also this scene is so hard to color???


main characters + first appearances 


“a hug is made for two”

aka awkward physical affection between two socially awkward teens

Idea and inks are by me
colors and title are by @brawlerina

Please check out her tumblr. She is an amazing artist and person and knows how to set Lance in scene to let him show his hottest side.

Also please don’t alter or repost without permission or I’ll haunt your scrawny asses! Thanks!


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “


Spencer Reid + #someone please tell him that life isn’t a photoshoot


Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 12
    ➸ Favourite Emotional Scene(s)

When the Raven steals your show

The awesome @miyonautica was so nice to draw my suggestion of our apprentices doting over Malak and she even added a background Julien.
Seems he isn’t so happy about this scene he sees. xD

Sketch & Aura © @miyonautica
Colors & Ajina © Ajina-Apprentice/Pikuna


And now you’re tearing through the pages and the ink

anonymous asked:

Hey! Love your edits. I was wondering if you could take us through how you make your edits? And any tips on how to start with editing?

I COULD try and livestream the whole process because one single edit I post is quite literally, a combination of different edits, some parts are even completely redrawn based of canon material and references.

I think the best thing to do is to just show you in rough lines how I created my last edit:

Also seems like the perfect time to post all my wips and bonuses! which isn’t much but… yeah

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