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You say you get tons of hate but there are people with ten times more hate on tumblr for things that are way more meaningful. Like how they look or if they are straight or not. I understand you get a lot of hate and you work so hard daily to upload and keep your tumblr schedule but some people are struggling so hard right now trying to find themselves and they get wayyy more hate then you

This is the same mindset as the people that go around saying things like “You shouldn’t be depressed! There are people that have it way worse than you!”

I’m well aware that there are many people that are worse off than me. However, you have no possible way of knowing what kind of hate I’m getting, how much of it, or how I’m coping with it. You only see a very small percentage.

It’s not fair to compare anyone’s struggles. We all have our own battles to fight, and just because I don’t often share mine on the Internet doesn’t mean I don’t have them.

I just find it so impossible to understand how someone could come on here and send me long anonymous messages about how I don’t get to be upset about being sent hateful messages because someone else might be getting meaner ones. Nobody deserves any of this.

Writer's Meeting for Chapter Eight:
  • Head Writer: okay, so let's go over what will happen in this one.
  • Person 1: We've got Cooper drama, Blossom drama, Fred drama, and Jones drama.
  • HW: what about our ambiguity levels? How's that looking?
  • Person 2: we've got a vague scene with Archie and Val, where's she's just randomly at his house.
  • HW: I like it, but I'm not sure we've ruined enough relationships...
  • Person 1: well we were also thinking we could completely fucking destroy the Romeo & Romeo thing we have going between Joaquin and Kevin, and go for the other cliché.
  • Person 2: The "This Relationship Isn't Real I'm Just A Spy" cliché.
  • HW:
  • HW: I love it.
  • HW: AND we can just randomly have Archie say that they're boyfriends!
  • HW: lol the viewers will be so confused

the more I think about it, Bellamy and Raven have always had very subtle interactions that mean so much. He called her smart, said that they needed her. When Raven was shot, he was the first one over to help her. When Clarke killed Finn, he was the one to hold her while she cried. When he was in mount weather, despite her being devastated and upset, she got herself together to help him. He was the one to mention saving her when no one else did. He VOLUNTEERED to go save her. They were the first to hug after being reunited. It’s the little things that I love

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Psychologically speaking (coming from a psychology student) Rin's reaction isn't too off the charts. Its very likely that his mind repressed a lot of what happened or just shut down when things started playing out since your body/mind will go into protection mode when things get too intense or things become to overwhelming. Its likely that he hasn't actually addressed or dealt with any of it. I could be wrong, since I'm very, very new to the fandom. Pls don't throw rocks at me!

Alright, alright. I don’t mean this to sound rude at all, just gonna explain this (because I also have psychological knowledge). 

I’M THROWING ROCKS NOW!!!1!!!1!!1!!11!!

First off, lets take a look at the kind of character Rin is. Unlike Yukio, he’s very emotional. Almost everything he does is built on the basis of how he feels, as exhibited by his behavior in the heat of battle or just everyday situations. For example, let’s look at how he acts with Shiemi at the beginning of the series; he sees Shiemi over-ridden with grief and applies his own emotions to her own, spinning into a frustrated, well-meaning rage. He breaks her flower pots and yells at her in an effort to get her to see that she is wasting away in this garden and that she needs to move on. To me, it almost seems like he’s projecting onto her with his own family issues. 

Shiemi deals with her grief by crying and wasting away with a lot of self blame. THAT’S a realistic portrayal of grief, especially in relation to the kind of character she is. 

But now, you’re telling me that the hot-headed, ever-emotional Rin Okumura ignoring his father’s death and trying to forget and going into “protection mode” is realistic? For Yukio, yes, that’s very realistic. Rin? HELL NO! Not to mention, Shiemi didn’t watch her grandmother die horrifically, nor did Yukio see Shiro do so. Rin did. 

So, let’s place a very emotionally-driven, hotheaded CHILD (because goddammit, Rin is 15, only a little older than me!) in a situation where he watches the man he considers to be his father literally get possessed by Satan (who he very recently found out was his ACTUAL dad and that Satan actually existed in the first place), resulting in said father figure’s fingers getting ripped off in front of him, the flesh of his face and shit literally becoming contorted by heat as blood oozed from every orifice with some crazy eyes going on. Then, make him have to literally sacrifice his humanity and become the thing he has subconsciously feared he was the most (a demon; as shown via subtext in the anime and manga through flashbacks) in order to salvage his father’s corpse and get out of Gehenna Gate. 

