also this took ages to upload

Drunk pinescone? Drunk pinescone. By suggestion, Dipper gets really emotional when he’s drunk. Also, everything in his head is mixed up, and this is not the first team he starts crying in Wirt’s arms for whatever reason


Ok but how long are Irken life spans? Tak says she had to wait 50 years to take her invader test on Devastis and an addition 70 when she was moved to planet Dirt and who knows how long it took for her to find Zim!

Plus other episodes hint that long periods of time are practically nothing to Irkens. An Irken is only a smeet for a short period of time before they get all their information uploaded into their PAKs. This was confirmed in the transcript for the unreleased episode ‘The Trial’.

Zim’s age in also a confusing matter. He went to the same education building as the two tallest Red and Purple and yet he seems much younger. (Also mentioned in 'The Trial’ transcript)

Zim will most likely outlive Dib by a number of years while maintaining his small and childlike appearance.


its..finally..uploaded…it only took 3 years….just for a 3 minute video



along with some amazing awkward facial animations that don’t seem to work when ur dead

(also make sure u turn up the quality so you can see him in all of his detailed glory)

have fun trying to sleep tonight

(good news everyone, i finally managed to give alice a redesign that both stays true to her original design and isn’t unbelievably tacky. also using imgur link because for some reason tumblr took ages to upload)



long-time followers may have noticed that i haven’t been uploading as many drawings as i normally do these days. you may have also heard me alluding to some “projects” i’ve been working on.

well, since yesterday was the last auto assembly, i decided i wanted to do something special for jro when i met him, because of how much he’s given us. so over the course of like 2 months, i put together a group shot of every member of the lost light we’ve seen so far, done up in the animated aesthetic. it took friggin ages, but i’m super proud of it, and james roberts absolutely loved it! he put it up behind his desk :3

also, hey, rare online selfie! 


“I used to believe in things, too.  Now, I think maybe it’s better just to believe in people.”

I’m sorry I was gone for so long but it’s time to try to get back and upload a few more pictures and be more active. I’ll give my best to that! These are a few pictures the lovely @m-der-teufel took at Connichi and oh gosh, it was just wonderful there.