also this took too much effort


@eriecanary: I literally just found your comic and binge read all of it and? It’s so freaking cute? I love it and your art style so much I made a quick compilation of some of my favorite panels :D I either chose them for their cuteness or the amazingly hilarious faces. Like I swear Flowey makes some of the absolute best face ever. AAAAAA also your Underfell Pap is my favorite take on him ever!


Oh my! A new reader! Welcome, deary <3 Glad you like the comic! 

I can see many beautiful panels there <3 Wow, you sure took some effort on this, didn’t you? I’m flattered <3 I hope you’re not too sensitive and like what’s going to come! Thanks for sending!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches IN 20 DAYS!!

Open Your Eyes

Damian Wayne/ Robin X Reader- Murder Kitten

After this post, there will only be 2 requests left!! Yay!!!!!  Also, this was requested by @abigailredgrave, who requests some pretty awesome stuff!!! I hope you guys enjoy this and have a nice day!!!!  If I am counting this right, THIS IS MY ONE HUNDREDTH FANFIC!!!! YYYAAYYY!!!

Warning: Swearing 

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making it work.

Originally posted by watch-me-wang

inspired by these prompts (one) (two) by @the-modern-typewriter

“Why do you hate me?”

“Hate you? I don’t hate you, that would require me spending far too much time thinking about you.”


“You could at least pretend to care about someone other than yourself.”

“I could, but lying is a sin, dearest and it seems like a lot of effort. Or are we also pretending you think I’m a good person?”

genre: angst(?), romance 

word count: 1.7k

Getting married to Jimin, sorry Prince Jimin, wasn’t my choice nor his. It was obviously my parents, they had arranged all of this since the two of us were in the womb. I hated being engaged to this jerk, he knew he was on top and took advantage of it, at least I was still humble despite my power. “Do I have to marry him?” I asked my father seriously, “It’s already been decided, so don’t you go off.” How he knew I would flee, I had no idea but I was going to do it anyway. I couldn’t stand Jimin, he was the definition of ‘I’m the prince so bow down to me because you’re unworthy’, specific as it may be that pretty much was a summary of Jimin.

I was grateful that I had decided to learn how to drive when I put an overnight bag into my car; the way I dressed made me appear like a commoner, this was a recurring thing I did. The hood of my jacket was pulled up as you drove away from my mansion into the next city over, where I usually ran away to. The car windows were down and I drove at a high speed until I reached your favourite place to be. It wasn’t magnificent, nowhere near home but it was comfortable and warm, unlike home. My phone was switched off, I had an emergency backup if I really needed someone. I entered Kai’s, my secret best friend, house and flicked the light switch.

“Yo, Kai! Where you hiding?” I shouted and her small head appeared from around the corner. “___? What are you doing here?” she laughed as she placed down her frying pan. “First of all, you’re ridiculous for thinking a murderer or burglar would switch the light on when they enter your home. Second of all, I wanted to get away from the hectic stuff at home. The parents are making my become Jimin’s fiancée.” I told her, dropping my bag and rolling my eyes simultaneously.

“Oh, the dickhead prince that the whole nation knows about? The one that has a new girl back at his everyday?” she asked as she walked towards her kitchen. “You got it. I’d be okay with it if it weren’t him, he’s so arrogant and annoying and I want to punch him every time I see him but enough about him. What’ve you been up to lately?” I asked Kai as she poured me a glass of juice. “School stuff, a couple dates, guys and girls. No luck.” she muttered as she sipped her juice. “At least you have the freedom to date.”

“Where is the princess?” father spoke as I was found missing from my room. “Did she leave? I specifically told her not to!” he said, practically ripping his hair out of his head. “You know she’s more likely to do things when she’s told not to.” mother told him calmly as she had her breakfast. “Where did she get that from?” “You were no difference as a prince, honey. Sneaking away to see me. You know, maybe we shouldn’t have arranged her marriage, we’re not arranged.” she told him. “But we’ve done what we’ve done now.” father muttered, giving up on wondering where you were. “She’ll come back in her own time.”