Now, a couple days later, have someone who’s supposed to help him tell him that they’re there to kill him simply for being what he was, before somehow managing to get out of there alive and on the path to be an exorcist. Also, have said boy realize this entire family has been lying to him his whole life, making him have an identity crisis. And then, ONE WEEK AFTER HIS FATHER’S DEATH, make him go to a new school, have him find out his brother has also been lying to him,and have said brother tell him to die, blame him for their father’s death, before pointing a gun in his face and threatening to kill him. 

And then, have him be perfectly functional and ready to go after a hot 30 seconds of sadness. 





I’m watching kids right now and they’re being jerk heads, so I’m gonna cut this short. I hope this kind of clears up why I’m so pissed about this right now. 

Thank you for the message!

-Admin Caspar


“Where are we going?! When!? <3″ 

//SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG MY GOODNESS VALO, but I drew a reply I hope that makes up for it ;; @valo-the-pony-drawer

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a therapist telling u that bisexuality isn't real isn't fucking conversion therapy. No one on the planet has gone through ACTUAL conversion therapy (which is straight up torture not just a few words of invalidation) to 'become' gay. Also lesbians have the exact same thing happen to us with the whole 'u should be sexually fluid' shit like admit homophobes are inconsistent and just want all of us to stop existing!!

omg, Anon, I am so excited!  I get to be the first person to introduce you to an exciting concept that is just going to blow your tiny little mind!  This is going to be so much fun.  Are you ready?  Okay, here goes…

One person’s experience of oppression does not invalidate, negate, or otherwise counter your experience of a different oppression!

Likewise, your experience of oppression does not invalidate, negate, or otherwise counter our experience of a different oppression!

Guess what that means?  Seriously, you’re gonna lose your shit over this, I hope you’re ready…

Lesbians being told “you should be sexually fluid” is homophobic and that’s bad, and bisexuals being told “bisexuality doesn’t exist” is biphobic and that’s ALSO bad!  Both of these things can be true!  At the exact same time!  

And it’s funny, because you seem to hint at that truth with “they just want all of us to stop existing”, but if you actually believed that then would you be in my inbox right now feeling the need to try to silence a bi person from talking about biphobia?  Somehow I don’t think so!

Condescending sarcastic excitement aside, you can go right ahead and shut the actual fuck up with your minimizing institutionalized biphobia in a therapeutic context as “just a few words of invalidation”.  You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and this is the perfect moment to stop wasting everyone’s time with your irrelevant opinion about an experience you don’t share.

I’d also like to know, purely as a point of linguistic curiosity, how a medical professional telling a patient that their sexuality “doesn’t exist” and trying to convince them that they should change their orientation to a monosexual one (in either direction! it’s not just “you should identify as gay”! it could equally be “you’re straight but confused”!) fails to fall under the term of “conversion therapy”?  What would you call that, exactly?  Is it not a therapist attempting to convert someone away from their sexual orientation?  You’re assuming it’s something a therapist says once and then lets go, but I can assure you that’s not the case.  They may only get to say it once, if the patient is in a position (financially, mentally, confidence-wise, etc) to fire the therapist right away, but in other cases it becomes a recurring theme, and having a therapist constantly undermining a part of your identity is not healthy for anyone and yeah, that’s by definition a form of conversion therapy.

Also shut up.  Did I mention that part yet?  Definitely shut the fuck up. 

(No but seriously ppl like you are why I have capital-I Issues with lesbians.  At this point, my experience with the way lesbians treat other non-lesbian queer women has made me wary of y’all to almost the same degree I’m wary of straight men, and in a very similar way.  I just assume you’re going to be shitty to me, although about my orientation rather than my gender, until we’ve known each other long enough that I can start to trust you.  And look!  Here you are in my inbox, a lesbian being an asshole to bisexuals, reinforcing that experience yet again.)

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About the 'shrouded in darkness' thing - I thought I read somewhere that he admitted he thought he'd have more to say about the world of Undertale, but just didn't, so the 'shrouded in darkness' thing isn't gonna happen?

