also this show is a challenge to color but i actually enjoy it so that's good

Baby Girl You're Just My Type (Seventeen Preference)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: Definitely someone girly; he's the tough, man's man, and he'd need a very feminine partner to contrast that. He seems like an ass man to me, so someone who is very bootylicious and likes to show off their ass/doesn't mind having it grabbed. He'd also probably be into a girl who is quieter or who doesn't feel pressure to talk a lot so that he can be the one to do the talking, and so that he can feel listened to, and so that the two of you can just sit in comfortable silence when you feel like it. He would love the type of girl who can wear heels all the time and not feel overdressed, but also rocks a messy bun and flannel. His type all around would be the "girl next door" to the extreme, but in a good way.
  • Jeonghan: He would like a softer type of girl. Being someone who doesn't conform to gender norms himself, he would never be opposed to dating a tomboy or someone who often bounces between ultra feminine and masculine. He just wants someone who would be easy on the eyes - someone that everyone could look at an agree is absolutely beautiful, just like him. It would also have to be someone with amazing hair, so that you could be a stand out hair power couple. As personality goes, he would enjoy who is very cute without trying. Maybe they're awkward or clumsy but this turns out very cute and he enjoys those moments to the maximum even if you get embarrassed, just for the cuteness. He would also like someone shorter than him so that he can lay his head on top of you during hugs, and he can cover you completely when spooning.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: He would want someone opposite of him. He's all shyness and blushes and giggles, so he'd need someone who's confidence and certainty and standing tall. He would love the contrast you make against him and the confidence you give him when you're together. He also loves that when he gets shy or embarrassed he can bury his face into your shoulder or hair and you'll be the one laughing with a brave face because you enjoy how cute he's being. He'd also want someone very cuddly. Because he seeks physical comfort, and he would want his partner to be very okay with that happening when he needs it. And although he might not always be completely okay with showing PDA because of how shy he is, his ideal type would also know how to use words to calm him down and make him feel good because you would be smart and linguistic like that.
  • Jun: As predictable as it sounds, Jun would like a bad girl. But not just a "bad girl", a genuinely bad, doesn't give a fuck, bad attitude kind of girl. The kind of girl that the rest of the boys and Pledis would hate and probably ask him to stop seeing. Mostly because he would like the thrill. This is the kid who 9/10 legitimately thinks he's a vampire, so if he found a girl who smoked and had dozens of piercings and tattoos and swore more than his little ears could handle, he would want to hold onto you forever. Eventually he would find out you have a whole other side, a softer side, and this would just make him melt, and then you'd never get rid of him. Because as much as fishnets and barbells are appealing, actual emotions are like the jackpot here. And he would follow you around like a lost puppy, hanging on your every word, waiting for your next move, wanting to see just how bad you could get. You just might get sick of him. But he would be a lovesick puppy because being with a bad girl is the closest he's ever really come to living on the edge.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Hoshi would need someone versatile. He can go from literal puppy to walking sex monument in two seconds flat, and he needs someone who can embrace his many sides and roll with them. I can also see him falling for a plus-sized girl. Saying that he enjoys the curves more and that your gorgeous body is part of what captured his attention when the two of you first met. He'd want a girl who is very good at taking care of herself, but can also take care of him when he needs it. He can work long hours and dissolves into a child-like state, and he needs somebody there to pick up the pieces and put him back together at the end of a hard day. He might also like a girl that he has to bring out of her shell a little. Maybe you're more shy around others, around the boys, and from time to time he has to help you loosen up and he loves that about you. He loves the challenge, and he loves the reward of when he finally gets to see the same you in public that he does in private.
  • Wonwoo: He would go for one of two types of girls - he would either date the ultimate goth girl and live out his emo dreams, or he would date the softest, girliest hipster/kawaii girl and defy everyone's expectations. If he dated a goth girl, they would match perfectly in your emo appearance and attitude, and your occasional slips of undeniable cuteness and happiness. Black is the perfect color that goes with everything, so he would love seeing his girlfriend dressed in it every single day, and would delight in finding black lipstick stains on his skin and even items of his clothing. He would also love that he would get to see the cutesy and caring side of you that people never expected when they saw your harsh appearance, and he would always be right their defending you if people judged you too harshly. If he dated a super soft kawaii girl, it would a lot like the cinnamon roll meme. It appears that he could kill you, but he is, in fact, a giant cinnamon roll, and he is protecting you, a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this earth, too pure. That's what he believes and that's what he upholds. He doesn't let anyone come near you, look at you the wrong way; he doesn't even let anyone speak badly about you when you're not around. You would be his one weakness, and he would both love and hate that about being with you.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: His ideal type is definitely someone who appreciates music. Someone who can listen to his work and it's afraid to give him critical feedback about it, but also isn't afraid to tell him when it's perfect. He wouldn't mind dating someone taller than him. He might even enjoy dating someone taller than him, but continuously claim that it's just a coincidence (I mean he is only 5.3") when in reality he enjoys the bear hugs and feeling so safe all wrapped up in you. He's the type of guy to feel confident and secure enough that he doesn't need to be taller than his girlfriend. He would also want a to date a girl that he finds genuinely interesting. Whether this be because you're into the arts, or because you're athletic, he'd find something about you and then from there, he would want to learn everything about you. He'd study you like it was his job. He also might prefer a girl with coloured/pastel hair so that you could match and be ultra cute together.
