also this storyline is amazing


All Brenna and Greer scenes from 1x07

Please be considerate.

I think we really took the outcry of rage towards bleach ending AND naruto ending too far. Every hate post I see is about some ship that they don’t like for whatever reason, and it’s then them saying the whole series is trash because their ship didn’t work out. News flash guys: that’s not how it works! Love interests are hard to decipher and properly narrate in manga like bleach and naruto. They aren’t shoujo!!!!!!! They are for action, not romance. I wish people would quit being immature about shipping and how it affects the quality of the story. Storyline wise, both mangas were amazing. Also, the authors don’t owe you anything. You know the risks when it comes to shipping, and you do it anyway. Please be respectful of revolutionary manga authors like kishimoto and kubo. They are great artists and authors, and they deserve it.

I know Amy can get irritating being fickle in her support of Ste, but she’s just trying to be a protective mother. I really love that Amy is back. I feel like people who missed her earlier storylines with Ste are missing out on some important character developments that help flesh out their relationship a lot and really make Amy a lot more sympathetic a character. They have so much history. I’m so excited for them to have more scenes together, whether they are getting along or not.

Also, everyone should track down early Ste storylines on YouTube. It’s amazing how it all fits together and makes a lot of his later decisions make a lot of sense. He’s always been the hothead, reactionary, emotional, stubborn, passionate, self-destructive, well-meaning mess we all know and love. He’s always been passionate about being a father. But it did get pretty dang dark between him and Amy so it makes sense that the trust between them is fragile.

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I’ve been meaning to start this for ages

You need to start!!  It has an amazing cast of characters.  The females are all unique and interesting.  The romance between two of the main characters is excellent, and while it does get time dedicated to it, it doesn’t take over the whole show, and both characters still have relationships and storylines outside of each other.

Also, Captain Holt is amazing, and I absolutely love his relationship with his husband and wish we got to see Kevin more.