At the very least we are going to get some comics outta the man. 

And if he did say that he “has nothing left to say” after mentioning that:

- Any money left over after the game’s development will go towards extending the world of UnderTale outside of the game… maybe through another game!

(UnderTale Kickstarter page)

I honestly think that it is possible that Toby might change his mind again if he has “nothing more to say” right now, when he suggested “another game” back then. (also all the small patch additions like the picture with “don’t forget” doesn’t sound like nothing more to say)

I’ll stay 


(Within reason)

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I'm so happy the comic is coming out, not just for the fact we finally get to see more of the gang, but rather people might stop saying tf2 is dead. I was always bothered when people would post things like that because I felt like that would make people really paranoid/anxious for those who still believed in it. Also the fact that a lot of fandoms and games go through low periods to pop back up later, it's just a thing that happens. (Sorry that this isn't a headcanon btw)

True, I totally agree!

Because here’s the thing, Team Fortress 2 came out in 2007. It was created for and by the fandom of a game mod that had been out since 1996. We have been around for 21 years, folks. That’s older than I am. 

Despite being a free to play game with  large spaces between updates and comics, we have had

-Multiple viral videos

-Two famous memes

-A comic series

-An endlessly thriving community, despite the game being a ten year old game

-And that’s really not all

Team Fortress 2 is never going to die. It doesn’t matter what games try to replace it, because they pale in comparison. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get an update for an extended period of time, because we can wait. We’ve always been here, waiting, and we always will be. TF2 is alive and here to stay.

Chapitre 71 - What Must Be Done Now

In which I don’t even have anything fancy to say I just love this world so much. 

Mechanic husbands have their work cut out for them, that’s for sure.

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I challenge you: If in so3, if Thompson somehow survives and Peggy Carter visits him in the hospital, what would they say to each other? How would Peggy feel about Thompson almost getting killed because of the file with her (brother's) name?

Okay.  Whew. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so this is going to be a lot.  Keep in mind that this is pure speculation, and that what I think might happen could change completely by the time we get a season three.  (If we get a season three, ugh.)

We know how 2x10 Hollywood Ending finished up – it’s late July/early August 1947 in Los Angeles, Jason Wilkes is corporeal and working with Howard Stark in Malibu (officially confirmed by the showrunners as a nod to Tony Stark’s Malibu home in the Iron Man films), Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa have had their *~*~*moment*~*~*, Whitney Frost has lost her *Jean-Ralphio voice* miiiiind, and Jack Thompson is lying on a hotel room floor, bleeding out. It’s all very heartwarming.  (That was only slightly tongue-in-cheek, some of it is truly very heartwarming.)

So let’s postulate here: Jack’s not dead.  Hotel housekeeping finds him real quick, calls an ambulance, he gets taken to the hospital.  Hospital finds his SSR badge on him.  The next step is probably going to be for them to contact the SSR LA office.  Whether or not they have to go through LAPD and/or SSR NY first, I don’t know.  Let’s say they don’t, and the call goes straight to one of Daniel’s agents.  

At this point, where are Peggy and Daniel?  They’ve clearly paused their makeout sesh long enough to discuss things like vacation days.  Are they back to going at it in his office chair?  Have they gone out somewhere?  Did they go back to Danny-boy’s place to… “talk”…?  In any case, they find out about Jack.  Whether or not they’ve gotten more than half a moment to breathe is an entirely different question.  

Jack makes it, though he’s in pretty bad shape, and Peggy and Daniel show up at the hospital, concerned and fuming, because they were on vacation, Jack, dammit, what the hell happened?  First thing out of Jack’s mouth when he comes to is this: “Why the hell am I still alive?  This guy shot me point-blank, he could have done away with me completely.”

Peggy: “Okay, so it was a man.  That narrows it down to approximately half the world’s population.” 

Jack might try to laugh but he can’t actually breathe, so maybe he’ll manage a polite smile?

Things we know from this interview:

Let’s talk about the person who may or may not have killed Jack. Is it someone we know? Are they connected to the Council of Nine?
FAZEKAS: It’s unrelated to the Council of Nine. It is not for the reasons that you’d expect. It’s unrelated to Council of Nine, Zero Matter, any of that.

Purely related to the file?
FAZEKAS: Correct.

