also this was a lot of work to make

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Would you mind telling us why you think louis might make the most money on the long run?

First and foremost, he’s got a keen mind for the music industry.  Just listening to him talk about the reasons he chose to work with Steve and do JHO.  He saw something missing and decided to fill that hole.  He understands what sells and most importantly WHY.  He’s also an incredibly prolific songwriter which is where a lot of artists make their money.  He could easily write and sell for other people along with writing for himself to perform.  Then there’s the label aspect.  While triple strings and the girl band may be shady af, I do think it IS something he’s legitimately interested in pursuing.  and since again, he’s got that keen mind for the industry and understands it so well, he’d know how to find and develop acts that would sell really well.  Then of course, while it’s really annoying, he’s still making that money doing all his promo/endorsement deals.  

So many artists are just that- artists.  Then there are so many people in industry just understand the BUSINESS side of things and become famous because they know how to work that even if they aren’t the most talented of the bunch.  Louis happens to be one of the rare few that has both artistic and business sense.  

Some thoughts on the Watson marriage

First of all, upfront: I believe Mary and John sincerely loved each other and were genuinely trying to make their relationship work. But clearly, at least on some levels, it was not working, and I want to play armchair marriage counsellor for a bit and look at why.

So, obviously, the first major misstep in their marriage is Mary lying about her history and identity, and then shooting John’s best friend to protect her secret.  Why didn’t she just tell him who she was from the beginning? 

MARY: John can’t ever know that I lied to him. It would break him and I would lose him forever.

She was terrified that he wouldn’t love her if he found out about her past.  What might have given her that idea?  What messages was John sending her that his love was conditional on her being ordinary, sweet, and safe?

In some ways, John’s behavior after he finds out the truth proves her fears unjustified.  Though he struggles for a while, he doesn’t leave her, and he makes a renewed commitment to their relationship.  So far so good.  But look at what he says to her:

JOHN: The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future … are my privilege. It’s all I have to say. It’s all I need to know.

It’s a very romantic moment, and clearly well-intentioned. And Mary is grateful for his forgiveness, and agrees to move forward with him.  But there’s a mixed message hidden in John’s statement.  In throwing away the thumb drive unread, he’s confirming her suspicion that he can’t love the person she was in the past, only the persona she has created.  

MARY: You don’t even know my name.
JOHN: Is ‘Mary Watson’ good enough for you?

Here again – it’s a lovely and romantic sentiment, but even as Mary was thrilled to accept his forgiveness, she must have gotten the message that Mary Watson is acceptable, but her history as Rosamund is not.  That could only have heightened her sense of insecurity in the relationship.  It would have been a much more generous gesture on John’s part if he had simply asked her name at that moment, instead of shoving it into the closet of things we must never speak of.

In TST, John acts surprised that Mary is still keeping secrets from him, but what choice did he give her?  He basically told her there’s this whole part of her life that he doesn’t want to hear about.  

And when he does catch her in her lies, John tries to be understanding, but he makes another small mistake with big repercussions:

JOHN: Mary, I may not be a very good man, but I think I’m a bit better than you give me credit for, most of the time.

I think what he means is that he’s not as judgmental as she thinks – she doesn’t need to hide from him, because he would support her even in difficult times.  But by phrasing it in terms of him being “good”, he also unintentionally reminds her that she is not good.  This is a difference between them in her mind: he is good and she is bad.  

MARY: You’re always a good man, John. I’ve never doubted that. You never judge; you never complain. I don’t deserve you.

She seems here to be accepting his claim that he won’t judge her. But in saying that she doesn’t deserve him, she’s highlighting the fact that he makes her feel lesser, which makes her insecure and leads her to lie and misrepresent herself in order to seem “good” enough for him.  

Once they get back home, she states this problem again, even more clearly:

MARY: You don’t make it easy, do you?
JOHN: What d’you mean?
MARY: Well, being … being so perfect.

Unmistakably, she is trying to tell him how hurt she is by the roles they’ve unwittingly assigned each other: Perfect John and Bad Mary.  And at last, it seems like John gets it. Before they’re interrupted, he starts to tell her about his affair in an effort to reassure Mary that neither of them is perfect.  It feels like the best chance they have for a fresh start based on a better understanding of and respect for each other as real, flawed people.

Then, sadly, Mary dies before they are able to hash this out. And one of the most tragic elements of her death scene is this:

MARY: Being Mary Watson was the only life worth living.