  • DK/Seokmin: DK would want to date a sporty girl. He would love everything about you from the fact that you always wear ponytails to your muscle tone to your yoga pants (probably especially the yoga pants). He would watch you jogging by one day and be hooked. He'd want to know your name, everything about you, and the fact that you might not be much of a talker only baited him so much more. He would love dancing with you and trying out all the sports that you're into, even if he sucks at them. And in the rare moments that he could get you to open up, that he could get into your mind instead of the physical aspect of your being, he would feel so rewarded he would be over the moon. He would also love the times that you dressed up. Seeing you all the time in sportswear, you always looked amazing no matter what, but when you dressed up, it always shocked and amazed him, and reminded him that he was so lucky to have you.
  • Mingyu: He would probably like a really quiet, shy girl. As cheesy as it is, he would be the type of guy to dream about finding the introverted girl and sweeping her off her feet. He would probably think it's so romantic and dreamy to pick up a girl at a coffee shop or a book store and all the other boys would make fun of him because deep down he's just a sucker for John Green and Twilight. He would want to find a girl who would blush whenever you looked at him and giggle at all his jokes and used her hair to hide her face out of shyness. He'd be a sucker for a girl who had sweater paws and stared at her shoes and spent a lot of time reading or writing and liked watching old movies. He'd get weak in the knees for a girl like that.
  • The8/Minghao: I can't really pin down his ideal type. He is a puppy, but at the same time he's very mature, so I feel that he'd be very versatile when it came to girl. He mostly would probably wouldn't care what his girlfriend looked like because he believes that all girls are beautiful in their own way. But if he fell for someone, he would fall hard and fast. You would sweep him off his feet, probably within days, and he wouldn't know what hit him. He might even think he was getting the flu with how lovesick he was feeling. He wouldn't be able to get you off his mind and he would come to the undeniable conclusion - you had captured his heart. You were his ideal type.
  • Seungkwan: He'd want someone sassy. He is the king of sass, and he'd want someone who could at least try and compete with him and his sassy antics. This also means you would have to have a very good sense of humor, because even though he can be very serious, he loves his jokes. He would also need someone to help keep him calm, because he gets very tense and aggravated (especially when asked to do aegyo) and he'd need someone who knows how to calm him with words and simple touches. I also think he'd want his girlfriend to be stylish. Because, let's be honest, out of all the boys I think he'd be the one to most pay attention to what his girlfriend is wearing. So if his girlfriend has a very defined sense of self style and image, he would be very proud to be around her and show her off to everyone.
  • Vernon/Hansol: I feel like he would actually go after a very nerdy girl. On stage he's all "$wag $wag money" but he's actually just a huge dork, so I feel like a nerdy girl would be the perfect match for him. Someone who would watch anime with him and obnoxiously scream the themes, someone who would poke fun at him and not mind being mocked as well. He probably also thinks that glasses are hot, so he would embrace that in a girl. He's got plenty of confidence, he's maybe even a little cocky, so he needs someone who will knock him down a few notches and remember to keep him level headed. He would love someone who's really smart, who can teach him things, someone who's very energetic like himself, very enthusiastic about life. I also feel like he'd be very into just sitting and listening to you talk for hours about what your passionate about - whether it's TV shows, or the book you're reading, or stars - he'd just want to listen because it would give him peace and it would give him a chance to learn more about you.
  • Dino/Chan: He's the little maknae (which nobody will ever forget) so he needs somebody who will balance him. Somebody who can be funny and immature with him when the time is right, but also somebody who can be serious and talk about serious things when he needs that. I also feel that he's still uncertain - he's still young and shaping his confidence, so he needs someone who's not afraid to shower him with compliments to help him boost his confidence over time. He would also need to date someone who shares his interests (dancing, music) but can also introduce him to new ones that you can explore together and use to bond. Overall he needs someone stable. He wouldn't do well at all with someone playing with his feelings, he needs someone to be straight with him (where some of the older boys might like "the chase"). Dino would probably also like someone very girly who wears skirts and has longer hair.
  • AN: yeah so this is the obvious thing so post under kpop, right? sorry if it's kind of all over the place, i tried. i also tried to make it a little more unique than other ones i've seen and i genuinely tried to imagine what each of the boys types are. pls lemme know what you think! <3

