Think about it, are you exactly like your parents? Maybe you inherited your dad’s wonderful singing voice and you’re a natural at dancing, just like your mom. But that doesn’t mean you will BECOME them and follow in their footsteps in every manner. I’m sure you have interests outside of your parents, especially if that parent isn’t around. Maybe they affected what you’re good at and a couple things you inherited, but they didn’t dictate your whole personality!

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Do you personally take any supplements? I mainly take vitamins and protein but god building you're body is such a slow process. Not looking for shortcuts just you're own personal usage and you're own tips

Protein is a must.

A mass gainer can help if you can afford it and if bulking is your main goal. Lots of carbs so you gotta couple it with really intense work.

I think BCAAs are also pretty imperative.

I kind of need a preworkout to do my best work. I usually only do a half dose, especially if you’ve got any anxiety issues, cause it can make you too shaky

Other than that I don’t think you really need much. Creatine is popular but you should cycle it on and off and probably would be best used under training. I’ve had fun with a natural testosterone booster but not sure how much it did apart from up my libido a bit. Never tried a fat burner. Take my own zinc and c and sometimes multivitamins but those can be generic.

And sleep. Sleep as much as you can. Your immunity is lowered after three intense gym sessions a week and you need sleep to repair.

The houses as.... Writers


  • the hemingway’s of the world
  • their writing is full of angst and personal experience
  • can often come across as anecdotic- they take what has happened to them and apply it to a broader spectrum
  • there is an underlying current of passion in everything they write
  • many late nights w/ coffee because they were suddenly inspired at 2am while nearly dreaming


  • the fantasy writers
  • create whole worlds bc they aren’t satisfied with the one’s they are in
  • stories often make a statement on real world issues in a creative way
  • prefers to use a typewriter/hand-write their stories
  • shares their ideas with very few
  • almost never finishes a story bc they have so many half-finished ideas swirling in their heads


  • the realistic writers
  • creates painfully authentic, multi-faceted characters with abundant flaws
  • their writings aren’t meant to teach a lesson; simply to share a story
  • draw inspiration from those around them; MAJOR people watchers
  • their writing is highly sophisticated and not easy to digest; you have to pay attention to every detail
  • prefer writing in the 3rd person; like to take an omnipotent view as a way of removing themselves from the piece
  • take great pride in their work and don’t reveal it until it’s at a standard that they approve of (and that bar is HIGH) 


  • the poets
  • a lot of YA authors are hufflepuff
  • create beautiful imagery in everything they write
  • their attention to detail is impeccable; they want to ensure that what they imagine is what the audience also envisions
  • their writing is raw with emotion and makes the reader feel for the characters
  • 1st person stories
  • very open/receptive to criticism; seeks out ways to improve upon their creation
  • their stories always have a moral that they want the world to know
  • everything they write is a piece of them

      i know i would give it all back
      for a chance to start over
      and rewrite an ending or two

           for the girl that i knew.

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I know that you are a reptile tumblr but I was wondering if you knew if it were healthy for dogs to be vegans? I'm just curious because of some vegans that have animals and they make them vegans... is it harmful towards the animal or is it completely safe? thank you :)

It’s an absolutely horrible idea. Dogs cannot be vegans and thrive. They’re not vegetarians and they’re not even really omnivores in the same way we are- while dogs will eat everything we do (and more), feeding them a vegan diet is terrible for their health. A lot of vegans who make this decision will blather on about supplements in the vegan food or about how you can make artificial amino acids or how dogs can survive on it so therefore it’s safe, but dogs can also survive eating Ol’ Roy, the worst dog food in the world. Surviving isn’t the same thing as thriving! A dog’s biological structure means that eating plants and only plants isn’t going to work well in the long run- so let’s look at some of the reasons why dogs need to be fed a diet based in animal protein. 

1. The canine digestive tract is not good at digesting plant matter.

Plant matter is really tough to break down! Meat, on the other hand, digests quickly. Carnivores and herbivores have differently structured digestive tracts that work with their diets. Let’s look at a rabbit’s digestive tract and a dog’s.

See how a rabbit has a functional cecum, while the dog’s is just a little snub of a thing? The cecum is an organ that plays a really important role in non-ruminant herbivore digestion. It’s a large pouch where cellulose and tough fibers in plant-based food get broken down. Dogs, like humans, don’t have one that’s functional for digestion. 

In addition, herbivores like rabbits have very long, complicated digestive tracts. Their food sits in there and breaks down over a long period of time. An average adult rabbit (with a body of about 40 centimeters long, we’re not talking the giant breeds or the dwarf breeds here) has about three meters of small intestine. In American units, that’s a 15 inch animal with almost 10 feet of intestines. A dog, on the other hand, has a small intestine that’s about two and a half times the length of its body- so for instance, a dog that’s two feet long would have about five feet of small intestine. There’s neither enough time nor space in the canine alimentary canal for dogs to fully extract the nutrients they need to survive. 

2. Dog drool doesn’t have amylase.

Amylase an enzyme that converts plant starch and glycogen into simple sugars. Herbivores and omnivores typically have amylase in the saliva, which starts to break down those starches immediately. This means by the time the starches hit the intestine, they’ve already started to convert into something that’s actually useful. Dogs, however, only produce it in the pancreas. There’s no salivary amylase in dogs or any other carnivore. This means that digesting plants and converting their energy into something that’s actually useful is really inefficient for dogs; they can only get something like half of the energy and nutrients they’d get from a comparable amount of meat. It also means that to digest plant material, dogs’ pancreases have to go into overtime to make enough amylase, which can lead to severe pancreatic strain.

3. Dogs can’t digest cellulose.

While the dog pancreas makes amylase, something it doesn’t make is cellulase. Granted, herbivores don’t make it either- in fact, very few animals do. Termites are one of the only animals that make their own cellulase. Herbivore digestive tracts have a reservoir of symbiotic bacteria that produce plenty of cellulase. We’ve actually talked about it- it’s what goes on in the cecum! The bacteria in carnivore ceca, however, is linked to the lymphatic system, not the digestive system. 

There’s also the issue of their teeth not being adapted for a plant-based diet or even the way they eat being good at taking in plants- but the same is true for anything that’s not animal carcasses, including kibble and wet dog food. That’s just evidence that defines them as opportunistic carnivores; what makes a vegan diet so bad for dogs is their digestive biology.

There is one exception to this rule, and that is when a vet prescribes a vegan diet for an animal with significant food allergies or other dietary issues. This is not something vets do unless it’s the best course of treatment for the animal. 

Veganism isn’t the same thing as being an herbivore. Herbivores don’t have a choice; their bodies aren’t built for eating meat. While they might take in animal protein on occasion (deer, for instance, will eat birds sometimes), their teeth, their digestive systems, and their metabolisms all work together to make eating plants the best way for them to survive. A rabbit’s not a vegan- it’s an herbivore. Only humans can be vegans. To be a vegan is to make a choice; it’s to evaluate your place in the world around you and to renegotiate your relationship with all sorts of things- your own body, the food industry, the people around you, and of course the animals you don’t eat. Responsible vegans understand that humans can thrive on an all-vegetable diet; they know that we evolved to be really, really flexible when it comes to the source of our nutrition. While humans are biologically omnivores, we can make that choice.

A dog can’t, and it’s not humanity’s place to force that on them. There are some pets that thrive on an all-vegetable diet. Rabbits, tortoises, finches, hamsters, snails- but not dogs. 

If you’d like more information, this is a fantastic write-up, complete with sources! This is a good, short article written by a vet. This is a blog post that talks about some of the other nutritional deficiencies, particularly involving D3. This is another great writeup with diagrams!