also this was a lot of work to make

Day 6 :angst or song lyrics - second version

I wasn’t satisfied with the look of the one with the yellow lady, so I made another one with Ylil instead.

Fun fact about this one : the arm isn’t glued, so I can make her wear or completely take off the glasses   :)

(I also want to thanks everyone who enjoy my work, it really mean a lot to me. You are all so nice !)


hey if ur going black friday shopping here’s an aggressively friendly reminder to not be a dick to workers (e.g., being rude and/or messing up the store by throwing clothes or w/e all over the place) because ur just making our jobs infinitely harder. also?? don’t take ur anger out on workers who may be slow while helping you because a lot of them are seasonal workers who have little to no training & have probably never worked black friday before so! Be Fucking Nice Please

like you, like me

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Title: like you, like me
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: Doctor!AU/Friends to Lovers!AU
Summary: Baekhyun notices one night in the middle of his shift at the clinic that he wanted a woman like her, and perhaps, she wanted a man like him.

Hey.  So I totally forgot I was up for night shift today and I am in desperate need of some dinner, so if you could pass by and bring me some takeout I would love you a lot more than I already do now.

Baekhyun could be a little bit forgetful at times and honestly, she doesn’t blame him. The work of a doctor was walking up and down the hallways in order to attend as many patients as possible and get them to live, also make them feel important even when a flu was much less important than a heart attack, so the fact that her friend forgets about eating isn’t surprising to her, but it surely is annoying. After throwing on the first shirt she saw and deciding for a pair of comfortable shoes, she picks up her keys and goes off to find somewhere that is open at eleven at night with warm food to deliver to Baekhyun. The doctor wasn’t her best friend, truth be told, they hadn’t shared enough secrets about one another to even be called that, but they were very close friends. After her roommate from college had introduced her to her new boyfriend –in this case, it was Byun Baekhyun- she had always had left that space between the two but remained good friends, even after her roommate broke up with him because he was too immersed in med school, even when her roommate stopped talking to her altogether for some strange reason, he was a good friend –not exactly the best listener but a mood-maker at its finest, he could always make her smile and she was always one to listen to his problems, so she wants to keep a friendship like his. Hence why she walked towards the clinic Baekhyun worked at with a box full of tacos and his favorite soda on the other hand.

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Hey everyone! So my mom and I are moving really soon - less than a month actually. We’ve gotta be out of here by the 15th, so it’s gonna be a little wild the next couple weeks. I’ve got time off work which is good ‘cause I’ll be busy as hell, but also that’s missing a lot of hours, and we need to make enough for rent by the beginning of next month! 

So, I’m offering discounted commission prices just in time for the holidays. I’ll probably keep these open until at least the end of January, but I could really use some ASAP! 

If you’re interested, please look below for more details! And if you can’t get anything, sharing this post would help a ton! Thanks y’all~

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Sooooo.... About that new Huion tablet of yours... On a scale of 1-10, 1 being I hate it and 10 being its the best in the world, how much do you like it?

I still need some time but for now I’ll give it 7.5/10
it’s cool and all, it’s really nice to draw on, I feel like it’s gonna make a lot of work much easier! tho I’ve encountered a couple issues:

- The display is a tiny bit blurry. I also can’t seem to get the same exact colors as my computer which makes the coloring part a bit uncomfortable
- Driver problems - I spent about 4 hours to figure out how to make it work with sai, luckily I fixed the problem! but boy was it a pain

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Honestly if the big pigs-sorry big companies actually decide to make it so you have to pay to access web sites I'd just drop their cable it's not like they need my money right? 😈😉 as someone once said libraries are completely free so no I don't have to pay you

libraries are being shut down as more and more figures feel that they’re useless (which they aren’t). libraries are also being choked out with smaller budgets and more limited resources.

also as someone who works with a lot of digital mediums, just getting rid of my internet isn’t an option unless i’d also like to get rid of my hopes to do more freelance work and independent projects, as i’d no longer have a way to share those works to a larger audience.

this kind of mentality also tells corporations that you don’t care enough to fight them on it, so they feel free to do as they please.

please do not give up on net neutrality. it’s so much more than just being able to wiki things. it’s ease of access to multi-media works from around the globe that otherwise couldn’t exist without the fair platform that the internet provides. it’s the ability to support small businesses and give recognition to artists without having to be a wealthy blue-blood. that what you can research and find isn’t heavily regulated to support the agendas of whoever is in power and prevent you from questioning them.

please keep fighting.