This file reveals Peggy’s exploits with the S.O.E. and some kind of massacre. Thompson thought it was too good to be true, ultimately, and it didn’t seem to affect Peggy when he mentioned it. What’s really going on here?
FAZEKAS: You have to pay really close attention to what exactly we showed that was in the file. You see that there was some sort of massacre, and I would say, don’t make assumptions by what you see in that file. We were really specific about what information was given for a reason.

So with that out of the way, let’s say that either Peggy or Daniel is going to say something along the lines of “we had the lab go through your stuff and no one found a damn thing, no fingerprints, no nothing.”

And Jack, though barely coherent, is still meticulous: “Tell me everything that was there.”

Someone’ll rattle off the list of his belongings, and there it’ll be, apparent in its absence: the file.  

Peggy: “Why would anyone want it?  It’s fabricated, a fake.  I was with the SSR by 1944.”

But then there’s what Vernon Masters said to Jack in 2x08:

“Jack - what’s happened and what’s true are two different things.  Now, this is an official document.  That means it’s true, regardless of what happened.”

So Jack’ll say that to them, and Peggy’s eyebrows are going to shoot up a little, because that’s an interesting way to word things.  Very deliberate, and concerning.

My theory (that I know a lot of people share) is that the M. Carter is Michael Carter, who possibly didn’t die in 1940 as the show implied.  So let’s go with that.

Jack’s going to tell them what was in the file, everything we didn’t see, but he did.  

Peggy’s mind is going to start working through the information, which I’m sure is going to be a lot to process (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has ties to Daniel in some way or another, just because I think the show’s going to need a smooth way to keep him in on the action despite the fact that he’s Chief of SSR LA and so is a little bit detached from all the goings on of Peggy and Jack within SSR NY (and I can’t see the show just setting him up as the “doting boyfriend”)), so I think that, by the time they figure out that M. Carter is Michael, she’s going to be feeling really conflicted.  Upset that Jack Thompson got caught up in all of this, yes, but also angry that there’s been so much secrecy shrouding what happened to Michael, and probably terrified, because this is Agent Carter we’re talking about, and so you know there’s going to be larger things at play than just what M. Carter did in June of 1944.

The signs in a spy movie
  • Aries: The wayward villain-raised kid who later becomes the awkward member of the spy's team though still struggling with anger issues and confused morals.
  • Taurus: Second in command- the squad's computer hacker who never leaves their office throughout the entire movie. Is loved by the team.
  • Gemini: The villain's crazy lover who is freakishly loyal. Eventually forms an alliance with heroes after realizing what an asshole the villain is.
  • Cancer: The hero with great ideas who keeps getting walked all over and ignored by team mates- causing them to join the villain.
  • Leo: The super confident lead agent. NEVER follows the very clear rules that the leader has set. However, always gets out of a tight spot and completes a mission in an... alternative way.
  • Virgo: The obnoxiously honorable leader. Keeps a lot of things from getting done with their "honor." Also keeps a lot of lawsuits from happening. No one's really sure if they're just super noble or if they're actually the team's lawyer.
  • Libra: The hot field agent who's good at literally everything and saves everyone's asses on several occasions.
  • Scorpio: The antihero who lives in shades of grey. Isn't afraid to get their hands dirty but doesn't go out of their way to do evil shit.
  • Sagittarius: The villain's goofy sidekick who doesn't actually stand for anything the villain is doing but has a crush on them and could really use the cash.
  • Capricorn: The villain. Analytical, emotionless, psychopathic. When they want something (usually money or power) they will stop at nothing to get it. Takes the spies a long time to catch due to the villain''s preciseness. Puts the ass in classy.
  • Aquarius: The kid that doesn't actually do anything other than admire the spies from afar and hope that they invite them onto the team. Probably collects spy gadgets.
  • Pisces: The noble civilian whose parents were killed by villain. Becomes obsessed with villain and always predicts villain's next move. Helps the spies time and time again.

Okay, but like, I’m really happy with how this is turning out?? And I kinda just wanted to show it before I go and don’t finish it??

