also this storyline is amazing

This episode was just honestly so good. I do think that they could have done a lot more with the crossover and involving some of this storyline within Supergirl and expanding on it so that parts of it didn’t feel rushed. I also love that the Music Meister ends up not really being a villain at all? He’s just teaching them a lesson about love - so the subplot about him using their powers was just shoved aside? That just felt a bit plot-hole-y and hand-wavy as did the whole him being called the Music Meister but the musical thing only happening because The Flash and Supergirl are into musicals? Still, I loved the episode and wish we just had more of it (which could have been done if they only used both hours to focus on this storyline). Also that last song that Barry sang to Iris was so amazing. 

I know it doesn’t matter, but I just keep wondering how season 13 would have played out if Sara had stayed. Would they have had her go to NY and realize that Penny wasn’t what she wanted. Or having Arizona do what she did for her so she could be happy would Callie have realized just how much Arizona still loved her so she stayed. Either way it could have been an amazing storyline for them. I also know the writers would not have done the storyline justice and would have wasted Sara and Jessica’s acting talents.

I still cant believe that my ship is canon??? And well written?? This is such a new experience for me wow

All I can think of after 1x19 is

After nearly rage-quitting Pobol y Cwm last November (they killed off my favourite character, cruelly and brutally), I am now ABSOLUTELY back in love with it.

We’re in the Age of Illusion, where lying is super-effective, and characters have lost their ability to see through each other. This has led to some amazing storylines. Also some incredibly traumatic ones.

At the moment, Chester can’t clear his name of a crime he didn’t commit, Ed is being abused by his wife but is seen by others as the abuser, Colin’s modelling career is incredibly successful even though he’s awful at it, and Gwyneth managed to convince everyone in the village (and most viewers, I reckon) that she was in love with Siôn White (honestly, that’s a real storyline).

But something else is happening at the same time.

In the 90s, the show introduced us to the Jones family. Father, mother, brother, sister - and they were a hoot! Brilliantly cast, they were sometimes a sketchy family of minor criminals, influenced by Eastenders. The years killed off the father, and softened the remaining family members.

Fast-forward to the 2010s, and only the brother remained - Mark Jones, consistently the most popular character in the show. From his dubious classist origins, he’s become a proud working class dad, an honest hard-worker who’d do anything for his son Ricky.

Three years ago, to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary, S4C put on a number of repeats - the Four Faces of Pobol y Cwm, choosing an episode from each ten-year period in the show’s history.

One episode, from the late 90s, showed the Jones family thinking they’d won the lottery. They dashed around the village, trying to confirm the numbers, then trying to find the ticket they’d inevitably mislaid.

It was a hoot! And here’s what I love about ongoing stories - the current show has responded to the success of the repeat of the 90s episode.

First of all, Mark got back together with Ricky’s mother Debbie. Next, Debbie’s mother (a glorious car-crash of a woman, a wine-guzzling addict of shopping channels with a sketchy past and sketchier wardrobe) moved in with them - having been thrown out of her home.

Next up, Debbie’s daughter Vicky turns up pregnant. She’s since given birth to Nicky Stark Jones, newest member of the clan.

Just when we thought we had our family unit, Mark’s mother turns up. CATH JONES!!! Absolute die-hard classic soap character from the 90s, played by the amazing comedy actor Siw Hughes.

I can’t tell you how brilliant the entire cast is. I need you to understand how much I love this family (including Mark’s sister Stacey, who’s wonderful life in London recently came crashing down, and Mark and Debbie’s eldest son Liam, a soldier currently serving abroad). They’re constantly at each other’s throats, and they’d absolutely die for each other. In the same council house the Joneses first moved into in the 90s, we now have Mark and Debbie, their mothers, their two kids, and their grandchild - all living on top of each other, trying to make ends meet, and trying to survive the Age of Illusion.

I honestly thought I had as many Joneses as I needed. My favourite character in this family is *whichever one is currently on screen*. Ricky is the sweetest kid. Vicky is a whirlwind of fun. The mother are utterly glorious. And Mark and Debbie are such a lovely and believable couple, and they deserve so much happiness, and I’m so glad they’re together.

But what’s this?

A new character turned up on Wednesday. Her name’s Non, but I only know that from the credits. She comes looking for Mark, and claims to be a friend of the family. Later, she finds Mark and claims to be a student, researching the Jones surname.

“Oh, are you a Jones?” asks Mark.

“No,” she says.

She asks Mark to fill out a form. Mark takes it and says he’ll complete it later. Non follows him home, and knocks the door, asking if he’s completed the form. He’s bewildered, the interaction doesn’t go well.

That’s the last we’ve seen of Non. She wasn’t in the next few episodes.


She’s played by Gwawr Loader (with whom I was briefly in a choir in 2007, because Wales is small and full of choirs). I don’t know how many of her *extraordinary* performance choices were her own ideas, and how many were in the script - but wow, you cannot look away from her. She’s playing this character as incredibly sweet but utterly socially incompetent. She has a strange sideways smile and a stiff way of holding herself. God, it’s just so unsoaplike, but it REALLY works. You can’t not love this character.

Her clothes are super untrendy, she wears massive glasses and braces on her teeth. Again, I can’t work out if this is how the character was envisioned, or whether the costume worked around Gwawr’s performance. Either way, she’s like someone from a teen drama, and it’s so quietly disruptive in the realist soap world.

This is the first episode in years I’ve watched twice. I’m dying to see her next episode. I’m sure she’s secretly related to the family, and I’m dying to see her meet the others. Oh, I hope they accept her! I hope she moves in to the house. The only space left to sleep is the sofa, but I really need this character to live in the village please.

Please be considerate.

I think we really took the outcry of rage towards bleach ending AND naruto ending too far. Every hate post I see is about some ship that they don’t like for whatever reason, and it’s then them saying the whole series is trash because their ship didn’t work out. News flash guys: that’s not how it works! Love interests are hard to decipher and properly narrate in manga like bleach and naruto. They aren’t shoujo!!!!!!! They are for action, not romance. I wish people would quit being immature about shipping and how it affects the quality of the story. Storyline wise, both mangas were amazing. Also, the authors don’t owe you anything. You know the risks when it comes to shipping, and you do it anyway. Please be respectful of revolutionary manga authors like kishimoto and kubo. They are great artists and authors, and they deserve it.

I’m at the point of unfollowing everybody who says people are just mad because Wren isn’t A. Most people on here had thought about Cece being A it literally has nothing to do with it. I actually think the storyline is brilliant. Vanessa’s acting was also amazing. If the writers had just changed small parts about the finale or previous episodes everything would fall into place.