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im pretty sure we can all agree that twilight princess zelda is best designed, most kickass ver of zelda


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anonymous asked:

Prompt 15 gen for Hunk, but it's the team cooking for Hunk instead of Hunk cooking for the team <3

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

Today was just unlucky.

Hunk was never the sort of person to wake easily or quickly.  He set himself three different alarm clocks to make sure he didn’t just smack them off in his sleep.  So when the alarms went off in the awful, wee hours of the morning, Hunk always found himself disjointed and out of it.  When there was a real purpose for it, the adrenaline kicked in and he was ready to go.

When there wasn’t, Hunk was just grumpy.

By now they were all used to the exercise - and the real version - so they managed to make it to the control room in the allotted time.  But their time was basically identical to the last few times, so they still got told to work on it and set to practicing with a scowl.

After that, it was agility training, which Hunk hated.  He could manage, physically, once he got started, but Hunk just wasn’t a ‘do it in a second’ kind of person.  He wanted to double check his calculations, wanted to think everything through.  And, yeah, he got that he didn’t have those things in the real world, fine, whatever.  Didn’t make it more fun in the moment.

Between Keith, who was naturally speedy and never second-guessed himself, Pidge, who was a bonafide genius and could recalculate on the fly, and Lance, who was fairly fast and incredibly competitive, Hunk managed to consistently finish last all morning.

By the end, Hunk was tired, he was sweaty, he was irritated and his pride was wounded.

“Did you see that!  Snatched victory right out from under Keith’s nose!”  Lance threw up his arms in jubilation, ignoring the way Keith visibly bristled from the other side of the room.  “Awesome, right?”

Hunk hunched his shoulders in.  “Yeah.  Great.  Good job.”

The lack of enthusiasm made Lance pause, and he frowned at Hunk.  “Something wrong?”

“No,” Hunk replied.  “It’s just a long day.”

Lance’s brows jumped up and he tried for a smile.  “It’s not even lunch yet, dude.”

“I know.”

(Read More Below)

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REQUEST(S): “Tough AF Brooklyn chick is pined after by Race Higgins” - anon

“Hey could you write something with a badass girlsie who the boys are kind of afraid of? Sorry it’s kind of vague I just don’t see many SUPER badass ones. Maybe she beats up the delancey brothers by themselves and the boys are like WTF?!!! And could it be racetrack x reader? Love you tons your writing is amazing!!” - @impractical-impala

SUMMARY: In which Y/N makes Race nervous

A/N: ayyyye guess who finally wrote something? but seriously, i can’t write fight scenes??? like idk how to do that so sorry if this sucks :( also, i know Y/N isn’t like super super bad ass in this so sorry about that too, i’m not really sure how to write that either. hope you like it though!


Y/N was headed to Manhattan to deliver a message from Spot to Jack Kelly. She’d already finished selling her papes for the day, and Spot trusted her the most out of all the other Brooklyn newsies. It was a simple (stupid, in her opinion) message, but she didn’t mind taking a walk on such a nice day. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and there was a nice breeze.

She’d come to Manhattan a few times before, and if prompted she would begrudgingly admit that, besides Brooklyn, it was her favorite part of New York. It didn’t hurt that she liked a couple of the Manhattan newsies. Jack was enjoyable, Crutchie was too sweet not to like, and Specs was endearing. Then, of course, there was Racetrack Higgins, who flirted with her endlessly. She pushed him away or ignored his efforts every time, but he kept coming back. She found that she didn’t mind too much. She found she also didn’t mind that he - that all of them were a bit scared of her.

When she made it closer to the Manhattan lodge, she could feel eyes on her. On instinct, she took in her surroundings, searching for whoever was watching her. Spot made jokes a lot about how she was like a guard dog, always tense and ready to attack. Slowly, she walked towards an alley, listening to their footsteps as they followed her.

Once they were tucked into the alley, away from all people, she whipped around. In front of her stood Morris and Oscar Delancey, grinning menacingly.