  • antis: they are calling us nazis and rukigos! They are so mean and hypocritical!
  • also antis: ugly orgs your shit-whore hime sucks! Orgs are so fucking delusional do they even read the manga?
  • antis: they body-shame rukia!(where the fuck??)
  • also antis: orihime has big tits, fucking watermelons! She is so ugly compared to Rukia's elegance! what a whore she looks like a slut!
  • antis: eww, what is this bullshit of ichihime (anti-ichiruki) doing in the tag? Bunch of cross-tagging assholes!
  • also antis: ichihime sucks, never going to happen it's either ichiruki or nothing! ichiruki is such a great ship and ichihime never existed #ichihime
  • antis: a guy and a girl can be just friends! They can have a platonic relationship, ichigo just cares because they are friends!
  • also antis: ichiruki has such a beautiful bond it has to be more than friendship! ichihime doesn't have any development lol
  • antis: renji's bankai isn't fire, kubo isn't making parallels you guys are just seeing things!
  • also antis: okay ichigo is fire/black sun/king & rukia is ice/ white moon/queen!
  • antis: ichigo and rukia never supported renji & orihime's love they are one-sided!
  • also antis: orihime is insecure and admits rukia is a key role in ichigo's life #canon! renji doesn't like Rukia, he sees her as a sister!
  • antis: we have always had romantic development between ichigo and rukia, they will obviously be canon no need for us to intervene.
  • also antis: petition for ichiruki to be canon! Our polls have calculated we are popular thus we are canon, look at these-ah not those colorspreads-- these!

I find it amazing how Melania Trump can go and plagiarize a speech outright, and then people complain that “you’re not being kind” when you criticize her for it.

Michelle Obama got crap constantly thrown at her for just being Obama’s wife and being African-American by the Tea Party, but when Trump’s wife outright plagiarizes, you can’t question her for it. I know she’s not the candidate, but she is very important for Trump’s image and it’s going to cloud the whole of the events at the convention.

All she needs to do is just apologize for it, but knowing the campaign that Trump has been running so far, he’s probably not going to let it happen.

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I'm like genuinely concerned about what will happen if Bernie loses. Like people have spent SO MUCH TIME making Hillary sound the worst thing that'll happen that I just feel like trump is getting swept under the rug. He's adapting to this spotlight like you'd expect a tv personality to do. I'm worried people are gonna go the "well if so and so isn't nominated then I won't vote" because it was happening with republicans too ya know.

Thats the same thing happening with Bernie supporters, you have the Bernie or bust movement and also there was a poll somewhere that ¼ Bernie supporters won’t vote for Hillary. I’m concerned about that. The lack of initiative to block a Trump presidency because Bernie isn’t the nominee. 

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scouuuut!! I got god'n'gabe signed by rich and rob at DC Con, and they were sitting right next to each other so first of all Rob freaked out over it and flipped through it, and then when I passed it along down to Rich, Rob leaned over to get rich's attention, and gestured at it and was like "isn't this amazing?!" They seriously loved it!!

LOOK alena did a thing!! i bet you told me about this going to happen and my brain decided to stow the information away. brain, u dick

BUT THIS IS AWESOME i didn’t realize anyone was getting one signed in DC! THIS IS SO SWEET THOUGH i should start archiving these because??? it just fills my heart with joy

THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOU WONDERFUL THING YOU (also hope con went super swell!!)

Anonymous said:

I had a dream last night I was coming home on a train from a SPN con, and I started to read God ‘n’ Gabe to pass the time. You were there as well I guess because you were really keen to take a picture of someone reading it in the wild. Ta!

what you don’t know is that i have an inspiration wall that’s like

i just lurk around cons and catch people in the act with them

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hi, sorry I know this is kind of a selfish question but, with TPoH it seems like a lot of the characters are from all over the world and I was wondering- is there going to be a Mexican character? it's okay if there isn't I was just, I'm curious ( also much love to you and your country I am sorry you and your generation feel so bad it wasn't your fault this all happened )

oh shucks bless you anon, that’s not selfish and thank you for the kind words I am starting to get back on my feet with all that nonsense, anyway as for your question I can actually say, yes! there is! the thing is he won’t appear for a long time yet so I almost feel bad for letting it slip but I love him (is it bad etiquette for a writer to say that?) so I hope you like him too :’D

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ziam; 40.

News truly must travel fast, because the minute Liam steps into Heathrow, his phone starts ringing shrilly. 