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Lisa can you talk a little bit about The Picture of Dorian Gray and why it's one of your favorites? Like, what draws you to it so much, your favorites aspects about it, your opinion on the characters, if you'd change anything, etc... Basically go awf about it please lol

It would be an honor to ramble about my favorite novel. Overall, the reason why I love it so much is that it challenged what was the proper normalcy of its time. Wilde gave voice to things that people think, but never actually say out loud. And a lot of them are still relevant to today’s society! One of the quotes is, “It is perfectly monstrous…The way people go about nowadays saying things against one behind one’s back that are entirely true.” That is one of the most accurate accords of gossiping that I have ever read. He also explores the importance of the self, but the essential downfall that can happen if you become to absorbed. The whole novel is about a balance of living and it’s written in an insanely gorgeous prose. 

Dorian is one of the most fascinating characters to explore. He continuously teeters on the edge of understanding morality, but then chooses self-indulgence over selflessness. It’s a perpetual spiral of someone who started off innocent and curious before they became corrupt. What’s really interesting to me though, is that he was corrupted by the book and ideals Lord Henry gave him BUT it wasn’t Lord Henry’s fault for how Dorian turned out. Yes, he gave Dorian the tools, but Dorian was the one who chose to act upon them. They were both cruel in similar yet different ways, but it was their own fault. The real difference between them was that Lord Henry was unapologetic about his emotions while Dorian was always trying to blame someone else for his misdoings. 

Honestly, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about the novel. It’s brilliant.

Lines I have underlined in my copy : 

  • “Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming.” 
  • “When I like people immensely I never tell their names to anyone. It is like surrendering a part of them. I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvelous to us.”
  • “Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love; it is the faithless who know love’s tradgedies.” 
  • “All influence is immoral…Becaue to influence is to give him one’’s own soul…He becomes an echo of someone else’s music…”
  • “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”
  • “Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.”
  • “To get back one’s youth one has merely to repeat one’s follies.”
  • “…Punctuality is the thief of time.”
  • “If one hears bad music, it is one’s duty to drown it in conversation.”
  • “Nowadays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”
  • “I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter, and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir their dust into consciousness, to wake their ashes into pain.”
  • “He lives the poetry that he cannot write.”
  • “Experience was of no ethical value. It was merely the name men gave to their mistakes.”
  • “We are not sent into the world to air our moral prejudices.”
  • “Unselfish people are colorless.”
  • “Pleasure is the only thing worth having a theory about.”
  • “To be good is to be in harmony with one’s self.”
  • “Yes, Dorian, you will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit.”
  • “You used to stir my imagination. Now you don’t even stir my curiosity.”
  • “We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities…”
  • “I once wore nothing but violets all through one season, as a form of artistic mourning for a romance that would not die.”
  • “It is only shallow people who require years to get rid of an emotion.”
  • “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
  • “You became to me the visible incarnation of that unseen ideal whose memory haunts us artists like an exquisite dream.”
  • “I didn’t say I liked it, Harry. I said it fascinated me. There is s great difference.”
  • “He procured from Paris no less than nine large-paper copied if the first edition, and had them bound in different colors, so that they might suit his various moods and the changing fancies of a nature over which he seemed, at times, to have almost entirely lost control.”
  • “…He always had an extraordinary faculty of becoming absolutely absorbed for the moment in whatever he took up…”
  • “Were his own actions merely the dreams that the dead man had not dared to realize?”
  • “I am tired of myself tonight. I should like to be somebody else.”
  • “Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him…”
  • “But youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms.”
  • “They get up early, becaue they have so much to do, and go to bed early because they have so little to think about.”
  • “Names are everything. I never quarrel with actions. My one quarrel is with words.”
  • “Religion?” “The fashionable substitute for Belief.” 
  • “To define is to limit.”
  • “We can have in life but one great experience at best, and the secret of life is to reproduce that experience as often as possible.”
  • “I have never searched for happiness. Who wants happiness? I have searched for pleasure.”
  • “Shallow sorrows and shallow loves live on. The loves and sorrows that are great are destroyed by their own plentitude.” 
  • “A woman will flirt with anybody in the world as long as other people are looking on.”
  • “It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful.”
  • “If a man treats life artistically, his brain is his heart.”
  • “Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets.” 
  • “The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world it’s own shame.”
  • “The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.”

