also this video is slightly disturbing because of the squishy noises

bonus domestic Incubus!Promptis~

(this isn’t day 8! I’m doing a full kink prompt for today too! but we had this idea last night and it was adorable so I had to write it and why not share?!) 

“I got you a thing,” Noctis says, with a smile, when Prompto comes home. He’s waiting, sitting at the kitchen table, draped backwards over a chair.

Prompto’s eyes narrow, in response as he closes the door and stops, head tipping, to give Noctis a look.

Noctis is pretty damn pleased with himself, if he’s being honest. Neither of them are entirely sure of the exact year they met. Things get kinda funny and blurry when you’ve been alive so long. The exact day? No fucking way. He remembers the season though, and it’d been a cold, rainy autumn day, the sky all dreary and the first hints of frost in the air. He remembers spending those first weeks curled up in bed next to Prompto when they’d left the window open and the cold had crept in and they’d woken up tangled together for extra warmth.

“A thing,” Prompto parrots back at Noctis, and he looks torn between excitement and wariness. Prompto, in a lot of ways, is like an excitable kitten. Restless and easily entertained, but also easily bored, with a short attention span and deadly claws, underneath the cute. It’s all part of why Noctis loves him.

And he really does love him, goddamnit.

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