“Wouldya look at that? It’s one o’ dem Brooklyn goil newsies,” Morris spoke.

“Brooklyn? Ya think she’ll put up a fight?” Oscar asked. They were acting like she wasn’t there, but their eyes stayed trained on her. She was waiting for them to move first before she did anything. If she hadn’t already guessed their intentions when they followed her into the alleyway, she sure as hell knew them now.

They both took a few steps toward her and she slowly clenched her hands into fists. The closer they got, the more she tenses up. The second Oscar’s hand brushed her arm, she landed a punch right on his jaw. He stumbled backwards, but Morris came charging toward her. He threw a punch but she dodged it, kicking him in the shin. Oscar was back up and he grabbed her from behind, locking her arms behind her back. She lifted her leg up and swung it backwards, kicking him in the crotch.

He let out a groan and fell backwards, hands covering the area she had hit. Morris came at her again, but she grabbed his suspenders and pulled him down so she could knee him in the stomach before punching him in the head. He dropped to the ground with a bloody nose and wavering consciousness. Oscar tried one more time, but all it took was one swipe at his legs with her foot and he was down.

“Woah.” She looked up to find Crutchie and Race at the opening of the alley, staring in awe at both her and the Delancey brothers lying on the ground.

“Mush came ta get us,” Race explained. “Said the Delancey brudders had followed some goil into an alley and they ain’t lookin’ too friendly.”

“We came to help,” Crutchie clarified, smiling slightly.

“Thanks, but I think I got it handled.” Crutchie laughed loudly, but Race continued to stare at her. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open slightly. If she had been really thinking about it, she would’ve realized he looked a little love struck. “You boys wanna walk me to the lodge? I got a message from Spot for Jack.”

Race nodded quickly, closing his mouth and erasing his previous expression from his face. As they walked, Crutchie stayed slightly in front and Race and Y/N walked side by side. Every so often Crutchie would glance back at the two of them walking in silence, grin, and then shake his head and look forward again. It was no secret to the Manhattan newsies how smitten Race was with Y/N.

When they reached the lodge Y/N was taken up to the roof to talk with Jack, leaving Race staring after her. All the other boys watched him, whispering and teasing.

“I’m gonna do it,” he spoke suddenly. The boys were silenced.

“Do what?” Specs asked nervously.

“I’m gonna tell Y/N how I feel.” His face was set and he was determined to finally tell her. Immediately, there were protests from the boys.

“She’ll punch you if you even try to touch her!” Someone shouted, warning mutters of agreement.

“She could kill you!”

“I heard once that ‘er and Spot got in a fight and nobody’s seen the guy since.”

“No way! I heard they found the body washed up under da bridge.”

“Would you lot shut up?!” Everyone was silenced by Race’s outburst. He looked nervous and he was wringing his hands. “I’m tellin’ her and that’s that, so you can stop blabbering 'bout it!”


A little while later, Race was outside smoking to calm his nerves. The boys had convinced Y/N to spend the night rather than make the trek back to Brooklyn while it was gettin’ dark out. None of them doubted that she’d be able to hold her own, but Crutchie had pointed out that she looked tired and wouldn’t be at her best if something did happen. She had eventually (reluctantly) accepted the invitation.

He felt his heartbeat speed up as he thought of telling her how he felt. The boys were right, if he said the wrong thing he would most likely end up dead or severely injured. Wasn’t that some saying, though? Love hurts? Love. Because didn’t he love the way she could fight better than any boy he’d ever met? Don’t he love that she wouldn’t let anybody control her or undermine her? Didn’t he love the way she rolled her eyes when he winked at her? Didn’t he love how she hadn’t threatened him to make him stop flirting with her like she’d done to Romeo? That had to mean something good, didn’t it?

He whipped around suddenly, startled by a noise behind him. There she stood, an eyebrow and raised and her arms crossed as she looked at him.

“You got some big date comin’ up or somethin’?” She asked, joining him where he was sitting on the curb.

“W-What?” He could feel his hands start to shake slightly.