“I got him six weeks ago from the Como Humane Society. He came here from Oklahoma where he’d been abused, so I’ve been working with him. He’s also a support animal for me, so we’re working on each other right now.

He keeps me sane. I don’t do well in public. I’m a combat veteran, so a lot of noise really makes me nervous. And I feel much calmer having him with me. It’s been wonderful.”

“How’s the relationship going so far?”

“I think we’ve fallen in love.”

Nick & Bandit

hey i need you all to like this post because i’m VERY drunk and i need the validation but my batman vs. superman rewrite (ok start over batman vs. superman was OKAY to watch as a comedy i have a LOT to say about it) involves uhhh changing the whole thing and maybe lois lane and batman team up and do detective work and lex luthor is replaced by a young riddler possibly going by enigma who makes a giant mechanical minotaur infused with kryptonite which will KILL SUPERMAN no aliens involved no nothing but lois lane is a fucking badass anyway i’m also going to utilize the lazarus pit which will give a good reason for ra’s al ghul to be joining deathstroke’s league of villains in the next movie because the justice league fucks with his lazarus pit and also batman doesnt’ fucking brand anybdy anyway IM A GAY 

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Hiii I have a prompt if you want it: Ed!andrew with him and Allison bonding and her trying to help him? Like she had bulimia and he has some kind of bulimia and anorexia combo so she'd understand him better than anyone and I really just want them to be friends lol :) I loved your previous ed!andrew fics btw

Sorry, I know you wanted them to bond but I just couldn’t do it. Their parking lot interaction just is making it really hard for me to write them together. I need to work up to them bonding. I also ended this in a weird spot.

The others did a double take when they walked into the lounge and saw Andrew sitting with his group. No one said anything, though Renee did level a stare at him, forcing him to meet her eyes.

“Seriously, he’s back?” Jack grumbled.

“Hey.” Wymack stepped out of his office.

“We’ve lost more games than we should’ve because he had to be thin.”

The others looked between Jack and Andrew, waiting for a reaction, but Andrew pretended not to notice. Before Wymack could figure out what to say, Allison spoke.

“Shut. Up.”

“He nearly killed himself and any hopes of us taking number one again!”

The upperclassmen and Neil all started talking at once but once again Allison’s voice cut through. “One, you’re not included in the us. You haven’t been number one, yet. Two, you are the one killing any hopes of us -” she gestured between her group and the monsters - “taking number one again. So fuck off, Jack.”

He opened his mouth again and Allison raised her voice. “Stop. Talking.”

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In Another Life Ch. 3

Aka The Single Dad John!AU

John is raising a daughter on his own, working at Xavier’s, and balancing “superhero” duties when Clarice moves into his apartment building. He’s curious about her. On her end, Clarice isn’t sure what to make of John and his daughter. It’s better to not get close to people, but it’s also nice to be wanted.

Ao3 |

“So. Portals?”

“Yep,” Clarice said, “Portals. I think it’ll be the best way to get everything up here from the yard, and it should save us a lot of trips.”

John leaned back against the kitchen counter, curious. There were a few standard teleporters at Xavier’s, but he didn’t know of anyone who could create actual portals. Clarice had mentioned using her ability as a way to get everything up to the apartment quicker, but he had thought she might have telekinesis or something.

This was unexpected.

