also this storyline is amazing

I still cant believe that my ship is canon??? And well written?? This is such a new experience for me wow

All I can think of after 1x19 is

We spoke to Allen Leech, who plays Tom Branson in the ITV drama at the IWC BFI Film Forever gala dinner and he told us which character to watch, for all the drama.

He told us, ‘It’s only going to get better - one hint I’d give you is, as always watch out for Maggie’s lines, but also watch out for Rob James Collier, he’s got an amazing storyline coming up.’

Asked about working with George Clooney on the upcoming Christmas special he coyly responded, 'I don’t know what you’re referring to, but I’m sure you’ll all know on the 17th of December.’

Like so many other actors Allen would love to try his hand at directing but he won’t be bossing Hugh Bonneville any time soon: 'I’d love to, I don’t think they’d let me loose on it - it would be a very different show!

'Suddenly Thomas Barrow is the only character in the show…’


I’m at the point of unfollowing everybody who says people are just mad because Wren isn’t A. Most people on here had thought about Cece being A it literally has nothing to do with it. I actually think the storyline is brilliant. Vanessa’s acting was also amazing. If the writers had just changed small parts about the finale or previous episodes everything would fall into place.

Please be considerate.

I think we really took the outcry of rage towards bleach ending AND naruto ending too far. Every hate post I see is about some ship that they don’t like for whatever reason, and it’s then them saying the whole series is trash because their ship didn’t work out. News flash guys: that’s not how it works! Love interests are hard to decipher and properly narrate in manga like bleach and naruto. They aren’t shoujo!!!!!!! They are for action, not romance. I wish people would quit being immature about shipping and how it affects the quality of the story. Storyline wise, both mangas were amazing. Also, the authors don’t owe you anything. You know the risks when it comes to shipping, and you do it anyway. Please be respectful of revolutionary manga authors like kishimoto and kubo. They are great artists and authors, and they deserve it.

Also let me remind everyone, Gale Ann Hurd said that Beth’s storyline is amazing, so it’s not over just yet.

It’s amazing because of what she has to overcome, what she has to do to get back to the man who is head over heels in love with her and back to her family although I don’t know why because they don’t give a flying fuck about her except Daryl.

But her story is going to be amazing, so death and rape are out of that because that’s not amazing.

So hush, Beth is alive and she is fighting like hell to get back to her man & family.