“You don’t usually smoke this late. Plus, you’re chewing that cigar like you ain’t eaten in weeks.” She wasn’t wrong, but he pleasantly surprised him that she noticed the change in his behavior.

“I actually been meanin’ to talk to ya,” he said, trying to calm his breathing. She nodded for him to continue and he took in a sharp breath. “Ya know how I’m always flirtin’ with ya?” She nodded again, furrowing her eyebrows. He could see the growing confusion in her eyes. “Well, I just - I wanted to make sure you ain’t gettin’ the wrong idea, 'cause I - ”

“I get it,” she cut him off. “You flirt with every goil, you ain’t tryin’ to settle down, blah blah blah.” She rolled her eyes but her words were harsh, and she looked almost angry. He gulped, this certainly wasn’t how he’d planned for this to go. “That all?”

“No.” She sighs and looked at him, absolutely no interest shown in her eyes. “No, no that’s not what I meant. That’s - that’s the idea I didn’t want to give you. I ain’t goin’ 'round flirtin’ with other goils, Y/N. It’s just you.” She wasn’t looking at him anymore, and she stayed silent. He felt his nerves spike up and launched into a quick ramble.

“I just mean that I really like ya, and I mean it’s fine if ya don’t like me - 'cause I really can’t expect ya to. And you know I just wanted to get it off my chest, 'cause it’s real hard bein’ 'round you and pretendin’ like I don’t have feelings for ya. You can punch me now, the boys said you would. Pretty sure that got a bet goin’ in there. Some say youse gonna hit me, other’s say I’m dead, and then, ya know, some of the boys said you had feelings for me to, which is completely -”

His anxious ramble was interrupted by her hand over his mouth. She was smiling slightly at him, amusement written all over her features.

“You’re cute when you’re nervous,” she whispered. “I’m gonna kiss you now, that okay?” He nodded quickly and she leaned in. Their lips met and it wasn’t rough like he’d expected it to be with her. She was kissing him gently, and her lips were soft. He kept his hands folded in his lap, tightly gripping his cigar. He was afraid to touch her without any spoken consent, but she had her hand cupping his cheek.

When they pulled away she laughed at the expression on his face. She looked nice when she wasn’t constantly waiting for someone to attack.

“So, who gets the money if I like you back?” She asked, smirking.

“Oh, um - just Crutchie.” He was still having trouble breathing, but for an entirely different reason. She smiled and let out another laugh at his answer.

“Perfect. He’s my favorite.”

“Not me?” Race joked, finally able to act like his non-nervous self. She grinned at the fake pout on his face.

“Sometimes,” she shrugged. He smiled and haphazardly threw his arm around her, feeling his heart pounding in his chest when she didn’t push him away.

“C'mon, lets go inside.”

Smoaked 1/?

Felicity and her young daughter Molly move to Star City to escape a stalker ex-boyfriend.

Thank you so much for proofing @almondblossomme! Also available on AO3.

                                        Chapter 1: Beginning Again

Felicity glanced back at her sleeping daughter as she tiptoed out of the room and pulled the door almost to. Molly was comforted by the light from the hallway and she didn’t want her daughter to be afraid. She had already spent too much of her young life that way.

Felicity and Molly had moved to Star City almost a year ago in an effort to evade her ex-boyfriend Cooper Sheldon. She had gone to the police and gotten a restraining order but she didn’t feel safe so she took the drastic step of moving with her daughter back to her college town and changing their last names to Smoak.

Cooper believed he was Molly’s father. He wasn’t. Felicity had told him numerous times and they had paternity test done to prove it. But as Felicity wouldn’t name Molly’s father, Cooper felt she was his and he would stop at nothing to claim his daughter.

What Cooper didn’t know was Felicity didn’t actually know Molly’s father’s full name. Molly was the best thing in her life but she also wasn’t planned. Felicity sighed. Remembering the night, she’d met Molly’s father and how that led to where they are now.