On the other side of the kitchen area, Lorna was standing next to her husband Marcos. They had brought Clarice’s lamp down from their apartment on the next floor up and decided to stay to help out. They had also brought along some breakfast in case Clarice hadn’t had any, plus Marcos was still finishing off his plate. Harry had texted back to let him know he would be down in a few minutes, and Shatter replied to say he would be over right after he finished walking his dog Reggie.

John had sent a text to Ororo to let her know that he and Riley were going to be late and so would Marcos and Lorna. He didn’t think it would take too long, so he was pretty sure he would be there in time for his first class, but Ororo had said she would take his students if he did wind up missing it. Riley would be late for kindergarten, but her teacher wouldn’t mind, not when she was helping out somebody in need.

Riley sat cross-legged on the kitchen counter beside him, her head tilted to the side. “What’s a portal?”

“Well, short stuff, it’s a cosmic hole that rips through space and time to let you get from point A to point B instantaneously,” Lorna said, her tone playfully matter-of-fact.

John rolled his eyes at her not-so-kid-friendly explanation, and she grinned back at him. “What? It is.”

Marcos looped an arm around her waist. “You do know she’s five, right?”

“I’m just being honest.”

Riley blinked and looked up at John, her scrunchy-faced confusion making her extra adorable. “Huh?”

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magic-murder-bag  asked:

This is a little random, but I wanted to say that I love how you write Tharja in the Lonbin comics! I feel like a lot of writers (and, honestly, Intsys at times) lean way too hard into the "Yandere/creepy mage" archetype and she loses a lot of the nuance that make her a compelling character. You give her a mix of insightfulness and flat out not giving a fuck what other people think of her that works really well with her established character without being too cartoonish

Thank you very much~!! ;///;

A lot of people have told me this too and I’m so glad my interpretation of Tharja is very likable~! I believe that there’s more to Tharja’s character than how most people see her on the surface~ Also, thank you for reading my work and hope you’ll read any future comics I draw~! <3


me today being a squish after work and me from about 2 months ago when i was still in college lmao

anyways i heard that it’s choice tumblr meetup day???

hi! i’m Jamie, i’m nonbinary, (they/them pronouns) and i love A.C.E with my whole gay heart. i got into them right after their debut, so end of May. also i don’t post a lot right now bc i got a job and now i’m tired all the time.

i’ve been listening to kpop since 2010-2011 tho, so i was around…16? or so. i’m 22 now. VIXX and BTS are my ult groups if any of u guys want to talk about them :o

my bias is Chan with a side of Kim Wow. sunshine and soft bois are my weakness i guess. (BTS biases are Hobi and Yoongi, and Ken is my VIXX bias wrecker while N is my bias lol)

anyways! i love u all! bye!

eta: um i forgot. i’m from Canada. also i’m currently doing the most Canadian thing which is having lunch from Tim Hortons.

Anubis 1

This is part one of Anubis, you get to know a little bit of the reader and you meet Anubis at the very end. Look forward to another part tomorrow! Also I did a lot of research on this because I wanted to put pieces of real history into the story to make it feel more real, or as real as you can get in a fantasy story. I really hope you like it!

You wandered through the many aisles of the library of your university looking for anything that may help in your studies. You were an aspiring Archeologist, studying at a local university in your hometown.

You had always been the person to delve deep into research on many historic topics. This time you were trying to find anything on ancient Egypt, as you will soon be out on an internship to excavate an ancient Egyptian burial site.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR ART. Do you or did you go to art school at all?? I'm an aspiring artist and you inspire me and ur pennywise stuff makes my day💖 keep up the amazing work!

I always love talking to other artists <3 
So, no I didn’t go to any art-schools, but I had an education in graphic design. So i did a lot with fonts and layouts (I didn’t enjoy that very much tbh). But I always drew for myself, learned stuff from online tutorials and other artists and eventually I got some jobs as a freelance illustrator and right now I work at a little Game-Company here in Austria.