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Iiiiiii would be curious about any and all headcanons you're willing to share, but no pressure ^u^


for those who don’t remember this is in reference to the humanstuck race headcanons post and ensuing debate, after which I conceded that you guys have no reason not to learn about gender/sexuality/anything else that seems interesting outside of the story

but Dear Anon here wants not just g/s but any and all, so prepare yourselves.  We are going deeper.

upd8/We’re also putting this under a cut because despite my resolve not to treat this like sensitive material, there is a helluva lot of it.

upd8/Seriously it’s just getting ridiculous.

upd8/Please promise me to still try and enjoy this story even though I am spilling literally everything I’ve thought about the characters thus far.

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What do you think about dennisthetall's open letter about Call to Cosplay? (/post/109816188245) He has some words about his competitors attitudes (and I think you mentioned you competed against his team captain on C2C?)

I didn’t know anyone had written anything about this yet! Link here.

But yeah… We were going to wait until after our episode aired to do a write up just so we could wait to see how everything was portrayed. 

Well, maybe we’ll do it now instead. Better that way perhaps? Sorry for spoilers I guess.

Anyway yes, Moon was our ‘competitor’ and pretty much everything Dennis described it true. I feel like I should break it down even further though. Beware, this post is long. 

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That's Not What Friends Do -An Ereri short fic

Pairing: Eren/ Levi

Rating: PG

Summary: Eren confesses after 10 years of friendship

“I love you.”

That’s what he told me.

Eren Jaeger.

My next door neighbor and childhood friend of 16 years told me.

Who would have thought he would have said it first?

I’d been planning that confession for well over 10 years now. The meaning behind the confession itself changed drastically over that time span but love is love right?

It went from a six year old me saying “I want to live with Eren forever and nobody else!” to “Can I have him for dinner instead of this burger?”

The first statement was spoken aloud with sincerity. The second was likewise spoken aloud but as a joke.

Eren grew up, challenged me into a race for the sky and won. His looks and everything else won too. I won academically but by landslide. That doesn’t matter. What I meant to say was that Eren looked…sharp now. That’s for the lack of wanting to use any other words meaning the same thing. So when I spoke that previously mentioned second statement out loud as a joke, I was only half joking.

Back to where we started.

“I love you.”

“I love you too Eren.” Now was as good as a time as any.

“I’m serious.” Apparently the 10 years didn’t teach him how to read my broad range of facial expressions. Scratch that. Maybe it did because his pink cheeks and nervous lip biting only deepened.

“I am too.” I think this became a staring contest. I was serious—but I also wasn’t going to lose this contest that Eren didn’t know he was a part of.

“You’re in love with me?” Eren asked me.

“I am.” I won.

The contest began again. He fidgeted. He never did this even when he talked about the girls at school he had crushes on.

On that note, why was he in love with me when his preferences were on the other side of the spectrum. I mean sure I’m pretty and could probably work a dress better than most boy’s my age but I’m no Miss Universe. I hoped the sarcasm was apparent there. I’m not as feminine as you might be imagining right now.

Back to Eren. Back to a tomato. They were one in the same now if you compared their colors.

“I didn’t think you’d…”

“Want a physical relationship with my best friend who also happens to be a male?”

I didn’t know what to compare Eren to now. Damn my blunt responses.

He nodded sheepishly.

I’m sure he knew my one-worded answers from here. Rather than telling him what he could figure out on his own. I wanted to show him—or give into my own urges. Details are petty.

I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and yanked him down to my level. Something I was used to doing anyway but never for this reason. I pressed my lips hard against his. I needed the initial contact and I needed it fast.10 years of waiting isn’t something to mess with, though I can’t validate that my 6 year old self wanted quite the same thing as my 16 year old self did.

Eren made a muffled noise against my mouth. It was far from a moan yet it sent an uncomfortable chill down my spine.

I softened the force I contacted him with and opened my mouth just enough. I didn’t need to think twice to know that Eren would follow in suit with me. Even though he was the amazing person he was, he always looked up to me. Oh the humor.

I tasted him. My tongue glided across his and everywhere else it possibly could in that confinement he called a mouth. I’m surprised it lasted even that long but after around 3 minutes we stopped.

Eren was flushed. My heart beat told me I was too.

“So what are we…now?” Eren asked. I was certain the amount of hours we spent together let us surpass the dating stage. “Best friends who got too close?” Eren joked without the expression to back up his words.


“Boyfriends?” He repeated.

“Even best friends who got too close don’t kiss like that.”

Eren laughed. His face was still red but his nerves were replaced with relief.

“Yeah. They don’t.”