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Unknown territory

Originally posted by theshapeshifterss

Fandom: Twillght
Pairing: Paul Lahote x Reader
Word Count: 2.421

Requested by Anon:  On the Paul imagine I have an idea where he of course imprints on the reader but he’s scared to tell her but she makes him made by saying she like one of the others so he admits it. Is that OK?

A/N: Hey sweety! Here is your Paul Imagine. I tried to write it  a little different so …. I hope it came out alright :) Enjoy!. 

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anonymous asked:

ok, the thought of seokjin writing that letter to yoongi always gets me, even though its been like ages. i feel like jin would never do something that big to anyone. or anyone really, like imagine you're on the stage of your own concert, in front a lot of people and you're reading such a heartfelt letter written by you to your room/band-mate! like this is a big deal man. no one will have the bravery to do it! thats why i think yoonjin is so fucking real. Pt1

like i dont think jin will ever think of writing such a heartfelt letter to someone and read it out loud in front of his friends and fans, unless that person is THAT special and THAT worthy, and in any case, i dont think he’ll do it to a person who he at least THINKS that they dont love/like him back (in response to any one who thinks yg dislikes sj). also, jin could’ve just written the letter and handed it to yg in private, like i srsly dont know what that bothersome(?) was for. pt2

and in yg’s case, i bet that was such a big deal to him as well. i bet flashbacks ran through his head. knowing him (let’s pretend that i do) he’d maybe think that he wasn’t worthy such treatment from one of his friends(j isnt just a friend btw). i mean could you think of the convo they had after they got off stage ? could you imagine how both of them could’ve been so shy and awkward and yg could’ve been like “why’d you do this in public that was too much” and jin maybe “you deserve it” pt3

also i have this thought that maybe yoonjin have had such a tensed convo, that yg let out all what was on his chest and jin being himself felt so bad for him that he wanted to make him happy and regain(?) confidence in himself? so that was jin took his time writing that letter, bc that letter was so dame supportive and encouraging and ugh i love them sorry i ranted too much. also eng isnt my language srry! last part ( i lost count sorry) also, i really appreciate your efforts with this blog

“english is not my first language” LIKE I CARE??? THAT’S ENOUGH TO MAKE ME IN TEARS NOW GODASJDFGHJSGKJ you’re just right you’re right you’re right yOU’RE RIGHT!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS JUST 100000% CORRECT!!!!!!!!

honestly what’s got me thinking is IF jin really did plan this out before for yoongi, for his best friend, he even bothered to ask for taehyung to help him to provide a little distraction and went first to read letters for the fans to set the mood and that probably for jin to prepare his heart to read the letter to yoongi. isn’t that sweet??? or okay, let’s say this isn’t jin’s own intention to do so, to give an open letter for yoongi, why did they even choose jin in the first place? why not namjoon their leader? why jin?


Hoo boy, these took way too long to do (no thanks to my art program crashing yesterday haha…)

But I figured that with refs of my Ho-Oh and Lugia, I should do ones of my Beast Trio!!

Even if I probably put too much effort into these than I should for just refs, I had a lot of fun working on these three. <3

I Guess We’re the Same, So Don’t Leave Me Behind

Read Chapter 5 on AO3

Summary: 28-year-old Teruki is depressed, working a dead-end job, and sees life as meaningless and dull. Only when, Shigeo, another esper going through the same troubles as him enters his life he realizes he’s not so alone.

Notes: Let me first apologize for taking so long to get this chapter up. School has been taking up the majority of my time and…god, it’s almost been a month since the last update. To make it up to you all, this is the longest chapter yet! I hope you all enjoy! As always, thank you all so much for the never-ending support for this fic! You guys are honestly too kind with your feedback and honestly your messages are what keep me writing.Thanks again!

Previous Chapters

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Read under the cut or on AO3!

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Just friends, right? pt 2

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: One or two curse words, cuddling??

Word count: 917

Summary: Bucky and the reader are madly in love but they both are unaware of the other’s feelings

Part1       Part3      Part4

Your POV

Bucky stared at you for awhile, not answering your question. He seemed to be lost in thought which was not uncommon for him.