I think art-schools are super nice if you can attend them (specially to learn of course, but also to make connections!). But you really don’t need them to work in the industry…

So keep it going Anon! Hope to see your work in the future :)

I’m having debates on whether or not I should make my own discord server,on one hand it seems like fun, but it’s also a lot of work and I already have enough on my mind.

What do you guys think?

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what are some blogs that you suggest?

There are a lot of blogs I suggest!

@catchthespade - One of my first friends on Tumblr, and her writing for kbtbb and slbp is incredible. Her art and edits are also something to behold! 

@maidofstars - Draws amazing art for kbtbb, slbp, and oc work! The sheer amount of content she produces blows me away, and her writing is amazing too!

@bolt8826 - an amazing kbtbb writer! She has a really good, angsty letter series with Eisuke going on and her headcanons are absolutely hilarious.

@yoosungshoodie - One of my favorite writers for MM, slbp, and kbtbb content. She also makes edits and art that make me cry from how gorgeous they are. 

@fromthedeskofelizabeththird - An a m a z i n g writer, and produced VABVerse, which is some of the best MM writing I’ve ever read. She also writes amazing content for slbp and kbtbb!

@babamitsu - Some of the best kbtbb art I’ve ever seen, and she’s hilarious to boot. Definitely check her out!

@sleepingrosess / @enkantadaa - really great art for kbtbb and slbp!! I love their style, and they produce a lot of content!

@xeraeus - BTS and oc art, both of which are incredible!! They got me into BTS hell and I love them for it. I have a soft spot especially for their oc Haneul <3

@tarotealeaf - Has s t u n n i n g art, I recently posted about her MM postcards! Truly some of the best MM art in the fandom, and she’s so so sweet! 

Started work on the last area of the Rose Garden last night! Yeah, this place has taken a LOT longer to make than the first two floors, mostly due to the large number of custom graphics and parallaxes but also due to more intricate and “intense” (in more ways than one!) cutscenes.

But, in any case, I’m pretty proud of how this Frankenstein’s monster of mashed up tilesets turned out. What do you think, Siggy?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

wurcid  asked:

Hey I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but is bee and puppycat over? or will there be a second season? I also want to say that this show means a lot to me (I know it sounds silly)!!! thank you for creating such a wonderful series!! <3

Hello! No! Bee and PuppyCat is not over. We are working very hard to get a deal to make more episodes possible.

And, that does not sound silly at all. We love hearing that people love the show! Glad to hear it. AND we don’t mind answering repeated questions. People are always curious and just want to know what’s up. No problem there! - Alyssa

also, as hilarious as a lot of the  “ coping with odin’s death via humor ”  memes that have been circulating since the october premiere are, i feel as though it’s   EXTREMELY IMPORTANT   to note that while odin made mistakes as a father, that doesn’t even come close to making him a bad one. consider, again, how difficult it is to rule an entire realm, oversee the intricate workings of 8 others  ( and beyond, if we’re to believe the subtext ),  and still find time to relieve the private tutors now and then to spend time with his children, whether to love them or teach them or both. yes, hela is a curve ball, and not one i intend to incorporate into this blog without heavy revision  ( a completely different post or a different time lol ),  but honestly….. y’all…………. odin is a GOD. i dare you to do odin’s job and do it even half as well as he did without a few errors lmao

Commission Time!

I am a Professional Artist from an Indy Comic company known as BadCog Studios I am the colorist of that company Working on their Comic Outlaw Epic and couple others. I have been doing art for years and well I wish to make a more steady income. I also need new PC Parts. So I am offering my art skills.

$15 for sketches

$30 for inks

$45 for flats

$60 for full colors

$75 if you want all 3 things

and for those who want to support but don’t have a lot of money. For $3 you can buy a mystery Doodle its a doodle will it have color will it be detailed who knows? It is a mystery -wiggle fingers- its like a mystery box!

Prices are up to talking AND if you have lines that wanted coloring there is a special discount! Prices of course very with difficulty, subject, and what not.

Also Artist has the right to refuse work.