Mary wants to leave their relationship on the best note possible, but it breaks my heart that even with her dying breaths, she feels the best way to do this is to deny the “bad Rosamund” that John always seemed to be rejecting, and present herself as the “good Mary” that she believed John wanted her to be.

And the thing is, I don’t think John ever intended her to feel that way.  He wears a conventional veneer, but Sherlock is right – deep down, John wanted to be with someone as dangerous and morally grey as he is.  He initially thought he wanted perfect Mary, but he really fell in love with the more complicated Rosamund underneath.

And yet, even though he loved her, forgave her, and respected her for the most part, a part of him was still angry and resentful over Mary’s betrayal, and I think he unconsciously picked on her for it in these subtle ways.  

Which is understandable, if not ideal.  But what *really* saddens me is what John says at the end of TLD:

JOHN: I’m not the man you thought I was; I’m not that guy. I never could be. But that’s the point. That’s the whole point. Who you thought I was… is the man who I want to be.

No, John, no!  He’s so close here, but then he gets it so wrong.  Mary doesn’t want you to be that perfect man she thought you were! Mary thought that dude was kind of a jerk!  And she was right, honestly.  What Mary was trying to tell you is, that man is sanctimonious, patronizing, and judgmental.  DON’T BE THAT GUY.  No one likes that guy, least of all Mary.  

Mary didn’t want a “good man”, she wanted a partner in crime. Someone who understood her and respected her – ALL of her, not just the pretty and well-behaved bits.  At your best, John, you were that partner, but at your worst, you were a superior, scolding, hypocritical prig.

I’m not sure, but I think (I hope?) this is what Sherlock’s getting at during this exchange:

SHERLOCK: It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling, from time to time, that we might all just be human.
JOHN: Even you?
SHERLOCK: No. Even you.

The lesson John needs to learn is not to be a better man for the perfect, imaginary version of Mary in his head, but to be kinder and more accepting and empathetic to the real, flawed person Mary actually was.  And to honor her memory, perhaps be kinder and more accepting and empathetic to people like her – including himself.

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So, everything OK? Can't help but notice you've been in it quiet recently ;-;

Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you! I actually wanted to make one of my ‘sorry it’s been quiet’ posts yesterday, but I didn’t get around to it. Everything’s okay I promise, just a lot of work-related things have just gotten busy again for me. I’ve also been working on the new side comic that I’d like to release early this week, and Chapter Three planning, and art stuffs in general, so there’s not much time for me to be as active here as I’d like to be. It won’t last forever I’m sure, just gotta stay focused and power through!

But it’s so nice of you to check up on me ^^ Thank you :)

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people from tumblr also screenshot twitter posts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The difference is that the boys, their families, and their friends, and people they work with almost all have Twitters. and a lot of people on Tumblr generally have no interest in interacting with those people or having them see posts (hence why we make those posts on Tumblr, not Twitter or Instagram), so when people from Twitter screenshot said posts with our usernames and then talk about those people so they can see it in their mentions or directly @ people, Tumblr bloggers are getting attention that they never asked for and often never wanted. It’s one thing if the boys or people associated with the boys actively seek out our blogs themselves and it’s another for people on Twitter to send our shit to them without permission. You may have noticed that doesn’t happen with Tumblr screenshots of Twitter.

See the difference, honey? :)

Naho Flux
Nathan/Justin Luchter
Naho Flux

Almost coming up on denmark mindscape’s one year anniversary, so here’s this thing I’ve been working on for a while

I call it ‘naho flux’, made with inspiration from MNOG music and hura mafa flow. This is more of a ‘proof of concept’ than an actual song since I still have an idiot child grasp on music making, so be gentle with it. It’s why I’m not uploading it to soundcloud, because I don’t really think this is finished. Think of it as a test.

A dude and I have been working together on music for RB 4 for the past few months, so it’s inspired me to work a lot more on music. Since garageband is ass, I haven’t been able to make anything other than ‘simple’ stuff. This is my first (successful) attempt at something… louder(it gets very loud).