“Buck, what do you want to do today?” you said and flicked his nose lightly to get his attention.

“Hm how’s about we go to your favorite place since you’ve been so good to me today” he smiled and motioned towards his breakfast.

“Bucky, you don’t mean-”

“Yes I do” he smirked obviously happy to have pleased you so much.

Your favorite place in the whole city was the botanical gardens. It was the only truly peaceful place in the city that never sleeps. Everywhere else there was always noise and commotion but in the gardens surrounded by nature, you felt truly at peace. Sure, central park had grass and trees but there was always activity and frankly too many people for your liking. Bucky on the other hand took comfort in being surrounded by strangers, so he wasn’t too keen on the gardens.

After he opened himself up to the world again and began to trust himself he didn’t like to be alone too much. He said that when he was alone his mind would wander to darker times. The loudness of the city distracted him and kept his mind busy. He also claimed that too much fresh air gave him a headache which always made you laugh.

He had come with you a few times to the gardens whenever you were feeling down, in an effort to lift your spirits. However, he made sure to jokingly complaining about how quiet it was the whole time. This is why him suggesting to go to the gardens was so exciting to you.

“Bucky promise you’re not playing a prank because I’m really excited now!” you beamed and grabbed his arm amidst your happiness.

“Darlin’, would I ever prank you?” he questioned with mock innocence.

“Yes you would and you have, too many times to count. That is beside the point, go get ready because we’re going to the gardens”

When you entered the garden it was around 10 a.m. and Bucky had been making you laugh the whole ride there. He was in an unusually bright mood.

“What’s got you in such a good mood Buck?”

“Ah you know I love hanging out with my best girl even if she did drag me halfway across the city to see some flowers”

“Hey I like those flowers and it was your idea” you said and shoved his shoulder. He chuckled and wrapped his metal arm around your shoulder and pulled you close as the two of you set out on your walk.

As the noise from the city started to fade away you began to feel more relaxed. Bucky slowly removed his arm from around your shoulder and went to hold your hand. You gratefully let him and your stomach bubbled with happiness from all the attention you were receiving from your favorite person.

Bucky’s POV

I would never admit this to her, but the botanical garden has grown on me. It is true that I don’t like to be by myself but anywhere that I go with her, I don’t feel alone. Everything about this place says volumes about Y/N’s personality. She is always so full of life and breathes out a nurturing energy to everyone she meets. She loves unconditionally and is passionate about what and who she cares about.

Her small hand in mine brought a sense of peace to me that I wished I could live in forever. I smiled to myself as she led me over to a bench to sit down.

I stretched my legs out in front of me and draped my arms over the back of the bench. Y/N sat close to me and drew her knees up. She leaned her head on my chest and started to hum softly to herself. God did I love this woman.

My flesh hand found its way onto her shoulder and my thumb rubbed gently back and forth. After a few minutes her humming ceases and she seemed to be asleep.

She was always so peaceful when she slept. Sometimes she would fall asleep in my bed after calming me down from a nightmare. If I was still awake I would just admire her peaceful face as she slept. It was the only time that I could really look at her without her realizing my feelings for her. I was always so scared to lose what we had together. We were best friends but I had always wanted more with her.

Your POV

Snuggled up with Bucky was your favorite place in the entire world. You felt your eyes get heavy and the tune in your mind slowly quieted.

Buckys hand gently stroked your shoulder and you could feel sleep coming. You were too comfortable for your own good. Just before you drifted off you felt Bucky shift under you. His head leaned down closer to yours and a faint whisper came out.

“Y/N I love you so damn much”

Your body went rigid and your eyes shot open.

“You what now?” You questioned frantically convinced that your ears were playing tricks on you.

Bucky stood up with a start and his eyes went wide as he looked at your shocked face.

“I- uh- I have to go” he stammered out. Before you could tell him that you loved him back, he was gone.

