also this storyline is amazing

[The New Teen Titans (1980) #5]


Captain Treville & Cardinal Richelieu (The Musketeers BBC):

“I’m familiar with the roles we play Captain. I am the grand deceiver and you are the bluff honest man of action…”


All Brenna and Greer scenes from 1x07

Appreciation post for Andi Mack (some minor spoilers)


  • Andi is an asian-american protaganist, and there are literally 0 stereotypes!
  • Celia and ham are a happy biracial couple
  • Bex is best mom
  • Her friend Cyrus is jewish and gay (this was confirmed to be a storyline)
  • Buffy is also really strong and amazing
  • talks about teen pregnancy
  • Cece is savage af
  • The theme song is so beautiful
  • Just watch the show, you will NOT regret it!

Hello, everyone! And welcome to the FFXV Zine! A zine made specifically for the FFXV group in all their loving glory~ This game has been a huge hit ever since it came out, getting high ratings, shocking not only the Final Fantasy gamers, but also gamers in general! Between the amazing storyline, swift yet smooth battles, and the great open world navigation, this is a game that has started 2017 and the future final fantasy games off right!
We are on our way to a big project to create this zine. But, we are missing something! The lovely artist! I am looking for FFXV artists of all sorts to help create beautiful pieces of art for this soon to be zine.It will focus entirely on just the FFXV storyline and everything that makes it such a good game, such as the bond of family/brothership, love, hardships, and the many changes the characters face.
The zine booklet with 30 full-color pages and around 30 artists in total. Information on applying can be found at Artist Application at the top of the page. We hope to see tons of applications to create a diverse zine full of love and affection for this new and game changing FF project.

I have always been the alpha!

So, TW series has come and gone, and ngl, I <3 it muchly.  Just because it simultaneously wrapped a crapton of storylines … but also opened/left open a lot more.  Which is amazing potential for a spinoff and fanfic.

But the one thing ultimately that struck me about this epi was … how it wrapped around to the beginning and tied every.fucking.thing together. 

So if you look at the entire series with a 30,000 ft lens, you’ll notice that history has come full circle but just slightly shifted.  

Peter Hale was always up in Talia’s business about protecting the pack, about getting stronger, building an army and taking the fight to the hunters. 

She didn’t.  And they all pretty much died. 

Enter s1, and Peter bites Scott McCall. 

Who at the end of s6b, has created an army and is taking the fight to the hunters.  

He has literally become what Peter Hale was demanding and spent coma-crazed time ranting about Talia to do/become to protect BH and the supernatural kind. 

He has always been the alpha. 

No, but really.  He is the ‘alpha’ that tried and failed against Talia but tried and succeeded with Scott. 

I fucking love this storytelling. 

y’all honestly too damn funny. there are hundreds and thousands of posts on tumblr about how most shows are us-centric and filled with white able-bodied characters & demanding inclusive media and a better portrait of black/latino/afro-latino characters, especially women. but whenever shows like the get down (a show centered on young black kids that are neither stereotyped nor demonized and are constantly supporting each other, contains lgbt representation, an amazing cinematography, plot and cast) and 3% (not only netflix’s first brazilian production, but also a dystopian show with a highly engaging and complex storyline, diverse cast and amazing critic of our own society) are launched, they always have very noticeable low popularity.  privileged folks here ALWAYS talking about the lack of quality representation for minorities, and yet whenever we are represented, the dubbing, subtitles or just general idea of the plot apparently bothers y’all too much and, predictably, the only people who support the show are the minorities being represented. basically: y’all transparent as fuck.

Local boy glows with praise from Actual Time Travelers 

In other words, I loved Missing Milo. Not only did we get some amazing interactions between the pistachio protectors and Milo, but it is also is setting up what looks to be an absolutely amazing storyline, and I am so excited. Furthermore, when I thought that Diogee’s name couldn’t get any better we were told his middle name. Diogee Ex Machina Murphy. It just makes me truly happy to know that.

Thank you Will Tudor for playing Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern the way he is. I’m so satisfied with his acting. I couldn’t ask for a better actor playing this complicated fucked up character. I really feel Will gets Sebastian’s character and you see that back on screen. Amazing.
I’m also happier with his storyline with being send to Edom now we know more about his past. I could totally see it before me how a young Sebby has been tortured. I was hoping to see some flashbacks of young Sebby in the shadow world trying to please his father and competing with the other boy (Jace) but you can’t have everything.
I love that Jonathan already was a psychopath as a kid. I love that Jonathan still needs validation from his father in some way. Thankyou Will!


I cant wait to beat lusamine’s abusive ass

The Raven Cycle is going to be airing on Syfy which has me freaking excited. Not only can my son Ronan tell people to fuck off, but it also means good rep, amazing storylines, beautiful visuals and a great chance at not sucking. These books mean the world to me, and im so happy it isn’t going to CW 😭🙌🙌

And if its anywhere as good as the magicians, or wynonna earp then we have nothing to worry about ❤ that twilight director lady is only doing the pilot from my understanding, so we should be fine!

finale or whatever that was

everything aside, the finale was just so poorly written it was laughable. every dialogue between the characters seemed so forced and awkward. literally eskild rambled for WAY too long and sana and isak talked about bio midterms when there was so many other important things to discuss about sana. sana barely got any screen time and talked about useless things the entire time. chris and eva and jonas and emma plot twist honestly took up so much unnecessary time like seriously we should have gotten ballon squad or more sana or girl squad all together. the only good part was evak (even tho them talkin about food/potato salad was ???) and vilde talking to chris and magnus asking if she was ok. ALSO THE SPEECH WAS AMAZING BUT i feel like all the important storylines were kinda just pushed to the side and never discussed. we just got some weird dialogue and irrelevant plot twist. we were robbed of the amazing writing of the previous seasons… this is my last past that is negative i will try to be more positive or just stop posting

All I can think of after 1x19 is

I still cant believe that my ship is canon??? And well written?? This is such a new experience for me wow

anonymous asked:

I feel like Birth, Broken Heart, and Swan Song were the writers attempts at making an "edgy" season finale by assassinating Hook's character development.

You have come to the wrong blog if you’re looking for a place to complain about Dark!Hook. Because I love Dark!Hook for sooooo many reasons. Now admittedly, after these episodes initially aired, they upset me because it did seem like character assassination. But after a short period of time (actually, pretty much right around this time last year), I started to appreciate everything that Dark!Hook had been. I started to see what they were trying to achieve with this twist in Killian’s character development. And I absolutely loved it.

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