I guess you also could say this is a sneak peak of RB 4′s music. I think it kinda encompasses what we’re trying to accomplish with it: fun, with synths, and lots of bonkle.

ayahina headcanon & flowers🌸

*elevator music playing in the background*

I thought about writing this but I’m not sure if I will, so for now, I will write a small headcanon because I need to share this or it will die in my throat. 

so, we all know that Hinami is now the mischevious fairy, and she likes flowers. She likes flowers a lot. She’s also the light of Goat, bringing coffee to everyone when they are tired from work, or just offering them encouraging words to cheer them up when hope seems lost. She’s that spark of life inside a place that sometimes gets darker than death, and everyone’s faces brighten a bit more every time she’s near. So whilst everybody are working hard and making plans and being busy, Hinami likes to buy flowers and give them to everyone while no one’s looking. She would buy different types of flowers depending on each person—hydrangeas for Touka, roses for Tsukiyama, etc etc—she would place a couple flowers inside Touka’s empty cups so she would find them inside at the time of making coffee. She likes to place random flowers on Tsukiyama’s head when he’s sleeping. She gives Naki and Miza the same kind of flowers (wink wink) and hides white flowers inside Kaneki’s mask/books—which is super cool because then the mask and books smell delicious. So, one day, Ayato was kinda bored.

“Ugh, what a shitty day, there’s nothing to do.”

but Touka looks at him with that bitchy-sassy Kirishima expression. 

“There’s nothing to do, huh? then be useful for once and go buy me some coffee beans.”

“Huh? No way. Ask the four-eyes idiot to do it.”

then beautiful Hinami magically appears, hearing the conversation, and she’s like “oh! are you going out? let’s go together! I ran out of flowers, I have to buy more.”

And Ayato is like, “w-what? but—”

Hinami grabs him by the arm, dragging him out of the store and Touka huffs, staring at the way Ayato follows Hinami with no objections. She sighs, resuming her work, while Ayato follows an eager Hinami way to the flower shop. Once they arrive, Ayato blurts out a sigh and says “ugh, Hinami… what are we even doing here…”

but Hinami keeps walking and taking a closer look at each flower.

“I want to buy the same flowers for onee-chan and onii-chan this time, but I’m not sure which ones should I choose.”

Ayato kinda giggles like pffff, good luck with that, and he follows her super bored because he thinks the flower shop is stupid until Hinami screams, making him jump in his place, and she grabs a flower and shows it to him super excited.

“Look! It looks like a rabbit!”

Ayato frowns, looking at the flower. It kinda looks like a rabbit, the petals imitating the large and fluffy ears, but he shrugs still. He doesn’t get it.

“So what?”

She gasps, overwhelmed.

“What do you mean by so what? It means that it’s your flower! Come on, let’s buy these instead.”

“Hina, what the hell, don’t—”

She obviously doesn’t listen, she pays for the flowers and once they leave the shop, she starts taking some flowers out of the bouquet and tells Ayato to hold the bag for a second.

“What are you doing?”

“Stay still,” she responds, and Ayato paralyzes when her hands travel to his mussed hair. “I’m gonna make you a crown.”

Ayato’s body quivers and stares at her like crazy.

“What the fuck—”

“Ayato, behave!” she scolds. She doesn’t like when he cusses. “It’s just a crown.”

He tries to pull away, snorting.

“Hinami—f-fuck… stop it, everyone’s watching us!” the boy is in pain. “I’m gonna look like an idiot!”

And people was already staring at them. 

“Okay, okay!” she gives up, sighing in frustration. “No crown. Just rabbit ears.”

“Are you fucking kidd—”

“Ayato,” she warns, looking serious as hell. “Rabbit ears.” 

After an intense gaze that lasts for almost twelve seconds, Ayato sighs, cheeks dyeing red, and murmurs a sheepish and stilled “okay.”

Hinami smiles brightly and she’s like YAAAAAAY and Ayato’s heart stops and she turns the flowers into beautiful bunny ears that decorate Ayato’s head. “You look so cute,” she finishes, proud of herself, and Ayato can’t find the courage to answer, he’s way too embarrassed to even look at her in the eyes.

They leave to buy the coffee beans and once he has forgotten that he has rabbit ears on top of his head, he looks at her.

“What about your flowers?”

“What do you mean?”

“You are picking up different flowers for everyone like a psycho. But which ones are your flowers?”

She smiles, and her fingers travel to the pretty hairband decorating her hair.

“Clovers,” she answers, like sharing a powerful secret. “I like the white four-leaf clovers, but those are hard to find, I haven’t seen them in that store.”