“Hello, Louis,” he says without checking the caller ID because who else would be calling not even ten minutes after he’s landed.

“Heard you’re in town,” Louis says, and Liam can picture the grin on his face, the crinkle of his eyes.

“I am,” Liam hums.

“Have time to come by for my birthday?”

“Always got time for you,” Liam says honestly. And he knew this was coming. Coming home for Christmas inevitably meant visiting Louis as well.

“Wicked,” Louis says. “Um you should know though -”

He pauses, hesitant, and Liam sighs. “What is it, Lou?”

“Zayn will be there,” Louis gets out quickly.

Liam blinks once. Twice. “Okay.”



It’s not the first time he’s heard Zayn’s name since, well, since it happened. But it’s one of the first time he’s felt - nothing. No tightening in his chest or churning in his belly or sharp pain in his temple. Just. Nothing.

“Alright then,” Louis says slowly, “I’ll see you this weekend?”

“Of course, mate.”

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In some posts, you and other gmw analysts use corpanga parallels to show that a couple has what it takes to have a successful relationship. But I've also seen you say that MJ isn't doing the same thing he did in bmw. Is that hypocritical to say mj isn't doing corpanga again but also use them to prove a theory? I don't think it's hypocritical, I just saw a post saying this and wanted to know your opinion.

Because showing how these kids experience a similar moment and a similar feeling as the characters on the old show doesn’t mean they’re telling the exact same story.

Jacobs confirmed a long time ago that BMW callbacks are “clues to what’s going to happen.” He’s also said that he still believes the same things now that he did back when he made BMW. Ergo he still believes the same things about love and relationships. Paralleling Corpanga doesn’t mean the exact same story will be told, it just means that [whatever pair] hit that emotional benchmark within THIS story.

BMW was a story in large part about two people who found each other, fell in love, and recognized that very young.

GMW, on the other hand, is a story about a bunch of kids who don’t recognize the difference between the reality of love and their warped perceptions of it. Corpanga is a benchmark for what real love is in this particular fictional universe. Both Riarkle and Lucaya have hit those benchmarks over and and over, but unlike Cory and Topanga, they don’t recognize what those moments really mean because they’re so swept up in their mistaken perceptions of what love and relationships are all about.

Corpanga parallels show that a pairing has what it takes for a successful relationship in this particular fictional universe. But unlike Cory and Topanga, these kids can’t recognize what they’ve potentially got. “Cory and Topanga” (aka finding the person you want to be with forever when you’re young) MIGHT be possible in today’s world…but you have to be able to recognize it. These kids don’t.

More here:

And here:

  • Aaron: Happy New Year! Oh, sorry. They not for kids?
  • Paddy: Not specifically no. Anyway, you used to eat enough of 'em, if I remember rightly.
  • Aaron: Yeah, the difference is I was a kid, Paddy.
  • Paddy: More or less.
  • Aaron: Are you all right you? You seem a bit... I don't know.
  • Paddy: Do you remember that Lydia I went on a date with a few weeks ago?
  • Aaron: Yeah, I thought you were rid of her.
  • Paddy: I was. I am. Total nightmare actually. But she thinks I'm still married. Well, I am still married, sort of.
  • Aaron: Yeah. That's a relief.
  • Paddy: She also thinks I'm having an affair... with your mum.
  • Aaron: Ooh, that's weird.
  • Paddy: It is a bit weird, isn't it?
  • Aaron: Why are you telling me... Actually, I don't even wanna know.
  • Paddy: No, no it was your mum's doing. We're not actually having an affair.
  • Aaron: Oh, right then, I'm going.
  • Paddy: No, please, Aaron. Sorry. To be honest, things have been a little bit weird since it happened.
  • Aaron: Sorry, since what happened?
  • Paddy: Since we kissed. For Lydia's benefit.
  • Aaron: Right, if you stop talking now, I'll buy you a pint.
  • Paddy: It's fine. She just decided to... It's not a big deal. There's no trouble. Well, everything's good, basically.
  • Aaron: But it's not, though, is it? Because she didn't actually need to kiss you.
  • Paddy: Well, you know your mum.
  • Aaron: I know you both, actually.
  • Paddy: What are you doing?
  • Aaron: Trust me, you'll thank me later. I don't know about you, but I could do with a pint. Come on.