Alec Lightwood - A Weird Question

A/n: because of a tragic accident, a shadowhunter is placed to another Institute, where she meets Alec. He helps her to be happy again. The GIF is when the reader and Alec have a conversation about weapons. Also, he might be gay in the movie and serie, but here he is bi, and his weakness is you!

Warnings: Mentions of death, one of the readers parents died, so if you can’t handle that, please don’t read this!

Word count: 1210

Originally posted by marylandbiscuits

‘Okay, everybody, Jace, Izzy, if you please could stop talking? And where is Alec?’ A guy of the Institute stood for the little group of Shadowhunters next to you. A handsome, dark haired guy stepped into the room, making you smile a bit as your eyes met, but he just looked a bit grumpy at the ground. ‘Alec, finally. Okay, everyone, this is Y/N, your new bud. She comes from another Institute, but after an, um,’ the man looks at me for a moment, ‘after an accident with her family she had to come here because-’ ‘you can just say my father was brutally murdered and that my sister, my mom and me each were taken to another Institute to protect us. Please talk to them as an adult, because they are, and they will understand.’ I spoke to them, and looked at them, one for one. Suddenly, the whole Institute sounded more quiet.

'Okay, yeah. That was all I had to say. I’ll leave the rest to you.’ the man said and walked off. 'Sorry about that,’ you said quickly after he had left, 'I know it’s not the most fun way to introduce yourself, but-’ 'but we get a view of what’s going on in your life and that’s the point of an introduction. Don’t worry about it,’ the Jace guy said. You smiled slightly. 'Thanks,’ you exhaled, 'I was a bit worried about meeting you guys. My parents were also my best friends and now they’re gone and away, and just not here-’ you began to tear up, and you quickly turned away from them and started to unpack your things. 'It’s really tough, but sorry for bragging. I shouldn’t… Do you…’ You sighed, and wiped a way one tear. 'What is our mission?’

‘Hey!’ Jace said, and turned you back around, ‘you have every right to talk about it.’ He smiled, took a step back and you saw Alec giving him an irritated look. ‘Also, I find it very hard to believe that no one has offered you some coffee. Shall I get you some?’ You nodded. Yes. You needed coffee. The sweet taste of caffeine. You and your father used to- fuck, don’t think about it, you told yourself. ‘If it’s not too much effort, of course.’ you said hurriedly, don’t want to think about yourself just too much. ‘No problem, I’m Isabelle, but you can call me Izzy. That,’ She pointed at Jace, ‘is Jace, and this-’ she hit Alec on his shoulder, ‘is my big brother, Alec. Jace, shall we get the coffee?’ She winked at Jace behind Alec’s back. ‘Sure.’ The two went off, leaving you and Alec alone.

‘I’m sorry about what happened.’ He said, toneless, like he was obligated to say it. I smiled vaguely. ‘I’m sure you are. Everybody is. Can we just… Talk about something else?’ You took out your weapons. Alec sighed, trying to think of something. ‘Okay then, what’s your weapon of choice?’ ‘These,’ you said while you took your bow and arrows out of your bag. ‘Definitely.’ His eyes widen and he smiled. His smile was beautiful, it was like he was glowing. Too bad he didn’t smile that much, he was gorgeous. ‘Yes! I like you!’ In exitement he raised his hand for a high five. I slapped his hand as he looked at my bow. ‘What a beauty!’ I chuckled. That was something I hadn’t done in a long time. ‘Yeah, I know. They wouldn’t let me keep her, at first, but after I showed some tears, I could.’ He giggled slightly. ‘Maybe I would cry too if I couldn’t keep this one.’

Alec and you turned out to have a really nice conversation, you really felt relaxed around him, and it looked like he did, too. When Izzy and Jace came back, they gave some information about the next mission, but it was too late to do it and the mission could wait, so you all went to bed early. As you were looking for your room, you overheared a conversation between Izzy and Alec. ‘So admit it, you like her, don’t you?’ ‘What? No.’ ‘Oh, come on. I saw you laughing with her. Laughing. My grumpy big brother, who never laughs, or even smiles. Admit you think she’s pretty’ ‘Izzy, stop it.’ ‘Oh yes, you are so caught! That look in your eyes, I can see when you’re lying, big brother!’ Eventually, you had to walk past them to get to your room, so you decided now was your chance. You quickly walked past them, saying a shy ‘hi’ to both.