Ayato doesn’t reply, and once they arrive at :re again, Ayato has to deal with Touka and Nishiki mocking at his rabbit ears. 



two days later, after staying up till late helping Miza with some stuff, Hinami went to sleep and stood in bed all day until afternoon, feeling the sunlight caressing her cheeks through the window. She blinked a couple times, sighing, and when she opened her eyes, she found a small bouquet of white clovers with four leafs on top of the pillow, right in front of her face. With drowsy eyes, her fingers grabbed the flowers, suddenly remembering her previous confession to Ayato days ago. Her heart fluttered a little, and placed the flowers against nose, smelling the sweet fragrance. 

Her lips curve into a beautiful smile as her eyes fall shut again.

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Is it that bad if after 5 years of design study I'm just tired of critical thinking and writing essays and researching for months before actually designing something and all that kind of stuff? What if I just want to do well-made but plain and boring websites and brand identities?

I was in the same boat towards the end of grad school. A lot of it felt performative. Also as a person of colour, there were enough barriers for me to my work to gain an audience, I didn’t need an additional layer of semantics to stand in the way. I think critical theory is necessary and has an important place in the world—at the same time, I personally see making and thinking as distinct and separate processes and try to do one thing at a time.

The old saying in school was, “Thinking leads to thinking, making leads to making.”

To your last point, I think that’s perfectly fine. There’s no need to be performative as I’ve said. But with that in mind, there’s a lot of politics embedded in the “well-made.” In an age where design is so democratized and accessible, and thus disposable, where sucess is memeability a commitment to craft may perhaps be a legitimate form of protest.

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I agree with you on a lot of things but your outlook on shoplifting as protest reeks of someone who has never had to work for anything.

I mean, that’s a pretty big claim to extrapolate from like, one position but ok. Also I don’t shoplift because I don’t have to, but I’m not going to ridicule or snitch on someone who does, since I don’t know what their situation is. To be clear I’m not talking about people who’s job it is to make sure people don’t shoplift, they have to survive too. I guess my main point is that capitalism forces everyone into uncomfortable positions where they have to hurt each other to survive and I don’t see how blaming those people and not the system as a whole is helpful? I could be totally wrong about all of this I’m open to changing my views on a lot of stuff.

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I agree about seeing your personality in videos. Your first video when you just did daily stuff and talked about your feelings or opinions was so fun! More videos about yiur daily life would be good. There are so many informational videos about living in sk but not much actually showing life there. Especially since your experience is unique (not an english teacher) and you tend to do lots of interesting things. Id love to see how you find work and your experience speaking korean etc.

Thank you! I actually just filmed a vlog and I am planning on making videos about getting a (non-teaching) job.

And i am trying to show my personality more and censor myself less. I am so used to seeing these these perfect lives that I feel like I have to show you guys something like that but I also become a 100x more boring.

Thank you for your input ill keep that in mind!

Beyond the Fourth Wall - Robotic Pets

i’ll save Edmin’s 4th-wall breaks for personal thoughts and waste-of-time posts. i wanted to make a request for electronic pets, complete with little doodles for examples. people will think anything’s a good idea if you put doodles alongside it. but time is sparse and i’m tired. also, i want to see if the ‘keep reading’ link works on phones. my apologies to phone users if it doesn’t.

haphazard thoughts and bad ms paint work below

Keep reading

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You aren't perfect and that's what makes you a great artist in my book, we see your art grow every time you post a silly comic. Also I noticed your anatomy has gotten better sense your hetalia days. 👌 keep up the good work

thank you! I’d say my time at the art school is really helping me, my teachers make me try out so many new things all the time, drawing difficult poses and using colors I dont usually like to use, so that affects my art a lot. But there is still so much things I suck at drawing, which is just great I think, it keeps me motivated to get better! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ 


for @allmycharactersare-dead: oikawa, iwaizumi & the flock 1 and 2 trainees from wingbeats!! because dragons and dragon riders are. the coolest. also I promised you a thing!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 

list of things the yoi fandom forgets
  • Phichit and Seung-gil are 20 
  • JJ is 19
  • Georgi is 27 not 25 (that’s Chris) 
  • Guang-Hong is 17 and this season was also his debut year for seniors
  • Guang-Hong trains in the US and Canada during the off season
  • Michele and Sara are 22, meaning they were in juniors with Yuuri 
  • Emil is only 18 no matter how much older his beard makes him look
  • Mila is only 18 too
  • Emil does extreme sports during the off season 
  • JJ does a lot of charity work during the off season 
  • Minako is actually older than Hiroko indicated by Hiroko calling her ‘senpai’ which means upperclassman (Hiroko is 49 meaning Mianko is likely 50 or 51, maybe 49 depending on her brithday) 
  • Viktor’s gold skates also have Russian flags on the outer side of the blades
  • Georgi was seen with another girl (who is not Anya) at the end of the season - presumably on a date 
  • Otabek is only 5′6″ (168 cm) 
  • Otabek has trained in America and Canada and Russia, returning to Kazakhstan only a year ago
  • Guang-Hong and Phichit are two of the Three Most Adorable Figure Skaters in Asia
  • Minami also made his debut in seniors this season having placed third as a Junior at Japanese Nationals the previous season

