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┖  _HELLOFRIEND.MOV Hello, friend. Hello, friend. That’s lame. Maybe I should give you a name. But that’s a slippery slope. You’re only in my head. We have to remember that.


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I’ve been sitting on this drawing for a while now and finally decided to finish it. My “Impossible Odds” sub to the Guild Wars 2 Fanforge page. Been trying to do some new things with my work lately after all the studies and sketches I’ve been doing lately. 

I wanted to move away from making another action scene/pose piece. Zdzislaw Beksinski is one of my favorite painters, so I took some inspiration from him and tried to make this piece a bit more surreal. Also trying to experiment a bit more with colors (though I could push them more), edge control, silhouettes, and focusing on when to keep things loose vs. detailed for contrasting focus. 

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Seeds - YOI fanfiction, unrated, soulmates

this is extremely rough because i’m not used to writing stories in english anymore, also unbetad.


Soulmarks are always in the form of seeds on the lower back of a newborn baby. Only when the soulmate meets them in some form, even from a distance or, in modern times, over media, the seed begins to grow in the form of something natural – wild animals, wild plants, in less than 0.1% of cases into full scenes.

Soulmarks are always changing and developing, making fakes impossible. But once there is a skin contact between two soulmates, the main colors settle from faded into brilliance.


Yakov had not seen Lilia’s bare back in almost a decade, but he knew as well he knew himself that the black swan poised to take off from her skin was as sharp as it ever had been. He also knew that the bear on his own back was old and withered. But as long as Lilia was happy, it didn’t matter to him.


That Viktor’s seed would grow during his televised GPF gold win surprised exactly no-one. Viktor even played with the thought that his soulmate was Christophe, but Chris’ own seed grew only two years later into a magnificent peacock, which put an end to that line of speculation. He wished the excited teenager well, and congratulated him four years later on meeting his soulmate, but Chris could discern the loneliness in the Russian skater’s eyes.

Ever since, Chris would help Victor to see his soul mark during the nights spent in hotels between competition days, first with mirrors and then with the help of cameras connected to a laptop. The image of a snow storm rising, with a barely discernible flock of birds flying in the white fascinated the Chris as much as Victor himself. After the gala in Socchi, they finally managed to narrow the now visible forms down to white cranes, often used in Japanese art as a symbol of beauty.

Both of them knew what it meant.

Both of them cried.


Georgi’s seed was growing, but at a very slow rate and the flower it painted often withered and changed. The mark-reader told him that his soulmate was waiting for Georgi to grow into his potential, and that the broken seed itself was defined enough for him to have met his soulmate, but Georgi could not find out which of the hundreds of people he’d met in his first six months in the Senior circuit it had been. It was impossible to narrow the timeline further than that.


Yuuri’s  seed began to grow when he started in the international skating circuit, into a fledgling baby bird of no discernible kind. The American mark-reader Phichit dragged him to explained that his soulmate did not knew him well but already was taking inspiration from him. All of this made Yuuri feel even worse about the poor person bound to him.

Phichit later confessed that he’d realized that the bird was maturing and brilliantly red after Yuuri came back from Socchi, but had known that it would have made his friend feel worse, and held his silence.

The ever growing, almost phoenix-like bird of paradise on Yuuri’s back became later Victor’s favorite photo object (after Yuuri’s face, of course) and an Instagram sensation for years.


Mila had a sharply defined and very red vixen on her back. Both the growth and the definition had happened within one week, during a publicity program Yakov had done when she was a pre-teen. She didn’t talk about it to anyone except Yakov, and it was one of the reasons he accepted her a few years later as his only female junior skater.

Yakov never regretted his decision, but sometimes wondered if Mila did.


Otabek Altin’s mark remained for five years the misty nothing of soulmates meeting but not, in a crowd. He refused his parents’ offer to return to Russia, and moved over the sea and to Canada.

Years later, on the ever before the Grand Prix Finals in Barcelona, after meeting up with the other skaters and Katsuki’s family, and after returning Yuri Plisetski and his bags full of shopping to an irate Feltsman, Otabek reached his room and took his shirt off at once. Craning his neck uncomfortably, he could see that among the mist, strong strokes of black had appeared to outline a wolf facing the viwer had appeared.

Otabek threw himself on the bed and proceeded to smother his giddy and somewhat hysterical giggles in the pillow.

Keeping his famous  resting bitch face would be hard task over the next few days.


Nikolai Plisetsky was happy to see Yuri in between the summer camp and the beginning of the school year, but severely shocked not only to see Yuri’s seed growing but the form of its growth. He bypassed the state sanctioned mark-reader entirely and dragged his only grandchild to the old Matrushka who had learned her trade, including fortune telling and herbal remedies, at the knees of her mother and grandmother.

The old woman tsked when Nikolai told the child to take of his pants, but started when she saw the dark lines winding around the thin legs and hoisted him on the table to study the entire mark with large looking glass.

Finally she called Nikolai from the outer room where she had banished him and said: “First of all, your main worry: the soulmate is still young themselves, maybe a few years older than Yuratchka himself. But oh look – you only saw the young tree growing in the small of his back, but up here – it is a bird, small now but already flying high. This person takes such inspiration from our Yuri, and expects more and more of it. The trees shows that he knows that Yuri is growing and will grow more, but there are flowers ranking around it, blooming so delicately, he sees so much beauty in you too. Oh, the last time I saw a soulmark in the form of a scene my mother was still alive! What a blessing!”

Yuri, at the end of his tether, finally turned around and yelled, “Oi, hag! What about those lines? I need my legs to skate!”

The old woman laughed and cried at the same time, and helped Yuri to sit up on the bed and said: “Oh, Yuri! Those are the roots of the tree. Remember this, remember it always: no matter what you do, no matter what you feel, no matter what happens to you – your soulmate will never stop loving and respecting you! Oh, Nikolai, never fear, your grandson will be in the best hands!”


From the Soulmark Wiki

Bird: birds in flight usually meaning inspiration, see specific birds for more meanings.

Flower: Beauty, grace, but also passing. See specific flowers for more meanings

Bear: larger than life, friendly but dangerous. Creature of winter. See specific kinds of bear for more meaning.

Fox: small predator, thief, cunning, but also grace and ingenuity. See specific kinds of fox for more meanings

Wolf: both loner and team player, leader and follower. Guardian. Protector. As the predecessor of dog, he is “man’s best friend”. See specific kinds of wolf for more meanings

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bughead love scene needs to be at least 2 min long with no damn interruptions otherwise i'm suing

YES! and none of those outrageously close close-up shots the show seems to be fond of. i want to SEE them 

also, for the love of god, let their first time be in a well lit room. the two times i’ve tried to gif varchie’s first kiss and sex scene, i’ve wanted to scream. both of those scenes are so fracking dark! it is impossible for me to color them nicely. i will cry myself to sleep every night if i can’t gif bughead’s love scene nicely