As you tried to get some sleep, memories kept haunting you. You wasn’t used to being alone, and you hated it, especially now. You found yourself crying in a matter of seconds. You tried to calm down, but after a couple of minutes you couldn’t help but get up already. You needed to see someone, it didn’t matter who.  You quickly walked up to the commonroom Izzy had showed you earlier that day, and you saw Alec sitting on the couch. ‘Hi,’ you said. Alec jumped up. ‘Hi, uhm, did you overhear my conversation with Izzy by any chance?’ I lied, and shook my head. ‘No, why?’ ‘Oh. Uhm, nevermind. Are you okay?’ He said, looking at my wet cheeks. ‘Well, actually, no. I have er, this weird question.’ Alec’s face expression said: “what?” ‘I can’t sleep and I really need someone with me right now, so, uhm, can you…’ You stared at the ground as a tear runned down your cheek, ‘can you please hold me?’ Alec nodded with a friendly smile. You took place on the couch and you felt his strong hands surround you, you could hear his heartbeat beat in rythem. You closed your eyes for a second, and almost immediately a flash of the past crossed your mind. You started to sob, but Alec whiped away the tears. ‘Sshh, it’s okay… I’m here. You’re safe.’  he spoke out the words so slow and carefully, so thoughtfull as his hands went trough your hair. ‘You’ll be fine, I promise.’ You nodded slowly. ‘Try to sleep, you’ll feel better.’ ‘But I’m so afraid that I’m going to have nightmares and if I wake up in the middle of the night I’ll be alone again.’ ‘You wont be alone, I promise. I’ll be there, if you want to.’ I nodded again, unable to say something because of the lack of sleep, you hadn’t slept in days.

Alec suddenly lifted you up like it was nothing, saying ‘it will look so weird if people walk tomorrow morning. It will be better to go to your room.’ He brought you to your room, lay you down and put you and him underneath the blankets. Then he put his arms around you. Your head rested on his chest and you felt so much better, like he had scared all the bad thoughts away. ‘Don’t worry, I’m here. And I’m going to be here for a long time, if you want.’ You nodded one last time before falling asleep. He kissed your forehead. ‘Okay. then I promise.’

You couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, do not anything but laying there, being held by Alec untill your eyes closed.

buffyverse femslash week ❤completely au day

 Ex-lovers Encounter inspired by this gifset and Sometime Around Midnight

And it starts
Sometime around midnight
Or at least that’s when you lose yourself
For a minute or two

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Dangan Ronpa Stage Play

A/N inspired by @holy-shit-dangan-ronpa ’s post and this post

*sigh* if only this was true… Hope you enjoy my deny deny denial.

Dangan Stage Play - what if dr1 was all just a play?

“Upupu… if you want to graduate so badly then you have to kill for it!”

And so the curtains arose to this story of hope versus despair.

Welcome to the VIP access of the behind the scenes of Class 78th’s reknowned performance entitled Dangan Ronpa! (*DISCLAIMER: No characters were actually harmed in the making of this stage play.)

“Oh, but you already know. Sayaka Maizono was killed by one of you!” Enoshima spoke through the microphone with all the dramatic flair she could muster.

Behind the stage was Maizono who was changing her bloodstained clothes. (*NOTE: The blood is pepto-bismol pink because Naegi had accidentally spilled some during one practice and it just kind of stuck.)

“Activating summoning spell. Save me, Spears of Gungnir!” Monokuma yelled and just like that, the form of “Enoshima” was grotesquely stabbed right before the audience. After the scene change, Ikusaba quickly joined Maizono in preparing the setup for the next scene. There’s no rest for the “dead” because there’s also a lot of work going on behind the curtains.

In case you were wondering how they decided on the play and on the roles, here’s what happened while they were brainstorming.

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