yoo! here’s the djwifi piece i did for @a-little-light-zine ~ if you would like to see all the pieces in this zine, feel free to donate and pick one up while it’s still available~ 

also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.

Orders  –  Participants  –  Previews  –  Info


Sam/Jack + similarities | part 1 of 2

Entwining Your Dominant Energies

I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to make the mistake as taking only the first dominant sign or planet, but your dominance works more as a rank than it does as one true thing.

Everyone has every sign/planet/element/modality within them. Each sign will have some amount of prevalence in your chart. For this reason, it’s key to look at it as encompassing yourself, rather than defining it as one.

For example, my dominant sign is Aquarius, but this would not be enough to understand or study me. I would also take my next 4: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus. Then, I could start to study these signs and their archetypes, and see how they can relate to me as a whole.

That’s the key to dominants: it is you as a whole. They work as a flash point, a conclusion, to your chart. Each sign or planet has a certain set of values and characteristics, which when you combine with the other most prominent dominants you have, can act as almost a small biography of who you are. 

When thinking of your dominants, it’s key to not take too much or too little. If you have 5 signs all with high percentages, you can use all 5 if you wish, but if you only have 2, then you can just use 2! 

To conclude, here’s a list of characteristics which can be used to describe each dominant. If you’re unsure on how many to take away from this, the default amount is usually considered 3 (3 signs, and 3 planets).


  • Aries - Passionate, Impulsive, Chaotic
  • Taurus - Stubborn, Routinely, Loving
  • Gemini - Social, Dynamic, Laid Back
  • Cancer - Family oriented, Empathetic, Emotionally tied
  • Leo - Artistic, Extroverted, Dramatic
  • Virgo - Analytical, Precise, Helpful
  • Libra - Loving, Indecisive, Peaceful
  • Scorpio - Investigative, Deep, Intense
  • Sagittarius - Intellectual, Travel-oriented, Unsettled
  • Capricorn - Ambitious, Hard-working, Objective
  • Aquarius - Eccentric, Individual, Humanitarian
  • Pisces - Intuitive, Sympathetic, Romantic


  • Sun - Confident, Extroverted, Sure
  • Moon - Emotional, Empathetic, Understanding
  • Mercury - Linguistically wise, Communicative, Social
  • Venus - Aesthetically Inclined, Loving, Musical
  • Mars - Rambunctious, Head strong, Prominent
  • Jupiter - Expansive, Experience-oriented, Unregulated
  • Saturn - Orderly, Specific, System-inclined
  • Uranus - Outspoken, Political, Blunt
  • Neptune - Delusional, Dreamy, Wise
  • Pluto - Ever-changing, Destructive, Revival

Example: Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius & Mars, Sun, Pluto

“I am investigative and intellectual, I am intense and unsettled. Parts of me are artistic and dramatic. I can be travel-oriented, as well as deep. Amongst these things, I am rambunctious and ever-changing, maybe even head strong and destructive. It is likely you shall see me as confident or sure, even prominent or extroverted. But, I have another side of me which aims for revival.”
House Republicans scrap plan to gut ethics office after emergency meeting
House Republicans on Tuesday backed out of plans to weaken an independent ethics office after broad criticism of the move.
By Jacob Pramuk


There was public uproar about this move. There were phone calls, e-mails, tweets. There was a lot of attention. And guess what? It worked.

We’re not powerless, we just got used to not having to do anything. Get ready to do this a lot more for the next two to four years, because just because we got them to back off of this one doesn’t mean they’re going to suddenly stop trying to get things past us. They’re just going to try harder to be sneaky.

But we do make a difference. 

Also, in 2018? Which is NEXT YEAR?

I want you to vote these motherfuckers out of office. Get a list going. Let your representatives know when you call them that you are keeping a list of who votes how, and that you’ll be voting accordingly. Let them know that if they can’t do their job, they’re gonna be fired.

Power to the people.