also this video is beautiful



i absolutely recommend checking out more of this calligrapher’s work on their instagram!! they have stunning work!!!


One of the most beautiful Reylo videos. It also captures the parallels so well throughout the series.
“There’s still light in him.”

“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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It’s amazingly eerie 😍 Tree hit by lightening causing it to be hollow inside and it’s still alive! 🌲"it’s a door to a whole new world" ⚡


Rocky as The Man Who Came Out from Comics (from Astro’s self-produced drama “남친 우유”)


“Jesse McCree” An Overwatch Fan Animation by Dead Sound

y’all have to see this amazing piece of work, it’s beautiful


Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.

Jonghyun covering “This Woman’s Work” is so beautiful, i started crying. It’s so beautiful in fact, that’s it’s blocked in Korea. I know a lot of you guys haven’t seen it, because if we had, we wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. Watching this would be 4 minutes of your life well spent.


Samurai Jack season 5 behind the scenes


I tried coloring some lineart form the @voltroncoloringbook and it was surprisingly fun! I tried different shading methods and coloring styles for each of them too, and yes, I gave everybody freckles. Because all of my children deserve freckles <3 <3 will definitely color more art soon

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Edit: Just realized I left this out! When I was coloring the 2nd picture, I noticed how similar Matt’s outfit is to Coran’s, so I may or may not have created this mini AU where Pidge rescues Matt but there’s no other clothes that fit him other than Coran’s old stuff. He looks so different in blue, but I really like it!